Thursday, 2013-12-12

lilltigerI have sailfish on my N9 now, the app for android is installed by default it says, but how do i add an android app like spotify?00:00
Aardlilltiger: android runtime won't work on n900:02
lilltigeran no native spotify app yet?00:02
lilltigernot much use to me then :)00:03
Aardit should be pretty simple to do one, though, spotify libraries for arm exist ;)00:04
lilltigeryhee, shouldent one be able to run the harmattan spotify?00:04
Aardno, harmattan spotify is qt4/mtf00:04
lilltigeror maybe that requires that silly drm00:04
lilltigersailfish is qt5?00:05
lilltigerguess ill have to wait till it matures a bit00:06
lilltiger:) but looks promising, not as slick as harmattan yet thought00:06
lilltigerdoes it require more cpu then harmattan or is it just the n9 port that isent as fluid?00:08
vgradelilltiger: take a look at porting something like meespot, I managed to get something going with 0 qml experiance00:09
EztranIsn't MeeSpot being ported anyway?00:09
vgradeEztran: I don't know00:09
lilltigerprobly is, or qspot or some of them00:10
EztranAh. Think the last heard was
lilltigerim just a bit unsure about getting a jolla phone or to get Galaxy S5 or what to get as my next phone, the N9 is pretty dead unfortunally00:11
lilltigerEztran: well sound is overrated for a app like spotify =D00:12
EztranYeah, sure that won't make any different, right? :)00:12
lilltigeri just look at the pretty pictures00:13
EztranSo, looks like a native Spotify for Sailfish is waiting on a device to ship, anyway.00:13
lilltigerjust hope it will sell better then the Windowz phones ;D00:17
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lilltigerwell good night00:26
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tortoisedocseems emailclient is not happy with just public key of pem cert..06:28
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zuhShould there be a delay between approving apps and seeing them in store? I got an app approved yesterday and no trace of it in store...06:47
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Jonnizuh: yes there is delay, there is still some manual steps that harbour staff needs to do before they appear in store.07:06
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zuhJonni: ok, then I won't approach care@ just yet about it. Thanks :)07:15
smokexI so want to negate the need for an android app compatibility layer07:19
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Stskeepszuh: developer-care07:44
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tomyriwhat is the command to install rpm on device?07:47
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specialpkcon install-local07:49
tortoisedoctomyri, special : I have used rpm -i07:49
specialtortoisedoc: avoid using rpm directly, it gets dangerous.07:50
tortoisedocspecial : thanks for the hint07:50
tomyrispecial: thanks07:50
specialyou can end up with multiple versions of the same package installed, and it can confuse the higher-level package managers07:50
specialif pkcon doesn't suffice, you can use zypper07:50
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zuhStskeeps: Yes, meant that one of course :)07:58
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* zuh wants to stab pkcon for its status indication07:59
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zuheg. for "pkcon search name not-there" gives four(!) fancy progressbars, but nothing to tell you that it didn't find anything except the lack of results08:00
specialmaybe Aard or thp would disapprove, but other than systemwide upgrades I just use zypper :p08:01
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tortoisedocpkcon is nice08:14
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tortoisedocit is such a utility which is supposed to know what it is doing :P08:15
tortoisedocso no need for logging :D08:15
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karipHi! I have a stupid question. I have built an rpm package. How do I install in on a real Jolla device? (I have one :)08:26
karipThe rpm is already on the real device.08:26
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cybettekarip: pkcon install-local file.rpm08:28
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fk_lxwhat is the proper way to embed a link in label, I tried the stuff with puting <a href="..."></a> and onLinkActivated:, but I get an ugly looking link09:05
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fk_lxI mean the link doesn't look like from the theme09:05
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karipfk_lx: this is one way to fix it:
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fk_lxah, ok, that seems to be what I was looking for09:14
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fk_lxnow I don't have a device, but I assume    onLinkActivated: Qt.openUrlExternally("https://some.url/") will launch default browser on Sailfish right?09:24
veskuhfk_lx, yes09:24
fk_lxveskuh: ok, thanks09:25
fk_lxanother question, how can I add my open source app for Sailfish here: and become a member there? who to ask about that?09:26
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zuhfk_lx: The members section probably has suitable candidates for asking09:29
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Aardspecial: I do disapprove :p09:30
fk_lxzuh: thanks09:38
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fk_lxmattaustin: can you help with that?09:38
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tomyriam I allowed to install translation files unfer /usr/share/translations?09:54
dcthangwhy not09:58
tomyrii mean does harbour allow that09:58
tomyriok, in FAQ they say "/usr/share/$NAME/* <- anything else goes here" (than icon, executable binary or desktop file)10:00
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lbttomyri: all installtime files go there10:02
lbtbut that's not writeable by your app10:03
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tomyriok, thanks10:09
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locusfwhat is the easiest way to save a QML ListModel to a database or a file?10:43
locusfor do I need to create a custom one and then use c++ to save/load it?10:44
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Sfiet_Konstantinlocusf: do you want to load from or save ?10:50
Sfiet_Konstantinlooks strange to save10:50
Sfiet_Konstantinis it because you have a modifiable listmodel ?10:50
locusfSfiet_Konstantin: yes10:50
Sfiet_Konstantinlocusf: I would guess: write a C++ helper "Saver" class and parse the model with JS, that calls methods in "Saver"10:51
Sfiet_Konstantinthen "Saver" formatts someting and saves it10:51
Sfiet_Konstantinif you reimplement your model, you will need to add methods to add remove etc. painful10:51
Sfiet_Konstantinwhile Listmodel manipulation is easy from JS10:51
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locusfSfiet_Konstantin: what about loading?11:00
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Sfiet_Konstantinlocusf: use the same kind of object11:00
Sfiet_Konstantinemit signals11:00
Sfiet_Konstantinuse js to listen to them and populate an empty model11:00
locusfah yes11:01
locusfI always forget about the signal/slot stuff :p11:01
Sfiet_Konstantincome on11:01
Sfiet_Konstantinyou are nemo dev :D11:01
locusfSfiet_Konstantin: thanks for the help, I suck at Qt11:02
Sfiet_KonstantinI don't think so :)11:02
hoelzrohas anyone outside of Finland gotten their phone yet? I'm not sure if I should be expecting an email with shipping progress or what11:04
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locusfhmm now my app won't start, sigh11:21
locusfI already had plans on using a simple JSON document for the storage of the items in the shopping list11:22
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locusfI also still haven't gotten the answer to the question of the transparent cover which shows the application as is :)11:35
locusfbut ok I'll still wait11:35
veskuhlocusf, for showing window instead of cover just define cover: undefined in your ApplicationWindow11:43
locusfveskuh: ok, thanks :)11:43
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veskuhlocusf, obviously we would prefer nice covers, but sometimes it does not make as much sense11:44
locusfveskuh: yep, I got one in bluewhale but thats just for syncing so I kept the cover blue11:45
locusffor my couple of other apps I'd like to see the application as the cover as I can't think of any actions11:45
zuttohas anyone expirimented with any screen reading software yet?11:45
Pnuuhas anyone else noticed that clock alarm is the same as the calendar alarm?11:46
*** leinir has quit IRC11:46
Pnuualthough there are different settings for both11:46
Pnuuto further explain, if I set my prefered wake-up sound for the clock alarms, the same as played when there's a calendar alert11:47
Pnuuis played11:48
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MFaro-TusinoAnyone have info on using QtSystemInfo inside an app?12:02
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HurrianQuestion - does Sailfish still use MAFW?12:46
phaeronafaik no12:48
HurrianYay! Does the media app feature gapless playback yet?12:49
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MSameerHurrian: no and no :/12:55
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Hurrianaww man12:56
MSameerHurrian: grilo is used for media player12:56
Hurriancould've fixed a ~6 year old bug...12:56
MSameerHurrian: with qml bindings built on top of grilo (qtgrilo) in nemo github12:56
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Hurrianbtw, MSameer, saw your omap3camd stuff - great work!12:58
MSameerHurrian: thanks :)12:58
MSameerhope it'd benefit somebody :)12:59
MSameerHurrian: BTW if you are interested in bringing up camera for sailfish on harmattan then I can give you some tips. I can't promise to do the work myself  for various reasons but I know or I think I know what's needed fpr N913:02
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HurrianMSameer: won't it need to be rewritten for both a new gstreamer and Wayland?13:03
MSameerHurrian: jolla camera will not work basically13:03
MSameerbut we can copy the gstreamer sink from harmattana and patch qtmultimedia13:03
MSameerand hopefully we will have a complete pipeline13:04
MSameerwe will need to put some qml ui on top13:04
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Hurrianwell, that sounds better than rewriting the black box that is the camera control library ;)13:04
MSameerit's there already along with the gstreamer bits in harmattan13:04
MSameerwe just copy what we want13:05
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MSameeri can flash one of my n9s and try to tinker with it but i don't have much time really13:05
MSameeri don't yet know which kernel sailfish on n9 uses13:05
HurrianSounds like something nice to experiment with when I have my christmas break.13:05
HurrianMSameer: Sailfish on N9 uses whatever Nemo uses ;)13:06
MSameermaybe me too when i go on vacation soon :D13:06
MSameerHurrian: that should hopefully work then13:06
Hurrianso, the breakage isn't because of Wayland?13:06
MSameeractually, the sink used by harmattan has x11 bits13:13
MSameerwe might need to rewrite that :/13:13
MSameerHurrian: breakaga is also because harmattan used v4l2 but sailsish uses android cmera hal13:13
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HurrianAh. Yep, we're going to have to write a custom UI for the camera, and hope it's API-compatible with the stock one.13:14
HurrianThankfully, we just have to deal with maybe an EGL surface in wayland instead of one bajillion layers of X back in Harmattan.13:16
MSameerHurrian: stock one is built on qtmultimedia13:16
MSameerHurrian: or you can consider using camera+ :p13:16
HurrianMSameer: the fcam/pcam drivers "just dump raw OMAP ISP to DSS" approach? :P13:17
MSameerHurrian: that won't work13:17
MSameerHurrian: we have 2 options: bypass the android hal and deal with drivers directly or build on top of qtmultimedia like jolla does13:18
*** Pat_o has joined #sailfishos13:18
MSameerand then we just fix the qtmultimedia and it should work13:19
HurrianMSameer: it's something to consider with regard to how the entire hardware enablement of Sailfish is done on N9/5013:19
Hurrianthe final device, and presumably devices that come after are built on libhybris13:19
MSameerthere is no android hal for n9. i need more coffee :p13:19
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Hurrianwhich means incorporating a lot of Android stuff ;)13:19
HurrianMSameer: e-yes very basic OMAP3 hal for Nitdroid N913:20
MSameerHurrian: the jolla phone currently in the market is using libhybris. Future? I cannot comment yet13:20
MSameerHurrian: how deep is your knowledge ?13:21
*** piee has joined #sailfishos13:21
Hurrianthe biggest project I've set myself on is writing small loops on Arduinos.13:21
MSameerHurrian: droidcamsrc is the camera source and it pushes forward android native buffers13:21
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MSameerHurrian: good because i don't even know what Arduinos is :D13:22
*** Frye has joined #sailfishos13:23
HurrianMSameer: so what you're saying is, android camera HAL pushes frames in SurfaceFlinger format, and Jolla libs deal with using them?13:23
Hurrianif you put it like that, then I think it'd be preferable to simply go with the "bypass" option13:24
MSameerHurrian: we just get the native android buffer as it is from camera and we render it by creating an EGLImage from that and binding it to a texture13:24
MSameerwe don't have surface flinger but we use android gl directly13:24
Hurrianstill trying to get my head around how the Hybris hardware adaptation works ;)13:25
MSameerHurrian: but N9 is different because you get raw data and nokia created a set of extensions to allow rendering them13:25
MSameerHurrian: libhybris is more or less a dlopen()13:25
MSameerif you have used dlopen then you think about it like that13:26
Hurrianwhat exactly sits on top of libhybris? IIRC ubuntu touch uses it for graphics, but I get the feeling there's more that requires it on the Jolla13:26
MSameerHurrian: it depends on the subsystem but everything sits on top of libhybris13:27
MSameergfx, audio, camera, ...13:27
zuhor is it?13:28
MSameeri think so13:28
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*** Hurrian has joined #sailfishos13:29
Hurriansorry, power outage13:30
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*** ahiemstra has joined #sailfishos13:44
FryeChecking for unpackaged file(s): /usr/lib/rpm/check-files /home/deploy/installroot13:44
FryeProject ERROR: Could not connect to MerSDK Virtual Machine. Timeout waiting for reply from server.13:44
Frye15:44:20: The process "/Users/samuli/.config/SailfishAlpha2/mer-sdk-tools/MerSDK/SailfishOS-armv7hl/rpm" exited with code 1.13:44
FryeAny idea what's going on. This setup worked fine earlier13:45
Fryerestart of the virtual machine does not work.13:46
FryeHowever the vm built i486 binaries just fine13:46
FryeFrom preferences test connection succeeds13:47
*** piee has quit IRC13:49
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cos-could someone with the device test my app
*** simo849 has joined #sailfishos14:49
cos-run it from terminal, swipe it to background, close it and note the last lines of output.14:49
cos-last line should be "Halt ok" if all went well14:51
*** edgar2 has joined #sailfishos14:51
simo849Hi all, newbie here with a location related question. Trying to connect BT GPS receiver with the phone.14:51
Yanielwhat was this app again?14:51
Yanielsimo849: why?14:51
cos-Yaniel: a web forum reader14:52
simo849testing with location data source14:52
Yanielsimo849: the phone has an internal GPS/GLONASS receiver?14:52
cos-looks like there is a bug in sdk which prevents it from closing correctly14:52
simo849yep, it has, and it's an ok one too. However, designing for external devices.14:53
*** veimis has quit IRC14:54
Yanielwell, IIRC there was some stuff about bluez being updated to a newer version soon(tm)14:54
Yanielit was here on IRC, don't remember when exactly14:55
YanielStskeeps: were you involved?14:55
simo849ok, nothing about that in the github then?14:56
Yanieldunno, it was just something about them wanting to switch to a newer version once package x is stable enough14:57
simo849doesn't hlp then... In android terminal, there was this enable-mock-location. Any similar in jolla terminal?14:59
*** Hartzi has quit IRC15:00
*** SpamZam has quit IRC15:00
*** zacce has quit IRC15:00
*** Anduck has joined #sailfishos15:04
*** Hartzi has joined #sailfishos15:05
Anduckany1 else had problems installing sailfish sdk?15:07
*** zacce has joined #sailfishos15:07
Anducki installed it but i can't see "Sailfish OS" as an option in the "new project" menu15:07
Anduckwat to do15:08
*** piee has joined #sailfishos15:11
*** raa79 is now known as raa7015:14
fk_lxwho can push my app to sailfishapps on github and add me to that organization?15:15
*** MeaK has joined #sailfishos15:15
*** situ has quit IRC15:16
raa70finally got jolla-fileman installed15:16
raa70tried it over and over again... after devel-su15:16
pieefind. them15:16
YanielAnduck: any error messages during installing etc?15:21
Anduckno error messages..15:22
*** IgorSK has quit IRC15:23
kaltsiAnduck: what host environment you have win/mac/linux?15:24
*** zhxt has quit IRC15:24
kaltsiAnduck: what is the qtcreator version you have.. Help/about qtcreator (built on date, or from revision)15:25
*** itbaron has joined #sailfishos15:26
*** edgar2 has quit IRC15:27
*** veima has joined #sailfishos15:28
Anduckkaltsi: windows15:29
*** paju has left #sailfishos15:29
Anduckqt creator 2.8.115:29
Anduckwin 7 pro btw15:29
*** zsombi has quit IRC15:30
kaltsiwhat's the build date15:30
Anduckdownloaded SailfishOSSDK-Alpha-1310-Qt5-windows-offline15:30
Anduckoct 21 at 13:33:4815:30
kaltsihave you rebooted windows after running the installer?15:30
kaltsiI haven't heard of this particular problem before, but reboot sometimes helps in curious problem cases15:33
simo849Which is a better channel to ask jolla terminal related questions, this or #jollamobile or #jolla?15:33
YanielI don't think #jolla is used at all?15:34
Anduckyes rebooted15:35
*** beford has joined #sailfishos15:37
*** beford has joined #sailfishos15:37
Anducktesting reinstalling once again15:39
kaltsiAnduck: is your username in windows something that might have whitespace or non-ascii characters?15:39
kaltsivirtualbox version shouldn't be a problem at this point yet, but which one did you install?15:40
Anduckvirtualbox version 4.3.4 r9102715:41
*** Morpog_N9 has quit IRC15:41
*** Morpog_N9 has joined #sailfishos15:41
*** master_o1_master has joined #sailfishos15:41
pieevbox  had   probelm?15:44
*** master_of_master has quit IRC15:45
kaltsiAnduck: I'm out of ideas.. last thing, what is your install path for the sdk?15:45
Anduckill try removing vbox and sdk now15:46
Anduckand reinstall15:46
Anduckits the default C:\SailfishOS15:46
kaltsino need to remove vbox15:46
kaltsiAnduck: yeah.. everything should be fine.. can't guess why it wouldn't work15:47
*** cnuke has quit IRC15:47
*** piee has quit IRC15:49
*** wentknweqt has joined #sailfishos15:51
locusfSfiet_Konstantin: I was lazy and implented the whole thing in QSQLite15:51
Sfiet_Konstantinlocusf: hehe15:52
*** jardous has quit IRC15:55
*** cnuke has joined #sailfishos15:57
Anduckstill not working15:59
*** mhall119 has quit IRC15:59
*** promulo_ has quit IRC15:59
*** promulo has joined #sailfishos15:59
kaltsihave you tried installing it before to a different location?16:00
Anduckill try different location btw16:00
kaltsithen you should clean your appdata folder after uninstall16:00
*** promulo has quit IRC16:00
kaltsiit's here  C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\SailfishAlpha216:01
kaltsiwhen you uninstall it doesn't clean that place16:01
Anduckdeleted that directory and started sdk16:01
Anduckworks now16:01
*** promulo has joined #sailfishos16:02
Anduckgreat, thanks16:02
*** Hurrian_ has joined #sailfishos16:02
*** Hurrian has quit IRC16:02
*** Morpog_N9 has quit IRC16:03
*** mhall119 has joined #sailfishos16:04
*** amizraa has quit IRC16:05
*** amizraa has joined #sailfishos16:05
*** artemma has quit IRC16:06
*** zhost has quit IRC16:06
*** Kabouik has quit IRC16:11
*** tesalmin1 has joined #sailfishos16:13
*** rm_work|away is now known as rm_work16:17
*** gabriel9|work has quit IRC16:20
*** edgar2 has joined #sailfishos16:22
*** pingu_ has quit IRC16:23
*** Xruxa has quit IRC16:28
*** fawzi has joined #sailfishos16:31
*** Pat_o has quit IRC16:39
*** ahiemstra has quit IRC16:46
*** spider-mario has joined #sailfishos16:48
*** ahiemstra has joined #sailfishos16:49
*** Kabouik has joined #sailfishos16:52
*** triggerhappy has quit IRC16:54
*** MeaK has quit IRC16:54
*** Pat_o has joined #sailfishos16:56
*** situ has joined #sailfishos16:57
*** nsuffys has joined #sailfishos16:58
*** Pat_o has quit IRC17:01
*** fk_lx has quit IRC17:01
*** fk_lx has joined #sailfishos17:02
*** jjanvier has quit IRC17:07
*** piee has joined #sailfishos17:24
*** zhost has joined #sailfishos17:27
*** Pat_o has joined #sailfishos17:30
*** artemma has joined #sailfishos17:31
*** alexxy has quit IRC17:40
*** alexxy[home] has joined #sailfishos17:40
*** M4rtinK has joined #sailfishos17:43
M4rtinKlbt: I'm lately getting this with some of my build on the Sailfish target:17:46
M4rtinK400 remote error: connect to 443  Connection refused17:46
M4rtinKexample of such a build:
lbtwell, update to
lbtI do hope is still there though17:47
M4rtinKlbt: same thing:
M4rtinKseems to happen +- at random, when I've added the target, some packages built fine, but others failed like this17:49
*** jalomann has joined #sailfishos17:49
*** Frye has joined #sailfishos17:49
M4rtinKalso, looks like it is not just my project being affected:
*** piee has quit IRC17:51
M4rtinKjust let me know if there is any way I can help resolving this :)17:52
lbtcan you force a rebuild17:53
M4rtinKI can try that17:54
*** roric has quit IRC17:54
M4rtinKBTW, is there a button for that in the web UI or is it osc only ?17:54
lbtused to be ... we'll be doing an OBS upgrade "RSN"17:54
*** piee has joined #sailfishos17:54
FryeIs there a difference in battery usage for small bit of logic implemented with js or c++?17:56
M4rtinKlbt: yeah, I've noticed the OpenSuse OBS instance seem to run a different version17:56
lbtFrye: can you measure it ... unlikely in most cases17:57
M4rtinKlbt: but even the current one is much slicker than COBS one17:57
M4rtinKlbt: and FAST! :)17:57
lbtM4rtinK: we've not had time to upgrade recently - we have too much patching17:57
lbtyeah, I did some optimising work ages ago17:57
M4rtinKlbt: I have no issues with the current version as long as it builds stuff :)17:57
M4rtinKFrye: one thing to watch might be context switches & c++/js type conversions17:58
lbtM4rtinK: did you trigger yet? not seen a 40017:58
M4rtinKFrye: so in some cases leving it in JS might actuall more efficient17:58
M4rtinKlbt: had to figure out the command, did it just now17:59
M4rtinKfor home:MartinK:sailfish gobject-introspection17:59
lbt400 again17:59
M4rtinKI'll try to rebuild one that built successfully a few times18:00
M4rtinKif it is a race or package specific thing18:00
*** Frye has quit IRC18:00
M4rtinKhmm, looks like some dort of race condition18:02
M4rtinKI've triggered rebuild for libwebp18:02
*** simbrown has quit IRC18:03
lbtdo gobject one again18:03
M4rtinKfailed with 404 on 0.1.10 but building fine on 0.0.518:03
M4rtinKlbt: OK18:03
lbtjust try several times18:04
*** jjanvier has joined #sailfishos18:04
M4rtinKok, will do every time it fail18:04
M4rtinKhmm, now 1.10 failed right away with 40418:05
M4rtinKbut 0.5 is stuck in "building" without any output so far18:05
M4rtinKand now it failed with: "504 remote error: remote error  Gateway Timeout"18:06
lbtbasically keep hammering at it ... stupid CDN seems to be having issues18:06
M4rtinKOK :)18:06
lbtit seems to be failing on different packages18:06
M4rtinKyeah, I'm triggering it now left and right18:08
M4rtinK1.10 seems to fail almost immediately, followed by 0.5 some time later18:10
M4rtinKbut still some packages are being built regardless18:11
*** Pat_o has quit IRC18:12
*** beford has quit IRC18:12
*** Morpog_Mobile has quit IRC18:13
*** edgar2 has quit IRC18:15
*** b0bben has quit IRC18:15
*** b0bben has joined #sailfishos18:16
lbtbuilding now18:16
M4rtinKyeah, seem so18:17
M4rtinKlbt: good job ! :)18:17
M4rtinKlbt: thanks a lot :)18:17
lbtnp ... reported it back too18:18
*** Frye has joined #sailfishos18:18
*** ottulo has joined #sailfishos18:18
M4rtinKI'm glad I can help :)18:18
M4rtinKok then, back to building various obscure packages for Sailfish :)18:19
*** b0bben has quit IRC18:20
tanghusM4rtinK: syncevolution would be great to have in lack of Cal/CardDAV :)18:22
M4rtinKtanghus: well, I can try to grab it from OpenSuse and see if it builds :)18:26
*** fawzi has quit IRC18:26
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC18:26
*** M4rtinK has joined #sailfishos18:26
tanghusM4rtinK: that would be sweet :) It's need libneon (I think) to enable DAV18:27
tanghusM4rtinK: ovek(?) at TMO built it for Harmattan18:28
M4rtinKwhile I primarily want to build stuff for my applications (so mainly Python & navigation things)18:28
M4rtinKI don't mind building other packages others might find useful18:28
tanghusOf course. I just grabbed the chance once I saw it ;)18:29
M4rtinKthat's also the nice thing about OBS - you can easily grab packages from other project, inspect changes, submit changes, etc. :)18:30
*** edgar2 has joined #sailfishos18:30
tanghusYeah, just had a quick look, but I'd have to learn some stuff beforehand I could see.18:31
*** Morpog_Mobile has joined #sailfishos18:31
*** fawzi has joined #sailfishos18:33
*** jmlich has quit IRC18:34
M4rtinKI think we need to bring rzr & Aapo on board :)18:34
M4rtinKthey are quite a master packages18:35
lbtI'd like to see usage-driven packaging though ... not 'package the world' :)18:37
*** fawzi has quit IRC18:37
Yanielis mosh in some official or semi-official repo yet?18:40
*** jarkko__ has joined #sailfishos18:40
StskeepsYaniel: i was waiting for somebody to say that18:41
Yanielwell I know it works and been wanting to try it out for a while18:41
Yanielbut it is much nicer to be able to just install from the main repos than hunting down individual packages18:42
*** qwazix_ has joined #sailfishos18:43
*** roric has joined #sailfishos18:44
M4rtinKtanghus: seems to have quite a bit of missing deps, including gtk218:47
tanghusM4rtinK: Jeez. wft does it use that for? Well, thanks for trying  :)18:48
*** qwazix_ has quit IRC18:50
*** Shaan7 has joined #sailfishos18:51
M4rtinKtanghus: could that it might be cut down :)18:52
M4rtinKBTW, mosh now building :)18:52
tanghusM4rtinK: I wonder if this one is stripped for those dependencies
*** b0bben has joined #sailfishos18:52
Stskeepsplease don't bring gtk to sailfish, it makes my efforts of totally stripping it out of the stack (which is a lot harder than it looks!) worthless :P18:53
tanghusStskeeps: no gtk on my PCs or phones ;)18:53
*** keithzg has joined #sailfishos18:55
M4rtinKI can't call anything other than running GTK2 over XWayland an achievement :)18:55
Stskeepspfft, gtk3 and wayland18:55
M4rtinKcan hardly get less efficient :)18:55
M4rtinKthat too of course :)18:55
M4rtinKanyway, would be good to get gobject-introspection running18:56
M4rtinKcan be quite useful for a lots of stuff18:56
*** b0bben has quit IRC18:57
M4rtinKanybody wanting to try it ? :)18:58
*** freedomrun has quit IRC19:03
*** b0bben has joined #sailfishos19:07
zuhM4rtinK: Where do I find perl-IO-Tty?19:08
M4rtinKzuh: guess I have to build it19:11
*** piee has quit IRC19:11
M4rtinKzuh: you might also try to force it - no idea how critical dependency is it19:11
zuhhmm, I'll try19:11
piggzargh, the app template in the sdk completely changed between a1 and a2 ... a2 is much simpler19:12
*** jalomann has quit IRC19:12
zuhmeh, guess I don't force it with pkcon... again zypper +1 - pkcon 019:13
*** piee has joined #sailfishos19:15
M4rtinKwell, pkcon has some sort of queue feature ?19:15
M4rtinKso that more instances can be running without killing each other19:15
*** Sazpaimon_ has quit IRC19:15
*** Sazpaimon_ has joined #sailfishos19:15
jake9xxM4rtinK: tinyurl'd it:
jake9xxpiggz: a3 is even simplier - and does the right things for harbour19:17
M4rtinKjake9xx: thanks ! :)19:17
piggzjake9xx: there is an a3??19:17
zuhM4rtinK: sent from your mosh :)19:17
M4rtinKso it does work ? :D19:17
M4rtinKzuh: NICE ! :)19:17
zuhinside fingerterm19:17
zuhso yeah, looks good19:17
M4rtinKso I guess I'll just drop that Perl dependency for now19:18
jake9xxpiggz: soon19:18
jake9xxpiggz: I mean _Real_ soon19:18
piggzjake9xx: tonight?19:18
piggzyou cant release it in the iddle of fixing up y android port! :)19:19
jake9xxpiggz: we cannot do it tonight, QA is not fully done19:20
*** artemma has quit IRC19:23
*** Eismann_ has joined #sailfishos19:24
zuhM4rtinK: Looking at the package, all I see is two binaries and a perl script that doesn't seem to want IO:Tty. Maybe it's indeed completely stale dep or only used in some tool not packaged?19:26
*** Eztran has quit IRC19:27
*** ajalkane has quit IRC19:29
*** ajalkane has joined #sailfishos19:30
M4rtinKzuh: yeah, the deps are often completely crazy19:31
*** furikku has quit IRC19:32
*** Frye_ has joined #sailfishos19:32
M4rtinKyou can easily see a transitive depedency on texlive (~1GB) for some docs packages19:33
M4rtinKok, this one should be without that dependency:
M4rtinKBTW, looks like the OBS is adding the 3 numbers after the last - automatically19:34
M4rtinKand the middle one (9 in this case) corresponds to revision of the source files19:35
*** Frye has quit IRC19:35
M4rtinKnot very good for URL persistence :)19:36
M4rtinKBTW, what is B_CNT ?19:36
Stskeepsrebuild count19:37
zuhM4rtinK: pkcon installed it happily this time19:38
M4rtinKzuh: nice !19:40
M4rtinKTwitter time ! :)19:40
PnuuM4rtinK: works here, too! thanks!19:42
*** b0bben has quit IRC19:45
*** b0bben has joined #sailfishos19:46
*** Zotan has joined #sailfishos19:46
*** Frye_ is now known as Frye19:47
*** veima is now known as veimis19:48
M4rtinKPnuu: nice! :)19:49
M4rtinKbut it is mostly due to OBS magic19:49
*** b0bben_ has joined #sailfishos19:49
piggzjake9xx: what needs to be 'done right' for harbour?19:50
M4rtinKI've just literally copypaced the package from SuSe OBS & changed two lines in the specfile :)19:50
jake9xxtemplate update for icon size, path etc..19:50
Nicd-what's an a3?19:51
jake9xxI guess :)19:52
jake9xxwe call it 1312 though19:52
FryeHmm, is there a way to force pulldownmenu to be the topmost on screen?19:52
Fryez: does not seem to have effect for that.19:53
*** Eztran has joined #sailfishos19:53
FryeWhen my game board is drawn the pull down menu goes under the items on board.19:53
Nicd-jake9xx: new SDK?19:54
jake9xxNicd-: yes19:54
Nicd-yaaaaaaay :)19:54
*** piee has quit IRC19:54
FryeI can volunteer for dummy tester =)19:55
PnuuI guess I know what to do during the winter holiday..19:55
jake9xxwith device deployment ;)19:55
FryeVery nice19:55
*** jarkko__ has quit IRC19:55
jake9xxI'm now updating some docs part.. release note email is going to be a bit long...19:55
Nicd-can't wait19:56
Nicd-my uptime app is nearly ready19:56
FryeNicd-, want to test the game I'm trying to make?19:56
Nicd-in fact maybe I'll finish it now19:56
Nicd-Frye: sure19:56
FryeIt's early alpha still :D19:57
FryeBut all comments are welcome19:57
FryeAnd yes I know the pulldown menu goes under the game board :-(19:57
*** b0bben has quit IRC19:58
*** spider-mario has quit IRC19:59
M4rtinKbtw, made a persistent URL for the mosh package:
*** DarkSim has joined #sailfishos20:00
*** piee has joined #sailfishos20:03
*** rashm2k has joined #sailfishos20:04
*** b0bben has joined #sailfishos20:04
*** spider-mario has joined #sailfishos20:04
*** zhost has quit IRC20:05
*** rm_work is now known as rm_work|away20:09
*** faenil has quit IRC20:11
*** fk_lx has quit IRC20:13
*** cvp has joined #sailfishos20:19
*** altker128 has joined #sailfishos20:24
altker128Hey all.  How "easy" might it be to get Sailfish to run on a device that already runs Android?  I have an S4 that I'd like to get Sailfish on one day20:24
Jonnialtker128: most likely it will be about as easy as thaking CM10.2 into use in there.20:25
Jonnitaking even20:25
*** itbaron has quit IRC20:25
Jonniand if there is no CM avail for some target, then its going to be hard.20:26
altker128Is Sailfish running on N4/N5?20:29
AmbyR00I was totally in the wrong window.20:29
Nicd-altker128: sailfish hasn't been released yet so no20:30
Nicd-ooooh, my app seems to be working20:32
Nicd-it has fixed itself over time20:33
Pnuugenetic algorithms?-)20:34
*** piee has quit IRC20:34
Nicd-it has gained sentience20:34
Nicd-btw, how do I create a settings dialog where you save by pulling right?20:35
*** piee has joined #sailfishos20:35
Nicd-like is the sailfish way20:35
Yanielyou mean pulling left20:35
Nicd-well whichever way you want to look at it20:35
Yanielisn't that just a basic Dialog20:35
Yanielwith accept and cancel events or whatever20:35
Nicd-ok, thanks20:36
*** jluisn has quit IRC20:38
*** Venemo has joined #sailfishos20:38
*** ahiemstra has quit IRC20:43
*** ahiemstra has joined #sailfishos20:43
*** roric has quit IRC20:43
*** arcean has joined #sailfishos20:44
*** faenil has joined #sailfishos20:46
FryeNicd-, yeah it's Silica Dialog.20:49
*** edgar2 has quit IRC20:52
Nicd-yeah, already refactored my app20:53
Nicd-it seems to be quite ready now20:53
Nicd-at least functions nicely in the emulator20:53
AmbyR00about that android app support... When an app, say a GPS navigation suite like OpenSatNav downloads maps, do they get stored somewhere permanently, or temporarily, and how do I get rid of them if I don't need the software anymore?20:56
altker128Nicd-: Sure, I understand Sailfish OS hasn't been released.  I meant, is the architecture such that it can leverage Linux-Android drivers ?20:57
Nicd-altker128: afaik yes, it can use android drivers (and indeed the jolla phone does)20:58
altker128Very cool :)20:58
faenilaltker128, yes, through libhybris, a very cool piece of software whose author is Mer project architect (and Jolla sailor)21:01
faenili.e. Stskeeps :D21:01
zuhSome would say it's a dirty hack ;)21:01
faenilzuh, yes, the coolest :D21:03
*** ahiemstra has quit IRC21:03
Nicd-if I want to make a public git repo of my app, do I put in the *.list files? (debuglinks.list, documentation.list etc)21:04
altker128Ah yes, libhybris21:05
altker128Do you cool Sailfish guys support CalDAV / CardDAV out of box?21:06
Yanielunfortunately not yet :/21:06
*** roric has joined #sailfishos21:06
*** rm_work|away is now known as rm_work21:07
Nicd-but it's coming21:07
*** ahiemstra has joined #sailfishos21:09
*** wickwire has joined #sailfishos21:11
Nicd- -- there it is, my first sailfish app :)21:17
Nicd-haven't edited desktop files or icons yet, gonna wait for the next sdk version21:17
Yanieloh, bitbucket now supports git too?21:17
Nicd-has done for a while now21:18
Nicd-also apparenly I have to rename the whole project to harbour-sailtime21:18
Nicd-what do I have to rename in addition to the binary? do I have to rename my desktop files and all?21:19
Nicd-apparently yes, way to ask questions before reading the faq21:20
*** fk_lx has joined #sailfishos21:21
tanghusny idea how to make the content of a Silica Dialog scrollable? I have exhausted my guesses :P21:22
tanghusny = any ;)21:22
*** andreibechet has joined #sailfishos21:23
*** Morpog_PC has joined #sailfishos21:25
*** sdjayna has quit IRC21:26
*** virtapoika_ has joined #sailfishos21:26
*** ahiemstra_ has joined #sailfishos21:27
virtapoika_Does somebody know something about using gps on sailfish?21:27
*** ahiemstra has quit IRC21:27
raa70it works21:28
virtapoika_? yeah21:28
virtapoika_but where is the reference for that21:28
*** onurati has joined #sailfishos21:34
*** sdjayna has joined #sailfishos21:34
*** MMori has quit IRC21:35
*** MMori has joined #sailfishos21:36
*** halosghost has joined #sailfishos21:37
halosghosthey folks21:37
Yanielvirtapoika_: hmm? qt location stuff?21:38
virtapoika_Oh thanks :)21:38
virtapoika_I was somewhere looking in the silica reference21:38
halosghostAre there any plans to allow for the packaging of the SDK so that *nix distro package managers can handle the installed files?21:39
Yanielno silica-specific things in that area afaik21:39
*** Finleida has quit IRC21:39
halosghostI want to work with the SDK, but I don't want to run an installer; I want to install it through a native package21:40
*** sledges has quit IRC21:41
Yanielhalosghost: I think there are plans to package it as a single qtc plugin or so21:41
Yanielbut I doubt that is going to actually happen anytime soon21:41
*** sequantz has joined #sailfishos21:41
halosghostYaniel: ideally speaking, the SDK source would be published so I can write a PKGBUILD for the Arch Linux User Repository21:42
halosghostI sent an email to the contact address, and the response asked me to come ask about it here or the MLs21:43
Yanielthen you'll have to wait for someone who actually knows about this to show up21:43
Yanielbut the sdk in aur would be cool yes21:44
*** leinir has joined #sailfishos21:44
Yanieleven better: in community21:44
halosghostThat would be awesome21:44
halosghostbut it'd need to go through the ALUR first (unless one of the TUs made it)21:44
halosghostI'd be happy to code it up and maintain it, but I need to be able to access the package files first21:45
Stskeepshalosghost: the sdk includes non-open source bits, so that may cause problems, besides that, the SDK really installs most places :P21:45
Stskeepswithout difficulties21:45
halosghostStskeeps: that's fine that it isn't OSS21:45
halosghostbut, the package manager should be the only thing that manages files in system directories21:46
halosghostno third-party installer should21:46
Stskeepswe install into $HOME somewhere, i believe21:46
halosghostno offense, but eww21:46
halosghost/opt/sailfish-sdk would be ideal, I think21:46
Stskeepshalosghost: there's various good reasons for doing that21:46
halosghost… I guess21:47
*** xmlich02 has joined #sailfishos21:48
halosghostSo, there's no chance for a non-prepackaged version of the SDK which I can put together in a native fashion21:48
*** spider-mario has quit IRC21:49
virtapoika_Only in the jolla's private cloud21:51
halosghostvirtapoika_: really? It wouldn't require the open-sourcing of any of the closed-source bits21:52
virtapoika_Offically it is not available21:53
halosghostoh well21:53
Nicd-screenshots of my uptime app :)
halosghostif that status ever changes, someone should let me know21:54
Yanielmaybe once it is out of alpha and beta21:54
*** Pat_o has joined #sailfishos21:54
virtapoika_but mayble you should try to ask here again  when here is more traffic21:54
halosghostis there a time when traffic normally picks up?21:54
virtapoika_Nicd: looks great!21:54
*** piee has quit IRC21:54
Yanielhalosghost: daytime in finland :P21:55
virtapoika_I'm not sure, but here its 23.5521:55
virtapoika_yeah in Finnland its 23.5521:55
halosghosthaha, alright21:55
Nicd-virtapoika_: thanks :)21:55
YanielNicd-: in what order are the load averages?21:56
Nicd-Yaniel: top is 1 minute, left is 5, right is 1521:56
Venemowhy is it that the harbour says that I my app has 0 downloads, while there are people who say they've downloaded it21:56
Nicd-Yaniel: could be confusing maybe?21:57
virtapoika_The server might be slow or has a bug21:57
YanielNicd-: a bit21:57
Nicd-Yaniel: just needed a compact format for the cover21:57
Yanielbut I don't remember the order  of the command-line utility either21:57
Yanielso don't ask me :D21:58
Nicd-the command line utility lists as 1, 5, 1521:58
virtapoika_Try to send email to jolla's dev21:58
virtapoika_Oh god my spell checker is going crazy21:58
*** Eismann_ has quit IRC21:59
*** piee has joined #sailfishos21:59
faenilVenemo, I think harbour isn't synced at the moment, they were working on implementing that afair21:59
*** xmlich02 has quit IRC22:00
Venemofaenil: that's too bad. 0 downloads is very depressing22:00
faenilVenemo, :)22:00
VenemoI mean, what's the point of my life if nobody downloads my app?22:01
StskeepsVenemo: nothing!22:02
VenemoStskeeps: yes, my thinking exactly22:02
Venemoso I had to go to nokia publish and look at the numbers there to compensate22:02
Stskeepsif nobody downloads your app.. do you exist?22:03
VenemoStskeeps +122:03
Venemoobviously I don't22:03
raa70Puzzle Master 251 dloads and 17 thumbs22:03
*** Eztran_ has joined #sailfishos22:04
*** halosghost has quit IRC22:04
Venemoraa70: how can you tell?22:04
*** ronny_fro has joined #sailfishos22:04
faenilVenemo, it shows on device22:04
faenilit doesn't show on web22:04
raa70looked the store on device22:04
raa70might be 252 now as i loaded it22:05
Venemoaahh, thank you raa70 you gave my life purpose again :)22:05
raa70well, trying to load... Waiting...22:05
*** ron_frown has quit IRC22:05
*** ronny_fro is now known as ron_frown22:05
Venemoconsidering that there are only a few hundred jollas out there, my app's penetration is quite good22:05
raa70probably around 3k22:06
raa70~amount of jolla app downloads22:06
Eztran_So your app amounts to like 8% of all Harbour downloads? That's pretty awesome :)22:07
*** Eztran has quit IRC22:07
Venemothank you Eztran_22:07
Venemohow many jollas are out there actually?22:07
Stskeepsmore than 45022:08
*** Eztran_ is now known as Eztran22:08
raa70I meant single apps like calendar, clock and maps have 3k each22:08
Venemoso we could say that there are a few thousand jollas out there already?22:08
EztranAh, 'kay. Can still pull a pretty nice statistic out of that, though.22:08
Venemowell, if my app is on 8% of all jollas, that's not bad either22:09
StskeepsVenemo: or people factory reset their devices a insane lot22:09
VenemoStskeeps: does the download counter count repeated downloads from the same person separately,22:10
Stskeepsno clue22:10
Stskeepsstore is one area i have absolutely no clue about22:10
VenemoStskeeps: do you know who on this channel might have a clue?22:11
Stskeepsi don't see any store guys atm22:11
*** onurati has quit IRC22:12
raa70Venemo: y u no pulley menu?22:12
*** Pat_o has quit IRC22:13
Venemoraa70: it would collide with the gestures in the game22:13
*** Yaniel has quit IRC22:13
crysazso this would be the point, when you could just copy some killer app from another platform22:13
Venemoraa70: same goes for why swiping is disabled when you are playing (it is re-enabled when you go to the menu) -> it would mess up the UX of the game22:13
*** nsuffys has quit IRC22:13
crysazlike flashlite22:13
raa70there could be pulley menu in the selection screen, instead of boring menu button22:14
Venemoraa70: that's true, maybe I'll fix it in a future release :)22:14
raa70and maybe long single press without moving could activate the pulley during the game?22:17
*** Pat_o has joined #sailfishos22:17
Venemoraa70: nice idea22:18
raa70and my name in the credits ofc22:18
Venemoraa70: your name?22:19
*** MFaro-Tusino has joined #sailfishos22:20
raa70for giving meaning to your life and being of great assistance during the development22:21
Venemoheh :)22:22
altker128How well does the Android-compatability layer in Sailfish work (as a means to run Android apps)?22:24
Aardaltker128: quite well. obviously some stuff does not work, and google play is not officially supported (but can be made working)22:24
raa70fart app works, gmaps works, whatsapp works, finnish online banking softwares work22:25
altker128Maybe a more intelligent quesiton would have been, what are the realistic limitations?22:25
AardI have lot's of games which work22:25
Aardplus I nowadays buy my vr tickets with the android app22:25
*** ahiemstra_ has quit IRC22:25
*** ahiemstra has joined #sailfishos22:26
* lpotter wonders if a fart ambience package is allowed22:27
faenillpotter, burp ambiance22:28
altker128I'm interested in using GPS apps, but many of those do some kind of authentication, etc22:28
*** Yaniel has joined #sailfishos22:28
Aardaltker128: gps should mostly works, there are some limits which will be fixed in the next update. camera is not working right now, but we're working on a fix as well. same for sms-sending22:30
altker128Cool.  Last question, is there any kind of security framework for SailfishOS like Android's AFWall+ (i.e. DroidWall) and XPrivacy?22:31
Aardnot yet22:32
Aardthough will be possible to push that later via updates.22:32
*** Zotan has quit IRC22:42
virtapoika_Do you guys know any good qml+c++ tutorials because I'm still newbie and need some practice with qt before moving to Sailfish.22:43
*** Zotan has joined #sailfishos22:43
smokexthere are also getting started tutorials built in to Qt Creator22:47
smokexlook on the welcome screen22:47
*** Zotan has quit IRC22:47
*** Zotan has joined #sailfishos22:49
smokexAny of the Qt Quick tutorials would be useful in regards to sailfish22:49
*** sim_ has joined #sailfishos22:51
*** sim_ is now known as sledges22:52
*** sledges has quit IRC22:52
*** sledges has joined #sailfishos22:52
*** wickwire has quit IRC22:54
ln-looks like an interesting book, but it seems to be using terribly many pages on trivial things like screenshots of standard installers.22:55
*** faenil has quit IRC22:57
*** faenil__ has joined #sailfishos22:57
*** cvp has quit IRC23:01
*** VDVsx__ has quit IRC23:12
*** beford has joined #sailfishos23:13
*** beford has joined #sailfishos23:13
*** VDVsx has joined #sailfishos23:16
*** Zotan has quit IRC23:16
*** MFaro-Tusino has quit IRC23:21
*** virtapoika_ has quit IRC23:22
vgradeoh he's gone23:24
vgradeinteresting book anyway23:24
*** piggz has quit IRC23:31
smokexthanks vgrade, bookmarked23:34
*** beford has quit IRC23:36
*** sdjayna has quit IRC23:36
*** sdjayna has joined #sailfishos23:38
*** thesignal has joined #sailfishos23:43
*** beford has joined #sailfishos23:47
*** beford has joined #sailfishos23:47
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