Wednesday, 2014-03-26

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rmotamI have a Galaxy Nexus and I'd like to install SailfishOS on it01:12
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ArkkisNRom's are on the way I think.01:13
ArkkisNRelease Candidates.01:13
rmotamwhere is it?01:13
ArkkisNNot released yet.01:14
rmotamtoo bad01:14
rmotamany idea about release date?01:17
ArkkisNI don't have any more information01:17
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pratikAny progress on nexus 4?03:18
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cos-ejjoman: will try06:27
cos-nope, no useful messages06:28
ejjomancos-: did you refresh? what does the output say?06:29
cos-there is no output if i try to sync or update06:31
cos-there are a few messages about standard folders like [D] EmailAgent::standardFolderId:689 - Error: Standard folder  1  not found for account:  706:31
ejjomannot?! for me it logs every action... even when the internet connection status changed...06:32
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cos-that's all i get
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ejjomanokay... have you tried to completely delete this account from your phone?06:34
ejjomanwait... i think it means, that it could not find your standard imap folder06:35
ejjomanwhat does it show, when you switch to the folders view?06:35
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cos-ejjoman: Outbox, Trash, Sent, Drafts06:50
cos-i believe they are the local folders06:50
ejjomancos-: so no inbox?06:50
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ejjomanplease try to re-add this account again...06:51
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ejjomanhere has someone a similar problem:
cos-i created the account yesterday06:52
cos-i'll try enabling the debug output06:53
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cos-i think that's related to outlook.com06:59
ejjomanit could be the same problem anyways07:00
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cos-hmm, it's trying to connect to SMTP server for some reason07:03
ejjomantried to send an email?07:04
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cos-looks like the SMTP server is not reachable from public internet. but still i wonder why mail client tries to connect to it07:06
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ejjomanthat's strange07:07
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cos-there is no way to disable smtp.. it tries to connect even after i removed the server hostname07:08
ejjomanmaybe it needs to connect to it for initial setup... i don't know :/07:09
coderusany upcoming mobile linux / sailfish events in europe?07:11
ejjomani can try it this evening... have to go to work now :(07:11
coderusfk_lx: its you organizing some upcoming conference or i wrong?07:11
tbrcoderus: there is one talk at ostrava mobile something day, there is a hack day in tampere this saturday, fk_lx is probably organizing smartdevcon later this year07:12
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Stskeepscoderus: best bet is probably to book for next year's FOSDEM :P07:15
tbrFOSDEM <307:15
tbralways worth a trip07:15
tbrthis year's ELCE might be interesting too, for many reasons07:15
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cos-coderus: there are rumors about a jolla / diy toh event at tampere hacklab this spring07:23
coderussailfish lack of ffdec_aac!??07:28
tbrthey have an AAC license IIRC07:29
coderusffenc_aac is here07:30
coderusbut no ffdec_aac07:30
coderus[nemo@localhost ~]$ gst-inspect-0.10 | grep aac07:30
coderusffmpeg:  ffenc_aac: FFmpeg Advanced Audio Coding encoder07:30
coderusaudioparsers:  aacparse: AAC audio stream parser07:30
coderustypefindfunctions: audio/aac: aac, adts, adif, loas07:30
Stskeepscoderus: AAC might be a omx one?07:30
tbrstill gst-inspect should find it, right?07:30
tbrwell easy enough to verify, take a file and put it into gst-launch07:31
coderusyes, will do it later07:31
coderususers reporting cant play some received aac files07:31
YanielI've been playing aac files all this time07:31
Yanielwith the builtin media player07:31
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tbrand that player is gst based IIRC07:34
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Yanielthat's what I assume too07:37
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coderusi'll let you know when i got that file :)07:50
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ChimChimmorning guys :)07:55
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ChimChimHows the build going for the n4?07:59
tbrChimChim: have you registered with sledges yet? if not message him your email and why you think you should be part of this08:00
ChimChimAlready done that pretty early :)08:01
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gabriel9|workAnyone have example of BackgroundItem with image as child08:08
gabriel9|worki cant add padding to it08:08
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coderustbr: how to use gst-launch to play file?08:10
StskeepsChimChim: good, good08:10
coderusgabriel9|work: what problem?08:10
coderusgabriel9|work: show your code paste with issue08:10
gabriel9|worki left my code at house08:11
ChimChimMy phone however is needing a reinstall but am waiting for the image to test Sailfish first, thats why am impatience hehe08:11
gabriel9|worktonight i will paste it, when i get home08:11
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coderustbr: ping?08:26
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tbrcoderus: pong?08:45
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locusfkaltsi: ping, do I need to compile the Qt 4.8.5 as static or normally?09:08
kaltsilocusf: here's more or less what we've done.. (dynamic)
locusfkaltsi: okay09:11
kaltsilocusf: some of the build options might seem funny, but we're building a qt creator binary that should work on "everyone's" machine.. so if you're just building for yourself, the qt build options can be more relaxed09:13
locusfkaltsi: hmm ok09:14
locusfI executed it relative to sdk-build-tools so I got my binaries installed there, no wonder the qt creator build failed09:14
kaltsithe sdk-build-tools is a work in progress and might not be totally correct09:15
kaltsifyi the static qt4 build is required to build the 'qt installer framework'09:16
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locusfmake -j woes again09:22
locusfit errors out but I can't make out what the real error is09:22
kaltsirun it again without -j :)09:22
locusfI made a git checkout v4.8.5 in the qt tree09:22
locusfso I should be okay there09:22
kaltsihave you installed the build requirements09:22
kaltsithese are required in ubuntu 12.04
cos-ejjoman: i configured a working SMTP server to settings, but i still get nothing and log shows this
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kaltsiactually ubuntu 10.04 ^09:23
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locusfkaltsi: ok installed them now09:33
netzviehcos-: looks like QT can't resolve the server name ...09:35
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cos-netzvieh: i can ping both imap & smtp server09:39
netzviehcos-: have you restarted the phone since having the issues? the only thing i found regarding sailfish is that maybe a service is not running properly09:40
cos-yep, i just restarted09:42
tbrcoderus: mh, a simple pipe line should be enough for this. you'll find examples online. (anything more involved becomes a pain though)09:43
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VDVsxcos-, connection to smtp is done to retrieve the capabilities, some of them are one advertised after connection like the BURL extensions10:27
Almindorif I have an active cover (as in periodic updates) do I have to "turn them off" when the screen is off, or is the GFX part not updating automatically at that point?10:27
VDVsxcos-, if you still have issues let me know10:27
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cos-VDVsx: i still do.10:43
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VDVsxcos-, what's the problem ?10:52
cos-"You do not have any emails" and folders page shows only "Outbox", "Deleted items", "Sent" and "Drafts"10:53
cos-and messageserver doesn't display any useful error messages
cos-the same imap server works with another jolla user with same settings10:54
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VDVsxcos-, that logs says nothing11:21
VDVsxcos-, no attempt of sync done11:21
cos-yep, i have noticed.11:22
VDVsxcos-, can you please delete the account, create again and send me the logs, while having messageserver logs enabled11:22
cos-ok. i'm busy at work atm but i'll try to do it later today11:23
VDVsxcos-, ok, thanks, you can send the logs to: mail-logs at jolla dot com, if I'm not arround11:24
cos-will do that. thanks.11:25
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Almindorhow do you actually upload something to openrepos? I can't find any upload page11:30
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avivbyoAny news guys?11:37
Stskeepsavivbyo: yet another release candidate, getting very damn close.. just ran into some shortcomings to be solved :(11:38
avivbyoOkay :D i hope i get to be an early adopter!11:38
Stskeepsi don't have much doubt11:38
ArkkisI want my baby!11:38
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roboroI have a model that sometimes has a role defined and sometimes doesn't11:56
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roboroin my qml, I want to check if the role exists and if not display something else11:56
roborocan someone provide me with an example of how to do this?11:57
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roborocurrently I am doing something like this ...  icon.source: icon_public_url ? icon_public_url : 'tv-icon.png'11:58
roborobut if my model loads and there isn't an icon_public_url role... then I get ReferenceError: icon_public_url is not defined11:59
roboroany suggestions?11:59
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coderusroboro: if (typeof(model.rolename) == "undefined" ? "no-role-icon" : model.rolename)12:37
roborothanks coderus... will try it12:37
Almindorhow can you add your own cover action icons?12:38
AcceAlmindor: just ship them with your rpm package12:40
Acceunder qml/images for example12:40
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AlmindorAcce: how do I publish in the openrepos? do I have to wait to be given the publisher flag12:47
*** fracting has joined #sailfishos12:49
AcceAlmindor: sorry, I've yet to publish anything on openrepos, so I'm not sure :/12:49
*** Finlod has joined #sailfishos12:49
AcceBasilSemuonov: ^12:50
*** radekp has quit IRC12:50
BasilSemuonovAlmindor: check private12:52
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roborocoderus: thanks... that worked a treat12:59
coderusAlmindor: just create account and publish anything13:00
tantyany idea why this is happening?13:00
tantymersdk@SailfishSDK:~ $ sb2 -m sdk-install -R zypper ref13:00
coderusroboro: but why your model have unddefined roles? :(13:00
tantyCan't create cache at /var/cache/zypp/solv/jolla - no writing permissions.13:00
roborocoderus: loaded from a pretty unpredictable json feed13:01
*** nodevel has quit IRC13:04
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coderusroboro: then model.hasOwnProperty("propertyname") ? model.propertyname : "predefined_value" should work too13:07
*** zhxt has quit IRC13:09
roborocoderus: thanks... that is actually neater13:09
tanty$ mkdir temp13:10
tantymkdir: cannot create directory `temp': Read-only file system13:10
*** Sailor8122 has quit IRC13:11
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Accetanty: sounds like there was some kind of serious problem, and as a fallback the system remounter all filesystems read-only13:18
cos-VDVsx: i sent a mail as i don't want to pastebin the account details13:19
tantycould be but it looks to me like virtualbox is not mounting the shared folders as it should13:19
*** VDVsx has quit IRC13:19
AcceI assume you simply tried to restart SDK vm already?13:20
cos-is replacing Android in existing devices a goal of Jolla or just a hack for early adopters?13:20
*** VDVsx has joined #sailfishos13:20
Accecos-: as far as I have understood, yes, it is their goal13:20
tantyAcce, yes13:20
Accesince it's rather popular to reflash the phone in China etc13:21
Accetanty: how about your host system? does the filesystem work regularly?13:21
cos-sounds a bit weird, as that won't be happening in mass market13:21
tantyAcce: yes, no problem in host13:21
Accetanty: weird then..13:22
*** Sailor8122 has quit IRC13:22
Accecos-: well, I suppose they have the some data from their designated markets.. Not sure about Jolla's marketing strategies though13:23
*** ericcc has joined #sailfishos13:24
cos-can anyone from Jolla comment on that?13:24
Acceyou could check their press releases, I think there was some stuff about it13:25
cos-i know it's possible (and a very good thing) but i'm not sure if it is a goal13:26
Accereading that it sounds to me like a goal13:26
*** aarapov has quit IRC13:26
Acceunder the "Sailfish OS downloadable to existing Android devices"13:27
*** gena2x has quit IRC13:28
*** aarapov has joined #sailfishos13:28
tantythis is weird13:30
tantymersdk@SailfishSDK:~ $ mkdir /srv/mer/targets/SailfishOS-i486-x86/var/cache/zypp/solv/jolla/tmp13:31
tantymersdk@SailfishSDK:~ $ sb2 -m sdk-install -R mkdir /var/cache/zypp/solv/jolla/tmp213:31
tantymersdk@SailfishSDK:~ $ sb2 -m sdk-install -R zypper ref13:31
tantyCan't create cache at /var/cache/zypp/solv/jolla - no writing permissions.13:31
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tantymersdk@SailfishSDK:~ $  sb2 -m sdk-install -R ls -lha /var/cache/zypp/solv/jolla/13:31
tantytotal 16K13:31
tantydrwxr-xr-x 4 1001 nemo 4.0K 2014-03-26 13:30 .13:31
tantydrwxr-xr-x 7 1001 nemo 4.0K 2014-03-24 18:47 ..13:31
tantydrwxrwxr-x 2 1001 nemo 4.0K 2014-03-26 13:29 tmp13:31
tantydrwxrwxr-x 2 1001 nemo 4.0K 2014-03-26 13:30 tmp213:31
ln-tanty: have you heard of a pastebin?13:31
tantyln- : yeah, sorry13:31
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netzviehSo i was wondering, Sailfish XMPP support uses Telepathy. KDE Telepathy supports Steam, so it should be able to get steam support to sailfish too, yes?13:43
*** gigetoo has quit IRC13:43
VDVsxtanty, seen that long ago, but can't remember what was the issue, maybe Stskeeps or lbt remember13:43
tantyVDVsx I suspect it has something to do with using13:44
lbtprobably not chown -R13:44
*** gigetoo has joined #sailfishos13:44
tantydifferent drives in the host13:44
tantyand, maybe, mounting options not allowing something13:44
tantybut I cannot figure what13:44
*** spiiroin has quit IRC13:45
tantyI can log with sb2 -m sdk-install -R13:45
tantyand create files without problems in that path13:45
lbtwhat are the mount options13:45
tantyis just zipper which doesn't seem to work13:45
tantyright now, the SDK is in13:46
tanty on /media/Pool type ext4 (rw)13:46
lbtand the target ?13:47
*** Sailor8122 has joined #sailfishos13:48
tantythe targets are all under that13:48
lbtand is the target recursively owned by you13:48
tantywell, I just installed it with Jolla's installer13:48
tantyI haven't changed anything there13:48
tantybut, yes13:49
tantythey are owned by me13:49
lbtok - so let me chedk13:49
lbtis the SDK the VM one or a mer-chroot one ?13:49
tantyinside the VM13:50
tantyI use sb2 to get into it13:50
lbtok .. mental reset :)13:50
tantywhich uses the shared folders by the VM settings13:50
tantywhich are in my host13:51
lbtthe target lives in the VM13:51
tantybasically, the setting done by the SailfishSDK installer13:51
lbtit's partially sync'ed to the host13:51
lbtright - so this is more an SDK issue13:51
*** silmoc has quit IRC13:51
lbtso - does the control centre work ?13:52
tantysame problem13:52
lbtkaltsi may also have some ideas too13:52
lbtdid it ever work ?13:52
tantyI mean, not for this13:52
*** alin has joined #sailfishos13:52
*** alin has quit IRC13:52
*** alin has joined #sailfishos13:52
*** pratik_ has joined #sailfishos13:52
tantyI could lauch the VM13:52
tantyand build and deploy into the emulator13:53
tantythat's working13:53
tantybut I was just wanting to know the SW inside the target13:53
tantyand the repos13:53
tantyand I've just bumped into this immediately13:53
*** artemma has quit IRC13:53
*** artemma has joined #sailfishos13:54
tantyanyway, I think I will uninstall the SDK, reboot and try to find another location to make the installation13:55
kaltsitanty: what's the problem? location should not be an issue in your case13:55
tantybut I'm kind of short in GB13:55
tantyno, I mean that it really seems like a fs problem13:55
kaltsitanty: what's the simplest thing you try which fails?13:55
tantyrelated to mounting permissions13:55
tantybut cannot figure out what13:55
tantyssh into the sdk VM13:55
lbtif the mount options in the host are  on /media/Pool type ext4 (rw) then it should be fine13:56
tantysb2 -m sdk-install -R zypper ref13:56
tantythat fails with zypper saying it doesn't have permissions to create the needed tree for the cache of zypper13:56
lbtif you have any squash or suid restrictions then maybe13:56
tantybut I can create files in the failing path13:56
kaltsiall that should happen inside the virtual machine completely13:57
*** bentz has quit IRC13:57
kaltsinothing to do with outside filesystems .. execept .scratchbox2/ which is in your host's $HOME13:57
tantyI'm wondering if it is somehow related to this "Vperm" mechanism13:57
tantybut I'm not familiar with it13:57
lbtkaltsi: yes - just wondering about that ... not sure where the deploy is up to13:57
kaltsican you pastebin the full error you get?13:58
lbtkaltsi: mb2 sb2status would be useful :)13:58
tantykaltsi, yes13:59
kaltsitanty: could you sb2-config -l14:02
kaltsitanty: sorry.. cat ~/.scratchbox2/config14:02
kaltsiI bet your DEFAULT_TARGET is something else than Sailfish*14:03
tantymoment ...14:03
*** hookey has joined #sailfishos14:03
kaltsihmm what are those .bak targets?14:03
kaltsiwell I'll be..14:04
tantylet me check about those ...14:04
*** piiramar has quit IRC14:05
*** Sailor2582 has quit IRC14:06
kaltsiI don't really know what's going on but those .bak targets should not normally be there14:06
kaltsiif someone has moved the targets around with cp/mv or copied the sdk somewhere else after the installer was run, then all bets are off14:07
tantyI see14:07
tantyI will try to uninstall14:07
tantyand wipe the complete thing14:08
kaltsiok after you uninstall, please also remove ~/.config/SailfishAlpha3 directory14:08
kaltsihope it helps :)14:08
tantyme too :)14:08
*** spiiroin has joined #sailfishos14:08
*** miksuh has quit IRC14:09
*** pawiecki has joined #sailfishos14:09
pawieckihello :)14:09
*** flyapen has quit IRC14:13
*** tanty has quit IRC14:13
*** danielwf has joined #sailfishos14:15
*** kimmoli has quit IRC14:15
pawieckiis this the early adopters irc?14:16
fk_lxpawiecki: it is, ping sledges14:16
Stskeepswell, saiflishos in general ;)14:16
fk_lxpawiecki: where in Poland do you live?14:17
* fk_lx just guessing nationality on the basis of the nickname ;-)14:18
netzviehso back to my question :D is it possible for non-jolla people to build plugins/modules to give the messaging app more features? e.g. support for steam chat?14:18
pawieckiyou guessed correct :) near Grudziądz and Toruń14:18
fk_lxhere Rybnik14:19
fk_lxStskeeps -> Warszawa14:19
pawieckinot so close :)14:19
fk_lxpawiecki: if you want to take part in early adopters send your e-mail etc. to sledges14:20
*** krendil has quit IRC14:20
*** kimmoli has joined #sailfishos14:20
fk_lxpawiecki: btw. where have you heard about Sailfish OS?14:20
pawieckii have just one concern: can i safely backup my android so i could "go back in time" ? I never played with roms, not even rooted my phone, but i'm willing to try :)14:21
*** Master-Passeli has quit IRC14:22
*** danielwf has quit IRC14:22
pawieckiwell i read some blogs and portals and i'm interested in opensource and it. But as for now i'm just a pasive observer14:22
*** Master-Passeli has joined #sailfishos14:23
pawieckifirst i heard about it when the fundraising campain launched, probably or some othes site covered that14:23
fk_lxpawiecki: which ones? (just from curiosity to know where the infromation spreads)14:23
fk_lxpawiecki: and I guess Krogulec blog?14:24
pawieckii read, omgubuntu, webupd8, muktware, so probably one of those14:24
fk_lxpawiecki: ah ok, thanks :-)14:25
coderusfk_lx: hi!14:25
fk_lxcoderus: hi14:25
*** kimmoli has quit IRC14:25
coderusfk_lx: any ucoming mobile/qt/sailfish events in europe? :)14:25
pawieckihehe Krogulec too. I was very optimistic about meego back in N9 "times" and even n900 but never got one.14:26
pawieckisailfish looks very fresh and jolla is independent so it looks promising :)14:26
fk_lxcoderus: lots of them around14:26
netzviehis there an overview somewhere?14:27
*** kimmoli has joined #sailfishos14:28
*** arcean has quit IRC14:31
*** Master-Passeli has quit IRC14:32
*** Master-Passeli has joined #sailfishos14:34
VDVsxnetzvieh, poke special when he's around regarding Telepathy stuff (MDT timezone, so later at night in Europe)14:37
netzviehVDVsx: thx, I'll do14:37
coderusnetzvieh: libpurple is here14:38
coderusyou can use pidgin plugins easily14:39
*** Pat_o has quit IRC14:39
*** zhxt has joined #sailfishos14:40
netzviehcoderus: well I'd like to integrate it into the messaging stuff app rather than writing an own app for it. basically the way it is with xmpp now14:41
*** CvP has quit IRC14:43
sledgeswe need to promote libpurple and telepathy-haze to nemo:mw (from home:norguhtar ) , special has been hard to reach until now, but hopes high :)14:43
*** flyapen has joined #sailfishos14:43
*** Sailor8122 has quit IRC14:43
*** Sailor8122 has joined #sailfishos14:43
*** tanty has joined #sailfishos14:44
tantykaltsi, lbt: now it is working14:44
tantythanks for your help :)14:44
lbtgood to hear14:45
pawieckianyone tried some nexus 4 porting yet?14:46
*** zoldyck has joined #sailfishos14:46
avivbyopawiecki: what do you mean?14:46
netzviehpawiecki: porting what? there are internal release clients for sailfish for n4 in testing14:46
*** CvP has joined #sailfishos14:47
pawieckiavivbyo: i meant running sailfishos on nexus 414:48
pawieckiwhere to find info about it?14:48
avivbyoHere and there
pawieckiavivbyo: thanks14:50
avivbyoIf you want it , pm sledges14:50
*** mk2soldier has joined #sailfishos14:50
coderusnetzvieh: telepathy already integrated in system :)14:53
pawieckiavivbyo: yes, i already pm'd him :)14:53
*** kempe has quit IRC14:53
avivbyoUm quick question , someone on XDA said that Alien-Dalvik won't be included in any of the ports but only in Jolla's phone , is it true?14:53
netzviehavivbyo: at least in the first builds it's not there14:53
coderusits paid proprietary stuff14:53
coderuswhile alpha/beta/rtestin you'll get android phone with no android :)14:54
avivbyowhat do you mean?14:54
*** Almehdin has quit IRC14:55
coderusdalvik will be only at highly final stages14:55
coderusbut no real information here14:55
netzviehavivbyo: it *might* come later14:55
coderusdalvik costs money14:55
avivbyoI know that14:56
artemma(-moz-min-device-pixel-ratio: 2) doesn't seem to target jolla browser. Hmm, what's the proper media query then? Jolla's CSS pixel ratio is at least 2,right?14:56
coderusartemma: ask in mozilla irc embedlite channel :)14:56
avivbyoAnyway i can't wait till' first alpha :)14:57
artemmaah, figured it out. As usual, you try finding answer for 20 min, ask question and next half-a-minute you realize answer yourself :)14:57
artemmamozilla has weird min--moz-device-pixel-ratio there14:58
*** CvP_ has joined #sailfishos14:59
*** pawiecki has quit IRC15:00
*** CvP has quit IRC15:02
*** krnlyng has joined #sailfishos15:03
*** krendil has joined #sailfishos15:03
*** stephg has joined #sailfishos15:03
*** flyapen has quit IRC15:04
*** Master-Passeli has quit IRC15:07
*** krendil has quit IRC15:08
*** Almehdin has joined #sailfishos15:08
*** zhxt has quit IRC15:08
*** Master-Passeli has joined #sailfishos15:09
*** mk2soldier has quit IRC15:10
*** mk2soldier has joined #sailfishos15:10
specialsledges: netzvieh: I've been very busy in the past ~month, no time to look at IM15:11
speciallooking at the haze package is near the top of my list now15:11
sledgesspecial: understandable15:11
netzviehspecial: okay, thanks :)15:11
*** mk2soldi_ has joined #sailfishos15:11
sledgesthe person who ported just showed up one day, did the job, and disappeared :)15:11
sledgeshe seem to have been very very knowledgeable on OBS15:12
sledgeshe's on together.j.c though15:12
specialI promised him that I'd get it integrated and then got swamped by [not-so-secret feature]15:12
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC15:12
*** fk_lx has quit IRC15:12
*** mk2soldi_ has quit IRC15:13
*** mk2soldi_ has joined #sailfishos15:13
*** mk2soldi_ has quit IRC15:14
*** Sailor8122 has quit IRC15:14
*** mk2soldier has quit IRC15:15
*** Sailor8122 has joined #sailfishos15:18
*** kempe has joined #sailfishos15:19
*** CvP has joined #sailfishos15:21
*** CvP_ has quit IRC15:23
*** artemma has quit IRC15:27
*** fk_lx has joined #sailfishos15:29
locusfhmm still can't compile sailfish sdk qt creator15:31
*** leszek has joined #sailfishos15:37
*** martyone has joined #sailfishos15:38
*** bentz has joined #sailfishos15:44
*** fk_lx has quit IRC15:48
*** planasb has quit IRC15:48
*** m4g0g has joined #sailfishos15:50
*** myla has joined #sailfishos15:52
*** planasb has joined #sailfishos15:55
*** CvP has quit IRC15:56
*** Sailor8122 has quit IRC15:58
_r_how are you16:00
*** CvP_ has joined #sailfishos16:00
*** gabriel9|work has quit IRC16:01
netzviehfine, nothing to complain about besides the definition of soon ;)16:01
netzviehwell and the acquisition of oculus vr by facebook16:02
_r_i would really like to try sailfish eventually ;')16:02
netzvieh_r_: well what device do you have?16:02
_r_nexus 416:03
locusf <- lbt do you have any idea why this happens?16:03
netzviehthen pm sledges with your mail, device and why you want to be an early adopter16:03
_r_haha i did a wee bit ago16:03
*** master_o1_master has joined #sailfishos16:03
netzviehthen just wait :D16:03
_r_like a few days ago16:03
lbtlocusf: your macro in the spec file is likely broken16:04
_r_oic i am very excited aha16:04
netzviehit'll come... soon :D16:04
*** master_of_master has quit IRC16:04
locusflbt: no macros in the spec file :)16:04
lbtNOTICE: This specfile does not have the qtc_* macros defined16:04
_r_soon haha16:04
*** CvP_ has quit IRC16:04
* lbt strokes his sailfishos N4.... :)16:05
netzviehI'm sure they are doing all they can to get it out asap and agap :D16:05
_r_haha lbt16:05
netzviehlbt: look out for thieves :D16:05
*** Eztran has joined #sailfishos16:05
lbtwe just found some really annoying bugs16:05
_r_how does it run lbt16:05
lbtalmost as well as the real thing (tm)16:06
_r_o wow16:06
_r_im really psyched to try it ;')16:06
*** CvP_ has joined #sailfishos16:06
lbt*g* it is quite nice... but doesn't feel as unlike as the Jolla ... it loos kinda boring on the desk16:07
lbtlocusf: deliberate ?16:08
locusflbt: yes16:08
locusfnormal nemo package16:08
locusfnot for Sailfish16:08
lbtjust looks like a qmake syntax error16:09
locusfinside the sdk VM: mb2 -t SailfishOS-armv7hl -d "SailfishOS Device2" deploy --pkcon works16:09
*** zhxt has joined #sailfishos16:09
lbtSDK does some odd macro tricks16:10
lbtpastie the spec16:10
*** CvP_ has quit IRC16:11
lbtline 4516:12
*** xruxa is now known as xruxa_away16:14
*** BearT has quit IRC16:14
locusfadded and now build fails16:15
locusfbut it has nothing to do with the previous bug16:15
*** xkaycee has joined #sailfishos16:16
*** aarapov has quit IRC16:16
*** Nicoasd has joined #sailfishos16:17
locusffatal error: QQmlExtensionPlugin: No such file or directory16:17
*** sletta has quit IRC16:17
locusfagain, works just fine in mb2 manual mode16:17
NicoasdHello I want to test the os16:18
lbtmissing dependency?16:19
*** Sailor8122 has joined #sailfishos16:19
locusfseems so16:20
lbtsledges: ^^16:20
*** sletta has joined #sailfishos16:21
*** raven24^{off} is now known as raven2416:21
locusfthe class is in core which is odd16:21
locusfalso QT += qml quick16:21
*** sletta has quit IRC16:22
*** ericcc has quit IRC16:22
sledgesNicoasd: send me pm with your name email and motivation :)16:23
locusfProject MESSAGE: Warning: unknown QT: qml16:25
locusfProject MESSAGE: Warning: unknown QT: quick16:25
NicoasdAs I write you a PM?16:26
*** aarapov has joined #sailfishos16:26
*** carepack has quit IRC16:26
speciallocusf: sounds like you're using qt4 qmake on a qt5 project16:27
specialif this is the mer sdk, install qt5-default16:27
sledgesNicoasd: /msg sledges16:28
locusfspecial: I really hope thats not that Qt Creator does16:28
*** jukey has quit IRC16:28
locusfspecial: I have %qtc_qmake516:28
specialI don't know how creator is set up, it's not quite the same16:29
*** Pat_o has joined #sailfishos16:29
*** CvP_ has joined #sailfishos16:29
*** miksuh has joined #sailfishos16:30
locusfI'll go with mb2 --deploy16:30
*** Andy80 has quit IRC16:32
*** jstaniek has quit IRC16:32
*** CvP_ has quit IRC16:34
*** aarapov has quit IRC16:38
*** aarapov has joined #sailfishos16:39
*** CvP has joined #sailfishos16:41
*** CvP_ has joined #sailfishos16:42
*** addi271 has joined #sailfishos16:43
*** CvP has quit IRC16:45
*** aarapov has quit IRC16:47
*** leszek has quit IRC16:47
*** CvP_ has quit IRC16:48
*** nodevel has joined #sailfishos16:54
*** CvP_ has joined #sailfishos16:55
*** DarkSim has joined #sailfishos16:56
*** kempe has quit IRC16:59
*** IgorSK has quit IRC17:04
*** CvP has joined #sailfishos17:04
*** jjarven has quit IRC17:05
*** Sailor6916_ has joined #sailfishos17:05
*** CvP_ has quit IRC17:05
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*** jjanvier has quit IRC17:06
*** carepack has joined #sailfishos17:07
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*** Sequenced_ has joined #sailfishos17:13
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*** BearT1 has quit IRC17:17
*** BearT has joined #sailfishos17:17
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*** Morpog_Jolla has joined #sailfishos17:18
*** ejjoman has joined #sailfishos17:20
*** zhxt has quit IRC17:21
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*** jjarven has joined #sailfishos17:22
*** Sequenced has joined #sailfishos17:23
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*** jjanvier has joined #sailfishos17:26
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*** ejjoman has joined #sailfishos17:29
*** ejjoman has quit IRC17:34
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*** rusty88 has joined #sailfishos17:45
*** antoniolatiano has joined #sailfishos17:46
*** martyone has joined #sailfishos17:48
*** kempe has joined #sailfishos17:48
*** sequantz has joined #sailfishos17:49
*** VDVsx has joined #sailfishos17:50
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*** mk2soldier has joined #sailfishos17:58
*** killSwam has quit IRC17:58
*** carepack has joined #sailfishos17:59
*** flyapen has joined #sailfishos18:06
*** flyapen has quit IRC18:12
coderuswhere to fill Qt QML Text element bugs?18:16
*** pratik_ has quit IRC18:18
YanielQt's bugtracker?18:18
coderuswheer is it?18:19
Yanielwhoever owns qt atm18:20
ln-not me18:20
Stskeepscoderus: together.* first i guess, as it may be in our impl18:20
Yanielah, there is a bugtracker on qt-project.org18:21
coderusStskeeps: ok, i;ll prepare test case now18:22
*** mk2soldier has quit IRC18:24
*** stephg has quit IRC18:25
*** antoniolatiano has quit IRC18:27
*** ejjoman has joined #sailfishos18:28
ejjomancos-: any news to your mail problem?18:29
*** Nicoasd has quit IRC18:32
*** martyone has quit IRC18:33
*** Morpog_Jolla has quit IRC18:37
*** JukPer has joined #sailfishos18:38
*** sdjayna has quit IRC18:42
*** Morpog_Jolla has joined #sailfishos18:42
*** qwazix has quit IRC18:44
coderusStskeeps: ^18:44
Stskeepscoderus: thanks18:44
Stskeepsw00t: ^18:45
*** Morpog_Jolla has quit IRC18:47
*** CvP has joined #sailfishos18:48
*** qwazix has joined #sailfishos18:48
*** M4rtinK has joined #sailfishos18:48
coderushow to check if system using 12 or 24h display time?18:50
*** alin has quit IRC18:50
*** alin has joined #sailfishos18:50
*** mk2soldier has joined #sailfishos18:51
*** alin has quit IRC18:51
*** CvP_ has quit IRC18:52
*** sdjayna1 has joined #sailfishos18:55
ejjomancoderus: have you tried javascript's date.tolocaletimestring?
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC18:59
*** JukPer has quit IRC19:00
*** kimmoli_sailing has joined #sailfishos19:00
*** arcean has joined #sailfishos19:04
*** JukPer has joined #sailfishos19:06
*** Sailor10859 has joined #sailfishos19:06
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*** fk_lx has joined #sailfishos19:10
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*** furikku has quit IRC19:15
*** mk2soldier has quit IRC19:15
*** AlmAck has joined #sailfishos19:16
*** Kabouik has quit IRC19:17
coderusejjoman: no, i'm using Qt.formatTime now19:18
ejjomancoderus: okay19:19
*** martyone has joined #sailfishos19:19
coderuswith js i cant format it19:21
*** M4rtinK has joined #sailfishos19:22
*** keithzg has quit IRC19:22
*** JukPer has quit IRC19:25
*** stephg has joined #sailfishos19:26
stephggood evening folks19:26
stephgin a rare event I have a couple of hours free this evening19:29
*** Kabouik has joined #sailfishos19:30
ejjomancoderus: sadly, that is correct19:33
*** spiiroin has quit IRC19:35
*** cvp_ has joined #sailfishos19:35
*** kimmoli_sailing has quit IRC19:36
*** kimmoli_sailing has joined #sailfishos19:37
*** artemma has joined #sailfishos19:40
*** kimmoli_sailing has quit IRC19:40
*** kimmoli_sailing has joined #sailfishos19:41
*** Morpog has quit IRC19:43
*** Morpog_PC has joined #sailfishos19:45
*** disharmonic has joined #sailfishos19:48
*** JukPer has joined #sailfishos19:51
*** myla_ has joined #sailfishos19:51
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*** myla_ has quit IRC20:01
*** myla_ has joined #sailfishos20:01
*** ottulo has quit IRC20:02
*** carepack has quit IRC20:03
*** ottulo has joined #sailfishos20:03
*** wickwire has quit IRC20:06
cos-ejjoman: i got a reply, but i'll get back to it tomorrow20:11
*** Arkkis has joined #sailfishos20:13
ejjomancos-: okay :)20:13
ArkkisIs it out yet ;) ?20:14
flotronwe are waiting in #soon channel :D20:16
*** Guhl has joined #sailfishos20:17
avivbyoyes we are20:17
flotronnot kidding :D20:18
cos-what? android images?20:18
Stskeepsi swear, if this last image works, email goes out tomorrow :P20:19
avivbyoKeep us updated !20:23
*** krnlyng has quit IRC20:24
*** JukPer has quit IRC20:25
*** myla_ has quit IRC20:25
*** myla_ has joined #sailfishos20:26
flotroni drink to much on weekends, you can help avoid alcohol launching the image :P20:27
*** memoryleak_ has joined #sailfishos20:27
memoryleak_hi all20:28
*** Finlod has quit IRC20:29
*** Zotan has joined #sailfishos20:30
*** myla_ has quit IRC20:31
*** itbaron has quit IRC20:32
*** B0n0NL has joined #sailfishos20:32
*** myla_ has joined #sailfishos20:35
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC20:35
*** B0n0NL has quit IRC20:37
flotronAnd OTA updates?20:38
*** Eztran has quit IRC20:40
*** BasilSemuonov has quit IRC20:41
*** rashm2k has joined #sailfishos20:44
*** danielwf has joined #sailfishos20:46
*** Venemo_ has joined #sailfishos20:47
*** CvP has quit IRC20:50
Stskeepsyup, tomorrow it is provided nobody runs me over with a bus20:53
*** Venemo_ has quit IRC20:54
ArkkisSo, is the rom installed from Custom Recovery?20:54
*** spiiroin has joined #sailfishos20:57
flotronYEAH! thanks!20:58
*** xruxa_away is now known as xruxa21:01
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avivbyoI can't wait til tomorrow! I can't wait til tomorrow! I can't wait til tomorrow! I can't wait til tomorrow! I can't wait til tomorrow! I can't wait til tomorrow! I can't wait til tomorrow! !!!!!!!!21:21
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Arkkistomorrow is in 34 minutes!21:26
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Nightmare__1:34 ;)21:27
*** rusty88 has quit IRC21:28
stephgtwo and a half hours for me21:28
flotronis 18:24 in my country :P21:28
kenguArkkis: true21:29
*** olafh has joined #sailfishos21:30
ArkkisNightmare__ has to wait till friday ;)21:30
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Nightmare__i don't care about the android version :-p21:32
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avivbyoit's 11:38 PM21:38
avivbyoat my country21:38
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* lbt wonders who has flashed CM10.1.3 yet ?22:06
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stephgnoone's been told the exact version of CM to flash...22:36
stephg...until now :)22:36
*** m4g0g has quit IRC22:39
stephg10.1.3 :)22:41
stephgright is bed time22:43
stephggood night folks22:43
stephgcatch you TOMORROW morning22:43
* stephg teeheehee22:43
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ArkkisInstalling CM 10.1.3 :)23:25
ejjomangood night23:26
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