Sunday, 2013-12-01

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Luilufin_fuck, i broke my jolla00:30
Luilufin_I touch to something00:32
Luilufin_and now it not start succesful00:32
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Luilufin_it is first software-brick :D00:44
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thpNicd-: you usually don't want to get rootObject() or other things from the qml view, rather, before setSource(), you set a context property that can then be accessed from within qml01:35
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mhall119can Android apps running in Alien Dalvik implement cover controls under Sailfish?02:04
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ericccthe  sdk  run  app is  too slowly,how  can i change it02:26
lpotterwhat do you mean too slow?02:33
ericccrun  a  simple code  like  hello word,i take me   2 minute02:36
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miksuhOk, now I just wait foe the Jolla phone to arrive :)05:15
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miksuhI just paid the phone :)05:15
miksuhI just hope that phone will arrive before christmas when I'll go to visit my parents :)05:17
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ericcc christmas?it  look  nice!05:43
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BloobI'm hoping next week, because I guess it can't come earlier than that :)05:48
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pabs3is there a page about which devices sailfish supports officially/unofficially? and a porting guide?07:26
tbrpabs3: if it runs CM10.1+ then chances are good, that you can get it working in the future07:27
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pabs3so the answer to my questions appears to be 'no'?07:28
pepeesome thread in /g/ said you could install sailfish on android phones...07:28
tbrthat's the background to what I said07:28
Stskeepsthe quote is actually 'Jolla CEO: You will soon be able turn your Android device into a Sailfish device'07:28
Stskeepsthat's a future tense right there, :P07:29
pabs3ah ok, I read that as 'just found out the community already did a bunch of porting, hmm, lets use it as positive PR'07:29
Stskeepsnop, more organized07:30
tbrpabs3: and as you asked for wikis, the mer wiki, specifically the nemomobile part07:30
tj____*trollvoice* but who's the first to port cm to jolla device07:35
tbrtj____: not much 'porting' really, hardware adaptation is already there... :-þ07:36
tbrStskeeps: I'd love to see some more hands on stuff with libhybris on that wiki07:37
Stskeepstbr: indeed07:37
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valdur55Good news!09:32
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saildevhowdy.. :)09:38
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valdur55I am looking forward to install SailFIsh to my GoClever TAB R104 :)09:39
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Luilufin_Anybody jolla-expert here?09:59
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Luilufin_I need intruction to factory reset or something without get in to OS, is it possible?10:02
tbrLuilufin_: what is your problem?10:03
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Luilufin_My Jolla dont start10:03
tbrwhat did you do to it?10:03
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tortoisedoc__transfer engine is not working for me :/10:04
tortoisedoc__ill have to take a closer look at that bluetooth plugin10:04
Luilufin_I need reflash my Jolla. It dont startup succesfully after editing files. If I try start system, I see Jolla-logo and after that screen backlight only flashing. I can shutdown device with power button. I can also start fastboot with power btn+vol dwn. Could I get instructions for reflashing or what I need to do?10:04
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Luilufin_That is what I left to customer care10:05
Luilufin_When I try connect Jolla to my Windows in fastboot-mode, It say "boston" -device and dont hhave drivers.10:07
tbrLuilufin_: where are you located? Tampere by chance?10:07
tortoisedoc__luilufin_: which files did you edit?10:07
Luilufin_Porvoo, 50km from Helsinki10:07
Luilufin_tortoisedoc__: made chmod 777 in wrong folder10:07
tortoisedoc__Luilufin : crap10:08
Hurriannote to self: don't include Sailfish setup wizard when prepping Nemofish images ;)10:08
Luilufin_I should not do work in 3 am :D10:08
Nicd-thp: thanks, but I solved it in another way (qmlRegisterType)10:08
tortoisedoc__hmm but10:08
tortoisedoc__chmod 777 should not break anything per se no?10:09
Luilufin_it broked :D10:09
tortoisedoc__unless some private key is chmod'ed to 777 and because of that, a service fails to start, which then breaks the device? O_o10:09
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tbrnow fastbooting a rescure kernel+initrd would be good10:10
krnlyngif i'd have an app that uses opengl, and on the n9 i used either EGL or SDL to initialize a window, what would i do to port it to sailfishos? do i have to use qt? (i have to admit i've never used qt before and i am a bit scared of it)10:10
tortoisedoc__krnlyng : I think opengles 2.0 is ok on device, but currently not accepted in the store afaik (only qt based apps are)10:11
Luilufin_That would be so easy if we have fastboot drivers and filas for flash :D10:11
tortoisedoc__it would be great to know jolla's plans for non-qt stuff10:12
tbrLuilufin_: fastboot is fastboot is fastboot. so just android SDK tools should be fine10:12
tortoisedoc__(for the store / harbour I mean)10:12
saildevcould someone give me the instructions to change the default icon location from ../90x90/.. to ../86x86/...10:13
Luilufin_tbr, but drivers10:13
Luilufin_i dont have them10:13
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Luilufin_I have also linux, but I have used fasboot always on Windows, so I dont know anything drivers on Linux10:15
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tbrLuilufin_: you don't need a driver for fastboot10:16
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Luilufin_are you sure10:16
Luilufin_C:\android>fastboot devices10:17
tbrI've used it only on Linux and there you don't need a driver. the fastboot binary directly speaks to the usb device. Windows thinks it needs a driver for everything and will complain10:17
Luilufin_dont give anything10:17
Luilufin_i will try with debian10:18
Luilufin_also empty10:19
Luilufin_lsusb have10:19
Luilufin_Bus 001 Device 034: ID 2931:0aff10:19
Luilufin_no name10:19
locusfyeah I get nothing too10:20
locusfin linux, no additional devices loaded from fastboot10:20
tbrhmmm, interesting, a modified fastboot or just hiding?10:21
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HurrianSailors: when's Jolla going to release the Jolla's Flasher (4.0? :P) tool?10:22
Luilufin_I need it now : D10:23
Luilufin_My first one Jolla is like disco light.10:24
tbrfastboot -i 0x2931 devices10:28
tbryou just need to tell it, that it's there :)10:29
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Luilufin_DU3BB00485      fastboot10:30
StskeepsLuilufin_: did you use developer mode and root?10:31
Stskeepsgenerally if you break something with that, you get to keep both pieces. talk to care@ to get a reflash10:32
Luilufin_Yes, I sented message to zendesk10:33
tortoisedoc__oho : just noticed, 3g data + wlan on together :D10:35
tortoisedoc__might explain some of my battery drainage :D10:35
tbrLuilufin_: might want to mention, that you can go to helsinki and meet someone there10:35
tbrtortoisedoc__: not really, other phones do that all the time. The modem sleeps if there is nothing to do.10:36
Yaniel[x] 1st device bricked10:36
tortoisedoc__tbr : unless there is a bug? ;)10:36
tbrYaniel: far from bricked, unless you go by the XDA definition and then believe in the word "de-bricking"10:36
tortoisedoc__speaking of other things10:37
tbrYaniel: but hand me your device and I'll screw with all of the persistent storage that it won't ever work again.10:37
Yanielwell, "broken to an unbootable state"10:37
tortoisedoc__any chance to get ~ on the terminal keyboard10:37
tortoisedoc__or am I missing some layout change option?10:37
Gillytortoisedoc__: under shift10:37
tbrtortoisedoc__: shift10:38
Yanielthat shift is one sneaky bastard indeed10:39
tortoisedoc__makes sense in terms of space10:40
tortoisedoc__but i10:40
tortoisedoc__ have been living for 5 days now with cd /home/nemo :P10:40
FireFly`cd` defaults to ~ if given no arguments :P10:42
Yanieltook me and a couple of other guys 5min to find the @ for ssh10:42
tortoisedoc__doh >_<10:42
tortoisedoc__firefly : I hated that feature on the n910:43
FireFlytortoisedoc__: why?10:43
Yanielit's standard functionality...10:44
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tortoisedoc__yeah i know10:44
tortoisedoc__now :P10:44
Luilufin_Maybe i should only wait :D10:44
stephgYaniel: -l user is the same as user@ ;)10:44
YanielI mainly use -l myself10:45
Luilufin_noouu, i have problems using android phone after Jolla XD10:51
Yanielthat's because it is too intuitive10:51
Yanielas reviews state10:52
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tortoisedoc__resistance is futile :P10:54
tortoisedoc__join the smooth swipe experience @ sailfishos10:54
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Luilufin_If somebody get cool ideas, highlight to me10:54
Luilufin_: D10:54
lbttortoisedoc__: I find the trick to getting people to use the UI is to say "your jolla likes it when you are gentle"10:56
tortoisedoc__lbt : I see dirty tricks all over again :D10:56
tortoisedoc__i would say bb10 looks like jolla10:56
tortoisedoc__but fails epically in being as smooth10:57
lbtWhen I wrote in the user guide "Your Jolla likes to be stroked in all kinds of ways" ... they made me change it :)10:57
Yanielhaha :D10:58
Nicd-I have a function in a QML file and it should change the text of two labels in different QML files, how do I do that? I'm trying different ways but it always seems to end up with a reference error of some kind10:58
YanielI don't see why10:58
FireFlylbt: wasn't that there on the initial live version of the guide?10:58
* FireFly recalls seeing that10:58
Yanielthat's the perfect description of the ui10:58
tortoisedoc__Nicd : take the text from a c++ plugin backend10:58
lbtI got away with "Your Jolla enjoys being stroked"10:58
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FireFlyAha, that's what I saw then10:59
Nicd-tortoisedoc__: that seems like an unnecessary workaround10:59
tortoisedoc__is the bluetooth transfer engine plugin not open source?10:59
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Nicd-man Qml is driving me insane11:03
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tortoisedoc__nicd : qml is awesome but trust me it works alot easier as presentation only11:11
tortoisedoc__hence you might want to consider a c++ backend :P11:11
tortoisedoc__lbt : thanks11:11
tortoisedoc__it is nice that at least jolla gives a list of what is available and what is not11:12
jussiso is there an n950 image already?11:12
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Aardtortoisedoc__: note that libqbluez api will change early next year with move to bluez5 (and therefore is currently not officially supported)11:13
tortoisedoc__Aard : aa ok that explains11:14
tortoisedoc__Aard : will it be in the next sdk release?11:14
tortoisedoc__(this change I mean)11:14
Aardtortoisedoc__: no promises on schedlue there11:14
tortoisedoc__Aard: that's ok11:14
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Aardthere are several components (like pulseaudio5) which need to be stable enough to do the move11:15
tortoisedoc__will need to reallign my priorities then11:16
tortoisedoc__(in projects i mean)11:16
Aardtortoisedoc__: what were you trying to do?11:18
tortoisedoc__some transfer engine plugin11:18
Aardwould that need mostly obex apis?11:19
tortoisedoc__Aard : is what I have been looking at11:22
tortoisedoc__seems suitable for what I want to do11:23
tortoisedoc__(basic sharing)11:23
tortoisedoc__perhaps obex is better?11:24
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Aardtortoisedoc__: I was wondering which part of the bluetooth apis you'll need, as for sharing bits it's mostly obex (used by transferengine as well)11:36
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tortoisedoc__Aard : ah ok11:44
tortoisedoc__that's maybe too low level11:44
tortoisedoc__thanks anyway11:44
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lbtartemma: Pull request :
* lbt has to go out now - but that seemed to build and I think I fixed a couple of typos too13:17
Luilufin_"fastbook oem unlock" sounds good cmd? :D13:20
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Nicd-so I have a main.qml and a FirstPage.qml. in main I have FirstPage { id: firstpage } and then later on in a function I say firstpage.uptimetext.text = "foo". uptimetext is a label element in my FirstPage.qml14:08
Nicd-after that in the function I can console.log(firstpage.uptimetext.text) and it will show the correct value14:08
Nicd-but the actual label in the program still displays the old text14:08
cos-try replacing the Label with a Text and see if it works14:10
Nicd-nope, still the same14:10
cos-is the Label's id uptimetext?14:12
cos-actually, you should be able to do just uptimetext.text = "foo"14:13
Nicd-I can't do uptimetext.text because they are in different files and it fails with a reference error14:15
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cos-try making it an alias in FirstPage: property alias uptimetext: uptimetext.text14:17
cos-then set firstpage.uptimetext = "Foo"14:17
Nicd-yes, I made it an alias already14:17
Nicd-oh, not of the text though14:18
cos-that might be the issue14:18
Nicd-still nothing14:18
Nicd-console.log(firstpage.uptimetext) shows the correct value both before and after the firstpage.uptimetext = my_var14:19
Nicd-but the text displayed stays the same14:19
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cos-joys of javascript..14:21
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tbrlbt: can we please have a community driven Sailfish area on MOBS? (We can start out without silica too, e.g. MOSH and some other stuff would be good to package in a dedicated repository)14:51
Nicd-cos-: I got it. it was because later on in the main file I had initialPage: FirstPage { } so it was a different instance14:54
Nicd-anyone know if the QML javascript supports named groups in regexes?15:01
Nicd-like (?P<days>\d+)15:02
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artemmaNicd-: even standard JS doesn't support them yet15:10
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situWhy did you jolla chose gecko instead of webkit for their web browser ?15:20
Stskeepssitu: qtwebkit for qt5 wasn't exactly in the best state15:21
situok ? But gecko sounds lot of work, isn't it ?15:22
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nander << How are systems like these called in English?15:27
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Stskeepssitu: there was a lot of good work done already15:29
*** Zotan has quit IRC15:29
situI would like to know more about how do you guys use Gecko with Qt.15:29
Stskeepslook on github15:30
FabianSnander: register?15:30
situStskeeps: ok, thanks for the pointer.15:31
zuhHaha, since when isn't integrating _any_ browser engine a lot of work :)15:33
Stskeepszuh: when you pay people to do it for you15:34
zuhYou'd still have to work hard to get enough money to pay someone :P15:34
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Nicd-nander: folder/filing cabinet?15:37
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nanderI think I'm gonna make something like the very old word perfect card application15:42
nanderWhich was a very basic database system15:42
nanderJust for the purpose of training myself to create applications with QML/JS15:42
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*** arcean has joined #sailfishos16:03
*** nander has joined #sailfishos16:05
*** Pat_o has joined #sailfishos16:07
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*** Flowcont has joined #sailfishos16:14
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*** paju_ has joined #sailfishos16:17
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*** freedomrun has joined #sailfishos16:23
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*** Kabouik_ has joined #sailfishos16:27
*** Kabouik has quit IRC16:29
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*** Kabouik has joined #sailfishos16:32
*** Morpog_Mobile has joined #sailfishos16:50
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*** nsuffys has joined #sailfishos16:54
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*** Frye has joined #sailfishos16:54
*** mgronbar has quit IRC16:55
*** krabador has joined #sailfishos16:57
*** nander has quit IRC16:59
cos-"Project ERROR: Project is outside of shared home '/home/cosmo' and shared src ''."17:00
*** nsuffys_ has joined #sailfishos17:00
*** nsuffys has quit IRC17:00
cos-the project is in ~/src, which is symlinked to another partition17:01
cos-is it possible to modify the shared folders?17:01
*** xmlich02 has quit IRC17:03
*** artemma has joined #sailfishos17:04
tbrcos-: I suspect the partition boundary being the problem17:05
cos-yep.. i think sdk is too smart for it's own good17:06
cos-i have / on a ssd and /home is a symlink to another hdd17:06
cos-should i file a bug report or is this still wip?17:08
*** master_of_master has joined #sailfishos17:08
tbryou can try to fix the shared folder settings for _both_ virtual machines17:09
cos-they can't be changed in the gui17:09
*** master_o1_master has quit IRC17:12
artemmalbt: looking at your pull request now17:12
tbrcos-: I see the settings in the virtualbox ui17:12
tbrcos-: IIRC it even asks you for additional locations during setup17:13
cos-i modified mersdk.xml and now it seems to build17:13
cos-it asked on the first run, but not when recreating the vm17:13
*** Zotan has quit IRC17:15
*** sardini has joined #sailfishos17:15
*** Taduro_ has quit IRC17:17
*** targon has joined #sailfishos17:18
*** miksuh has quit IRC17:21
*** Taduro has joined #sailfishos17:21
cos-how can i hide the virual keyboard in qml? Qt.inputMethod.hide() doesn't seem to work.17:22
*** andreibechet has joined #sailfishos17:24
*** jjanvier has joined #sailfishos17:27
*** martyone has joined #sailfishos17:29
*** nodevel has quit IRC17:35
*** nodevel has joined #sailfishos17:35
*** martyone has quit IRC17:36
*** Kabouik_ has joined #sailfishos17:37
*** Kabouik has quit IRC17:40
*** pigoz has joined #sailfishos17:42
*** miksuh has joined #sailfishos17:42
pigozhas anyone tried to use the SDK without Qt creator? Can't abandon my vim. :)17:43
*** nander has joined #sailfishos17:43
*** vgrade has quit IRC17:45
*** martyone has joined #sailfishos17:45
*** Bloob has quit IRC17:46
*** tortoisedoc_ has joined #sailfishos17:47
*** nander has quit IRC17:48
*** freedomrun has quit IRC17:49
cos-pigoz: should be possible afaik17:49
tortoisedoc_does anything like xwininfo exist under wayland / weston?17:49
*** nander has joined #sailfishos17:50
cos-weird. i have some layout issues in my qml app. for example i have toolbar anchored to bottom of root widget, but only half of it is displayed17:50
cos-and items centered horizontally are a bit to the right17:50
cos-it's like the app window is larger than the screen17:51
cos-on desktop the same app looks correct17:51
pigozcos-: well yes, it looks like I just need to write myself some Makefile for it. Will look into it later.17:53
*** cle has joined #sailfishos17:53
*** andreibechet has quit IRC17:54
cos-pigoz: qmake writes the makefile from .pro file17:54
*** vgrade has joined #sailfishos17:54
pigozoh great, thanks for the info!17:57
artemmalbt: thx for Helloworld Pro corrections! I integrated almost everything17:57
*** krabador has quit IRC17:58
*** freedomrun has joined #sailfishos18:05
*** sardini has quit IRC18:12
*** sardini has joined #sailfishos18:13
Nicd-the sailfish docs claim that Separator has a property alignment but it seems that it doesn't18:13
Nicd-instead it has horizontalAlignment18:14
*** rashm2k has joined #sailfishos18:15
nanderDoes sailfish have jquey onboard?18:19
*** Vipi has quit IRC18:20
*** itbaron has joined #sailfishos18:20
*** raa70 has quit IRC18:21
*** guaqua has joined #sailfishos18:21
*** ottulo has joined #sailfishos18:24
*** zhxt has quit IRC18:27
*** raa70 has joined #sailfishos18:29
JonniNicd-: yep, seems to me a typo in documenttion18:30
Nicd-is there a trigger that's run whenever my app is displayed? like when the home screen is viewed or the app activated?18:33
*** Shaan7 has quit IRC18:33
tbrI think there is something, yes18:35
Nicd-there's applicationActive but can I catch a signal when it changes?18:37
zuhHrm, does the SDK / QtC actually support translations? There's the translation options in the external tools menu but they seem to do nothing and there doesn't seem to be the linguist tools anywhere either...18:37
*** freedomrun has quit IRC18:40
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC18:53
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC18:54
*** furikku has quit IRC19:00
*** beford has joined #sailfishos19:01
*** edgar2 has quit IRC19:04
*** holkeri has quit IRC19:05
lbtartemma: np ... am I missing something in :   mv $fl $fl.old; sed "s/harbour-helloworld-pro-sailfish/$newname/g" $fl.old > $fl; rm $fl.old ..... that would not be done by just using sed's -i option ?19:13
lbtsed -i "s/harbour-helloworld-pro-sailfish/$newname/g" $fl19:14
*** cargocult_ has joined #sailfishos19:14
artemmalbt: I don't even pretend to understand sed. Requested pull was just generating error messages to console19:15
*** nander has quit IRC19:16
lbtah ... well, -i just acts on the file 'in place' ... so you don't need to copy and then rename19:17
lbtI'm guessing you did a merge on the desktop instead of using github19:18
lbtyou may have had some local edit pending19:18
artemmayep, merged on desktop, then cherry-picked commits that worked fine19:19
artemmaand reimplemented 2 step modification using your ideas19:20
artemmabut without proper if-then check19:20
ajalkaneartemma: thanks for the hello world template. Looks like a real time saver.19:20
lbtartemma: and I'm not sure this file should be in git:   ./final-rpm-for-harbour-submission/harbour-helloworld-pro-sailfish-0.1-1.armv7hl.rpm19:21
*** nodevel has quit IRC19:22
artemmalbt: I had similar thinking, but then I figured having an example of exactly final compiled RPM isn't bad19:26
lbtit is when you rename it to be myap*.rpm :)19:26
artemmaajalkane: you are welcome. Corrections are welcome19:26
*** paju_ has quit IRC19:29
*** raa70 has quit IRC19:29
*** itbaron has quit IRC19:29
*** lilltiger has joined #sailfishos19:31
*** Blizzz has joined #sailfishos19:31
lilltigerDoes anyone know where i can read about what features SailfishOS supports on the N9?19:32
*** raa70 has joined #sailfishos19:34
Yanielthe mer wiki has some sort of feature matrix19:34
*** raa70 has quit IRC19:34
*** M4rtinK has joined #sailfishos19:35
tbrlbt: how about that Sailfish area/project on MOBS?19:37
*** raa70 has joined #sailfishos19:37
* lbt needs some food first :)19:38
lilltigerahh seems to have no BT support, guess ill have to stick with harmattan19:38
tbrbt should be easy19:39
*** YnG has joined #sailfishos19:39
lilltigerwell nither NitDroid nor Mer seems to have it for N919:39
*** fawzi has joined #sailfishos19:39
M4rtinKtbr: really looking forward to that ! :)19:45
M4rtinKI'm basically already setup for that, only thing that is missing is a Sailfish target :)19:45
*** Morpog_Mobile has quit IRC19:45
*** Morpog_Mobile has joined #sailfishos19:46
M4rtinKworked quite fine for me in the COBS times :)19:46
*** sigmaorion has joined #sailfishos19:51
tbrM4rtinK: that would be cool. As a start I'd even go with a plain mer/nemo target to add some command line tools.19:53
Stskeepsfwiw versioning is probably going to be the main kicker19:53
M4rtinKSailfish versioning ?19:54
Stskeepsand how to deal with that in terms of an 'extras'19:54
M4rtinKtbr: yeah, most stuff should work fine once it builds on Mer/Nemo19:55
M4rtinKStskeeps: I've already seen people mentioning something like Sailfish 1.0.519:55
M4rtinKStskeeps: so I guess there is some version number shown somewhere19:56
M4rtinKbut yeah, could be an issue - but should be solvable with OBS magic19:57
tortoisedoc_M4rtink : see the OBS19:57
Morpogfk_lx, nice screenshot app, had the same idea this weekend, but failed at it :)19:57
M4rtinKworst case there would be a boatload of targets you can build against19:57
Stskeepsand how to deal with this in respect to sw updates from jolla; some lessons from the past might be good19:57
MorpogI even named it Sailshot :D19:57
fk_lxMorpog: hehe :-)19:58
Morpoghow about adding 2 or 3 predefined screenshot actions in oulley menu? like 3, 5, 10 seconds?19:58
fk_lxMorpog: in plans :-)19:58
Morpogand also one predefined action as second coveraction?19:58
M4rtinKBTW, OBS based Harbour packaging would be nice19:59
fk_lxMorpog: will think :-D19:59
MorpogI can see this app having lots of downloads :D19:59
M4rtinKeven with submission & RPMlint like Harbour checker script :)20:00
fk_lxMorpog: btw. I've used one of your template icons :-)20:00
Morpoggreat! have checked the icon on github, nice idea20:01
fk_lxMorpog: btw. accidentally discovered what OS are you using while exporting bitmap, got this default path -> C:\Users\Stephan\Desktop\20:02
fk_lxMorpog: ;-)20:02
Morpogyeah, was too lazy cleaning up that metainformation ;)20:02
sigmaorionhi guys, I'm having troubles trying to get the system gestures disabled while in my app. Tryied "view->setFlags(view->flags() | Qt::WindowOverridesSystemGestures);" right after defining "QQuickView *view = SailfishApp::createView();", but had no luck...20:03
sigmaorionany ideas?20:03
tortoisedoc_sigmaorion : setFlags never worked for me20:04
fk_lxsigmaorion: wasn't this topic on devel list? someone creating game has asked if I remember correctly20:04
tortoisedoc_(on the emulator especially)20:04
*** M4rtinK2 has joined #sailfishos20:04
sigmaorionfk_lx, yeah, but had no response in the last couple days... maybe I was luckier here!20:05
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC20:05
sigmaoriontortoisedoc_, and how did you work around it?20:06
tortoisedoc_sigmaorion : I didnt :/20:06
*** Khaze has quit IRC20:06
tortoisedoc_turned out my problem did not require to set flags to be solved at all :)20:06
sigmaoriontortoisedoc_, doh!! but my app is a game meant to lock the phone, so that babies doesn't play around with the emails/messages/etc... I NEED IT! haha!20:07
sigmaorionjust in case, to be clear: :)20:08
tortoisedoc_the more I use the jolla20:10
tortoisedoc_the more I believe the lockscreen should enable for direct access to the notifications that appear there (for example facebook, missed calls, )20:11
tortoisedoc_having the apps on the third screen20:12
tortoisedoc_is intresting20:14
*** cle has quit IRC20:18
sigmaorionso, I've read that the name of the application must be harbour-appname before sending it to the Harbour. What if I already created my app project before that? Exactly what in the RPM package should I manually change?20:19
cos-i'm getting thses errors when loading SVG images: "QML Image: Invalid image data:"20:24
Elleosigmaorion: where does it say that? the binary naming guidelines on the harbour don't seem to mention that requirement20:24
cos-i have added QT += svg and Qt5Svg to PkgConfigBR.. is there something more i need to do?20:25
Elleosigmaorion: all I see is "Package name must consist of only lower case letters (a—z), digits (0—9), plus (+) or minus (-) signs, and underscores ('_') and periods (.). The name must be at least two characters long and must start with an alphanumeric character. The package name cannot start with jolla or sailfish"20:25
*** M4rtinK2 has quit IRC20:26
*** zmc has quit IRC20:27
*** raa70 has quit IRC20:27
sigmaorionElleo, the thread "Update on application naming for Harbour applications" in the mailing list20:27
sigmaorionlet me quote it20:28
sigmaorionwell, I've pasted the email here:
Elleosigmaorion: aha, looks like they haven't updated the official docs yet then20:29
Elleosigmaorion: well I expect just changing the .yaml will do the trick20:29
*** targon has quit IRC20:30
sigmaorionElleo, yeah, I hope so... but just wanted to be sure!20:30
Elleoit sounds like its only the rpm name they care about, so that's all the should be necessary20:31
*** tortoisedoc_ has quit IRC20:32
WntI updated the description and summary of my app 4 days ago, the change was approved 3 days ago by the QA, but the Jolla store still shows the old version of the description20:33
WntMaybe I should send an email to the developer-care20:37
*** artemma has quit IRC20:37
*** Luilufin_ has quit IRC20:37
*** sigmaorion has quit IRC20:45
*** fawzi has quit IRC20:51
*** Eztran has joined #sailfishos20:53
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*** YnG has quit IRC20:58
jake9xxElleo: managed to get vol.ctrl work?20:59
Elleojake9xx: nope, I have some ideas to try, but I'm probably going to wait for my phone to arrive20:59
Elleosince it's going to take some poking around and experimentation21:00
Elleothere is a slightly updated version that fixes the saving of stream quality settings and (theoretically) adds support for bluetooth media keys:
Jonniseems to work quite nicely21:06
Elleogood :)21:06
Elleodon't suppose you've got a bluetooth device with media buttons to test with?21:06
*** artemma has joined #sailfishos21:06
Elleo(e.g. bluetooth headphones with play/pause/next/previous/etc.)21:07
Jonniyes I have, but not in home, I left them in office.21:09
*** Zotan has joined #sailfishos21:11
Elleoah okay, well if you get a chance to play with them at some point I'd be interested to hear if that's working :)21:12
*** nsuffys_ has quit IRC21:12
*** fawzi has joined #sailfishos21:13
*** beford has quit IRC21:16
*** VDVsx has quit IRC21:19
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*** ingvij has joined #sailfishos22:03
ingvijgotta ask here, if anyone knows..22:07
ingvijIs sailfish available for android hardware yet?22:08
ingvij(such as galaxy nexus or any nexus device?)22:08
Yanielnot officially no22:09
Yanielwell, technically the Jolla is "android hardware" too22:09
ingvijcould I flash it into a android hardware as is?22:11
*** edog_ has joined #sailfishos22:11
YanielI don't think it is that trivial atm22:11
ingvijI see..22:13
Yanielbecause hw adaptation (drivers & stuff)22:13
Yanielpeople have been poking around sailfish & cyanogenmod though22:13
ingvijhow so€22:14
Yanielcyanogenmod is a custom android ROM22:14
Yanieland sailfish can use android drivers22:15
Yanielso it should be possible to use the drivers from cm to run sailfish22:15
*** RoKenn has joined #sailfishos22:17
ingvijis this public on the web?22:18
Yanielwhat is?22:18
Yanielcyanogenmod is22:18
Yanieljolla images are not :P22:18
ingvijthose experiences?22:21
ingvijI suppose having jolla images would ease the process..22:21
YanielI don't think anyone has written more than speculation yet22:21
ingvijbut since they're not public/open... this would require a lot of work...22:22
ingvijwell... thanks a lot for the info :)22:22
*** meemo has joined #sailfishos22:23
*** zmc has joined #sailfishos22:23
*** ingvij has quit IRC22:24
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*** JodiJodiJodi has left #sailfishos22:40
*** union[] has joined #sailfishos22:47
*** artemma has quit IRC22:53
WntHow can I install dependencies on the device? running "rpm --install tweetian-1.8.2-1.armv7hl.rpm" gives "error: Failed dependencies:" "qt5-qtsvg-plugin-imageformat-svg is needed by tweetian-1.8.2-1.armv7hl"22:59
WntI created the rpm from veskuh's github sailfish-port branch23:00
*** Blizzz has quit IRC23:00
Yanieluse pkcon?23:01
Wntgot a bit futher: "pkcon install-local tweetian-1.8.2-1.armv7hl.rpm" gives "Fatal error: Authentication failed (is SSU set up correctly?)"23:04
Wntdoes that have something to do with the developer repo config in developer tools?23:05
Wnt"Allow developer updates"23:05
*** union[] has quit IRC23:06
*** Zotan has quit IRC23:08
Wntrunning "ssu s" on the device gives "Device registration status: not registered"23:09
*** Tumeez has quit IRC23:19
*** freedomrun has joined #sailfishos23:20
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*** Blizzz has joined #sailfishos23:45
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