Tuesday, 2014-04-29

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dwangoACWhat would happen if I were to install cyanogenmod while running Android 4.4.2 (instead of 4.2.2 as perscribed)?02:57
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StskeepsdwangoAC: modem images out of alignment prolly03:58
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dwangoACStskeeps: I plan on flashing the modem separately if possible, as it is the modem firmware isn't fully "correct" in the US as the LTS support is disabled05:37
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dwangoACOne thing that *may* be wrong is that I don't see any wireless networks05:38
dwangoACEither that or I don't know how to use it :)05:38
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dwangoACHmm...  I wonder if I'm seeing this: https://together.jolla.com/question/41039/phone-doesnt-enter-mobile-internet-and-wlan/05:47
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dwangoACStskeeps: heh - I was playing around and I flashed radio version 0.33 from http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=36400943&postcount=1 and mobile internet now shows "These settings are not available without SIM card"06:12
dwangoACSo apparently it doesn't like *that* version :006:13
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fzkare you also early adopters?06:19
dwangoACI'm an old N900 user and I am a test engineer by day06:19
dwangoACI suppose you could call me an early adopter06:19
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fzki mean sailfish06:19
dwangoACI'm mostly working on this from a testing perspective.06:19
dwangoACfzk: So, for me, I'm messing around with the latest Sailfish release for the Nexus 406:20
dwangoAC...except I'm doing it all wrong, somewhat intentionally.06:20
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fzki signed up for their mailinglist where they release it06:21
pphehe, hacked radio firmware :-)06:22
ppsounds like the guys in antenna vans love that kind of thing06:23
dwangoACpp: Only sort of hacked :)06:24
dwangoACpp: The goal is to re-enable the LTE support that was disabled06:24
fzkthey connect oscilloscopes to their dicks and get hard06:24
dwangoACpp: I happen to be in the US where Nexus 4 devices have the LTE neutered because they didn't get FCC testing in time06:24
dwangoACfzk: Umm.. eww.06:24
fzkoh, shit06:24
fzki wrote in the wrong channel06:24
fzki thought this was another network06:25
ppguys in antenna vans being FCC in this case :-)06:25
fzkim eagerly waiting for the i930506:25
fzkoh, in sweden they dont use vans06:26
fzkinstead they have equipment everywhere to triangulate unwanted radiotraffic and send the police :-D06:26
dwangoACHeh, my poor phone - It's been on a journey of Android 4.4.2 -> cm 10.1 -> Sailfish -> modified radio firmware -> stock Android 4.2.2 all -> cm 10.1 -> Sailfish again06:26
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fzkdwangoAC: nexus?06:27
dwangoACfzk: Nexus 4, yes.06:27
fzkoh ok06:27
fzkhow is it working?06:27
dwangoACfzk: Well, my goal was to try to swap out the radio, and that part hasn't worked out well, yet.06:28
dwangoACI need to do more research, and probably talk to Stskeeps about what's specific about the 4.2.2 release of the baseband radio firmware release.06:28
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dwangoACBah, keep holding up+power instead of down+power :)06:29
tbrdwangoAC: it's about the architecture of it.06:29
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dwangoACtbr: How so?06:29
dwangoACtbr: Is 4.2.2 substantially different / unique in some way?06:30
tbrdwangoAC: there is actually a presentation today or tomorrow at ELC on that topic06:30
dwangoACtbr: Tell me more06:30
tbrdwangoAC: the chain is: Radio → ModemIP → ModemIP firmware → ARM SoC (APE) → linux → bionic → RIL → oFono06:31
tbrand that ignores the audio part for simplicity06:31
dwangoACtbr: That's a heck of the chain06:31
dwangoACer, a chain06:31
dwangoACtbr: It makes sense, though06:31
tbrdwangoAC: well I was being verbose06:31
dwangoACtbr: You're also being very accurate06:31
tbrthe sailfish part is just the thing at the very end06:31
dwangoACtbr: Well, that and the linux kernel si in the sailfish install06:32
tbrI to spent considerable time as a PM/TM/TE in mobile phones ;)06:32
dwangoACtbr: Project Manager?06:32
dwangoACtbr: I'm a test engineer by day and I test 100 Gbps packet-optical equipment06:33
dwangoACtbr: What's really fun is I get to play with that on DWDM equipment which provides 96 channels / wavelengths at 100 Gbps06:33
tbrDWDM and stuff I guess?06:33
dwangoACtbr: I love my job. :)06:33
tbrtechnology is cool. :)06:33
dwangoACtbr: Well, you *can* do 10 10 Gbps wavelengths but 100 Gbps on a single wavelength is.. um.. exponentially better, you could say.06:34
dwangoACPerhaps not so much from a cost perspective, just yet, but that's comming with cheaper CFP modules.06:34
tbranyway, so ofono relies on RIL behaving in a certain way. I suspect that the modem blob makes RIL choke, not even ofono06:34
dwangoACtbr: That'd make sense, but what I'm curious about is what it will take to make ofono not choke :)06:35
dwangoACtbr: I know that's a tall order, and it's probably beyond my meager programming abilities, but I can always hope06:35
tbrdwangoAC: actually, it might not be _that_ hard.06:36
tbrdwangoAC: it's a crapshot but try replacing RIL with one that matches the modem firmware06:36
dwangoACtbr: Looking at what this guy did to make a hybrid firmware, I think it's actually not too bad - http://forum.xda-developers.com/nexus-4/general/ref-mako-hybrid-modem-collection-v2-t2412052/post43925317#post4392531706:37
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dwangoACI like adb sideload - much easier for me06:40
dwangoACJust finishing up going from 4.2.2 clean (using flash-all) -> cm 10.1 -> Sailfish06:40
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tbroh, fun times, the camera is connected to the modem core?06:41
dwangoACtbr: I've been puzzling about that myself!06:41
tbrembedded SoCs are fun!06:41
dwangoACtbr: Tell me about it... we're beholden to Broadcom in my industry, and they recently pulled a fast one on us where they said we could use one chip and then decided that they weren't going to provide the software for it only after we'd purchased the chip06:42
dwangoACThey came out with an updated chip and only released softare for that version, so we had to go buy that one instead06:42
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dwangoACHmm...  OK, now I'm positive that I'm doing everything right as I've followed the instructions to a T - I have mobile internet just fine, but Settings -> System -> WLAN is empty06:49
dwangoACMy wifi is hidden, so perhaps that's a problem06:49
dwangoAC..wonder what iwconfig shows06:49
dwangoACHmm... iwlist scan just reponds with Scan completed :06:51
Stskeepsis /firmware mounted?06:52
dwangoACIs wifi known to be entirely broken?06:52
Stskeepsno, works for me06:52
dwangoACStskeeps: let me see06:52
Stskeepsbut hidden wifi is often a source of fun problems06:52
dwangoACWhoa, that's a lot of mountpoints. I see /dev/mmcblk0p1 on /firmware type vfat06:52
dwangoACStskeeps: It can be indeed.  Good to see you, by the way.06:53
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dwangoACStskeeps: So /firmware/image has a large number of dspx and other file types in it06:55
dwangoACAs in, yes, it does appear to be properly mounted.  Right now I'm trying to enable root access to see if I can do an iwconfig06:56
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dwangoACNot sure if that's such a smart idea though06:56
dwangoACHmm.. doing this wrong.  I set the root password for ssh but su definitely doesn't follow the same password method06:59
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stephgdwangoAC: su or devel-su?07:01
dwangoACstephg: Oh, didn't know about that one - behind on my reading07:02
stephgit's the old maemo way :)07:02
dwangoACstephg: The old maemo way was sudo gainroot :)07:02
dwangoACstephg: Was devel-su the old meego way?07:02
stephgthe intermediately old way ;)07:02
stephgwas gainroot on an n900, devel-su on an n9 iirc07:03
dwangoACstephg: Got it.  Makes sense.07:03
dwangoACHmm... connection refused when trying ssh, even after enabling ssh password07:03
stephgeven from itself? i.e. if you try in fingerterm?07:03
stephgseem to recall people having wacky ssh problems if the networking was misbehaving07:04
dwangoACOuch, trying that now  (I type slow on this tiny keyboard)07:04
* stephg to speak to an operator, mash the keypad with your palm now...07:04
dwangoACWhat the...07:05
fzki miss the n90007:05
dwangoACOK, I tried to do ssh nemo@localhost and it asked me which internet connnection to use, so I selected wlan and wireless networks appeared07:05
dwangoACIncluding an option for hidden network07:05
dwangoACfzk: And, yes, I very much miss my N900, it died when it fell two feet and landed on the USB charging cable07:06
dwangoACUSB death.  Sad.  GSM chip was going out too, had to hold it down with a silicone pad.07:06
dwangoACstephg: I don't entirely understand what's going on there, it's like it wasn't initially showing any wlan connections until I set a root apssword or something07:06
fzkdwangoAC: mine sits in a box since i got the n907:06
fzknow i run the nokia 101 since i havent found a phone that is great, yet07:07
fzki would love a n950 with sailfish07:10
dwangoACfzk: Me too, I really want a phone with a hardware keyboard07:10
stephgdwangoAC: I can't remember if the journal by default records any of the wireless goings on07:10
dwangoACIs there an Other Half coming to the US with a hardware keyboard?07:10
stephgbut it's worth a look07:10
dwangoACstephg: Journal?07:10
stephgjournalctl -a07:10
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dwangoACstephg: Empty07:13
dwangoACstephg: Not so empty after doing devel-su07:13
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fzkif the jolla gets a hw keyboard i will get one directly07:14
Stskeepsthere's already a community one07:14
dwangoACStskeeps: which regrettably lacks my USA requirement07:14
dwangoACBut soon :)07:14
dwangoACI borrowed a Galaxy S4 from work and spent $20 on a keyboard case, but the keyboard was so completely pathetic that it wasn't worth it, and even the case was so cheap that it started to fall apart after only three weeks07:15
dwangoACWell, it was structurally sound, just ugly :)07:15
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dwangoACstephg: There's some interesting things in the journalctl -a output, such as this one over and over again: GLIB WARNING ** UPower-Linux - energy_full (2087.000000) is greater than energy_full_design (0.000000)07:16
stephgdwangoAC: that's a known thing :)07:17
dwangoACJolla booster-silica-qt5[1644]: Unable to open input file: No such file or directory07:17
dwangoACJolla booster-silica-[2880]: [W] QFeedbackFFMemless::initialiseEffects:289 - bool QFeedbackFFMemless::initialiseEffects() Error: did not find vibr07:17
dwangoACnot sure what that one is about either07:18
jussiok, so sailfish on n4, Im getting it frozen on the lock screen with a message coming up "problem with connection". I cant unlock, nor go to notiications or anything07:18
stephgjussi: if you plug it into USB does it get any better? anecdotally, for me at least if it's unresponsive plugging it into the mains wakes it up somewhat07:19
stephgand just out of interest do you get problem with connection over and over or just once?07:19
Stskeepsjussi: bug-for-bug compatibility with
dwangoACstephg: OK, looking through the output, I see the following output directly before wireless magically started working:07:20
dwangoACApr 29 00:07:41 Jolla lipstick[1522]: [W] unknown:120 - file:///usr/lib/qt5/qml/Sailfish/Silica/ContextMenu.qml:120: TypeError: Object [object Object] has no meth07:20
dwangoACod '_undimScreen'07:20
dwangoACApr 29 00:07:41 Jolla connmand[888]: Skipping disconnect of 324265646c616d33_managed_none, network is connecting.07:20
stephghm that last one looks promising07:20
dwangoACThere were no previous warnings about the network not working07:21
dwangoACOr networking at all, for that matter :)07:21
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dwangoACOK, now that I have network connectivity, time to see if I can pull in my Google contacts07:22
jussiStskeeps: so it is already reported then?07:22
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dwangoACnot sure how synchronization works, I always used to use erminig for calendar and a one-time sync with theonering for contacts07:22
jussistephg: strange thing, I just got a phone call and was able to answer.07:23
jussiI got the connection thing several times07:23
dwangoACWow, adding a gmail account was super easy07:26
dwangoAC...I don't think it was ever that easy on an N90007:26
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kenguhow do I figure out what version of tweetian I have installed?12:39
Accein Jolla store client12:39
Acceclick the "..." open12:40
Acceand at the bottom before screenshots there's entry "installed"12:40
kengu2.0.2 ok12:41
Acceor you can do "rpm -qa \*tweetian\*" too12:41
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kenguok. and foursail is not from harbour so the rpm trick was good for that as it is not valid for store (yet)..12:49
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squiddwell hello ther13:50
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squiddwondering what is wrong with my wlan13:52
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meek_geekhehe dns probably13:52
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dwangoACI've now used the Nexus 4 beta to add two different Google accounts simultaneously as well as a personal E-Mail account and that part is working well.  Still trying to figure out how to install packages from the command line, I keep forgetting the app's name :)16:50
dwangoAC(I want to install nethack, or at least try to, as a proof of concept)16:50
*** artemma has joined #sailfishos16:54
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basscatazis there any way to raise call volume on the nexus 4 beta? or is that next release17:24
*** Jpel has quit IRC17:24
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keithzgdwangoAC: To help you remember, pkcon stands for PackageKit Console. In truth I find zypper better (less layers of abstraction) which you can also install and use, but I honestly have a longstanding dislike of PackageKit so I'm a bit biased ;)18:17
*** kimmoli_sailing_ has joined #sailfishos18:18
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tigelikeithzg: zypper is ok if it's certain that you are only one commanding your system at any given time18:19
*** maxorator has quit IRC18:19
keithzg tigeli: Well I mean, obviously RPM-based tools all suck, we all know this, this is why Debian is the one true way ;)18:20
keithzgBut in all seriousness, I didn't necessarily know that, I'm resolutely Debian-based myself when I can be. Good to know.18:20
keithzgAlthough one does assume one is the only one commanding one's SailfishOS system at any given time!18:20
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Yanieltechnically yes18:40
Yanielbut you can do so from multiple places18:40
Yanielvia SSH, via terminal, via app store, ...18:40
dwangoACkeithzg: I'm a .deb guy through and through18:43
*** sletta has joined #sailfishos18:47
*** Venemo has joined #sailfishos18:52
keithzgYaniel: Hopefully, though, I notice that I'm doing so. If I'm unaware of my own actions, that's probably a bigger problem ;)18:57
*** Eismann has joined #sailfishos19:00
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immotusI'm looking for instructions (or some sort of guidence) for installing SailfishOS on my T-mobile G2 (aka HTC Desire Z).  I see on jollatides.com that SailfishOS runs on a Nexus One which has similar hardware specs (at least, on the surface).  Know of any useful docs that could help me?19:18
*** Almehdin has quit IRC19:20
*** rashm2k has joined #sailfishos19:23
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*** maxorator has joined #sailfishos19:30
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dwangoACimmotus: Stskeeps and stephg are likely asleep, but those two are the most likely to be able to point you in the right direction.  I know that they will be releasing a hardware adaptation kit or some similarly named project in the next few weeks to make porting to other phones easier.19:30
immotusdwangoAC: thanks!19:32
*** Sailor6916_ has quit IRC19:33
Acceanyone who has used localstorage in their apps, any suggestions on how to deal with upgrading the database to a new version?19:33
immotusdwangoAC: I've been looking forward to using it for awhile, but they don't sell Jolla phones in the U.S. yet :^)19:33
*** Venemo has quit IRC19:35
stephgI'm here19:38
stephgthere's lots here that can help19:38
stephgthe sailors have been in meetings all day though19:39
dwangoACstephg: Sailors - apt description :)19:39
dwangoACpkcon doesn't seem to have a single app I can install, need to sort out repositories...19:40
stephgit's a suitable colloquialism for them isn't it19:40
dwangoACstephg: Yes :)19:40
dwangoACimmotus: I bought my wife a Nexus 5 and took her Nexus 4 and put Sailfish on it19:40
immotusstephg: meetings about how to tie good sailing knots?  ;^)19:40
dwangoACimmotus: That made my wife happy, and so far I'm happy19:40
stephgdwangoAC: ssu ar mer-tools; ssu ur; pkcon refresh; pkcon (lsof|strace|gdb etc)19:40
stephgthey're not apps but handy for debugging apps19:40
dwangoACstephg: Ah, cool, hadn't looked that up19:41
stephgif you want apps, you'll need to go to openrepos.net19:41
stephgand download rpms there, then pkcon install-local /path/to/whatever/you/downloaded.rpm19:41
dwangoACstephg: I was working on generating an ssh key so I could do a reverse ssh session so I didn't have to use fingerterm (no rotation on the Nexus 4 = really cramped keyboard)19:41
dwangoACstephg: Eww...19:41
dwangoACstephg: I was really hoping for apt-get install style package management out of pkcon - is pkcon more like dpkg?19:41
stephgssh is there also for wireless and on the usbnet too19:41
dwangoACstephg: Wireless firewall at work, so I have to get greative19:42
stephgimmotus: regarding the Desire Z, you have a bit of a wait I'm afraid19:42
stephgdwangoAC: even with the usbnet? you can't ssh out of it?19:42
stephgimmotus: unless you're particularly persistent19:42
dwangoACstephg: I had a lot of trouble iwth that, for some reason19:42
dwangoACstephg: Connection was always refused19:42
dwangoACstephg: I'll try again on a different computer now, though19:42
*** eyome has joined #sailfishos19:43
stephgimmotus: I don't know who did the nexus one (was it vgrade?) but they're working on a Hardware Adaptation Development Kit to ease the process of new adaptations19:43
stephguntil that's out (which hopefully will be weeks, but I'm community so don't know the details) it's a bit of a fumble in the dark19:44
stephgdepends upon your background and persistence19:44
stephgdwangoAC: conn refused would be an odd error if it were the firewall I'd have thought19:44
dwangoACstephg: Oh, that was last night, at home, no firewall19:44
*** petantik has quit IRC19:45
dwangoACHmm.. working fine on this system, over USB19:45
dwangoACstephg: Not sure what was going on last night, could have been that Linux Mint didn't properly push down the static IP19:45
dwangoACstephg: But, yes, this is *far* easier than typing on the phone :)19:45
*** itbaron has quit IRC19:45
stephgdwangoAC and to answer your question about pkcon, it's more yum or apt-get than dpkg, it's just apps aren't in the official repos by and large, and the nemo/mer underneath sailfish are minimal by design19:45
*** sletta has quit IRC19:46
dwangoACstephg: Hmm... is that likely to change any time soon?19:46
immotusstephg: that's great news!   I'm a Linux sysadmin so I should be able to follow some basic instructions pretty well.  I've just never messed with Mobile OS's beyond regular OS upgrades19:46
stephgfor those core repos, no, but the jolla and the community are looking at OBS to provide community qa'd repos for other stuff19:46
stephgand then there's the app store(s) on top of that too19:47
dwangoACstephg: Which I have no access to because I'm on a Nexus 4, correct?19:47
stephgdwangoAC: it happens I'm also an admin :)19:47
stephgfor the store, currently, yes19:47
dwangoACstephg: As in, an admin for Jolla?19:47
stephgno, not for Jolla, I'm community19:47
dwangoACstephg: Thanks for the pointers about the ssu commands - I'm sure I would have found them in a guide eventually19:48
*** thomasgubler has joined #sailfishos19:48
dwangoACstephg: I was able to install strace, so that's at least something19:48
stephg(ssu == seamless software updater)19:48
dwangoACstephg: I'm trying to install tmux, no luck yet19:48
stephgmost of the debuggy things you'll need are in mer-tools19:48
stephgscreen is there iirc19:48
stephgdon't know about tmux19:48
dwangoACstephg: And really, I mostly need w3m19:49
dwangoACstephg: Because without w3m it's kind of hard to use a terminal to navigate to openrepos.net :)19:49
stephgdwangoAC: if you haven't already, it's worth a look at the sailfish sdk just to follow how things 'work'19:49
stephgand also a look at OBS19:49
stephgI don't know if the mer wiki is particularly uptodate19:49
dwangoACstephg: Will definitely do that - I'm apalled at what's *missing* - things like wget aren't here19:49
stephgdwangoAC: you can use the browser you know ;)19:50
stephgwget should also be in mer-tools19:50
dwangoACstephg: I know :)19:50
stephgright, dinner time, bbi 30 or so19:50
keithzgUntil fingerterm gets pasting, wget isn't terribly useful for me :(19:50
dwangoACstephg: so I did ssu mer-tools, but pkcon install wget says it coulnd't find it19:50
dwangoACkeithzg: I'm ssh'ing in19:50
keithzgdwangoAC: Touché, although that means you could always just wget locally and rsync/scp over, only slightly more effort.19:51
immotusdwangoAC: maybe they have curl instead?19:51
dwangoACimmotus: I'll try19:51
dwangoACimmotus: Yes, they do indeed already have curl19:52
dwangoACAnd that will serve my purposes OK19:52
*** amizraa4 has quit IRC19:52
immotusdwangoAC: yay :^)19:52
dwangoACimmotus: Thanks for the reminder :)19:52
dwangoACHmmm.. do I want applicaton platform nemomobile_app or sailfish_app?19:53
dwangoACI see nemo as the username which gives me pause19:53
immotusdwangoAC: my next suggestion was going to be "lynx" but people seem to have forgotten that text-browser :^)19:53
keithzgYou want sailfish.19:54
dwangoACimmotus: The developers have forgotten, yes19:54
dwangoACimmotus: w3m is my go-to browesr for viewing slashdot :)19:54
dwangoACkeithzg: THanks19:54
keithzgSailfish is based on Nemo (essentially), hence the username inheritance. Nemo is entirely open source, and is an attempt to have a working environment atop Mer. But Nemo lacks the Silica components specific to Sailfish.19:55
dwangoACCrap - when using curl, make sure you send it somewhere, just doing curl on a .rpm file is a bad idea19:56
dwangoACTerminal is a mess now :)19:56
dwangoACAh, reset = better19:56
*** Almehdin has joined #sailfishos19:56
dwangoACkeithzg: Thanks for the explanation.  My primary problem is I just spent the last .. um.. almost four years on my N900 on Maemo19:56
dwangoACkeithzg: everything past that I'm just not familiar with19:56
dwangoACOther than looking at Tizen and deciding it's a nightmare19:57
* tbr bumps in19:57
tbryou guys have turned on the mer-tools repo right?19:57
dwangoACtbr: I just did, yes19:57
tbrfor all the useful and useless tools19:57
dwangoACtbr: But it doesn't seem to have much other than strace :)19:57
tbrit has a whole ne OS in it19:57
dwangoACtbr: I'm trying to get things like nmap, w3m, wget, etc.19:57
dwangoACtbr: Wait, what?19:58
keithzg(Yeahhhhh, Tizen is mostly just Samsung's emergency backup in case they need to ditch Android.)19:58
tbremacs, because some people need that also on their phone19:58
dwangoACkeithzg: That's what it's regrettably turned into, yes.19:58
dwangoACtbr: I need vim :)19:58
tbrkeithzg: and intels money pit and GENIVI being pissed etc19:58
dwangoACoh, hey, look, it has vim!19:58
tbrdwangoAC: that should be on the device by default19:58
* immotus adds his arsenal to the editor wars on behalf of vim19:58
* tbr sees only vim people, life is good19:59
dwangoACtbr: vi is19:59
dwangoACtbr: vim isn't, but I was able to pkcon install vim19:59
dwangoAC(probably in mer-tools? not sure)19:59
dwangoACimmotus: Welcome, fellow enlightened keyboard user19:59
* keithzg is a poser and usually uses nano19:59
Waiteejolla has vim installed by default19:59
dwangoACOK, I'm used to wget, with curl do I just > into the binary filename or do I use the -d flag?20:00
immotusClick and rejoice all Firefox/Vim users!   https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/wasavi/20:00
Waiteefor some reason you start it with the command "vi"20:00
dwangoACWaitee: Hmm.. well, pkcon instlal vim makes vim work :)20:00
Waiteethe vi editor in jolla is actually vim anyways20:00
dwangoACimmotus: Looking at it now - it looks like it's a lot better than vimperator20:00
dwangoACimmotus: vimperator did *too much*20:00
*** piggz has quit IRC20:01
dwangoACimmotus: I've been using It's All Text pointed at gvim and I have my macros set up there20:01
*** amizraa4 has joined #sailfishos20:02
immotusdwangoAC: yeah.. vimperator kind've takes over the entire browser.. wasavi you only use the add-on when you press ctrl-enter inside a TEXTAREA field20:06
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Merbot`fzk: Error: "ass" is not a valid command.20:19
fzkoh shit20:19
fzknot again20:19
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fzkstephg: ok20:21
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meegobitHi everyone, I'm trying to build a service for SailfishOS, in SailfishSDK, what's the proper template for this usecase? I thought It would be plain c++ project, but, then I don't have an rpm, and It doesn't build for armv7hl, should I choose sailfishOS template, and then remove the QML folder and desktop file or what?21:28
*** ejjoman has quit IRC21:29
*** ejjoman has joined #sailfishos21:29
*** artemma has joined #sailfishos21:30
*** arcean has joined #sailfishos21:30
stephgif it's a service proper then yeah you can ditch all of the Qt stuff21:31
stephgusing one of the existing demo templates isn't a bad idea21:31
*** jjarven has quit IRC21:31
stephgas far as the rpm goes, look for a .spec file somewhere there (assuming that's how they get built, I've not actually looked)21:31
*** Sail0r has quit IRC21:32
*** Sail0r has joined #sailfishos21:32
meegobitthey use yaml21:32
meegobitfor the rpm21:32
*** arcean_ has quit IRC21:33
stephgwell that answers that part of your question21:34
stephgI'm just having a look on openrepos for something comparable to what you describe21:34
stephgfor something that has a source url21:35
meegobitgreat, thanks21:35
stephgor someone who knows more will pipe up soon :)21:35
*** Sail0r has quit IRC21:38
stephgoops, I've been told I'm going to bed21:41
*** eyome has quit IRC21:41
stephgmeegobit: have a look at the command-line build stages here also: https://github.com/amarchen/helloworld-pro-sailfish21:43
stephg^^ that's artemma here21:44
stephganyway I have to go21:44
stephggood luck!21:44
artemmastephg: I am not sure command line steps work21:44
meegobitthanks, stephg21:44
artemmathey used to, but last time something went wrong there..21:44
* artemma uses QtC builds21:45
*** jjarven has joined #sailfishos21:45
artemmabut steps in HWP should be close and they worked at least once, so it's nice if somebody could verify/fix21:45
meegobitwhat are qtC builds21:46
*** Zotan has joined #sailfishos21:48
*** leinir has quit IRC21:49
*** leinir has joined #sailfishos21:50
*** immotus has quit IRC21:51
meegobitright now I'm trying to go from a cmake c++ template and then add mersdk kit to the project21:52
meegobitbut after I select build location for that target, it doesn't have any generator and so it can't continue :P21:52
meegobitany clues?21:53
meegobitboth targets of mersdk have this same problem21:58
*** xerpi has quit IRC22:04
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*** artemma has joined #sailfishos22:05
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*** gigetoo has joined #sailfishos22:06
meegobitok, gave up, switching back to a sailfish app template, ut removing all qml and .desktop references22:13
*** DrIDK has joined #sailfishos22:13
meegobitfrom the project file22:14
meegobitand related yaml file dependencies: sailfishapp Qt5Qml, Qt5Qick22:15
meegobitand runtime sailfishsilica22:15
meegobitwonder if this will ever work22:15
*** ejjoman has quit IRC22:22
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dwangoACmeegobit: Hopefully it will work so you can tell me how to do it :)22:48
dwangoACmeegobit: I'm just getting my feet wet with the "Meego" way of doing things, after having loved Maemo for so long22:48
*** Prometheus00 has joined #sailfishos22:48
*** Prometheus00_ has quit IRC22:51
meegobitdwangoAC: I'm also a newb in Sailfish, I did some work on meego back in the day, And it feels pretty different now22:52
dwangoACmeegobit: If it's that different, well, I guess we're all learning22:52
meegobitI'm trying to make it work, and will be reporting my successes and failures here, and hopefully get some help from the more experienced22:53
*** cxl000 has quit IRC22:56
*** Umeaboy has joined #sailfishos22:58
*** spider-mario has quit IRC23:07
dwangoACThe more experienced have very different sleep schedules than I do. :)23:10
*** sender23 has joined #sailfishos23:13
*** sender42 has quit IRC23:16
*** N-Mi has quit IRC23:19
meegobitwhen are they usually around?23:19
keithzgWhen Europe is awake, basically.23:22
*** TMavica has quit IRC23:23
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