Thursday, 2014-01-23

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artemmaSubmitted new Quick Launcher to harbour. Starts apps more proper way now (can start browser too) and faster. Try it early if you want at
artemmaspecial thanks to special :)00:25
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sledgesartemma: just tried it out :)00:49
sledgesuseful when you have loads of apps00:49
sledgesgood work00:50
artemmasledges: thanks, seems to start apps faster now00:50
* artemma is not sure how much time it saves to be honest. Idea is good, but milliseconds matter, IMHO it should get ready for typing two times faster to be really useful00:50
artemmawell, will have a look at store comments and likes. If there's demand, I have some optimization ideas00:51
* sledges just seen the tweet: "got my jolla today, and installed 100+ apps from jolla,yandex,and [another android store]. Why? Because I can" :D <- your target audience artemma :)00:52
artemmasledges: that's cool!00:52
artemmaI have 4 screens of apps only, to me launcher saves *a little* of time00:52
sledgesping them ;)00:53
artemmasledges: thanks for the idea!00:54
sledgesnp, and thank you :)00:54
artemmayou are welcome sledges. Give a like in store in twitter if you can - comments are the best help for the developer in free app market00:57
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Venemoartemma, sledges: there're some things better than comments: 1) Retweeting 2) 'Like' button in Jolla store ;)01:54
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AL13NHartzi: MouseEvent doesn't have a Rect?07:02
jpnurmiAL13N: a rect?07:06
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HartziAL13N: wut?07:46
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walokraif I dynamically resize a label and then again resize it (panel from side), the label doesn't fit the original width10:10
walokrait keeps the width of the 1st resize10:10
walokraso, is there a way to redraw some label?10:13
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jpnurmiwalokra: fill the label with a rectangle to see its actual geometry. perhaps it's just not eliding/clipping/wrapping to its width?10:15
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walokrarect behaves as it should. it doesn't update the geometry after 2nd resize10:30
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walokraseems that after animation (drawer) the label doesn't get the width right11:50
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jukehow do i completely remove an app?11:57
jukei think qsettings is left behind even after uninstall11:59
jukefound it12:05
jukein ~/.config/12:05
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coderuswhy ever peoples removing configs of deleted applications? searching for every single files and deleting it?12:33
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thpcoderus: ping14:32
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jukei'm trying to build many apps from same code base using symbolic links, but rpm doesn't follow them and now i have in /usr/share/app/  qml -> ../qml14:50
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jukewhat files do i need to fix to have the qml dir outside of the project directory14:54
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jukei guess the problem is in the .yaml-file14:55
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jukesailfish documentation talks about a .prf file, i haven't seen one15:00
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jukefound it15:01
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coderusthp: pong15:15
coderusartemma: ping15:15
artemmacoderus: ?15:16
coderusjuke: why symlinking project? set up correct paths in project file15:16
coderusartemma: its how jolla-lipstick launching apps15:16
artemmaah, got it15:17
artemmawhere is it from?15:17
coderusartemma: but i dont think it useful :)15:17
coderusfrom /usr/bin/lipstick of course :)15:17
artemmaI solved yesterday issue with openUrlExternally. That is fast and works fine except that it doesn't show Loading.. preview card15:18
jukecoderus, i tryied that, but then building the rpm failed, i guess i don't understand the yaml format15:18
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jukei'll have to ask about this again later, off for now -->15:21
coderusartemma: yes, its lipstick launcher behaviour to show "Loading" :)15:23
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artemmacoderus: will see if I can make lipstick show loading.. from code you show, it looks like it's a part of QML code that reacts on the icon press.. maybe not requestable from outside of lipstick15:29
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coderusartemma: yes its useless outside :)16:19
coderusjust showed you how it works16:19
jupajaso noone has an idea ? —>
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jupajacoderus: thanks so its still the folder problem16:37
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cos-is it possible to set which calender new events are added?16:54
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coderusjupaja: try to login to sb2 inside vm and rpmbuild here16:58
jupajacoderus: sb2?17:01
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artemmacoderus: thanks17:02
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Hartziis there any way to check which item caused a signal x? For example if x number of buttons opens the same drawer, how I can check which button it was? I need that info on the drawer.17:13
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Hartzior is there any better way to do it? :P17:15
AcceHartzi: give each button an objectName and propagate it with the signal?17:15
Acceor propagate any other property that distinguishes them17:16
Sfiet_KonstantinHartzi: better or worse, depending: use C++ Qt signals and use sender() ?17:16
HartziI'm using qml17:17
Hartzithere is a sender() in qml?17:17
Sfiet_KonstantinHartzi: sadly no :(17:17
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Sfiet_Konstantinso do what Acce said17:17
Sfiet_Konstantinuse a property or an objectName and propagate it17:17
Sfiet_Konstantinyou can even send the sender itself as a property of a signal17:18
Hartzisounds good idea but I don't remember how to do it17:19
Accejust put the object / property to the brackets: someSignal(data)17:19
Acceand for clarity you should add it to the declaration too, although I think it works even without doing so17:21
Hartzilike onClicked(this)?17:21
Acceyeah, I think it went so17:24
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HartziQTC doesn't like it :|17:26
HartziI have to make another signal to propagate something?17:27
Acceyou have some Item, for which you defined a custom signal onClicked?17:27
Hartziokay it isn't a custom singnal. I used mouseareas onCliked17:27
Acceso all your buttons have their own MouseArea?17:28
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Acceso why not define some function for the drawer, which you can call when onClicked?17:29
Acceand give the clicked object as that functions parameter17:30
HartziGood idea. I'll try that17:31
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Hartziokay that method doesn't work17:53
*** artemma has quit IRC17:54
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Hartzioh sorry, it does17:59
Hartzijust failed a little :)17:59
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jupajacoderus: thanks for your help but the makro return all the time the wrong path will try it a next time18:03
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AcceHartzi: what went wrong at first? Just so I can be careful if I need to do it sometime18:13
*** dawnbringer has joined #sailfishos18:14
jupajacoderus: got it :D no its just a Failed to validate the created desktop file18:20
jupajaerror :D18:20
*** mikhas has quit IRC18:21
HartziAcce: well I didn't use a function. I just declared few properties in a draver and I just set them drawer.propertyname = something. The thing that I first made wrong was I forget that I have to use drawerName in drawerName.propertyName to access the data. I just used propertyName18:22
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AcceHartzi: ok, I see! glad you got it working18:31
*** b0bben has quit IRC18:31
Hartziyup :)18:32
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hoelzrois there a QML api one can use to talk to HTTP servers?18:40
hoelzroor do I just have to drop down to C++ for that?18:41
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Nicd-there are websockets for qml at least18:41
hoelzroI don't know if that will work for my purposes, but it's good to know =)18:45
Nicd-I've been thinking I'd drop to C++ though, the APIs seem more stable18:45
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kkszysiuhey guys, so as I understand SailfishOS UI and stuff is not open sourced yet, right?18:52
jupajawhat packed is needed to buld rpm with the emulator? have insatll rpm-bulid but this error lock like that some thing is missing + /usr/lib/rpm/meego/ /home/nemo/rpmbuild/BUILDROOT/shutdowngraphic-0.1-1.i386 or?18:53
jupajafound the awnser in the log thanks!18:59
Siddehow do i prevent the screen from sleeping inside my application?18:59
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AL13Nkkszysiu: afaik sailfishOS UI and jolla apps19:04
kkszysiuDo you know is there any plans to open source it?19:04
AL13Nhoelzro: Nicd-: but isn't QML basically javascript, which means you should be able to use ajax calls in some way?19:04
AcceI think you can use JS's HTTPRequests even for "external" sources in QML19:06
AL13Nshouldn't this give an SSL warning, like the Origin thing?19:07
Acceat least the app from loechtefeldmarkus "Weather" uses pure QML and accesses Yahoos weather19:08
hoelzroit's worth looking at19:09
hoelzrogood idea, AL13N19:09
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jupajahow I get the icon in to the folder? desktop-file-install is not doing this?19:14
Accekkszysiu: I think I read somewhere that Jolla will publish the sources when they have decided how to coordinate the open development, but don't know19:14
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*** john24 has joined #sailfishos19:58
john24hey guys, it is possible to have another qml page is dialog?19:58
john24essentially i want a swype to the left to confirm settings as it works in the most of the UI19:59
john24but it seems that it's not just a button but a dialog19:59
john24it is possible to pagestack.push to second qml page as a dialog?19:59
Accejohn24: just make a Dialog instead of Page, Dialog is based on Page so it can be pushed to the stack20:00
AL13Nyou can pagestack push it and remove it when confirmed again20:00
AL13Noh, even better20:00
john24ahh so replace page with dialog?20:00
Acceyeah, Dialog functions like a page, but you can swipe it left to accept it, and it has onAccepted and onCanceled signals20:01
john24oh wow20:02
john24works like a charm :D20:02
john24Thank you :)20:02
Acceno prob :)20:02
*** RoKenn has joined #sailfishos20:03
john24so it's best to use the header to indicate action to the left?20:03
john24by the bubble20:03
Acceyou can use a DialogHeader, and it has acceptText or similar property20:04
AcceI don't remember the exact name20:04
john24thanks for that I'll find it now :)20:04
*** VesimN9 has quit IRC20:05
john24anothewr question if you don't mind do you need to enable animation? because it just seems to open it20:05
john24but I am sure there should be a nice annimation20:05
john24when opening a dialog page20:05
*** mk2soldier has quit IRC20:06
*** VesimN9 has joined #sailfishos20:07
jupajaWhere go the png file when buliding rpm?20:08
jupajahave it in usr/share/icons/hicolor/86x86/ but it is not instlled with desktop-file-install20:09
Accejohn24: hmm... I think there is a parameter you can pass to the push, something like PageStackAction.Animated?20:09
john24thanks I'll try to find it20:11
*** pixraider has joined #sailfishos20:14
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coderusjohn24: use
*** c0ck4m0u53 has quit IRC20:22
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*** Custodian has quit IRC20:26
DarkSimAwesome, Nexus 4 support!20:26
DarkSimIf only I bought it :(20:26
*** itbaron has quit IRC20:27
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*** mk2soldier has joined #sailfishos20:36
Milo-Is there a dbus interface for accessing ambiences/network statuses/account statuses?20:36
*** Finleida has quit IRC20:39
*** fk_lx has quit IRC20:41
*** Morpog_Jolla has joined #sailfishos20:42
stephgMilo-: depends20:48
stephgprobably/yes/probably are the answers20:49
stephgwhether you're allowed to talk to them from an app (for the harbour, currently) is another matter20:49
Milo-okay, I might have to write a sniffer.20:49
Milo-then I'll just be another kind of fish.20:49
stephgdepends what you're wanting to do20:50
stephg(also not trying to be negative, am not a dev, don't know the rules either specifically so take what I say with a pinch of salt)20:50
stephgcertainly for the network/account stuff that comes from the nemo middleware20:50
Milo-I think it's better to ask for forgiveness than for permission20:51
stephgso you'd do worse than to have a poke around that20:51
Milo-basically I want to turn off certain things and then turn them on again later20:51
Milo-pretty much what I think ambiences should do, if they worked like real profiles.20:52
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC20:56
*** mk2soldier has quit IRC20:57
AcceMilo-: make it happen and maybe it will become official :)20:57
*** mk2soldier has joined #sailfishos20:57
Milo-first I need to sniff some dbus events to see if it can do stuff "safely", and then I need to get my head wrapped around the qml stuff.20:58
jupajacoderus: Thanks!!!! for Your help got it to work :D will ping u when app is on  hard way is some time the best way :D20:58
Milo-back in the olden days, when I learnt to do QT, we didn't have no fancy things called qml :P20:58
*** Morpog_Jolla has quit IRC20:58
AcceMilo-: I think you can do everything from Qt still, using QWindow?20:59
*** Morpog_Jolla has joined #sailfishos20:59
Accewell, personally I think Qml is pretty neat for building up the UI, much like building a web page with Html, but easier21:00
jukecompared to the xml horror of android, qml is nicer21:00
Milo-I heard nice things about QML's dbus integration21:01
jukeand those states are so good21:02
*** stephg has left #sailfishos21:03
*** stephg has joined #sailfishos21:03
Accejuke: I haven't really used states much yet, what are they best for?21:06
* stephg absolutely nothing, say it again!21:06
jukeAcce, for ui states, like click button -> change ui state to represent program state21:08
jukei don't know how to explain it, sorry :D21:08
Milo-I'm unable to find any information on how to use dbus from qml-'code'.21:09
Accelike, different modes? can you change groups of elements to different elements?21:09
*** lainwir3d has quit IRC21:10
*** euroelessar has joined #sailfishos21:11
jukei'm not sure, atleast you can change visibility and enable stuff21:12
jukeprobably you can do anything you like21:12
*** dawnbringer has quit IRC21:13
AcceMilo-: <- maybe this has something to do with it?21:14
Milo-I guess I just have to read the source to know how to use that21:16
*** jonpacke_ has quit IRC21:17
Acceyep, the documentation apparently lacks quite much so far21:20
Milo-kimmoli seems to be a huge QML guru, maybe I need to contact him ._·21:21
*** mohjive has joined #sailfishos21:23
*** KangOl has quit IRC21:24
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Accewho is kimmoli? Qt / Jolla active?21:32
*** KangOl has joined #sailfishos21:32
*** stephanos has joined #sailfishos21:37
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*** stephg has quit IRC21:39
*** Master-Passeli has joined #sailfishos21:40
AL13NMilo-: he seems more a hw guru21:40
Milo-AL13N maybe he's just a all-around guru.21:40
Milo-30 000 line logfile from turning mobile data connection off and on again.21:40
Milo-it's going to be fun tracking what was sent to initiate the chain.21:41
*** artemma has quit IRC21:46
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*** olofk has quit IRC21:50
Accedoes someone happen to know, how to assign a property null value in QML?21:53
*** Snurppa has quit IRC21:54
*** rm_work is now known as rm_work|away21:54
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*** raven24 is now known as raven24^{off}22:01
Acceoh, is kimmoli the guy making the OLED TOH?22:07
*** sletta has joined #sailfishos22:18
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AL13NAcce: i just did "property Type varname: null;"22:58
AL13Nnull should be valid for any ClassType22:58
*** ryukafalz has joined #sailfishos23:03
krnlyngdoes anybody know where i can find the GLES devel packages?23:04
AL13Npkcon search name dev | grep -i gles23:05
*** Tomiol80 has quit IRC23:05
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*** mk2soldier has joined #sailfishos23:09
AL13Ndon't know anything about that23:10
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