Monday, 2014-05-19

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dr_gogeta86good morning guys09:14
TheBootroo_workA nice app for tracking TV series watching status in Harbour QA09:15
* TheBootroo_work doing some advertisement for my app09:15
TheBootroo_workrush on it as soon as it's in store09:16
TheBootroo_work---> Serie'me09:16
dr_gogeta86tvrage ?09:17
dr_gogeta86btw is not still avaiable09:17
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squiddTheBootroo_work: when will it be there09:22
squiddyour advertisement worked09:22
squiddtake my moneys noowwwww09:23
TheBootroo_worksquidd: hehe, should be approved today09:23
TheBootroo_work(because my app is just perfect, can't be anything but approved ^^ )09:24
squidddoes it have nice ui09:24
TheBootroo_worksquidd: VERY nice09:25
TheBootroo_workwanna see ?09:25
TheBootroo_worksquidd: do you like it ?N09:27
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dr_gogeta86TheBootroo_work, nice09:32
TheBootroo_workuses API and artwork09:32
TheBootroo_workand it's almost a clone of the SeriesFinale app from N9/N90009:32
TheBootroo_workbut with Jolla nice ui09:32
TheBootroo_workand using QML of course09:32
squiddlooks good09:33
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dr_gogeta86an rpm ?09:33
TheBootroo_workdr_gogeta86: soon (TM)09:34
TheBootroo_workit's in QA on harbour so you'll get it very soon on your phones09:34
TheBootroo_workat least if there is someone @jolla working on QA today09:35
walokrahope so, as they didn't work on weekends as my app is still on queue :)09:36
TheBootroo_workwalokra: yea, i pushed mine on saturday eve, so i hope it get reviewed todady09:37
TheBootroo_workdat waiting...09:37
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* stephg sighs09:52
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kimmoliTheBootroo_work: "(because my app is just perfect, can't be anything but approved ^^ )" These kind of predictions usually goes wrong :)10:03
TheBootroo_workkimmoli: not for me ;-), my apps are perfect, and if someone finds an issue in it, he is wrong10:03
kaltsi_kimmoli: hey, was it you who tried to create your own wizard project, which would not have yaml, just spec?10:04
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kaltsiwhat was the problem.. was it creating the project or only when building it?10:04
kaltsiyep but in creating or building?10:05
kaltsibecause I have a fix for the building part now10:05
kimmoliroot cause is that sdk did force CRLF on windows platform even source .spec is LF10:05
stephgnoob question: can someone tell me the difference between %qtc_qmake5 and %qmake in a spec file?10:06
kaltsibut were you able to create the project or not10:06
kimmolii was able to create the project10:06
kaltsistephg: use %qtc_qmake5 if you want to build it10:06
stephg(Jolla package the latter in the TOH dev kit but builds fail)10:07
stephgs/package/use it as the example in the template/10:07
kaltsithe toh dev kit is "crap" and needs an update10:07
kimmoliit was actually the TOH ambience (devkit?) which i tried to make template of10:07
kaltsikimmoli: ok .. I modified mb2 script so that it does CRLF -> LF for the spec file, so it should work in the future (next sdk)10:08
kimmolikaltsi: my hero10:08
kaltsistephg: if you turn off 'shadow building' for the TOH project, it might work10:08
kaltsistephg: the qtc_qmake5 macro is needed for shadow building to work at least10:09
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kimmolikaltsi: " in the future (next sdk)" >> unavoidable question - when?10:12
kaltsikimmoli: soon after the next phone update :)10:13
kimmolii can't do anything else10:13
kaltsimeanwhile you could do it manually.. :P10:14
kaltsilogin to mersdk and sed -i "s/\x0d$//" your-specfile.spec10:14
kaltsior (if the 0D part is case-sensitive, can't remember) sed -i "s/\x0D$//" your-specfile.spec10:15
kimmolii do unix2dos after creating the project before building and use .gitattributes to keep it that way.10:16
kaltsior dos2unix maybe?10:16
kimmoliah yes ofc10:16
kaltsithat sed basically does that10:16
kimmoliyes. i actullay tried to include that in wizard, and in other places too.10:18
kimmoliw/o luck10:18
kaltsiok.. the mb2 script in build engine is where you could add it10:19
stephgkaltsi: thanks will have a play with that at home tonight10:19
kimmolii don't create so  many projects that i couldnät make this manually10:19
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kimmoliwhat other new things will be in next sdk update?10:43
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kaltsikimmoli: just bug fixes, nothing big.. and the normal build env update11:02
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faenilmeanwhile, BB10 is moving to Android 4.3 runtime11:21
SK_workfaenil: meanwhile, I'm eating a sandwich11:23
faenilnot as cool, but makes sense :D11:23
SK_worksandwiches are cool though, especially when the bread is good11:27
joonahoii'd much rather be eating sandwich than moving to android 4.3 runtime, just saying11:28
stephgsandwiches are cool, if they've been in the fridge11:30
* stephg just sayin'11:30
Nicd-sand, it's everywhere. get used to it11:30
Nicd-just sayin'11:30
TemeVI like my sandwiches warm11:30
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Mnsusmoking hot actually11:38
SK_workmine slightly toasted11:39
Mnsuwill be so baked after eating a good sandwich11:40
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jmlichHi, I was testing an Android app of friend of mine. The log cat is full of Ardreno messages Is it normal?12:04
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Nicd-was it an app for looking at boobs?12:06
Tumeez_Can anyone tell me where folder I do paste my old conversations? I speak MitäKuuluu conversations.12:06
Nicd-ask coderus12:06
Tumeez_coderus can you tell me?12:07
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coderusTumeez_: what you mean?12:13
Tumeez_coderus my old chat messages is stored to sdcard.12:14
Tumeez_what folder is my sdcard?12:15
Tumeez_I don't remember :D12:15
SK_workTumeez_: /media/sdcard/<something> ?12:16
Tumeez_And i backupped folders:12:17
Tumeez_and .whatsapp12:17
Tumeez_Where folder i paste this .whatsapp filder which include old chat messages?12:18
coderusTumeez_: restore .whatsapp/whatsapp.db12:18
coderusit should be enough12:18
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Tumeez_Where I paste it?12:19
Tumeez_Ah okay12:19
coderusit should be /home/nemo/.whatsapp/whatsapp.db12:19
coderusif after first start your converstaions didnt imported remove .local/share/harbour-mitakuuluu2/harbour-mitakuuluu2/database.db and start app again12:20
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Tumeez_I remove it, software not start12:24
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coderusyou should wait until your database imported and app started. its long process and i cant give you any progress bar12:29
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meek_geekis there any news about sailfish os being ported to geeksphone ?12:54
meek_geekalso sailfish's android launcher ?12:54
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TheBootroo_workany1 got app approved today ?12:56
TheBootroo_workmine is in QA since May 17 2014 8:20 PM, no change12:57
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coderusTheBootroo_work: 17 may is saturday ;)13:37
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coderus18 is sunday13:38
coderusso your app approve started drom today or tomorrow ;)13:38
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Tumeez_Lol what13:48
Tumeez_I write new message and send it13:48
Tumeez_And go back to conversations and click again that conversation where i send a message13:49
Tumeez_It's lost... o.O13:49
Tumeez_I don't see it13:49
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coderusmystic :)14:03
coderusprobably you touched database with root or anyhow break ownership14:03
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Tumeez_coderus Can i fix it?14:37
coderusTumeez_: should i know what happen with your phone, or its you?14:39
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TheBootroo_workcoderus: actually, just go published !15:07
TheBootroo_worksquidd: time to rush on store ! hehe15:07
squiddok, will do, ty15:07
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Tumeez_coderus.. I try send message example "Hi" to "Aksel"15:11
*** stemid has joined #sailfishos15:12
stemidI forgot the lock code...15:12
Tumeez_Now I go back to my conversations and peoples and choise again "Aksel" conversation15:12
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Tumeez_But I don't see my "Hi" message.15:12
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coderusTumeez_: ls -la /home/nemo/.local/share/harbour-mitakuuluu2/harbour-mitakuuluu2/database.db15:17
Tumeez_-rwxr-xr-x 1 nemo privileged 784384 May 19 15:44 /home/nemo/.local/share/harbour-mitakuuluu2/harbour-mitakuuluu2/database.db15:19
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coderuseverything okay15:42
coderusjust reboot your buggy phone15:42
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stephgok next noob toh question: I have an ambience that builds, what secret sauce is needed in the %post to notify ambienced of its existence?15:48
stephgi.e. it installs but only appears in the list on a reboot15:48
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coderusstephg: i see nothing in jolla ambience pacages15:58
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stephgthe dev kit you mean coderus?16:00
stephgI mean it might be as simple as sending sighup to ambienced but it's not written anywhere16:02
stephgI'm only idly asking, I shall have a proper poke when I get home16:02
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coderusstephg: i mean existing ambience packages16:15
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stephgsomething must go on with those though (unless the nfc ←→ download interaction does something)16:20
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Dr_CainUh, how do I restart the clipboard integration service ?16:30
Dr_CainI'm not in the mood to reboot the whole phone16:31
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stephgDr_Cain: how is it misbehaving?16:35
Dr_CainIt's pasting some old stuff into the android vm16:37
Dr_CainAnyway I just rebooted16:37
leszekDr_Cain: yeah I had this also and restarting maliit did not help. Hmm... must be some kind of bug16:38
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meek_geeksailfish OS launcher in Android ?16:50
*** freedomrun has joined #sailfishos16:52
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stephgmeek_geek: not yet16:55
*** prometoys has joined #sailfishos16:55
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tortoisedocis it update time?19:33
stephg#soon is → thattaway ;)19:33
*** xfrancis has quit IRC19:35
tortoisedoccrappy sdk installer did not succesfully remove vm's :/19:36
tortoisedocbut luckily there is good old remove  option ^^19:36
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*** leszek has joined #sailfishos19:36
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tortoisedoc24 secs to go and ill try again19:39
tortoisedocwith a full install19:39
tortoisedocall ur votes belonges to us19:41
*** chriadam has joined #sailfishos19:42
*** Naranek_ is now known as Naranek19:43
Nightmare__did you start the updater from eclipse or for it self?19:44
tortoisedocwhat is that sorcery?19:45
Nightmare__sailfish ide19:45
Stskeeps.. we don't use eclipse19:45
Nightmare__confused eclipse with qtcreataor19:46
Stskeepsphew, i thought we had moved to java for a moment.. :P19:46
Nightmare__bed time :)19:46
tortoisedocand that is a NONO19:46
tortoisedocanyways, Nightmare__ yes first updater from ide19:47
tortoisedocnow going all way with total removal -> reinstall19:47
*** PamNor has joined #sailfishos19:47
Nightmare__k, because someone was reporting a bug when runnung the updater not from the ide19:48
tortoisedocno not my case19:48
tortoisedocStskeeps, what is the reason for install scripts not updating vm's?19:49
tortoisedocor better, is there a particular reason for them not ot?19:49
Stskeepsi don't know about sdk, sorry19:49
tortoisedocaah true - sorry, forget19:50
*** Loris_ has joined #sailfishos19:50
Stskeepsif possible to try it during the daytime tomorrow you might have more luck19:51
*** Finlod has quit IRC19:51
tortoisedoc"european" to whome ;)19:51
*** Finlod has joined #sailfishos19:51
Nightmare__Stskeeps: do you ever sleep? :D19:52
Loris_Hello everybody. I hope this question isnt asked too often, but it is quite hard to find some information about it: But where can I find information about the development process? Espacially for the camera on the nexus 4...this is an important feature for me to use sailfish19:52
stephgtortoisedoc: were there any VMs running at the time?19:52
StskeepsLoris_: well, you certainly came to the right place - we've been focusing on getting basics going and stable19:52
*** Yomi has quit IRC19:53
StskeepsLoris_: so when the basic daily device things work, we embark to get for example camera going19:53
Stskeepsit's not the easiest piece of hardware to deal with19:53
tortoisedocstephg : no19:53
*** natorious has quit IRC19:53
*** bjorn has quit IRC19:53
Loris_yes i can currently you are not working on it?19:53
*** bjorn has joined #sailfishos19:53
*** bjorn has quit IRC19:53
*** bjorn has joined #sailfishos19:53
*** auri__ has quit IRC19:53
StskeepsLoris_: we are, but it's going a bit slow.. there'll be more activity coming19:53
Stskeepswe're in the middle of switching to gstreamer 1.019:54
Stskeepswhich impacts any new wokr19:54
stephgtortoisedoc: and that's an upgrade? or a fresh fresh install?19:54
*** Finlod has quit IRC19:54
tortoisedocstephg: upgrade19:54
*** natorious has joined #sailfishos19:54
tortoisedocnow trying fresh install19:54
*** fawzi has quit IRC19:54
*** zoglesby has quit IRC19:54
stephgupgrade from what to what19:54
tortoisedocgstreamer 1.0 w00t19:54
*** fawzi has joined #sailfishos19:54
*** PMG has quit IRC19:54
tortoisedocalpha3 -> 419:54
*** ryukafalz has quit IRC19:54
stephgiirc upgrades were iffy in support19:54
*** thedead1440_ has quit IRC19:55
stephgif supported at all19:55
*** auri__ has joined #sailfishos19:55
stephgi.e. 'createvm' ain't going to work unless it nuked the previous cleanly19:55
*** DarkSim has quit IRC19:55
*** vivia has quit IRC19:55
*** kaltsi has quit IRC19:55
Loris_ah okay..interessting...and where can i download the current image? I only found some links to the image released on 17. April....But I read there are some newer images19:55
tortoisedocvirtualbox issues eh19:55
StskeepsLoris_: we usually follow the sailfishos upgrades which come ~monthly19:55
stephgwhich is a kinda nuclear (versus atomic) upgrade ;)19:55
StskeepsLoris_: which EA is it you found?19:55
*** JvD_ has quit IRC19:56
*** thedead1440 has joined #sailfishos19:56
tortoisedocstephg: indeed; would imagine scripts start / upgrade vm's rather than canning the whole files?19:56
*** zoglesby has joined #sailfishos19:56
*** jake9xx has quit IRC19:56
stephgat this stage, I'd expect the latter tbh :/19:56
*** APTX has quit IRC19:57
*** mikkoh has quit IRC19:57
*** tat has joined #sailfishos19:57
Loris_Stskeeps: only a link in the19:57
*** jake9xx has joined #sailfishos19:57
*** tat has quit IRC19:57
*** APTX has joined #sailfishos19:57
Loris_Stskeeps: only a link in thejollablog for early adopters19:57
tortoisedocyeah, well, wasnt Aard responsible for sdk=19:57
StskeepsLoris_: okay, can you give me the link?19:57
*** mikkoh has joined #sailfishos19:57
Stskeepstortoisedoc: nah, aard is ~= release management and architect of jolla sailfishos as sits on top of mer+nemo mw19:58
tortoisedoc:O wow sounds cool19:58
Loris_Stskeeps: no real download page or something like this... Here is the link: but there are many of this pages..19:58
*** Yomi has joined #sailfishos19:58
Loris_Stskeeps: or this one:
Stskeepshmm .. sec19:59
*** JvD_ has joined #sailfishos20:01
Stskeepsi'm trying to get to xda-developers and not having a lot of luck :)20:01
*** s1gk1ll_ has joined #sailfishos20:02
*** kaltsi has joined #sailfishos20:02
*** s1gk1ll has quit IRC20:02
* stephg makes toast, takes washing out of washing machine, but first this:20:02
stephg^^ Loris_20:03
Stskeepsyes, that one20:03
Stskeepsbrowser acting up here20:03
*** disharmonic has quit IRC20:03
*** gabriel9 has joined #sailfishos20:04
Loris_ill read this thanks20:04
Loris_can I still register as early adopter to get the latest news?20:05
tortoisedocstskeeps: trying to get sailfishos in there?=20:05
StskeepsLoris_: of course, send sledges a mail20:05
Stskeepstortoisedoc: to n4?20:06
Stskeepstortoisedoc: yeah it runs quite nicely20:06
tortoisedocStskeeps : xda-developers20:06
Stskeepstortoisedoc: it's already there, from what i understood20:06
StskeepsLoris_: so beyond camera not working, what's keeping you from using it as a daily device?20:06
*** ilmgb has quit IRC20:06
Loris_Stskeeps: to be honest: nothing... I didnt get any news, so i thought voice calles arent still took me some time to see WIFI and Calls are actually working!20:08
StskeepsLoris_: ah :) they do work, and they're going to be better in next release20:08
Loris_Stskeeps; sounds cool! :)20:09
Stskeepsas in sane volume handling20:09
*** tat has joined #sailfishos20:09
*** tat has quit IRC20:12
*** ilmgb has joined #sailfishos20:13
high-rezIs that the latest version for the N4 ?20:15
*** Blizzz has joined #sailfishos20:15
*** sletta has quit IRC20:16
high-rezI can say that for me... The developmenty version watermark is one of the things that have kept me from using it more, that and the simple lack of applications without additional work.20:16
sledgeshigh-rez: yes20:16
*** vivia has joined #sailfishos20:16
Stskeeps:nod: store is upcoming20:17
Stskeepsand watermark will be gone20:17
tortoisedocinstallation succeeded :)20:17
tortoisedocback to work20:17
sledgesthey hacked the nag screen away on xda ;)20:17
high-rezThat said, for what its worth - I'm actually running on an LG Optimus G converted to Nexus 4 and it works fine ;-)20:17
Stskeeps'converted to nexus 4'?20:18
*** Loris_ has quit IRC20:18
high-rezYeah, basically replacing the bootloader, filesystem layout, etc etc to a N4.20:18
Stskeepsoh, interesting20:18
high-rezSee here:
high-rezThen one can put the AT&T radio back on the device and have LTE again.20:19
*** tortoisedoc has quit IRC20:20
*** Beankylla has quit IRC20:26
*** Sir_herrbatka has quit IRC20:27
*** Nightmare__ has quit IRC20:28
*** Tofe is now known as Tofe|Away20:31
*** krendil has joined #sailfishos20:33
*** ilmgb has quit IRC20:33
*** xfrancis has joined #sailfishos20:44
*** gigetoo has quit IRC20:44
*** gigetoo has joined #sailfishos20:48
*** freedomrun has quit IRC20:52
*** dhbiker has joined #sailfishos20:53
*** Sail0r has quit IRC20:54
*** artemma has quit IRC20:54
*** javispedro has joined #sailfishos20:55
*** javispedro has quit IRC20:55
*** javispedro has joined #sailfishos20:55
*** lbt has quit IRC20:58
*** lbt has joined #sailfishos20:58
*** lbt has quit IRC20:58
*** lbt has joined #sailfishos20:58
vgradehigh-rez: now that LGOG to N4 is a great hack20:59
*** Sailor5344 has joined #sailfishos20:59
*** artemma has joined #sailfishos21:02
*** disharmonic has joined #sailfishos21:02
high-rezYeah it works well.21:06
*** RoKenn has quit IRC21:06
high-rezI should probably try to replace my radio on the device and see what happens - but I'm guessing that sailfishos isn't going to support lte enbablement.21:06
vgradelte is working (at least data) in N521:07
high-rezIs it ?21:07
vgradeuse radio switcher from openrepos21:07
high-rezHow do you like it on your N5 ?21:07
high-rezI have an N5 for my personal phone.  Might consider giving it a go on that device.21:07
vgradeits usable as a daily driver for me21:08
*** qqK has quit IRC21:08
vgradehaving camera would be bonus21:09
*** lizardo has quit IRC21:09
high-rezSure would.21:09
vgradebut bit by bit21:09
high-rezNot a must for me.  But taking calls and receiving text.21:09
high-rezThose are 100% required.  Otherwise my wife gets supser pissed off ;-)21:09
vgradethose are good on N521:09
vgradeI know what you mean, you can;t really use the excuse "well I'm running a work in progress port"21:10
*** xerpi has quit IRC21:10
high-rezI did that enough times, and she started beating me with a book.21:11
vgradeit the LGOG exactly same hardware spec as N4 or ar there soc differences21:11
high-rezSo it's just not an option. ;-)21:11
high-rezThe differences are super minor.21:11
high-rezFor example, hardware radio bands and antenna / amplifiers21:11
Stskeepstry making a phone while your wife is pregnant..21:12
high-rezNFC chip21:12
Stskeepsbeen there, done that..21:12
high-rezAnd of course... The volume up down buttons are swapped - for no particular reason.21:12
vgradeyou wonder why they are not standard things like that21:13
high-rezI was building CM for the converted LGOG->Conversion patchjing things by hand.  Those were the big differences.21:13
high-rezNFC is because google put the secure element in their hardware version to support NFC payments.21:13
high-rezOther than that, they're remarkably alike.  Also, the LGOG has hardware (captive) buttons - atleast the US version does.21:14
*** euroelessar has joined #sailfishos21:14
high-rezSo a hack to liblights, etc to make those work.21:14
vgradecool, are your repos on github21:14
high-rezNo, I'm way too lazy.  There were others who maintained CM for the converted device - and they have/had github repos.21:15
high-rez(Full disclosure: I only ever used it, I never distributed it ;-)21:15
*** Sailor5344 has quit IRC21:16
high-rezStskeeps: I've been or unlucky enough to not have to experience the pregant wife with big deadlines problem ;-)  But I can imagine how much it'd suck.21:16
vgradewell good job any way, nice to see21:16
*** artemma has quit IRC21:16
high-rezIf we ever have a kid, I'll certainly be moving across the pond to europe so we can get some time off <g>21:17
*** tat has joined #sailfishos21:20
*** krendil has quit IRC21:21
*** piggz has quit IRC21:23
Stskeepstime .. off?21:23
high-rezIt seems that in a lot of the northern european countries at least, there's really good benefits for those who have kids while working there.  At least by comparison to the US.21:24
*** Loris_ has joined #sailfishos21:25
Stskeepsyeah, true, - a mom has like a year of maternal leave plus some father leave too ..21:26
*** leszek has quit IRC21:28
vgradehigh-rez: it has to be paid for though through taxes so its not always better21:32
high-rezYeah, true.  The taxes on income certainly give me cause to think...21:32
*** Blizzz has quit IRC21:33
high-rezLike everything in life it's tradeoffs.  Like having a working camera or a new os on your phone.  ;)21:34
high-rezBut the taxes and super high cost of rent are tough :)21:34
high-rezActually just put my sim in the lgog->n4->sfos device for the first time.  Everything is working as I expected. Calls and text.  mms seems broken, but that's it.21:38
*** spider-mario has quit IRC21:43
*** Loris_ has quit IRC21:44
*** BasilSemuonov has quit IRC21:45
*** DarkSim has joined #sailfishos21:51
*** SpeedEvil has quit IRC21:53
*** ryukafalz has joined #sailfishos21:53
*** PamNor has quit IRC21:54
vgradehigh-rez: mms had some fixes in jolla and I think the latest N4 is still on
*** xfrancis has quit IRC21:55
*** tat has quit IRC21:56
*** PamNor has joined #sailfishos21:57
*** PMG has joined #sailfishos21:58
*** PamNor has quit IRC21:58
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