Sunday, 2014-05-04

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coderushi hi07:13
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meek_geekwhat up coderus07:22
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Price15xhello? can someone help me with my nexus 4?07:28
Price15xI installed the early adopters build and I wanted to switch back to android but my power button is broken07:29
Price15xso I tried terminal but adb doesnt work07:29
meek_geekPrice15x, hehe your hecked up07:30
Price15xyeah lol07:30
meek_geekPrice15x, Doncha love Sailfish OS? stick to it man07:30
Price15xI just want to get into recovery mode or fastboot mode07:30
Price15xI love it but that watermark is annoying me07:31
meegobitIf you have sailfish, use ssh07:31
meek_geekPrice15x, it would go away in days07:31
meek_geekmeegobit, What is the basic difference btw Android Boi and Sailfish MAN ?07:32
meek_geekGuys ask me a lot07:32
meegobitwhat do you mean by Boi and MAN07:32
william_genmeek_geek: <meek_geek> Price15x, it would go away in days REALLY?07:34
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meek_geekmeegobit, Nothing what more can Sailfish OS do than a rooted Android CM edition ?07:38
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william_genPrice15x: watermark can be removed07:39
Price15x@william_gen how?07:39
Price15xbtw I am an IRC noob usually use G+ or twitter07:40
william_genreinstall a package,maybe jolla-sliptik or so07:40
Price15xreintsall? are you sure?07:41
meegobitSailfish is real Linux, with all the tools you'd recognize from a desktop, Android is not, it's a totally custom, crippled version of Linux with "special" drivers, that block you from updating or porting your kernel, plus everything happens on top of a java virtual machine, needing to reinvent the wheel for EVERYTHING, which makes it buggy, bad on resources usage, etc..07:41
william_genPrice15x: do a upgrade of lipstick07:41
william_genzypper up llipstick-jolla-home-qt507:42
william_genzypper up llipstick-jolla-home-qt5-components07:42
Price15xcool will try now07:42
locusflbt: oops07:43
Price15xwilliam_gen: how do I get root privileges I typed su but its asking for password07:46
william_genPrice15x: in 'settings'->'developer',you can set password.then in terminal,type 'devel-su'.username is nemo07:48
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Price15xwilliam_gen: didnt work, 'not found in package name'07:59
william_gentypo,'llipstick' should be 'lipstick'08:00
Price15xlol will try again08:01
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Price15xwilliam_gen: should I do a restart?08:06
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william_genPrice15x: yes08:07
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Price15xwilliam_gen: I love you man08:10
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Price15xwilliam_gen: thanks man now I can show off to my friends and freak them out08:11
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meek_geekmeegobit, so I can install everything that could be installed on a linux08:39
meegobitIf you compile it to armv7hl, and have all the dependencies installed, you bet08:40
meek_geekmeegobit, what pkg manager does it use ? Cuz debian has all the arm7 packages08:41
tbrmeek_geek: it uses pkcon and RPM packages08:42
meegobityou can use zypper08:42
tbrzypper is discouraged08:42
meek_geektbr, RPM packages would work out of the box ? from Fedora for arm ?08:42
tbrmeek_geek: no they won't as it is not a fedora-phone08:42
tbrthat said it should not be too hard to rebuild such packages08:43
meek_geekSo I want to ask how is it full linux then ?08:43
meegobittbr: I don't know pkcon very well, altough it's what I use, being default, Why is zypper discouraged, and do you know of a good pkcon tutorial08:43
tbrmeek_geek: it runs a linux kernel. that's as full as it gets.08:43
tbrmeek_geek: because zypper might possibly do things differently than pkcon and jolla only tests with pkcon08:43
Waiteegnu/linux* :308:43
meek_geektbr, but sir I want to know how can we call it full linux distro when it cannot be used to install standard packages08:44
meegobitmeek_geek: lol, Linux is not measured by it's ability to install unmodified fedora rpms08:44
tbrmeek_geek: you are talking out of the wazoo08:44
meek_geekbut still we get the packages for it only from Jolla right ?08:44
tbryou can build your own packages easily08:44
meek_geekwe are not at liberty to install nothing like i can on my Xubuntu or Debian08:44
meek_geektbr, oh how sir ?08:44
tbrusing pkcon08:45
meek_geekFrom the source code ? can it build and make ?08:45
meek_geektbr, Does it have a terminal ?08:45
tbryou're still talking right out of the wazoo08:45
tbrI'd suggest to download the SDK and try out the emulator08:45
meek_geekwhy is everythign out of the way ?08:45
Waiteemeek_geek: you surely havent done your homework08:45
meek_geekWaitee, I thought it was like Debian for Arm708:45
meegobitmeek_geek: you're not making any sense08:45
meek_geekor Fedorm for arm708:45
meegobitmeek_geek: it is just like any other distro08:46
tbrit is _a_ linux distro. one with a GNU and glibc userspace.08:47
tbrit uses RPM packaging, which does NOT mean that /any/ RPM package will work with it. You need to build RPM packages _for_ it, which nobody stops you from.08:48
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meegobittbr: do you know of any good pkcon tutorial? I mean the documentation is so bleak:
meegobitNightmare__: I've seen that one, it's linked in the manpage, also very bleak08:53
meegobitI think that's the reason many people revert to zypper - good documentation08:53
meegobitReading through the faq, I guess it's not just the documentation, it's the actual software that's pretty featureless :P08:56
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nodevelhey. can anyone help me with org.nemomobile.dbus QML plugin? I couldn't find any documentation...09:10
nodevelI succesfully changed profiles with profiled and its 'set_profile' method, but I can't figure out how to use 'get_profile' to return the current profile. the usual 'call' does not return anything.09:11
nodevelin the command line, I would add the '--print-reply' option, but I have no idea how to do this in the plugin09:12
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nodevelok, I figured it out myself... anyone knows how to set volume/ringing_volume via dbus on Jolla?10:00
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locusflbt: yeah it worked now10:30
lbtyou can 'pin' known good images10:31
lbtI'll see if I can find a way to somehow link them to more symbolic names10:31
lbtlike named releases10:31
locusfyeah that'd be nice10:32
locusf138 packages seems like a lot less than I have ever seen installed on a n950 image10:33
locusfI'll try without lipstick-glacier-home-qt5, I think the pattern needs to be alone instead10:37
locusfError <creator>: Failed to build transaction : Success - empty transaction10:37
locusfwtf is that10:37
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lbtI wonder if the patterns are missing10:41
lbtjolla patterns are done in a rather convoluted way - it's done as 'everything is an rpm' ... but that means that BOSS needs to do special things to publish patterns - and I've seen pattern publish failures in the community one10:43
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locusflbt: anything I could do about it?10:56
locusfI could try to expand the pattern in to packages10:59
lbtthat should work11:03
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vgradelocusf: lbt I think I've seen similar with IMG. was pkg-mgr=zypp / yum related I recall11:54
vgradeIMG does not allow you to specify yum or zypp11:54
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SvioxHi. I'm trying to use MNotification with Sailfish. How do I start using it? 1. What do I need to link against 2. Can I still use #include <MNotification> as in Harmattan and 3. Where should the custom conf file be located (was /usr/share/meegotouch/notifications/eventtypes in Harmattan)?12:35
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locusfvgrade: oh ok12:50
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alexxyhi all15:26
alexxyis tohd service still drains battery on recent sailfishos versions on jolla phone?15:27
EztranShouldn't do, was fixed in IIRC?15:28
RoKennmy memory also says 1.0.3815:29
RoKennthat was when my battery life jumped from 22 hours to 5-6 days...15:29
EztranNice :)15:30
alexxyjust asking15:30
alexxyi get jolla phone few days ago15:30
alexxyto replace my old n90015:31
TMavicaany virtual keyboard developer here?15:31
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RoKennalexxy: if you didn't do it yet I would recommend to first do the OS upgrades to before installing apps15:42
alexxyRoKenn: already did15:44
alexxyit was first thing that i did15:44
alexxycurrent version is
alexxyat least about reports this version15:44
alexxybtw is thare a way to use NFC to read some other nfc or rfid marks then on ToH?15:45
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alexxybtw are there some jabber client15:55
alexxywith muc conference support?15:55
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EztranJabber's built-in (mainly). No MUC support yet though, IIRC. There's probably an Android client somewhere that'll do that for now?16:00
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coderusEztran: i'm just using google hangouts16:39
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Accehmm.. I want to have a pulley menu in a SilicaFlickable, but the width of the content is wider than the page width. Is there any way to set the boundsBehavior so that the pulley menu still works, but the bounds don't overshoot when dragging horizontally?17:15
fenix_fxAcce, developing app? :)17:16
Accefenix_fx: yeah, working on improvements to ShellEx17:17
fenix_fxAcce, ShellEx? What is it?17:17
TMavicastskeep here?17:19
Accefenix_fx: just a small app which allows you to start/stop, show output etc. for shell commands from a gui17:19
Venemo_jTMavica: you mean Stskeeps?17:20
fenix_fxAcce, small step for debug comfort? :)17:20
Accefenix_fx: yeah, should help with that too, if you have sudo installed.. for now the app doesn't have any implicit way to elevate privileges17:21
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TMavicawho is expert in making virtual keyboard?17:22
Acceyou can still cat some files, but journalctl/strace etc require root to be much useful17:22
fenix_fxCan i ask about nexus 4 port? :)17:29
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coderusAcce: why content width higher page width?17:39
*** piggz__ has joined #sailfishos17:39
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Stskeepsfenix_fx: yes17:40
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Accecoderus: output from free / df etc. doesn't align nicely in portrait mode, and some users complained that text shouldn't be wrapped but flicked17:43
Acce(even though it's fine in landscape)17:44
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fenix_fxStskeeps, oh, ok, ubuntu touch and sailfish is "real" linux right? Or sailfish more "real"? :)17:44
*** alin_ has quit IRC17:45
Stskeepsfenix_fx: i think they're comparable. sailfish aims to be a mobile linux. ubuntu aims to be same OS on many different targets, including servers and desktops17:45
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fenix_fxStskeeps, for what i'm asking, as i know  in ubuntu touch camera works ~well. That fact can give me sureness of sailfish working camera in future, right? :)17:49
Stskeepsfenix_fx: hehe, well, the good news about reusing android hw adaptation is the fact that we know, that in some combination of magic, the camera actually works17:50
coderusAcce: hm, interesting, need to test it17:51
coderusbut better choose will be using SplitView17:51
Accecoderus: I started to think about that too17:52
Accebut then I would need to think of some clever way to activate the split17:52
Accesince the text output is split into lines which can be clicked to copy them to clipboard17:52
Accein the gallery and so on the click to open feels quite intuitive.. but activating some copy mode or something feels like an unnecessary step17:54
fenix_fxStskeeps, wow, at this time you can dance jaga-jaga and on your newest internal build camera will works? :)17:54
Stskeepsfenix_fx: we're looking at it; we want to get basics working first17:54
*** zenvoid has quit IRC17:55
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Accehmm.. or maybe it wouldn't be too much, having a copy mode textswitch when the split is activated..17:56
fenix_fxStskeeps, in "basics" what do you mean? ...I see my page monitor detect changed content on libhybris wiki page ... :)17:56
*** Venemo_j has quit IRC17:56
Stskeepsfenix_fx: as in, making sure store works, sensors, etc17:57
*** raa70 has joined #sailfishos17:58
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fenix_fx:( It's nexus 5 now can into wlan, my congratulations nexus 5 owners :)17:58
*** dharman has quit IRC17:59
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vgradefenix_fx: dancing jaga-jaga here about wlan17:59
*** euroelessar has joined #sailfishos18:00
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fenix_fxStskeeps, as i see sensors in "HAL" working state, it's superposition? :) Shredinger sensors %)18:03
*** DarkSim_ has joined #sailfishos18:04
StskeepsHAL means that it works in android side18:04
fenix_fxvgrade, sounds funny :)18:05
*** DarkSim has quit IRC18:07
fenix_fxStskeeps, you mean if we use sensors modules from sailfish kernel - they likely work in android?18:09
Stskeepsno, remember that we base on an android hw adaptation18:10
Stskeepsso if they work there, we can wire them up to sailfishos18:10
*** DarkSim_ has quit IRC18:10
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fenix_fxStskeeps, you are getting basics, many users tell what they calls too quiet, you know how fix that issue and next buld it will be fixed? :) What sailfish os uses for audio processing? It's not alsa?18:34
Stskeepsfenix_fx: hehe, i've seen people talk about that it might be too loud, too ..18:35
*** xerpi has joined #sailfishos18:35
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meegobitI've been hearing about the nexus-5 port, I wonder what's the status of the nexus-4 and nexus-7, does anybody know?18:40
fenix_fxStskeeps, oh, not stable on different cell operators maybe :) But, we can configure audio i/o? :)18:40
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cos-piece of paper under battery to prevent bsod's: busted20:21
*** cvp_ has quit IRC20:22
cos-oh i just got the issue again20:25
cos-ssh: connect to host port 22: No route to host20:25
stephggood evening everyone20:26
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cos-chriadam|away: looks like fb calendar sync is still broken
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Guest91125How can I use my Jollas i2c port in my code?22:30
Guest91125Can it be used in qml?22:31
*** cxl000 has quit IRC22:33
RaimGuest91125: check the i2ctool by kimmoli, it includes some code for that.
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