Wednesday, 2013-12-18

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coderusabout video in Sailfish on N9: there is a but in  GStreamerVideoOutput and in Jolla packaged gstreamer. If manually compile gstreamer sources from official site and replace GStreamerVideoOutput by plain VideoOutput you can watch videos.08:54
* coderus means bug in GStreamerVideoOutput, just a typo :)08:54
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FryeGot my first reject09:04
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FryePull down menu items cannot be clicked??? I thought one used the pull down menu with pulling down and letting go on correct item :-)09:04
FryeWell keeps me busy few more days.09:04
Nicd-you can click them if you pull completely down (the menu freezes there) and then click on one09:05
FryeYeah, I just never use it. And when I accidentally pull the menu all the way out I hate myself.09:06
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FryeFor some reason one of the items seems to mask the menu and it is not clickable =( But works fully on pull down and select. And it does not work with z:09:10
FryeHow can I get the pulldown to be the topmost09:10
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coshas anyone managed to sync contacts with N9(50)? i'm gettin g "Connection failed" when trying to sync from N95009:26
cosbluetooth pairing works09:27
fluxworks for me(TM)09:28
fluxin N909:28
fluxand I did it the same direction as you did09:29
flux(I don't know if jolla has software for syncing from n9)09:29
cossettings | sync & backup | sync | select device | sync?09:29
fluxI paired and set the device trusted09:30
fluxI don't quite remember the specifics09:30
cosdid that already09:30
coshey, now it started syncing09:30
fluxsee? complaining on irc helps always :)09:30
fluxit didn't transfer profile images, though09:31
cosyep, complaining + randomness seems to work :-)09:31
cosi think the images are leeched from facebook anyways in harmattan09:31
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fluxwell, I don't use facebok so I think that's highly unlikely for me09:31
fluxbut I did have a few contacts with self-assigned photos09:31
cosyou can't be sure, facebook owns everyone :-)09:32
fluxI didn't say I was sure, only that it was highly unlikely :)09:32
flux(ah, the engineer's escape hatch)09:32
FryeW0h00, I fixed it!09:33
FryeBut now I have a telco starting so I need to postpone the resubmission09:33
fluxit's better to think over the fix anyway :)09:34
cosyep, the sync was success. maybe it's time to move sim finally..09:34
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FryeNah it was a brainfart in the early stages09:34
FryeI started the game with SilicaFlickable but while learning I just was not able to make it work09:34
FryeThen I tried SilicaListView and some other change and it worked09:34
FryeAnd I just forgot to roll back to flickable09:35
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cosis the mass media mounted with usb connection the removable sd card?09:41
*** boud_ is now known as boud09:41
cosit just causes an error on ubuntu, probably because i don't have a card inserted09:42
kaltsino it doesn't required the sd card09:43
kaltsiwhat ubuntu, what error?09:44
cos"Sorry, could not display all the contents of "Sailfish": Failed to get folder list: -1: Unspecified error"09:44
kaltsiwhich ubuntu09:45
Nicd-cos: jolla doesn't mount as mass storage, it uses mtp09:45
coskaltsi: 13.10, running cinnamon 2 as desktop09:46
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cosafk lunch09:48
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cvpg morning :09:56
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cvphey guys is there a way to mark all emails as read ? ... over terminal is ok, if its possible10:20
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coswhat was the cmd line package menager to install a package from repos?10:34
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coshm, i wonder what red "Disconnected" bar means. wlan? bluetooth? facebook?10:52
costhat's a clear place for usability improvement :-)10:52
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leinircos: the bar is social stuff, so facebook and so on, yeah :)10:56
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cosyep, it works! :)
nahkisswhat's that11:07
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cossiilihai web forum reader11:11
cosjust tested first time on real device11:11
nahkissoh cool, I assume it's yours?11:13
cosi already submitted it to harbour, but it'll take some time to be published11:13
*** arcean has joined #sailfishos11:13
nahkissnot familiar with siilihai as a software, is it using tapatalk "protocol"11:14
cosit supports tapatalk11:14
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miksuhdamn.. looks like I'm not going to get my phone before christmas.... I checked my order yesterday, and it's status was stiöö "paid" ...11:20
*** jluisn has joined #sailfishos11:21
miksuhwell it's not that big problem. I'll spend most of the christmas visiting my parents and friends anyway :)11:22
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matt_1979Hi, while deploying an application to my Jolla device, I get the following error "error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory", this works fine on the emulator... I've run a find over the whole device and that library does indeed not exist. Is there something additional I need to do when setting up the project in QT Creator? Thanks in advance11:25
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jake9xxmatt_1979: do you deploy as rpm or deploy as binaries?11:40
matt_1979Currently binaries which I suspect is where I'm going wrong11:41
jake9xxyes, try once deploy as rpm. that fixes the issue11:41
atlazis the correct way to install the package as pkcon install-local packagename?11:42
jake9xxand it can be done as user 'nemo'11:43
matt_1979Fantastic, works a treat :) thanks a lot11:44
kaltsimatt_1979: when you deploy your app as RPM, it will also install any other package that you app depends on... the required packages must be specified in the 'yaml' file11:44
kaltsimatt_1979: it's enough to once use the rpm deploy method to pull in the requirements.. after that you can use "deploy as binaries" since you should have all the requirements installed (it's a bit faster than the rpm deploy)11:45
matt_1979thanks for the tip :)11:48
kaltsinp.. one more thing to keep in mind: if you deploy as binaries, you won't get an icon on the homescreen, so the icon you see is from the version of your application that was deployed as rpm11:49
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atlazI was thinking on trying to develope an app for Jolla during the holidays. A triplog to be used in my car, so that i can track private driving and company driving12:03
*** jstaniek_ is now known as jstaniek12:04
atlazIt should plot start position, end position and the route. Using GPS12:04
Accehey, what is the preferred way for passing data between QML Pages? By signals?12:04
*** Morpog_Mobile has joined #sailfishos12:07
Nicd-Acce: don't know about preferred but signals work12:08
AcceNicd-: ok, do i need to pass the signals through the pageStack?12:08
Nicd-I'm sorry, I'm too much of a newb to answer that12:11
Acceok, I'll try to find out it somewhere then12:12
FryeI send data between .js and qml via pageStack12:12
FryeBut I'm also not the best person to answer how it should be done.12:13
*** b0bben has joined #sailfishos12:13
AcceFrye: you have static .js?12:13
FryeI have some logic on a separate .js file.12:14
FryeAnd then I have the UI on qml, and some portions of the displayed data eg in dialog.qml comes form the .js which also opens the dialog.12:15
*** stephg has quit IRC12:15
AcceI see12:15
FryeBut that is just the way I got it working. No idea how it should be done :D12:15
FryeIf you want to take a look at the code it's in bitbucket12:16
*** b0bben has quit IRC12:17
Acceif you could give me a link I'd appreciate it :)12:17
miksuhooh!! Now the order status is "Picking" \o/ :-)12:18
miksuhMaybe I will get my device before christmas, great :)12:20
*** phaeron has joined #sailfishos12:24
raa70itella will f*ck it up, you wont get it till january12:30
pp_or at least the post office will be a hellish place12:31
*** jardous has quit IRC12:31
pp_I got mine before the big xmas rush at the closest smartpost, no queue12:31
pp_but apparently now those are full of unpicked xmas presents -> chaos12:32
cosi picked mine yesterday and there was surprisingly short queue. last week they were much longer.12:36
*** stephg has joined #sailfishos12:37
cosbtw any geocachers around? can you recommend an application for it?12:37
pp_c:geo seems to work (need to use OSM)12:38
nahkissmiksuh: order # ?12:38
pp_latest nightly won't crash with google maps (but won't work either)12:38
cospp_: is it for android only or is there a sailfish port?12:41
*** jardous has joined #sailfishos12:42
*** lbt_ is now known as lbt12:42
Frye\o/ Approved.12:42
FryeI need to go and make some victory coffee12:42
FryeSmall step for Developer, but huge leap for wannabe like me :D12:43
AcceFrye: grats, I'll be testing it shortly :p12:43
yuntaFrye: what app?12:44
FryeI guess it takes some time after approval before it's visible in store.12:46
*** artemma has joined #sailfishos12:48
atlazRobert Blomerus. Is he related to the infamous LEIFI PLOMEROS?12:49
Frye:D No Idea, never asked...12:52
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pp_I suppose a harmattan -> sailfish port of agtl/cacheme wouldn't be that difficult13:05
pp_but obviously needs a non-trivial effort13:05
*** zchydem has joined #sailfishos13:05
*** pingu_ has joined #sailfishos13:05
Fryepp_, I guess the ui needs an overhaul to make the most of the sailfish components13:06
*** pingu_ has left #sailfishos13:06
*** Sarvi has joined #sailfishos13:10
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*** niqt has joined #sailfishos13:14
pp_git clone and hack the qml until it works :P13:14
pyksysounds like a plan13:17
FryeThat's the way I'd do it13:17
Fryealthough most likely it would never work in my case :D13:17
FryeTrial and error is not the best approach13:17
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*** psedlak_clone is now known as psedlak13:18
psedlakhi, any idea why bash is not sourcing .profile/.bash_profile/.bashrc in Terminal? not for nemo not for devel-su ... :/13:19
pp_[nemo@localhost ~]$ git clone
yuntapsedlak: are you logging in with ssh?13:24
psedlakyunta: for ssh it works, but for local app, terminal, it does not13:24
yuntaah, that thing13:25
Fryepp_ Nice13:25
psedlakyunta: but what's weird even when i there in "terminal" invoke (nested) bash/bash -l13:25
FryeDoes someone here know what is the delay between app approval in harbour and it's availability in store. I'm wondering if I have forgot something :D13:28
pp_... ok, there the triviality ended :-)13:31
yuntaFrye: iirc it's almost random :P - ping us when you get impatient (but not yet :P)13:32
FryeHehe, I'm not impatient. I can play the game already =)13:33
FryeBut after tomorrow I might get impatient13:33
yuntasounds sane13:34
FryeJust thinking if there is a publish button, but that question is already on the submit page.13:34
FryeSo should be ok from my side and end up in store some time later.13:35
*** stephg has quit IRC13:35
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whipplerSo i have a label with long text an cover, how do i make it go into more rows, now half clips out from the sadi13:37
pp_lol, I now have a "List Geocaches" menu!13:37
*** attah has joined #sailfishos13:38
*** winfriedd has quit IRC13:38
Fryewhippler, I'm not sure you can wrap text with lavel. Maybe use TextArea and set it to read only?13:38
*** winfriedd has joined #sailfishos13:39
coderuswhippler: set width, set wrapMode: Text.WordWrap or Text.WrapAnywhere13:39
coderuswhippler: you should have fixed width to use wrapMode.13:40
FryeAh, it seems to be possible in Label too :D13:40
whipplerthe  wrapMode: Text.WordWrap is not working for me on the label in cover13:41
coderusFrye: label based on Text element, just applied Silica styles by default.13:41
coderuswhippler: did you set width or left and right anchors to label?13:41
FryeAnyway now I'm off to celebrate my first application approval ever.13:41
FryeNeed to make some coffee :D13:41
coderuswhippler: you should to that13:41
attahdoes anyone know the status on hls (http live streaming) support?13:42
*** Riksha has quit IRC13:43
*** Riksha has joined #sailfishos13:43
whipplercoderus: oh yes, its working now, thanks13:43
whipplercompiler is giving me waring that some files are listed twice, wonder why is that13:47
attahi mean this is in gstreamer "typefindfunctions: application/x-hls: m3u8".. but i'm slightly too retarded to take it from there13:48
*** Morpog_Mobile has quit IRC13:52
*** lizardo has joined #sailfishos13:53
*** arcean_ has joined #sailfishos13:58
*** Morpog_Mobile has joined #sailfishos13:58
*** auri___ is now known as auri__13:59
*** jukkaeklund has quit IRC13:59
*** b0bben has joined #sailfishos14:01
*** b0bben has quit IRC14:05
*** niqt has quit IRC14:10
*** laubblaeser has joined #sailfishos14:13
laubblaeserhey there, received my jolla phone today and was trying to do a phone call. sadly the microphone isnt working. anyone here who could help me?14:14
MFaro-Tusinolaubblaeser: Join #JollaMobile14:15
MFaro-TusinoThis is more dev-related14:15
laubblaeseralright, thank you mfaro-tusino. much appreciated.14:15
MFaro-TusinoGood luck!14:15
attahOkay.. this seems to be an issue: "Missing element: application/x-hls decoder" It seems to be missing from the plugins-bad package :(14:17
*** PMG has quit IRC14:20
*** Morpog_Mobile has quit IRC14:21
*** Morpog_Mobile has joined #sailfishos14:21
*** Morpog_Mobile has quit IRC14:22
*** Morpog_Mobile has joined #sailfishos14:22
*** Morpog_Mobile has quit IRC14:22
*** atiti has quit IRC14:22
*** Morpog_Mobile has joined #sailfishos14:25
raa70Found a bug in People/Ihmiset app, when you long press a favorite, choose edit, close/accept edit, long press another favorite and it opens the information of the first one14:27
*** Morpog_Mobile has quit IRC14:29
veskuhraa70, thanks. I'll make sure that is in our bugzilla.14:30
veskuhraa70, should be fixed in next release14:31
whipplerwhen i build the RPM packet, the compiler gives a warning for each of my files that they are listed twice O.O14:32
*** PMG has joined #sailfishos14:33
*** jardous has quit IRC14:34
*** atiti has joined #sailfishos14:35
*** artemma has quit IRC14:38
*** artemma has joined #sailfishos14:40
ln-whippler: let me guess: you have listed each file and directories?14:40
whipplerhmm could be14:41
whipplerbut in the end, does it matter for uploading to harbour14:42
*** raininja has joined #sailfishos14:42
kaltsiwhippler: it does not matter.. they are listed twice because of an issue in qt creator yaml parser14:43
ln-i don't know, probably not, but the point is that if you list directories, everything under them is packaged without explicitly mentioning each file.14:43
ln-at least for regular rpms on regular Linux distros....14:43
whipplerkaltsi: okey, thanks14:44
*** rcg has quit IRC14:47
*** eduardp_ has quit IRC14:53
*** jardous has joined #sailfishos14:54
*** DarkSim has quit IRC14:57
ElleoI'm guessing by the presence of org.freedesktop.Notifications on dbus that this is the mechanism being used for notifications?15:04
Elleodoes that actually support multiple notification sinks? from glancing at the docs it seems aimed at just having one sink that takes the org.freedesktop.Notifications address and handles all notifications itself15:05
*** atiti has quit IRC15:07
*** Pat_o has joined #sailfishos15:09
*** jardous has quit IRC15:16
*** Morpog_Mobile has joined #sailfishos15:18
*** paju has left #sailfishos15:21
*** flyapen has quit IRC15:21
*** fk_lx has joined #sailfishos15:22
*** itbaron has joined #sailfishos15:30
*** auri__ has quit IRC15:34
*** tesalmin1 has quit IRC15:35
*** famohame has quit IRC15:36
*** freedomrun has quit IRC15:39
*** joecool has joined #sailfishos15:39
joecoolis there a way to add a sip account in sailfish anywhere?15:40
joecoolnative sip client implemented?15:40
*** master_o1_master has joined #sailfishos15:42
*** auri__ has joined #sailfishos15:42
*** vicdavery has joined #sailfishos15:43
vicdaveryhi to all, just got my Jolla15:43
vicdaveryand am having trouble ssh'ing to it from linux15:43
vicdaveryanyone else had success with this?15:44
*** fawzi has joined #sailfishos15:44
Pnuuvicdavery: have you enabled developer mode?15:44
Pnuuatleast via wifi the ssh login works nicely15:45
*** miksuh has quit IRC15:45
vicdaveryyes, and enabled the allow to connect with ssh15:45
attahand set a password?15:45
*** master_of_master has quit IRC15:45
vicdaveryah, didn't know you could connect via wifi15:45
vicdaveryI generated a password, but the connection doesn't even get as far as asking me. It just times out15:46
attahyou can't connect to it over the cellular nw, if that's what you tried..15:46
vicdaveryno I'm trying over usb15:47
attahah, okay.. haven't tried that.. but wifi works great anyway15:49
vicdaveryI can connect over wifi, so that should be fine. thanks for tipping me off.15:49
vicdaveryI think my main problem was getting it to be recognised as a usbnet device on my linux machine15:49
*** fawzi has quit IRC15:49
*** auri__ has quit IRC15:49
*** b0bben has joined #sailfishos15:49
*** stephg has joined #sailfishos15:50
attahsounds about right, i'd be happy if i could get my mac to recognize it as anything at all.. :(15:50
*** auri__ has joined #sailfishos15:51
*** Xruxa has quit IRC15:52
vicdaverythanks for your help everyone15:52
Pnuuno prob15:53
*** b0bben has quit IRC15:54
*** cvp has joined #sailfishos15:54
*** attah has quit IRC15:54
*** fawzi has joined #sailfishos15:55
*** jmlich has quit IRC15:57
*** vicdavery has quit IRC15:57
cvpspecial you are still here ?15:58
*** nsuffys has quit IRC16:06
*** tesalmin1 has joined #sailfishos16:08
*** fk_lx has quit IRC16:10
*** lollo2 has joined #sailfishos16:11
*** fk_lx has joined #sailfishos16:11
*** gabriel9 has quit IRC16:12
*** jstaniek has quit IRC16:12
*** whippler has quit IRC16:17
*** lollo3 has joined #sailfishos16:17
*** lollo2 has quit IRC16:18
*** DarkSim has joined #sailfishos16:19
*** arcean_ has quit IRC16:19
*** lollo2 has joined #sailfishos16:21
*** lollo3 has quit IRC16:24
*** lollo2 has quit IRC16:25
*** lollo2 has joined #sailfishos16:25
*** zsombi has quit IRC16:25
*** b0bben has joined #sailfishos16:26
*** artemma has quit IRC16:32
*** arcean has joined #sailfishos16:36
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*** arcean has joined #sailfishos16:37
*** MFaro-Tusino has joined #sailfishos16:38
*** IgorSK has quit IRC16:42
*** Superpelican_ has joined #sailfishos16:42
*** faenil has quit IRC16:44
*** triggerhappy has quit IRC16:47
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*** pixraider has joined #sailfishos17:08
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*** lollo2 has quit IRC17:23
*** jjanvier has joined #sailfishos17:24
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*** Morpog_Mobile has joined #sailfishos17:42
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*** b0bben has joined #sailfishos17:42
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*** isto has joined #sailfishos17:47
*** b0bben has quit IRC17:47
*** Pat_o has joined #sailfishos17:48
*** rcg has joined #sailfishos17:51
rcgare there somewhere icon templates for sailfish osß17:51
rcgi am referring to the application icons used in the apps view17:51
*** xyll has joined #sailfishos17:55
*** merlin1991 has quit IRC17:56
*** flux has quit IRC17:56
*** psedlak has quit IRC17:56
*** kor has quit IRC17:56
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*** XenGi has quit IRC17:56
Morpog_PCrcg I made templates17:57
Morpog_PCnot official, but come damn close to them17:58
Morpog_PCjust change the gradient colors to your likings and maybe disable gradient repeating17:58
*** xyll has left #sailfishos17:58
*** gigetoo has quit IRC17:58
*** qqK has joined #sailfishos18:00
*** Pat_o has quit IRC18:00
*** gigetoo has joined #sailfishos18:00
*** Xruxa has joined #sailfishos18:01
*** lollo2 has joined #sailfishos18:01
rcgMorpog_PC, great, that's highly appreciated. thx :)18:02
Morpog_PCyou're welcome :D18:02
Jonnircg: Morpog_PC: and official templace is also coming soon....18:02
WntMorpog_PC: great templates indeed, I too used them when creating my application icon :)18:03
Morpog_PCJonni, haha yeaj, Jolla "soon" :D18:03
Superpelican_Could someone help me packaging my little app18:03
Superpelican_(it shouldn't be that difficult, it doesn't have any dependencies aside from the common Sailfish/Qt stuff)18:03
JonniMorpog_PC: or lets say in the near future :)18:03
Superpelican_I've already asked it on the ML18:04
Superpelican_but didn't get much response18:04
Superpelican_So I thought I'd try here18:04
WntIt would be really nice to have a public bugzilla or similar system18:05
Wntjust noticed a bug in the contacts application and it seems a bit counterintuitive to write an email about it to the mailing list18:06
Superpelican_Morpog_PC:BTW I have a created an icon for my app using your logo :)
*** fk_lx has joined #sailfishos18:06
Superpelican_Morpog_PC:I just slabbed your logo on the default icon ;)18:07
Morpog_PCnice ;)18:07
Superpelican_I think it looks quite decent18:07
Superpelican_now I only need to get my app packaged18:08
Superpelican_can't wait to run it on my Jolla :)18:08
Wntanyway the issue is that if I have a contact that is (automatically) merged from a Facebook and Google contact, one cannot add a phone number to the contact18:08
Wntas a workaround one can create a new contact with same first and last name and add the phone number there18:08
Superpelican_Morpog_PC:Do you have experience already packaging apps for Sailfish?18:08
Morpog_PCSuperpelican_, nope18:08
tuukkahhey Superpelican_, can't you just use the template project in the sdk? or the helloworld-pro-sailfish?18:08
Wntall 3 contacts seem to be automatically merge18:09
Superpelican_tuukkah: But how do I create an RPM package?18:09
Superpelican_for ARMv7hl18:09
FryeSuperpelican_, can you run the app in the emulator?18:09
Superpelican_I have already created packages for i58618:09
Superpelican_Frye: yes18:09
Superpelican_I even have RPMs for i58618:09
FryeThen you need to select the arm Build kit18:10
Superpelican_I know18:10
FryeBut it's not available?18:10
Superpelican_but it doesn't build RPMs when I do18:10
Fryewhat's the problem?18:10
Superpelican_well there is no problem as far as I know18:10
Fryewhat does it say for compile output in the qtcreator18:10
FryeYou select the option Deploy by building an rpm package18:11
FryeThen you may need to make clean depending on the SDK version18:11
FryeThen you run Build->Deploy18:11
Superpelican_it doesn't create RPMs I guess when using Build18:11
FryeNo, Build is not enough18:12
Superpelican_"Run" is greyed out18:12
FryeYou need to select the deploy yourapp from the build menu18:12
Superpelican_I have already done that ;)18:12
FryeThat creates the RPM18:12
Superpelican_but it doesn't create an RPM package18:12
FryeOr it gives errors on the tab 4 compile output18:12
Superpelican_I've tried both "Deploy As An RPM Package"18:12
*** special has joined #sailfishos18:12
*** raininja has joined #sailfishos18:12
*** psedlak has joined #sailfishos18:12
*** merlin1991 has joined #sailfishos18:12
*** Tumeez has joined #sailfishos18:12
*** flux has joined #sailfishos18:12
*** kor has joined #sailfishos18:12
*** qwazix has joined #sailfishos18:12
*** wmarone__ has joined #sailfishos18:12
*** planasb has joined #sailfishos18:12
*** yunta has joined #sailfishos18:12
*** tbr has joined #sailfishos18:12
*** sremes has joined #sailfishos18:12
*** veimis has joined #sailfishos18:12
*** jotik has joined #sailfishos18:12
*** TW1920 has joined #sailfishos18:12
*** XenGi has joined #sailfishos18:12
*** Miktsu has joined #sailfishos18:12
*** w00t has joined #sailfishos18:12
*** eeko has joined #sailfishos18:12
Superpelican_and "Deploy By Building An RPM Package"18:13
FryeOk, please run Clean18:13
FryeAnd clear the tab 4 compile output18:13
FryeAnd then deploy again18:13
Fryewith the deploy by building an rpm package selected18:13
FryeAnd stuff the output to pastebin or to me in pm18:13
FryeI'll see if I can figure it out18:14
*** special has quit IRC18:14
*** special has joined #sailfishos18:14
Superpelican_I'll try18:14
FryeThere's the brush type icon to clear the previous output18:14
Fryewhen you are in the compile output tab18:14
FryeOk, give me a moment18:19
Superpelican_to me it seems it never even attempts to build an RPM package18:19
Superpelican_I only see it compiling and make'ing18:19
FryeYeah, did you click the build icon below the greyed out run button?18:19
Fryeor how did you build it?18:19
Superpelican_the build icon belowthe greyed out run button, yes18:20
*** xyll has joined #sailfishos18:20
FryeOk, select the Build menu next to file and edit menus18:20
FryeAnd from there the deploy18:20
FryeThat will also run the rpm packaging18:20
FryeBuild is only a build.18:20
FryeAnd there is no deploy button for this deploy by building an rpm target as far as I know. It needs to be launched from the menu18:21
Superpelican_it created RPMs18:21
FryeGl, and enjoy =)18:21
Superpelican_I'll submit my app to the Harbour soon then :)18:21
*** b0bben has joined #sailfishos18:22
Superpelican_is there also an option to use a nickname as developer name in the Harbour?18:24
tuukkahSuperpelican_, did you read all the requirements for harbour packaging?18:25
*** Pat_o has joined #sailfishos18:25
*** b0bben has quit IRC18:26
*** pixraider_ has joined #sailfishos18:27
*** phaeron has joined #sailfishos18:27
Superpelican_no I haven't yet18:27
Superpelican_will do that first18:27
*** pixraider has quit IRC18:27
FryeYeah, it's worth it.18:27
FryeI spent almost an hour converting my app harbour ready few days back =)18:28
Superpelican_I copied the RPM to my device and installed it with "pkcon install-local" :D18:28
Superpelican_it feels great to finally use it on a real device18:28
FryeYeah, I can imagine18:28
FryeOnce it's working the requirements are basically naming related18:28
tuukkahSuperpelican_, good to know install-local. where did you learn about it?18:29
FryeWell I think I learned from the pkcon command line18:29
FryeI tried installing my rpm with pkcon install myrpm18:29
FryeAnd it complained something and asked did I mean to run install-local iirc18:30
tuukkahi see :-)18:30
*** onurati has joined #sailfishos18:30
Fryeor was it localinstall I tried18:30
Fryefrom the yum background =)18:30
FryeBut something like that18:30
Superpelican_I tried "install" first18:31
Superpelican_and then it suggested "install-local"18:31
FryeYep sounds familiar18:31
Superpelican_Well I have to leave for now18:32
Superpelican_Bye :)18:32
tuukkahgood stuff to add to beginner's guide18:32
*** xyll has quit IRC18:33
*** pixraider_ has quit IRC18:35
*** Superpelican_ has quit IRC18:36
*** tortoisedoc_ has joined #sailfishos18:37
FryeAnd now I have the 64G sdcard automounting with btrfs18:37
FryeTime to put kids to bed18:37
tortoisedoc_ive been looking the whole day18:38
tortoisedoc_which package implements the red notification overlays?18:38
tortoisedoc_any sailor could point me in the correct direction? ^18:38
*** miksuh has joined #sailfishos18:39
*** SeekingFor has quit IRC18:40
*** Finleida has joined #sailfishos18:41
*** Finleida_ has joined #sailfishos18:42
*** piggz_ has joined #sailfishos18:45
*** datagutt has quit IRC18:45
*** Finleida has quit IRC18:45
*** pixraider has joined #sailfishos18:45
*** piggz has quit IRC18:47
*** merlin_1991 has joined #sailfishos18:50
*** merlin1991 has quit IRC18:51
*** merlin_1991 is now known as merlin199118:51
*** merlin1991 has joined #sailfishos18:51
*** special has quit IRC18:52
*** special has joined #sailfishos18:53
*** DarkSim has quit IRC18:56
*** atiti has joined #sailfishos19:02
*** artemma has joined #sailfishos19:06
*** sababa has quit IRC19:12
*** jwalck has quit IRC19:12
*** jwalck has joined #sailfishos19:13
*** clau_ has joined #sailfishos19:18
*** Morpog_Mobile has quit IRC19:24
*** Morpog_Mobile has joined #sailfishos19:25
*** Morpog_ has joined #sailfishos19:25
*** Morpog_PC has quit IRC19:25
clau_hi, does anyone know how logging is done on sailfish os? I've got some random resets on jolla phone and I'd like to check the logs.19:29
*** Morpog_PC has joined #sailfishos19:35
*** a_meteor has joined #sailfishos19:35
*** jwalck has quit IRC19:35
*** Morpog_Mobile_ has joined #sailfishos19:36
*** Morpog_Mobile has quit IRC19:36
*** Morpog_ has quit IRC19:37
*** jwalck has joined #sailfishos19:43
*** furikku has quit IRC19:44
*** Eismann has joined #sailfishos19:50
*** cos has quit IRC19:51
*** pingu_ has joined #sailfishos19:51
*** pingu_ has left #sailfishos19:52
rcghmm, i have a strange issue, my app starts when i execute harbour-foo in a terminal but it fails with the same executable name when being called from a desktop file19:53
*** Morpog_Mobile_ has quit IRC19:53
qwazixis there a way to force an app to open two instances?19:55
*** Morpog_Mobile has joined #sailfishos19:55
rcgqwazix there is19:56
rcgjust a sec19:56
Morpog_PCyeah there is19:56
Morpog_PCbut forgot howto :)19:56
*** isto_ has joined #sailfishos19:56
Morpog_PCneed to change .desktop file19:56
rcgbtw, with respect to my issue: is there anyway to debug application startup when the app is started via a .desktop file?19:57
qwazixrcg many thanks19:58
rcgqwazix, yw :)19:58
*** Kabouik has quit IRC19:58
Fryercg, journalctl -af I think20:04
FryeThat on a terminal and then launch the app from the .desktop file20:04
*** piggz_ has quit IRC20:04
*** sacha__ has joined #sailfishos20:05
rcgFrye, ah thanks :)20:06
*** rashm2k has joined #sailfishos20:06
*** b0bben has joined #sailfishos20:09
*** istoh has joined #sailfishos20:11
*** isto has quit IRC20:11
*** pixraider has quit IRC20:12
*** phaeron has quit IRC20:12
tortoisedoc_hey Sailors, could anyone tell me which package implements the red notification overlays?20:12
*** jwalck has quit IRC20:13
Stskeepsprobably jolla-home20:13
*** laubblaeser has quit IRC20:15
tortoisedoc_StsKeeps : i guess that's closed source still?20:16
Stskeepsit is, sorry20:16
Stskeepsthe interfaces are public, in case somebody writes a replacement one day20:17
Stskeepsand underlying frameworks20:17
*** ahiemstra has quit IRC20:18
tortoisedoc_all I need is the functionality to create an overlay window20:18
*** ahiemstra has joined #sailfishos20:18
Stskeepsokay, maybe i should rather ask what you want to do20:18
Stskeepsalso, composition is of the devil20:18
tortoisedoc_i noticed20:18
tortoisedoc_weston  / wayland is waaay less flexible than x was20:19
Stskeepsit's actually quite flexible20:19
*** b0bben has quit IRC20:19
tortoisedoc_(in accessing non-owned surfaces I mean)20:19
tortoisedoc_i tried making a qquickview transparent20:20
tortoisedoc_but mouse buttons still do not go trough it :/(20:20
qwazixrcg, unfortunately it doesn't seem to work for the browser :-(20:21
rcgqwazix, hmmz, i see20:21
*** flyapen has joined #sailfishos20:21
tortoisedoc_oh well20:22
tortoisedoc_ill keep looking20:22
qwazixrcg, trying to emulate N9 behaviour here20:24
nanderAny continued use may harm you or the device20:28
AcceHow are you supposed to use the status property of covers?20:29
AcceI get "ReferenceError: active is not defined" when trying status == active, as suggested by Silica reference20:29
joecoolany sip client written for sailfish yet?20:30
tortoisedoc_Stskeeps, what is mer's input core?20:33
Stskeepstortoisedoc_: maliit, if that's what you mean20:33
Stskeepsor which20:33
tortoisedoc_Stskeeps, ah no not QML frontend20:33
tortoisedoc_i mean mer components for input handling20:34
Stskeepsah.. qt compositor -> qevdev* -> evdev in kernel20:34
tortoisedoc_qevdev * :p20:35
tuukkahAcce, status == Cover.Active20:36
Accetuukkah: Thanks!20:39
*** itbaron has quit IRC20:42
nanderAt the uniboot stage: USB interface (phonet) not found, waiting... -- notification led starts flashing20:43
nanderIt did send 'ape-algo image'20:43
*** rashm2k has quit IRC20:44
*** rashm2k has joined #sailfishos20:44
*** Finleida_ has quit IRC20:45
*** jwalck has joined #sailfishos20:45
Elleois there an equivalent of mafw?20:45
*** Kabouik has joined #sailfishos20:46
Elleodon't see any promising looking dbus services20:47
*** faenil has joined #sailfishos20:48
*** jluisn has quit IRC20:49
*** flyapen has quit IRC20:49
*** nsm has quit IRC20:49
*** ahiemstra has quit IRC20:49
*** a_meteor has quit IRC20:50
*** nsm has joined #sailfishos20:50
*** ahiemstra has joined #sailfishos20:50
*** lizardo has quit IRC20:50
*** nsm has quit IRC20:50
*** nsm has joined #sailfishos20:51
*** Morpog_Mobile has quit IRC20:52
*** nsm has quit IRC20:52
*** nsm has joined #sailfishos20:53
*** nsm has quit IRC20:56
*** spider-mario has joined #sailfishos20:57
*** nsm has joined #sailfishos20:57
*** Morpog_Mobile has joined #sailfishos20:57
*** datagutt has joined #sailfishos20:58
*** lollo2 has quit IRC20:58
clau_what is the best way of reporting a bug in the Jolla email client?20:59
clau_it looks like it's creating completely empty messages in Trash, while being used with Gmail Imap.20:59
*** Kabouik has quit IRC21:00
tortoisedoc_aah yes21:00
tortoisedoc_the email client, thanks clau_, reminded me i have to fix the certificate for it to work :)21:01
phlixitortoisedoc_: might that be the reason for my porblems with imap?21:02
tortoisedoc_phlixi : i do not know, but for me on our company server the cert is self signed and that causes auth to fail21:02
tortoisedoc_phlixi : company is running exchange so imap yes21:03
phlixiwhat do i have to do with such an certificate? can i install that on the jolla?21:04
tortoisedoc_phlixi : i tried yes, but for me it did not work21:04
tortoisedoc_perhaps the format was not completely corret21:05
tortoisedoc_cert goes in /etc/ssl/certs21:05
*** nsm has quit IRC21:05
*** Kabouik has joined #sailfishos21:05
phlixiand without any filemanager, i guess i will have to do this on command line.. ok, but  i think i am able to handle that. thanks for the hint!21:06
tortoisedoc_Stskeeps : how about QAbstractNativeEventFilter, does that still fetch input to a window?21:06
tortoisedoc_phlixi : winscp / scp ; piece 'o' cake21:07
phlixii guess i need devmode for that...21:07
phlixi(as well as for the command line mentioned in the first place)21:07
tortoisedoc_phlixi : yes21:08
tortoisedoc_or actually21:08
tortoisedoc_yes :)21:08
clau_the email client behavior is really erratic; it fails quite often during updating, especially during the status change of a message21:08
clau_my guess is it does something weird over imap, and for the same reason I keep on getting the empty messages in Trash folder21:08
phlixifor me it worked not even once at all for now (but  sending mails work...) anyway, i will try with the certificate, thanks for the tuip :)21:09
*** onurati has quit IRC21:09
clau_anyone else using it with gmail imap?21:09
* phlixi is not using gmail21:09
*** jwalck has quit IRC21:09
*** Venemo has joined #sailfishos21:10
*** jwalck has joined #sailfishos21:12
*** isto_ has quit IRC21:12
*** lbt has quit IRC21:14
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*** Superpelican_ has joined #sailfishos21:14
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*** lbt has joined #sailfishos21:15
*** lbt has quit IRC21:15
*** lbt has joined #sailfishos21:15
*** jwalck has quit IRC21:18
*** datagutt has quit IRC21:19
tobiski9% left on battery, i'm pleased21:24
*** tortoisedoc_ has quit IRC21:28
clau_talking about battery, mine still jumps all over the place: I was down to 70%, now I'm at over 80%. I assume it just takes a few full re-charges for this to stabilize (?).21:31
*** Bloob2 has joined #sailfishos21:31
*** nsm has joined #sailfishos21:32
*** Bloob has quit IRC21:32
*** Luilu has quit IRC21:33
*** tobiski has quit IRC21:33
*** Luilu has joined #sailfishos21:33
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*** Mirv has joined #sailfishos21:33
*** tobiski has joined #sailfishos21:34
*** ahiemstra has quit IRC21:35
*** ahiemstra has joined #sailfishos21:35
*** Eismann has quit IRC21:41
*** Zotan has joined #sailfishos21:42
*** cxl000 has quit IRC21:46
Elleowhat's the root password on the jolla images?21:49
StskeepsElleo: developer mode -> ssh that password, and devel-su with that21:50
Elleoah, I was trying to use normal su, didn't realise sailfish had inherited devel-su as well :)21:51
Stskeepsit's not the aegis variant21:51
*** jwalck has joined #sailfishos21:53
*** siwy has joined #sailfishos22:01
*** sababa has joined #sailfishos22:05
*** Pat_o has quit IRC22:05
*** beford has joined #sailfishos22:06
*** beford has joined #sailfishos22:06
*** Hurrian has quit IRC22:08
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*** Hurrian has joined #sailfishos22:08
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*** Pat_o has joined #sailfishos22:22
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*** faenil has joined #sailfishos22:28
*** Morpog_PC has quit IRC22:30
*** Morpog_Mobile has quit IRC22:31
*** Morpog_Mobile has joined #sailfishos22:31
ElleoMSameer: found a way around the need to manually use libresourcekit \o/ adding a useless MediaPlayer element gets the whole application unmuted :)22:36
*** winfriedd has quit IRC22:41
*** Morpog_PC has joined #sailfishos22:45
Elleois there anyway I can get alerted when the volume keys are pressed and/or find out what the system volume is?22:47
Elleo(the main volume control doesn't effect qaudiooutput objects, so I need to connect that up manually)22:48
*** cvp has quit IRC22:48
MSameerElleo: :D22:52
MSameerElleo: maybe because you are not using policy engine correctly ;)22:53
ElleoI might just add a volume slider in the settings for now and worry about it more in a future release :P22:54
Elleoand/or hope that qaudiooutput gets the same magic treatment as qmultimediaplayer from the sailfish side by then22:54
MSameerElleo: i don't know what the proper way to catch volume keys is but this works for me:
Elleoah excellent, thanks22:54
MSameerevent filter and catch the needed events22:55
MSameeri don't know how to interact with volume though22:55
ElleoI can set that on the qaudiooutput element22:55
MSameerbut also note that you need to acquire the scale button resource22:55
Elleoah, and that presumably involves playing with libresourcekit again? :|22:56
MSameerpersonally, I will bundle all the libs needed by my app. bad but no other way22:56
Elleoyeah, I guess I'll have to go down that route22:56
MSameeror I will dlopen() what i need but that will work with C libraries only :/22:56
MSameerElleo: you don't need to rebuild the libs, just extract them from the rpm files22:58
MSameerand then use rpath (no idea how to do so from qt creator)22:58
*** Zotan has quit IRC22:58
MFaro-Tusinoping coderus22:59
ElleoMSameer: already got rpath setup for the libspotify stuff, so that's easy enough22:59
*** sacha__ has quit IRC23:01
MSameerElleo: there is also a qtquick module for policy somewhere in nemo github repos23:02
MSameermight be easier23:02
MSameerto use23:03
Elleookay, I'll have a poke around23:03
MSameersorry you have to cope with this mess :/23:04
MSameerbecause you have23:04
Elleoah, well, at least it's a fun platform to have problems on :P23:04
MSameerglad you are enjoying :)23:05
ElleoI seem to be hitting unanticipated edge cases with everything I'm doing at the moment :P23:06
MSameeri really cannot imagine having to provide a full build of gstreamer, resource policy, qtwidgets and all this to submit my app so I am putting it on hold23:06
Elleobumped into some issues with the notification system and the media player with another app I'm working on too23:06
MSameerElleo: anything I can help with?23:06
MSameerfor media, I prefer to work with gstreamer directly but that's me23:07
Elleoyeah, this isn't actually for dealing with media23:07
ElleoI want to be able to get details out of the stock media player and control it like with mafw on harmattan23:07
Elleoit's so I can display song details and control it from a smart watch23:08
*** faenil has quit IRC23:08
MSameerquery the platform media player?23:08
Elleobut as far as I can tell there isn't anything supporting that sort of thing yet23:08
MSameeri don't think this is possible23:08
ElleoI'll just have to build custom support into cutespotify and tell everyone to use that :P23:09
MSameeri wrote the initial version of media player and this was not supported and I think the situation has not changed23:09
MSameermedia player has support for plugins but there are 2 issues:23:10
MSameer1) the plugin interface is not public23:10
MSameer2) plugins are tied to views so you cannot have non-visual plugins23:10
MSameerso it might be possible for you to bundle23:11
MSameerso it might be possible for you to integrate with it one day23:11
Elleoyeah, I'll keep that on a back burner for now23:12
Elleothe notifications issue is a bit more critical for the app, although I've got a hacky workaround for now23:12
Elleothe problem there is that the org.freedesktop.Notifications spec assumes you only ever want 1 notification sink23:13
Elleoand I want to be able to listen to notifications to send them along to the watch23:13
Elleoat the moment I'm having to poll the custom GetNotifications method, but that's pretty nasty23:13
Elleoand not very flexible23:13
MSameerthat sux23:13
Elleoyeah, but I figure if I keep whining on irc enough someone will fix it just to shut me up ;)23:14
MSameerassuming that someone is here :P23:14
Elleoheh, yeah23:14
Elleothat's a python app though, so it'll have to wait a while anyway until that side of things is more official23:15
Elleohad to build a custom version of python too, as the installed one has broken multiprocessing support :P23:16
ElleoI moaned about that one to Stskeeps earlier too23:16
Elleopretty soon I'll manage to annoy everyone on the sailfish team ;)23:16
MFaro-TusinoElleo: This for RockWatch?23:16
MSameerElleo:  thp should be your target ;-)23:16
ElleoMFaro-Tusino: yeah23:17
*** rcg has quit IRC23:17
ElleoMFaro-Tusino: it kind-of-sort-of works at the moment23:17
Elleoin that I can get alerts for sms and emails, and ping the watch23:17
MFaro-TusinoThats awesome23:17
Elleobut it has some nasty hackyness under the hood23:17
MFaro-TusinoRockWatch has been the best third party Pebble app on any platform23:17
ElleoMFaro-Tusino: cool, glad you think so :)23:18
MFaro-TusinoWhen i saw that any and all notifications on harmattan were sent to the watch, I was so excited23:18
MFaro-TusinoHackyness under the hood is expected23:18
MFaro-TusinoCan it update the fw and install apps/faces ?23:18
ElleoMFaro-Tusino: in theory that should all work, I need to finish off the qml for those bits, but since they don't interface with sailfish in any odd ways they should be fine23:19
ElleoMSameer: yeah, I've been keeping a close eye on all his awesome pyotherside stuff :)23:19
*** Morpog_PC has quit IRC23:20
*** qqK has quit IRC23:21
MSameerElleo: what's more exciting is to get nemo running on the watch :D23:21
Elleothp: I don't know if it's still the case in python3 but in 2.7 you need to disable the posix semaphore tests when building for arm on obs, as /dev/shm isn't mounted so semaphores get disabled incorrectly and breaks the multiprocessing module23:22
ElleoMSameer: hah, that'd be quite a challenge on the pebble23:22
Elleosome of the fancier android based ones might be doable, but the pebble is barely more than a simple microcontroller with a couple of megs of ram23:22
MSameerit runs linux already23:23
ElleoI was under the impression it was using FreeRTOS23:24
Elleolinux would seem pretty heavy for something like that23:25
MSameeri don't really know23:26
Elleoit's just a cortex m3 inside it iirc23:26
Elleoor one of the cortex family at any rate23:26
Elleoyou might be thinking of the galaxy gear23:27
Elleowhich is a much higher spec thing23:27
MSameeri really don't know23:28
*** sequantz has quit IRC23:28
MSameeri stopped using watches long ago23:28
Elleoyeah, I only started using watches again because I could write cool software for them :P23:29
nanderWhat sailfish image should I download for the n9?23:30
ElleoMFaro-Tusino: one final bit of good news, httppebble stuff is working on sailfish too :)23:32
Elleoand rather faster than on harmattan23:32
MSameernander:  vgrade's image i guess (but i really don't know)23:33
MFaro-Tusinoyes - vgrade 4323:33
*** rashm2k has quit IRC23:36
nanderHow fast is fedex? ;)23:37
nanderI became in picking yesterday23:37
nanderWrong channel23:37
MFaro-Tusino5 business days from Finland to Australia23:37
nanderThat's fast23:37
nanderSo Finland -> Netherlands should be trivial?23:37
MFaro-Tusino2 days if that23:37
nanderwhen I start sailfish the screen stays black and the notification led stays off23:38
Elleonander: yeah, for me it left finland on monday and was delivered in the uk on tuesday23:38
nandersingle notification led flash23:38
nanderSo there is a reasonable chance that I'll get mine on friday?23:39
Elleonander: <-- stick your jolla order id in here and you might get more info23:40
nandernot found23:41
Elleothe fedex tracking emails were going out after phones arrived for a number of people (including me), but you can track it from the order id once its in their system23:41
nanderI tried both the 200002786 and the 474923:41
Elleoyeah, it'll be the 20000xxxx one23:41
MSameernander: no sailfish boot logo on n923:41
nanderBut if I touch the power button it turns off?23:42
MSameernander: maybe then something went wrong23:42
nanderIt seems they are shipping in order of order_id23:42
MSameershipping talk23:43
* MSameer hides23:43
Elleonander: yeah, pretty much23:43
Elleonander: there's a >100 page thread on TMO about shipping if you're really interested ;)23:43
Elleosomehow I managed to read all of that and all the 200 pages of the user experience thread while waiting for mine :P23:44
valdur55how to change /proc/$SESSION_PID/environ  which is  system env ?23:44
MSameernander: what I did for n9 is I flashed moslo like we used to do long ago for nemo23:44
MSameerbut that means you can not dual boot23:44
MSameerElleo: I follow the user experience. read all of it :P23:45
nanderI'm not gonna break my meego23:45
MSameerand i started to hate it23:45
MSameertoo long23:45
ElleoMSameer: hah, understandable23:45
ElleoI've stopped reading them now I have a phone to actually play with23:45
nanderI need to use it for a few more days ;)23:45
Elleoand personally I'm loving the user experience ;)23:46
nanderI had a jolla in my hands for 5 mins or so23:46
Elleoand mostly enjoying the developer experience too, despite my occasional problems :)23:46
nanderI'm convinced ;)23:46
MSameerElleo: glad you do23:46
nanderI just want python and sdl (and pygame) ;)23:46
nanderSDl is needed for lots of awesome ports23:47
nanderLike gemrb23:47
ElleoSDL might be a bit tough23:47
MSameernot really23:47
MSameershould not be that tough23:47
Elleowell SDL doesn't have a wayland backend, unlike SDL223:47
nanderOk, SDL2 then23:48
Elleobut SDL2 doesn't help much for most existing apps unfortunately23:48
nanderLet me guess, it isn't backwards compatible?23:48
Elleosince most things haven't switched to it yet23:48
MSameerwhat's wrong with using sdl2 ? :)23:48
nandergemrb does things with sdl223:49
ElleoI tried getting the half-finished mir backend for SDL working on ubuntu touch a while back, too much for me unfortunately :/23:49
*** arcean has quit IRC23:49
Elleothere's an ancient QTE backend too, that I considered trying to update to render into a QPainter or something23:49
nanderYou want a gemrb version as well? ;)23:50
*** M4rtinK has joined #sailfishos23:51
Elleonander: I want lots of things :P23:51
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC23:51
*** M4rtinK has joined #sailfishos23:51
ElleoI briefly had an Ogre3D port working on sailfish before the switch to wayland23:52
ElleoI guess a wayland backend for ogre shouldn't be too hard to hack together, since it's mostly just a matter of setting up opengles contexts for it23:52
ElleoMSameer: oh, awesome23:52
MSameerthe switch to wayland was a must23:53
ElleoI'm guessing it makes doing things ontop of libhybris possible?23:53
Elleopresumably amongst other benefits23:53
MSameerit was a must believe me23:55
MSameeri can not give more details unfortunately23:55
Elleono worries, I'll take you word for it :)23:55
Hurrianwasn't it because of the ST-Ericsson plans not pushing through?23:56
Hurrianiirc wayland specifically calling for EGL made it a very good choice to run atop Android drivers via libhybris23:57
nandertime to go to bed23:59

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