Thursday, 2014-03-20

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piecemakr9what up guys00:01
piecemakr9new here00:01
Yanielnot much around this time, most europeans are asleep00:02
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sledgeswhat's that?00:04
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lpotterits a myth00:10
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* Nightmare__ is going to sleep :D00:21
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* lpotter stays up and works00:21
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coderuszchydem_: who seen this man onlile?07:46
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HoloIRCUserHey developers, I'm a mako user07:56
HoloIRCUserYou guys are doing a really good job :)07:56
Stskeepsnexus 407:56
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CallMeAldyHey developers07:59
CallMeAldyHow do i become a tester for mako?07:59
Stskeepsyou send a message to sledges with your name/e-mail/devices you have and why you'd like to07:59
coderusah :D08:01
CallMeAldyDone :)08:02
CallMeAldyThanks stskeeps for the info08:03
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zchydem_coderus: I'm here:)08:10
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artemmaHow do I kill browser default input controls styling (textarea, button) in Sailfish Browser? CSS -webkit-appearance: none; obviously doesn't work, but -moz-appearence: none; doesn't work either08:28
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artemmaand firebug lite doesn't show any browser specific properties that e.g. add jolla specific input control graphics (gradient border)08:48
artemmaor is it some sort of -jolla-appearence? :)08:54
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VDVsxartemma, maybe veskuh knows about that :)09:01
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artemmaVDVsx: For now I gave up. Styling on all the other browsers I have access to seems to be fine In general it would be interesting to understand Jolla browser styling too indeed09:02
artemmaBTW, Firebug Lite works with Jolla browser, but almost kills pinch-zooming for some reason (sometimes it works, but rarely)09:02
artemmanot sure if anybody else in this channel is interested though :)09:03
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veskuhVDVsx, artemma I don't think we have any real styling on input controls, so far we are just using defaults and maybe a bit bigger font size.09:10
artemmaveskuh: hmm, I see gradiented text-area top borders09:11
artemmaalso buttons get gradient styling by default (I didn't try to kill default button styling though)09:11
Nicd-hey, I have a SilicaListView with a pulldown menu, but the elements start right at the top and are overlapped partly by the menu. how can I make them start lower?09:12
Andy80this morning I tried to avoid using Mitakuuluu, but in any case, after 5 minutes from disconnecting the charger, my battery was already at 96% :(09:13
Andy80I'm now at 88% after 1 hour more or less....09:13
Andy80how can I understand why it's draining so fast?09:13
AcceAndy80: you can install "powertop", but I don't remember which repository you need to enable to get it..09:15
StskeepsAndy80: what accounts do you have?09:16
Nicd-Acce: mer-tools09:16
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Andy80Stskeeps, 1 Twitter, 1 Facebook, 2 Google, 1 Jolla09:18
StskeepsAndy80: okay, try to disable facebook09:19
artemmaveskuh: try opening in Jolla browser for unkillable controls styling, That is unless I am missing something. Also note not working pinch-zoom there09:19
Andy80Stskeeps, I can disable even Twitter... for how much I use the "integration" :/09:21
StskeepsAndy80: facebook i'm particularly interested in09:21
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Andy80ok I disable only that one09:22
Andy80p.s: to be honest I use a lot the details integration of it... and the chat quite often09:22
Stskeepswe changed something there so09:22
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Andy80I just see if the battery keeps draining a lot of there is any test I can do in the mean time?09:24
veskuhartemma, yeah, and overriding with some value did not help? Just thinking if that is really mozilla's default..09:24
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artemmaveskuh: I am not exactly a CSS pro, so there is a possibility I messed up with something. E.g. is able to style Search button as it likes.. though maybe it's not a <button>09:25
chriadamAndy80: running just normal "top" on terminal should help.  if you see msyncd a lot, that's a bit of a smoking gun09:25
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artemmaveskuh: however, killing styling for e.g. android and iPhone via -webkit-appearence works just fine, -moz prefixes are supposed to do same in mozilla world09:26
veskuhartemma, yep, I'll look into this.09:27
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artemmaveskuh: thx!09:27
Andy80just spotted a non sense voicecall-ui taking 10%09:28
Andy80and I haven't done a call since two days and it's closed09:29
Andy80msyncd is appearing sometimes.. and topping 15-20% of CPU09:30
cos-can anyone here confirm that it's impossible to inject/record call audio on sailfish? we'd buy a bunch of jollas if it was possible but looks like we need to hunt N9's for the task.09:31
chriadamAndy80: by "sometimes" how often do you mean?09:32
chriadamI would expect to see it once every 15 minutes if you don't otherwise touch the device, or once every time you open the calendar or email application.09:33
cos-yesterday i played around with sailfish's pulseaudio. playing to any of the sinks active during call does nothing but i didn't figure out if it's a sw or hw limitation.09:34
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artemmaveskuh: BTW, Firebug Lite works in Jolla browser (though kills pinch-zooming most of the time). Might help debugging09:34
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Andy80chriadam, I just watched my phone for a couple of minutes.... and I saw it a couple of times. Ireally can't stare at my phone all day :)09:35
Andy80isn't there any tool that logs the battery usage?09:35
chriadamAndy80: interesting... that's still far more than I would expect, if you weren't otherwise using the phone.  thanks.09:36
chriadamnot sure about the battery usage logging tbh.  some form of powertop automation would be very useful.09:36
Andy80I would have never expected to see again voicecall-ui, since that app is always closed09:38
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StskeepsAndy80: it is in the background at all times09:39
Stskeepsto listen for phone calls09:39
Stskeepsyou don't want to wait for app startup for that09:39
Andy80ah ok09:39
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Andy80I did think there was just a service running09:39
Andy80but I understand that it must be started fast09:40
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netzviehis there something like cron on the jolla?09:40
netzvieh(on sailfish in general)09:41
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veskuhartemma, just overriding background-image will get rid of the bg gradient09:54
veskuhartemma, so -moz-appearance: none will not wipe defaults, but you can just override defaults anyway09:55
veskuhThere is some issues though in upstream.
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m4g0gnew browser update break addons support ^-(09:57
Siddem4g0g: yes. and i havn't seen any respons from jolla about it09:58
m4g0gworse update09:59
veskuhWe have not officially supported add-ons, they might have worked or not.09:59
m4g0gautoconnection to internet periodically, battery drain09:59
m4g0gveskuh: but they worked before this update09:59
Sequencedat least with adblock, it will work until you close the browser.10:00
m4g0gI can't even install it because all mozilla windows haven't reaction on my actions10:01
Siddeveskuh: is there any progress on supporting add-ons at all?10:01
Sequencedi had it installed previously, so that's probably why it works10:01
veskuhSidde, No, we are still working on basic issues like having real tabs and better text input.10:02
veskuhSidde, so maybe after that we will have time10:02
Siddeveskuh: ok10:02
Siddeveskuh: it was really practicall to have adblock for example. Too bad it's now broken10:03
veskuhOf course if anybody from community wants to do something it is possible. browser is open source.10:03
veskuhSidde, yes, I know. Couole of my collegues used it as well, but we simply do not have many people working on these things.10:04
Siddeveskuh: :(10:04
m4g0gis it possible to select text in browser?10:04
*** mulin0 has quit IRC10:04
veskuhm4g0g, no10:04
m4g0gis there any information about api stabiliztion in jolla (notification, transfer-engine, accounts)?10:05
Siddein some cases it might just be easier to use the android firefox browser. But then all DNS lookups are sent through google10:05
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m4g0git will be fine if you improve text zooming as in opera mini. It zooms text to width of screen with text wrapping10:15
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artemmaveskuh: thx! Will try background-image11:04
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tabaskois it possible to use unicode symbols in qml?11:12
tabaskolike Label{ text: "Hello U+2139" }11:13
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ProNoob'zzup mah niggahs!11:17
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Jonnitabasko: \u213911:19
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smokerbo1btw some ones running sailfish on sony xperia s?11:21
cos-tabasko: i don't know about that notation, but i use just normal copy-pasted symbols11:24
artemmaveskuh: bacground-image helped indeed. Apparently my css resets were not complete. Thanks a lot!11:25
cos-they work even in c++ code, but i'm not sure if it is generally a good idea to use them11:25
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Nicd-I have a list with ListItem { Column { Label {} Label {} } }11:38
Nicd-the items are all bunched up together, I'd like to add padding to them11:38
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coderusNicd-: listView.spacing: Theme.paddingLarge11:42
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Nicd-coderus: that gives me spacing but then I have non-clickable space between them11:46
Nicd-I'd like the items to fill the space between and center the content of the Column vertically11:46
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Nicd-I can also give height to the listitem itself by setting contentHeight but then all them items are at the top of the item (would look nicer if they were centered vertically)11:48
Andy80a quick battery update, I'm at 63% already11:55
zuttohow long ago were you at 100%?11:57
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Nicd-yay, I did it!12:00
Nicd-by setting anchors.verticalCenter: parent.verticalCenter for the column12:01
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Nicd-and then setting contentHeight: Theme.itemSizeLarge for the listitem12:01
Andy80zutto, I unplugged at 8:00 (now it's 12:01 here)12:01
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zuttohow stressed is the phone, or just idle/normal use(checking time, background service updates, short calls)12:02
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Andy80zutto, basically never used.... just connected to 3g/wifi with a couple of Android apps running (but they never go over 2% CPU)12:12
zuttoso pretty much idle state12:13
zuttothats quite fast depletion ;l12:13
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phaeronAndy80: the android apps were running ?12:14
*** miksuh has quit IRC12:15
Andy80phaeron, yes, as I said... I've two Android apps running (WhatsApp and Telegram)12:16
phaeronI have found that some android apps are quite power hungry12:16
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fluxeven 2% is a lot more than 0%12:24
*** jardous has left #sailfishos12:24
Andy80I talk about "peaks"... if we consider all the system services there are more greedy apps12:25
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ChimChimhey guys :)12:32
kempeI'm building an app and I want to sync the database with owncloud so it can be synced with other devices but i don't realy know where to start. does anyone have any good resorces they can recommend to read?12:32
leszekkempe: first of all csync I guess which ownclouds own client uses for syncing12:37
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kempeleszek, thanks will look in to that..12:43
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ChimChimyou guys still working hard on the n4 port?:)12:54
*** capcolors has quit IRC12:55
Nicd-ChimChim: they are12:56
ChimChimawesome, whats the status on it tho?12:56
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Nicd-ChimChim: there was a wiki page on that but I can't find it now13:03
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ChimChimHmm, I´ll have a look then13:04
StskeepsChimChim: we're just preparing to put it out atm, getting last touches on, but not this week13:04
ChimChimAh alright, good to know then ;)13:04
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Nightmare__is there something like #define in QML files?14:05
*** sdjayna has joined #sailfishos14:06
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Andy80another bug with 1.0.4: I tried to unlock with a tap, it seems unresponsive, the led starts blinking in green, the UI seem to have restarted and all the apps that were running are now terminated (no, it didn't reboot because the uptime is not recent). :(14:13
tabaskoAndy80: I had that bug before 1.0.4 :P14:15
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chriadamNightmare__: see
chriadamalan talks about file selectors14:16
*** zoldyck has joined #sailfishos14:17
chriadambut not in Qt 5.1 unfortunately14:17
Nightmare__thx, i'll have a look14:17
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coderusMorpog_Mobile_: ping15:05
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coderusSailfish have qml audio recorder wrapper?15:17
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Tumeezicoderus Can I backup MitäKuuluu chat messages?16:42
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coderusfor what purpose?17:03
coderusMorpog_Mobile_: ping17:03
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Tumeezicoderus if i reset my jolla17:05
Tumeezii can restore my mitäkuuluu chat logs17:05
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coderusTumeezi: aha17:30
coderusjust save /home/nemo/.whatsapp/whatsapp.db17:30
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Tumeezicoderus okay :)17:57
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coderusoops. no AAC encoder in sailfish QAudioEncoder? really?18:46
*** arcean has joined #sailfishos18:46
AL13NAAC encoder isn't free iinm18:46
AL13Nmaybe that's why18:46
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coderushow to live then? :(18:49
coderuswhat is default encoder in jolla? vorbis?18:49
*** artemma has quit IRC18:51
YanielI'd imagine vorbis18:52
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PojntFXHi guys Di.20:04
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PojntFXHi guys can we have a Release Date for the First Testers of sailfish on Nexus 4? thanks!20:05
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PojntFXYay Love *Soon* that much waiting for it;) Best os since android20:13
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Accebest soon(tm) since duke nukem forever20:16
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avivbyoAny news my friends?20:46
m4g0gI am want to know - who create default facebook transfer-engine plugin20:48
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stephgI think that all came from nemo?20:49
stephg(I'm probably wrong)20:49
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perfoliateI'm really interested in being an early adopter tester for mako. sullivan77atgmail22:30
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Nightmare__is it possible to reload a whole qml page? i'm too lazy to update all contents manuel22:53
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