Sunday, 2013-12-08

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peppelakappasomeone must write a beginner's guide to sailfish + qml & c++ :-/12:51
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coderuspeppelakappa: is Qt Assistant lack of information?13:02
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coderuspeppelakappa: or you want ot start developing with sailfish and never developed before?13:02
peppelakappacoderus: the second option13:03
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peppelakappai worked with iOS and a little bit with android, never done anything with qt-like OSes13:03
coderuspeppelakappa: you should read same guides for Qt5 and QML as desktop/any other platform uses13:04
coderuspeppelakappa: its Qt13:04
peppelakappacoderus: mh, blackberry 10 docs are ok?13:04
coderuspeppelakappa: any, but not BB :D13:04
coderusBB uses Cascades13:05
coderusstart from reading Qt Assistant13:05
peppelakappalol, isn't cascades like qt?13:05
coderusbuild hello world app13:05
peppelakappai'll do13:05
Bloob2there are plenty of examples with the Qt SDK (not sailfish)13:05
*** Bloob2 is now known as Bloob13:05
coderuspeppelakappa: BB made good Cascades, but it almost incompatible with other QML/UI techniques, no QApplication and etc.13:05
Bloobas for QML + C++,
phlixiBloob: is this included within the sailfosh sdk?13:06
Bloobexamples are available for the official Qt SDK, NOT Sailfish SDK (afaik)13:07
peppelakappacoderus: ok, i'll delete all my mental references to cascades lol13:07
Bloobbut they are essentially the same, apart from the silica components13:07
faenilcoderus, I recommend trying with local MerSDK, as I don't know the many restrictions that there could be in the VM13:08
phlixiwhat i mean, if i install the sailfish sdk, are the ones for qt (without silicia) included?13:08
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peppelakappaphlixi: as far as i see, no13:09
phlixithat means we have to install both, correct? ;-)13:09
coderusphlixi: you can build without silica, but for Sailfish/Nemo ;)13:09
coderusfaenil: aaaaaaargh >.<13:10
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faenil?? :O13:10
peppelakapparagequit? lol13:10
faenillooks like that :D13:10
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peppelakappalooks like we'll have a stable version of sailfish for n9 and n950 too
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raa70how long does it take to get one for noteII14:52
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peppelakapparaa70: *a lot*14:58
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FryeHmm, I am trying to learn this UI stuff with the qt example samegame. When the game ends I push a dialog to catch the name of the player if he get's to "top scores" list. Once that is done I would like to display a list of current top scores. Both of these work separately fine.17:08
FryeEg I can display the score list when the score was not high enough to get to the list17:08
FryeOr I can get the dialog to show if the player gets to the list.17:09
FryeBut for some reason I cannot show the high scores after the username is been asked.17:09
FryeI think it is trying to push the high scores page too soon to the pagestack before the dialog is actually closed.17:09
FryeIs there a way to detect this delay?17:09
FryeAnd only push new page when the previous transition has been completed?17:10
zuhFrye: you can use onStatusChanged signal of the page to wait for the transition:
zuhor that of the dialog I guess:
Fryeyeah, I need to figure out how to check that form the js.17:15
FryeI am opening the dialogs from javascript17:15
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FryeAh, I think I might need to use the pageStack.replaceAbove.17:24
FryeBut then again that does not seem to be available form .js17:26
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faenilhave a look guys :) ^20:09
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sledgesyay! \o/20:30
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M4rtinKwow, Mer OBS is crazy fast :D21:39
M4rtinKthe old COBS interface was quite slow21:39
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sledgesactually it downloads tarballs slower than it compiles21:44
sledges(sadly tarballs do take quite an unexpected while of big projects (100MB takes 45min..)21:45
* sledges is talking about the tar_git engine fwiw21:45
M4rtinKbtw, anyone having issues with "have choice for bluez-configs needed by bluez: bluez-configs-mer bluez-configs-sailfish" ? :)21:46
M4rtinKthe package I'm trying to build (espeak) does not directly depend on bluez, so I guess this is some internal issue with the Sailfish target :)21:46
sledges(..continuing tar_git bit: and github might be the bottleneck tbh)21:50
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*** b0bben has joined #sailfishos21:56
M4rtinKhmm, adding bluez-configs-sailfish to BuildRequires helped21:56
M4rtinKany body interested in trying out espeak ? :)21:57
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phaeronsledges: not sure if the cache is turned on in the backend. usually only first clone is slow22:03
phaeron( for tar_git )22:03
phaeronbut yes I expect bandwidth to be the bottleneck22:04
phaeronsledges: if your tarball is big it might help if you use .gz compression not bz222:04
phaeronif your git -> tarball size that is22:05
sledgesphaeron: qtbase it was, and took time on every rebuild..22:07
*** Eismann has quit IRC22:07
sledges*to get that .tar.bz2 to show up on files' list22:07
phaeronso cache is not enabled22:07
* faenil has just realized who phaeron is...22:08
faenilnow I can to bed :D22:08
phaeronfaenil: :)22:08
ottuloyou accidentally the verb22:08
faenilottulo, ?22:08
phaeronsledges: not sure if there is enough space to enable it on backend. I'll ask lbt22:08
ottulofaenil: read your line again and find the verb :)22:09
faenilottulo, it is at the end, where it should be :)22:09
ottulothe line after that22:09
faenilottulo, ah lol :D22:09
ottulowell, I guess I'll also to bed22:10
faenilit's time to bed22:10
ottulothere that actually works as a verb22:10
faenilyes, intended ;)22:10
ottulo"#jollamobile - bedding you since 2013"22:10
ottuloack, wrong chan name22:11
faenilottulo, this is sailifosh os btw22:11
faenilottulo, we'd better to bed I'd say :P22:11
ottuloI guess that just emphasizes my bedding need22:11
ottuloI agree, night o/22:11
faenilbbl people22:11
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piggzusing the alpha2 to i actually make an arm rpm?  seems like it refuses to do it for arm22:13
*** spider-mario has quit IRC22:14
*** Nanodesu has joined #sailfishos22:14
NanodesuIs possible to install SailfishOS on VirtualBox?22:14
NanodesuI want to try it22:15
Fryepiggz, Select ARM target, Clean the project and then deploy.22:15
FryeI mean ARM target for the Deploy phase22:16
FryeSo ARM->debug/release->ARM.22:16
*** Pat_o has joined #sailfishos22:19
NanodesuFrye: but I don't have the .iso22:20
piggzFrye: ah, thanks!22:20
Nanodesuwhere can I get it?22:20
FryeNanodesu, if you install the SDK it will create the virtual machine for the emulator.22:21
FryeYou just need to have the virtualbox binaries installed.22:21
Fryesdk can be found from
Nanodesuso awesome!22:22
Nanodesuthank you very much Frye22:22
*** eekkelund has joined #sailfishos22:22
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sledgesthanks phaeron22:28
sledgeslong time no hear from you :)22:28
FryeI guess I need to look into OBS22:28
phaeronwere hectic times22:28
FryeAbsolutely no clue what it is :D22:29
Fryeexcept that I think it's some kind of package build system but that's it.22:29
sledgesall well what ends well22:29
phaeronhopefully :)22:30
sledgesFrye: it's an awesome beast :) and gives you repos with packages/apps that go straight into your jolla/n922:30
FryeI think I looked some of it up few years back22:31
Fryebut it was all new with the meego stuff and I just did not have the time22:31
FryeSo basically if I want to publish a package without putting it to the stores OBS is the way to go?22:31
sledgesopensuse ftw :)22:32
FryeI have this samegame tuned for sailfishos.22:32
FryeMight end up in the obs then. Or as a free one to store. No idea yet. Or it might just stay as my learning project :D22:33
sledgesand it compiles bloody fast and errorless (im getting errors when compiling big things with sdk's mb tool)22:33
FryeI'm having hard time with the ui stuff. I open a dialog. And when it closes I need to push a new page to pageStack, but it errors that transition is still ongoing.22:35
FryeAnd I cannot seem to figure out how to check/wait for the transition to complete on .js before pushing new page.22:36
FryeBut I'm too tired now to look further. Maybe tomorrow.22:36
sledgescan ask in #qml too, maybe you'll get answered overnight :)22:37
*** stephg has joined #sailfishos22:39
FryeAh, that's one place I'm not yet on.22:40
FryeI'll try there tomorrow. I'm too tired if someone responds me now.22:40
FryeAnd it IS something I should figure out.22:40
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M4rtinKhmm, looks like I've just built postgres...23:07
*** TemeV has quit IRC23:16
*** Lollo_ has quit IRC23:16
*** TemeV has joined #sailfishos23:16
*** DarkSim has quit IRC23:29
*** fk_lx has quit IRC23:37
lbt_M4rtinK: so espeak hangs23:38
*** lbt_ is now known as lbt23:38
M4rtinKlbt: you tried to run it ?23:39
M4rtinKlbt: (I'vefixed the build in the meantime)23:39
M4rtinKlbt: thanks! :)23:40
*** mikhas has joined #sailfishos23:40
lbtgeneral PSA for on-device tools:   ssu ar mer-tools; pkcon refresh; pkcon install strace23:41
lbtgets you most of mer-tools23:41
lbtwell, all of it from some snapshot point :)23:41
M4rtinKgood to know (well, once my device arrives :) )23:42
M4rtinKfirst of all, I think I'll try to pull newer espeak23:43
M4rtinKcould be some pulseaudio incompatibility23:43
*** jjanvier has quit IRC23:44
lbtnew package also fails23:44
M4rtinKwell, I've not uploaded it yet :)23:45
lbtI'm off to bed now anyhow23:46
lbtI'll try it during the week if you let me know - also see if it works on SDK emulator23:47
lbtit should (provided you get some sound - the SDK's a bit borked with sound iirc)23:47
M4rtinKlbt: ok, good point :)23:48
M4rtinKlbt: and thanks a lot - for the target & for help ! :)23:48
lbtnp ... I would really like to see some of this promoted to some kind of community repo23:48
lbtno idea how to manage it yet (it's quite complex) - but we can make a start23:49
M4rtinKlbt: yeah, it could work like a very nice community repo23:51
M4rtinKlbt: should be much better & easier to use & more transparent than the old Maemo autobuilder23:52
lbt*nod* ... meego COBS was a good model I think23:52
M4rtinKlbt: yeah, I'Ve used it quite a lot23:53
M4rtinKlbt: learned to use OBS on it actually :)23:53
M4rtinKsomething like OBSized Maemo Extras would be really cool :)23:53
M4rtinKor even just a community maintained repo one could submit packages23:54
*** rashm2k1 has quit IRC23:54
lbtmeego cobs had an idea about community QA'ed area23:54
M4rtinKwell, Apps4MeeGo kinda worked like that23:54
M4rtinKbut was too unstable, not well known & generally not working well23:55
M4rtinK& probably too complicated for many developers & users23:55
M4rtinKnow thinking about it, we might now even need Devel23:56
M4rtinK*not even23:56
M4rtinKas users can easily add individual developer repositories23:56
*** RoKenn has quit IRC23:57
M4rtinKjust testing, where package would need to pass a build test (builds on vanilla extras), some rmplint & co23:57
M4rtinKand after passing community QA it would be admitted to Extras23:58
M4rtinKso that's my 2 € cents :)23:58
*** Pat_o has quit IRC23:59

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