Saturday, 2014-05-17

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weizhehello everybody00:53
weizhei am a new guy for sailfish, and i have some trouble in creating application with the Qt Creator, my sailfish IDE works on Windows 7 and the version is 2.8.2,when i start the emulator, it shows"private key error,can not find the specified path",anyone knows how to fix it?00:54
weizheThe error occurs when I press the "Start Emulator" button00:59
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Stskeepshello hello08:52
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Armadillois there currently any known issue with the Windows version of the SDK? I have the problem since the last update that I'm not able to build rpms nor binaries to launch it on the Emulator VM. I reinstalled several times, also removed the Alpha directory under Appdata/Roaming, but nothing seems to help. :-/11:15
Armadillothe compile output only delivers a command not found error, but the file which is responsible for executing the command does not exist in the mer VM11:15
ArmadilloI found out, that when I connect to the Mer VM, there mersdk user has no qmake command available, can this be the problem?11:16
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ArmadilloI found an irc log, where kimmoli reported the same problem, but there was no solution posted at this time11:19
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Armadillokimmoli ping11:35
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kaltsiArmadillo: what is your windows username? does it have a space or some non-ascii chars?11:35
Armadillojust Thomas11:36
kaltsiwhat windows version do you have?11:36
ArmadilloWin 7 Pro11:36
kaltsican you copy paste the error to a pastebin?11:37
Armadillosure, just a second11:37
kaltsifrom the compile output11:37
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Armadillothere it is:
kaltsihmm strange11:38
kaltsicould you also paste your full harbour-tasklist.spec file11:40
kaltsioh.. have you modified your spec file in windows?11:40
kaltsithis could be the problem that spec files can not have windows linefeeds (CRLF)11:41
kaltsirpmbuild is unable to parse those11:41
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Armadillogood point11:41
ArmadilloI'm also developing on Linux at work11:42
kaltsiit doesn't seem to have anything that couldn't be in the yaml11:42
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Armadilloyes, I haven't done any manual changes to it11:42
kaltsido you have it in git by any chance?11:42
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kaltsithe spec11:42
kaltsiI'm thinking that if it's a git project, maybe git in windows does some linefeed conversions11:43
Armadilloit seems so11:43
Armadillocould I delete it, that it will be newly generated?11:43
kaltsiok.. you could try to rm that file now and run your build again.. that will be recreated from the yaml11:43
kaltsiif you still have the yaml11:43
Armadillooh man it worked! Thank you very much! :)11:44
kaltsigood :) .. ahh but this is a bit of a problem11:44
ArmadilloI never thought about the carriage return issue...11:44
kaltsiI wonder if rpmbuild could be patched to handle those11:45
Armadillowell. I'll ban the spec from git11:45
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kaltsior I can make mb2 to do a CRLF -> LF conversion on the spec automatically11:45
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kaltsimb2 is the script that runs the whole build in mersdk build engine11:45
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kaltsiremoving it from git is ok.. but you could probably also play with .gitattributes if you really want to have it there.. with that file you can specify that foo.spec will always have unix linefeeds for example11:46
Armadillosounds good11:47
Armadillomaybe this should be added to the knowledge base as a workaround for this problem and also your hint with the gitattributes11:47
Armadillofor me removing from git is a good solution, because I have no manual changes11:48
Armadillofor others this maybe won't work11:48
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Armadilloanyway, thanks again, this already got on my nerves :D11:49
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Armadillonow I can update the new version with the updated lang files before the end of the weekend :)11:51
kaltsiI think I can change the build script so that it makes an automatic CRLF conversion for the spec file quite easily, so it should get rid of this problem11:54
ArmadilloI found out, that tortoisegit for windows can also be configured to handle crlf in some ways11:55
Armadilloerm no, git-scm, not tortoise...11:57
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Armadillobut a central solution which works for all would be the best way11:58
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* stephg is in a creative mood so is trying his hand at ambiences15:33
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coderusImageBase is not a type20:30
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coderusSomebody stolen QtQuick ImageBase :D20:34
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coderusah, it was removed in some update and there is ThumbnailBase for replacement. ok.20:37
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pa4wdhHi All20:46
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pa4wdhI'm trying to write my first app, and i would like to modify a qml object's property from javascript20:47
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pa4wdhis that possible ?20:47 = new_value ?20:48
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pa4wdhI thought i've tried that :-) Is it correct to use an object's id as "object" in that syntax ?20:50
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coderusits designed to do that20:53
pa4wdhI'm actually trying it in the simulator and it works indeed :-)20:53
coderusyou can read qt5 qml - javascript articles in web20:54
coderusto understand how it works basically20:54
pa4wdhDo you have any article you can recommend about the use of javascript in qt ?20:55
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coderusnone of i can recommend20:55
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coderusjust google qt5 qml javascript and read everything :)20:56
pa4wdhLOL :-)20:56
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coderusbasically you should read everything on ;)20:58
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* pa4wdh points his browser at ....20:58
* coderus sleeping now20:59
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SchrostfutzHi, I`d like to have a sailfish OS smartphone. whats the easiest way to get one? my budget is 300€ and I dont want a Nokia21:37
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ln-get a second hand jolla for 300€21:38
kenguln-: +21:41
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* vgrade notes a host reboot needs to include a power cycle of my usb hub as well22:08
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