Wednesday, 2014-03-19

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Dr_Cainis the store broken? I'm trying to install the file browser and it's not letting me01:41
Dr_Cainstuck on Installing01:41
chriadamjournalctl -baf tell you anything?  most likely packagecon is stuck for some reason01:42
Dr_Cainah let's see01:43
Dr_CainMar 19 09:44:10 localhost ssu[2945]: ssu: Device not registered -- skipping credential update01:44
phaeronthat's expected01:44
phaeronfwiw it is stuck for me here too01:45
Dr_Cainit worked fine until half an hour ago, so got half of the apps that I needed installed01:45
phaeronyou're really lucky ? :)01:46
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Dr_Cainhmm, how else can I run .apk files?01:49
Dr_Cainthrough the command line?01:49
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phaeronDr_Cain: apkd-install01:51
phaeronfor sideloading01:51
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Dr_Cainah nice01:53
Dr_Cainyeah worked01:54
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Dr_Cainphew, needed a very specific version of google play services to be able to sign in02:56 (965943-30).apk02:57
Dr_Cain3.1.36 was too old and 4.2.39 was too new02:57
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Dr_Cainhow do I get new icons to show up btw?03:00
Dr_Cainwithout rebooting03:00
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Dr_CainYES, had to delete google services for apps to install again03:26
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Dr_CainRefreshing software list04:12
Dr_CainFatal error: Download (curl) error for '':04:12
Dr_CainError code: HTTP response: 50204:12
Dr_CainError message: The requested URL returned error: 50204:12
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ruskie <-- mmmm now just needs sailfish on it hehe07:41
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zoldyckI just downloaded the SDK for Windows and it asked for VirtualBox08:20
zoldyckso I thought - is VirtualBox only needed on Windows or on all platforms?08:20
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kontiozoldyck: on all platforms it's needed...08:21
zoldyckI thought maybe SDK for Linux would be ok with QEMU08:22
zoldyckok thanks08:22
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kontiozoldyck: in theory it could work, in practice just to many things are configured to use some vbox services etc and assume vbox scripts available to set the SDK up... I think many asked how to replace vbox, answer was always your on your own, but if you get it working, please document it somewhere in public... I didn't see yet any instructions for it...08:31
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goroborohi all08:54
goroboroI'd like to use the python-requests library in an application that I'm working on...08:54
goroboronow... typically on most linux distros... I would use pip to install it... or maybe there would be a package for it... but pip is more likely to get me the most current version08:55
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goroborodoes anyone know how I should handle something like this on sailfish?08:55
goroboroI could try and package it myself...08:55
goroborobut I know that I tend to get distracted with things... and package maintenance is not my strong point08:56
goroboroso the package would more than likely end up going out of date08:56
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gorobororequests is a really useful library for HTTP stuff... it handles sessions particularly well08:58
goroboroand it is very easy to use...08:58
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tortoisedocgoroboro : try pip09:09
tortoisedoci think you can set the version you want?09:09
tortoisedocaka you can specify which version you want09:10
goroborotortoisedoc: is pip available... I didn't see it... maybe its in some weird path09:10
Andy80are you experiencing any battery drain with 1.0.4?09:10
tortoisedocgoroboro good question09:10
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Andy80I left home with 100%, I had 95% after few minutes :(09:10
tortoisedocAndy80: I noticed battery draining faster than before, but not excessively09:10
tortoisedocAndy80: from term do top09:10
Andy80I did09:11
Andy80the maximum CPU was a nemo process with 11%09:11
Andy80nothing high09:11
goroboropip doesn't seem to be available09:12
goroborothere is /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/setuptools/command/easy_install.py09:14
tortoisedocAndy80: nemo process is _steadily_ on 11%?09:15
Andy80no, now it's 2%09:15
Andy80I just said what was the maximum peak I saw09:15
goroborommmm doesn't run in the same way that I have seen before...09:16
goroboroeven using the --help parameter just returns silently09:17
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goroborolooks like I am just going to have to explore packaging the requests library myself :(09:18
zoldyckI'm write a hello world. When I click to build in Qt Creator, it says "Virtual Machine 'MerSDK' is not installed"09:18
zoldyckVirtualBox is launched and the machine is there09:19
zoldyckI also tried running the machine manually09:19
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tortoisedocgoroboro easy_install pip09:25
goroborodoesn't work09:26
goroborocan't get easy_install to do anything09:26
goroborobit of a pain... I'll have to think about this a bit09:27
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wickwireHi guys, I found out that Nokia Here Maps have integration with SailfishOS, does anyone know of any documentation available on how to implement geo location?11:50
juke__qtpositioning for getting locations but that does not include maps11:50
amccarthyQt Location includes the maps parts.11:51
fluxzoldyck, did you try a few times?11:51
fluxzoldyck, I think it actually might be three times11:52
fluxonce it starts up the SDK virtualbox, second it starts the emulator virtualbox, the third it actually works..11:52
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jake9xxyes, fix is coming when we rebase to qtc 3.012:28
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cos-are there some weird limitations with mtp connectivity? i cp'd a file to Downloads and it isn't visible via mtp12:41
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cos-mtp does seem to work though after update12:41
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cos-..or at least listing files. copying file out of jolla does not work12:42
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cos-ok works with gmtp but not with gnome's mtp client.12:43
tbrcos-: depends on your OS12:43
tbrand on the mtp client12:43
cos-ubuntu with cinnamon12:43
tbrin Nautilus I often have to force-reload directories to see changes12:44
tbrthat's a client (PC) problem and NOT hardware12:44
cos-the latest jolla update fixed some issues though12:44
tbr(it also happens with Android devices)12:44
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Andy80contactsd is taking up to 96% CPU, my phone just rebooted I think or all apps just crashed13:41
Andy80and battery is draining out quickly :(13:41
tbrstuck processes drain battery, yes13:42
Andy80yeah... I know....13:44
StskeepsAndy80: journalctl -f13:44
Andy80wifi not working well in the office... I will have to do it when at home13:45
cos-was yesterday's update the monthly update for february or march?13:46
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Andy80Stskeeps, ok I was able to execute it... but it doesn't say much13:49
w00tdid you run it as root?13:50
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AcceAndy80: try with -a, or -n <number of lines>14:02
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Andy80the problems is that now the CPU is back to normal usage... between 2 and 4%14:04
Andy80so it's hard to understand what happened14:04
Accethere might be something left in the logs14:05
Accebut they will last only for about 30 mins unless you have enabled persistant logs14:05
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Andy80let me get it fast then14:06
Andy80cool, I got the whole log now. I wonder if it may contain any sensible data, before pasting it on pastebin...14:08
Acceit's probably okay14:08
Andy80Acce, Stskeeps here you have
StskeepsAndy80: i'm being very very careful in saying this, but can you try to disable miitakuulu?14:11
Stskeepsand see if cpu usage goes down?14:11
Andy80Stskeeps, it's now down again, but I can quit it if you want14:12
Andy80its strange btw... I upgraded yesterday to 0.2 and it still says 0.1-3014:13
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Nicd-coderus: are you around?14:14
Nicd-or anyone else that would like to help with a bit of QML14:14
AcceNicd-: I might be able to help, but not sure until you ask your questions14:16
Nicd-let me just find my gist14:16
coderusNicd-: sure14:16
coderusmore or less14:16
Andy80Stskeeps, something that is really really bad in my office is the wifi signal. I don't know if you can see anything about it in the logs.....14:16
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Nicd-here's my QML:
*** Mossepo has joined #sailfishos14:16
Nicd-the problem is that when I click on some input field, the keyboard overlaps the combobox14:16
Nicd-and I can't scroll the view to see it14:17
AcceNicd-: did you try setting contentHeight for your flickable?14:17
AccecontentHeight: chilrenRect.height14:17
coderusNicd-: first of all: TextFields in a row is a very bad idea14:18
Nicd-Acce: it results in infinite loops14:18
coderusonly columns14:18
Nicd-but I can try14:18
Nicd-coderus: that part actually works quite nicely14:18
Nicd-and I think it looks nice too14:18
Acceyou mean binding loop?14:18
Nicd-Acce: might be it, I'll try deploying and see what the message was14:18
Nicd-it'll take a minute to deploy since my computer is so slow :P14:19
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coderuslet me build your code14:20
*** thrakcattack has joined #sailfishos14:21
Andy80Stskeeps, if there is any other kind of log, data I can provide, please let me know14:22
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Nicd-Acce: I put in contentHeight: childrenRect.height for the flickable14:24
Acceand nothing?14:25
*** datagutt has joined #sailfishos14:25
Nicd-I can attempt to scroll it14:25
coderusagain after switching device from wlan to usb qtcreator still trying to deploy to wlan14:25
Nicd-when I release my finger, it nudges for the smallest amount14:25
Nicd-but doesn't move14:25
Acceadd a ScrollIndicator, you should see what it thinks it's content height is14:28
Nicd-Acce: I tried putting in childrenRect.height * 2 and now it says binding loop14:28
Nicd-and the page is apparently infinitely long14:28
Acceuhhm, okay, maybe coderus will something better, I don't know why childrenRect.height would depend on contentHeight14:31
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Nicd-I added a VerticalScrollDecorator and now it says QML VerticalScrollDecorator: Binding loop detected for property "y"14:32
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coderuscontentHeight: addConnectionColumn.height14:35
Nicd-I can kinda fake it by saying contentHeight: height * 1.514:36
Nicd-and then just find the optimal value for 1.514:36
coderuscontentHeight: addConnectionColumn.height14:36
Nicd-I'll try that14:36
coderusits first thing you should set when using column inside flickable14:36
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Nicd-oh, that works perfectly14:37
Nicd-thank you so much coderus :)14:38
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coderusyou're welcome14:41
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Nicd-why is canAccept a read only property for Dialog?14:58
*** alin has quit IRC14:59
Nicd-or do I have to use dialog.canAccept(false);?14:59
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Nicd-apparently not15:02
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Nightmare__        canAccept: true15:23
*** kempe has joined #sailfishos15:23
Nightmare__works for me15:23
Nicd-Nightmare__: in javascript15:23
kempeis there a way to rename a project? i started out just playing around so i named it "first" but now as it starting to turn to something real i would like to rename it15:24
Nicd-Nightmare__: that says it's a read-only property15:25
Nicd-kempe: yes, but you need to rename it in all your files (yaml, pro etc) too15:26
kempeah, sounds like too much work. easier to just recreate the project :P15:29
Nicd-Nightmare__: I fixed it and it was my silly mistake15:32
Nicd-I also had a function called canAccept15:32
Nicd-so it overruled the property15:32
Nightmare__oh i see15:32
*** Sthocs has joined #sailfishos15:33
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*** xruxa is now known as xruxa_away15:54
Nicd-[W] unknown:1 - <Unknown File>: SyntaxError: Unexpected token u15:54
Nicd-gee, thanks Qt Creator15:54
Nicd-that's really helpful15:54
gabriel9|workthats why i dont like coding in it :/15:54
gabriel9|workbut java is no better with that long stack traces...15:55
gabriel9|workmaybe i should invent something new and better :D15:55
*** polishchocolate has quit IRC15:56
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Nicd-so what's wrong with this.options = JSON.parse(infodict.options);?16:12
*** nsuffys has joined #sailfishos16:12
Nicd-I'm getting SyntaxError: Unexpected token o16:12
*** jjarven has joined #sailfishos16:12
Nicd-oh! maybe it's casting infodict.options to string and it'll return 'object Object' when it's not a string16:12
Nicd-thanks for the help :)16:13
*** Xray2000 has joined #sailfishos16:14
Xray2000HI how can i become a tester here ?16:15
*** HymyPoika has quit IRC16:16
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Nicd-Xray2000: for the android version?16:18
Xray2000Yes for the Nexus416:19
*** nsuffys_ has joined #sailfishos16:19
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Nicd-Xray2000: msg sledges with your contact details, but be prepared to do some work16:19
Xray2000ok thanks!16:20
Nicd-looks like sledges is going to have a ton of early adopters :P16:20
*** HymyPoika has joined #sailfishos16:21
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s1gk1llhi everyone16:59
s1gk1llI removed the favorite icons from settings app17:00
s1gk1lland added them again17:00
s1gk1llbut now they dont have the toggle option17:00
s1gk1llit's just a shortcut to respective page17:00
s1gk1llanyway to recover the toggle icons ?17:01
*** jjanvier has quit IRC17:01
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*** simpleirc1 has joined #sailfishos17:18
Nicd-how do I trigger functionality in my page when a dialog is accepted?17:18
*** Nichope has quit IRC17:19
*** polishchocolate has joined #sailfishos17:19
*** VDVsx has joined #sailfishos17:20
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*** saraghon has joined #sailfishos17:22
AcceNicd-: connect a signal to a function defined on your page?17:27
AcceDoes someone know how I can pass parameter with signal when connecting with signalName.connect(slot)?17:28
Nicd-Acce: is there a way to do that without having MyDialog { } inside MyPage?17:31
*** Pat_o has joined #sailfishos17:32
AcceNicd-: well, you can always pass a reference of your page to your dialog when pushing it17:32
Accethen call your page's functions in the dialogs onRelevantSignal:17:32
Acceor set it's properties17:33
*** stephg has joined #sailfishos17:34
Nicd-ooh, I can? that solves my problem17:34
AcceNicd-: yes, you can, just add property Page myparentpage to your Dialog17:35
Acceand pass it as a parameter when you push: pagestack.push("MyDialog.qml", {"myparentpage": mypageid})17:36
sledgess1gk1ll: longpress on a toggle shortcut deep inside settings instead of the list item to the page17:37
*** saraghon has quit IRC17:39
*** Pat_o has quit IRC17:39
Nicd-Acce: cool, that's how I'll do it. thanks! :)17:39
*** saraghon has joined #sailfishos17:40
*** PamNor has joined #sailfishos17:40
AcceNicd-: you're welcome!17:40
s1gk1llyep, that's the trick :) thanks sledges17:40
*** saraghon has quit IRC17:40
Accenow if someone just could tell me if I can pass signal parameters somehow with connect -function in QML :/17:40
sledgess1gk1ll: np :)17:40
AcceI need it to connect dynamically created objects17:41
Acceand every object will have different parameters17:41
*** PamNor has quit IRC17:41
*** M13 has joined #sailfishos17:42
Nicd-sledges: that is *so* non-obvious17:42
sledgesNicd-: agree, been there done that17:43
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* satmd loves patunnel18:26
mikmawoohoo, flashing green led, in
mikmaoh, and flashing screen, too!18:27
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Accemikma: I've got it 2 times since the update too18:45
*** qqK has joined #sailfishos18:45
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mikmaacce: sounds awesome, can't wait for it to happen again18:47
*** Sail0r has joined #sailfishos18:48
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Acceme neither ;)18:51
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cos-my jolla has been working perfectly since update18:52
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kempehow do you get a rpm file im building with "MerSDK-SailfishOS-armv7hl, release, Deploy As RPM Package" but i dont get an rpm file19:39
cos-it's the other option..19:41
cos-deploy by building an rpm package19:42
kempeyeah tried that to no luck19:42
cos-then deploy project from build menu19:42
kempenice that worked. thank you19:44
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coderuskempe: its in build-projectname-kitname-Release/RPMS20:05
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coderuszchydem_: ping21:19
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