Friday, 2014-04-25

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ryukafalzCurious, does Sailfish's messaging app use ?01:37
specialryukafalz: yes, as a bridge to a few minor things01:38
ryukafalzAh, so is most of it custom then?01:39
specialmost of it goes through libcommhistory and commhistory-daemon (also on github)01:40
ryukafalzOh, cool, I didn't know about those01:41
specialeverything except the UI and its logic is opensource01:41
ryukafalz^ what I was eventually getting at, haha01:42
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ryukafalzwas looking at qmlmessages and I was kinda amazed at how small it was, though I'm not sure how functional that currently is01:45
specialit probably still works, but it's very basic01:45
ryukafalzcommhistory looks a lot more... featureful01:45
specialthe sailfish UI is quite a bit more complicated, handling things like merging different conversations for the same contact01:46
ryukafalzAnd logging/log retrieval, looks like01:46
* ryukafalz wishes telepathy had an API for server-side history retrieval01:47
specialroughly, telepathy goes to commhistory-daemon which records events using libcommhistory, and the UI reads them via libcommhistory01:48
ryukafalzguessing some kind of signal is emitted to notify the UI of new messages then?01:49
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speciallibcommhistory keeps itself synchronized across processes with dbus signals01:51
specialso it'll update the UI automatically when commhistory-daemon adds/modifies events01:51
ryukafalzAh, alright01:52
ryukafalzAre the closed-source bits mostly QML or also a lot of C++?01:53
special98% QML01:53
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ryukafalzAh, cool. Trying to get a feel for what would be required to port it to e.g. Nemo. Of course I have very little C++ experience and way too many projects on my plate, but... yeah. XD01:55
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* ryukafalz pokes around for API docs01:57
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ryukafalz(More like potential projects that never end up seeing the light of day. Bad habits.)01:58
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jussimorning ladles andd gentlespoons05:46
squiddmorning mr jussi05:51
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SK_workhello jussi07:04
jussimorning SK_work07:04
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Stskeepskimmoli: ping07:16
Stskeepskimmoli: did you ever get further with eink TOH, ooi?07:16
ottoartemma: it seems the chum repo targets only ARM and the device, does not build for the emulator. Is this right tbr?07:16
kimmoliStskeeps: i have the aux cpu selected, samples of it, schematic/layout not finished.. So answer is "a little"07:18
kimmolinow i'm wasting my time with
Stskeepsjust idly wondering for experiments07:19
kimmolimaybe some day it will be finished...07:20
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kimmolinow learning curve is pointing towards OBS07:21
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SK_workOBS is basically a mess.07:28
SK_workIf we had something like webhooks, but for everybody, that would be nice07:28
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tbrotto: so far this is the case07:31
tbrotto: it wouldn't make much sense AFAIU anyway, as the emulator is many updates behind07:33
tbror did they finally change that?07:33
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SK_worktbr: the emulator seems to be based on the last release now07:49
artemmaotto, tbr: it's a pity for such dev utilities as entr as, well, I'd like to speed up the emulator workflow07:49
tbrartemma: if the emulator is now up to date, then it makes sense to poke lbt to get the i386 targets in place too07:59
tbr(I just did poke him, hint)07:59
artemmabut then.. emulator is likely to be behind quite often. Shall there be some different repository for emulator then?08:00
tbrthat is probably a question for the next community meeting. might want to add it08:01
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* lbt is off to airport - will see what I can do tomorrow or next week - expect lots of lag for a week :)08:05
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tbrlbt_away: enjoy your ELC trip08:07
Stskeepsmake sure to take lots of videos08:07
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coderusdoes rpm have dh_links analogue?08:45
Nicd-hey coderus, my mitakuuluu2 shows all messages on the same side, is this known?08:45
Nicd-I mean I can't distinguish my messages from the other person's messages08:45
Nicd-and message status (sent/read) can't be seen anywhere08:45
coderusNicd-: your device is broken08:46
coderusreboot it08:46
Nicd-whole device?08:46
Nicd-actually, just rebooting mitakuuluu worked08:47
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Nicd-I should've tried that first, sorry for bothering you :)08:47
coderusthats not so much funny as device rebooting08:47
Nicd-I try to keep my uptime :D08:48
Nicd-still haven't passed my 13 day record08:48
artemmaso end of nokia is today08:53
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* artemma wonders if Jolla has any real chances to continue. Must get operator support. And/or maybe be bought by a phone hardware vendor08:54
Nicd-end of nokia as in sale of the mobile phone business to microsoft?08:54
artemmawell, yeah, "end of Nokia as we knew it" to be precise08:55
sharpneliThough tbh that was 2 years ago already.08:56
artemmaNokia Oyj will be able to use Nokia brand in mobiles again since 2016 iirc. Exactly about time needed for developing a phone if they start today :D08:56
sharpneliartemma: Wasn't it 10 years ban?08:57
artemmathough I am far from thinking they'll do it. Nokia did many radical shifts from market to market in its history. Probably they just did one of these08:57
artemmasharpneli: I believe it's 2 years since 2014 only08:57
artemma10 years is the right for MSFT to use Nokia brand as well I think08:58
sharpneliI remembered it wrong :/08:58
sharpneliI just got a new wet dream: Nokia purchases Jolla and after 2 years launches a full lineup of sailfish devices08:59
ruskiethey become a partner08:59
Nicd-sharpneli: oh hell no09:01
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HartziJolla could buy nokia!09:03
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artemmaI would think more that nokia shifts out of handset biz completely. That's more of a nokia way to actually shift to a different market09:04
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coderusplease vote:
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carepackcoderus: hi, one thing I would wish to see in mitakuuluu is to have an option for smartcovers to went into contact search for new message. what do you think?11:38
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coderuscarepack: i cant understand what you mena12:42
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carepacka cover action option write message where i directly turn into contact search13:01
carepackto select contact for new message13:01
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joonahoicarepack to english translation follows: cover action option for contact search13:13
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carepackjoonahoi: thx13:14
joonahoiah actually: create new message and focus contact search for it13:15
joonahoiis that right?13:15
carepackyes ;)13:15
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carepackcover action option: select contact for new message13:16
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cos-Sage-: fyi the black screen issue happened to me last night when the phone was not in use.13:44
cos-phone didn't wake me up at hotel because of that, luckily my wife has her alarm set13:45
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coderuscarepack: okay, thats eaasy. make a wish to github.14:19
coderussame with text broadcast14:19
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coderusMorpog_PC: ping17:27
*** maxorator has quit IRC17:32
Morpog_PCcoderus, pong17:33
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coderusMorpog_PC: can you make cover icons for mitakuuluu for text sharing?17:47
*** maxorator has quit IRC17:47
coderusi supposed it could be current unmute icon and remake unmute to something other then17:47
*** maxorator has joined #sailfishos17:49
Morpog_PCcoderus what about speechbubble with sharing icon (3 dots connected)?17:54
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Morpog_PCcoderus, icon-cover-share18:11
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rubdosGot a strange package out of Finland today.18:15
* rubdos enjoying Jolla...18:15
rubdosBut I've been stupid. I misspelled my own name during the setup, without noticing, and I don't know how to change that18:16
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SpeedEvilrubdos: that depends on where you are.18:24
SpeedEvilrubdos: In the UK, changing your name is quite simple and inexpensive.18:24
rubdosSpeedEvil, lol...18:25
rubdosIn Belgium? I'm Ruben De Smet and I wrote Ruben De Smeg... --'18:25
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stephgrubdos: can't see a way to change that from a quick look18:32
stephgfactory reset?18:32
*** maxorator has joined #sailfishos18:32
rubdosstephg, where is that name used? Only found it in bluetooth settings: "Jolla of Ruben De Smeg" or so18:33
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*** maxorator has joined #sailfishos18:34
stephgdon't think it's 'used' per se anywhere18:34
stephgbut will default for things like your email account I guess18:34
*** maxorator has quit IRC18:34
coderusMorpog_PC: noo18:35
coderusi can't look at this and say its text sharing18:36
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Morpog_PCcoderus, icon-cover-unmuted-new and icon-cover-muted-new19:05
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coderusMorpog_PC: looks good, thank you, synced :)19:13
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Nightmare__jolla2gether app uses the property "z" in ProgressCircle, does anyone know what that property does?19:58
Nicd-it lays components on top of eachother19:58
Nicd-Nightmare__: see the source of my SailTime app on bitbucket for an example20:00
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Nightmare__it's ok, i can imagine how it works20:01
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coderusMitakuuluu v0.6-3
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coderusyou can change led color for notifications in settings now :)22:53
manqeloquebtw, why does it require one to delete everything from server?22:57
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