Friday, 2014-05-02

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coderusMitakuuluu v0.6-5 update. Changelog: Download:
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kimmolicoderus: Ooo   "Setting wallpaper for conversations" (My daughter will like this one)06:26
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coderuskimmoli: well, but it covered by texture glass anyway, you need toset bright enough wallpaper to be happy :)06:35
kimmoliah. ok. thanks for the tip.06:36
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SvioxIn the previous SDK version, I think I was able to use QQuickView->engine()->imageProvider("theme") to get a handle to Sailfish theme's QQuickImageProvider. It doesn't appear to work in the current version. Any idea where I can get this handle? I need to use the theme provider as a fall-back in my own image provider class.07:26
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m4g0gdoes somebody have an images pack from sailfish?09:00
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SvioxAnyone know how I can put content of anohter qml file into a Column? A Loader seemed like a good idea, but apparently it causes a lot of overlapping issues if the content size is not fixed.10:53
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coderusm4g0g: images pack? what is it?11:35
coderusSviox: use nested components11:36
coderusColumn { AnotherQMLFile {} }11:37
coderusany problems here?11:37
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Svioxcoderus: that also causes issues because my other file has another column in it. I got around the issue by simply putting the other file outside the column (had to break my clean column into three parts... not very clean..)11:42
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niqtwhich is the state of qtlocation and qtpositioning in sailfishos?11:49
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branekHi all, I am first time here... :)12:20
branekI am planing to develop some sailfish app using OpenCV...12:20
branekBut I am hit by compiler bug while trying to compile OpenCV libs12:21
branekthis is error:12:21
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branekSo, any one have idea how to get rid of this. I will ofcourse post this to also.12:25
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SmarteXHas anyone got an ETA for the next build for mako?12:46
stephgSmarteX: it'll be after update 6 comes out for the Jolla12:48
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SmarteXstephg: So?12:49
SmarteXI seriously need that Jolla Store12:50
coderusSviox: put column into nested item for saving geomerty12:50
stephgSmarteX: there aren't a huge amount of apps in the store you know12:50
coderusand set default children to this item12:51
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stephgbut to answer your question hopefully u6 will be out in the next couple of weeks, and then the n4 build will follow after that12:52
SmarteXstephg: I know it but there are some useful apps like a decent file manager... I'd also love to get the ACL in the next build, but I doubt it'll be there12:53
stephgthere is a native filemanager btw12:53
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coderusmany users mixing ACL and Dalvik statements12:54
SmarteXstephg: If you are referring to jolla-fileman, it doesn't run on my mako12:54
*** BasilSemuonov has joined #sailfishos12:55
SmarteXstephg: Filetug works!12:55
stephgthat is at least something then :)12:55
stephgdunno if the source for cargodock is open or not12:56
SmarteXcoderus: What are you referring to?12:56
coderusSmarteX: jolla not using android compatibility layer12:56
coderusit using native dalvik services12:57
coderusam i wrong?12:57
SmarteXcoderus: And why isn't it here on all builds?12:57
Stskeepsit's not done by jolla, as a start12:57
SmarteXStskeeps: Who does it then?12:59
RaimSmarteX: Myriad,
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SmarteXAnd when will Jolla implement it?13:07
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stephgI think for the android devices they'll be looking at stability and hardware features first13:08
stephgbefore stuff like that13:08
stephgI mean there's still lots that's not working on the n4 yet that needs to be13:09
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KhertanAtworkI notice my jolla become really hot when using any Android app, even simple android app ... did you overclock something when using android ?13:23
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StskeepsKhertanAtwork: no; but are those android apps very touch based too?13:24
KhertanAtworkStskeeps, what did you mean by touch based ?13:24
Stskeepsas in13:24
Stskeepsyou spend a lot of time doing touch inputs13:24
Stskeepssuch as games13:24
*** Prometheus00 has quit IRC13:24
Stskeepswhen you touch the device, cpu spikes in order to do animations / reactions quicker13:25
Stskeepsit may play against you when doing it intensively, such as games13:25
*** meetingcpp has quit IRC13:25
KhertanAtworkoh that s happen with things that aren't game :)13:25
Stskeepsokay, then i'm a bit more interested13:26
KhertanAtworkbut yeah ... always touching screen as it s text reader13:26
Stskeepsgot an example of an app you use?13:26
Stskeepsthat shouldn't really be that bad :)13:26
dr_gogeta86is emoji keyvboard dev here ?13:26
*** Prometheus00 has joined #sailfishos13:26
StskeepsKhertanAtwork: i can tell you how to get more data out about it if you'd like, like how i'd chase stuff making device hotter/cpu staying longer in some states13:27
KhertanAtworkStskeeps, yes that s could definitivly be interesting to understand what happen and track thinks13:28
StskeepsKhertanAtwork: is the kind of reports that can be made13:28
KhertanAtworkoh ... interesting13:30
Stskeepsit's an old maemo tool13:30
Stskeepsstuff like is just fantastic to help optimize battery life13:32
Stskeepscan probably install it with ssu ar mer-tools; pkcon refresh; pkcon install sp-endurance13:34
Stskeepsand then see README on how to collect, ignoring the X11 stuff13:36
KhertanAtworkoh i ll try it ...13:36
Stskeepsyou collect snapshots in intervals basically13:37
*** xerpi has quit IRC13:39
Stskeepsstephg: if you'd like, you can do some runs on n4 too13:46
Stskeepslike 24hr runs13:47
stephgwas looking at just that13:48
KhertanAtwork !!! chinook13:50
Stskeepsit's that old13:50
Stskeepsyou prolly want to do postproc on computer13:50
*** nezticle has quit IRC13:53
KhertanAtworkof course :)13:53
*** nezticle has joined #sailfishos13:55
stephgrandom question Stskeeps14:02
stephghow long before the n4 gets btrfs?14:02
*** onurati has joined #sailfishos14:02
stephgnot related to anything14:02
Stskeepsit's a tough one14:02
stephgjust wondering14:02
Stskeepsin practice i'd say 'never'14:02
*** xruxa is now known as xruxa_away14:02
stephg'never' as opposed to 'soon' ;)14:03
Stskeepsyou can do a loopback but that'd cost14:03
stephgwhat's the blocker?14:03
stephgI suppose I mean btrfs root rather than just the fs14:03
Stskeepswell, as a start, installation14:04
stephgoh yes14:04
stephgforgot about that14:04
Stskeepsplus btrfs version capability in standard 3.0/3.4 kernels14:04
stephgI guess you could convert post install but it seems very hacky14:06
SmarteXGuys, has the Jolla got an unlockable bootloader?14:06
Stskeepsyes, but, you have to go and unlock it using a recovery console, and put in your lock code if you have one, to do ti14:06
SmarteXSo it isn't like on nexus phones? (fastboot unlock bootloader)14:07
SmarteXWithout any key14:07
Stskeepsno, because we try to really protect device contents14:07
Stskeepsi'm not afraid to loose my phone in a bar14:07
Stskeepsbut it's fairly easy14:07
SmarteXOn nexus phones if you unlock the bootloader there is complete wipe of /data partition (including internal sdcard)14:08
Stskeepsbut we don't have those seperate14:08
SmarteXI know it, I've seen the contents of /14:09
SmarteXIt seems different than the android filesystem stucture14:09
Stskeepsa bit14:10
Stskeepsit's android plus linux mix14:10
SmarteXWould you reccomend SailfishOS to a beginner in programming?14:11
coderusactually there is no difference where to start programming14:12
coderusyou should like it basically14:12
coderusso if you like sailfish its good choice to start programming for it14:12
SmarteXMy friend keeps saying Sailfish is a copypaste of WP8. I'd kill him14:13
coderusjust envy14:14
*** meetingcpp has joined #sailfishos14:14
SmarteXHe prefers Android (Dunno why)14:15
*** dawnbringer has joined #sailfishos14:15
coderuswarez and store full of apps?14:16
coderusi'm using amazon and google stores and see no reazon why i shouldnt avoid android in jolla :)14:17
coderustoo many typos :D14:17
SmarteXcoderus, I'm talking about the entire phone running android, not using the Alien Dalvik on Sailfish14:18
*** Prometheus00 has quit IRC14:19
dr_gogeta86i prefer coderus software14:20
*** spiiroin has quit IRC14:20
dr_gogeta86than origina ones14:20
SmarteXI will only use the runtime for games14:20
SmarteXI mean, why should I use the Holo UI when I've got a Sailfish UI that rocks14:21
SmarteXI'll use native apps when available14:21
SmarteXAre sailfish apps coded in C++?14:21
dr_gogeta86I've told it to zzste ... many developers' apporach is like ios/android ...14:21
dr_gogeta86he answared ... is a linux distro :-D14:22
dr_gogeta86and make me happy ...14:22
dr_gogeta86is new born14:22
dr_gogeta86and have more quality software then DESKTOP14:22
*** VDVsx has quit IRC14:22
coderusSmarteX: natively Qt14:25
coderusbut you can use python and/or javascript14:25
SmarteXcoderus: Oh ok, thanks. I've read that Sailfish is based on openSUSE... Is it true?14:25
*** rbn has joined #sailfishos14:26
coderushybris andriod adaptation in deeper deep parts14:27
SmarteXIs hybris there only for ports (mako, s3, ect...) or it's included in Jolla14:28
coderusits for media, sensors and etc. (its only some parts i know)14:30
coderusto run dalvik natively14:30
SmarteXAh, ok14:31
coderusand sailfish just using it14:32
rbnhi, i'd like to try out sailfishos on my nexus 4, is there an official page with the images? i only find different blogs with the quoted email to the early adopters..14:34
*** tanty is now known as tanty_off14:34
rbn(not only for the images, but an offical page in general..)14:34
stephgwelcome rbn14:35
*** Merbot has joined #sailfishos14:38
*** TMavica has joined #sailfishos14:41
*** xerpi has joined #sailfishos14:45
*** xerpi has joined #sailfishos14:47
*** Sail0r has joined #sailfishos14:48
*** Andy80 has joined #sailfishos14:49
*** Andy80 has quit IRC14:49
*** Andy80 has joined #sailfishos14:49
*** xerpi has quit IRC14:49
*** nsuffys has quit IRC14:53
*** veskuh has quit IRC14:55
*** DarkSim has joined #sailfishos14:57
*** m4g0g has quit IRC15:01
*** branek has quit IRC15:03
*** maxorator has quit IRC15:03
*** maxorator has joined #sailfishos15:05
*** maxorator has quit IRC15:05
*** maxorator has joined #sailfishos15:08
*** eyome has quit IRC15:08
*** eyome has joined #sailfishos15:08
*** rm_work|away is now known as rm_work15:09
*** kimmoli_sailing_ has joined #sailfishos15:09
Nicd-anyone know, is it possible to tell QSslSocket to accept a certain certificate if the server uses it? I mean that I have a QSslCertificate object and I want to tell the socket that if the server uses the same cert, accept it15:10
Nicd-or do I just have to check it manually in the sslErrors signal handler?15:10
*** euroelessar has joined #sailfishos15:12
rbnyay sailfish on my nexus :)15:13
SmarteXwhat do you mean rbn?15:14
Nicd-yay sailfish on people's nexuses :)15:14
rbnflashed correctly ;)15:14
*** Finlod has quit IRC15:15
stephgwell done rbn15:16
stephgand welcome to the club15:16
rbngood that nexus isn't easy brickable.. thats always my fear with flashing stuff15:17
SmarteXThe nexus ISN'T brickable15:17
rbngood to know :)15:18
SmarteXThere is always a way to restore15:18
SmarteXI bricked my HTC TITAN (hermes) when flashing wm 715:18
tbrSmarteX: wanna bet? ;)15:18
SmarteXtbr: If you flash a bootloader wrongly you can brick it. But someone with a mind wouldn't touch a device bootloader15:19
SmarteXI love Sailfish15:19
SmarteXHeck, I don't care if I don't have games or some apps15:20
SmarteXIt's still so awesome15:20
SmarteXI still don't get how the heck can I take a screenshot on my mako15:20
stephgweren't we talking about this last night?15:22
*** maxorator has quit IRC15:23
*** maxorator has joined #sailfishos15:24
*** spiiroin has joined #sailfishos15:24
SmarteXIs there anyway to do it directly from the device?15:26
*** admiral0 has quit IRC15:26
SmarteX(I don't have the store, mind that)15:26
Nicd-the link above has the instructions...15:29
stephgif you have the SDK and want to know how it works15:29
stephgalso this:15:29
*** TMavica has quit IRC15:29
*** ottulo has quit IRC15:30
p2-matehow can I find out if libmaliit-common.a is installed in the build VM?15:30
*** TMavica has joined #sailfishos15:30
p2-mate(I'm trying to build the example plugit from git://
SmarteXThanks stephg15:33
*** Morpog_PC has joined #sailfishos15:35
Stskeepsp2-mate: consider using
*** Andy80 has quit IRC15:38
*** eyome has quit IRC15:42
SmarteXI find that watermark to be annoying a lot15:51
p2-mateStskeeps: hmm, even the example helloworld plugin from that tree complains about the lack of  libmaliit-common.a it seems15:52
Stskeepsp2-mate: hmmmmm15:53
* Stskeeps looks15:53
Stskeepsi don't see us packaging libmaliit-common.a at least15:55
*** Finlod has joined #sailfishos16:01
*** M4rtinK has joined #sailfishos16:02
p2-mateStskeeps: which one of those is supposed to work?16:03
faeniliirc the "plugin not found" message in maliit was completely ignorable, if that's what you're talking about16:08
faenildon't remember details though16:08
*** Pat_o has quit IRC16:10
*** branek has joined #sailfishos16:10
SmarteXWhy do I have to install VirtualBox if I use a real device?16:14
stephgSmarteX: 2 reasons16:15
stephgthe sdk build engine runs in a vm, and the sailfish emulator itself is an, er, emulator16:15
*** Almehdin has joined #sailfishos16:16
*** toartist has quit IRC16:16
SmarteXAh ok. I think everyone can figure out that something called emulator is an emulator btw xD16:16
stephgbut yeah the main reason is the build engine runs in a vm16:17
SmarteXIs it slow on a i3?16:17
stephgno not particularly16:18
*** artemma has joined #sailfishos16:18
SmarteXinstalling virtualbox16:18
*** martyone has joined #sailfishos16:19
Yanielmuch faster than the symbian toolchain :D16:21
*** SmarteX has quit IRC16:22
p2-matethe sailfish emulator is also a VM16:26
*** artemma has quit IRC16:27
*** xfrancis has quit IRC16:28
*** SmarteX has joined #sailfishos16:31
*** jjarven has quit IRC16:31
SmarteXIs there anyone running Windows?16:33
SmarteXShould I install the emulator if I have a device?16:34
stephgyes you may as well16:34
SmarteXIf I use pkcon can I install software from the Jolla Store even without it?16:37
*** BasilSemuonov has joined #sailfishos16:38
SmarteXWhere does pkcon fetch packages?16:39
SmarteX*from there16:39
stephgthere's a handful of package repositories16:40
stephgone of which is the store, but which requires credentials to access16:40
*** Umeaboy has joined #sailfishos16:40
SmarteXWhat if I make an account?16:41
SmarteX(via pc, the phone has problems registering)16:41
*** martyone has quit IRC16:45
stephgeven then I don't think it'll work16:46
*** AlmAck has joined #sailfishos16:47
*** BasilSemuonov has quit IRC16:47
*** BasilSemuonov has joined #sailfishos16:48
*** krendil has quit IRC16:49
*** jjarven has joined #sailfishos16:50
*** alin has quit IRC16:51
*** nsuffys has joined #sailfishos16:52
*** edgar2 has quit IRC16:52
UmeaboyIt's been awhile since this was updated:
UmeaboyWhat's happening?16:53
stephgyou have an old link :)16:53
UmeaboyI'd like to know if a release for i9305 is very far away.16:53
UmeaboyNo rush, but just curious.16:53
UmeaboyI'd love to see how much faster my Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000 will be when I install Sailfish OS on it. :)16:55
UmeaboyI managed to unlock the bootloader (Thanks to Chainfire).16:55
*** osaton has quit IRC16:56
*** rm_work is now known as rm_work|away16:57
*** faenil has quit IRC16:57
SmarteXwhat's the username/password combination for the MerSDK vm16:58
*** jalomann has joined #sailfishos16:59
BysmyyrI think it uses key to login16:59
stephgit does16:59
stephgkeys can be found in SailfishOS/vmshare/ssh/private_keys/engine16:59
stephgappropriate key for the appropriate username17:00
stephgif you're on windows SmarteX17:00
stephgyou'll need putty17:00
stephgvirtualbox port forwards localhost:2222 to the sdk vm, 2223 to the emulator (if it's on)17:01
SmarteXI'm trying to compile a project and it says MerSDK not installed - but it is.17:03
*** TMavica has quit IRC17:04
stephginstalled, or running?17:04
*** piggz_ has quit IRC17:05
*** martyone has joined #sailfishos17:06
*** osaton has joined #sailfishos17:08
SmarteX <- error17:08
*** simbrown has quit IRC17:10
*** simbrown has joined #sailfishos17:11
*** faenil has joined #sailfishos17:13
UmeaboySmarteX: And there's no need to add it to PATH?17:14
SmarteXDunno, don't think so.17:14
*** RoKenn has joined #sailfishos17:16
SmarteXWhat should I add to %PATH%?17:16
UmeaboyHave you searched for the issue on
*** simbrown has quit IRC17:17
SmarteXduckduckgo? maybe google :/17:17
UmeaboyGoogle is NSA. ;)17:17
UmeaboyDuckduckgo isn't.17:17
UmeaboySmarteX: Well, the location of the binary.17:17
*** meek_geek has joined #sailfishos17:18
SmarteXI know it. I don't really care that much. I don't care if they see what I search for17:18
SmarteXthe location of the virtualbox.exe binary?17:18
SmarteXhi meek_geek17:18
UmeaboySmarteX: Yes.17:19
meek_geekSmarteX, what is up17:19
SmarteXgtg, cya17:19
Umeaboymeek_geek: If I can answer to your question I'd say the stock market.17:19
UmeaboyNo.......that's a lie. Sorry.17:19
*** SmarteX has quit IRC17:20
*** Pat_o has joined #sailfishos17:20
Umeaboy"What goes up must come down". What a pity.17:22
jussihrm, I cant seem to get into recovvery mode anymore... someone remind me how it is supposed to be done?17:24
Umeaboyjussi: Isn't that the same way as with Android?17:25
UmeaboyPower + Home + Volume down.17:25
jussiUmeaboy: thats what I thought... but up+down volume plus powerkey doesnt seem to work anymore...17:25
jussierr, home?17:26
jussin4 only has 3 physical buttons afaik...17:26
UmeaboyDownload-mode should always work.17:26
*** Allavaz has joined #sailfishos17:26
UmeaboyUse ADB command then?17:27
*** ejjoman has joined #sailfishos17:29
jussiadb command didnt like me, but gt it sorted, you have to reboot with that combo17:40
*** TriztAway is now known as Trizt17:41
*** Umeaboy has quit IRC17:48
rbnjust tried it, pressing voldown and power doesn't work for me either17:49
rbnbut power and after that immediately voldown works17:50
rbnthen i'm back in bootloader mode17:50
*** martyone has quit IRC17:51
*** meShell has joined #sailfishos17:52
*** DarkSim has quit IRC17:52
*** Sequenced has quit IRC17:55
*** Sequenced has joined #sailfishos17:55
*** jstaniek has joined #sailfishos17:56
*** GeneralAntilles has quit IRC17:58
*** GeneralAntilles has joined #sailfishos18:01
*** rbn has quit IRC18:02
*** meetingcpp has quit IRC18:05
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*** TimTTK_ has joined #sailfishos18:12
*** Pat_o has quit IRC18:12
*** Blizzz has quit IRC18:15
*** keithzg_ is now known as keithzg18:17
*** Sequenced has joined #sailfishos18:22
*** jalomann has quit IRC18:23
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*** DrIDK is now known as nem18:32
*** nem is now known as DrIDK18:33
*** dhbiker has quit IRC18:34
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*** SmarteX has joined #sailfishos18:51
*** Sail0r has quit IRC18:56
*** eektc has joined #sailfishos18:56
*** Sail0r has joined #sailfishos18:56
SmarteXI'm really happy to be a SailfishOS Mako beta tester :O18:57
*** Allavaz has quit IRC18:59
*** rm_work|away is now known as rm_work18:59
*** furikku has quit IRC18:59
Stskeepshow is it working for you?19:00
*** Sail0r has quit IRC19:01
*** disharmonic has joined #sailfishos19:04
*** disharmonic has quit IRC19:04
*** disharmonic has joined #sailfishos19:04
*** leszek has quit IRC19:06
*** Pat_o has joined #sailfishos19:07
SmarteXStskeeps fine! I'm missing some features (camera, alien dalvik), but I can live without them for some time!19:11
M4rtinKStskeeps, lbt_away: seems to be down19:11
M4rtinKknown issue ?19:11
M4rtinKwell, not down but:19:11
M4rtinKApplication error19:11
M4rtinKChange this error message for exceptions thrown outside of an action (like in Dispatcher setups or broken Ruby code) in public/500.html19:11
StskeepsM4rtinK: i couldn't access it earlier.. lemme see now19:13
*** Almehdin has quit IRC19:14
StskeepsM4rtinK: i've had beer so i really shouldn't operate heavy machinery :/ lbt is in transit on way home and will hopefully sort it out19:15
Stskeeps(from ELC in US)19:15
M4rtinKhey, Friday evening is always the best day for reconfiguring critical IT infrastructure :)19:17
*** Almehdin has joined #sailfishos19:17
SmarteXHas someone found a good IRC client in Openrepos?19:18
*** martyone has joined #sailfishos19:19
Stskeepsmeek_geek: i'm not sure how that fits in here..19:20
SmarteXHe's just trying to share something thinking we can like that19:22
*** rbn has joined #sailfishos19:22
SmarteXHi rbn19:23
StskeepsM4rtinK: think i'll have to refrain from that for now :P19:24
Morpog_PCsmartex, you can build communi by yourself19:24
kimmoliäh just started to learn how to build things at mer obs, and now it is drunk19:25
kimmolimaybe i follow the lead then..19:25
Morpog_PCSmarteX, or just download communi here:
meek_geekStskeeps, music fits in anywhere19:25
SmarteXThank you Morpog_PC19:27
Morpog_PCit's an awesome client19:27
*** Allavaz has joined #sailfishos19:28
kimmoli(if one builds communi from scratch on Windows machine,. remember to change spec eol to LF)19:28
SmarteXWhy every time someone builds an app, there are 3 RPMs (normal, debuginfo, debugsource)?19:28
Morpog_PCwell, for debugging :D19:29
StskeepsM4rtinK: better now?19:29
SmarteXkimmoli what are you referring about?19:29
StskeepsSmarteX: normal = debug symbols stripped, the debug symbols are then put in debuginfo, and debugsoruce matching the debug symbols are put in debugsource19:29
Stskeepsie you don't need entire Qt framework in debug source when you're not compiling the windows part19:29
kimmolirpmbuild does not like CRLF in spec file19:30
SmarteXAh, thanks Stskeeps for the explanation19:30
SmarteXkimmoli: ah19:30
M4rtinKStskeeps: yeah, seems to work fine now, thanks! :)19:31
*** SmarteX has quit IRC19:32
*** SmarteX has joined #sailfishos19:33
SmarteXI'm testing Communi19:34
*** Blizzz has joined #sailfishos19:40
*** SmarteX has quit IRC19:42
*** xerpi has joined #sailfishos19:45
*** ottulo has joined #sailfishos19:47
*** SmarteX has joined #sailfishos19:48
SmarteXHow can I reset my icons back to stock?19:48
Stskeepsdo i dare to ask what you did.. :P19:51
SmarteXDownloaded an Ambiance from OpenRepos?19:51
*** martyone has quit IRC19:52
Stskeepswell that's beyond what i know about :)19:54
*** Allavaz has quit IRC19:54
*** ottulo has quit IRC19:54
*** ottulo has joined #sailfishos19:55
SmarteXJust had to remove the app :/19:55
*** meek_geek has quit IRC19:55
*** itbaron has quit IRC19:59
*** Allavaz has joined #sailfishos20:02
*** rbn has quit IRC20:04
*** xfrancis has joined #sailfishos20:06
*** rbn has joined #sailfishos20:11
Nicd-"Initial setup failed: Remote application finished with exit code 127." when I try to debug :/20:13
*** Finlod has quit IRC20:15
Nicd-I have a segfault but can't debug it :/20:17
kaltsiread the known issues20:17
Nicd-ah, I'm stupid20:19
*** xfrancis has quit IRC20:22
*** hoelzro_ is now known as hoelzro20:22
SmarteXIs it just me or there isn't a boot animation for mako?20:22
*** leszek has joined #sailfishos20:23
Stskeepspretty much, on jolla device we don't really need one20:27
Stskeepsjolla logo, then shows up within 30s20:27
SmarteXI have the google logo staying here for 30s20:28
AardSmarteX: for jolla,
SmarteXI just found out that coderus is the boss that coded Mitakuuluu (which I LOVE!)20:31
Nicd-send him all your monies for continued development ;)20:33
SmarteXIf I only could, I'd give him loads of money (Unfortunately I'm <18 and I haven't got any kind of online wallet)20:35
*** rm_work is now known as rm_work|away20:35
AardSmarteX: you don't know your parents passwords? :p20:35
Nicd-SmarteX: do you live in the EU?20:36
Nicd-if coderus has a european bank account, you could pay him with SEPA... of course, he might not20:38
SmarteXcoderus's american, right?20:38
Nicd-russian, yeah20:39
SmarteXIs it true that the Alien VM runs Android apps better than the Dalvik VM?20:44
Nicd-define "better"20:44
SmarteXfaster and (possibly) with the same cpu usage20:45
*** SeekingFor has quit IRC20:53
*** SeekingFor has joined #sailfishos20:53
*** Sir_herrbatka has quit IRC20:54
*** Sail0r has joined #sailfishos20:54
Nicd- documents a property 'alignment'20:55
Nicd-but then I get 'Cannot assign to non-existent property "alignment"'20:55
*** nsuffys has quit IRC20:55
Nicd-it should be actually 'horizontalAlignment'20:57
SmarteXI've finally found out how to add the missing MP3 codec!20:58
*** TimTTK_ has quit IRC20:59
*** TimTTK_ has joined #sailfishos20:59
*** SeekingFor has quit IRC21:00
*** SeekingFor has joined #sailfishos21:00
*** rm_work|away is now known as rm_work21:01
SmarteXIf anyone's interested:
SmarteXNicd- Are you on mako?21:16
*** Makinit has quit IRC21:17
*** Sviox has quit IRC21:17
*** rm_work is now known as rm_work|away21:17
*** Makinit has joined #sailfishos21:18
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*** onurati has quit IRC21:39
*** ejjoman has joined #sailfishos21:41
SmarteX(I did just install the mp3 codec)21:41
*** meShell has quit IRC21:42
*** SmarteX has quit IRC21:43
*** Blizzz has quit IRC21:44
*** ejjoman has quit IRC21:45
*** branek has joined #sailfishos21:47
keithzgI assume one could just download and then copy the rpm from an actual Jolla, too21:51
* keithzg stares at the shattered screen of his Nexus 4 and cires a single tear21:51
*** alin has quit IRC22:01
*** alin has joined #sailfishos22:01
*** alin has quit IRC22:01
*** alin has joined #sailfishos22:01
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*** spider-mario has quit IRC22:39
dwangoACkeithzg: I am so sorry to hear about your loss - it's probably worth getting someone to fix it22:45
dwangoAC(I've had bad luck trying to fix cracked screens myself)22:45
*** qqK has quit IRC22:46
*** Nightmare__ has quit IRC22:46
dwangoACStill using Nexus 4 with Sailfish daily, biggest things that are a problem are the lack of Bluetooth, the lack of actual vibrate support (it does a very brief vibration at the beginning of a call coming in and then never vibrates again), and the lack of a proximity sensor.  Otherwise, I'm really liking this.22:46
keithzgI've successfully replaced screens before, but only on the N9 (and admittedly there was a bit of an issue in that the replacement parts didn't quite match the original in terms of plastic connector size, so I had to do some whittling).22:50
keithzgBut the N9 is fantastically easy for a modern device, just two torx screws and then you pop the screen out.22:51
keithzgThe Nexus 4 is . . . less so  :( I do wonder how much it'd cost.22:52
keithzgBought myself a used Moto X in the meantime, since I really do need an Android phone around to give data to my Jolla, heh.22:52
*** alin has quit IRC22:57
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