Wednesday, 2013-12-11

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smokexhow do you add folders to the gallery?05:22
MFaro-Tusinoedit the tracker no?05:25
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KonstaHi, any news on linux kernel source release for Jolla device?08:49
StskeepsKonsta: yes, it's available on the OSS DVD if you send a source code request by post, we haven't gotten sane infrastructure set up to just dump the sources there yet, as ideally we should be doing it on git and not do codedumps (we're working on this)08:51
KonstaStskeeps: wow, year 2013 and I have to send regular mail to receive source code on a DVD :P08:52
StskeepsKonsta: i know.. :P08:53
Konstayeah, git would be awesome. just set up a company github account and push :)08:53
zuhBetter to do it right late than wrong in time, IMO :)08:57
Stskeepsbut in truth anyway, because our recovery abilities are a bit bad on device, it may first make sense to tinker with kernel and such when you can safely recover your device on your own08:59
MFaro-Tusinowhat would be the sailfish equivalent of apt-get install -d package08:59
Stskeepsas we cannot provide flashing images08:59
StskeepsMFaro-Tusino: -d ?08:59
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MFaro-Tusinodownload only09:00
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Stskeepsnot sure09:02
Stskeepspkcon install --help?09:02
KonstaStskeeps: I'd just like to investigate the source at this point (like changes comparing to CAF and what it would take to boot Sailfish on other QCOM devices). And I wouldn't even consider purchasing a device until GPL bits are made publicly available..09:03
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korStskeeps: if one was in helsinki, could i just show up and grab the dvd instead of waiting for the postal service?09:19
smokexStskeeps: do you guys have plans to set up a gerrit repo similar to the way Qt has done?09:20
specialsmokex: for what?09:21
Stskeepssmokex: a large majority of the stack is already on github09:21
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smokexStskeeps: where on github?09:28
Stskeepsmer-packages, nemomobile, nemomobile-packages, etc09:29
smokexyou mean nemo?09:29
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smokexsome of the silica text inputs print ? to the screen when buttons like 42 - lshift is pressed on a hardware keyboard09:31
smokexit probably hasn't been noticed on the jolla device because it has no hardware keyboard - yet09:31
smokexis there a bug tracker somewhere, where I can put a bug report?09:32
fluxstskeeps, there should be a page linking to those repos explicitly, it seems google has not quite caught on to them yet :)09:35
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specialflux: "yet"? they've existed for years :p09:41
fluxbut not associated to sailfishos or jolla09:41
fluxeven 'nemo' is a bad keyword09:41
fluxor perhaps my google-fu is bad, I didn't find useful repositories with recent commits with my yesterday googling09:41
MFaro-Tusinobest source of info for getting device set up as sdk target?09:42
fluxso how many clicks from for the first relevant source packages?09:42
Stskeepsflux: fair09:42
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smokexMFaro-Tusino: sdk target looks for ssh09:44
fluxwell, I'm hoping these things will be addressed soonish, I can wait :)09:44
Stskeepsflux: yeah, i was working a bit on something like that but got distracted09:44
MFaro-Tusinoyes, but i get a "alpha 2 sdk does not support arm"09:44
fluxstskeeps, keep up the good work!09:45
jake9xxMFaro-Tusino: if you have 1310 build of sdk, you need to select 'deploy method arm' and then it builds arm rpms09:45
MFaro-Tusino131021 build?09:46
smokex10 - 21 - 201309:47
smokexalpha 209:47
MFaro-Tusinoyes - i know smokex - though found there is an update - so am updating now09:48
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artemmaMy Wikipedia for Sailfish update is in Approved state for 36+ hours already (not going to published). I guess app pushing gnomes also went to help device packaging and shipment :)10:01
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leinirthey weren't joking when they said all hands ;)10:02
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sdjaynaartemma: latest version is in, yesterday was busy as i'm sure you'll understand ;)10:09
artemmasdjayna: I am not complaining, just funny observation :)10:09
artemmaand well, I would actually expect app pushing gnomes right now to go help device packaging if needed10:10
sdjaynaartemma: it will be automated probably by the end of the week, so it'll be less of a tease in future10:11
* artemma is hoping for emil notifications about statuses Apple App Store style at some point10:11
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louaiso this might be an obvious question, but how do I deploy things to my Jolla phone? I can run things in the i486 emulator and build an arm binary, but I can't quite figure out where to go from there. help?10:26
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lpotterscp the package to device. then use pkcon install-local to install it10:32
louailpotter: how do I generate the package? I can copy over the binary + the qml files (just tried, works) but I can't seem to locate the rpm.10:33
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lpottermake sure the arm build is selected. Then Build->deploy10:37
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lpotterif there is no arm build, select it from Projects button->Add Kit->10:38
louailpotter: did that - as I said, I can build the binary10:38
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louaibut hitting the hammer to start the build doesn't generate an rpm and the play button is disabled (can't deploy through that)10:38
lpotterok. build->deploy will create the package and tell you where it is10:38
louaiwhat do you mean by build->deploy?10:38
lpotterfrom the menu at top of creator10:39
louaiheh, never knew that was there10:39
louaiCannot find file:
louaimy backslashes seem to have gone missing10:39
louaiany idea?10:39
lpotteror right click on project name in the project tree and select Deploy from there10:39
lpotteruse two \\10:40
MFaro-Tusinoseems i cant deploy to device10:40
louaiwhere? those commands are autogenerated10:40
MFaro-Tusinoor any even create a arm rpm10:41
lpotterMFaro-Tusino: sdk does not have deploy to device just yet.10:41
MFaro-Tusinowell i added device as linux device10:41
lpottermenu Build->Deploy, or right click project name in project tree and select Deploy10:42
MFaro-Tusinothinking it would allow me to create an arm rpm but no luck10:42
lpotterit does10:42
lpotteryou need arm build "Kit" setup first10:42
MFaro-TusinoWhen i created the project i added arm kit10:43
louaiinteresting, my whole project seems to have gone missing (empty directory now), I wonder if I made that happen somehow10:43
MFaro-Tusinoodd - seems mersdk vm never installed10:43
louaionly the .pro.user file left10:43
louailpotter: thanks for the help, I got the rpm now10:45
louaiI think there's a need for a whatsapp client ;)10:46
lbtthat's an interim hack for rpm building deployment10:46
louailbt: thanks! that pretty much explains all the details of how to properly script things up10:47
MFaro-Tusinolbt: Will that hack fix this > Fatal: deploy must have a valid --device10:48
lbthopefully it should be invalid in a few days10:48
lbtMFaro-Tusino: yes10:48
lbtI admit I don't do the deploy from QtC at the moment10:48
lbtmb2 -t SailfishOS-armv7hl make && mb2 -t SailfishOS-armv7hl -d Jolla_custom deploy --pkcon10:49
lbtrun from the src dir inside the VM ... but I'm a cli guy :)10:49
louaiI just copied it to the device through windows explorer and ran pkcon manually on the device, works for now10:52
tortoisedocFYI, email client still not working10:52
tortoisedoc(sorry for the random sentence)10:52
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lbttortoisedoc: ?10:52
tortoisedocwhat's the email client's package?10:52
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tortoisedoclbt : -> email working -> update to -> email credentials check fails10:53
tortoisedocplus other strange stuff10:53
tortoisedoclike rebooting device -> two exchange accounts appearing instead of one10:53
lbtreported to care?10:53
tortoisedocno :|10:54
tortoisedocmaybe I should10:54
lbtplease do10:54
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tortoisedocI can imagine you guys might be busy :D11:06
MFaro-Tusinoodd - can't ssh to mersdk, though i can ping it so I know its connected11:07
tortoisedoclbt : do you by chance know anything about an eta for nemo-transfer-engine allowed in the store?11:07
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tortoisedocMFaro-Tusino : timeout on connection or refused key?11:07
MFaro-Tusinojust hangs11:07
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lbttortoisedoc: I don't know about nemo-transfer-engine - it doesn't sound 'app-y' enough for the store at the moment; does it build purely against the existing APIs ?11:13
lbttortoisedoc: would a community repo be a better way to handle this for the moment?11:13
tortoisedoclbt: i think it builds fine, and actually is already on device11:14
tortoisedoclbt : community repo is ok but store is more visible of course :P11:14
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lbtagreed - I'm hoping to address that too11:15
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MFaro-TusinoWhat do I need to include for QSystemInfo?12:04
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MFaro-Tusinoassume its qsysinfo12:10
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tortoisedocMFaro-tuniso : in project file, QT += sysinfo ?12:37
tortoisedoc(first hand thought that comes up)12:37
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MFaro-TusinoI found I needed to install a package to target12:43
MFaro-Tusinobut I can't work out how to get it to include12:44
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VDVsxtortoisedoc, hello, was it you having issues with exchange and latest update ?12:44
tortoisedocVDVsx : yes I have been and submitted a ticket to car312:44
*** leinir_ is now known as leinir12:44
VDVsxtortoisedoc, what happens ? some error or just does not sync anymore ?12:45
tortoisedocVDVsx : does not even authenticate12:45
VDVsxtortoisedoc, have you tried to remove the device in the web and configure account again ? might be that the device is configured with 14.x protocol that is not supported12:46
tortoisedocVDVsx : it would say "credential check failed" or something12:46
VDVsxtortoisedoc, ah, during account setup ?12:46
tortoisedocVDVsx: but now from the Accounts section when pulling down "Configure server settings" it wont even show the settings page12:46
VDVsxtortoisedoc, does your server provides valid certificates ?12:47
VDVsxie trusted12:47
tortoisedocVDVsx : does self-signed fall into the "valid" category of cers? :D12:47
VDVsxtortoisedoc, yes12:48
tortoisedocthen yes12:48
VDVsxtortoisedoc, currently Jolla does not have cert management yet, and in latest release we fixed a vulnerability related to that, so probably is why this is failing now12:48
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #sailfishos12:49
VDVsxi.e only checks again certificates on device, user can't add yet their own12:49
tortoisedocVDVsx: I see, this sounds related yes, but FYI it used to work previously12:49
VDVsxtortoisedoc, yes, was not checked before :) bug in our side12:49
tortoisedocVDVsx : so if I remove the certs from the device it might fix it?12:49
*** FireFly has quit IRC12:49
VDVsxtortoisedoc, no, you have to add the certificate instead12:49
VDVsxtortoisedoc, ssl handshake fails due to that, then it wont connect to your server12:50
tortoisedocVDVsx : aah close :P12:50
tortoisedochow to do that? via ssh I assume?12:51
*** Konsta has joined #sailfishos12:52
VDVsxtortoisedoc, certs are under: /etc/ssl/certs/12:52
VDVsxtortoisedoc, I'm not a security expert, so not 100% sure if just copy will be enough, but you can try if you want12:53
tortoisedocVDVsx : this reminds me, which package is wget in?12:53
VDVsxtortoisedoc, own package I guess, but seems is not here12:55
VDVsxStskeeps, do you know where is wget ? some mer repo ?12:55
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* tortoisedoc without wget feels lost12:59
Wntkaltsi: You mentioned the wrong irc network in your email to the devel list :P12:59
*** b0bben has quit IRC13:00
Wntwe are on freenode, not IRCnet :)13:00
tortoisedocthere is indeed a wget package on obs13:01
tortoisedocbut pkcon does not seem to know it :/13:01
Wnttortoisedoc: there is curl on the device13:02
Wntit can do most things wget is used for13:02
tortoisedoconly "most" things  :P13:02
*** stephg has quit IRC13:03
Wnte.g. "curl -O <url>" downloads the url, guesses a sane name from the url or headers and saves it to the current folder13:05
*** veskuh has quit IRC13:05
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Stskeepsthere's no wget because it's gplv3..13:05
Stskeepson device, preinstalled, at least13:05
Stskeepscurl -O is good13:05
kaltsiWnt: yes I did.. :)13:07
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tortoisedocStskeeps : aha I see; this explains, thanks!13:08
tortoisedocVDVsx : ok this seems to make it connect (no connection error anymore)13:10
tortoisedocVDVsx : but still, no server settings dialog shown13:11
KonstaStskeeps, would it be possible to boot a kernel with 'fastboot boot boot.img' on a Jolla device? Afaik you can boot into fastboot mode with vol down + pwr. It would be a safe way to test things.13:11
StskeepsKonsta: it is, but you need to unlock the device and that is at your own warranty risk if something breaks13:12
KonstaStskeeps: you mean bootloader is locked?13:13
VDVsxtortoisedoc, did you recreate the account ? are you searching for that dialog under the pulley menu after account created ?13:13
StskeepsKonsta: just standard qualcomm stuff, no special code required to unlock13:13
Stskeepsbut it will write 'unlocked' at bootup13:14
StskeepsKonsta: nothing relying on it in sailfishos13:14
KonstaStskeeps: ok, and that unlock status is permanent and it can be read later (after returning to stock)?13:16
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tortoisedocVDVsx : ok actualization does not really actualize anything; will try to recreate the account13:16
StskeepsKonsta: i didn't play much with it but it survives factory reset as it's a bit of a step up from potentially breaking your device with developer mode13:17
VDVsxtortoisedoc, it pins to certs so will not work, is that a old account or new after update ? because account shouldn't be saved if credentials fail, if so there a bug13:18
tortoisedocVDVsx: account is new after update13:18
KonstaStskeeps: yeah agreed, though people on some forums have said that even enabling developer mode _might_ void your warranty13:18
Konstaat least that it says that in some legal text in finnish13:19
VDVsxtortoisedoc, humm, strange shouldn't be created in this case13:20
StskeepsKonsta: it does say that yes - which is fair, if your action when having full control of the device causes it to fail, the responsibility is on your side (i'm not a lawyer, so don't count me as saying anything official in this regard..)13:20
tortoisedocVDVsx : the magic of the word "should" eh ? :)13:20
*** Eztran has joined #sailfishos13:20
StskeepsKonsta: i personally void warranties of any device i can get my hands on :P13:20
VDVsxtortoisedoc, thanks a lot for checking this stuff :)13:20
KonstaStskeeps: me too :P13:21
tortoisedocVDVsx : my pleasure, its great to work with you guys (and on a less important note I also would need emails on my phone)13:22
tortoisedocVDVsx : any idea of which format of certs are supported?13:23
tortoisedocI need to doublecheck I downloaded the correct one13:24
VenemoStskeeps: what if the device fails due to other reasons (like, manufacturing defect) but it was in developer mode when it happens?13:25
*** Flowcont has joined #sailfishos13:26
StskeepsVenemo: i'm not the warranty deciding guy, the text says 'may'13:27
VenemoStskeeps: okay13:27
leinirso, i'm guessing that would translate into "if you broke it, it's on your head, but we'll take that into account when looking at what broke"13:28
Stskeepsit makes it a lot easier to assess those things if you look at those two flags, so i'd claim that it's more of a help to the consumer than a blocker13:29
*** rlp10 has joined #sailfishos13:29
*** jarkko__ has quit IRC13:32
*** pingu_ has joined #sailfishos13:35
*** Pat_o_ has joined #sailfishos13:38
*** Pat_o has quit IRC13:38
VDVsxtortoisedoc, should be .pem and .crt13:39
*** freedomrun has quit IRC13:40
*** zhxt has joined #sailfishos13:41
*** martyone has joined #sailfishos13:41
*** freedomrun has joined #sailfishos13:41
*** b0bben has joined #sailfishos13:44
tortoisedocVDVsx : thanks13:46
*** phaeron has quit IRC13:47
*** b0bben has quit IRC13:48
*** itbaron has joined #sailfishos13:50
Venemow00t: what's up with QtDocGallery?13:53
Venemow00t: could you please-please allow it in harbour apps?13:53
fk_lxw00t: open up harbour more! open up harbour more! ;-) hehe13:54
w00tVenemo: not until the API is stable upstream - it's never gotten an official release13:54
*** fawzi has quit IRC13:55
Venemow00t: but then... my app is not making it to harbour13:56
Venemow00t: how can I implement the image picker without that component?13:56
*** fawzi has joined #sailfishos13:57
*** Frye has joined #sailfishos13:57
w00tI don't have a good answer for that right now13:57
Wntisn't it always possible to include a library like that statistically in your own package?14:01
Venemow00t: but my app is boooring without that :(14:01
Wntor does this library link to other unallowed libraries?14:01
VenemoWnt: statistically?14:02
VenemoWnt: you mean statically14:02
w00tWnt: so long as it's in your application's paths, it's fine14:02
tortoisedocw00t : any chance to see nemo-transfer-engine plugins allowed in harbour soon? :)14:03
WntI mean copy paste the library source code to your own project, maybe rename it and use that14:03
locusfhmm app rejected because of the lack of persistence14:03
tortoisedoclocustf : lack of persistence of the app or the dev? :P14:03
locusftortoisedoc: I'd have to save the items in a list to somewhere14:04
w00tlocusf: what's the rejection reason in full? (and which app is this)14:04
Venemow00t: what happens if the reviewer fails to notice that I use QtDocGallery and the app slips in?14:05
locusfw00t: its my quicklist14:05
fk_lxVenemo: he will notice that, they are using scripts to detect not allowed imports in QML ;-)14:06
fk_lxVenemo: my advice is to get that QtDocGallery with you app package, I did the same thing with other QML stuff not allowed in Harbour14:07
*** niqt has quit IRC14:07
Venemofk_lx: will they disassemble the executable to get hold of my QML?14:07
StskeepsVenemo: we have small elves that review it bit by bit14:08
w00tno process is completely foolproof. but if you pass QA with something that isn't allowed, we reserve the right to (and will enjoy) breaking your application at any point :-p14:09
*** Blizzzek has joined #sailfishos14:09
fk_lxVenemo: well you can bring up anything you want with your own package, when it's in your app path, so really consider including that QtDocGallery into your app14:10
fk_lxVenemo: probably easiest option now14:10
locusfand seems that my database adventures are not allowed either14:10
* w00t wonders when someone will prototype a Sailfish file picker dialog14:10
locusfdatabase path I meant14:10
*** Blizzz has quit IRC14:10
*** Blizzzek is now known as Blizzz14:11
w00tlocusf: hmm?14:11
fk_lxw00t: do you expect community to do it?14:11
w00tfk_lx: I expect anyone who is interested to do it14:11
locusfw00t: it was about /home/nemo/.config14:11
w00tlocusf: I don't follow sorry14:11
locusfw00t: okay14:11
locusfI chatted more with lbt on that14:12
fk_lxw00t: ok :-)14:12
lbtlocusf: ?14:13
fk_lxw00t: but what sense in making your own file picker dialog if Jolla for example  will soon provide it's own one. Waste of effort?14:13
*** nk1ox_ has joined #sailfishos14:13
Venemofk_lx +114:13
Venemow00t: I heard rumours of an image picker dialog in a private API somewhere14:14
fk_lxw00t: of course fun of learning etc. but at the same time people can do useful things that Jolla doesn't plan to do/provide14:14
lbtw00t: I think we'd have to be clear about what licensing we'd accept for a community picker too14:14
locusflbt: you remember yesterday?14:14
lbteg BSD14:14
lbtlocusf: when?14:14
w00tsitting back and waiting for things to come to you is one approach, leading the way and showing things you'd like to be done is another14:14
lbttoday-1 ?14:14
locusflbt: yes14:14
locusflbt: ok :)14:14
Venemow00t: in any way, what is the correct solution right now to make an image picker dialog on Sailfish, in a harbour app?14:15
lbtsorry - what in particular did we discuss?14:15
tbrlbt: what's the submission process for the sailfish thingy on MOBS?14:15
w00tVenemo: there isn't anything pre-built at the moment14:15
locusflbt: %files section with attr14:15
lbttbr there is no thingy ... there is only home14:15
lbtlocusf: oh yes14:15
lbtoh yes14:15
lbtwell technically I was right14:16
lbtbut policy wise I was wrong14:16
locusfyes :)14:16
lbtbut tbf the policy wasn't written yesterday14:16
locusfheheheh yep14:16
tbrlbt: I thought there was a project/repo where we could as a community gather things. instead in "someone's" home14:16
*** nk1ox has quit IRC14:16
lbttbr: what should it be called?14:17
fk_lxw00t: well, to lead the way you must know that what you are doing makes sense - if Jolla wants to provide it's own file picker in next update it does a little sense to do own one14:17
tbrlbt: I'm not firm in OBS naming conventions14:17
lbtI meant  sailfishos:chum14:18
tbrheh, nice idea :D14:20
lbtmy suggestion is sailfishos:chum:  which should contain apps which work against that release14:20
lbtand tbr - would you like to gatekeep it?14:21
tbrlbt: can do, but I'll probably need some hand holding in the beginning. Haven't done that before.14:21
tbrI'll probably try it out tonight with mosh and dependencies. :)14:21
lbtsure - just do some QA on SRs - eventually we'll boss-ify you14:21
tbrI know that builds and is just git backed, so quite easy14:22
tbrjust haven't done SR handling so far14:22
lbtwhat's your account name14:24
*** cheb has joined #sailfishos14:25
Venemow00t: if I include QtDocGallery in my package, is that okay?14:28
*** martyone has quit IRC14:29
*** rlp10 has quit IRC14:29
*** MFaro-Tusino has quit IRC14:31
lbtlocusf: we didn't finish I don't think14:31
lbtprepare to store persistent data in /home/nemo/.local/share/$APPNAME14:32
lbtconfig in /home/nemo/.config/$APPNAME14:32
lbtyou'll need to check/create them on app startup - but that should be done by libsailfishapp 'soon'14:33
lbtthp can he actually use: $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/$NAME and $XDG_DATA_NOME/$NAME yet?14:35
thpyes, that should be possible. as XDG Base Dir spec says, if the environment variables are not defined, defaults should be used instead14:36
thp"If $XDG_DATA_HOME is either not set or empty, a default equal to $HOME/.local/share should be used."14:36
thpand "If $XDG_CONFIG_HOME is either not set or empty, a default equal to $HOME/.config should be used."14:36
Venemow00t: when can I expect the QtDocGallery API to get stabilized?14:36
*** qqK has joined #sailfishos14:36
thpand don't hardcode /home/nemo/ and check for XDG_CONFIG_HOME first, obviously ;)14:37
thpsomething akin to "if (XDG_CONFIG_HOME is set) { use $XDG_CONFIG_HOME } else { use $HOME/.config } + append $NAME to the result"14:38
thpwhere $HOME is again taken from the environment, not hardcoded to /home/nemo/14:38
veskuhthp, lbt No env variables please. These things need to work in Qt.14:38
thpveskuh: env variables work in qt?14:38
*** Dima^ has joined #sailfishos14:39
veskuhthp, I mean datadirs need to work14:39
thpveskuh: QStandardPaths you mean?14:39
thpveskuh: the idea is to fix standard paths to do the right thing, so later one, QStandardPaths should be usable14:40
veskuhthp, yes, that should be what we recommend.14:40
thpveskuh: right now, i think QStandardPaths uses XDG, but then also uses QApplication's organization name and application name, which is usually something weird / undefined without extra code - at least it's not guaranteed to be $NAME (harbour-*) for now14:41
*** zsombi has quit IRC14:41
*** MeaK has joined #sailfishos14:42
thpveskuh: plus, there will be non-Qt apps at some point (SDL2-based apps, pure GLES/Wayland-EGL apps) and those need to have a way to determine these locations too, so defining it in standard terms is a good thing, anyway14:42
fk_lxnice conversation, I wonder when and if my Python questions will be answered at some point, still didn't got the answers at #nemomobile14:45
Venemogood question, I think many other people are interested in python as well14:46
Yanielcooooool sshfs looks awesome14:49
Venemothp: aren't you the guy in charge of python?14:50
lbtwe need to get mer:python3 stable first14:51
lbtor something14:51
*** pixraider has joined #sailfishos14:51
*** zhxt has quit IRC14:53
Venemolbt, thp, surely, but I don't see why are you this secretive about this python stuff14:54
tbrlbt: I think all it needs is some apps to be created to prove that it's actually stable14:54
Venemolbt, thp, all I see in the channel logs is that Filip is asking questions about it and nobody replies14:54
fk_lxlbt: now the thing is that my questions aren't replied unless they are repeated by someone else14:54
lbttbr: yes, agreed14:55
lbtfk_lx: it was you I was replying to14:55
lbtI was just busy doing some OBS stuff :)14:56
lbtlike a community repo which could have python in it :)14:56
lbtwhich could then be used to show Jolla how it might work14:56
thpVenemo: we're on it. developers can test packages using mer:python3 for now. for harbour, we need to get it into the relevant middleware repos, and that is being worked on. everything is in the mer-python3 and nemomobile-packages repos in the open, it's just a matter of time to get everything promoted.14:56
Venemoyou see I'm not on IRC a lot nowadays, so I get myself up to speed with the channel logs sometimes14:57
Venemoso I came accross this:
tbrlbt: agreed, let me fix my user thing14:57
lbt fyi14:57
*** jarkko__ has joined #sailfishos14:59
*** piee has joined #sailfishos14:59
faenillbt, awesome stuff15:00
*** fawzi has quit IRC15:07
*** qwazix has quit IRC15:08
*** jardous has quit IRC15:09
*** edgar2 has joined #sailfishos15:13
*** piee has quit IRC15:13
*** qwazix has joined #sailfishos15:13
tbrlbt: I created the account 'tbr' (I'm phasing out 'dm8tbr' that's why)15:13
Venemohow come you're phasing out dm8tbr? :P15:14
lbtyou need to login to obs first15:14
Venemowhat did dm8 stand for anyway?15:14
*** promulo has joined #sailfishos15:14
*** jluisn has quit IRC15:16
*** fawzi has joined #sailfishos15:16
tbrlbt: ah, done now and home project created15:18
lbtfixed chum15:18
*** Kabouik_ has joined #sailfishos15:23
*** stephg has joined #sailfishos15:24
*** datagutt has quit IRC15:24
*** datagutt has joined #sailfishos15:25
*** Kabouik has quit IRC15:26
*** triggerhappy has quit IRC15:26
*** beford has joined #sailfishos15:29
*** beford has joined #sailfishos15:29
*** b0bben has joined #sailfishos15:32
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*** artemma has quit IRC15:35
*** b0bben has quit IRC15:37
*** master_of_master has joined #sailfishos15:41
*** jarkko__ has quit IRC15:43
*** master_o1_master has quit IRC15:45
*** Kabouik has joined #sailfishos15:46
*** nk1ox_ has quit IRC15:47
*** Kabouik_ has quit IRC15:49
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*** b0bben_ has quit IRC15:54
*** VDVsx_ has joined #sailfishos15:57
*** VDVsx has quit IRC16:00
*** louisdk has joined #sailfishos16:04
sledgesTI's DM8xxx ? ;P16:05
*** raa70 has joined #sailfishos16:05
*** b0bben has joined #sailfishos16:05
*** jluisn has joined #sailfishos16:06
*** faenil has joined #sailfishos16:13
*** b0bben has quit IRC16:20
tbrsledges: lol... I think that stuff actually exists, but uses numbers for the x's16:21
*** IgorSK has quit IRC16:21
*** gabriel9 has quit IRC16:22
sledgesplethora of dm8xxxx SoCs out there16:24
*** rm_work|away is now known as rm_work16:24
* sledges is working on one now16:25
*** raa70 has quit IRC16:26
*** raa70 has joined #sailfishos16:28
*** lilltiger_ is now known as lilltiger16:33
*** b0bben has joined #sailfishos16:34
lilltigerSo i want to try out SailfishOS on my N9, but i have the old dualboot thing before uniboot, and i have the incorrect Open Mode (the one where all passwords etc are forgotten) so i need to reflash it from start. Can anyone point me to where i fins the images to flash in linux, i used navifirmplus for windows last time, but I am on linuc now. Or any tip on a channel where to ask.16:36
*** b0bben has quit IRC16:37
lilltigerFound then I think16:44
*** freedomrun has quit IRC16:46
YanielI'm guessing support for enterprise-wpa is just missing from the UI?16:52
*** Blizzz has quit IRC16:52
StskeepsYaniel: does connman support it?16:52
Yanielno idea, that's why I'm asking16:53
Yanielat least just trying to connect failed16:53
locusfw00t: so whats the verdict on my list application not storing the items when closed, is it a dealbreaker or not :) ?16:54
Yanielso I'm thinking of trying to connect via terminal16:54
*** Blizzz has joined #sailfishos16:55
w00tlocusf: good question and i'm not entirely sure.. isn't it already in store?17:00
locusfw00t: it is with same functionality17:00
locusfI just wonder why the behaviour is not accepted anymore and was on launch day :p17:01
w00tlocusf: someone different looking, likely17:02
* w00t will ask17:02
*** Blizzz has quit IRC17:02
*** HeikkiL has joined #sailfishos17:02
locusfw00t: it isn't Michal reviewed both versions :p17:02
locusfah no17:02
w00tthen I have no idea :)17:02
locusfit was dorota who accepted quicklist17:03
w00twill let you know though17:03
locusfokay thanks :)17:03
HeikkiLGood evening. I have kind of noobish question. How do actually deploy sailfish project on my phone. I have tried now "rpm -vhi" with no success it says that is needed.17:03
faenilHeikkiL, that usually means you're trying to deploy a x86 binary and running it on an arm device ( the phone)17:08
*** Morpog_N9_ has joined #sailfishos17:09
*** jjanvier has quit IRC17:09
*** paju has left #sailfishos17:10
*** pixraider has quit IRC17:10
*** eduardp has quit IRC17:11
*** spider-mario has joined #sailfishos17:11
*** Morpog_N9 has quit IRC17:12
*** ahiemstra has quit IRC17:15
*** ahiemstra has joined #sailfishos17:15
*** Morpog_PC has joined #sailfishos17:16
*** Morpog_N9_ has quit IRC17:16
*** Morpog_N9__ has joined #sailfishos17:16
*** b0bben has joined #sailfishos17:19
*** beford has quit IRC17:20
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*** b0bben_ has joined #sailfishos17:21
*** b0bben has quit IRC17:23
*** Venemo has quit IRC17:24
*** hardcodes has joined #sailfishos17:24
*** b0bben has joined #sailfishos17:24
*** b0bben_ has quit IRC17:25
*** pingu_ has quit IRC17:26
HeikkiLfaenil the file suffix is armv7hl.rpm so it shouldn't be x86 binary17:33
*** Flowcont has quit IRC17:34
faenilHeikkiL, yeah but it happens if you don't clean the build directory after building the emulator version17:34
faeniljake9xx, how do you clean the rpm dir when you have the x86 binary on arm issue17:35
faenil(from qtcreator, that is)17:35
faenilis clean from gui enough?17:35
*** b0bben has quit IRC17:35
*** MeaK has quit IRC17:37
jake9xxfaenil: I run make distcelan on shell17:37
jake9xxdistclean, even17:37
faenilHeikkiL, ^17:37
jake9xxHeikkiL: in upcoming sdk release we support shadow building, so architectures should not clash anymore17:41
*** louisdk has quit IRC17:42
HeikkiLHmm so what should I exactly remove. I am running the IDE on windows?17:42
HeikkiLdistclean is not then an option?17:42
jake9xxdistclean needs to be done from cmdline17:43
jake9xxyou cannot call that directly from qtc17:43
*** jjanvier has joined #sailfishos17:43
*** roric has quit IRC17:44
*** nsuffys has joined #sailfishos17:45
*** Shaan7 has joined #sailfishos17:46
*** jarkko__ has joined #sailfishos17:54
*** louisdk has joined #sailfishos17:56
*** paju has joined #sailfishos17:57
*** hardcodes has quit IRC18:02
*** Xruxa has joined #sailfishos18:05
*** simbrown has quit IRC18:05
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*** lbt has joined #sailfishos18:09
*** lbt has quit IRC18:09
*** lbt has joined #sailfishos18:09
*** Pat_o_ has quit IRC18:11
*** sababa has quit IRC18:15
*** ron_frown has joined #sailfishos18:19
ron_frownI had a question of opensource18:20
ron_frownis the licensing analagous to android18:20
tbrit's not licensed under apache license if you're asking that18:21
ron_frownI am considering using sailfish for some hardware I am dinking around with18:21
ron_frownbut if its some crazy involved licensing process or expensive, or not even open... I can just move on18:21
tbryou can also use mer + nemo18:22
tbrthat's already 100% open18:22
tbrsailfish is basically the UI layer and being open sourced at the moment18:22
*** sababa has joined #sailfishos18:23
ron_frownso theoretically in the near future it could be18:24
*** Pat_o_ has joined #sailfishos18:24
ron_frownsomething I could pick up and drop on new hardware18:24
HeikkiLfaenil and jake9xx _big thanks_ for help! Got it working!18:31
lbtron_frown: what kind of hw ?18:31
HeikkiLSo cool that own app is running on the phone :)18:33
faenilHeikkiL, great :)18:34
*** Shaan7 has quit IRC18:35
*** Pat_o_ has quit IRC18:35
*** Morpog_Mobile has quit IRC18:35
*** Morpog_Mobile has joined #sailfishos18:35
*** jarkko__ has quit IRC18:36
*** qwazix_ has joined #sailfishos18:37
*** qwazix_ has quit IRC18:39
*** onurati has joined #sailfishos18:41
*** jjanvier has quit IRC18:42
ron_frownlbt - right now omap 543218:44
ron_frownI have some other omap and freescale hardware as well18:45
lbtand what kind of form-factor/device are you looking at?18:45
*** pixraider has joined #sailfishos18:46
*** stephg has quit IRC18:47
*** promulo has quit IRC18:50
*** Venemo has joined #sailfishos18:51
*** Pat_o_ has joined #sailfishos18:53
*** artemma has joined #sailfishos18:56
*** RoKenn has joined #sailfishos18:56
*** RoKenn has joined #sailfishos18:56
*** freedomrun has joined #sailfishos18:58
*** Finleida has quit IRC19:00
*** furikku has quit IRC19:02
*** Pat_o_ has quit IRC19:04
*** edgar2 has joined #sailfishos19:05
ron_frownlbt semi tablet19:07
ron_frownits not really a tablet, but definitely more of a 4:3/16:919:08
*** pixraider has quit IRC19:08
*** b0bben has joined #sailfishos19:09
*** b0bben has quit IRC19:13
*** HeikkiL has quit IRC19:14
*** krabador has joined #sailfishos19:19
*** Zotan has joined #sailfishos19:19
*** Morpog_PC has quit IRC19:20
*** Morpog_PC has joined #sailfishos19:20
*** edgar2 has quit IRC19:22
*** chrila has joined #sailfishos19:22
Venemoha! my app's been approved!19:23
*** nisse3 has joined #sailfishos19:24
chrilaHi! Can anyone help me, i'm trying to show the application window from within a CoverAction! activate() doesn't work somehow..?19:25
Jonnichrila: sdk or real device? there is a bug in sdk that it doesnt work on current version.19:27
chrilai'm on sdk (still waiting for the device ;) ) Ok then this explains it! Thanks :)19:28
*** Pat_o_ has joined #sailfishos19:28
Venemochrila: don't trust the emulator19:31
*** nsuffys_ has joined #sailfishos19:33
*** Zotan has quit IRC19:34
*** Flowcont has joined #sailfishos19:34
*** nsuffys has quit IRC19:34
*** nsuffys__ has joined #sailfishos19:35
chrilaVenemo: will be careful in the future!19:35
*** Eismann has joined #sailfishos19:37
*** targon has joined #sailfishos19:38
*** nsuffys_ has quit IRC19:38
*** jarkko__ has joined #sailfishos19:38
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*** Frye has quit IRC19:57
*** rashm2k has joined #sailfishos20:05
*** andreibechet has joined #sailfishos20:07
lbtron_frown: was eating ... OK - so you should look at Mer for sure - take a look at how that works and nemomobile20:07
*** Flowcont has joined #sailfishos20:09
*** promulo has joined #sailfishos20:12
*** jarkko__ has quit IRC20:17
*** fawzi has quit IRC20:20
*** b0bben_ has joined #sailfishos20:20
*** itbaron has quit IRC20:22
*** Matoking has quit IRC20:25
*** artemma has quit IRC20:27
*** artemma has joined #sailfishos20:32
piggzwhere can i get a sailfish svg icon background?20:33
vgradeevening piggz20:36
*** jluisn has quit IRC20:36
piggzlo vgrade20:36
piggzim doing the _important_ app stuff ... icons :)20:36
vgradepiggz: good to hear20:38
vgradedeveloper , developer , developer20:39
*** thesignal has joined #sailfishos20:39
piggzMorpog_Mobile: thx!20:40
vgradeever noticed on of the shapes is same as fedora logo shape20:40
piggzMorpog_Mobile: you ust have created that in windows ;)20:41
vgradeand also from their website, homepage
*** Bloob has quit IRC20:42
Morpog_MobilePiggz, well i've grown up with it and with amiga os :)20:42
piggzMorpog_Mobile: got a a1200 + hd +net in the attic ;)20:43
*** b0bben_ has quit IRC20:43
Morpog_MobileNice, just had a 500 with upgraded ram :)20:43
Morpog_MobileWithout hdd, but a 2nd floppy drive ;)20:44
piggzyeah, i only have a 500 as a kid .. then @ work someone _gave_ away a 1200, i had to ahve it :)20:44
piggzmmm, with 2 floppys, you could play jesus-on-e;s demo without swaping disks!20:45
Morpog_MobileFloppy loading sound burnt into my brain20:46
*** artemma has quit IRC20:46
*** b0bben_ has joined #sailfishos20:49
*** Finleida has joined #sailfishos20:53
*** artemma has joined #sailfishos20:58
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*** thesignal has joined #sailfishos21:25
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