Friday, 2014-03-21

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pratikI'm from India and i own a nexus 4, i can test alpha builds of sailfish, cn i be an early adopter?03:48
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virtualdpratik: ask later, european working hours.04:16
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carepackthe os looks so great11:03
Stskeepsthanks, a lot of love went into it11:04
carepackyou can see this :-)11:04
carepackwatched the the video silfish on sgs3 4g. beautiful11:05
Stskeeps for the rest11:06
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carepackyes. that's the one I watched :-) looks so great. How many jolla's had been sold worldwide until now?11:13
Stskeepsthat's not public information, sorry :)11:13
carepacksure. no problem.11:14
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AcceI saw some news that said that Jolla has bookings for some hundred thousands of phones for this spring11:15
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carepacksource? Because stskeeps said that's not a public information.11:16
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Accehope you can read Finnish :)11:19
carepacklol..... far away from it. maybe google translator can help...11:19
carepackthank you!11:20
Acceno problem!11:20
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rusty88hey guys, i've been following the status of sailfish on the galaxy s3 (since I have one) and I'm wondering when there will be a ROM to install it11:28
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Stskeepsrusty88: send sledges a message with your name/e-mail and devices you have, to sign up as early adopter11:29
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mailyaseenhi Sledges13:15
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mailyaseenSyed Yaseen, mailyaseen@gmail.com13:16
mailyaseenHi sledges13:16
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sledgesmailyaseen: sorry you had to PM me your email instead, as per instructions ;)13:29
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mailyaseenhi sledges, please find my details..Name : Syed Yaseen, Email :
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Nicd-mailyaseen: PM means private message13:32
Nicd-mailyaseen: so /msg sledges <your_message>13:32
sledgesthanks Nicd-13:32
mailyaseenthanks sledges13:33
mailyaseenthanks Nicd-13:33
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euroelessarcos-: cool14:03
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zhxt_home finally , I got a Jolla Phone on my hand, haha14:17
Shaan7zhxt_home: drop it and see if its as robust as  Nokia :D14:18
zhxt_homebut just for only this weekend :(14:18
zhxt_homeborrowed from my colleague.14:18
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zhxt_homeShaan7: haha, I also want to know, but I think my colleague will kill me then. :P14:20
zhxt_homeSailfish OS is really cool!14:21
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zhxt_home   :P14:29
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senseiHey sledges !14:30
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WntHas anyone worked on getting OpenVPN run on Sailfish?14:33
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zhxt_homeIt says "Problem with installing jolla-develope-mode" when I enable developer mode,  what can I do with this ?14:37
Nicd-hope you didn't touch the developer updates button14:37
zhxt_homeuhmmm,,, I'm afraid I did...14:38
Stskeepsthen it's factory reset time14:38
StskeepsWnt: isn't there together.* guides on this14:38
Nicd-Stskeeps: couldn't one fix it by trying to log in to dev updates as 'jolla@sales' or something?14:39
WntStskeeps: didn't try searching there yet14:39
StskeepsNicd-: you can but to be safe..14:40
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zhxt_homeStskeeps: only in this way?14:40
Stskeepszhxt_home: you can possibly try to log in with jolla@sales and reboot14:41
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WntStskeeps: thanks for the pointer! seems that it's pretty easy to install OpenVPN on the device and someone is already working on a GUI:
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zhxt_homeStskeeps: I'll try next time, now reseting...14:44
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zhxt_homehow long it will take to enable dev mode, the progressbar is looping infinately.14:52
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Yanielit shouldn't take more than a couple of minutes14:52
Yanielbut you need internet access14:53
Yaniel(it installs fingerterm)14:53
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ZehlekHello all14:54
zhxt_homeoops, I thik I forget one thing,  I haven't connect to my wifi, after reset.14:54
zhxt_homethx, Yaniel14:54
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zhxt_homeIt have no info prompt me to connect when  it was offline mode.14:58
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coderuscant switch qtcreator deploy target15:00
*** xruxa is now known as xruxa_away15:01
coderusif i change ip of existing target everything works15:02
coderusbut if i add another target i cant switch it15:02
zhxt_homenow the progressbar does not looping, just one dot line. is this right?15:02
coderusit still trying to deploy to first one15:02
Stskeepshello Zehlek15:03
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ZehlekHi Stskeeps15:04
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Stskeepsso what brings you to #sailfishos15:05
ZehlekI'm very interested in joining testing team for Nexus 415:05
Stskeeps /msg sledges with your name, e-mail and devices you have, and why you'd like to15:06
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ZehlekAlready spoken to him on Hangout yesterday, all setup :)15:07
Stskeepsah, good15:08
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zhxt_homehi, Stskeeps, woluld you please explain me  how to login with jollas@sales ? and what is the pwd?15:08
Stskeepszhxt_home: just put some bullshit password in, it just makes sure it switches to the right thing15:08
zhxt_homeStskeeps: ok, thx, going to try15:09
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* kontio wonders how many user now put bullshit as password...15:13
zhxt_homeuhmm, It seems blocked in dev mode Page, just one dot dot ... line , with "enabling develope mode" in the center.15:13
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Stskeepswell did you reboot afterwards15:14
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zhxt_homeStskeeps:oh, no, I'll have a try.15:16
Almindorhow do you debug on the jolla phone? I always get debugger fail error (no details), even tho running the app works fine15:17
zhxt_homeI  haven't connected to it yet.........15:18
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AlmindorI had to use wlan connection with ubuntu15:18
AlmindorI think it has to do with USB permissions15:18
Almindorbetter anyways, at least I can disconnect the cable15:19
zhxt_homeI got some problem when open developer mode. I think.15:20
coderusafaik debug is broken15:20
zhxt_homeI use openSUSE, connected with usb.15:20
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CallMeAldyHey devs15:24
CallMeAldyAny news for mako?15:24
*** pratik has quit IRC15:24
Stskeeps /msg sledges with your name, e-mail and devices you have, and why you'd like to  -- we're doing early adopter signup atm15:25
CallMeAldyI did that earlier15:25
Stskeepsgood :)15:25
*** wickwire has quit IRC15:25
Stskeepswe're just getting some things done currently and will reach out to all early adopters15:26
CallMeAldyHope i'll be lucky :)15:27
*** pratik has joined #sailfishos15:27
zhxt_homeAny new devices added ? like note 3, :P15:27
Stskeepswe'll do three things15:27
Stskeepsmako, samsung galaxy s iii lte images (official adaptations) and a hardware adaptation development kit15:27
Stskeepsso if it runs cyanogenmod 10.1, it can likely be ported to that device too15:27
Almindorso debugger is broken even on jolla phone?15:28
Almindoris it a device problem or gdb/arm problem, or some sort of symbols fail?15:28
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zhxt_homethat progressbar looping infinately again, more that ten minutes now,15:35
Stskeepsanyway, that's the cause of using that :P15:35
WntAlmindor: I don't know what prevents the debugger from not working, but Juha Kallioinen from Jolla reported on the devel mailing list that it should work in a future release of the SDK15:35
AlmindorWnt: thanks for the info15:36
zhxt_homeStskeeps: but a littile different. the gab between dot dot geting larger.15:37
*** toartist has quit IRC15:37
zhxt_homeI hope it's a good sign.15:37
*** dodgeramres2 has quit IRC15:38
*** HoloIRCUser has joined #sailfishos15:39
*** ced117 has joined #sailfishos15:39
coderus3~still no luck with share plugin =(15:39
*** CallMeAldy has quit IRC15:40
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GioScinohello to all16:30
flotronStskeeps: HW adaptation KIT>Nitdroid>CyanogenMod>N9 with a real Sailfish?16:33
tbrflotron: wtf...16:33
flotroncould be possible?16:34
flotronwith that HW adapt kit?16:34
Nightmare__uploaded a new Version of TabaTimer including 3 Ring TimePickers :)
tbrflotron: I guess you have no understanding of the lower workings, right?16:37
*** fracting has joined #sailfishos16:39
flotronyou are right, so you mean: ridiculous16:41
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tbrflotron: well, the only possibly interesting thing would be the SGX driver user land, but that is completely independent of nitdroid.16:48
*** zoldyck has joined #sailfishos16:48
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slartiIs this where all the TMO people hang out these days?16:58
Stskeepsnot all of them .. :P16:59
*** nsuffys has joined #sailfishos16:59
slartiI was lead to believe that this is where I might find some sailfish love for my SGS3?17:00
Stskeepswell, send sledges a /msg with your name, email, devices and why you'd like to17:01
slartiok, thanks!17:02
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zhxt_haha, finally got dev mode worked. :D17:11
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TumeeziAnyone Jolla engineer wake up?19:39
*** hartley has joined #sailfishos19:40
TumeeziMy phone don't say anything if I double tap screen...19:40
tbrtry #jollamobile19:40
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lomoHi everybody. I'm interested in trying SailfishOS on my SG SIII (I9300). Any chance to get some beta/alpha version?21:27
*** Iryus has joined #sailfishos21:28
Stskeepslomo: you can sign up with a message to sledges with your name / devices / why you'd like to21:28
Stskeepsbut be aware that it's i9305 we've done work on21:28
Tumeezilomo Oh yes, send 10e in my bank ;)21:28
*** N-Mi has quit IRC21:30
Stskeepslomo: i9300 might be feasible once we publish the hardware adaptation developer kit21:30
Stskeepsor Haddock..21:30
TumeeziStskeeps Can I install SF to SGS2+?21:30
lomoStskeeps: yeah, I've seen you are porting to I9305, I just hope it would be possible to try it out on I9300 as well.21:31
StskeepsTumeezi: perhaps in the future.. does it have cyanogenmod 10.1?21:31
TumeeziStskeeps I don't know.. I can check if it possible21:31
*** euroelessar has quit IRC21:32
lomoStskeeps: Does/will the SailfishOS build for non-jolla devices include alien dalvik or is alien dalvik limited to Jolla only ?21:33
*** Kondou has quit IRC21:34
flotroni9300 support CM10.121:35
Stskeepslomo: right now it's a jolla device only offering, let's see what the future brings of opportunities21:35
*** Kondou has joined #sailfishos21:35
flotronthe only difference between i9300 and i9305 is LTE i think21:35
Tumeezii9105 is SGS2+21:36
TumeeziCan anyone check if it support cm10?21:36
flotroncheck out you:"10.1","10.2","11","11.0";21:36
*** jjarven has joined #sailfishos21:38
Guhlwhat exactly is your criteria for "does it have cm 10.1"21:38
Stskeepsideally official cm as unofficial is sometimes a pain in the ass21:39
Guhlthere are cm10.1, .2 and cm11 builds for the i910521:39
TumeeziGuhl [23:31] <@Stskeeps> Tumeezi: perhaps in the future.. does it have cyanogenmod 10.1?21:39
TumeeziYes it is?21:39
flotronStskeeps: alien dalvik is not present because some license or strategy reason?21:40
Stskeepsflotron: long story, but we're just beginning this journey of sailfishos on existing android devices; things may change21:41
Stskeepsit's not in the image we have at the moment for the devices21:41
Stskeepsbut not saying it's a impossibility to run android runtime21:41
Stskeepsas in, get the base system working well, than add the candy :P21:42
*** saraghon has joined #sailfishos21:42
lomoStskeeps: some features must be Jolla only to support sales :-)21:42
Stskeepsbut now it's time to sleep21:43
lomoStskeeps: anyway having alien dalvik would nicely speed up migrations to SailfishOS for many users21:43
flotronStskeeps: Great! you always thinking in all the possibilities :)21:43
GuhlTumeezi, yes i read that question. official CM10.1 exists for the i9100 but not for the i910521:46
TumeeziHmm.. It mean what?21:46
Guhlthat it's not officially supported by cm but there are device, vendor and kernel repos for the i9105 that allow building cm10.1 for it21:48
Guhlbut as i do not know what exactly is important for it to support sailfish os i asked what that question meant21:50
*** louis_ has joined #sailfishos21:51
Guhlbtw. I am new to sailfish os but am a quite experienced unix/linx developer and would have a question21:51
netzviehTumeezi: you could take the adaption dev kit and try it yourself ;)21:51
Guhlis there a guide somewhere on how to build sailfish os from sources ?21:51
netzviehGuhl: sailfish isn't completely open source (atleast lipstick and other gui stuff iirc)21:52
tbrGuhl: depends on which aspect. a lot can be learned from the mer wiki21:52
*** M4rtinK has joined #sailfishos21:53
Guhlwell i take everything i can get - i probably just need a starting point21:53
tbrGuhl: for a new device you should look at hardware adaptation and kickstart files.21:54
Guhli would be building for a jolla21:54
*** hartley has joined #sailfishos21:54
tbralthough I'm not sure how this new thing will work and if it uses kickstart21:54
Guhli am used to build everything i run on my pc/devices from sources21:55
tbrI'm not sure if the jolla hw adaptation packaging is open source. Jolla has a bit of a quirky sense of humor and requires a written source code request on paper and sends back a dvd...21:56
tbrhmm that came out wrong. I'm not sure if it's publicly available.21:56
Guhlare the binaries for drivers, etc publicly available?21:57
tbrand yes, a lot of the hardware adptation is binary21:57
M4rtinKtbr: IIRC Nokia was also doing the same send-a-DVD thing21:57
M4rtinKtbr: no idea why Jolla also does that21:58
M4rtinKtbr: maybe some legal loophole ? :)21:58
tbrthey are on your device, they are not available for public download due to licensing.21:58
tbrQualcomm tends to be a b*tch in that respect21:58
GuhlOK, same think as on the android devices21:58
tbrwell the hardware is essentially an android device21:58
tbrit's just not running android21:59
tbrM4rtinK: for me that's just bad style. *shrug*21:59
Guhland thats the good thing about it21:59
M4rtinKtbr: yep, exactly the same impression it has on me21:59
Raimtbr: someone requested the kernel sources and uploaded them here:
*** hartley has quit IRC22:01
Raimbesides the cfg80211 module, everything should be in there22:01
Guhlthats a starting point22:02
*** ed-beo has quit IRC22:02
tbrRaim: is that update4?22:04
tbrgiven latest commit 1 month ago, no22:05
Raimtbr: no, last update in february22:05
tbralso there are at least two closed source kernel modules22:06
tbrwifi and some aliendalvik shim22:06
Raimalso, here is an official statement from Jolla on kernel sources:
*** ilmgb has quit IRC22:08
tbrRaim: yes, this aligns with what I said. why insisting on following the full process is beyond me. It's not that hard to upload or torrent an .iso in *addition* to offering the full legal process.22:10
Raimas long as at least one persons asks for each kernel release they still have to prepare it anyway22:10
tbryes, but there is considerable delay, and the due process allows for substantial delays22:11
Guhlwell i'll send them a request. the more dvd's they have to send the more motivation they'll have to think about something that makes more sense22:11
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ArkkisNHey! Is there a Sailfish rom available for SGS3?23:14
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