Tuesday, 2014-02-25

PLSGIMMEZIPjolla international version00:00
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PLSGIMMEZIPi want me sum sailfish00:00
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Lara21 Hi! I give you some videos. I hope you like! http://bit.do/my_videos6900:04
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sledgesPLSGIMMEZIP: early adopter wannabees pm me :)00:37
* sledges sleeps off :]00:37
Shin_NeMeSiSrom already done? o.O00:38
PLSGIMMEZIPI dont even know how to PM on this site00:45
Shin_NeMeSiS /msg name something_you_want_to_say00:46
Shin_NeMeSiSor /query00:46
PLSGIMMEZIPalright thanks00:47
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Renee18 You can find funny videos here. http://bit.do/my_videos6902:04
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Zoe26 You can find funny videos here. http://bit.do/my_videos6904:04
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ed-beoHi. What devices are supported already?05:05
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Sandy28 Here some videos. I hope you like them! http://bit.do/my_videos6906:04
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jake9xxfreenode should enforce identd06:52
jake9xxor we can ban all non-fqdn'd entries?06:53
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Sail0rwhy would you do this jake9xx07:18
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jussiSail0r: I think he is frustrated at the constant porn spam07:20
jussiyou could set +r, but I wouldnt recommend it07:20
pp_ /ignore my_videos69 ?07:21
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FireFlyMaybe a bot could ban each of them, that'd at least thwart further spam from the same IP07:37
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Natalia18 Here some videos. I hope you like them! http://bit.do/my_videos6908:04
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fluxthere could be a bot that bans every IP from which a user joins the channel and the first thing they say is a URL.08:13
korhojoaquestionable behavior if someone joins and asks a question with a tjc link08:14
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fluxwell, hasn't happened in my lastlog08:15
fluxI actually have a script that indicates if someone does exactly that08:15
fluxand there's always manual unbanning ;)08:16
flux(I don't know about that IRCInfoCustomer, seems like spam though)08:16
ln-does a spam matter, do the pornspambots ever join twice from the same address?08:18
ln-err, does a *ban08:18
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fluxfor example Natalia18 here did.08:18
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fluxoh oops, I just noticed it spammer a neighbour channel ;)08:19
flux(but to be effective such bans could be added to both channels)08:19
fluxapparently there have been some attempts at banning it, though.. first by username, then by ip.08:20
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albertoabruzzoIs there someone that tested Sailfish on Nexus 4?08:50
albertoabruzzoLol, btw where's the sources for compile?08:51
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tbrcompile what?08:53
albertoabruzzoThe image from the sources08:54
albertoabruzzoLike if i want to try it now08:55
Dev-auxThere are closed source parts08:55
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albertoabruzzoSo no way to join dev/test team?08:59
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Shin_NeMeSiSHi! Something new about Jolla or Sailfish OS?09:08
ChimChimYou can sign up to be an early adopter09:08
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tsukimori...for the nexus port09:08
Shin_NeMeSiSI already am, thanks :)09:08
Shin_NeMeSiSI'm waiting for the rom to get cooked and come along with some sweet cookies:309:09
kkszysiuIm waiting for Jolla UI sources09:11
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kkszysiuLets see if they open source Sailfish OS sources09:11
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Sfiet_Konstantinkkszysiu: they won't announce this at MWC I guess09:12
Sfiet_Konstantinat least the browser is open, go have fun with it :P09:12
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kkszysiuSadly no09:12
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albertoabruzzoWhere i can sing up to be an early adopyer?09:16
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tsukimoripm'ing a sailor is rumoured to help09:18
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tbrsledges / Stskeeps / sailors, you should consider an own channel for sailfish-port-a-potty activities. I'm having _really_ ugly MeeGo flashbacks right now.09:19
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Sfiet_Konstantintbr: #nemomobile-porters ?09:24
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tbrSfiet_Konstantin: I was snubbed after pointing people there. So NFC, but sailors run this ship, they hold the cards close to their chest, they have to call the shots.09:26
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ChimChimGood life, day off! Shame the zip isn available for testing yet :d09:49
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sledgestbr- I'll talk to Stskeeps about that but he's at mwc, pls patience for now, the waves will calm, like they did with n9-port-a-sailfish10:04
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Ana25 Hi! I give you some videos. I hope you like! http://bit.do/my_videos6910:04
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sledgesi'll pm the peeps directly to keep it cooler here :)10:07
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alberto_abruzzoT sledges thanks (:10:17
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backjlackIs the source code for the Jolla phone available yet?11:22
backjlackI'm interested in the kernel.11:23
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bencohpart of the "hardware adaptation" kernel is available11:23
bencoh(check github.com/KonstaT/sailfishos_kernel_jolla_msm8930/)11:24
backjlackThe phone and the OS both look good so far, being able to recompile the kernel is the main requirement for me.11:24
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backjlackBasically, I want a phone which lets me fix the kernel bugs on my own, not like Samsung which forces me to wait and hope somebody will fix problems.11:25
bencohyou'll still be missing some blob I guess11:27
bencoh(the part qualcomm has not opensourced)11:27
bencohbe it firmware or host blob, I haven't checked any further and dont own a device11:28
backjlackThank you for taking the time to answer. I'm interested in getting off the *Android bus* and back to something open.11:29
backjlackIf Jolla isn't the device to offer this, I'll look into Firefox OS.11:29
bencohwell I don't think you'd find more "open" regarding this part11:29
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VDVsxbackjlack, afaik you can also compile your own kernel11:31
leinirbackjlack: well, i've got a freerunner i can sell you if you'd like?11:31
backjlackleinir: Thanks, I'm interested in the Jolla phone.11:32
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Agatha30 Hi! I give you some videos. I hope you like! http://bit.do/my_videos6912:04
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avivbyoSomeone knows if salifish is multilanguage?12:28
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cos-avivbyo: of course it is.12:30
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condo43hello all; since few days, I had a problem with SDK: I can't deploy the application on Emulator... it fail at "deploy --rsync"; how to debug this ?13:15
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Zoe18 Here some videos. I hope you like them! http://bit.do/my_videos6914:05
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AoyagiThis channel is getting more spam than any other I'm in. Must be sabotage.14:07
Dev-aux*** SPAM ***14:09
flux% Abuse contact for ' -' is 'noc@voxility.com'14:09
flux% Abuse contact for ' -' is 'noc@voxility.com'14:09
Nicd-it never helps :/14:09
fluxI did the heavy work, now you do the rest 8-)14:09
Nicd-I've sent a few abuse reports, never got a response14:09
kenguor use the power of freenode and just get those banned from the network14:09
Nicd-kengu: they'll be back in no time with new IPs14:10
kengutrue. but those seem to be from voxility14:10
fluxno they won't, at most 4 billion times14:10
pp_freenode seems to have some forward ban, maybe forward them to sailfishos-sexbot and see when they notice?-)14:10
pp_(vs. normal ban, which the botnet code might detect)14:11
kenguk-line more like14:11
fluxbtw, the third ip I found from my logs is also Voxility-routed..14:12
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Armadillois tzhere an event for textfields/-areas which catchs paste events?15:18
*** flyapen has quit IRC15:20
*** Sail0r has quit IRC15:21
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juke_love the accent!15:34
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*** AndroUser has joined #sailfishos15:37
DirrkHi, I'm trying to run the 1312 installer. It complains about not enough space for temporary files. There's enough space in /home, and I've tried pre-creating the dir under /home as mentioned on the "Known Issues" webpage, but it still doesn't work. Any ideas?15:37
*** Sailor-2gether has joined #sailfishos15:38
*** Mossepo has joined #sailfishos15:38
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*** sequantz has joined #sailfishos15:49
DirrkHm, "strings" on the installer binary shows "TMPDIR", and setting on the commandline solves the problem. Could anybody add this to the "Known Issues" webpage? Or maybe to the error message? That would have been helpful.15:50
kaltsiDirrk: thanks for the report.. I'll make a note of it somewhere15:51
DirrkNow I get another error (not sure if it's related):15:51
Dirrk... and copy&paste doesn't work on the window ...15:51
DirrkError during installation process (org.merproject.mersdk)15:52
DirrkExecution failed (Unexpected exit code: 1)15:52
Dirrk/home/dirk/SailfishOS/bin/sdktoll addMerSdk ...15:52
Dirrk(lots of arguments)15:52
kaltsiwhich version of virtualbox you have installed?15:52
DirrkFrom Debian, moment15:53
DirrkShould I r(etry, i(gnore?15:54
kaltsishould be fine.. could you run the installer with -v (verbose) option and see if the output tells something more15:54
kaltsiDirrk: you should stop the installer, it's not going to work if you get an error there15:54
Dirrkkk, rerunning with -v15:55
kaltsiand could you paste the error to for example http://pastebin.com/ please15:56
DirrkI've blanked the "additional source" question, could that be the problem?15:57
kaltsiblanked? i.e. given no value?15:58
DirrkIt complains about --shared-src parameter mssing, Argument parsing failed.15:58
kaltsiyeah.. that's the problem :)15:58
Dirrkkk, try again15:58
kaltsiok.. need to make a note of that15:58
*** leinir has quit IRC15:59
kaltsikeep it as it is by default.. you can't easily change it anyways in this sdk.. in the next one yes15:59
kaltsiDirrk: where did you point the TMPDIR.. just somewhere which has enough space?15:59
Dirrkyes, another dir on /home16:00
*** leinir has joined #sailfishos16:00
kaltsiadded that bit to wiki16:01
kaltsierr to known issues16:02
Dirrkruns fine this time. thx for the help so far.16:02
*** phaeron has joined #sailfishos16:03
*** mirkolone has quit IRC16:04
*** Crystal25 has joined #sailfishos16:04
Crystal25 Hi! I give you some videos. I hope you like! http://bit.do/my_videos6916:05
*** xruxa is now known as xruxa_away16:05
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walokra^ unlike16:49
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stephgit';s always the same URL16:55
*** jorbas has joined #sailfishos16:55
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*** Tofe|Away is now known as Tofe17:09
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*** leszek has joined #sailfishos17:13
leszekhow can I call a signal from a remorseAction ? Is it even possible ?17:14
*** Armadillo has joined #sailfishos17:16
*** parmaene has quit IRC17:16
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*** dis_ has joined #sailfishos17:17
*** guilleiguaran has joined #sailfishos17:18
Venemoleszek: same way as you would call it otherwise?17:18
*** disharmonic has quit IRC17:18
*** N-Mi has quit IRC17:18
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guilleiguaranhow can i become an early adopter? :D17:20
*** wickwire has joined #sailfishos17:21
guilleiguaran(I have a Nexus 4)17:21
leszekVenemo: that unfortunately does not work as it complains about that it does not know the signal or it isn't a function. Here the source code: http://paste.kde.org/pfx40ezgp and the error message: http://paste.kde.org/pqmfbulnk17:21
*** dis_ is now known as disharmonic17:22
*** korhojoa has quit IRC17:23
Venemoleszek: I don't understand why you do it that way17:23
*** lsme has joined #sailfishos17:23
*** lsme is now known as Guest6317017:24
leszekVenemo: if you know another way or even better way please tell me17:24
*** RobertMe has joined #sailfishos17:24
*** _miqu_ has joined #sailfishos17:24
Venemoleszek: why do you assign the signal to another variable, instead of just calling it?17:25
*** korhojoa has joined #sailfishos17:26
*** HarhaanJohtaja has joined #sailfishos17:26
*** cmorlok has joined #sailfishos17:26
leszekyou mean in the action function ?17:27
*** stephg has quit IRC17:29
leszekVenemo: I am actually not assigning the signal to another variable actually. I am just calling the signal inside of another function17:29
*** Jpel has joined #sailfishos17:30
Tofeleszek: doesn't simply calling entryMenu.fileRemove(...) work?17:33
Tofefrom the action function17:33
*** piggz__ has joined #sailfishos17:34
*** leszek_ has joined #sailfishos17:35
leszek_Tofe: nope --> TypeError: Cannot call method 'fileRemove' of undefined17:35
*** leszek has quit IRC17:36
*** leszek_ is now known as leszek17:36
*** Venemo has quit IRC17:36
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*** kimmoli_jolla has joined #sailfishos17:40
leszekThe remorseAction in general only seems to work with functions not signals. At least I did not found any examples on how to emit a signal when a remorseAction finished17:42
*** Sailor-2gether has joined #sailfishos17:45
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Shin_NeMeSiSHi! :)17:56
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*** Tofe|Away is now known as Tofe18:00
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Tofeleszek: if entryMenu is not known in the scope of the function, you can always copy it in a variable, like you do for rmFile18:02
*** gabriel9 has joined #sailfishos18:03
*** Barbara26 has joined #sailfishos18:04
leszekTofe: tried that also but ---> Property 'removeFile' of object [object Object] is not a function18:04
Barbara26 You can find funny videos here. http://bit.do/my_videos6918:04
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Tofeleszek: what if "action" is not an inline function, but is declared like a usual function, like deleteFile ?18:07
*** Kabouik_ has joined #sailfishos18:07
*** gabriel9 has joined #sailfishos18:07
ln-my app was accepted to harbour within two working days. not bad.18:07
*** jjanvier_ has joined #sailfishos18:08
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leszekTofe: it does not change anything18:08
*** Venemo_ has joined #sailfishos18:08
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Armadilloln- last week I had a release below 24 hours :)18:12
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Shin_NeMeSiSbentz: Hi !!18:16
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leszekTofe, Venemo_: I figured out the problem. The items are removed before the remorseAction can kick in and execute the functions. Its a little bit odd but I guess its a bug in remorseAction as creating a remorseItem and calling remorse.execute works fine18:27
*** Blizzz has quit IRC18:27
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tortoisedochei sailors18:51
tortoisedoc\\usr\include\mlite5\mdesktopentry.h:40: error: variable 'MLITESHARED_EXPORT MDesktopEntry' has initializer but incomplete type18:52
tortoisedocanyone else seen this problem when relying on milte5?18:52
*** Nicd- has joined #sailfishos18:52
*** _miqu_ has quit IRC18:53
Shin_NeMeSiStortoisedoc: nope, sorry18:54
tortoisedocaaaah sh*tbals18:54
tortoisedocI have it18:54
*** jjarven has quit IRC18:54
tortoisedocnastynasty one18:54
tortoisedocproblem is in #ifndef GLOBAL_H18:54
tortoisedochas #ifndef GLOBAL_H18:54
tortoisedocin the first line18:54
tortoisedocwell, I happen to have a file called global.h18:54
tortoisedocguess what happens :|18:55
tortoisedoc(also the global.h has the same #ifndef GLOBAL_H)18:55
*** Finleida_ has joined #sailfishos18:56
*** Finleida has quit IRC18:57
Shin_NeMeSiSNo news today? xD18:59
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avivbyoHow do i add my apps to the SDK? someone knows?19:47
*** sletta has joined #sailfishos19:47
*** sletta has quit IRC19:48
ln-how do you mean add to the SDK?19:49
jake9xxavivbyo: well.. what are you talking about in detail?19:51
avivbyoI want to run something on the Virtual Machine , like adding things just to experience . is it posibble?19:51
jake9xxbut do you mean 'mer sdk' virtualmachine or the emulator?19:54
*** elcidii has joined #sailfishos19:55
elcidiihi guys19:56
jake9xxkimmoli: http://www.modaco.com/topic/364200-cyanogenmod-101-build-r20-130114/page-23 check for 'MSM8625Q' :D19:56
jake9xxkimmoli: once we have valid android capable kernel running on that hw ; rest is easier19:57
coderusavivbyo: deploy to emulator. thats a special target in sdk19:58
jake9xxu know, it might be in the works already so when devices hit stores ; we have SFOS for it :)19:58
ottulothat sounds great :o19:59
jorbasI'm trying to build PyOtherSide and I'm having trouble, from the message I'm getting (Project ERROR: Unknown module(s) in QT: quick qml) I'm guessing I don't have the correct packages installed for Quick or QML. I can't figure out what packages I need though. Does anyone know the Fedora packages (if they exist)?20:00
*** Morpog_Jolla_ has joined #sailfishos20:02
jake9xxjorbas ? qt4-dev ?20:04
*** gabriel9 has quit IRC20:04
jorbasPyOtherSide is bindings for Qt5. On a side note I do already have that.20:05
*** AlmAck has joined #sailfishos20:06
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jorbasFigured it out, qt5-qtdeclarative-devel20:16
*** piggz__ has quit IRC20:17
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ln-are category names in english for all locales? https://together.jolla.com/question/30497/localize-category-names-in-the-store/20:57
*** herr has quit IRC20:59
Turskiln-: haha, i haven't even realized that they are not localized21:04
*** stephg has quit IRC21:11
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*** artemma has joined #sailfishos22:37
artemmaWhat would be a good Qt logging library with warning levels and turnable on/off per class/unit, output to file/console? Ideally for QML as well22:39
sledgesartemma: qdebug ?22:40
artemmasledges: not good enough for me22:40
sledgesoh wel :)22:40
artemmaI want to be able to turn it on off and direct to file/console. Ideally at runtime22:41
artemmause case: debugging post factum from app users22:41
artemmalike when they figure misbehaving app feature, I'd tell to turn loggin on and send me log22:41
sledgesset a dynamically changeable minimal debug level treshold22:41
artemmaalso is nice to centrally set standard debugging level per class/unit. I want to keep logging statements in all units, but report only Error level, while reporting everything to a particular component I am studying22:42
artemmahmm, google tells that since Qt 5.2, Qt itself supports logging categories - http://qt-project.org/doc/qt-5/qloggingcategory.html22:45
*** KangOl has quit IRC22:45
artemmabut.. Sailfish so far is based on Qt 5.1 plus some cherry-picked Qt5.2 changes. Correct?22:46
artemmasledges: also I'd like optional timestamps for the log file. Helps with timing-dependent issues22:46
*** Sirius has joined #sailfishos22:49
*** Sirius is now known as Mirk22:49
*** Mirk is now known as Olermagazzi22:49
*** Olermagazzi is now known as Oler_magazzi22:49
*** Oler_magazzi is now known as Oler_4222:50
sledgesartemma: https://github.com/nemomobile/nemo-mobile-session/commit/3d76f04fd4e7f7c9b572c624e7740ada6b61d1c322:50
sledgesuseful thing22:50
Oler_42how can i get a preview of sailfish os for nexus 4?22:51
artemmasledges: thanks a lot! Just reading docs about the same and was wondering abt message patrern possibilities22:51
artemmafunction and line are good! maybe time will be there too22:51
artemmaOler_42: #jollamobile is a better channel for it. But shortly: there is no official version yet, you can google some developer level instructions22:52
artemmathat are probably obsolete by now22:52
sledgesOler_42: pm me your name email and intentions and we'll get back to you when image and instruction is ready for early adoption22:53
*** kimmoli_jolla has quit IRC22:55
artemmasledges: qtVersion() on device reports 5.1.0, category logging is from 5.2.0.. How can you use it then?22:58
artemmaOr is nemo already on 5.2 while sailfish is on 5.1 yet?22:58
*** ChimChim has quit IRC22:59
sledgesis just one switch statement really :)22:59
sledgeswe have very 5.1 nicely looked after with patches22:59
sledgesand contributions back to qt22:59
artemmaah. Then I probably can find it somewhere in nemo sources22:59
sledgescheck qtbase22:59
sledgesacross nemomobile-packages (or for a package of this calibre -- github/mer-packages )22:59
artemmaare you saying that all these utils are already part of sailfish sdk or that I need to reipmplement/copy it myself if I want to use it?23:00
*** mentos1386 has joined #sailfishos23:01
sledgesQT_MESSAGES pattern is certainly part of sailfish23:02
artemmaah, you use 5.0 facilities with message pattern23:02
*** Klarre has joined #sailfishos23:03
sledgesbecause a guy inside jolla asked me to do the same for nemo later ;)23:03
* artemma reads docs23:03
artemmaand the message pattern seems to be applied on the build step23:03
artemmaokay, redirection to file/console I can implement myself23:04
sledgesthat's true, as it needs to know the code line number etc23:04
sledgesartemma: http://qt-project.org/doc/qt-5.0/qtcore/qdebug.html#QDebugx23:04
artemmawhat about 5.2 style turning different debugging levels on/off at runtime?23:04
*** freedomrun has joined #sailfishos23:04
* artemma searched Logging categories seem to be not yet used in nemo - zero search results for https://github.com/nemomobile/nemo-mobile-session/search?q=QLoggingCategory&type=Code23:06
* artemma finds logging categories extremely convenient in his daytime java-related work, would be nice to use them in Qt. And in QML too23:07
sledgesmobile session contains only config files23:07
sledgescheck in qtbase23:08
artemmaI guess you mean qtbase coming from Qt.. and probably modified by nemo. I don't know how to find it. failed with Gitthub search23:09
artemmahmm can't find categories still. Oh well, maybe nemo doesn't use them23:12
*** Morpog_PC has quit IRC23:13
sledgesshould be there23:13
*** mentos1386 has quit IRC23:13
artemmapossibly I don't know how to use github search properly. Tried https://github.com/mer-packages/qtbase/search?q=QLoggingCategory&ref=cmdform23:14
sledgesgit clone and grep ;)23:14
*** flotron has joined #sailfishos23:17
*** Shin_NeMeSiS has joined #sailfishos23:18
artemmagrep -R 'QLoggingCategory' qtbase returned nothing still23:20
artemmahttps://bitbucket.org/razvanpetru/qt-components/wiki/QsLog seems to be close to what I want except it cannot switch file/unit categories at runtime (can at build time)23:21
*** sardini has quit IRC23:23
*** Shin_NeMeSiS has quit IRC23:24
*** Klarre has quit IRC23:24
*** Blizzz has quit IRC23:25
*** Space_llama has joined #sailfishos23:26
sledgesgrep QT_MESSAGE_PATTERN * -Rw23:28
sledgesworked :)23:28
artemmaah, the category classes are different then.23:28
artemmaor maybe not used23:28
sledgesnamed differently yea23:29
sledgescan never be sure23:29
artemmaokay, found https://github.com/mer-packages/qtbase/blob/c2af491cbabcba90ca5bd69f8ecb123439156f9d/qtbase/src/corelib/global/qlogging.cpp23:29
artemmastudying, thx23:29
sledgesyup :)23:29
sledgesthis should be in sailfish too23:29
*** AlmAck has quit IRC23:30
*** Shaan7 has quit IRC23:30
artemmasledges: looks well thought and I see how you print category, but I can't see how you enable/disable category23:33
sledgesjust changing threshold i think23:34
sledgesthat's all :/23:34
*** miksuh has joined #sailfishos23:34
artemmaso I can enable/disable INFO messages per whole project only. Can work, but Qt 5.2 categories are more flexible23:35
artemmaand well, it is obviously good enough for nemo23:35
*** Jpel has quit IRC23:37
sledgestoggling categories sounds a bit complex23:37
sledgesbut probably you can't go other way in your project's case23:37
sledgesno matter how complex it is/not23:37
artemmait probably is complex, but helps debugging23:38
artemmasure I'd like to use some ready made lib, hence these questions23:38
artemmaif not found I'll resort to just levels on/off probably23:38
artemmathen nemo-style patterns will help certainly23:38
sledgesoki, glad to help :)23:42
* sledges sleeps off23:42
*** disharmonic has joined #sailfishos23:45
*** rashm2k has quit IRC23:46
*** mk2soldier has quit IRC23:47
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