Tuesday, 2013-12-24

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mfulzis there some general api in sailfish for storing configurations of apps like in androi? Or just just normal config files?00:27
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Elleomfulz: qsettings00:32
Elleomfulz: http://qt-project.org/doc/qt-5.0/qtcore/qsettings.html00:33
mfulzah thank you00:33
Elleoapparently you can also integrate with the system settings dialog if you want, https://lists.sailfishos.org/pipermail/devel/2013-December/002142.html00:34
Elleo(for configuration ui, in addition to using qsettings as your config backend)00:35
Frye_I have just used localstorage00:36
Frye_But thenagain I needed that for other stuff too00:36
Frye_Anyway bedtime now.00:37
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lbtFrye_: jpnurmi: inside a given Page I use    active: applicationActive && page.status == PageStatus.Active00:53
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mfulzanyone knows how could make a pageheader highlighted so that not the whole width is just instead just the text width?02:11
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krnlyngis sailfish for android devices ready? how would i install it?06:37
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kirillhello! please, answer someone, how run qt5-widgets project on sailfish? my app crashes on QWidget* w=new QWidget()08:34
Stskeepskirill: i think widgets projects aren't really supported08:34
Stskeepsour stack is based around qtquick208:35
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kirillStskeeps: it's really bad, it's stupid to rewrite all code. write once run everywhere(C)   =( will be in future any  possibility to run qt-widgets app in sailfish?08:38
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Stskeepskirill: i wouldn't consider it very supported, because we won't be able to give any kind of proper UI on it08:39
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Venemokirill: as noted in the FAQ, the old QWidgets are not supported08:47
Venemokirill: see https://harbour.jolla.com/faq "Why do you not allow QtWidgets?"08:48
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kirillVenemo: i understood. but what about the heavy applications (where you need a lot of calculations)? i must write a noodles of c++ and js?08:54
Venemokirill: you can keep all your old C++ code, you just have to rewrite the UI in QML08:55
Venemokirill: also QML and C++ can be glued together very easily so if you don't like writing complex things in JavaScript you can always go and write it in C++08:56
zuh"heavy calculations" sounds like something one would want to avoid on a phone anyway ;)09:00
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kirillVenemo: i just don't like qml. qml breaks mcv paradigm. I have to write event-handling code in the presentation and layout of widgets.09:01
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Venemokirill: QML uses the model-view pattern (not mvc)09:02
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Venemokirill: I'll give you some useful links about the topic09:03
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kirillVenemo: i mean that qml breaks mcv-style of my qt5-apps=) thanks for links!09:05
Venemokirill: I'm sorry09:06
Venemothe thing is, I kind of disliked the pattern too when I first started using QML09:06
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Venemobut after a while I learned how to best organize my code and now it's quite fine09:06
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crysazturning toh service of gave me a early christmas present in the form of battery life09:08
Yanielsame here09:09
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kirillVenemo: one more question. What about price of application? Can I assign it only after approval?09:18
Venemokirill: I don't know, sorry. my app is free09:18
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Hartzihey does anyone know how do I get dosfstools to my jolla? pkcon install didn't find them from mer-tools repo :/09:25
kirillVenemo: funny. i can submit android qt5-widget app, but i can't even build sailfish qt5-widget app=) Venemo, thanks for answers!09:30
Venemokirill: well, jolla is a small company. I can understand that they can't test every framework out there09:31
VenemoI think it's better if you have one very-well-tested UI framework than if you have a dozen crappy ones09:31
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walokrakirill: I think that at the moment the jolla store supports only free apps09:35
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thesignalany chance that some apps will be accepted today in the harbour?09:52
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kontiothesignal: no Store QA personnel is on x-mas vacation, and till 07. Jan it's working with reduced power, see: https://lists.sailfishos.org/pipermail/devel/2013-December/001863.html11:21
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thesignalkontio: i thought so :( my app was already approved, but i forgot to add the armv7 part to it, so it didn't pop up in the store11:23
thesignali'll just have to wait ;)11:23
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entilhiya! I'm trying to do an app for reading n900 sms data into the jolla and it's coming along slowly because I've never done silica, qt or c++ before12:00
entilwas wondering if someone knows why http://pastebin.com/46b3SQrf fails like it does; the string compare doesn't work and the app exits when I destruct a QFile12:01
entilam I just doing this wrong or something?12:01
Yanielehh.. fingerterm just... died? completely12:02
Yanielit wouldn't shut down nor respond to anything12:03
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fluxit does that, yeah :)12:03
fluxand if then, while you're closing it, you don't respond to the force quit-dialog, you will never get it again12:04
fluxso the only option becomes to ssh in and kill it.. or reboot :)12:04
flux(but reboots are super fast!)12:04
YanielI never actually saw the force quit dialog12:04
Yanielprobably because the screen was locked12:05
Yanieland settings has kept popping up dialog after dialog when this happened to it12:06
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entilthe interesting thing is that localeAwareCompare() returns 1, not 312:13
entilthat should be as plain ascii as it gets12:13
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Morpog_MobileSfiet_Konstantin: friends just crashes here... it did n9t expect that less :D12:19
Morpog_MobileI didn't expect that less..... damn vkb12:20
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Sfiet_KonstantinMorpog_Mobile: launch it from terminal ?12:31
Sfiet_Konstantinharbour-friends ?12:31
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winfrieddentil: you should not call the destructor yourself12:34
winfrieddit will be called automatically when QFile object goes out of scope12:35
winfriedd(and goto's are usually frowned upon in C++)12:35
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Morpog_MobileSfiet_Konstantin: works from terminal12:37
Sfiet_KonstantinMorpog_Mobile: :/12:41
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cousin_luigiWould it be possible to test sailfishos under qemu?13:18
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Andy80when I start QtCreator it complains about a .user file, but the weird part is that it asks me two different questions and there is only one Yes and No :D13:54
Andy80No .user settings file created by this instance of Qt Creator was found.13:54
Andy80Did you work with this project on another machine or using a different settings path before?13:54
Andy80Do you still want to load the settings file '/Users/andrea/Projects/sailsoma/SailSoma.pro.user'?13:54
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matt_197_Does anyone have experience using shared objects on SailfishOS? I've got a third party library I'm linking against, it installs to /usr/share/{TARGET}/lib and the rpath is correct. However when trying to run the app I just get "Remote application finished with exit code 0" no error and no open application. Any suggestions appreciated.14:36
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Pnuumatt_197_: anything in the logs?14:39
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matt_197_Nope, the application doesn't seem to fail, it just doesn't seem to do anything. Doesn't even run the main method as I put in a qDebug() on the first line.14:40
matt_197_If I remove linker flags from LIBS it works...but obviously thats no good14:41
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lbtFYI    https://together.jolla.com/  is up :D15:10
fk_lxlbt: \o/15:15
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M4rtinKtwittered :)15:20
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Elleolbt: excellent :)15:29
Andy80anyone else is having problems with SailfishSDK and OSX?15:29
Andy80I start the Mer SDK, I try a deploy and after a timeout error the icon goes back to green15:30
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mikelimahi everybody16:00
mikelimaI hae a problem getting my oppy red other half recognized...16:01
*** jjanvier has joined #sailfishos16:01
mikelimathere is a notification saying "Problem with Store", and then "This The Other Half is Not Working"16:01
mikelimaThat is not a big issue... but I wonder if I got a defective NFC tag or there is a problem with the store16:02
Pnuuis the store working ok otherwise?16:02
Pnuuand, have you upgraded to version .12, as it fixes something related to store access/credentials16:03
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mikelimaTrying to install a package to see...16:03
mikelima<Seems so, it is "waiting"16:04
Pnuucheck the software from settings -> device info16:04
Pnuusorry, settings -> system settings -> about device16:04
mikelimayes it is working16:05
Pnuuif it's note (Laadunjärvi), use pulley menu to check for updates16:05
mikelimaAbout product, you mean?16:05
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mikelimait is
Pnuuthen I'm out of suggestions :-/16:06
mikelimaWell, thanks anyway16:06
Pnuumaybe try to attach the other half again?16:07
mikelimaThe other one works, it did download the theme16:07
mikelimaerr, ambience16:07
mikelimaI have developer mode, if that is important16:08
PnuuI think that shouldn't matter16:08
mikelimaand I think that at the moment, it is best to disable tohd, so..16:08
mikelimathe other issue is that most photo I shoot, are tinted blue16:09
mikelimaProbably automatic white balance needs work...16:09
Pnuuthey normally do..16:09
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mikelimaall right, thank you for the confirmation.16:11
mikelimaIt is a nice "night shot" effect, all in all. :)16:11
*** dharman has quit IRC16:12
mikelimaAnd now, a problem I have with my app: The version I developed on the emulator seems to be working fine on the Jolla as well.16:13
mikelimaAnd openURLExternally works too!16:13
mikelimaBut I have a search fileld and a listview with a custom (C++) model16:14
mikelimaAnd I can only type one letter in the field, before the virtual keyboard disappears16:14
mikelimaMaybe the text field loses its focus?16:15
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mikelimaDid I hit a bug there, a well, or amI doing something wrong?16:15
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pcfeeser level question; I am peripherally aware on how to get a root sheel seeing that the process has been pretty much the same across 770, N900, N9 and the FreeRunner somewhere in between. But I am not looking for a google hit that gives me the password but rather which document to RTFM just to do this properly (pretty much the equivalent of http://wiki.maemo.org/Root_access is what I am looking for.16:31
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Elleopcfe: basically you just set a password in the developer settings screen, then use devel-su16:32
pcfeElleo: ah, nice that they did not ship one PW across all phones, but this shows even more that I want to RTFM the correct parts16:32
pcfeat the moment (day 2) it feels even messier than the transition N900 -> N9, all the old sites to check as many community memebers still there and not quite sure which of the many many servers the vendor put up is worth investing time into ;-)16:34
Elleopcfe: http://hardcodes.de/SailfishOS/Developing-with-SailfishOS.pdf <-- is probably what you want, see the section on setting up the physical device (chapter 8)16:35
Elleothat guide's still a work in progress though16:35
pcfeElleo: tyvm. Not to worry about work in progress. Oooh and someone used my favourite tool to write docs, w00t. TeX FTW16:36
Elleofrom skimming it, it looks like it doesn't mention root access; but that's just a matter of running devel-su16:37
Elleothere's really nothing more to it than that (once a password is setup)16:37
Elleoand there's none of the aegis-like restrictions of the n9 to worry about16:37
Elleoalthough you should be aware that if you break the phone doing something in developer mode you might have to pay to get it reflashed by jolla at the moment, as the flashing tools aren't publically available yet16:38
pcfeah yes, that mgmt brainfart I will not miss either16:38
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pcfe2 technical questions; I normally do all my virt with KVM (as opposed to Virtual Box); a) has anyone tried using KVM instead of VB for the SDK and how much mess to expect (grep for a hand full of variables, change them and see what fails to work, or hardcoded VB calls all over the place), Failing that, b) anyone run KVM guets and VB guests on the same Linux box and did it work (I have enough machines here to dedicate one to VB if really needed, but if16:41
*** b0bben has joined #sailfishos16:42
pcfeooh, nice, even with a pwgen, nice work there16:43
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lbtpcfe: I too use kvm and it's a tad annoying - we have kvm based image but the QtCreator side is pretty tied to vbox17:13
Stskeepsplus resolutions17:14
narchie_now this is pretty awkward17:14
lbtpcfe: the emulator would be even harder to migrate17:14
narchie_somehow, the text-selection zoom-in is permanently stuck in zoomed mode in SMS17:15
narchie_has anyone encountered thus17:15
lbtpcfe: OTOH if you're a cli chap then just use the Mer platform SDK and import the Jolla/Sailfish target17:15
pcfeOK, what happens when I have a KVM guest up and bring up VB guests?17:15
lbtpcfe: they won't co-exist17:15
pcfelbt: oh great news17:15
* pcfe heads to merproject to kick off the hoover of SDK17:15
lbtthe platform SDK is plain chroot so works anywhere and has less resource hogging17:15
lbt*g* the sailfish SDK build engine is little more than a platform SDK in a vbox17:16
lbtpcfe: for the emulation side the simple answer is to buy a Jolla - or buy another as a dev device :)17:17
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pcfelbt: I have my Jolla since yesterday ;-)17:31
lbthehe ... no emulation required then17:31
*** matt_197_ has quit IRC17:31
lbtI suggest installing and using the Sailfish SDK though17:31
lbtthen you have a baseline for using a platform SDK17:32
pcfeBut I do sysadmin-y stuff as my work, not coding. So if I am e.g. trying to compile sth, there will be many many trial and error runs, so an emulator instead of transfer to device and install, after a successful build would be nice17:32
lbtno, the emulator really is a device emulator17:32
lbtie the SDK does the same scp/rsync to the emulator as to a device17:33
pcfeah I see17:33
*** thessy has joined #sailfishos17:38
pcfedoes the Jolla in dev mode accept ssh only over USBnet or also over WLAN provided one is in a private range (like N9 did)? Maybe I am just using the wrong user (nemo) when trying to ssh in17:38
lbtssh is wide open17:39
pcfeOK, then I am once again simply typing like a monkey with palsy, retrying17:40
*** disharmonic has quit IRC17:41
*** thessy has left #sailfishos17:42
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lbtI setup authorized_keys for nemo and root and make the pw silly-strong17:42
lbtI may suggest a toggle to disable passwd access in ssh17:43
pcfeAh, not too dumb to type, too dumb to click Save on Jolla17:43
pcfelbt: yupp, always17:43
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fluxmeh. once I have ``qmlRegisterType<BLECharacteristic>("org.inside.flux", 1, 0, "BLECharacteristic");'' in my code at the earliest possible moment, then ``import org.inside.flux 1.0'' should work in the QML, and not complain module ``"org.inside.flux" is not installed'', right?18:03
fluxseems to be a recurring problem but it always solves itself like magic :)18:03
flux(I did make clean/qmake as well)18:04
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situIs it possible to directly use an array of JS objects as model for ListView in QML ?19:12
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pcfehmm, I seem to be unable to find the UI control for importing a CA certificate. Where can I RTFM to import via CLI19:23
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pcfesorry, that should have gone into #jollamobile19:27
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coderussitu: sure20:21
coderussitu: modelData instead of model20:22
coderussitu: thats it20:22
situcoderus: Ok, thanks20:22
coderussitu: means you set model: jsarray20:22
situIs there a way to get height and width of cover ?20:22
coderussitu: but in delegate you using text: modelData20:22
coderussitu: sure. set id to root item and get it height, width, whatever20:23
coderussitu: but why?20:23
coderussitu: geometry is rudiment20:23
situI want to display a list on cover. but need to set height and width of ListView.20:23
coderussitu: use anchors20:23
*** b0bben has quit IRC20:24
situIs there a way to set position relative to the cover actions (shown in cover) ?20:25
*** b0bben has joined #sailfishos20:25
coderussitu: no idea, sorry. use percentage anchors.20:28
coderusbut i think you doing it right now :)20:28
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dirkjaeckelI wonder if this is the right place to ask this. How do make adb work to get the logs from Android apps? I already installed usb-moded-adb-mode and all other moded-* I could find with "pkcon search name android". I can select it (adb) when I connect the Jolla phone via USB with my MacOSX computer. But I cannot detect it via adb devices. That usually lists connected devices. What else besides usb-moded-adb-mode do I need to install? W21:01
dirkjaeckelcan I find documentation on this? I tried googling usb-moded-adb-mode but could not find any documentation.21:01
lbtdirkjaeckel: /system/bin/logcat ?21:05
dirkjaeckellbt: let me check21:06
dirkjaeckellbt: thank you! no I can see the log cat put put on the device21:07
dirkjaeckelnow even21:07
lbtnp :)21:08
dirkjaeckelBut adb is more than that. It would be nice to really have adb over the wire21:08
Stskeepsadb is a bit complex in that regard21:08
Stskeepsas it needs to tie into alien dalvik21:08
Stskeepsand at same time, we have an android hw adaptation :)21:08
Stskeepsso which one should it connect ti..21:08
dirkjaeckelexpose two devices?21:09
Stskeepsdirkjaeckel: we've just opened a co-creation site, https://together.jolla.com/questions/ - you can probably suggest this right there21:10
dirkjaeckelBut having logcat should help me debug for now.21:10
Stskeepsit sounds like a reasonable request, if people are publishing android apps and want to debug21:10
dirkjaeckelStskeeps: I read about that. It sounded like it is not ready to take questions/suggestions yet. Is it?21:10
lbtStskeeps: from the content on it I think people think we've just opened a "letters to santa" site... :D21:11
smokexI want a new laptop and a Jolla phone.21:11
Stskeepsdirkjaeckel: it's quite there, we're very actively reading21:12
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lbtI'm *trying*  to get some structure there :)   https://together.jolla.com/question/427/break-down-your-ideasfeature-requests/#post-id-49621:13
dirkjaeckelSince you guys really seem to know this stuff. I have some more questions :-) I there an API to interact with Nokia HERE maps? Like the MapView on Android?21:13
dirkjaeckelOr any Maps API that allows overlays?21:14
lbtyes, there was stuff on the mailing list recently21:15
smokexStskeeps: I'm wondering if its possible to store Nokia maps on the device like it was possible on earlier devices that used Nokia maps21:16
smokexor did Nokia reserve that right only for their own devices21:17
dirkjaeckelOk. then I'll have a look into the archive. I am already subscribed.21:17
dirkjaeckellbt: Thanks once more!21:17
lbtit was [SailfishDevel] (QtLocation 5.0) Coordinate is not a type21:18
lbtseems not to be archived21:18
dirkjaeckellbt: found it21:18
*** Andy80 has quit IRC21:18
dirkjaeckelAt least one message in that thread: http://www.mail-archive.com/devel@lists.sailfishos.org/msg01323.html21:19
*** Andy80 has joined #sailfishos21:19
lbtyep - maybe their UI is a bit off today :)21:19
dirkjaeckelQtLocation seems to a good search term21:19
M4rtinKwell, I think the default map element is not that good21:19
M4rtinKthat's why I am using a custom one based on code from AGTL :)21:20
lbtI will say that OSM devs should read the Here Ts&Cs carefully21:21
lbtI'm really hoping for a good OSM solution though21:22
lbtsmokex: the Here T&Cs mention caching ... 6hrs I think21:22
M4rtinKdoes the Map element do any caching BTW ?21:24
*** Andy80 has quit IRC21:24
smokexbah humbug... open street maps is such an inferior alternative21:24
dirkjaeckelIs there a native HERE api for Sailfish? I cannot see it here: http://developer.here.com/web/guest/native-apis21:24
M4rtinKsmokex: hey!21:24
M4rtinKsmokex: how would you find individual trees in Germany without it ? :)21:25
M4rtinK(Germany is mapped in crazy detail already)21:25
smokexGermany might be great but lots of countries aren't mapped at all that are covered will in Nokia Maps21:26
smokexI guess it could eventually become an equal or better alternative21:27
lbtsmokex: proving once again that Germans do it right!21:27
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M4rtinKyeah it really depends21:38
M4rtinKbut usually if something is mapped21:38
M4rtinKit has much more detail than other maps21:39
M4rtinKfootpaths, stairs, etc.21:39
*** Andy80 has joined #sailfishos21:39
M4rtinKcan save you quite a lot of walking by providing nice shortcuts you would not find on gmaps or other commercial maps :)21:39
smokexhm.. can the maps be downloaded and stored on the device21:40
smokexthats the biggest thing to me, saving on 3/4g data transfer charges21:40
tuukkahM4rtinK, and not just shortcuts =) http://goo.gl/maps/Z6t5K21:41
smokexlol.. thats rediculous21:41
M4rtinKthat's a nice name for a street :)21:42
*** Andy80 has quit IRC21:42
smokexUnknown road? :D21:42
M4rtinKlooks like there is only one in Europe :)21:43
*** Andy80 has joined #sailfishos21:43
krandomsmokex, I would also like to know if downloading maps on Jolla phone is/will be possible.21:44
YanielI sure hope so21:45
*** dirkjaeckel has quit IRC21:46
M4rtinKwell, the ultimate map comparison - McMurdo polar station in Antarctica:21:47
krandomI was also hoping for the 'drive' app.21:47
M4rtinKas you can see OSM has the best coverage :)21:48
krandomjust plain map isn't of much use to me, tbh.21:48
*** Andy80 has quit IRC21:48
*** hardcodes has quit IRC21:48
M4rtinKand there are no roads at all in the Bing map, HERE maps are unfortunately not available in the comparison tool21:48
*** dirkjaeckel has joined #sailfishos21:50
Yanielon an unrelated note, the opengl 4.4 core spec pdf loads awfully long in Documents21:51
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smokexit is indeed better22:11
smokexthis is where I usually look when doing street quality22:12
*** dirkjaeckel has quit IRC22:12
PnuuI normally use touris maps 8-)22:14
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M4rtinKthe nice thing on OSM is that if you find an error, you can just log in and fix it22:32
*** dhbiker has quit IRC22:32
M4rtinKcommercial maps are notorious for taking forever to correct errors, even if repeatedly reminded22:33
M4rtinKand mapping is fun :)22:33
PnuuM4rtinK: was it you who packaged mosh?22:34
Pnuuthere's a bug in screen update, and I don't know where to report22:34
Pnuubut well, I think it's not 'cause of packaging anyways :-P22:35
Pnuubut yay, I think I've got a workin python-backend for my FMI weather app22:46
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M4rtinKPnuu: yeah, I built a mosh package on OBS23:22
M4rtinKPnuu: but looks like someone else did it too a few days before that already :)23:22
M4rtinKPnuu: backend - PyOtherSide/PyQt or something else ? :)23:22
M4rtinKPnuu: or you mean server side Python ? :)23:22
M4rtinKIrcchatter testing ? :)23:26
mfulzdoes someone know how I can limit a textfield to numbers only? Is that already working with the validator set?23:30
*** mleen has joined #sailfishos23:30
mleenHi all , got my developer device today. connecting to the store is not possible - I created an account .23:35
Elleomleen: from what I've seen that happens with a few fresh devices and the simplest way to fix it is to just reset the firmware ("Settings -> System Settings -> Reset Phone")23:38
Elleoafterwhich everything should be fine23:38
mleenTop bar  says something like downloading api failed.23:38
mleenIs there a place where I can find documentation ?23:39
Elleoabout that problem, or in general?23:39
*** b0bben has quit IRC23:40
ElleoI've just seen posts on TMO about that problem (and a couple of people asking here), all of which were fixed after a reset23:40
*** juke_ has left #sailfishos23:40
mleensorry I'm typing sloe on tge device23:40
Elleoyou didn't enable developer updates did you?23:40
mleennot used ti online keyboard23:40
Elleobecause that'll also break store access (but is quick to fix)23:41
*** amizraa has quit IRC23:41
mleenI'll  reset23:41
Elleookay :)23:41
Elleono problem23:42
M4rtinKmfulz: well, I've seen it in a few apps so it probably already works somehow :)23:43
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