Saturday, 2014-05-03

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keithzgActually really like the implementation of the LPM screen concept on the Moto X, although the N9 is still better by virtue of being *always* on and being customizable via Billboard and such.00:43
keithzgI really, really hope such a thing becomes possible with Sailfish on AMOLED devices.00:43
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Nicd-how can I mage pageStack available in my javascript library?07:17
Nicd-or do I have to reroute my page creations through a qml page?07:17
Nicd-I may have found it07:18
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Nicd-hmm. it's supposed to be in ApplicationWindow.pageStack07:22
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Nicd-but it's undefined for me in Javascript... maybe I'll just give it to the library from a QML file07:23
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AcceNicd-: did you try this
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Nicd-Acce: I got it working already, thanks :) I just passed the pagestack from a QML page08:18
Acceoh, ok ː)08:19
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william_genhi,who know when next EA(EA3) for nexus4 will pubilish?08:30
Stskeepshmm not yet at least08:31
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Stskeepswhat in particular are you waiting for08:32
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william_genfix more bugs in EA208:48
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william_gensuch as bug in fingertrem08:48
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tbrbut fingerterm you can just take RPMs from OBS08:58
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william_genfingerterm NOW display text only on the left half screen to me.this is a bug09:02
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Stskeepsyes, was that the chinese characters problem?09:02
Stskeeps / symbols09:02
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william_geni dont know if or not09:12
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william_gen i dont know the reason09:18
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vgradehi coderus09:42
Stskeepsvgrade: did you ever get SFOS on joggler?09:42
vgradeof course09:43
vgradecan't leave that one out09:43
coderusi finally hacked Dialog externally and intercepted page feedback when trying to accept dialog with negative canAccept state, and now i can inform user what is wrong :)09:43
vgradeStskeeps: was X though as I racall09:44
Stskeepsvgrade: gah, no microphone..09:50
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vgradeStskeeps: ?09:51
Stskeepsi had a usecase for it :P09:51
Stskeepshmm ..
vgradeStskeeps: wonder if it supports egl09:53
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Stskeepsprolly not09:55
vgradeStskeeps: does not look like it from screen shots09:55
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Stskeepsi kinda wonder why they don't use llvmpip10:00
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coderusCan anyone with facebook page help me to debug "right" avatar?
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coderusnobody interested? :)10:45
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Nicd-SmarteX: I have the jolla, not mako11:17
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ericccthe  can  run the sailfishos?12:50
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tbrericcc: hmmm, looks interesting, probably the same CPU as in the Jolla phone13:00
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ericccGOOD NEWS?@tbr13:05
tbrericcc: if you are willing to put the work in, it should be possible.13:05
tbrericcc: is there cyanogenmod for it?13:06
ericcc@tbr not  , it  is  Custom machine in china13:06
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tbrericcc: is that the 3G or the LTE model?13:09
tbrericcc: can you confirm if this one has the Broadcom or the Qualcomm cpu?13:10
tbras only the Qualcomm version would work13:11
ericccit is  Qualcomm13:13
tbrif the china version of this is qualcomm, then it should be possible.13:14
ericcc3G model13:14
tbrthe 3G model is listed as Broadcom on wikipedia13:14
*** toartist has joined #sailfishos13:14
ericccmust be  LTE?13:15
ericccin china  people  have a lot Custom machine13:16
nh1402ericcc: I'm assuming this is an android device, why don't you download CPU-Z for android to confirm which processor your phone is13:17
tbrnh1402: he might not have one13:17
tbr"the LTE model[2][3] features a Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8930 SoC, whereas the 3G model features a Broadcomm BCM21664 SoC with a 1 GHz dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 CPU and a Broadcomm VideoCore IV GPU"13:17
tbrso make suuuuper sure, that it's a Qualcomm device13:18
ericcccpu :arm cortex  a513:22
tbrthat's something completely else13:23
meek_geekdoes jolla phone use open baseband13:24
tbrmeek_geek: what is an open baseband? open source or some product named open baseband?13:24
meek_geektbr, Its open source baseband - the communication radio your mobile devices man13:25
tbrmeek_geek: then the answer is no, there is no way to certify an open source baseband software to my knowledge13:25
meek_geektbr, Ya its illegal cuz its open and then government cannot spy on ya .. just you can! heh13:26
tbrI think not even the RIL is open source, just the ofono parts on top of that13:26
meek_geektbr, Sir are you a dev of Sailfish OS ?13:26
cos-hm, just experienced reboot when an incoming call rang. even the caller was not saved in log so i have no clue who it was.13:26
tbrmeek_geek: I do $things around sailfish13:26
meek_geekjolla phone is not available in here13:27
cos-i'm at a place with poor cell reception, could be related13:27
meek_geekso I am thinking about buying a Geeksphone Revolution13:27
meek_geekI have heard it is in talks with Jolla Team to get Sailfish OS on it13:27
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nh1402not that its going to do much, but in the adaptations/libhybris, someone could put N/A for the home key button for Nexus 513:35
tbrsubmit a fix13:36
UmeaboyThe translations I made on transifex for Sailfish, will that be implemented with an upcomin update?13:36
UmeaboyI'm almost done.13:36
*** zhxt_ has joined #sailfishos13:38
nh1402alright, I've submitted the fix.13:43
*** zhxt_ has quit IRC13:43
StskeepsUmeaboy: there's a item on the next community meeting on community localization/etc13:44
*** zhxt_ has joined #sailfishos13:44
UmeaboyOK. ;)13:45
UmeaboyThey need to be reviewed by someone as well.13:46
UmeaboyI think I have some minor typos and I might've missunderstood some sentances.13:47
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nh1402vgrade: Did you try using the ubuntu touch kernel, when porting Sailfish to the Nexus 5?14:08
vgradenh1402: nope, just used stock CM11 + config mods for mer/sailfish14:09
*** vesurisv has quit IRC14:10
vgradenh1402: any particular reason?14:11
nh1402just wondering if more or less thing would work with that kernel14:12
tbrI'd expect the diff to be fairly small anyway14:12
tbrit's all descendant from some QC frankenkernel, I bet.14:13
vgrade\o tbr14:13
vgradewell most if not all things work with cm kernel + cm userspace14:14
vgradeso I'm happy to use that as a base14:14
vgradework is needed in the sailfish hardware adaptation layer14:15
vgradejust looking at wlan now14:15
vgradenh1402: do you have a link for that kernel14:16
tbrlo vgrade14:17
*** meetingcpp has joined #sailfishos14:18
vgradehi meetingcpp14:19
nh1402vgrade: well its available through the multirom app , not so sure about a specific link for just the kernel, I could extract it from my phone and upload it for you if you'd like14:19
vgradegithub would be best14:19
tbrsourcessss or it didn't happen14:21
vgradetbr: correct14:21
vgradebtw, nexus 5 stuff is at
*** zhxt_ has quit IRC14:22
*** Pat_o has joined #sailfishos14:23
nh1402I'm sure its on github somewhere, but here is where I first came across it.
*** fracting has joined #sailfishos14:24
vgradenh1402: so its the CM11 kernel + some config changes (mostly same as mer/sailfish) to suit ubuntu touch14:26
tbrbiiig surprise, right there14:26
nh1402I was just trying to help, I understand, that wlan works with ubuntu touch14:27
*** Pat_o has quit IRC14:28
nh1402as you can probably tell, I'm not a kernel developer, although I would like to get into it.14:28
vgradenh1402: thanks, it also works with cm11 as well so its as I said the bit between the kernel and sailfish14:30
vgradewhich needs work14:30
*** kunev has joined #sailfishos14:30
vgradefor example on N4 there has been an adaptation added to load thw wlan firmware14:31
*** Tofe|Away is now known as Tofe14:31
vgradeand this adaptation will be different for each device14:32
vgradesee the different device config directories here
vgradeeg the N4 wlan loader
*** kunev has quit IRC14:34
vgradesame goes for audio config14:34
*** Eztran has joined #sailfishos14:35
*** Venemo has joined #sailfishos14:41
*** Sailor3640 has joined #sailfishos14:43
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Venemois there a gyroscope (angular speed sensor) in the Jolla?14:51
coderusMitakuuluu v0.6-7 released. Download: Changelog:
kimmoliVenemo: yes14:56
Venemodoes this work?
kimmolii haven't tested that... the corresponding acceleromenter if works14:57
Venemookay :)14:58
kimmolidont know is this any help ?? or does it use dedicated stuff... /usr/share/csd/pages/testToolPages/VerificationGyro.qml14:59
kimmoliprop not helping14:59
*** fracting has quit IRC15:00
kimmolithis works in siika, import QtSensors 5.015:01
*** Dr_Cain_ is now known as Dr_Cain15:05
*** fracting has joined #sailfishos15:12
M4rtinKwell, I've been playing with an Android planetarium app and it seemed to work quite nicely15:12
M4rtinKso maybe the magnetometer output is already fused with the gyroscope data15:13
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meek_geekcan sailfish battle tizen ?15:21
*** Venemo has joined #sailfishos15:21
Venemothanks kimmoli I'll look into it15:21
UmeaboyIt's a little bit shame that I can't help develop an image for my Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000. I wish I had the knowledge.15:22
UmeaboyIt IS unlocked when it comes to the bootloader.15:22
meek_geekI think Sailfish OS needs to release its stuff on more devices15:23
meek_geekfor people who want to flash15:23
Waiteemeek_geek: guess what jolla is busy doing :D15:24
meek_geekWaitee, what ?15:24
meek_geekWhat is Jolla busy doing ?15:24
meek_geekIt cannot even ship stuff to China and more Asian Countries15:25
meek_geekYou know wwhat i am doin g?15:25
meek_geekWaitin for Geeksphone phone to port Sailfish OS to their Revolution phone before I buy it15:25
meek_geekI love Jolla in the videos15:25
*** lbt_away is now known as lbt15:25
Waiteeyou must take into account that jolla has a staff of 100 engineers where samsung and others have several tens of thousands15:25
meek_geekBut sad part is .. i cannot feel it yet15:25
meek_geekWaitee, I know Sir15:26
meek_geekBut fuck Samsung try Moto Q15:26
meek_geekMoto X15:26
*** Sailor-2gether has quit IRC15:26
Waiteehavent tried moto Q or X15:27
*** ikapcsandi has quit IRC15:27
meek_geekWaitee, I think Samsung = more prop. stuff15:27
*** ikapcsandi has joined #sailfishos15:27
UmeaboyI would like to see the CM-phone Oppa to get an image for Sailfish.15:27
meek_geekWaitee, Jolla's target has to be shipping Jolla worldwide15:27
Waiteejollas target is having sailfishos available worldwide15:28
Waiteenot necessarily the jolla device itself15:28
meek_geekI am going to buy Oppo 7 or One plus one15:28
UmeaboyIt would be nice to have a program that automates the build of an image.15:28
meek_geekOppa N1 is outta my budget15:28
Waiteethey told in a press release their target for 2014 is half a million devices running sailfishos15:28
lbtUmeaboy: ?15:28
lbtwe have a service called IM15:29
lbtIMG even15:29
UmeaboyYou only need to connect the device when it's rooted and then the program just builds the image & flashes it.15:29
lbt"Image Me Give" ... it was aimed at the less advanced devs...15:29
Waiteeokay now it's time for sauna15:29
vgrade\o lbt , good trip15:30
meek_geekI want to donate Sailfish OS15:30
meek_geek200 Dollars15:30
meek_geekhow can I do it ?15:30
lbthey vgrade15:30
lbtUmeaboy: not quite at the burn level - but yeah15:31
meek_geeki think ubuntu touch would kill tizen and sailfish15:31
lbtvgrade: too few people in the ELC world know about us15:31
nh1402Canonical stopped official development of Ubuntu Touch for Android devices, Sailfish is about to start15:32
Stskeepsnono, that's not what they did15:32
Stskeepscanonical stopped their ubuntu inside android work, not ubuntu touch on android devices15:32
EztranUbuntu for Android was discontinued, =! Ubuntu Touch.15:32
nh1402my bad15:32
Stskeepsthey really screwed up at marketing if that's what people think..15:33
EztranNot that they look any closer to actually releasing anything final, anyway...15:33
meek_geekUbuntu TOuch would kill it15:33
EztranEmphasis on 'would'. Jolla shipped a product.15:33
locusf <- is this still active?15:33
meek_geekJolla = rocks15:33
meek_geekUbuntu Touch = make others kick rocks15:34
Stskeepslocusf: shoould be15:34
Stskeepselse prod jetlagged lbt15:34
lbtlocusf: yes15:34
lbtlocusf: very limited access though15:34
locusflbt: oh ok15:35
lbt(I think you're on the list fwiw)15:35
locusfyeah I got logged in :)15:35
meek_geekChrome OS + Firefox OS would be on mobile platforms for web lovers15:36
meek_geekand Android vs Tizen or Sailfish wud be mainstream15:36
locusfsomeone has really given IMG some steroids :p15:38
nh1402what is so good about tizen?, I've seen one video, and the UI looked more or less the same with Android, and the icons were beyond hideous15:38
locusfwe could use this for Nemo images15:38
lbtmeek_geek: seriously ... buy a jolla phone ... sailfishos isn't the kind of project to take donations (though Mer is :) )15:38
lbtlocusf: you should, yes15:38
vgradelbt: was your talk filmed as I know there was a mess up in that regard this year15:38
Eztranlbt: think the device is not available where they are, hence wanting Jolla to release further afield.15:39
M4rtinKBTW, did they actually ever release any code or binaries for the Ubuntu for Android project ?15:39
M4rtinKor was it another paper project like Ubuntu TV ?15:39
meek_geekI want Jolla on Geeksphone Revolution or Oppo 715:40
lbtvgrade: I don't know - we'll find out. I didn't notice cameras but you tend not to15:40
lbtvgrade: there's audio :/15:40
*** toartist has quit IRC15:40
EztranUbuntu for Android was basically a chroot IIRC? Saw it running somewhere, was horribly slow.15:40
lbtwell, there will be one day - this is LF after all ;)15:40
locusflbt: I'd need more tokens to build nemo images, we are using NEMO_RELEASE and SSU_RELEASE_TYPE15:41
lbtlocusf: we can update it15:41
locusflbt: that'd be great, thanks :)15:42
locusflbt: are the extra repos linked to
M4rtinKTrizt: was it you who wanted the python3-debus package ?15:43
locusfI only see Community MeeGo and MeeGo and openSUSE15:43
M4rtinKTrizt: so here it is:
lbtlocusf: done15:45
*** ericcc has quit IRC15:45
lbtlocusf: extras?15:45
locusflbt: in the submit page?15:45
*** artemma has quit IRC15:45
*** artemma has joined #sailfishos15:46
locusflbt: Extra repositories and packages15:46
lbtno  - they should be15:47
locusfthanks for the tokens15:47
locusflbt: ok thanks15:47
*** SmarteX_ has joined #sailfishos15:49
*** nh1402 has quit IRC15:49
SmarteX_is there any fix for thr low volume in call15:49
locusflbt: one more, FLAVOUR :)15:52
meek_geekSmarteX_, wait for another phone and switch to it15:54
*** artemma has quit IRC15:55
lbtlocusf: done15:56
locusflbt: thanks a bunch :)15:56
*** jjarven has quit IRC16:01
SmarteX_what, meek_geek ?16:02
*** Sailor3640 has left #sailfishos16:11
*** profiili has joined #sailfishos16:12
M4rtinKhmm, the Python 3 dbus module seems to be working16:15
*** SmarteX_ has quit IRC16:15
M4rtinKor at least does not crash during import in the Python 3 shell :)16:15
*** SmarteX_ has joined #sailfishos16:16
*** Blizzz has joined #sailfishos16:16
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*** ShadowJK_ is now known as ShadowJK16:28
*** louisdk has joined #sailfishos16:32
TriztM4rtinK: sorry, you must have mistaken me for someone else16:35
*** Blizzz has quit IRC16:35
M4rtinKTrizt: ok :)16:35
* Trizt just idles here most of the time16:35
M4rtinKthere was someone working on a Python 3 & PyOtherSide project and wanted Python DBUS bindings16:36
M4rtinKmaybe fawzi ? :)16:36
M4rtinKor some similar name16:36
* Trizt tries to populate a drop down list with data from db, but it seems like all qml examples won't work in sailfishos as "model" don't seem to be supported16:41
*** Almehdin has joined #sailfishos16:42
M4rtinKI think it should work16:42
M4rtinKif you have a repeater in the combobox/drop down menu16:43
*** SmarteX_ has quit IRC16:43
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*** kkruglov has joined #sailfishos18:26
kkruglovwhen the next build for nexus 4 comes?)18:26
Stskeepsprobably with next update18:27
*** SmarteX_ has quit IRC18:27
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kkruglovand what about the date of next update?18:27
kkruglovand some people got store working on this build18:28
Stskeepswell, we update sailfishos monthly ish i think it was18:28
Stskeepsyeah, i'm sure18:28
Stskeepsit'll be a mess to clean up :)18:28
*** krnlyng has joined #sailfishos18:29
*** ikapcsandi has quit IRC18:29
kkruglovafter a day of use, I'm really thinking of buying jolla in future18:29
stephgkkruglov: do it, you know you want to :)18:29
kkruglovbut there are really small amount of apps in store, which is small disappointment18:30
tbrgiven that the native SDK is still _alpha_, I'm surprised how many there are18:31
kkruglovyeah, especially 2 feedly clients18:31
*** Blizzz has quit IRC18:31
Nightmare__go make your own :D18:32
kkruglovhow are the notifications of android apps looks on sailfish?18:33
M4rtinKkkruglov: depends on the store :)18:33
M4rtinKkkruglov: quite a lot of stuff in OpenRepos :)18:33
stephga bit hit and miss, but they work ← with Play Store18:33
kkruglovyeah, I saw openrepos, it really looks more filled than harbour18:34
*** rm_work is now known as rm_work|away18:34
tbrno surprise as everybody can upload whatever there :)18:36
tbrharbour does actual QA18:36
*** meek_geek has joined #sailfishos18:37
M4rtinKtbr: well, once final Qt 5.2 is in & more Nemo APIs are stabilized18:39
M4rtinKtbr: I expect the store/OpenRepos application availability should equalize18:40
M4rtinKtbr: or at least improve18:40
tbrlet's hope so18:40
M4rtinKalso once chum gets going18:40
tbryeah, that will now need some work18:40
M4rtinKit will provide a nice alternative to both18:40
tbrit's not meant as an alternative18:41
*** onurati has joined #sailfishos18:41
M4rtinKwell yeah, it is more of an extension18:41
* Stskeeps sips some coffee and works on slides..18:42
M4rtinKbut I guess we will only see how it develops for real once people actually start using it18:42
*** piggz has joined #sailfishos18:46
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*** slate has joined #sailfishos18:53
Stskeepsvgrade: situ:
situLooking at it.18:54
vgradeStskeeps: thanks, I was wanting to understand more and maybe add some diagrams including qpa18:56
*** branek has joined #sailfishos18:58
coderuskkruglov: android notifications wrapped into sailfish notifications and visible in events/notifications feed18:58
*** krnlyng has quit IRC18:59
*** TMavica has quit IRC18:59
Stskeepsdoes anybody have a list of the various TOHs that's been made up to now?18:59
tbrnope, if only there was an official sailfish wiki...19:00
tbroh wait, everything gets shoehorned into tjc, the new tmo19:00
*** martyone has quit IRC19:01
* tbr knows about iq-charleast 5 versions, solar, oled, mytoh (devboard), tohiri19:01
Stskeeps.. iri?19:02
* Stskeeps looks that one op19:02
Stskeepsah, thermal imager19:02
M4rtinKStskeeps: there is a nice slide deck about TOH from xmlich02:
M4rtinKshort but concise :)19:17
*** fracting has quit IRC19:18
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kimmolifamiliar things me see there19:37
*** fracting has joined #sailfishos19:37
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kimmolithere is also skvarks powertoh, and rgb-led-chameleon19:39
*** artemma has joined #sailfishos19:41
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lbtlocusf: fwiw you don't seem to have uploaded a ks ?20:05
*** itbaron has quit IRC20:06
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