Friday, 2014-03-14

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coderusartemma: what problem with ~/.local/share/myapp/logs ?07:24
coderuswhy you need /var/log folder?07:25
Nicd-doesn't journalctl have an API for writing logs?07:25
Nicd-or systemd or whatever07:25
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coderusNicd-: afaik you cant change logging for some applications, only whole journal07:37
Nicd-yeah, but I meant that can't he use some systemd's logging feature to save logs from his app07:38
Nicd-so they'll go wherever they usually go07:38
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artemmacoderus: I can use /.local/share/.. Right now I use ~/.local/cache07:46
artemmacoderus: wanted to use /var/log for two reasons: 1) I thought it's standard location for logs; 2) I guess it's one of the places system cleans on its own once in a while, so I don't have to bother abt deleting own old logs07:47
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coderusartemma: then use /tmp :)07:50
coderusNicd-: journalctl -a /path/to > /my/logfile :D07:51
Nicd-artemma: is syslog available?07:51
Nicd-isn't that the standard way of logging?07:52
coderusno syslog in sailfish, isnt it?07:52
coderusits journal07:52
Nicd-yeah but there should be a similar API, no?07:52
artemmaNicd-: I output logs to journalctl too, but want to have own logfiles too. For longer term. Also would post more details to there07:52
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coderusartemma: msgHandler :)07:53
coderus/var/log root owned07:53
coderusi'm sure you cant use it07:53
artemmayes, sure, that's where it all starts, but then I need to direct logs to some file07:53
artemmawell, I am not a *nix person. Was just asking abt what's proper location for log files07:54
coderusit depends on Harbour07:55
coderusif you want to go to it or not07:55
artemmaI do :)07:57
coderusthen you should use ~/.local/share only and forget about other paths to save any information07:58
squiddumm how can I set maps to show meters instead of yards?08:01
stephgsquidd, which country are you in08:02
Nicd-squidd: if you have dev mode you can change the appropriate part of the locale in the terminal, afaik that's the only way if you don't want to change the UI language08:03
* stephg wondered if it was all based on locale08:03
stephgand you have yards/miles etc?(?!)08:03
squiddim guessing its cos my language is set to english08:04
squiddbut thats just silly to not have any option to change it08:05
Nicd-I agree it's stupid08:06
Nicd-hopefully there's a setting coming for it08:06
fluxhas someone tried changing the locale variables for the map software?08:06
fluxI'm thinking an executable wrapper that first exports LC_MEASUREMENT=en_US.utf8 or something might work08:07
Stskeepsor just edit the file where locale is set in?08:07
Stskeeps(at own risk..)08:07
ppWhy can't they just standardize "International English" :(08:08
ppBroken american english, A4 paper and kilometers :-)08:08
stephgstandardise! ;)08:09
squiddwhy cant silly people use metric system like most people do08:09
ppin broken american english both are fine!08:10
fluxsoo, putting some extras to /etc/sysconfig/i18n should work I suppose?08:10
fluxthis is why adding a wrapper to maps app is preferable, less chance of breaking system boot :)08:11
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fluxapparently i18n isn't just locale variables08:14
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cos-i can't believe it's 2014 and computers are still full of locale issues08:15
fluxthe problem is some people don't understand that there are many who prefer not to use their native language08:15
cos-luckily charset issues have been solved, at least in foss world08:15
fluxbut while we prefer to not use the native languages, we do prefer to use sane dates and sane measurements..08:16
cos-for exaple ubuntu defaults to some "letter" page size which is used in some remote country and i need to change it in all applications..08:16
flux/etc/papersize, there's probably a tool for changing that08:16
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cos-flux: yep, but in 2014 i'd expect automatic sane defaults, especially as the computer knows my location08:31
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cos-still no 1.0 out08:31
Nicd-any day now08:32
stephgwhat about now?08:32
squiddjust like dukenukem! any year now!08:32
Stskeepswe just care about our quality..08:32
squiddcant you care a bit faster? :D08:33
ln-it's open source, there can't be bugs or quality issues.08:33
Juubasquidd: did you find the english+kilometers fix yet? a simple locales-edit does the trick08:33
squiddJuuba: yes, I was able to do it change it08:34
squiddgoogle was my friend08:34
squiddwow, change of thought in the middle of the sentence <308:34
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joonahoi_Stskeeps: that's great. especailly when lifting the beta tag08:35
Juubasquidd: sounds like some pop song's chorus08:35
joonahoi_also sadly very #unlike as well ;)08:35
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v3ng3anc3Hello Guys08:42
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s1gk1llhi everyone10:40
s1gk1llquestion: after a factory reset10:40
s1gk1llyou have to do all the updates from the start?10:40
s1gk1llisnt it possible to jump to the latest update in one shot?10:41
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Stskeepsno, because we don't update the factory snapshot10:41
s1gk1llbut you never install the factory snapshot right?10:42
EztranI think it goes => 1.0.25 => latest currently?10:42
s1gk1llit is already there10:42
StskeepsEztran: yeah10:42
s1gk1lllatest is
s1gk1llit's a little bit anoying to do more than one update10:44
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s1gk1lltelling my story with the only factory reset I've done:10:45
s1gk1llafter the 1st update to
s1gk1llthe 2nd update to didnt work using the seetings app10:46
s1gk1llonly worked with # version --dup10:46
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s1gk1llnot sure why10:47
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squiddis there a nice way to send sms using commandline?10:49
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goroborosquidd... I would guess that you could do this by making a dbus call to telepathy... but I haven't figured it out myself yet12:08
goroboroif you find out... let me know12:08
squiddIll start looking into it when I get home I guess12:08
squiddUnless I end up celebrating friday12:08
goroborommm pm me if you solve it... I usually stay online12:08
goroboroeven afk12:08
goroboroI would love to be able to write an app on my desktop that can send sms via my jolla12:09
squiddyeah thats my plan too :P12:09
* goroboro offers a beer to anyone that can document how to do this :D:D:D12:10
Stskeepsssh phone "dbus-send /ofono" ..?12:10
goroboroStskeeps: that's starting to sound hopeful12:12
goroboroSail0r: I owe you a beer12:12
ppmaybe adding something like :D12:12
squiddoh damn12:12
Sail0rgoroboro: :)12:12
squiddThis looks good :O12:12
goroborothis prompts me to think up a way that it would be possible to buy anyone a beer anywhere in the world....12:13
Sail0rshould be a german service12:14
Juubawouldn't this be one the reasons why bitcoin was created?12:15
goroborobitcoin != beer12:18
Accewho wants to start a bar that accepts bitcoins?12:19
Acceso people can offer beers over the internet12:19
goroborothe problem with that is enforcing that the bitcoin gets used for beer12:19
Accemaybe we should just ditch all currencies and measure everything in beer12:19
goroborowhen I offer someone a beer... I don't mean to give them cash... I literally want to give them beer12:20
Sail0rlet's name it beercoin12:20
Accegoroboro: yes, that's way you could send the bitcoin directly to the bar12:20
goroboroAcce: ah... I see your logic12:20
Nicd-what if they don't drink beer?12:20
goroborothen fuck em12:20
Juubatheir loss12:20
goroboroI only pay ppl in beer12:20
AcceI wonder what Finnish law says about taking donations in beer12:21
goroboroits the foss way12:21
Accesince it's prohibited to receive monetary donations12:21
Sail0rnothing about liquid donations?12:22
goroboroAcce: the problem with your proposal is that it is localized... so the person has to go to that specific bar to get their beer...12:22
Accegoroboro: yes.. we need somekind of beerpay network, and get many bars to join12:22
Juubaif it is valued more than the (what's the amount, 1-2000 eur/year) allowed amount, you gotta pay taxes12:22
goroboroAcce: I'm in...12:22
Accethen we can send messages like "this bar has a beer for you!"12:22
goroboromaybe we could issue beer cards... that you can top up12:23
Juubait doesn't matter (i think) if the gift is not "money", you still gotta pay tax12:23
Sail0rmaybe you could send a qr code and that gets accepted at any bar12:23
Accewe could have beer accounts, which shows how many beers we have, and we could drink those beers at the bars in the alliance12:23
ppAcce: actually it's fine to receive, you just can't solicit them12:23
goroborothat way you could top up your beer card before a night out... and only use that for your rounds... responsible drinking12:23
Accepp: yes, but it's meaningless, since people rarely send you a message asking your paypal account so they can donate to you12:24
goroboropp does the beerware license count as solicitation?
AcceI wonder if we could really get pubs to join this kind of service12:25
*** stephg has quit IRC12:25
goroboroworthwhile endeavour... you just need to work out a way to actually get the money to the pub12:25
AcceI guess regular internet payment would work somehow12:26
goroborothat method has to be equivalent to paying the price at the bar12:26
Accewhich would be directed to the bar in question12:26
goroboroso internet payments tend to go through some payment gateway that takes a commission... which messes with this12:26
Accewell, it would make the beers little bit more expensive yeah..12:26
Juubastill the recipient would not care nor pay anything?12:27
goroborostill... I think I would be willing to pay a bit more12:27
Juubawin + win12:27
* goroboro wants to be the payment gateway then12:27
goroboronow I need to go and convince bars to use me12:28
Accebut something like 1. user decides to pay a beer to person A, 2. service receives payment for the beer 3. person A goes to alliance pub 4. service pays the pub in question12:28
goroboroAcce: that's the model12:28
Acceyes, if you're willing to donate a beer to someone, does it matter if it's 6 or 7 euros?12:28
Acceor I don't know, it's probably much cheaper in some places12:29
Juubadonate needs to be specified? Generic-tap beer/guinness/local expensive but good beer/etc...12:29
Juubaor "Bud" to insult someone.12:30
Juuba"Bud Light" to fuck them up real good12:30
Accehmm yeah, it's difficult, since for example a fine czech beer costs 6-7 euros in finland, but 1-2 euros in czech..12:30
Juubathen you donate the czech budweisser to someone and they get MAD at ya12:31
Juubaif they thought it was just the american piss-wasser12:31
Accethere has to be some value categories as you said, from which the receiver can choose from12:31
Acceit could be like pizza online, just for beer and without delivery :P12:32
goroboroJuuba: I like your thinking12:32
Juubai'll volunteer as a test engineer for this service12:32
* goroboro needs to get back to work12:33
goroborodefinitely something to mull over12:33
Acceyes, we'll memo this and in ten years, today will be celebrated by beers donated through our service!12:33
goroboroI'm convinced that you could get pubs etc to sign up for this12:34
goroborothey might even be willing to pay the processing fee12:34
goroborothe logic would be... someone got a beer... they come to the pub and drink the beer...12:34
goroborothey bring a friend... they buy more beer12:34
goroborowhat could go wrong for the pub?12:35
*** BeholdMyGlory has joined #sailfishos12:35
goroborojust need to work out the payment processing12:35
Accewe need to first make the service.. and then test with few pubs we have connections with12:35
Accefirst allowing paypal only would be fast, probably12:36
Accemost people have it and then no need to fiddle with all the card companies12:36
goroborommm definitely an option12:36
Accelater we could add local bank payment etc..12:36
* goroboro makes a note to explore this further12:37
goroboroI'm sure that we can convince people to go down to their local pubs and sell the idea12:38
goroboroone problem though... I need to validate myself to claim my beer12:38
goroborothe validation could be an issue12:39
goroboropub doesn't want overhead handling this12:39
Accethe validation would be for example, a QR code on your phone screen12:40
Accelike online tickets etc12:40
goroborosounds reasonable... although that would mean the pub would need a scanner... to check that the beer is still valid... staff training etc12:41
*** jukkaeklund___ has joined #sailfishos12:41
AcceI think a scanner wouldn't much too expensive, we could even donate the scanner if the pub is willing to join12:41
AcceI'm now dreaming of the day when my phone beeps and says "You have 1 new beer"12:42
*** jukkaeklund_ has quit IRC12:44
Acceor, we could make an app for the seller side, since they probably have QR code reading phones anyways12:47
Acceno need for additional hardware expect where needed12:48
Accewell, off to play some floorball now!12:48
* goroboro is back to work12:48
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Wntgreat introduction to DBUS method calls; I created a script that calls store client's checkForUpgrade once every 5 minutes and shows an alert on the screen if something is available14:02
*** CvP has quit IRC14:02
Wntone can see the DBUS method name at lest from /usr/share/jolla-settings/pages/about/about.qml14:03
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edipsthp: after building pyotherside for android, there is an error about importing pyotherside in creator:  "QML module does not contain information about components contained in plugin"14:44
*** radekp has quit IRC14:50
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cos-still no update.. don't release the devs for beer until it's out :-)15:00
inffyi would guess they are already drinking the cool-aid15:01
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inffynext week then...15:27
tortoisedocinffy : update happens next week?15:27
*** flyapen has quit IRC15:27
*** sletta has quit IRC15:30
tortoisedoctak Stskeeps15:30
tortoisedocspeaking of updates15:30
tortoisedocis there anywhere a feature roadmap for releases available`?15:30
*** sletta has joined #sailfishos15:31
tortoisedocprobably within Jolla, but heh it would be great to have access to it :D15:31
tortoisedoc(as developers I mean)15:31
inffytjc i guess15:31
*** Eismann has joined #sailfishos15:31
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tortoisedocinffy : tjc is more community-wishes oriented, I was referring to something official from Jolla15:48
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PojntFXHi! I wanna be an early adopter for SailfishOS in the nexus 4! I hope it's OK to simply talk to the chatroom... a big thanks!16:19
Yanielpm sledges with the details, he is more or less in charge of those AFAIK16:20
*** Sail0r has joined #sailfishos16:24
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coderusso what the version of upcoming release?17:00
*** Tofe is now known as Tofe|Away17:01
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PojntFXsledges are you online?17:02
m4g0gwhen we can see this realse17:02
*** saraghon has joined #sailfishos17:04
PojntFXHi guys does anybody know that: is the android part includet in sailfish for nexus 4?17:06
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tortoisedocwhy is my qsettings obj not sync'ing correctly to file..17:43
*** arcean has joined #sailfishos17:46
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coderustortoisedoc: how thats possible?17:56
tortoisedoccoderus : good question17:56
tortoisedoccode that used to work elsewhere (desktop, n9) does not work on sailfish?17:56
*** phaeron has quit IRC18:04
tortoisedocah ok now it works :)18:06
tortoisedocwrong initialization :D18:06
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tortoisedocanyone tried QIcon::hasThemeIcon?19:22
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tortoisedocat least on emulator, does not seem to detect style icons19:27
raa70should i get nexus7 or does noteII get sailfish sooner?19:29
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tortoisedocUnable to assign double to QQuickAnchorLine20:12
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tortoisedocanyone else? ^20:12
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coderusany way  to give root access to android apps?20:59
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edips_thp: pyotherside for android's project gives error on qt creator when I edited as : pyotherside_example:  main.h:  main.cpp:
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