Wednesday, 2014-05-21

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Stskeepsgood morning04:08
squiddmorning mr Stskeeps04:27
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Stskeepsmorn squidd :)05:02
w00tthe only good moning is a dead one05:02
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Stskeepsm00 tbr05:12
* tbr puts on his freshly cleaned armour and heads to the office in a brace position05:13
Stskeepsdpkg-buildpackage --i-know-what-im-doing-im-a-professional ?05:14
Stskeepsor how was the tizen camera rooting..05:15
tbrit's got a +10 against management stupidity, that's the important bit05:15
Stskeeps  /usr/bin/enlightenment -profile samsung \ -i-really-know-what-i-am-doing-and-accept-full-responsibility-for-it05:15
* tbr ponders if he should take the ogre-slaying-knife and magic missile too05:15
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w00t'shutdown -h now' isn't good enough?05:23
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fluxso devel-su is different from installing 'sudo'? the latter seems to work for usual day-to-day things at least, and is much more convenient..05:58
Juubaso, anyone tried that GPU performance thing05:58
Juubai tried looking, what other options/profiles could it have?05:58
Juubasomewhere I read "interactive" also..05:59
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fluxin other words: no, pretty much the same06:06
he1kkiCorrect place to ask about Jolla 4G support eta?06:07
fluxrelated to 'sudo is easy to break', apparently ubuntu has some countermeasures to it06:07
fluxI recently absent-mindedly did sudo tee /etc/sudoers.d/blahblah and had the wrong syntax06:07
fluxbroke sudo06:08
fluxshortly after the file I created was removed :)06:08
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tbrhe1kki: supposedly in one of the next updates, read the roadmap for u6/u706:14
Juubafinland and some countries in U606:14
Juubarest of the world in U706:14
he1kkiok, thanks06:16
fluxapparently north america folks are not going to be very happy with the supported bands of jolla06:21
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Acceflux: while sudo is useful, with the current app security model it is a security risk, especially if configured with nopasswd07:37
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fluxacce, well, with the current app security model they can replace ~/.bash_profile that points devel-su to their own progra, no?07:38
Accetrue, they could07:39
fluxin any case I only have stuff like systemctl service stop aliendavik.service configured nopasswd07:39
AcceI guess it's safests atm07:39
fluxbtw, I find this preferable to giving my root password to some app ;-)07:39
fluxwhich I think how the app to restart aliendalvik in the jolla store works07:40
fluxof course, that's academical, I think they could do even nastier things during the install phase07:40
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AcceI wouldn't store the password, just pass it to the process being run, but since devel-su / su can be replaced as you said07:40
fluxunless the jolla qa is very much on top the situation ;)07:40
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AcceI think the android restarters use something like this:
Accebut using sudo with whitelisting commands & params seems to be best for now07:43
Accebetter add that into the about page or somewhere07:43
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coderussudo is better for managing  permissions07:50
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coderuslbt: ping07:57
coderus    QSensorGestureManager manager;07:59
coderus    QStringList gestures = manager.gestureIds();07:59
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SK_worklpotter: ^ ?07:59
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lbtcoderus: sorry - I've only used the accelerometer directly so far08:00
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coderusi need shake plugin sources then08:00
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coderusdo you know how stupid i am?08:03
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coderusAvailable gestures: ("QtSensors.cover", "QtSensors.doubletap", "QtSensors.hover", "QtSensors.freefall", "QtSensors.pickup", "QtSensors.shake2", "QtSensors.slam", "QtSensors.turnover", "QtSensors.twist", "QtSensors.whip", "QtSensors.shake")08:05
coderusbtw, is there any good jolla development  blog, where i can put these small codes and help for developers?08:06
coderusor should i create my own?08:06
faenilcoderus, yeah I was thinking just that a few days ago08:07
SK_workcoderus: :D08:07
SK_workcoderus: create a blog please08:07
faenilwe should create a public blog where people can write tips and tricks08:07
faenilexperiences, etc08:07
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SK_workor maybe yep, a public blog08:07 / .tumblr.com08:07
SK_workand create multiple accounts ?08:07
stephgis a good idea08:08
faenilor maybe jolla can do that and give access to those who want to write? iekku cybette08:14
SK_workfaenil, coderus or mer project wiki08:15
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faenilI don't like that option very gets boring in no time, we need something which people can subscribe to and receive emails when new tips are posted08:17
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gexclike ?08:19
SK_workfaenil: true actually08:20
SK_workgexc: aggregate to planetkde / planetqt can be nice08:20
SK_workplanetsailfishos too08:20
SK_worktbr: you had an idea of using a blog aggregator at some point08:20
SK_work(for mer nemo sfos related stuff)08:20
SK_workfaenil: wordpress or tumblr ?08:21
faenildunno, only used wordpress myself08:21
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SK_workfaenil: tumblr sounds easier to use, would love to give it a try08:22
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tbrSK_work: it's running, yes08:24
tbrSK_work: if you have suggestions to add blogs I'm happy08:24
SK_worktbr: so we could ask you to aggregate some blogs08:24
SK_workok :) thanks :)08:24
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tbrthe last one is empty as I didn't find good developer oriented blogs08:25
coderustbr: ;)08:28
lbtcoderus: haha :)08:28
tbrYes, I saw the fanboy blogs, but no, I didn't consider that relevant content.08:28
coderusoinstakked sensors gestures plugins, but signals not received =(08:28
iekkufaenil, need to figure out if it's possible08:28
tbrif really desired I could put /jolla/ into use for that08:28
SK_workpm me your email addresses08:28
SK_workI add you08:28
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faenilis there a meeting tomorrow?08:31
faenil(or when is the next meeting?)08:32
iekkuonly one item in meeting agenda08:33
SK_workcybette: is this confirmed btw ^ ?08:33
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faeniliekku, the first point itself is enough for the whole meeting imho :p08:34
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faenil(the one written by SK_work which was what I'm interested in as well)08:35
SK_workadd more points please08:35
faenildone already08:35
SK_workwell, this idea comes from previous meeting and IIRC coderus08:35
SK_workthat was blaming the lacks of docs08:35
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faenilyes I know we discussed about it already in previous meeting08:36
faeniland guess what, nothing changed08:36
faenilnothing *at all* from what I could see08:36
faenil(I may be wrong)08:36
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SK_workfaenil: nope, what you proposed is interesting08:37
SK_workdon't worry08:37
faenilI think you misunderstood, I was talking about docs :)08:38
SK_workah ?08:38
faenilwe discussed about docs in the first meeting08:38
faeniland nothing at all changed, or did I miss it?08:38
SK_workthat's a follow up indeed08:38
SK_workwell, we discussed it a bit08:39
SK_workand you know, faenil, devs don't like writing docs that much08:39
SK_workespecially api that changes a lot08:39
coderusSK_work: add me08:39
faenilokay, then accept sinking, if that sounds better08:39
SK_workcoderus: pm me with mail08:39
SK_workfaenil: pm me with mail tumblr too08:40
SK_workfaenil: yeah yeah :D08:40
SK_workBUT, what non-coding community can do is to write doc and help too08:40
SK_workor review etc.08:40
faenilnon coding can write docs for middleware? :D08:40
SK_workfaenil: well, when you have a property called height, a non-coding dev can guess that it's about the heignt of an object come on ! :D08:41
faenildo I have to register on tumblr?08:41
SK_workor ok, coding devs, but not doing middleware stuff08:41
SK_workfaenil: yes, sorry08:41
faenilSK_work, I'm not talking about that kind of docs, I'm talking about docs which are interesting for people to start contributing08:42
faenili.e. internals of modules, what you can do with what module, etc08:42
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SK_workfaenil: I think both are interesting08:42
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SK_workand we need to know how to do them08:42
SK_worklike using the internal tag in doxygen for example ?08:42
SK_workbut how to doc QML components etc.08:42
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faenilare you kidding me, faenil is already taken on tumblr :(08:45
faenilit's not possible, it's a nickname I made up... :/08:45
*** tat has quit IRC08:46
SK_workfaenil: ?08:46
SK_workone second08:47
SK_workah wait08:47
SK_workthat's true, I was thinking about feanor08:47
SK_workthat's taken08:47
* faenil is sad08:47
zuhfaenil: I feel your pain. I was surpised when I learned that zuh was actually an IRC network. Though, I think I've used the nick longer than that network has existed...08:47
SK_workfaenil: check if you didn't register to tumblr already08:48
faenilzuh, eheh :)08:48
SK_workfaenil: or takes faenili8910tuning08:48
faenilSK_work, tried recovering password with all my emails, no match08:48
coderusSK_work: no syntax highlight :(08:50
SK_workcoderus: you can add something to have syntax highlight08:50
SK_workbut QML won't work I guess08:50
coderusi'd like to have my own rich-text colorizing08:51
SK_workcoderus: you are admin08:53
SK_workfeel free to fiddle around08:53
coderusSK_work: i'm new at tumblr08:55
SK_workcoderus: will check this tonight08:56
SK_workwork now08:56
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SK_workhey coderus did you changed the tumblr html code ? :)09:03
SK_workthere is a bit of syntax highlight now :)09:03
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coderusloaded highlight script at main html and it working now09:10
SK_workcoderus: so beautiful :)09:11
SK_workmaybe will add a background, but sounds great09:11
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SK_worktbr: mind adding ^ ?09:11
tbrto the sailfish planet I guess?09:12
SK_worktbr: yep09:13
Stskeepssailfishdev tumbler.. why did i hope for a memes site?09:14
SK_workcoderus is doing a really good job09:14
SK_workStskeeps: open your own tumblr if you want09:15
SK_workor ask w00t09:15
Stskeepsok ok :P09:15
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SK_workStskeeps: you have this as a consolation09:15
Stskeepswebkit memes are excellent too09:15
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tbrSK_work: done and updated planet by manual run09:20
SK_worktbr: thx a lot :)09:21
*** tat has quit IRC09:21
tbrSK_work: people can contact me if they know of blogs with sailfish/nemo/mer content and should be added to the planet09:21
SK_worktbr: perfect :)09:21
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coderusadded logo to backgroung, i think its ready now:
faeniltalk -> realize -> publish, that's the way :D09:32
coderusbut my QSensorGesture still not working :D09:33
faenilouch :D09:33
SK_workcoderus: :(09:34
jpnurmicoderus: you should just set TextField::errorHighlight to true when it's empty09:35
coderusjpnurmi: this is just an example. it's not about text fields at all ;)09:36
jpnurmiit's a bad example using TextFields in a wrong way09:36
walokratbr: does finnish blogs count? I sometimes blog about sailfish os stuff, like this:
coderusjpnurmi: okay, i'll make a new one ;)09:38
tbrdunno, are other planets multilingual?09:39
cybetteSK_work: yes, thanks for the ping, i'll send email to remind of the meeting now.09:40
tbrwalokra: added the sailfishos tag to the planet:
tbrnext update will run in 43 min, then it will show up in the planet09:41
tbrupdates are hourly on the 23rd minute09:41
walokratbr: you could also add my english blog, should blog more about devving for sailfish os though09:41
walokrashould the work?09:43
tbrwalokra: I'm not aware of jolla being interested in running an planet of their own09:45
walokrayeah, scrolled the backlog and found the planet.devaamo...09:45
tbrthey tend to tacitly outsource to the community wherever possible in my experience09:45
walokrawell, they have lots of things to do. like harbour dashboard...09:46
TMavicagood evening09:47
jpnurmicoderus: why are error popups needed? :)09:51
coderusjpnurmi: i have complex dialogs and not all elements are visible, or for new users not all operations are oblivious09:52
jpnurmierror popups are poor ux. just prevent the error in the first place by disabling navigation/accept/whatever09:52
coderusjpnurmi: i had a lot of "bug reports" because "accept button not working" :D09:53
jpnurmicoderus: so the missing info is not visualized well enough then09:53
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coderusyou just ruin my qml hacking now :)09:54
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faenilwhat did they do to my nickname :(
SK_workfaenil: :D09:55
coderusi understand silica and its logic myself, but not noob users09:55
coderusthey are like popups and focus fields and etc.09:56
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iekkufaenil, totally new things about you :P10:34
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faeniliekku, :( :p10:42
iekkufaenil, you look, hmmm, bit more feminin than earlier10:46
faeniliekku, people change... :D10:46
iekkuwe do, isn't that great :)10:46
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tbrStskeeps: I'm generally available now. Nothing requires my physical presence.10:47
Stskeepsnod, i'm stuck in meeting10:47
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SK_workiekku :)12:08
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coderusshare your ideas/articles for SailfishDev blog.
*** arcean has quit IRC13:46
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VDVsxcoderus, cool stuff, code snippets are really helpful :)13:49
coderusi will add all my tricks i'm using with Mitakuuluu asap13:51
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jake9xxcoderus: superb. you rock!13:53
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leszekcoderus: really nice idea ;)14:09
SK_workif you want to write in it ping me or coderus and we will add you as writer14:10
SK_workrequires tumbler account and send us email14:10
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walokrathe sailfishdev is nice idea. easier than reading the source from different apps :)15:02
*** kunev has joined #sailfishos15:07
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*** javispedro has joined #sailfishos15:21
* javispedro note for the future: never play with tcp/ip default routes while connected to IRC15:22
javispedroStskeeps: so yeah, /dev/smd7 works15:23
javispedroI got around ~10mb/s when redirecting it via socat and wi-fi15:23
javispedroand it is as low level as it gets as one can change APN and other settings15:23
javispedro(great for me as I prefer to use a different APN for tethering)15:23
javispedroso now I should just make a clone of /system/bin/dun-server that works with non-ancient d-bus15:23
Stskeepsjavispedro: cool15:26
*** gabriel9|work has quit IRC15:27
*** sletta has quit IRC15:30
faeniljavispedro, what you hacking on? :)15:31
faenil(forgot already :p)15:31
javispedrowas trying bluetooth "dial-up networking"15:31
faenilah oki15:32
*** dhbiker has joined #sailfishos15:33
javispedrobtw, obviously, if one's using /dev/smd7 then rmnet0 stops working...15:34
*** javispedro has quit IRC15:35
*** javispedro has joined #sailfishos15:36
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Hartzicoderus: why MK is showing less than 20 messages in a group chat?16:03
*** Universebenzene has quit IRC16:05
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Hartziokay it just bugged16:18
*** SeekingFor has quit IRC16:19
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coderusHartzi: bug exists in github, imho16:30
*** Eztran has joined #sailfishos16:35
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*** piggz has joined #sailfishos17:34
*** FlashAsparagus has joined #sailfishos17:34
TheBootroo_homegood evening17:34
TheBootroo_homesomeone help me with deploy issue please ?17:34
TheBootroo_homei'm on my own PC, with linux on it17:34
TheBootroo_homei used to develop for SF since a long time using it17:34
coderusTheBootroo_home: what the problem?17:35
TheBootroo_homebut today seems i can't deploy antyhing17:35
*** FlashAsparagus has quit IRC17:35
TheBootroo_hometried reboot pc AND phone17:35
TheBootroo_homeno success17:35
coderusTheBootroo_home: error message?17:35
TheBootroo_homecompilation goes fine17:35
TheBootroo_homepackage got generated in RPMs dir17:35
TheBootroo_homeseems that they are transferred to the device too (at least i see some bandwith test result)17:36
TheBootroo_homeand before it can install and launch it, QtC shows "timeout error"17:36
coderusTheBootroo_home: there also send and deploy output in qtc17:36
coderusTheBootroo_home: check your device settings. delete it and add again.17:36
TheBootroo_homemy phone is connected17:36
coderusTheBootroo_home: maybe you resetted it and your ssh keys have been changed, or something similar17:37
TheBootroo_homei can connect it using a CLI or filezilla17:37
TheBootroo_homei didn't change aything17:37
*** Whippler_ has joined #sailfishos17:37
TheBootroo_homebut then i tried reseting configuration in QtC17:37
TheBootroo_homedeleted device, added it again17:37
coderusTheBootroo_home: so, it added and checked fine?17:37
TheBootroo_homethe steps worked, even the 'test' at the end17:37
TheBootroo_homebut, i still can't deploy17:37
*** Whippler_ has quit IRC17:38
TheBootroo_homeProject ERROR: Could not connect to MerSDK Virtual Machine. Timeout waiting for reply from server.17:38
TheBootroo_homeError while building/deploying project harbour-moviesme (kit: MerSDK-SailfishOS-armv7hl)17:39
TheBootroo_homeas usual17:39
TheBootroo_homeand as other things were bugging all the day long at office related to network17:39
*** tat has joined #sailfishos17:39
TheBootroo_homei'm starting to suspect world wide DNS bug17:39
TheBootroo_homeor something like that17:40
TheBootroo_homeat office i thought it was coming from the bloody corporate proxy shitty config17:40
TheBootroo_homebut now at home it bugs too17:40
StskeepsTheBootroo_home: at least level3 is getting slightly screwed, i heard17:40
TheBootroo_homeso i don't have a freaking clue from what it comes from17:40
Stskeepsplus there was problems with transatlantic cable17:40
TheBootroo_homeStskeeps: srlsy ?17:41
*** xnbya has joined #sailfishos17:41
TheBootroo_homethe weird bit :17:41
coderusCould not connect to MerSDK Virtual Machine17:41
TheBootroo_homeconnecting my phone in WLAN, using SSH in CLI is slow as hell17:41
coderusits not deploy error, its build error :)17:41
TheBootroo_homecoderus: nope17:41
TheBootroo_homebuild went fine17:41
TheBootroo_homethat's what i don't understand17:42
TheBootroo_homepackages were generated17:42
coderuswell, it cant connect to build vm, not phone ;)17:42
*** raa70 has quit IRC17:42
TheBootroo_homecoderus: but i CAN17:42
coderustry to check your configureation17:42
TheBootroo_homebecause it built pacakges17:42
TheBootroo_homei couldn't have built anything without the VM17:42
coderusis you compiled for i386 also?17:42
TheBootroo_homeonly ARM, deploy on phone directly17:42
TheBootroo_homewhy is my local network ssh connection so slow17:43
coderusanyway, did you tried to remove .pro.user file, remove build directory, configure project again and build with deploy?17:43
TheBootroo_hometakes at least 15 seconds before i got ssh prompt on cli17:43
coderusTheBootroo_home: ssh can be slow because sailfish super powersaver17:43
TheBootroo_homecoderus: yeah tried all that old tricks tens of times17:43
coderusi'm always using usb ssh17:44
coderusbut in N9's times i had show ssh via wlan too17:44
TheBootroo_homecoderus: i have only 2 usb ports, so it's not an option for me17:44
TheBootroo_homebut anyway17:44
TheBootroo_homeuntil today i don't remember it was that slow17:44
coderusTheBootroo_home: i have two too, but i also have powered usb hub17:44
TheBootroo_homei developped several apps17:44
TheBootroo_homeyesterday i was on it17:45
TheBootroo_homeit worked17:45
coderusbut anyway. first problem is connection to VM.17:45
coderusnot phone.17:45
coderusyour qtc said it cant connect to VM17:45
coderusbuild vm.17:45
TheBootroo_homecoderus: i think this is some debug message mistake17:45
TheBootroo_homeVM works, it compiles, it builds packages,17:46
*** datagutt has quit IRC17:46
TheBootroo_homethe starts to transfer to phone17:46
TheBootroo_homeand bugs17:46
TheBootroo_homeinstead of loading app17:46
coderuswhat is your prokect launch settings?17:46
TheBootroo_homecoderus: ?17:46
jake9xxTheBootroo_home: are using x86 target or arm target for emulator?17:46
TheBootroo_homejake9xx: ARM target, no emulator, phone deploy17:47
*** gabriel9 has joined #sailfishos17:47
TheBootroo_homelike i ALWAYS did before, worked until today17:47
coderusProjects - Launch tab17:47
coderusmaybe something broken here17:47
TheBootroo_homecoderus: nope, i removed .user file, and started from scratch17:48
TheBootroo_homeso nothing is leftover17:48
jake9xxTheBootroo_home: can I guess17:48
TheBootroo_homeoh and sometimes, rarely, deploy works17:48
jake9xxTheBootroo_home: increase the ssh timeout in the qtcreator's device dialog17:49
jake9xx2s -> 10s17:49
TheBootroo_homei retried tens of times,  last time it worked17:49
TheBootroo_homejake9xx: already done, i have set 30s17:49
*** silviu has joined #sailfishos17:50
TheBootroo_homeretried again, worked17:50
TheBootroo_homelet's hope it'll still be working in 2 minutes17:50
jake9xxreally weird17:51
coderusgood workaround :)17:51
TheBootroo_homecoderus: which workaround ? i changed nothing, just while (error) retry ()17:51
TheBootroo_homejake9xx: hell not17:51
TheBootroo_homeArch Linux 64 bit17:51
*** flywheel has quit IRC17:51
TheBootroo_homeworks like a charm normally17:52
TheBootroo_homebut today everything goes weird17:52
TheBootroo_homelet me summarize my day :17:52
TheBootroo_homethis morning : create a repository on gitorious, bloody page blocked on "being created", never finished17:52
StskeepsTheBootroo_home: i hate when that happens17:53
TheBootroo_homeat noon : developing Qt intergration to web service, request goes out, never comes a reply, neither error, simply NOT REPLY (Bermuda triangle i assume)17:53
TheBootroo_homethis evening : back at home, i will finally be able to do nice SF develop.... NOPE, QtC doesn't want to deploy17:54
TheBootroo_homeSHITTY DAY17:54
*** alin_ has quit IRC17:54
TheBootroo_homesometime we should simply stay in bed17:54
TheBootroo_homeand eat ice cream17:54
jake9xxhave you tried ssh'ing to the device when that happens?17:54
jake9xxand lauch the pkcon install-local magic on command shell?17:55
TheBootroo_homejake9xx: when i try ssh to phone, it's damn slow17:55
TheBootroo_homei tried no command, only check if connection was ok17:56
*** FlashAsparagus has joined #sailfishos17:57
TheBootroo_homeoh and i can't manually install package form cli because dumb SDK removes the package when install/load fails17:57
TheBootroo_homeso to summarize : build OK, packaging OK, transfer OK, install OK-ish so NOT-OK so lemme remove dat package ...17:57
TheBootroo_homedumb deploy script17:58
* TheBootroo_home gonna spend the night watching series on TV instead of working on SF dev17:58
TheBootroo_homemaybe things gonna get in order naturally tomorow17:58
TheBootroo_homenot gonna fight with dumb devices all night ling17:58
*** Pat_o has joined #sailfishos17:59
TheBootroo_homeafter the day i had, it's out of my current state of mind, mood-forbidden17:59
* Stskeeps offers TheBootroo_home a cold drink17:59
TheBootroo_homebtw, retried deploy, fails again17:59
TheBootroo_homei don't even understand why it works sometimes, and sometimes not18:00
jake9xxwould you give me logs ?18:02
jake9xxcopy + paste of 'compilation' window in qtc18:03
jake9xxand journalctl -fa running as root in device when you deploy18:03
TheBootroo_homejake9xx: sorry but i'm not going to test further tonight18:03
jake9xxTheBootroo_home: sure, but when you are doing it again18:03
TheBootroo_homenetwork  LAN and web seems to have gone mad tonight, i'll retry tomorow18:04
TheBootroo_homejake9xx: OK18:04
jake9xxI'm suspecting a dns/routing failure on your pc18:05
jake9xxyou might wanna try w/o network cable or something18:05
*** maxorator has quit IRC18:06
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*** maxorator has quit IRC18:10
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*** disharmonic has joined #sailfishos19:01
coderusis writing exif data with libexif possible?19:01
*** plfiorini has joined #sailfishos19:01
Price15xhello I have a quick question?19:03
coderusPrice15x: you have a quick question?19:03
Price15xhow serious are you guys with the nexus 4 development19:03
Price15xI'm from india and the Jolla phone is not marketed here. But I enjoy using it on my nexus 419:04
coderusvery sserious afaik19:04
coderusbuf afaik you can soon order jolla from HK19:04
*** disharmonic has quit IRC19:05
*** disharmonic has joined #sailfishos19:05
*** disharmonic has joined #sailfishos19:05
*** Sail0r has quit IRC19:05
Price15xdo you guys plan of selling it on India? or you could get a partner like Oppo or Micromax and increase user base :)19:06
coderusthink nobody can answer this question19:08
coderusbut afaik no plans for now19:08
*** rashm2k has quit IRC19:09
*** disharmonic has quit IRC19:09
*** disharmonic has joined #sailfishos19:09
Price15xcool but I am glad about the nexus 4 development. I am no developer but I wish I could contribute19:10
*** arcean has joined #sailfishos19:10
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coderusadded old QExifImageHeader to my project, fixxed it a bit to work on Qt5, and it's working. no more libexif :)22:22
*** caprico has quit IRC22:23
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