Thursday, 2014-04-24

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manqeloquelpotter, what's the Right way to build/install new connman? can i do it with mer sdk (vbox image that comes with sailfish sdk)?01:39
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lpotternever tried it with application sdk05:17
lpotterif you use vanilla connman you won't like the experience on sailfish05:19
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jussimorning all05:27
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jusa_coderus: pong06:43
jusa_coderus: if you didn't find out how the profile thingie happens, I can explain shortly06:45
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coderusjusa_: i'd like to know if i can store my own field in profiled config to use it in ngfd07:11
coderusStskeeps: i have a problem, probably:
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coderusthis messages filling my journal07:12
coderusjusa_: manually edited .profiled/custom.ini seems breaked everything :D07:13
coderusjusa_: now i can use only sound.filename with custom path07:13
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coderusah, profiled config broken because it should be 4096 bytes always, okay07:22
coderusbut ngfd still cant load custom fields from profiled config07:22
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jusa_coderus: sorry, was afk for a while..07:32
jusa_coderus: I'll have to check a bit but if I remember correctly you'll need to have profile key extensions in /etc/profiled07:34
jusa_actually the profiled guru is spiiroin ^07:35
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jusa_coderus: yes, to add something to profiled ->
jusa_fallback means "general profile", default value for the keys etc. if nothing is defined for a profile (look for example [ambience] in 50.jolla_default.ini), then that value for keys for that profile are taken from [fallback]07:43
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jusa_after there are new values in profiled, ngfd sees them as context values, like (for active profile), , , etc07:47
SK_workhum this is interesting07:50
SK_workwhat are you guys trying to do ? :)07:50
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jusa_coderus: about the sound.profile = im.alert.tone => sound.filename , profile plugin in ngfd handles those, there value from profile (im.alert.tone) is transformed to propertylist key sound.filename . this propertylist is then visible to the event sinks, like gst plugin when the event is played07:56
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jusa_coderus: ngf-client (from libngf-client) can be used to test the ngfd events07:59
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spiiroincoderus: apart from profiles that are always present profiled is fully data driven. profiles and default values are defined in /etc/profiled/ (new files can be added there). delta to defaults is stored at ~/.profiled/ (should not be edited)08:22
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spiiroinfor new values to be accepted, they must have entry in [datatype] and [fallback] sections08:24
spiiroinwhen files are added/removed from /etc/profiled, profiled will re-evaluate the situation08:25
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spiiroinyou can see it happening via running "profileclient -T" as nemo user (install via: pkcon install profileclient)08:26
spiiroin... use something like /etc/profiled/60.my_package.ini & unique enough prefixes for values too08:31
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coderusspiiroin: thanks09:37
coderusjusa_: thanks09:37
coderuswas afk for a while too :)09:38
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coderusFatal error: profileclient-1.0.1-1.3.8.armv7hl requires profiled = 1.0.1-1.3.8, but this requirement cannot be provided09:40
coderusspiiroin: ^09:40
coderusmy profiled have 1.0.1-6.1.Nemo version09:42
coderusnevermind, just ignored it with zypper09:47
coderusyeah, i did same with dbus-monitor :)09:47
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coderusbtw, will profile values update automatically after installing config file?10:05
coderusfor ngfd i need to restart service to make it work10:05
manqeloquelpotter, ah so this still lacks some patches from jolla?10:09
jusa_coderus: profiled should handle new files in /etc/profiled without restart, ngfd needs to be restarted atm10:17
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coderusjusa_: okay10:24
coderusexploring profiled-qt510:24
coderusits me or it have no get_properties and set_properties as plain profiled?10:24
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jusa_heh.. seems so..10:28
coderusokay, will use profiled as is :)10:30
coderusjust use dbus10:30
coderusits beter :)10:30
jusa_profiled-qt uses dbus, how about implement setters and getters etc there?10:32
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coderusyes i just grabbed it to my project10:41
coderusor you about contribute to profiled-qt itself?10:41
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oshobbyis there anyone here?10:50
oshobbyhello. just wanted to ask a question10:50
Bysmyyrask, not ask to ask :)10:51
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oshobbywhen will sailfish images be available for downlad?10:51
spiiroincoderus: there is also the "original" libprofiled with C bindings10:51
Stskeepsthey are already for nexus 410:51
coderusspiiroin: well yeah10:52
oshobbyso will there be no general image for trying it out maybe in something like virtualbox?10:52
coderusbut it seems more comfortable to implement dbus myself10:52
coderusoshobby: em, install SDK10:53
coderusit contains sailfish in virtualbox emulator10:53
coderusbut x8610:53
oshobbyhmmm the last time i installed it, it didnt have the whole os. just a emulation for testing out any programs you make10:53
coderusit wont contain entrie os ever10:54
coderusjust for general experience10:54
oshobbyif i wanted to check out nemo forexample, it ispossible toget nemo img files which i can use to install in vbox. I was wondering if the same would be available for sailfish10:54
coderusit is possible if somebody in jolla compile production binaries for x8610:55
cos-what is the "whole os"?10:55
oshobbyyes that was what i meant locusf :). only for sailefish and not nemo10:56
locusfah you probably already know about that10:56
oshobbyleaving x86 aside, does anyone know any timeline as to when it will be ported over to other gnome-terminal10:58
oshobbysudo shutdown -h now10:58
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cos-good password, congratulations :-)10:59
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gabriel9|workdoes anyone have c++ code example about custom models?11:04
gabriel9|workWe need some basic Person model example :D11:05
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gabriel9|workname, age, and gender11:05
gabriel9|workhow to create it in C++ and how to use it in Qt11:05
coderusyou can ccheck my filemodel as example:
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coderuswrong link11:10
coderusthis one:
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gabriel9|workthanks rus coder11:11
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gabriel9|workbut it is to much for noob in c++ like me11:13
gabriel9|worki got many WTF reading your code :)11:14
gabriel9|workand i am not saying it is bad code, i just do not know what are all those things11:14
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MSameergabriel9|work: what are you trying to do? maybe it can be done with a QML-only model11:16
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coderusgabriel9|work: just start and try11:17
coderusevery thing is look hard at beginning11:17
gabriel9|worki coded some models for N9, and they worked. When i try to do same for Sailfish hell broken11:18
gabriel9|workMSameer: this is great11:18
MSameergabriel9|work: N9 is Qt4, Sailfish is Qt5 and there are some minor differences11:19
gabriel9|worki know java and php and js11:19
gabriel9|worki coded my app using js and qml11:19
MSameerin Qt4, you do: QHash<int, QByteArray> roles; setRoleNames(roles)11:19
gabriel9|workworks nice, now i want to learn something :)11:19
MSameerin Qt5 you need to do something different for example11:19
gabriel9|workthat's it serRoleNames is not defined in Qt511:20
MSameeryes but you override it from QAbstractItemModel::roleNames() const IIRC11:20
MSameerQHash<int, QByteArray> QAbstractItemModel::roleNames() const [virtual]11:20
MSameermy memory still serves me :)11:20
gabriel9|workok, need to check what is virtual11:21
MSameergabriel9|work: check that  (line 100)11:21
gabriel9|worki gues it is something like abstract11:21
Yanielgabriel9|work: "to be overridden by subclasses"11:22
MSameergabriel9|work: a virtual function is a function that you can inherit11:22
Yanielyeah interface is pretty close11:22
MSameergabriel9|work: is a function that you can override in your subclass I mean11:22
MSameerand the compiler will know that it's overridden by your subclass11:22
MSameereven if you cast your subclass to the superclass and call this method, the compiler will generate the right call11:23
MSameer(did I complicate it ?)11:23
MSameergabriel9|work: an abstract virtual method is a method that you _MUST_ inherit because it's not defined in the superclass11:23
YanielMSameer: that is not certain I think11:24
MSameerYaniel: is it not?11:24
Yanielyou can have multple subclasses each with their different implementations11:24
gabriel9|workinterfaces in java are like that, needs to be implement11:24
Yanielgabriel9|work: basically virtual means that subclasses can (or should) override it11:25
gabriel9|workso there is no MUST?11:25
MSameerYaniel: yes but I was making it simpler by covering the simple case11:25
Yaniel"pure virtual" means that it is only defined as an interface ie. there is no implementation until you do it in a subclass11:25
MSameeroh crap. it's pure virtual not abstract virtual11:25
MSameermy bad11:25
MSameersorry :)11:25
MSameerYaniel: thanks for catching me :)11:26
Yanielwritten like;  virtual void foo() = 0;11:26
gabriel9|workand there is pure and abstract :)11:26
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MSameergabriel9|work: pure virtual and virtual11:26
MSameergabriel9|work: abstract is a class with a pure virtual method IIRC11:26
MSameerYaniel will correct me11:26
Yanielpretty much like that yes11:27
MSameerclass Foo { virtual void foo(); };  <-- virtual method which you can override11:27
MSameerclass Foo { virtual void foo() = 0; };  <-- pure virtual method which you MUST override11:27
gabriel9|workvirtual void foo() = 0;11:27
Yanielthe latter would be what java calls an interface11:27
MSameerand in case #2, the class is called an abstract class11:28
Yanielgabriel9|work: means that there is no implementation of that function in this class11:28
gabriel9|worki was thinking there is something like pure virtual void foo();11:28
MSameergabriel9|work: think of it like this: pure in C++ is a = 0; appended11:28
YanielMSameer: abstract class, interface11:28
MSameerYaniel: I am not a java guy :p11:29
gabriel9|workthanks guys11:29
gabriel9|worki will check code and try toc reate something with it11:30
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MSameergabriel9|work: BTW if you inherit an abstract class without overriding the methods then the compiler will error out so no need to worry11:33
MSameerand also take care of the const part because it's a pitfall (at least for me sometimes)11:33
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Yanielbeware of the infamous vtables11:34
Yaniel(yes C++ is confusing)11:34
*** zhxt_laptop has joined #sailfishos11:34
MSameerwait until he gets to C++0x :D11:36
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Yaniellet's not go there11:39
Yanieleven though it is supported in the SDK11:39
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artemmaHas anybody tried quick qml reloading as in ?13:10
artemmaworks in one-click way on emulator and device or needs thinking?13:10
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coderusspiiroin: jusa_: thank you guys, it's working flawlessly.13:48
coderusnow mitakuuluu ahve superawesone notifications :)13:48
SK_workcoderus: I will need your help :)13:50
*** nodevel has quit IRC13:51
coderusSK_work: ?13:56
SK_workcoderus: about notifications :)13:56
coderusbut what exactly?13:57
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coderusMitakuuluu v0.5-8 with notifications sound settings and some fixies:
SK_workcoderus: well, I'm at work, so I don't know, but I'm thinking about modifying system notifications14:06
SK_work(disabling vibration for some of them etc)14:07
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coderusSK_work: /usr/share/ngfd/events.d14:10
SK_workcoderus: but you need to change them ?14:10
SK_workand do you know how android push notifications ?14:10
SK_work(because you can push notifications if they are not defined in /usr/share/ngfd/events.d iirc)14:11
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coderus ngfd keep vibration parameters you asking14:22
coderusnotifications described in /usr/share/lipstick/notificationcategories14:23
coderusand no i dont know anything about android14:23
jusa_coderus: cool!14:24
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SK_workcoderus: alright, will try, thx14:27
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coderusMitakuuluu v0.6-1 release on openrepos:
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coderusjusa_: some users reporting adding profiled file by package not working, if created/copied manually it applied by profiled.17:18
coderusis there something i should know?17:18
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squiddwait what17:40
squiddmy version was like 0.2.1 or something :D17:40
squiddhow are you at .6 now? :O17:40
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meek_geekYaniel, sup18:22
meek_geekremember me ?18:22
*** Prometheus00 has joined #sailfishos18:22
Yanielmm no18:23
meek_geekYaniel, I am sharefree18:23
*** Prometheus00_ has quit IRC18:24
meek_geekYaniel, remember me ?18:24
meek_geekoh I do not lol18:26
matrixxhmm, shouldn't enter press in TextField close virtual keyboard?18:26
matrixxor if not, can I somehow get a signal when enter is pressed and close it manually?18:27
coderusmatrixx: EnterKey attached property18:27
matrixxcoderus: thanks, exactly what I was looking for18:28
meek_geekI think OnePLus One phone killed it18:28
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jusa_coderus: hmm.. just guessing, but if profiled handles file watching with inotify, and it's different when cp or mv. then if package install moves the file in pöace from some temp.. dunno really, just guessing19:05
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coderusjusa_: i'm trying it now with rpm %config directive. waiting for users report.19:09
*** nezticle has quit IRC19:09
coderusjusa_: but well, it doesnt even work after reboot19:09
coderusjusa_: only manual remove/create working19:10
*** radish has joined #sailfishos19:10
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Nightmare__coderus: settings in 6-2 seem to work19:16
*** Shaan7 has joined #sailfishos19:18
*** Shaan7 has joined #sailfishos19:18
coderusNightmare__: can you remove package, ensure /etc/profiled doesnt contain mitakuuluu config, reboot, install it and try again19:18
jusa_coderus: hmm that's strange19:18
coderusjusa_: yeah, my mind blown.19:19
Nightmare__i wanted to say it works correct :)19:19
coderusNightmare__: already did it?..19:20
*** NindroidX has joined #sailfishos19:21
Nightmare__yes, and etc/profiled contained just a jolla_default after uninstall19:23
coderusNightmare__: thanks19:24
coderusrolling out update then19:24
Nightmare__no problem19:25
Nightmare__it even plays the correct sound file :D19:28
Nightmare__coderus: did you somehow change the notification type or led pattern? it's flashing green instead of blue since 0.6-x19:31
coderusyes notifications now colored :)19:32
*** M4rtinK has joined #sailfishos19:36
coderusngfd config19:36
*** alin has joined #sailfishos19:37
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Nightmare__found it :) really nice feature19:47
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Nightmare__coderus: i was confused, because in hybris-led.ini it says: in blinking mode only "full intensity colors" are supported like 00ff00, but it still works fine with 00ff80 and 80ff00 in your pattern19:56
*** NindroidX has quit IRC19:56
coderusi'm not sure if it worked :)19:56
Nightmare__jolla is lying :D19:57
*** alin__ has joined #sailfishos19:58
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coderusi mean 00ff80 can not work and instead 00ffff used automatically19:58
coderusand it seems to be true19:59
*** Pat_o has quit IRC20:00
Nightmare__could be possible, 00ff80 was bluer than it should be20:01
*** Pat_o has joined #sailfishos20:01
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cvp_coderus: you write "If you already installed Mitakuuluu go to Settings - Account - Delete everything." - at moment i have a neverending account (dont need to pay) , if i delete my account, will i lose this status ?20:36
*** artemma has joined #sailfishos20:44
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Yanielthat would be wrong in so many ways20:47
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Morpog_PCcvp_, only if you delete it from server I guess20:56
Morpog_PCoh i see it's not separated anymore20:57
Nightmare__cvp_: just try it wothout, i never deleted my account20:58
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coderuscvp_: really? where i wrote it?21:06
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cvp_Nightmare__: Morpog_PC thank you :)21:10
Nightmare__btw: activating an expired whatsapp account with the offical symbian app extends it for another year21:13
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coderusso what?21:20
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cvp_coderus: on Openrepos :)21:32
artemmaI fail to install entr to emulator. Anybody succeeded?
walokrahave to try it tomorrow21:33
*** alin_ has quit IRC21:34
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* artemma is sorta fine with having to shut down most of apps to let instagram scroll fine, I can understand lack of memory slowness. What's really annoying is that closing UI then becomes sluggish too, so it takes lots of time to shut down apps and I always switch into some app instead of closing it, because tap processing happened to be too sluggish21:40
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coderuscvp_: link21:47
*** Blizzz has quit IRC21:49
Sazpaimon_so probably too early to tell, seeing as the device isn't even out yet, but what's the likelyhood of getting sailfish on the oneplus one, considering that it comes preinstalled with cyanogen? Basically, anyone on the team handling porting to N4 and SGS3 eyeballing this device?21:53
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sledgesSazpaimon_: it's hard not to ;)22:16
Sazpaimon_Im mostly asking because that would influence my purchase decision on it22:21
Sazpaimon_I'm really hurting to get something to replace my N922:22
Sazpaimon_and, being US-based, the jolla phone isn't an option :(22:22
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sledgesI'd wait for reviews of initial OnePlus owners first22:31
*** Sail0r has joined #sailfishos22:32
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artemmahas anybody tried headless qml?22:35
*** meek_geek has joined #sailfishos22:36
artemmasince javascript + qml structures is quite powerful combo, I am thinking of giving it a try for non-visual processing22:36
*** Sail0r has quit IRC22:36
artemmaQQuickView of course wants only visual content and creates window, but maybe there's a way to go without it22:36
specialQML itself isn't actually tied to the UI at all22:37
specialQQmlEngine has nothing UI related, and that's all you need to start loading and executing qml files22:38
*** krnlyng has joined #sailfishos22:38
specialQuick is the UI part. You don't have to use Quick.22:38
*** ejjoman has quit IRC22:40
artemmaspecial: I am just browsing the docs looking for what to pass my headless qml to :)22:40
artemmapassing it to QQuickView creates window22:41
artemmayeah.. maybe I can instantiate it in a standalone way, indeed22:42
* artemma trying..22:42
*** remarc has quit IRC22:43
artemmacan't quite see how to pass a qml file to it..22:44
artemmamaybe via setcontextproperty and pass qqmlcomponent to it..22:46
artemmayeah, just the command line22:46
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC22:48
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artemmaspecial: thanks! worked23:12
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Sazpaimon_ <sledges> I'd wait for reviews of initial OnePlus owners first23:27
Sazpaimon_where's the fun in that? :)23:28
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