Sunday, 2014-04-27

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DrIDKHello! When I tried to run saillfishOS emulator from my kubuntu, I get a black screen :
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stephgDrIDK: first off, which kununtu? 14.04?09:37
DrIDKstephg: 14.0409:37
stephgsecond off, which SDK version?09:37
stephg(if the newest, (also named 1404) did you download it the day that it was released or the day after, there was a bug for kde only in the initial one)09:38
DrIDKstephg: the last one. I guess 140409:38
DrIDKI downloaded yesterday09:38
stephgcool ok so don't have that, probably not related but worth a check09:39
DrIDKI think it comes from VirtualBox. I gonna reinstall from the official website09:39
stephgI'm running the ubuntu packaged one09:40
stephgand don't (often) see that09:40
stephgjust a sec09:40
stephgand you don't have a pointer when it starts either?09:41
stephgyou'll see those console messages on a normal boot and before wayland/lipstick start09:41
stephgbut that should only be for a few seconds09:42
stephgand if you reboot the emulator?09:42
DrIDKstephg: this is the error :
DrIDKstephg: and there is a video too :D ! Sounds like a common bug
stephgno that's not the problme here09:43
stephgthat's normal09:43
stephgit's that the UX isn't starting09:43
DrIDKI can try to run it without qtcreator , to see if it works09:44
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stephgssh'ing into the emulator and we should be able to see what's going on09:47
DrIDKstephg: ok. what's the defaut ip ?09:47
stephge.g. ssh -l root -p2223 localhost -i ~/SailfishOS/vmshare/ssh/private_keys/SailfishOS_Emulator/root09:47
stephgassuming you installed the SDK in the default place09:47
DrIDKI am in09:48
stephgnow to look at the lawgs :)09:48
stephg(don't know what we're looking for yet, am poking around mine to see what's what09:49
DrIDKstephg: are you sure "piix4_smbux uninitialized" is not the problem  .09:51
stephgthey all say that at boot09:52
stephgthe problem is that you're not getting further than that09:52
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DrIDKstephg: so, let me check the /var/log09:52
stephgvery little there probably now,09:52
stephgyou want to check the journal with journalctl -a09:53
stephgin one SSH session09:54
stephgdo a journalctl -a -f09:54
stephgand in another as root09:54
stephgtry systemctl-user start lipstick.service09:54
stephgsee what the journal says09:54
stephgshould look something like
DrIDKsystemctl-user start lipstick.service09:56
DrIDKJob failed. See system journal and 'systemctl status' for details.09:56
stephgsystemctl status lipstick.service09:56
stephgsystemctl-user status lipstick.service09:57
DrIDK        Loaded: error (Reason: No such file or directory)09:57
stephgyeah the first one will do that09:57
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stephgbut the systemctl-user one?09:57
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stephgor does that also say no such file...09:57
stephg(did it ever work btw?)09:58
stephgright, so what about systemctl-user status lipstick.service09:59
stephgdoes that show a useful error, when it's working it looks like this:09:59
stephgsystemctl-user not systemctl :)10:00
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DrIDKah sorry10:01
stephgit still may say nothing helpful but it's worth a look10:01
DrIDKalso, the date is wrong compared with my clock. +1hour delayed10:01
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stephgwhich tz are you in? iirc the emulator thinks it's in Helsinki10:02
stephgso for me in London it's 2h out10:02
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DrIDKit's twelve from France! ( bonjour de la france!)10:03
stephgok so that's the source of the 1h time difference then :)10:03
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stephgas to why lipstick is being naughty...10:03
stephgdid the emulator ever work? is this the first time you've used it since you installed?10:04
DrIDKjournalctl -a | tail -n 200 :
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DrIDKlet's try an iso10:04
stephgline 8 of that pastie is odd10:05
stephg(to me)10:05
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stephgI'm sure it is but check dbus is running10:16
stephgand that you have sockets at /run/dbus/system_bus_socket (probably) and /run/user/100000/dbus/user_bus_socket (possibly not)10:18
stephgat this stage, if you haven't altered the sdk environment (much) I'd uninstall and reinstall it10:20
stephgI'm out of ideas :(10:20
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stephgor patiently wait until someone who knows more turns up here...10:21
DrIDKstephg: I m trying to play with date.... it mays comes from here10:21
DrIDKstephg: Thanks for your help10:23
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kaltsiDrIDK: black screen on latest emulator?10:24
DrIDKkaltsi: yes10:24
kaltsiand ubu 1404. what kind of a host machine do you have?10:25
stephghis lipstick won't start10:25
kaltsiDrIDK: the problem is probably this
DrIDKkaltsi: model name      : Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3570K CPU @ 3.40GHz10:25
kaltsiDrIDK: ok .. and what's your computer/laptop?10:26
DrIDKdesktop computer10:26
kaltsithe real problem is a bug in virtualbox that makes some cpu capabilities "leak through" to the virtual machine side10:26
kaltsithis causes a SIGILL (illegal instruction) in lipstick, which makes it unusable in some rare cases10:27
kaltsiwe had a patch for this in llvm/mesa in earlier SDK but updated those components and didn't see the problem anymore, so it was deemed fixed.. but now you're the second person to run into the problem10:27
DrIDKalso, the first sailfish SDK was working some time ago10:28
kaltsiyes.. Mikael in the mailin list was able to workaround this problem by turning off some virtual machine related settings in his bios10:29
kaltsiand now that I look at the mailing list, that story is not there since I exchanged private e-mails with him about it :P10:29
DrIDKHow do you start lipstick from console ?10:30
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kaltsiit won't start in any case when you run into this problem10:30
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kaltsiDrIDK: unfortunately there's nothing really that can be done right now to fix the problem in your machine, unless you want to try the bios settings.. we'll need to release a patched version of those packages to fix it in the emu10:31
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kaltsiMikael wrote "There was two options in the bios -> security related to "Intel10:32
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kaltsivirtualization" now sailfish emulator boots as expected :)"10:33
kaltsibut this really should not be necessary and we will need to fix it so that it works without changes like that10:33
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DrIDKIs there hidden repertories with the SDK ? I cannot reinstall it10:34
kaltsihm reinstall what? nothing should be hidden..10:35
DrIDKinstallation works now! let's try the bios stuff!10:36
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DrIDKkaltsi: stephg it works now !10:41
kaltsiok :)10:41
DrIDKkaltsi: I enable "Intel virtualisation" and disable "security stuff... "10:42
kaltsiok good to know10:42
DrIDKbut I don't know which one solve the problem10:42
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DrIDKnow, I waiting the jolla device! And will makes several apps :D10:43
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DrIDKIf you plan to deploy Jolla in France, choose the "Free" company! They are using Qt everywhere inside the "freebox".
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stephgDrIDK: if you have access to a Nexus 4 you can also play with Sailfish on that too10:53
stephg(whilst you're waiting)10:53
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Triztmaybe a stupid question, when is update in the SDK supposed to work? It seems still just break the SDK completely13:21
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Triztgrrr... now I can't even start the VMs from the qtcreator, this been fixed in next version13:55
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cos-kimmoli_sailing_: thanks for link.. i ordered one for our hacklab14:31
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kaltsiTrizt: what kind of problems do you see with the update?15:22
Triztkaltsi: update starts with failing to update the VMs, so the mer and emulator vm are broken. After full reinstall the project will not work any more, can't compile missing headers15:24
Triztcreating a new project works15:24
kaltsiTrizt: you'll be better off reinstalling the whole thing15:24
Triztyes, full reinstall is reinstalling everything15:25
kaltsidid you happen to have the old VM's running when you started the update?15:25
Triztkaltsi: nope, I had turned them off15:25
kaltsiwhat's your host machine15:25
TriztLinux amd64 gentoo15:25
kaltsiso how are the VM's broken now?15:26
kaltsiwhat's your virtualbox version too btw?15:26
Triztkaltsi: no, as I have made a full reinstall15:26
kaltsiok so VM's work but projects won't?15:27
Triztno, don't have the options to start build nor emulator vm15:27
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kaltsiok.. let's try this.. close qtcreator15:28
kaltsithen rm -f ~/.config/SailfishAlpha415:28
kaltsirm -rf15:28
*** carepack has joined #sailfishos15:28
kaltsithen start qtcreator again..15:28
kaltsithen try opening one of your projects and if it say 'No' if it asks if you want to apply some settings15:29
kaltsiyou may need to reconfigure your old project to use the sailfish kits.. that happens from the project tab where you should be able to select Sailfish arm/i486 kits15:30
kaltsi"Projects" tab on the left side of qt creator window15:30
Triztstill same result15:30
*** fracting has joined #sailfishos15:30
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kaltsiwhat kind of a project was it.. did you do it from scratch or based it on the template app?15:31
Triztit's a the default template which was the base for the project15:32
*** Beankylla has quit IRC15:32
kaltsiand how do you open the project btw? I've never seen this so all I can do is imagine what you could be doing15:32
Triztctrl-o and then select the .pro file15:33
Triztsame issues when I updated from release 2 to release 315:33
kaltsiwhere have you installed the sdk?15:33
kaltsiinto which path15:33
*** kimmoli_sailing_ has joined #sailfishos15:33
kaltsiis your home dir /home/username or symlinked somewhere?15:34
Triztyes a /home/username15:34
kaltsiok.. and username does not have spaces?15:35
*** kimmoli_sailing has quit IRC15:35
Triztno, it's not ms-windows15:35
kaltsicould you open the 'options' from qt creator and tell me how the Build & run -> Kits tab looks like15:36
kaltsiit shoud have two auto-detected kits named MerSDK-Sailfish*15:36
*** kimmoli_sailing has joined #sailfishos15:36
kaltsiif you see those, do you see any warning symbols or error messages there15:37
*** Beankylla has joined #sailfishos15:37
TriztA wraning sign on the ARM15:38
*** piggz has quit IRC15:38
kaltsithat's probably because you may not have defined an arm device for the kit, but the i486 seems fine?15:38
kaltsiok let's go back to your opened project.. what does the qt creator left side toolbar look like when you have your project opened15:39
*** nsuffys has joined #sailfishos15:39
kaltsiwhat's above the run button which usually should be green15:39
kaltsibetween the help and the run buttons.. don't know what to call that button15:40
*** SeekingFor has quit IRC15:40
kaltsiif you click it what does it tell you about the project.. it should list its name and the kits available15:40
Triztthe debug item (sailfish icon and project name)15:40
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kaltsiif you click it, does it list kits or does it say something like 'configure project'?15:41
*** maxorator has joined #sailfishos15:42
TriztNo, it lists some desktop kit but I have selected the mer 486 kit15:43
Merbot`Mer bug 486 in tzdata "outdated tzdata package." [Task,New]
DevBotBug task, High, ---, not-taken, NEW, outdated tzdata package.15:43
DevBotBug 486: task, High, ---, not-taken, NEW, outdated tzdata package.15:43
kaltsiTrizt: lists some desktop kit? explain15:44
kaltsiTrizt: to me it sounds that your project is configured for 'desktop' meaning your host compiler => no mer stuff => no virtual machine buttons etc15:44
kaltsiTrizt: now if you click on the'projects' button  in the same row of buttons on the left side of qt creator.. you should see a window where you can 'add kit' to your project15:45
Triztyes, but it don't regard what I have choosen15:45
*** kimmoli_sailing has quit IRC15:45
*** kimmoli_sailing has joined #sailfishos15:47
Trizta new project everything is as expected, you can choose debug or release from the "debug" icon15:47
kaltsiperhaps you could take some screenshots of what's there .. I've never seen it not use a kit that's available and selected15:47
*** kimmoli_sailing_ has joined #sailfishos15:47
TriztI'll do that15:47
kaltsiTrizt: one mor thing you could try.. close your project, and go and rm the file in the project dir.. then reopen it15:48
kaltsiit should ask you for the kits when you open it and you should select just the mer kits15:48
Trizttried that one but didn't make any difference15:48
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Titan_Arumis there any way to raise call volume on the nexus 4 release?15:49
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kaltsiTrizt: did it start working or .. if not, let's see pics :)16:04
kaltsiTrizt: if you press 'add kit' what does it show16:08
Triztmer for arm and 48616:09
*** kimmoli_sailing has joined #sailfishos16:09
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kaltsiand if you select one of those16:09
kaltsiit should appear next to that 'desktop' with build|run16:09
Triztokey, not the buttons for the VMs appears, but still the same error message for build directory16:10
kaltsiand if that happens, then you should be able to select that from the selector16:10
kaltsiok what .. ah that message, you can ignore it16:10
kaltsiit appears there even when everything is fine16:10
Triztthats not so good16:11
kaltsihmm well I was wrong.. it doesn't16:11
kaltsiI think it's there for you now since you've tried building it with the desktop kit?16:11
Triztyes, I have tried16:12
kaltsiso before building anything, choose 'clean project' from the build meny16:12
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kaltsiyou should now be able to build the old project too..16:18
kaltsiI'll just answer something to that together post so that others don't start debugging it16:19
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* Trizt nods16:29
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Umeaboysledges: You around?18:47
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kimmoliis there a way to tell QtCreator wizard that i want to retain line endings "LF" (for .spec file) even i'm working on windows platform ?19:20
*** meek_geek has joined #sailfishos19:21
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ln-are you sure it isn't your version control system's responsibility?19:24
Accehmm.. I'm not sure, but at least some editors (notepad ++) give you option to choose unix / dos end-of-line characters19:24
Accemaybe qt creator has that option too?19:24
Nicd-hmm, isn't .spec autogenerated?19:25
Acceyeah it is, from yaml19:26
Accebut there is some way to stop it too I guess? since some people need to tweak it by hand19:27
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Accewhy is the events view just black in the emulator packed with the new sdk?19:29
kimmolii want to use only spec (no yaml here)19:29
kimmolii could add binary=true to the wizard.xml, but then it does not process it (replace %Projectname% with given value etc...)19:30
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kaltsikimmoli: I think spec file will not accept CRLF20:25
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kimmolikaltsi: I know. I'm making my own wizard, and having LF -endings there, but when creating new project based on that wizard, it will change eol to CRLF (in Windows)20:28
kaltsihm strange..20:29
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kaltsidoes the yaml file from the sailfish wizard get CRLF in windows?20:33
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kimmolibut the created spec file gets LF20:38
kaltsiit's created in the linux vm20:38
kaltsiso specify (tool that converts yaml -> spec) can handle CRLF, but rpmbuild (which uses the spec) can't20:39
*** Sail0r has quit IRC20:40
kimmoliyes, that i have seen before... getting strange errors from tmp-files; file not found etc when building spec with crlf20:40
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kaltsiI don't know if it would be possible to use the <generatorscript> thingy to convert the line-endings to unix
kimmolitried, but got "crashed", "can't start cmd...;putty..." kind things20:56
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