Sunday, 2014-05-18

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nthuhmm, are the btrfs utilities and extra install?01:45
nthujust reinstalled my phone, and the tools are non-existent01:45
nthubtrfs, btrfsck, etc - none of them there01:46
nthuI can't seem to recall having installed them myself on the previous install01:46
nthuoh, never mind! you must be root to even see the tools; didn't take notice.01:48
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kimmoliin 6th january: "OpacityRampEffect has been reviewed for public use, but is not yet documented. We’ll do this asap." ..?07:22
Stskeepshmm :)07:22
Stskeepsmail that to -devel?07:22
kimmolii will make friendly reminder there...07:23
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kimmoliw00t: you have once written "In a future release,applicationActive is deprecated (and aliased to" ?? Is it ?08:08
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SvioxThis may be a very stupid question, but if I use pageStack.push(Qt.resolvedUrl("x.qml", {key: "value"}), how do I read the parameter on x.qml page?08:20
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Stskeepscan't you work around that with a bit of variable assignment?08:29
SvioxI have defined property string key: "" on x.qml, but it doesn't seem to get set by the push() call.08:31
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coderusSviox: pageStack.push(page, {"property": value})08:39
coderusnot {property: "value")08:39
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Svioxcoderus: in JSON object notation, property names are not required to be in parentheses08:45
SvioxSo { key: value } equals { "key": value}.08:45
Svioxcoderus: does the parameter need to be introduced in x.qml as a property of the page?08:48
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SvioxOkay, that is done as property string key: "some default value"08:50
SvioxI tried adding onKeyChanged listener but it never gets called08:50
kimmoliafaik ot wokrs only ny "key" : "string valur"08:51
kimmoli onClicked: pageStack.push(Qt.resolvedUrl("aboutPage.qml"),    { "version": myclass.version, "year": "2014", "name": "No app name here" } )08:51
SvioxOkay. Tried "key" : "value", no luck.08:52
kimmoliand on this AboutPage i have >> Page {     property string name  ...08:52
kimmoliwhich i have then on e.g. Label { text: name }08:52
SvioxDo you give it default value? Not sure what the execution order is, should the given parameter go over the default value?08:53
kimmolii have no default there08:53
SvioxOkay.. I give my property to SilicaWebView as url: key08:53
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SvioxThis is what I do precisely: pageStack.push(Qt.resolvedUrl("WebViewPage.qml", {"startPage": ""}))08:57
SvioxAnd that qml has Page{ property string startPage; SilicaWebView{ url: startPage; ... } }08:58
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SvioxAny ideas?08:58
coderusit works on device08:59
coderusmight be an emulator bug08:59
SvioxSounds very unlikely since this is really basic stuff08:59
coderusi'm never using emulator08:59
kimmolime either09:00
coderuswell, try to show your whole qml code\and also check output, some warnings maybe?09:00
coderusError: Invalid attempt to destroy() an indestructible object09:02
SvioxDoes the SDK support running code directly on device somehow?09:02
coderusSviox: sure09:02
coderusSviox: Projects - Control - Devices09:02
jpnurmiSviox: your parentheses look wrong. Qt.resolvedUrl() doesn't take 2 parameters09:05
SvioxI'll be damned..09:06
jpnurmithe second parameter ie. "properties" should be passed to PageStack.push()09:06
kimmoligood eyes jpnurmi09:06
Svioxbtw. tried adding the real device as target but "test connection" fails. SSH is enabled on device.09:07
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coderusjpnurmi: ah :D09:09
Svioxjpnurmi: Works now. Damn I need to check my eye-sight or something x)09:09
coderusSviox: try again and again :)09:09
SvioxDevices -> add -> Mer ARM Device -> Start wizard right?09:10
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* kimmoli decided to use scp + pkcon install-local ... works for me.09:14
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coderusSviox: right09:32
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squidddo me a favor and remind me next time I start cooking that pourin boiling water on my hand hurts09:41
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coderussquidd: make a sticker09:53
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kimmolipouring too much (way too much) naga morich also hurts - afterwards10:06
squiddkimmoli: yeah the water didnt really hurt until couple minutes after10:07
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tbrmmmm, naga10:16
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SvioxHow come silica TextField seems to reserve a huge empty space below the input field?17:27
jpnurmiSviox: it's reserved for the label. you could try setting labelVisible: false17:31
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Svioxjpnurmi: thanks, I'll try that17:36
SvioxThat seems to help. But I'm still seeing quite a big rect vertically, even without any margins17:38
SvioxHow does seting the label work? TextField{ Label{} }?17:39
jpnurmilabel: "foo"17:40
jpnurmiit's often something similar than the placeholder text. it's just that the placeholder goes naturally hidden when you start entering text, so then the label becomes visible instead17:41
jpnurmiso that you still have a visual clue what the field is about17:41
SvioxOh.. didn't see that attribute listed anywhere in the specification17:41
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SvioxHmm, can't see that label if I do it like that17:43
jpnurmiafair, the label comes visible when you have entered some text17:44
jpnurmiuntil that, it's supposed to have a placeholder instead :)17:44
jpnurmior something like that :P17:44
SvioxOhh, so it seems..17:44
SvioxDamn, then that's no good in my use case17:45
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kimmoliso, seems i can't use Repeater inside SequentialAnimation ... meh18:30
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SvioxIs there a way to set the truncation mode for TextField?18:48
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coderusSviox: no19:31
coderuseditable text inputs can't be faded or elided19:31
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bjornDoes the CONFIG += sailfishapp add the install step for the 'qml' directory?19:34
bjornI've been a bit at a loss as to why it's getting installed and how to make additional directories/files install alongside it.19:35
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jake9xxbjorn: yes19:39
bjornjake9xx: Ok, thanks for the confirmation. :)19:43
Svioxcoderus: it actually does show elide at the moment (i.e. '...')19:43
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coderusSviox: you doing something wrong if you have elided text in textfield :)19:49
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bjornAre there plans to support QtQuick.Controls on Jolla?20:03
bjornI'm doing a game and for this purpose I'm not interested in using Silica-looking controls, yet it would also be nice not to have to write it all from scratch.20:04
bjornOn Android and Tizen I've had success just skinning the QtQuick.Controls.20:04
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coderusbjorn: which controls do you using?20:05
bjorncoderus: TextField and Button.20:06
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coderusthen just my imho you can use stock QtQuick 2.1 controls and skin it20:08
coderusno need to port Controls just for field and button ;)20:09
bjornHmm, well especially TextField isn't so simple, but I could revert it back to my own one.20:10
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coderususe TextEdit20:11
coderusand skin it around, if needed20:11
bjornI know, I've done it before I ported mine to QtQuick.Controls.20:11
coderusControls isnt natiou shouldnt wait for Controls in near months (you shouldnt wait for Controls at all)20:13
coderusimho it will be never added officially20:13
faenilbjorn, btw Nemo uses QtQuick.Controls for its WIP  UI20:13
faenilso, you should be able to just grab the packaged rpm from Nemo's repos, and package it with your app20:14
bjorncoderus: The nice thing about controls is that it's also handling stuff like key navigation.20:14
bjornfaenil: Ok, interesting.20:15
coderusbjorn: sailfish devices have no keyboard :)20:15
bjorncoderus: Yes, but my game isn't running only on Sailfish devices...20:16
coderusbjorn: if you still want, you should bundle it iinto your project20:16
coderusi said that already20:16
bjornfaenil: Hmm, and I can add that as dependency?20:18
faenilI don't think that's accepted by harbour20:18
bjornAh, ok.20:18
faenilyou should be able to get it to work by bundling it with your app though20:18
faenilI've got to go though, cya people :)20:19
bjornI've already been spending the whole weekend just figuring out the packaging. This is not for me.20:19
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bjornCause I still feel clueless. :P20:20
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