Friday, 2014-02-07

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HeartMeeplewhat is the easiest route to starting development for Sailfish?06:56
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HeartMeepleI come from a web development background mostly. right now I am doing some simple android development.06:57
stephgfirst things first I'd guess is download the sdk06:58
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stephgget familiar with that and the workflow06:58
stephga fair number of the apps currently available for sailfish are FOSS and typically hosted on github06:59
stephgso you can have a good poke around them06:59
HeartMeeplestephg: good call. is there any good resources for understanding how the OS is organized?07:02
HeartMeepleSorry about the noob questions. it is my first day knowing about sailfish and I'm pretty excited.07:03
chriadam has an overview of the OS at the start07:04
stephgis no prob, we all start somewhere and it's always great to have someone new onboard07:04
HeartMeepleYeah. I'm loving the UI elements I'm seeing on sailfish. it is a brilliant use of gestures.07:06
HeartMeepleI do mostly front end UI work. it is incredible that the OS doesn't require fine motor skills to do everything.07:07
HeartMeepleI am using an android phone and even unlocking to check SMS is finicky. I tap fifty times to get anywhere.07:08
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AcceHeartMeeple: If you want to develop a pure HTML5 app, you can do that by putting only a single element in the main qml file, SilicaWebView, which you point to your document root07:53
Acce+if / when needed, it's possible to make QML functions, and that C++ functions, callable from your html javascript07:54
Armadillogood morning07:55
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nahkisswhat Acce suggested sounds something that probably would work best for a somebody with web development background08:08
nahkissI might actually go that route myself08:08
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Armadillosomebody with develpoment background could also develop qml applications08:11
Armadilloweb development background08:11
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AcceArmadillo: yes, it's quite easy to pick up qml from html background, but since they're web devs, they possibly want their apps to work even when hosted on a normal web server, or on other phones08:21
Acceand currently HTML multiplatform support on the mobile field is better than that of Qt/QML's, I think08:22
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Armadillothat's true, but the problem with HTML is, that every browser interprets it on it's own way, so you have to customize it for each platform08:24
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Armadilloit depends on the application if it's worth to deal with the problems with the communication between html and qt/qml and the customizations needed08:25
AcceTrue currently, but I think the browser's HTML5 standardization grows better every moment08:26
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Armadillowe'll see what html5 is about at the end of the year08:27
AcceIt might be that Qt/qml surpasses html5 in multiplatform standardization08:27
Acceif the browser makers cannot make it happen08:28
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Armadillosome days ago I've read an article that Android now supports qt/qml I think08:28
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Acceyes, but the support is still experimental08:29
Accewindows phone and iOS are on the list of Qt too08:29
Accethey're definitely coming08:29
crashmonkeycan I get valgrind to run on device?08:29
juhecrashmonkey: This is something I'd be interested in as well. AFAIK, valgrind should be supported on arm7 platform, so in the worst case, if there's no package already available, it could be compiled and tried.08:32
AcceI tried pkcon search, but couldn't find valgrind08:32
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crashmonkeyunfortunately, no time to start trying to compile valgrind myself08:34
phaeronssu er mer-tools08:35
phaeronvalgrind is in mer-tools08:35
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crashmonkeyphaeron: do I need to get some credentials from jolla to access mer-tools08:55
stephgthe repo is fully open08:56
stephgstep 5 here:
crashmonkeystephg: thanks, missed the refresh :-)08:58
stephgeasily done!08:58
juheDoes "Allow developer updates" in Settings -> Developer tools page on phone relate to Jolla's specific (closed) stuff?08:59
Stskeepsyes, not useful for anybody else09:00
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juheStskeeps: ok, thanks09:00
tbronly if they ever decide to give developers preview access to updates or such09:00
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achipa... how does harbour QA take usually? (I'm in my third day now)09:14
achipajust wondering if I should update it with a newer release or not...09:15
Armadilloyou should not09:15
Armadillomy last one took 4 days over the weekend09:15
Armadillothe current one was submitted 3 days ago, too09:16
Armadillostill not approved yet09:16
tbrThey seem to be fairly busy lately, so patience seems in order09:17
Armadillodid anyone ever had an approval at the weekend?09:18
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cos-am i the only one with ?09:25
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tbrcos-: try wiping all cookies09:30
cos-it's still a bug in account. or together.09:31
cos-probably together.09:31
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cos-nope, clearing cookies for together and account didn't work09:46
cos-it still directs to the together user registration page09:46
fluxdo you have adblock? cookies disabled? other limitations?09:47
cos-adblock yes, no others09:51
cos-i'll try disabling it09:52
cos-firefox on ubuntu 13.1009:52
cos-afk lunch ->09:52
ArmadilloAcce I solved my Dialog problem now with just in time error checking we discussed yesterday. I hope the users will enjoy this solution.09:53
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AcceArmadillo: good job :)09:56
coderusplease help me remember project successfully using libhp?09:56
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Accecoderus: ?10:07
Acceor did you talk about the printer library..10:08
Accesorry, just mixed libhp with libiphb10:08
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coderusAcce: lipiphb yes10:55
coderusthank you :)10:55
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rcglbt, is the code of the 3d dice app open source?12:04
rcgnice app btw :)12:04
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Morpog_PCbtw lbt when I open 3d dice I only see the text label and nothing else. Worked fine right after installation.12:04
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Morpog_PCand just after I told you this it's working again...12:10
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stephgMorpog_PC think it did that for me, but I may have been in bed when I was, ahem, playing12:15
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lbtrcg: not yet - it's a real hack atm - I'm planning to refactor it to be a viable way to have an opengl/QML/bullet template - tbh it's just a personal learning thing right now12:18
lbtMorpog_PC: was it upside down ?12:18
lbtthe dice will fall behind your viewpoint on the current version12:19
lbtI fixed that but even so they can fall out of visibility12:19
gabriel9where is setRoleNames12:19
Morpog_PClbt, maybe they somehow fall off viewpoint12:19
rcglbt, alright, reason i was asking to maybe have something like a "best practice" for something like this ;)12:19
gabriel9i'm trying to port my app to sailfish and where is setRoleNames12:19
lbtI also changed the lighting - it's random and sometimes the lights were placed too far away or in the wrong direction12:20
rcggabriel9, see the qt5 porting12:20
lbtrcg: yes - I'm planning on that12:20
rcggabriel9, that's not available anymore.. just a sec12:20
Morpog_PClbt, I would love a setting to adjust gravity. Also it would be cool to be able to drag the dices around with finger12:20
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lbtMorpog_PC: yes - I thought about making gravity a slider - I'll see how it works12:21
lbtdragging is surprisingly hard12:21
rcgsee m_roles12:21
rcgerr, _roles12:21
lbtyou actually need to do a GL render to determine where your finger is12:21
rcgyw :)12:21
coderusphone still disconnects when using mce keepalives12:22
coderusthp: anyone ?12:22
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thpcoderus: you send the keepalives regularly? (less than $INTERVAL seconds? where $INTERVAL can be taken from d-bus)12:23
gabriel9strange, i cant docs on qt project12:23
gabriel9about this12:23
lbtanyhow - don't forget to click like if you actually like any app - 500 downloads and only a few likes :/12:23
coderusthp: yes12:23
coderusi'm using interval-5 timer12:24
coderusАнастасия Бичель12:25
coderusoops wrong paste12:25
coderusvoid Connection::error(QAbstractSocket::SocketError): There was an IO error: "Connection timed out."12:25
coderusthis one12:25
gabriel9i need to learn c++12:28
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mikmathis connection problem -loop is rather annoying12:29
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kaltsia small update to sdk control center.. the rpm validator output should be easier to read due to better colors13:04
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Armadilloyay, new version approved :d13:11
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coderusthp: seems mce keepalive not enaigh for keeping internet connection :)13:17
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thpcoderus: might be. it does keep the cpu running, though13:19
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thpspiiroin: ^ do you know if mce keepalive keeps network connections alive too? or if there's an api for that?13:20
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spiirointhp: coderus: cpu keepalive is just cpu13:22
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wickwireHi guys, I'm trying to fix some paths on my SailfishOS app, for jolla13:32
wickwireI'm trying to use the advised notation13:32
wickwireto save files13:32
wickwirebut I'm getting the following:13:32
wickwire[nemo@localhost .ssh]$ ls -l $XDG_DATA_HOME/$NAME13:33
wickwirels: cannot access /SailfishOS: No such file or directory13:33
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wickwirehas anyone come across this kind of issue already?13:33
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radiofreeis there a pdf reader for sailfish?13:44
Bysmyyryes, from jolla13:45
Nicd-it's the documents app13:45
radiofreecertainly takes a while to open a pdf13:46
Armadillodepends of the size and complexity of the pdf13:46
radiofreelooks like it crashed it13:47
radiofreeactually swiping away and back and it loaded13:47
kaltsiwickwire: looks like in your shell $NAME = SailfishOS and $XDG_DATA_HOME is not set13:48
coderusspiiroin: soo, is there are keepalive for connection?13:49
kaltsiwickwire: also read about QStandardPaths etc above which has corresponding implementation13:51
spiiroincoderus: if there is, I do not know what it might be.13:56
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coderusspiiroin: cool :D14:30
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radiofreewhy do i keep getting system update notifications :\14:39
radiofreethis time is actually saying i can download it as well14:39
radiofreeeven though i'm already on
*** Sailor2359 has joined #sailfishos14:40
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wickwirekaltsi: thanks for the info! I managed to also find this information for Qt5
wickwireand upon testing it, it returned valid locations14:48
wickwireso I think I'll use this and see if it is OK with the Jolla guys14:49
kaltsishould be.. the rpm validator tries to catch that kind of problems, which you can see if you run your package through it14:49
radiofreeso i'm guessing i shouldn't download and install an update i already have?14:50
radiofreekeeps pestering me though :\14:50
radiofreewhat should i do?14:57
*** b0bben has joined #sailfishos15:00
radiofreerebooting fixed it, though i'll know it'll be back, anyone know why it thinks there's a system update available even though you're on the latest version15:00
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kaltsiradiofree: I'm told your update might have been partial before and you should accept the new one15:04
*** b0bben has quit IRC15:04
radiofreei see, ok, next time it pops up i'll download it15:05
radiofreein the jolla store it's currently saying it's up to date15:05
kaltsithe store checks every 24hrs or so15:05
radiofreein most cases when i get the "system update available" notice, it takes me to the update screen and then tells me "everything is up to date"15:05
radiofreethis was the first time that it's been available to download again15:06
kaltsido you btw have a fast/slow connection from your mobile when you're downloading the update?15:06
kaltsior in general15:07
radiofreethe update was done over my home network, 120Mbit15:07
kaltsinot fast enough! :)15:07
crnda good reason to get a faster one now...15:07
radiofreedamn it, need to move to korea then15:08
crnd"darling, we need to get a faster internet connection here so I can properly update my phone"15:08
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Nicd-anyone else noticed this?
Nicd-any feedback from the SDK / documentation folk?15:30
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kaltsiNicd-: maybe you can answe to the mailing list with a link to your post in together.jc so that Joona will for sure notice it15:39
*** simbrown has joined #sailfishos15:39
Nicd-kaltsi: I don't follow the mailing list15:39
kaltsioh.. there was just today a mail abou those pages, I thought you saw it and wrote that15:40
*** flyapen has quit IRC15:40
Nicd-no, I just saw the link to that pitfall page on another channel and read it through15:40
Nicd-and the color part seemed off15:41
Nicd-I've had the thought about the color names ever since I started developing for sailfish15:41
Nicd-but that I can live with, you can sort of understand the reasoning15:41
*** martyone has joined #sailfishos15:42
veskuhpitfall page has the correct stuff and the actual names are unfortunately off.15:42
*** rdymac has joined #sailfishos15:42
Nicd-maybe the silica documentation should be updated to reflect this then15:42
rdymacSailfish could be installed in a nexus5?15:43
*** clau2 has joined #sailfishos15:45
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coderusrdymac: sure. if you'll port it to nexus5 ;)16:02
*** simbrown has quit IRC16:02
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ryukafalzwould the nemo/sailfish software stack support CDMA devices?16:32
Stskeepsi dont think it's really been tried16:32
Stskeepsit would come down to ofono16:33
Stskeepsand RIL16:33
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ryukafalzah, so it's ofono... IIRC CDMA support in ofono is incomplete at the moment16:40
*** artemma has quit IRC16:41
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RaimI always see this warning on build: "warning: File `Makefile' has modification time 2.9 s in the future"16:50
AcceRaim: I get it too, nothing serious I think16:51
RaimI verified that the clock in the Mer SDK is actually behind that of the host system...16:51
Accejust some asynchronity with clocks16:51
*** arcean has joined #sailfishos16:51
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blues2anyone running sailfishos on Harmattan with 3.5 kernel?18:56
blues2.. on N918:57
coderusblues2: no working solutions for end user afaik18:57
coderusunder heavy development18:58
coderus Sailors, Jolla18:58
coderusis there any way to keep connection alive in background?18:58
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Jonnicoderus: yes if you kill battery life.19:05
*** blues2 has quit IRC19:05
*** leinir has joined #sailfishos19:05
Jonnimce-tool can be used to disable suspend sleep.19:06
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coderusJonni: way to wake up connection for a while for fetching last messages can be okay too :)19:17
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^AmPaRo^cant believe this thing still exists19:24
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matokingHey, I heard SailfishOS has official Python support as of the last system update20:02
matokingIs that true?20:02
Yanielis it available on the command line by default now?20:02
Yaniel(I installed it manualle already before the update so it's hard to tell)20:03
matokingI just started wondering whether it's feasible to port Electrum to Sailfish OS20:03
*** rm_work_ has joined #sailfishos20:03
Yanielsure is20:04
Yanielif you can get it into the app store is another question20:04
matokingYeah, there actually don't seem to be any external dependencies, so it's a go I think20:05
*** Gugli has joined #sailfishos20:05
matokingWell, I have an another project to work on when I'm tired of Filetug :)20:05
matokingA Bitcoin wallet20:05
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*** lpotter has joined #sailfishos20:22
matokingI got Electrum working on Jolla in text mode20:32
matokingIt appears to be slow at generating addresses but otherwise it appears to be usable :)20:32
*** dharman has quit IRC20:35
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John24gey guys does anyone know how to install apps from sailfish virtual machine?21:07
John24long press and x does not work21:07
*** Pat_o has joined #sailfishos21:08
tbryou could always just ssh in and pkcon uninstall them21:13
John24woudl that need any additional software or can I just command prompt?21:14
tbrthat too21:14
*** phlixi has quit IRC21:19
John24sorry for a stupid question first time using ssh and putty21:21
John24how to find out sailfish virtual machine ip>21:21
ln-it's localhost port 2223.21:22
ln-i was wondering about the same, why doesn't the X remove apps in the emulator.21:23
John24hmm gives me access denied21:25
*** lizardo has quit IRC21:31
*** KangOl has quit IRC21:37
John24it all worked thanks guys :)21:42
vesurivsSo the developer updates setting in dev mode doesnt do anything?21:43
John24not at the moment I guess21:44
*** RobertMe has quit IRC21:46
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coderusvesurivs: SSU?22:06
vesurivscoderus: yes22:07
coderusvesurivs: it does breaking your applications domain22:07
*** Pat_o has quit IRC22:07
coderustry to use Store after playing SSU ;)22:07
coderusJonni: ^22:07
Jonnivesurivs: "ssu domain sales" to fix your device :)22:08
Jonni(as currently devel updates are only available for jolla employees, (but we are working on enabling it at some point for harbour developers who want to be early birds... but no eta if and when that happens)22:10
*** achipa has quit IRC22:11
vesurivshavent enabled it as I figured it doesnt do anything22:12
M4rtinKyeah, some sort of "yellow canaries" for upcoming updates would be good to have22:13
M4rtinKmore QA in any for never hurts22:13
M4rtinKand with a bit of BTRFS snapshot magic could be even rather safe and reversible22:14
M4rtinKjust for comparison, the Fedora QA guys usually upgrade they workstations to a new Fedora release around alpha :)22:15
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