Monday, 2014-04-28

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CorvetteZR1hi.  so to install sailfish on nexus4, do i need to install 4.2.2 on it and then CM on top, or can i just install CM on top of the current 4.4.2?01:33
CorvetteZR1sorry if this was answered lots of times already, but google isn't helping me on this one.  instructions clearly say 4.2.2, but i'm just curious if that a minimum requirement, or must be that specific version...01:34
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tbrCorvetteZR1: AFAIU it's also about the modem firmware04:05
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jussiso I saw someone put salifish on n5... did the HADK come out while I wasnt looking or did someone just do magic... ?04:55
tbrit was experienced people who know-what-they-do™05:03
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jussitbr: ahh, excellent.  :D thanks05:15
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Stskeepscybette: we should probably lock the meeting time06:39
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cybetteStskeeps: yeap, that's the first thing on my mind this morning. looks like 10:00 UTC has more votes06:51
cybetteStskeeps: you ok chairing?06:51
Stskeepsyes, i'm not travelling06:52
cybettegreat! i'll send out meeting info/invite06:52
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Stskeeps - Proposal to skip 29th Apr meeting?08:57
dr_gogeta86hi guys08:58
tbrStskeeps: fine by me, will answer on list when back with my MUA08:59
Stskeepsyeah.. i don't like postponing meetings but these topics are quite important so they deserve good attention09:00
cybetteStskeeps: I was just about to hit send on the meeting invite email, good thing I saw your email first, and I like the proposal as well09:00
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tbrI'd like the person who proposed that business stuff to step up and clarify09:04
tbrit just doesn't make sense09:05
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fk_lxone week postponing doesn't make difference, especially if quality of the meeting would suffer if doing it tomorrow09:12
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* tbr is also happy as he'd miss the later half of the meeting, doctors appointment09:13
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fk_lxtbr: you need to eat apples like it is in the saying, so the doctor will be kept away ;)09:14
tbroh, that's why we have weekly deliveries of fresh fruit in the office...09:15
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cybetteany more comments about moving tomorrow's meeting to May 6? I'd like to send an email with the update09:48
cybettei'll wait couple more hours for responses here and in mailing list09:49
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dr_gogeta86fk_lx: did you know you keep away doctors but hug dentist if you eat a lot of apples ?10:05
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stephgquick question about the n4; anyone know if there's any way to have it hardcode it's usbnet mac address?10:56
tbrmh, I think it does that on the Jolla, so shouldn't be too hard10:58
stephgyeah my jolla doesn't move around on a reboot, but the n4 does, it plays havok with network manager10:58
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coderusplease vote:
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jussihrm, is there anything I can do to make the wakeup on N4 more reliable?  its VERY hit and miss at the moment11:35
StskeepsEA2 right?11:35
Stskeepsdid you clean data before?11:35
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jussiStskeeps: define "clean data". I f you mean did I use clockwork to "format" or whatever it was, yes.11:38
jussiI can do a full reinstall, if needed, but I followed the email instructions.11:38
jussiI guess Ill try again, perhaps something went wrong or so.11:40
Stskeepselse try to video what's going o11:40
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jussiyeah, video wont help much its simple -- it doesnt wake up when the power button is pressed, probably 9 out of 10 times11:41
Stskeepscheck /etc/mce/ i think for me11:41
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jussiwhat am I looking at there?11:42
Stskeepsany confs11:43
stephgStskeeps: there's a 20no_proxim.conf with that ps_enabled line11:43
stephg(for me)11:43
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jussiIve 6 files, 10mce.ini, 20als-defaults.ini, 20debug-led.ini, 20hybris.led.ini, 20mce-radio-states.ini, 20no_proxim.conf11:45
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jussiStskeeps: well if somethign else comes to mind that can be debugged with this, let me know...11:53
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jussioh and also, I suppose allowing developer updates will break things... no ? :D11:54
Stskeepswon't wor11:55
jussiok :)11:57
jussiI dont suppose there is some sort of event log that would have those keypresses in it?  or one I can enable to see if they even are getting through?11:58
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tbrnot mucken futch15:58
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meek_geektbr, heh15:59
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bentzgood evening!17:04
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tortoisedoccan anyone give me  a sample for a transparent, cover-free app window?18:45
tortoisedoci got it to work on emulator18:46
tortoisedocbut real device says badfood18:46
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dwangoACI'm finally preparing to test out the Nexus 4 Sailfish build, assuming UPS delivers the phone today.  Is the correct build I should be testing?20:07
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vgradedwangoAC: correct20:14
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stephghey vgrade props to your good self and situ on the n5 hackery20:14
vgradestephg: community effort with help on the way from sailors20:15
vgradestill lots of things to do on that one20:16
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vgradewish I had more time to devote20:16
stephgsmall steps20:16
stephgit's a start20:16
stephga rolling stone and all that20:16
stephgand it'll get easier20:17
vgradesure, and as this one is CM11 it has new challenges20:17
vgradenexus 1 was much more straght forward as that was at least jb20:18
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stephgnevertheless it's a toehold20:26
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Umeaboysledges: Any news regarding i9305? :)20:34
*** piggz has quit IRC20:37
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sledgesUmeaboy: connectivity issues21:27
Umeaboysledges: So I've noticed.21:27
sledgesUmeaboy: no netsplits on i9305 hopefully :D21:29
UmeaboyI thought you meant here on IRC. Sorry.21:30
UmeaboyMy bad.21:30
*** gigetoo has joined #sailfishos21:32
sledgesUmeaboy: np, i got parts/joins filtered out ^_^21:34
UmeaboyConnectivity issues, ey? For what?21:36
UmeaboyIf the network works, why not release it as the Beta it is?21:37
UmeaboyI only care about making calls.21:37
UmeaboyOther things should be disabled by default until an update is released.21:37
UmeaboyI mean.......... There's no hurry for me to get Bluetooth running.21:37
*** Mossepo has quit IRC21:41
sledgescalls don't work :))21:44
EztranWas about to suggest that calls require a lot of other things to work first :)21:45
sledgesyup, modem connectivity issues is should've put it21:45
*** Kabouik has quit IRC21:45
Accedo I need to install some packages with debugging info to get them properly show up in gdb?21:46
*** meetingcpp has joined #sailfishos21:50
*** Prometheus00 has quit IRC21:50
sledgesAcce yes21:51
sledgesPACKAGENAME-debugsource and -debuginfo21:52
Accesledges: thank you21:52
*** Mossepo has joined #sailfishos21:52
coderusAcce: when you starting debugging in gdb it will automatically suggest missing debug packages :)21:52
*** nsuffys has quit IRC21:53
Accecoderus: great, didn't notice that :)21:54
*** aarapov has joined #sailfishos22:00
sledgeswith build IDs22:00
Umeaboysledges: Well, can't the devs perhaps borrow something from Cyanogenmod and implement it?22:03
UmeaboyEven thou I'm running the nightly of CM in i9305 the network is still working.22:04
UmeaboyThat's just a module-problem, right?22:04
*** rashm2k has quit IRC22:08
*** szopin_sailing has joined #sailfishos22:09
Umeaboysledges: ^^22:09
sledgesUmeaboy: the problem is big enough to delay the launch22:11
*** Nichope has joined #sailfishos22:12
Umeaboysledges: Will Sailfish OS work on computers with touch-screens as well even if they aren't ARM-based?22:13
sledgesdoes sailfish SDK work on an intel touchscreen laptop? yes ;)22:15
*** Zotan has quit IRC22:17
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UmeaboyCan't find any video of such.22:19
Umeaboysledges: ^^22:20
*** qqK has quit IRC22:20
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UmeaboyI meant as a fully installed operatingsystem like Android x86.22:22
*** aarapov has quit IRC22:25
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sledgesno video needed, just install sailfish sdk and emulator will act as proof of concept that it is possible22:35
*** Beankylla has quit IRC22:35
sledgesthe remaining part is to provide a full HW adaptation for your chosen architecture+platform and ask jolla to recompile sailfish closed binaries for that arch22:36
*** AlmAck has quit IRC22:36
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UmeaboyYes. ;)22:41
*** lbt has joined #sailfishos22:52
*** lbt has joined #sailfishos22:52
sledgesi got carried away with "computers with touch-screens" ; thanks vgrade for bringing be back on earth :D22:52
*** lbt_away has quit IRC22:52
vgradeI did do a compaq/hp mini 110 but I can't find the video. Maybe only a tweet pic22:58
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