Sunday, 2014-03-02

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Yanielquite a persistent cat04:00
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situAnyone facing problems with internet connection on the emulator ? I see an option to connect to WLAN, but I can't select it.05:35
situveskuh: or it's a problem specifiec to Tweetian only ?05:37
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* Stskeeps looks at the deep black hole of his mailbox07:20
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lpotterCtrl->A, Delete07:35
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Morpog_situ, I sometimes get that with tweetian in emulator too07:40
Morpog_stopping and starting tweetian there again fixes it07:40
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stephgmorning everyone08:09
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AL13Nis it?08:13
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coupriesim interested in jolla sailfish on my nexus 408:36
Stskeepswhat level of functionality do you expect to be available in first early adoptor images?08:37
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coupriesnothing much just basic function like wifi, mobile internet, call and texting08:38
tbr'basic' hehehe08:38
zutto..yes, basic08:38
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coupriesor is it? it sounds basic right? hehe08:39
tbrbasic is "you get a ui that's working and not jerky"08:39
tbrwhat you described is a minimum viable product, which this likely isn't yet08:39
Stskeepscoupries: alright08:40
coupriesi see. so the current progress s at?08:40
Stskeepsyou'll probably enjoy later images more than early ones then08:40
Stskeepsthough texting and mobile internet actually works08:40
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couprieswhen will the later images be available?08:42
Stskeepscoupries: send sledges a /msg with your email and about being an earlier adoptor08:42
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coupries_what is the current development stage of sailfish right now? is it ready to release?08:47
Stskeepswell, sailfishos itself is production, and in the hands of consumers08:48
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Stskeepsbut hardware enablement is different from deviec to device08:48
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coupries_how about nexus 4? supported?08:48
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Stskeepswell, basics work (gpu, power management) and modem (sms, internet)08:49
Stskeepsbut still a way to go08:49
Stskeepsand audio08:50
coupries_how about camera?08:50
Stskeepsnot yet08:50
Stskeepscamera is probably one of the tougher parts of a stack08:50
coupries_i see. how bout the android apps?08:51
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Stskeepsnot yet, stuff like that would come later08:51
Stskeepsthere's a reason we say early adoptors :)08:51
coupries_im really interested in this OS. that's why i wanna be part of it.08:52
Stskeeps[09:42] <Stskeeps> coupries: send sledges a /msg with your email and about being an earlier adoptor08:53
Stskeepsyou probably missed that08:53
Morpog_best way is to buy a Jolla device ;)08:53
coupries_i already did08:53
Morpog_even better :D08:53
coupries_i mean i did msg him. the jolla device is not available in Malaysia anyway. *sigh08:54
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avivbyo@Stskeeps: Does GPS is working ? :)09:00
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Stskeepshmm not yet but it's just qcom gps..09:01
tbrbtw: is there a channel yet for sailfish adaptations/ports?09:02
Stskeepswe'll probably start out from here initially, but not 100% clear yet09:03
* Stskeeps looks for ways to choke people through the internet after reading a few together.* post comments09:04
tbrjust wondering, because platform and applications are perpendicular in many aspects09:04
Stskeepsyeah, that's true09:04
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avivbyoIs the camera is possible? like will it be fix?09:05
tbravivbyo: if you fix it, it will work. This will be a community effort.09:05
Stskeepsavivbyo: yeah, everything is possible, just effort09:05
avivbyoIt's probably a driver thing right?09:06
avivbyoAnd my lucky guess it that the port is somehow based on cyanogen (for a few libs and drivers) so guess i will try fix things myself09:06
Stskeepsit's more of a api thing09:06
Stskeepsie glue09:07
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VarmongerHow do I build my project in Sailfish SDK so that I get .rpm file?10:02
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Morpog_on the left side choose your target10:10
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Morpog_armv7 --> release --> deplooy as RPM package10:11
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Morpog_then from menu: create --> Deployment (it's longer, but it's in german here, so not sure what it says in english)10:12
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VarmongerWell I got these folders10:15
VarmongerAnd the 3 rpm files I got are these10:15
Varmongertfplay is the app/project name10:15
Morpog_in the RPMS folder there your .rpm should be10:15
VarmongerCheck this link10:15
Morpog_only the top one10:16
Morpog_12 kb10:16
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Morpog_but you created it for the emulator10:16
VarmongerHow can I make it work on my jolla?10:16
Morpog_depends on if you want to use it on emulator or on device10:17
Morpog_well, as I said choose the right target on the left side :)10:17
VarmongerThat's what I chos10:17
Morpog_aah, you haven't configured the target then when you created the project10:18
Morpog_thats why you can't choose it now10:18
VarmongerSo  I need to create a new project?10:19
Morpog_menu --> create10:19
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Morpog_menu --> create10:20
Morpog_kit selection10:20
Morpog_(hopefully, as I said, german here :) )10:20
Morpog_ah, damn there you can't......10:20
Morpog_Varmonger, on the left side click on projects10:21
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Morpog_click on add kit10:21
Morpog_now you should be able to choose it in target selection10:22
VarmongerGot it thank you :)10:23
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situMorpog_: Restarting Tweetian does not fix the problem.10:42
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Morpog_ok strange then10:43
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Morpog_I'm not on latest commits here, so maybe some new bug introduced?10:43
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situMorpog_: What commit you are on ?10:45
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situSame result, could be an issue with emulator itself.10:48
Morpog_did you change network settings in virtualbox maybe?10:48
Morpog_I get that wlan message if I choose a not working network adapter for the emulator10:49
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situI am connecting using NAT10:50
Morpog_same here10:50
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coderussuy: i have no problems with DCMA and have no plans for mitakuuluu :)12:46
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suycoderus: well, good to know that you had no problems. :)  do you know why other people did? because they used icons or names not very "safely"?12:50
woernsndoes anybody know, how i can get the console.log working? tried already with ssh and 'journalctl' but didn't work.. any ideas or fiexes?12:54
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coderussuy: because i have not published sources of whatsapp protocol :)12:56
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inffywhere are the user created ambiences stored?12:58
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suycoderus: oh, i thought that what you posted to github was all the source. Sorry then, I was confused.13:03
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coderusi posted just client ui sources, not whatsapp protocol :)13:11
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Accewoernsn: latest SDK?13:11
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woernsnAcce: just made the update half an hour ago13:12
Accewoernsn: if you have the early sdk, you need to download the 1312 alpha13:14
woernsnAcce: sorry for my unbelievable big stupidness.. i forgot to restart the SDK after updating it >.<'13:17
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AL13Ngot some build issues for armv7hl14:35
*** Kimmoli_jolla has joined #sailfishos14:42
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AL13Ncan someone help me with this: ?14:45
*** zhxt_home has quit IRC14:45
AL13Nsomething's wrong with the -march=armv7hl target... why can't the device build stuff for itself? that should be the default, shouldn't it?14:46
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Shin_NeMeSiSHi, some news about the launcher for android or the early adopter program?16:08
Shin_NeMeSiSi see... nothing :)16:10
elcidiihello guys16:11
*** Shin_NeMeSiS has quit IRC16:12
elcidiican someone confirm me if dropbox is spied too?16:13
* tbr didn't find a dropbox when scanning his SPI bus16:13
* stephg dons his tinfoil hat16:14
kenguit is.16:14
elcidiii hope jolla deal with those guys16:14
*** pvilja has joined #sailfishos16:14
ChimChimHey guys, just came back from LAN. Expecting to see my SailfishOS build :D16:14
Yanielthe real question is: does younited spy on its users?16:15
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elcidiiirc can be used for exchange files?16:15
Yanielyes, with DCC16:16
elcidiiif they do... it a crap16:16
Yanieland technically you can transfer data via irc channels too, but it is quite tedious16:16
tbreveryone spies on everything, there is no way to be safe, abandon all hope16:17
*** Sailor5543_ has joined #sailfishos16:17
kenguyounited promotes itself as "safe, secure and private" so why would it16:19
stephganyone else have any trouble with usbnet and a connection loop? (unrelated to the connman loop)16:19
Accekengu: if someone promotes itself with something, does it automatically mean it's a truth?16:20
Yanielhey, ads are always true, especially on the internet16:20
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AcceYaniel: yep, I know, I got few meters already in my pants16:21
*** Blizzz has quit IRC16:21
elcidiiirc one to one is spied too?16:21
kenguAcce: nope16:21
*** piggz__ has joined #sailfishos16:22
Acceelcidii: probably not, only if someone is interested in you or your keywords16:22
elcidiiok, thats better, and of course we can change nickname16:23
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elcidiibut, guys explain a thing, ppl can truly acces someones computer with these channel's?16:25
Accemaybe, if your client software is compromised16:27
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stephgnm, bad cable16:32
*** spiiroin has joined #sailfishos16:33
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Shin_NeMeSiSsomething new?17:43
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kimmoliuh, seems that sailfish takes looong nap. my 1000ms Qtimer just stretched to 30 minutes18:27
*** jmlich has joined #sailfishos18:28
kimmolihave to go for libiphb18:28
*** NindroidX has quit IRC18:33
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ShadowJKpretty much sleeps forever for me18:43
*** freddeloy2 has quit IRC18:44
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juke__too bad tha libiphb is gpl18:56
*** Shin_NeMeSiS has quit IRC18:56
Accejuke__: why?18:57
AcceI thought you could link agains gpl libraries18:57
Stskeepsit's what18:57
juke__Acce, lgpl18:57
Stskeepsseems like an error in COPYING18:57
Stskeepsheaders are LGPL18:57
spiiroinkimmoli: libiphb provovides  just wakeup, handles both wakeup + stay up19:00
Stskeepsjuke__: thank you for giving me a heartattack19:00
juke__Stskeeps, :D sorry about that19:01
juke__but it does say that in COPYIONG19:01
juke__someone should open an issue about it19:02
*** Sail0r has joined #sailfishos19:03
*** jstaniek_ has joined #sailfishos19:03
Stskeepsjuke__: already poked relevant person19:03
Stskeepsi don't want our lawyers to also have a heart attack19:04
M4rtinKspiiroin: has that nemo-keepalive  been already released ?19:05
M4rtinKspiiroin: looks like it could be handy19:05
*** jstaniek has quit IRC19:06
spiiroinM4rtinK: I do not think it is, but at least keeping it in mind while implementing something that needs to wakeup makes it easier to switch to it later on19:06
spiiroin... if everybody has custom stuff on top of libiphb it makes things more difficult in the long run19:07
*** edgar2 has quit IRC19:07
spiiroinin case we need to switch services that take care of the details or something like that19:08
M4rtinKwell, I'm slowly getting close to needing proper suspend inhibition (routing, batch tile download)19:08
M4rtinKso I'm looking for possibilities19:08
spiiroinM4rtinK:  suspend blocking is already in place19:08
M4rtinKso what interface would you currently recommend for 1) preventing screen blanking 2) inhibiting suspend ?19:09
spiiroinM4rtinK: a sec ..19:09
M4rtinKspiiroin: BTW, I would rather like to skip C++ for this, so it should be either accessible from QML or from shell (through Python)19:10
spiiroinM4rtinK: there are both c++ and qml apis for keepalive, without those it is dbus and/or libipbb19:11
spiiroinM4rtinK: blank prevention = dbus method calls to mce,
spiiroinand suspend prevent = dbus method calls to mce,
spiirointhe former is inherited from maemo, the latter is new but similar19:14
*** bentz has joined #sailfishos19:15
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*** master_of_master has joined #sailfishos19:23
M4rtinKspiiroin: looks like org.nemomobile.dbus is installed19:24
M4rtinKspiiroin: so that should work for me until blanking & suspend inhibition have a proper QML interface19:25
*** bentz has quit IRC19:26
spiiroinM4rtinK: yes, but the service name is
M4rtinKspiiroin: I mean the org.nemomobile.dbus QML DBUS module19:27
M4rtinKspiiroin: for accessing DBUS19:27
spiiroinM4rtinK: ok, assume I know nothing about QML :-)19:28
M4rtinKspider-mario: no problem :)19:28
M4rtinKspiiroin: ^^19:28
*** aarapov has quit IRC19:29
M4rtinKspiiroin: last question - how often should I call those DBUS methods ?19:30
*** aarapov has joined #sailfishos19:30
M4rtinKspiiroin: for blanking control on the N900, I think I had to call MCE every 60 seconds or so19:30
spiiroinfor blanking pause it is hardcoded, so every 60s - but to be on the safe side something like 50 s might be better19:31
*** artemma_phone has joined #sailfishos19:31
M4rtinKsure one needs to account for timer lag19:32
spiiroinfor suspend blocking you should make a query 1st (the idea is that systems that do not suspend can provide longer period, less dbus traffic needed)19:32
*** phaeron has joined #sailfishos19:38
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kimmoliäh. why i'm getting this all the time "error: Bad exit status from /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.pjco0q (%build)"19:46
*** Sail0r has quit IRC19:47
M4rtinKspiiroin: ok, thanks! :)19:48
*** KangOl has joined #sailfishos19:49
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Turskikimmoli: because packaging fails?19:58
kimmolibut why?19:58
*** dafox has quit IRC19:59
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Turskikimmoli: there's no output from that process?20:05
*** raa70 has joined #sailfishos20:06
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kimmoliTurski: Nothing much. this is one of many i fail to build,
*** stephg has joined #sailfishos20:13
*** Sage_ is now known as Sage-20:16
Turskikimmoli: /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.7xlaD4: line 34: : command not found20:17
Turskii wonder what that line looks like20:18
*** jjanvier has joined #sailfishos20:21
kimmoliso am i20:21
Turskikimmoli: take a look20:22
Turskikimmoli: ssh in to sdk virtual machine and check it20:22
kimmolinothing there20:23
kimmolimean /var/tmp is empty in mersdk and also in sb220:24
Turskieasy way to fix it is probably reinstall the sdk20:25
kimmolino help. tried that. same occurs in two windows installations. i think i tried it also on linux, but will recheck that now20:26
*** katsick has joined #sailfishos20:26
katsickhello everyone! can i get an alpha build to test a sailfish os on my nexus4 ?20:27
*** Blizzz has joined #sailfishos20:28
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walokraconfusing, some projects are using qtquick 2.1 import and others 2.0. which one I should use?20:45
kimmoliTurski: ok, so today it builds on linux, not on windows...20:49
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Turskiwalokra: "The current release of Sailfish Silica is based on Qt 5.0 and QtQuick 2. Sailfish applications should import version 2.0 of the QtQuick module."21:26
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walokraTurski: yeah, just that those docs are not to be trusted. there's misinformation in couple of places21:30
*** b0bben has quit IRC21:31
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Turskiyea, i have noticed that too21:36
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AcceTurski: if you guys find something significant, please report here:
Acceso all the typos and stuff are gathered in one place21:47
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