Thursday, 2014-05-01

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meegobittbr: cool02:16
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* vgrade lifts the lid on more android internals he was not expecting to know about12:54
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ballock how do I enable the developer mode without GUI?13:08
ballockok, different one then: how can I check which piece of **** is changing my /sys/class/android_usb/android0 settings from rndis to mtp?13:16
vgradehi ballock13:19
ballockg'day to you, sir13:19
tbrballock: that should be usb-moded IIRC13:20
ballocklooks like so, but /etc/usb-moded/dyn-modes has only developer_mode-android.ini13:20
ballockso not much alternatives13:21
ericccI'm looking for instructions (or some sort of guidence) for installing SailfishOS on my c8600 url :
ericcc  could andbody help me?13:21
tbrthat is likely waaay too old13:21
tbror rather too old to be usable13:22
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tbrNexus4 is a good target13:22
ballockwhere is usb_moded controlled from?13:23
ericccoh  not  .thanks  tbr13:23
ballockI'm trying to figure out this systemd13:23
ballocknew stuff, well..13:24
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ballockI managed to build the droid-hal packages with archos/cm build and swapped them with those of 1.0.413:25
ballocknow I get a blank screen, booting to /init-debug gets me a telnet session for a couple of seconds, then the connection changes to mtp13:26
ballockand then I can carelessly look at the filesystem13:26
ballockwhich I could do anyway, as it's on an SD card13:27
ballockbut no command access13:27
ballockif only journalct was writing to /var/log or something13:27
tbryou could disable usbmoded?13:27
tbrsystemd can do persistent logging13:27
ballockdo you think it's the one that changes stuff?13:27
ballockit's got no profiles other than the dev mode...13:28
ballockhow do I turn it on?13:28
ballockI mean persistent logging?13:28
tbrI'm sure it's on TJC among other places13:28
Stskeepsdisab:e usbmodef13:28
vgrade etc/systemd/systemd.conf I think13:29
vgradeballock: for persistent logging13:29
ballockStorage=volatile to = persistent?13:30
ballockI could not also find the systemd stuff for usb_moded13:30
ballockStskeeps: where's that?13:30
ballockusb_moded seems to be listed as a dependency, but not as a service13:31
ballockneither in /etc/systemd nor in /lib/systemd13:31
ballockI guess there's some more magic in there, just can't see it yet13:32
Stskeepsballock: rpm -e it13:34
ballockwell, I just looked at /lib/systemd/system in my Jolla and on my archos build13:35
ballockand usb-moded.service is only on my Jolla device13:35
Stskeepsok good13:35
ballockmight it be that it is changed by sth from the android build?13:36
StskeepsThen mv /sbin/droid-hal-init /sbin/droid-hal-init.fail13:36
Stskeepsif that helps13:36
Stskeepsremove usb.rc include in init.rc13:37
Stskeepsand init.yourdevice.rc13:37
ballockI found android_usb string in /system/bin/vold /system/framework/services.odex and in /system/lib/libaosprecovery.so13:37
Stskeepslook at /*.rc instead13:38
ballockI I've been there, removed some stuff already...13:39
ballockthere was init.archosa80sboard.rc which changed to mtp13:39
ballockbut I removed those13:39
ballockand init.usb.rc sets stuff depending on property:sys.usb.config13:40
ballock...and init.usb.rc seems not to be sourced (?) from init.rc13:40
ballockI'm just renaming the file, just for the sake of it13:41
ballockwill see13:41
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ballockwell, renaming usb.rc to .old didn't help13:44
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Accehmm.. why aren't nested positioners working correctly inside a ListItem?13:51
AcceIf I have a Column { Row { Item{} Item{} } Label {} Label {} } it works13:51
Accebut if I put the Labels into Row { Column { Label {} Label {} } } it doesn't13:52
Acce(and I want to do it to put few more labels in another column to the right of the first Labels)13:53
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ballockStskeeps: after removing all the android_usb stanzas from /*.rc it worked (I think(13:59
ballockso I'm diving on13:59
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ballockthe system seems roasted. I am wondering what went wrong...15:09
ballocklooking at systemctl -f which I ran during bootup and which produced a segfault in this way at some point15:09
ballockI would guess there is some issue with hybris...15:10
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ballockbut then it's not linked from systemd...15:10
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ballock /dev is kinda empty15:10
ballockthe process list is too15:11
ballockaside kernel threads, there's pid 1 /sbin/init --log-level=debug --log-target=kmsg15:12
ballock/bin/busybox-static udhcpd15:12
ballock(which gave me a wrong IP address)15:12
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ballock/bin/busybox-static telnetd -p 2323 -l /bin/sh15:12
ballock(which I'm using to see ps)15:12
ballock/lib/systemd/systemd-udevd and /lib/systemd/systemd-journald15:13
ballockjournalctl is flooded with:15:13
ballocksystemd-cgroups-agent[249]: Failed to open /dev/kmsg for logging: No such file or directory15:13
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ballockwhich is obviously due to not mounted udev15:13
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ballockhumm... I know systemd features lazy execution thanks to listening on Unix sockets15:16
ballockbut it's just too lazy15:16
ballockI mounted /dev by hand but now I have /dev listed twice in /proc/mounts15:18
ballockoh, sorry - it's mentioned 3 times there15:19
ballockI feel like I'm in a container of some sort, but that's unlikely15:19
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immotusStskeeps: you were right, My HTC Desire Z does not support the latest version of Cyanogenmod (  No sailfish for me :^|16:20
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Stskeepsimmotus: sorry - it may be possible with a lot of grease but it won't be easy16:21
Stskeepsi've put Sailfish on a ICS base at some point16:21
immotusStskeeps: I was willing to put in some grease.. but not a lot of grease :^)16:21
* immotus reflects on his priorites16:21
Stskeepsthis is like mcdonalds resturant container grease16:21
immotusStskeeps: tasty and fun?  ;^)16:22
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vgradeimmotus: tastes good at the time but you regret it later17:30
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immotusvgrade: :^)17:36
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vgradeimmotus: did you try evervolve, I used their jb repos for the passion as cm stopped support before ics17:38
SmarteXHello! I've just downloaded the SailfishOS beta2 for the mako17:39
immotusvgrade: I've never used an alternate ROM for a phone before17:39
SmarteXI was wondering if WLAN wasn't working for me, or everyone hasn't got it working17:39
vgradeimmotus: ok17:39
vgradeSmarteX: says its working17:40
SmarteXI can turn it on (via favourites) but it isn't on on the specific WLAN settings page17:41
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SmarteXIs there any way to remove the "Sailfish is dev software. Product is not final" watermark?17:44
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coderusSmarteX: congratulations, you  9000th who asked ths question. Please write your email and special top secret confidential instructions will be sent to you!17:54
StskeepsSmarteX: you need to flash 4.2.2, the cyanogenmod, then sailfishos17:55
StskeepsSmarteX: watermark is likely gone in next version17:55
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SmarteXSorry bro18:00
SmarteXcoderus: Is there any way to use USB MTP?18:00
SmarteXAh thanks18:01
SmarteXSo I have to download the 4.2.2 THEN flash cm18:01
SmarteXnot directly18:01
SmarteXSo WiFi and USB will work? Thank you very much!18:01
coderussorry for sarcasm btw :)18:05
coderusi dont think mtp is supported (fully?) in Sailfish18:06
coderusmost of crowd are linux users and we're just using ssh with no problems.18:06
dwangoACOK, some other interesting Nexus 4 beta results - syncing two calendars seems to cause times to get very, very wrong18:07
* satmd wonders about ntpd for sailfish os18:07
dwangoACI also locked the phone and then when I tried to unlock it and swipe from bottom to top it made the view "hop" up and immediately pull back down, I finally resorted to a power-cycle18:08
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dwangoACTurning vibration on on phonecalls only vibrates once at the beginning of the call, but I think that's a known issue.18:08
coderusSmarteX: but you need to ask somebody other , because i'm just guessing18:08
dwangoACOn the plus side, I installed FBReader and successfully read several chapters an E-Book, although I *really* wanted to make that watermark go away :)18:08
dwangoACFBReader worked well, although volume keys did not turn pages as expected.18:09
dwangoACI'm now using the Nexus 4 + Sailfish as my primary phone18:09
coderusdwangoAC: just be patiend or garb a time machine :)18:09
dwangoACcoderus: I'm a test engineer by trade, i.e. a beta tester :)18:09
dwangoACcoderus: I'm used to working on stuff far more broken than this18:10
coderusto mmany typos, nned to sleep :D18:10
coderusneed* :D18:10
dwangoACcoderus: My job is to report my experience, good or bad, although I suspect I should be doing this in a different way18:10
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dwangoACStskeeps: OK, I'm now fairly familiar with the new face of Maemo (i.e. I'm now comfortable moving around Sailfish, although I desparately miss my hardware keyboard).  Is there something specific I can help you test, other than providing general "this isn't working quite right" feedback?18:18
SmarteXdwangoAC: The problem is that I can't use WLAN on the Nexus 4, else I'd use SSH (I use Linux too)18:21
dwangoACSmarteX: I couldn't either -18:21
dwangoACSmarteX: I had skipped the step of starting with Android 4.2.218:21
SmarteXMe too18:22
dwangoACSmarteX: So I started over and went from Android 4.2.2 (instead of 4.4.2) to cm to Sailfish and it *still* didn't work until I tried to perform an action that needed to go online18:22
*** spiiroin has joined #sailfishos18:22
dwangoACSmarteX: Then I was able to go to WLAN, pull down to say Connect to Internet and it finally showed networks for me18:22
SmarteXI'll grab the 4.2.2 occam image18:22
dwangoACSmarteX: Yeah, it's unfortunately a requirement, otherwise firmware doesn't line up18:23
SmarteXdwangoAC: Have you tried to install the Jolla Store rpm?18:23
dwangoACSmarteX: Not yet, should I? :)18:23
dwangoACMy understanding was that it was *not* supported, and even stated so in the release notes18:23
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*** eyome_ is now known as eyome18:24
SmarteXdwangoAC: I need to install WhatsApp18:24
SmarteXdwangoAC: And it's a RPM (people install them not with the package manager, but rather with the Jolla Store)18:25
dwangoACSmarteX: I don't do FaceBook / WhatsApp / Twitter / Google+ / any other social networky thingie (heck, I don't even really do Github), but that's just me18:25
dwangoACSmarteX: I've been using pkcon for all my .rpm installation needs18:25
dwangoACSmarteX: And haven't yet needed the store18:25
SmarteXdwangoAC: also miss Android Compatibility layer. What's the correct syntax for pkcon?18:26
dwangoACSmarteX: pkcon install-local .rpmpath18:26
dwangoACwhatever path your .rpm is located at18:26
dwangoACSmarteX: I'd love to have the android compatibility layer, if it worked18:26
dwangoACSmarteX: I do have a few Humble Bundle games I'd love to play with. :)18:26
dwangoACStskeeps: Oh, one other thing - I'm noticing that the phone is getting hot at the top of the phone when using it on a 3G area phone call18:27
SmarteXdwangoAC: Me too. I also miss Geometry Dash18:27
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SmarteXdwangoAC:  Is there any place to download the firmware without downloading the entire image?18:29
dwangoACSmarteX: Tried that, didn't work18:29
dwangoACSmarteX: I tried replacing the baseband with 0.33 and got nothing18:29
SmarteXdwangoAC: Aww that's bad :(18:29
SmarteXDoes the music app happen to work?18:30
dwangoACSmarteX: You can look around on xda forums for other baseband radio firmware images, you might get lucky and find the real 4.2.2 raw firmware18:30
dwangoACSmarteX: Yes, with ogg files :)18:30
dwangoACSmarteX: No .mp3 support18:30
SmarteXMy entire library will take a while to convert18:30
dwangoACSmarteX: Um.. mp3 support is coming, just not in this build18:30
SmarteXdwangoAC: I read that18:30
SmarteXdwangoAC: 3G is working, right?18:31
SmarteXdwangoAC: Is there any emulator on Sailfish (gameboy, psx, etc...)?18:32
dwangoACSmarteX: You're a bit too far ahead here :)18:33
dwangoACSmarteX: Look around openrepo18:33
SmarteXdwangoAC: I like to dream haha :)18:34
*** Prometheus00 has joined #sailfishos18:34
dwangoACHeh - it's OK18:34
*** martyone has quit IRC18:35
SmarteXdwangoAC: SailfishOS is much better than Android and especially than Ubuntu Touch18:35
dwangoACSmarteX: That's a subjective opinion that I happen to agree with, but why do you say that now? :)18:36
SmarteXIt's just an opinion on an unfinished software which happens to work just like it should as an official release (ok, we still lack some basic things.. But it wouldn't be funny to test it!)18:37
dwangoACSmarteX: I need Bluetooth support to really be able to keep going as my full-time phone, other than that it's very close for me.18:39
SmarteXdwangoAC: Openrepos is filled with maemo software (which isn't Sailfish OS native, I suppose)18:40
*** fracting has joined #sailfishos18:40
dwangoACSmarteX: Filter on Sailfish18:41
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*** eyome_ is now known as eyome18:42
*** kunev has joined #sailfishos18:42
SmarteXDo I have to wipe system partition while installing CM10.1.3?18:45
*** Allavaz has joined #sailfishos18:50
*** TMavica has quit IRC18:51
SmarteXdwangoAC: Why are there loads of people if they do not chat?18:51
dwangoACSmarteX: That's very common18:52
dwangoACSmarteX: I'm on 24/718:52
Allavazthat's called idling18:52
SmarteXAllavaz: I know it18:52
dwangoACSmarteX: And, yes, you *will* wipe when installing 4.2.2, then you should wipe before CM10 and Sailfish18:52
SmarteXdwangoAC: Aww I forgot to wipe system18:52
SmarteXdwangoAC: guess I'll do it now18:53
SmarteXdwangoAC: Then reflash cm & sailfish18:53
dwangoACSmarteX: At least it's fast18:53
SmarteXdwangoAC: Yeah18:53
SmarteXAre Android kernels compatible with Sailfish?18:54
dwangoACSmarteX: You misunderstand. :)18:55
dwangoACSmarteX: Sailfish is its own OS.18:55
SmarteXdwangoAC: I know it is a different OS18:56
SmarteXWhat's hybris?18:56
*** Sequenced has quit IRC18:57
*** eyome has quit IRC18:58
Morpog_PCa glibc to bionic wrapper18:58
SmarteXdwangoAC: Does it happen to you to have your mako teporarily freeze when entering about & dev? I think I read it somewhere18:58
*** eyome has joined #sailfishos18:59
SmarteXMorpog_PC: isn't bionic an android system library?18:59
Morpog_PCthats why it's a wrapper :D18:59
SmarteXMorpog_PC: Haha right xD18:59
*** Zotan has joined #sailfishos18:59
*** furikku has quit IRC19:02
SmarteXSailfish is battery friendly19:02
Morpog_PCyep, my jolla lives sooooo long :D19:03
SmarteXI'm on a mako xD19:03
Morpog_PCbetter than android?19:04
Morpog_PCbattery drain?19:04
*** Morpog_Tablet has joined #sailfishos19:04
SmarteXIt lasts much more19:04
SmarteXmako isn't booting (stays at Google logo D:)19:05
*** edgar2 has joined #sailfishos19:05
*** gartral has joined #sailfishos19:07
SmarteXdwangoAC: Do you browse reddit?19:09
*** Finlod has quit IRC19:10
gartralhello all, I'm setting up the IDE and when it says it can only read from the User $HOME, it doesn't tell you how to seperate the additional folders you want it to read from.. are they just comma seperated?19:11
*** Guhl has quit IRC19:11
SmarteXgartral: Are you using Linux?19:11
gartralSmarteX: yep19:12
gartraland i said IDE, oops, meat SDK19:13
SmarteXgartral: Aw.. I've never run the SDK on Linux, only on Windows... I think it uses ;19:13
SmarteXnot comma19:13
dwangoACAFK, work19:14
SmarteXdwangoAC: Cya19:14
SmarteXgartral: The linux machine isn't working for me, and I'm using a crappy Windows 8.1 laptop19:14
gartralewww, win819:16
SmarteXgartral: I hate it. It's slow, crappy and definitely hard to use19:16
gartralwindows 8 (any windows, really) was designed for morons, and actively discourages people from developing...19:17
*** ejjoman has joined #sailfishos19:19
*** Nekron has joined #sailfishos19:19
SmarteXgartral: The only nice thing is VS Express... But Winzozz isn't worth it19:21
*** edgar2 has quit IRC19:25
StskeepsdwangoAC: sorry, i'll try to get back to you at another point, watching movie with wife19:27
*** Funkeh` has quit IRC19:28
*** Funkeh` has joined #sailfishos19:31
* gartral isn't sure about this interface >.>19:32
*** Sir_herrbatka has quit IRC19:33
*** vesurisv has joined #sailfishos19:38
*** Sir_herrbatka has joined #sailfishos19:41
*** vesurivs has quit IRC19:42
immotusStskeeps: hey.. looks like someone was able to get cm10.1 to run on an HTC Desire Z after all!  I have hope again :^)19:46
gartralthis seems like it will be a royal headache to automate builds for x.x19:48
*** Morpog_Tablet has quit IRC19:50
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SmarteXHow can I take a screenshot?20:32
*** krendil has quit IRC20:38
*** cvp_ has quit IRC20:41
*** gigetoo has quit IRC20:52
meetingcpp < worth reading20:53
*** gigetoo has joined #sailfishos20:53
*** DrIDK has joined #sailfishos20:56
*** Morpog_Tablet has joined #sailfishos21:01
SmarteXGuys, can someone tell me a fast way to share files between mako and PC?21:07
*** alin has joined #sailfishos21:07
*** alin has quit IRC21:07
*** alin has joined #sailfishos21:07
SmarteXNo one?21:09
*** AL13N_work has quit IRC21:10
stephgSmarteX: gdevening21:11
stephgdo you want a screenshot or to share files21:11
SmarteXBoth, I need to take screens of the device and to be able to do MTP-like file sharing21:11
stephgfor screenshots try
SmarteXOh, and I don't have access to Jolla Store21:12
stephgcaveat there though insofar as I tried that on a jolla this afternoon and it didn't work21:12
*** AL13N_work has joined #sailfishos21:12
stephgin principle that's what you need21:12
*** jstaniek has joined #sailfishos21:13
stephgSmarteX you're on an n4 right?21:13
SmarteXstephg: Yep21:13
stephgas to file transfer21:13
stephgso the n4 behaves like a jolla with developer mode enabled21:13
stephgso you can ssh into it over wifi or via USB21:13
*** kunev has quit IRC21:13
SmarteXHow can I transfer files via SSH?21:14
stephgwhat are you wanting to transfer from? the computer I mean, windows/mac/linux etc21:14
SmarteXWindows, I need to transfer ogg files and some pictures too21:15
stephgdownload winscp21:16
*** onurati has quit IRC21:16
stephgprogramme-wise that's all you need21:16
*** Tofe is now known as Tofe|Away21:16
stephgonce you have that next question is whether you're trying via the usb or wireless21:17
SmarteXI've installed it21:17
stephgif the latter, on the jolla either launch fingerterm and run ifconfig to get the ip address of wlan021:17
stephgif USB, it potentially gets more interesting21:17
stephgok so which version of Windows21:18
SmarteXThe crappy windows 8.121:18
stephgok so I'm now flying blind as I've not tried with any windows but it should still work21:18
SmarteXIf it's that hard I can use wireless too, it's just slower21:19
*** immotus has quit IRC21:19
stephgdunno how hard it is, and in principle is exactly the same as all you're doing is logging into the ssh server on the phone21:19
stephgquestion is21:19
stephgwhat windows does when you plug it in21:19
stephgthe phone is running a dhcp server21:19
*** Sail0r has quit IRC21:20
stephgand it should announce it's USB as a network21:20
SmarteXNothing, only the classic da-ding sound21:20
stephgon linux that works, (though you have to do a manual step after that) but I have no idea about windows21:20
* stephg runs off to google21:20
Yanielwinscp is the answer21:21
stephgYaniel and it automagically detects usbnet?21:22
YanielIIRC you just have to assign the PC an IP address on that interface21:22
stephg^^ SmarteX21:22
SmarteXHow can I do that?21:23
stephgyour N4's IP is so anything else in that /24 (i.e. will work21:23
Yanielno idae how win8.1 looks like21:24
stephgif it's like win7 control panel network and sharing and then, er, um21:24
Yanielbut on win7 it was something like control panel -> network & sharing center -> network adapters -> usb -> properties21:24
stephgthat ^^21:24
SmarteXCan't find that... Guess I'll try wirelessly21:28
SmarteXThanks anyway guys21:28
stephgwith wireless it's easy, once you have the IP address21:28
stephglaunch winscp, log into it with the same creds (nemo/rootme) with either scp or sftp and copy your files21:28
stephgjust like anything else21:29
stephganyway gluck21:29
SmarteXAccess denied.21:30
SmarteXDid it! Thanks stephg Yaniel21:30
SmarteXI feel like an idiot not being able to ssh into a phone :/21:31
stephghey it's windows fault, not yours ;)21:31
stephgand on android you don't get an ssh daemon by default and on ios, well, nevermind ;)21:32
SmarteXon android the only way to connect wirelessly was adb21:33
stephgdidn't know adb worked over wifi21:35
SmarteXadb connect <ip>21:36
*** Nekron has quit IRC21:40
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