Monday, 2014-02-03

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AcceSviox: if you have a Dialog, use onAccepted18:31
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SvioxAcce: nope, I'm using a full page18:33
Accein Silica, Dialog component is essentially a page18:33
SvioxOkay, didn't know that.. Guess I'll have to check it out18:33
Acceie. you can push Dialogs in the pageStack18:34
Acceor use
Acceand then catch it's onAccepted / onCanceled18:34
Svioxokay, great18:35
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Morpog_PCcoderus, as you could not reproduce, I'm uploading a short video. Maybe I'm too dumb and doing something wrong?18:36
crnd_somehow that sentence seems so very wrong...18:38
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Acceyep yours :)18:39
Morpog_PCwell yeah :D18:40
Morpog_PCI'm sure he understands ;)18:40
Accejust take it from it's context and it becomes very interesting :D18:40
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SvioxIs there anything like system modal dialogs were on Harmattan?18:41
Morpog_PCdamn vimeo, lets me wait in line for 45 minutes :(18:41
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AcceSviox: sorry, I never had N9, what are modal dialogs?18:43
coderusMorpog_PC: you think i need your video? :D18:44
Accesome kind of "popup" windows?18:44
Morpog_PCmodal dialogs are questions which you cannot ignore, you need to say yes or no for example and cannot use anything else on the phone18:44
coderusi can do nothing if i can set group pictures without any problems :)18:44
SvioxBasically, modal dialogs are something shown on top of (blocking) an application window. System modal on the other hand own their own application window and appear on top of pretty much everything.18:44
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Morpog_PCcoderus, dunno, I just cannot set that damn profile group image :D18:44
AcceSviox mhmm, well behaviourally, Silica Dialogs are the same for applications18:45
SvioxLooks exactly the same, but system modal jumps on top of every regular app18:45
Accethey must be canceled or accepted to get back or go forward18:45
SvioxA system modal dialog is very useful when, for example, an app is doing some asynchronous task in the background and requires immediate attention of user.18:46
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coderusSviox: where system modal dialogs in harmattan? o_O18:46
SvioxYes, they were...18:46
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AcceSviox: so you want to leave the main window behind and have a popup over it? you can use Dialog pages just as you describe:18:47
SvioxUsed a lot of them. Let's just say I had my fingers on some system UI apps..18:47
Acceapp is doing something, something happens: push a Dialog, other stuff keeps happening, and user can answer the dialog18:47
coderusSviox: system? you never coded one of them? :)18:47
matokingIs there a signal for when a Page is opened?18:47
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matokingonPageContainerChanged works somewhat, put it is also called when the page is popped out of the page stack18:48
Accematoking: do you mean, when the Page is ready? or the opening begins?18:48
coderusmatoking: onStatusChanged: if (status == Page.Active) {}18:48
Svioxcoderus: I coded plenty, was allocated to Harmattan for 3 years. Though I never had to use QML.18:48
matoking@coderus That seems to be just what I need, thanks18:48
matoking@Acce Yeah, when the Page is opening and the parameters have been passed onto it18:48
coderusSviox: in silica only lipstick can produce top notifications in legal way18:49
SvioxOkay. Hmm, I wonder if I can still use same X attributes to setup different draw layer ;)18:50
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matoking@coderus if (status == PageStatus.Activating) did the trick, thanks18:53
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matokingIt seems that my application is almost ready for its first public release :D18:54
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coderusSviox: its wayland, its not x19:00
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coderusyou should never block ui if you not a system (you are not)19:01
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Accematoking: what are you making, if I may ask? :)19:11
matoking@Acce A file manager19:12
matokingAlthough you can also view audio, text and image files19:12
Acceok, sounds like improvement to the current ones!19:12
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matokingYeah, there were some features in File Browser that hadn't been added the last time I checked19:13
Svioxcoderus: aa lol, you're right, X 'hacks' have no place here19:13
matokingSuch as renaming files and making directories and what not19:14
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slateanyone running vgrade image on N950?19:16
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coderusslate: noone19:28
slateseems so.19:28
coderusslate: seems you didnt read announcement before using it? :)19:28
slateHaha. Havent tested yet.19:29
slateProbably 3 things work, rest doesn't.19:29
khertan_thp, i didn't use pyotherside, but my own fork which link against pyton :)19:31
khertan_thp, thx19:31
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Turskiwhat kind of data can i return from pyotherside to qml?19:51
Turskii'm trying to return a dict but can't get it to work19:52
M4rtinKTurski: dicts should work just fine19:53
Turskishould i be able to process my dict in javascript for loop then in QML?19:53
Turskiaha, problem seems to be my for loop...19:53
Turskiah, i'm just doing it wrong19:54
M4rtinKit should show up as normal QML/JS dict19:54
M4rtinKso Python {"foo" : 1}19:55
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Turskiforgot "var" from "for (var foo in bar) {"19:55
M4rtinKshould can be accessed (lets call the variable holding it result) like this:  console.log(
M4rtinKshould print 119:56
M4rtinKyeah, you need to do that if it is not a property :)19:56
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Turskiyeah, i'm looping over my dict now19:57
M4rtinKIt should be possible to even enable something like a shared Python/QML data model19:57
Turskii don't like javascript >:(19:57
M4rtinKbut so far I had no need for that :)19:57
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M4rtinKwell yeah, it sucks19:58
M4rtinKit is okayish for simple stuff19:58
M4rtinKbut sucks-HARD for anything even remotely more advanced19:58
M4rtinKjust check page stack implementation or other backend stuff :)19:59
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Armadillois there any app at the moment, which is able to add entries to the calendar?20:00
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Turskii'm getting close to success \o20:02
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Turskiwohoo \o/20:04
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Turskiok, i'm able to pass my python data to qml now, then i just need to figure out how to show that nicely20:05
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Turskibtw, is there a neat way to print a dict or list?20:07
Turski(to console)20:07
Turskifrom qml20:07
matoking@Turski If you mean Javascript types like arrays or objects, I like to use console.log(JSON.stringify(array))20:08
M4rtinKmatoking: oh, good to know :)20:08
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Turskimatoking: thanks20:09
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coderusartemma: ping20:28
coderusartemma: i have no success in forwarding qmake options from spec to makefile20:29
artemmacoderus: I didn't try compiling after the recent sdk update, but earlier it was building fine20:29
juhecoderus: if you want to pass C/C++ flags, try using QMAKE_CXXFLAGS or QMAKE_CFLAGS, either on command line or in *.pro file, both should work20:33
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coderusartemma: i didnt updated sdk since 131020:33
coderusartemma: i'm not using yamls20:33
coderusbut used your generated spec20:34
coderusvalues are passing to qmake, but makefile generated with empty values20:34
coderusjuhe: can you specify please?20:34
artemmacoderus: it goes full way of yaml->spec->pro->cpp->qml Take the part of the path you fancy of :)20:34
coderusartemma: yaml->spec+pro->qmake->makefile->cpp->whatever ;)20:35
coderusi know how it working20:36
artemmacoderus: yes.. I might be missing your point, IMHO Wikipedia version numbering uses all these levels and is working20:36
coderusbut by some reason makefile generated with no values , but should use values from qmake20:36
coderusartemma: no help, okay20:37
coderus"its working for me, no idea why its not working for you"20:37
coderusi see20:37
juhecoderus: e.g., on command line: "qmake QMAKE_CFLAGS="-Wall -Werror -Wextra" CONFIG+=debug" should get the "-Wall -Werror -Wextra" into makefile20:37
coderusjuhe: sure20:38
artemmacoderus: uhm, I'd love to help, but can't quite see the problem description yet20:38
coderus/usr/lib/qt5/bin/qmake /home/mersdk/rpmbuild/BUILD/harbour-mitakuuluu/persecute2/ <.. many flags here ..> VERSION=0.1 RELEASE=25 -o Makefile ) && make -f Makefile20:39
coderusbut makefile have20:39
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coderusDEFINES       = -DVER_NUM="\"\"" <= empty20:40
coderuspro have20:40
coderusDEFINES += VER_NUM=\\\"$$VERSION\\\"20:40
ln-artemma: did you by any chance happen to forget merge my pull request before closing it? :) or is it somewhere locally waiting for a push or something...20:40
artemmayeah, understanding makefiles is beyond me, I only dare to look at them when debugging issues20:40
artemmaln-: I merged one (unless I messed up something), another one needs a couple of comments to readme20:41
coderusalso tried20:41
coderusDEFINES += VER_NUM=\"\\\"$$VERSION\\\"\"20:41
ln-artemma: i'm referring to the one about .gitattributes20:41
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artemmaln-: hmm, I clicked merge in the web interface, that should have merged it..20:42
lbtcoderus: you want the Version in the About ? do it in the spec20:42
lbtthen the package and code will match. It's the 'correct' way IMHO20:43
coderuslbt: my spec have it :)20:43
coderus%qtc_qmake5 \ VERSION=%{version} \ RELEASE=%{release}20:43
artemmacoderus: my .pro looks the same..20:43
lbtlooks good20:43
artemmacoderus: can you try adding message($$VERSION) to see if this variable gets to qmake at all20:44
lbtI dunno about .pro files though20:44
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ln-artemma: yet it's not listed on
artemmaln-: studying it now.. can't see it :/20:45
artemmaI must have been to tired last night.. trying to find the request now20:46
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ln-it's there in the closed pull requests section20:46
coderusartemma: its empty20:46
coderusits why i'm asking why20:46
artemmaln-: fixed now. I think yesterday I clicked Close instead of Merge by mistake. Thanks for noticing!20:47
artemmacoderus: you actually specify version number in .spec, correct?20:48
ln-artemma: ok, no problem.20:48
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artemma%qtc_qmake5  \20:48
artemma    VERSION=%{version} \20:48
artemma    RELEASE=%{release}20:48
artemmathat's what I have in my .spec20:49
artemma%{version} are filled by spectacle from .yaml for me, I you define them right in .spec20:49
coderus02:33 < coderus> artemma: i'm not using yamls20:50
coderus02:34 < coderus> but used your generated spec20:50
artemmacoderus: and your .spec actually has something like "Version:    2.3" somewhere?20:51
artemmacoderus: I guess you tried cleaning and regenerating makefiles as well20:52
artemmaoh well, it must be one of the real simple and very hard to track errors then, that might be very easy to spot by somebody else :)20:52
artemmaCan you maybe post your .spec to postebin? I guess that won't reveal too much sources20:52
coderusseems to be extra values are cleaned somewhere inside before pushing to qmake20:53
artemmaI would try passing a new arbitrary qmake define first20:54
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Turskidoes it actually matter in which level Python element is defined in QML?21:07
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M4rtinKTurski: as long as you can get to it somehow21:12
M4rtinKTurski: but for the matter, I haven't experienced with that21:12
M4rtinKTurski: I have just a single one in modRana21:12
M4rtinKTurski: but I would guess it is probably a singleton anyway21:13
M4rtinKTurski: with the Python GIL21:13
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Turskiand how can i keep my python instance open so i can ask for more data from that?21:14
Turskiif i use importModule, isn't everything forgotten after the callback is called?21:15
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M4rtinKthe Python environment persists until you shutdown the app21:15
M4rtinKat least in my case21:16
M4rtinKI have just a single PYthon element21:16
Turski"If the module is successfully imported, the supplied callback will be called. Only then will the imported module be available:"21:16
M4rtinKnot usre what happens if you have multiple ones21:16
Turskii thought that meant it's gone acter the callback is excecuted21:16
M4rtinKI think this is an unfortunate formulation21:17
M4rtinKeq. before the callback21:17
M4rtinKit is not available21:17
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Turskigood to know21:17
M4rtinKI'm doing some crazy stuff with those asynchronous function calls :)21:18
M4rtinKlike asynchronously loading properties based on data from Python21:18
M4rtinKI set a default property value and trigger a Python call21:18
artemmaIs there some pkgconfig for libaudioresource?21:19
M4rtinKonce the callback it triggered, it replaces the default by actual value :)21:19
Turskii'm trying to dynamically build nested listviews of python data...21:19
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M4rtinKno need to block the GUI thread21:19
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Turskii just currently have no idea how to accomplish that21:20
M4rtinKshould be doable21:20
M4rtinKbut probably will require a lot of JS21:20
M4rtinKtheoretically you can just fetch new data for every delegate you want to expand21:20
Turskimaybe i will try it that way21:21
M4rtinKlike once someone triggers a toplevel item/delegate, you request data for the toplevel of the given subtree21:21
M4rtinKand like this, every time21:21
M4rtinKa item/delegate is activated21:21
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M4rtinKreacting on python data changing dynamically might be more difficult21:22
M4rtinKprojecting changes from QML to the "master" Python model should be easier21:23
* artemma can't find libaudioresource.h in SDK. Some special pkgconfig needed to fetch it?21:28
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*** raimue has joined #sailfishos21:33 is present on device, but.. not on sdk. How do I use it then? I am not supposed to compile it myself, am I?21:33
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artemmaokay, pkgconfig seems to be audioresource. Now I only need to figure out which PkgBr to require21:34
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Abby24 I give you some pictures. I hope you like!
*** Abby24 has quit IRC22:04
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jabbounethello all22:05
*** Morpog_Mobile has joined #sailfishos22:06
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jabbounetI've a strange behavior when using sdk and xbmc, when I click sailfish icon while xbmc is running I have an url showing xbmc on url http:
*** Zotan has joined #sailfishos22:08
*** mikhas has joined #sailfishos22:10
jukesdk is running at that port, but if something is already running, you get that22:10
jabbounetthat's it22:11
jukei think you can change it in the settings and mer tab22:11
*** KangOl has quit IRC22:11
*** Armadillo has quit IRC22:12
jukeor perhaps that can changed at virtualbox port forwards22:14
*** KangOl has joined #sailfishos22:16
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khertan_how can i add nemo:nw repository on jolla sdk engine ? ssu give error22:16
*** radiofree has joined #sailfishos22:16
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*** radiofree has joined #sailfishos22:16
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