Wednesday, 2014-05-28

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Juubahmm, i changed my google password, and now I cant re-login to Google Play store on Jolla..06:11
Juubadammit :D06:12
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Juubathere, now it asked for the new PW06:16
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coderuskimmoli: hi! seems you can help me with canvas stuff? ;)06:25
kimmolicoderus: morning06:25
kimmoliwant to integrate that on mitäkuuluu?06:26
coderusi making mazelock06:26
kimmolii just did close that tab06:27
coderusand canvas slooowing after 4-5 node added06:27
coderusi dont understand Canvas well06:27
saidinesh5coderus: the culprit is shadowBlur06:28
saidinesh5thats really really bad on Canvas06:29
coderussaidinesh5: oh :(06:29
saidinesh5ran into the same issue myself yesterday06:29
coderusanother question06:29
kimmoliiirc i dont have shadowBlur06:29
coderuscan i draw many lines with different colors in same context?06:30
saidinesh5coderus: just a second06:30
saidinesh5getting you a link06:30
kimmolioo good, we have Canvas xpert here :)06:31
saidinesh5heh no expert.. just had to pick this stuff for the last couple of projects i was working on06:31
kimmolii'm also basically googling everything i need to do...06:33
saidinesh5the nice thing about canvas is a lot of code from HTML5 canvas almost directly runs06:34
coderussaidinesh5: hm, i found you not using closePath() ?06:34
saidinesh5that would draw the line06:35
coderusaha thanks!06:36
saidinesh5or the path06:36
coderusplease tell me what wrong06:38
* saidinesh5 looks06:38
coderusi want to draw lines between nodes with diffferent colors06:38
coderusbut it coloring all the path06:38
saidinesh5i think you need to beginPath()06:39
saidinesh5at line 1506:39
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coderusnot ddrawinf anything06:40
saidinesh5hold ... getting you the code06:40
coderusgot it06:41
coderusthanks for the idea :)06:41
saidinesh5mhm that should work :)06:41
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coderusfinal result:
coderusJonni: ^06:43
coderusfeel free to improve it06:43
saidinesh5you can simply start off at06:44
saidinesh5for (i = 1; i < length; i++){06:45
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saidinesh5for (i = 1; i < length; i++){ ctx.beginPath(); ctx.moveTo(points[i-1].x,points[i-1].y); ctx.lineTo(points[i].x, points[i].y) }06:46
saidinesh5i.e eliminate the if(i === 0)06:47
coderusx2 operations then :)06:48
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coderusevery iteration you should get last and current node06:48
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coderusi'm an assembler guy. i know one thing: less processor operations = better06:49
saidinesh5is that the effect you are looking for?06:49
saidinesh5coderus: also nope, same number of operations06:50
coderusfirst of all i have no all points at the time06:50
saidinesh5the difference is you are doing it in the current iteration instead of the previous iteration06:51
coderusi have iterations by nodes, not by nodes points06:52
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saidinesh5hmm? you mean you are trying to get a smooth curve based on your pins?06:53
coderusi mean i have no all nodes coordinates06:54
coderusi'm getting node coordinate only before paint06:54
saidinesh5mhm so?06:54
coderusi cant do points[i-1]06:54
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coderusif i'll do so it will calculate nodes coordinates twice. in current iteration and in next => more operations06:55
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saidinesh5you can use 2 variables then06:58
saidinesh5and initialize one of them outside the loop before it begins06:58
saidinesh5that way you can eliminate the if condition :P06:58
coderuswhy you dont like conditions?06:58
saidinesh5heh nothing like that.. thats just 1 extra condition that can be eliminated06:59
saidinesh5although in this case it doesn't affect much06:59
coderusless operations is better than less code lines if less code lines affect at operations count07:00
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saidinesh5or nope07:00
saidinesh5heh really depends07:00
saidinesh5i here its one extra operation. with the 2 variables its one extra memory07:01
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saidinesh5heh the classic trade off07:02
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coderusyou can be sure: i know what you mean07:04
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coderusthat probably works fine for me07:04
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saidinesh5Ah now i remember you... coderus lol you wrote Persecute too right?07:06
saidinesh5great app!07:06
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saidinesh5all along i was wondering why your nick sounded so familiar07:07
coderusand my new children is Mitakuuluu07:07
* saidinesh5 google07:07
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coderusi had no time and profit for persecute, sadly. it was developed too late for harmattan. community isnt same as before, and it remains unfinished07:08
saidinesh5looks quite neat!07:08
coderussailfish community much younger and much enthusiasm :)07:09
saidinesh5heh i know07:09
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saidinesh5coderus: you used a listview for this right?
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coderusits FOSS projet07:12
* saidinesh5 might rip pieces of code from this for his other pet project07:13
saidinesh5 seems like an interesting thinng to have a QML UI for....07:14
coderusits  already under development :)07:14
saidinesh5nah their QML UI hit a deadend07:15
coderusi mean own native07:15
coderusand whole tox for harmattan/sailfish07:15
saidinesh5you mean you are writing one?07:15
coderusnot me07:16
saidinesh5oh then?07:16
coderusbut i know who is :)07:16
saidinesh5heh who?07:16
saidinesh5links please?07:16
saidinesh5i wanted to experiment with a couple of neat ideas for this one...07:17
coderusyou'll see when it will be something to show07:17
coderusits not even alpha :D07:18
saidinesh5hehe i m willing to try it out07:18
saidinesh5and hopefully contribute07:18
saidinesh5or fork }:)07:18
coderusit will be available later of course :)07:18
saidinesh5i wanted to write a client for this mainly to understand how to make proper reactive UIs07:19
saidinesh5like the same code running on desktop, android, my n9...07:19
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coderususe asynchronous actions everywhere07:20
coderusmove to threads everything other :)07:20
coderusand it will be very reactive :)07:20
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saidinesh5heh no no ... i meant the other kind of reactive07:21
saidinesh5you know same qml code adapting different layouts on tablets, mobiles, desktops07:21
saidinesh5 Aaaaah this one? :P07:22
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Jonnicoderus: thanks for the paste, I'll have a look when I have time.07:28
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coderusJonni: this one: :)07:33
coderussaidinesh5: aha07:33
coderussaidinesh5: i prefer custom native interfaces than blowing mind with flexible crossplatform adaptations07:34
saidinesh5coderus: that's actually why i wanted to experiment with this.... like to actually see how much of the UI code can be shared without affecting the user experience07:36
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coderusfor android/ios it will probably works, but not BB10/Sailfish07:39
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coderusunless you're making something simple like paint tools07:41
coderusthen you can make one interface for everything :D07:41
coderusas it should be connected with nativve platform features07:42
coderusshould not*07:42
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saidinesh5mhm.. even i m skeptical about how it would work on SailfishOS though07:46
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zuhWell, you can run Qt/QML apps in iOS and Android so if you stick to basic QML components... :)07:51
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coderusMitakuuluu v0.7.4 update. Fixed offline messages. Download:  Changelog:
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coderusgood developing mood today :)08:08
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saidinesh5coderus: can i copy the config files from one device to another device and run Persecute/Mitakuuluu on both at the same time?08:12
coderussaidinesh5: no
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saidinesh5coderus: no.. the other phone doesn't even have a simcard08:15
saidinesh5i wanted to test out Mitakuuluu on the N950, which has a sailfishOS.. while my primary phone is my N908:15
saidinesh5on which i already have whats app running08:15
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coderusyou cant use it at the same time08:28
coderusnew connection will replace old. and after 3-5 replaces your account will be blocked08:29
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Nc_Reading the log from yesterday's meeting, particularly about Bluetooth (BT) support - are there more documentation/notes available about the issues related to BT?08:31
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coderusProximity speaker patch for patchmanager:
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coderusSK_work: ping09:11
SK_workcoderus: pong09:11
coderuscan you check my patch? and i didn't understood how it supposed to work09:11
coderusit said applied, but i dont see changes in files...09:12
coderusand also it required to restart process to work09:12
SK_workcoderus: it does requires the processus to restart, I agree09:12
SK_workplease paste your patch09:12
SK_workand you have log in /var/lib/patchmanager/ausmt/ausmt.log09:12
coderuslog says success success success09:13
SK_workcoderus: do you have source ?09:13
SK_workat work, I cannot open rpm easily :d09:14
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coderusinstall it :)09:15
Stskeepsproximity speaker?09:15
Stskeepsi'm curious, tell me more09:15
coderusStskeeps: loudspeaker when device is far, ihf when close09:16
Stskeepsremember to count for headphone09:16
SK_workcoderus: :(09:16
SK_workwill do09:16
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coderusStskeeps: okay i'll check when patchmanager work :)09:19
SK_workcoderus: nope, doing it wrong :D09:20
SK_workthe patch name must be unified_diff.patch09:20
coderusyou never  said me that :D09:21
SK_workIIRC I have written this on the TMO first page09:21
coderusSK_work: can you also add process_to_kill option?09:21
SK_workcoderus: but I'm sorry09:21
SK_workindeed :)09:21
SK_workcoderus: post in TMO09:21
coderusits useless without killing processs09:21
SK_workwill keep this idea :)09:21
coderussince voicecall-ui in prestart09:21
SK_workcoderus: post on TMO please (so I don't forget :))09:22
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coderusSK_work: added09:23
SK_workcoderus: thanks :)09:23
coderusokay, thanks for everybody, will continue at  evening :)09:24
coderusStskeeps: you might be interested in also :)09:24
coderusand probably SK_work too09:24
SK_workcoderus: what's this ?09:25
coderusmaze loc PoC09:25
coderusmaze lock*09:25
SK_workcoderus: guessed it :)09:25
SK_workcoderus: <3 you are awesome09:25
coderusi'm not sure how it should work, just implemented my mind's variant09:26
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coderusif you're lazy to compile09:31
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situInteresting read
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kimmolihmm... some of them seems to be missing from phone ,at least on jolla-browser some are shown just grey box >>
specialkimmoli: the list of installed fonts is pretty minimal10:52
kaltsialsto the airplane char isn't shown correctly.. :(10:52
specialif you install a font with those characters it will be used10:52
kimmolii'd like to use OHM character Ω, but seems that it makes Label text object higher that when it is not used... kinda spoils layout when toggling (A,V. Ω), have to make Label height fixed just for that10:54
kimmolior use some magic to make it smaller there10:54
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kaltsiif can avoid fixed label height, it would be better.. what if the font size becomes adjustable?10:59
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cos-i finally tested the qwerty other half. pretty nice, but very prototypish.11:09
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Accecos-: did you buy one?11:15
cos-Acce: nope but a colleague has it11:16
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cos-looks like something i could build myself. afaik the keyboard connects directly to i2c.11:16
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Acceit uses the TI TCA8424 chip11:17
*** nodevel has joined #sailfishos11:17
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Acceand the software stack for I2C HID exists apparently11:17
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cos-i also have the parts for battery toh.. only the time to hack one together is missing11:18
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AcceI have parts for a keyboard toh now, free samples from TI and BT keyboard, just yesterday tried to edit the TOH model to print for it11:19
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Accebut unfortunately there are some problems with the official .stl, openScad wouldn't render & export it properly, even after fixing it with Meshlab..11:20
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cos-try cycling it via blender11:21
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cos-doesn't anyone have ops?11:21
*** ndvl has joined #sailfishos11:21
kimmoli_sailing_kaltsi: but i would need to change fontsize of part of label.. or add separate label for units...11:21
*** ArkkisM has joined #sailfishos11:22
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Accecos-: thanks, I'll try that11:22
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cos-i did my modifications with blener, but it's not very good for cad11:22
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cos-have you tried my 3d printer optimized versions?11:23
*** ndvl has joined #sailfishos11:23
kimmolii just remodelled that toh from scratch, makes easier to change in future for different things from sources11:23
Acceno I haven't, where can I get them?11:23
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cos-or directly to files
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Acceok, thanks for the tip, I'll try to work from these11:46
*** jjarven has joined #sailfishos11:48
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ziggy42In which folder can I find the SQLite database of my app?12:37
kimmoli_sailing_where did you put it? my is in .local/share/...12:37
kimmoli_sailing_using some defaultpaths12:38
*** gexc has joined #sailfishos12:39
*** ArtVandalae has joined #sailfishos12:39
ziggy42I didn't specify where to put my db12:40
ziggy42so ok thanks12:40
ziggy42I'll look in it12:40
ziggy42Found, thank you12:42
*** krendil has quit IRC12:54
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stephggood afternoon evertone13:45
Stskeepsgood afternoon13:45
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tbrphdeswer: ok, I'm heading north on friday. if you want to usb-host hack tomorrow, I'm game14:02
*** veskuh has quit IRC14:02
*** Mikkosssss_ has joined #sailfishos14:03
phdeswertbr: cool. Would be good to do. When and where would suit you to meet?14:04
*** Jpel has quit IRC14:05
*** Mikkosssss has quit IRC14:06
tbrphdeswer: we can meet at my place or somewhere else, have no specific preferences14:08
phdeswerI'll bring the beer and come to your place. Early afternoon?14:09
phdeswertbr: of course address and stuff in private ;)14:09
*** zhxt_ has joined #sailfishos14:13
*** zhxt_ is now known as zhxt_home14:14
*** xerpi has joined #sailfishos14:15
tbrphdeswer: works for me.14:15
tbrphdeswer: I'll supply the whisky for after the coding/testing14:15
*** TheBootroo_work has quit IRC14:15
phdeswertbr: victory whiskey sounds good :)14:17
*** Sailor6916_ has quit IRC14:17
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killSwamriding xchat ögain18:07
Stskeepswoo xchat18:07
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rubdosPutting a new microSD card in my jolla :D19:15
rubdos64 gb... They didn't have 128 :(19:15
*** itbaron has quit IRC19:22
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SpeedEvil'insert card B:'19:26
*** FlashAsparagus has joined #sailfishos19:29
rubdosSpeedEvil, insert disk 4 out of 324419:29
*** petrisi has quit IRC19:30
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*** piggz has joined #sailfishos21:35
tortoisedocahoi sailors!21:35
tortoisedoca quick question21:36
tortoisedochow to hide an application window from within qml?21:36
tortoisedocI believe there is already some signal?21:36
*** danielwf has joined #sailfishos21:36
tortoisedocor should I roll my own?21:38
tortoisedoci tried appwindow.visible = false21:38
tortoisedocbut no go21:38
lbtI don't *think* you can do it in QML21:38
kimmolithis you mean?
lbttortoisedoc: oh - I thought you meant 'hide' not minimise21:39
lbtie not show a cover21:39
tortoisedoclbt : yeah sorry, my misexplanation21:40
lbtnp - fwiw you can hide but yes, it's a lot more complex21:40
tortoisedocnogo : |21:40
tortoisedoceven with deactivate21:40
*** Loris_ has joined #sailfishos21:40
tortoisedocok second test counterfeits and is GO :)21:41
tortoisedocso something is wrong in my mousearea21:41
*** piggz has quit IRC21:46
kimmolibefore i test, does this point to /home/nemo/Pictures? QStandardPaths::PicturesLocation21:46
*** onurati has quit IRC21:50
*** RoKenn has quit IRC21:50
kimmoliit does...21:54
lbtI use  m_picDir=QStandardPaths::standardLocations(QStandardPaths::PicturesLocation).first();21:54
*** Loris_ has quit IRC21:54
*** phaeron has joined #sailfishos21:54
phaeron[PSA] Store repository going down for maintenance21:55
*** Khertan has quit IRC21:55
tortoisedocit works! :D21:58
* artemma is reading Qt 5.3 announcement. There is QML compiler now! Startup time on Sailfish is something that could benefit from improvement. Anybody knows if QML compiling can help significantly there?21:59
*** javispedro has joined #sailfishos21:59
tortoisedocartemma : static compilation is not necessarily optimized for device22:00
faenilartemma, Qt Enterprise only22:00
artemmabut then again it's my *thinking* that QML parsing is what's most slow for Sailfish app starts. Maybe top bottleneck is elsewhere22:01
*** tat has joined #sailfishos22:01
* artemma just came from a three year trip and is reading lots of announcements happened meanwhile22:02
artemmaHey, Jolla seems to [unofficially?] expect paid apps support to come in 2H 2014 Anybody knows details about it?22:03
artemmaReally coming? Just simple paid apps or also subscriptions and in-app purchases?22:04
tortoisedocoh man22:07
tortoisedocqml is great22:07
tortoisedochad forgotten how good it was in harmattan already D22:08
*** dr_ has quit IRC22:09
*** dr_ has joined #sailfishos22:10
tortoisedocok next question22:12
tortoisedocdoes silica support swipe gestures?22:12
tortoisedocI forgot to add the yet :P22:12
tortoisedocI found this22:13
tortoisedocbut is it still valid?22:13
tortoisedocit's pretty old (harmattan)22:13
artemmaI think Silica supports gestures fine (e.g. pinch zoom and rotation), but I haven't tried myself22:14
*** roboro has quit IRC22:14
* artemma would also be careful with app-specific gestures as IMHO Sailfish is already quite overloaded with [not very consistent] system-wide gestures. Throwing more gestures on top could confuse user even more22:15
tortoisedocartemma : pinch / zoom / rotation are out of scope for now, I would need only swype-style :|22:15
artemmatortoisedoc: that's exactly what I would be very careful with in Sailfish :)22:16
artemmait's already very heavy on swiping22:16
tortoisedocartemma : yes unfortunately that is the case :|22:16
tortoisedocbut one more swipe, how can it hurt ;)22:17
artemmaI think (though not verified) that it is relatively easy to grab swipe gestures from system, there is even some TouchBlocker QML element for it, but UI-wise confusion could be great22:17
artemmatortoisedoc: yeah, sometimes I think it's precisely the motto Sailfish designers used :)22:17
*** Nightmare__ has quit IRC22:17
* artemma is using Jolla heavily for half a year or so and still gets confused between swipe from edge and from screen center22:18
FireFlyartemma: "2H"?22:19
artemmaFireFly: 2nd half22:19
*** Blizzz has joined #sailfishos22:21
*** disharmonic has quit IRC22:22
artemmajust when I started a project on making Qt Apps for iOS look real native :)22:22
artemmathough watching now Qt on Android webinar and thinking that I should have started with Android probably22:23
tortoisedocsomebody has made a mouseswipe item :P22:25
*** roboro has joined #sailfishos22:26
*** killSwam has quit IRC22:26
*** cloanta has quit IRC22:27
phaeron[PSA] store repo update done22:33
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC22:34
*** Blizzz has quit IRC22:37
* artemma found a lo-o-ong thread in mailing list on Filip leaving Jolla community due to a lot of disappointment in reaction to what he cares about.. oh22:41
artemmalooks like a lot of things were happening while i was out :/22:41
tortoisedocyou missed the whole story?22:44
tortoisedochave a nice read :)22:45
*** tortoisedoc has quit IRC22:45
*** arcean has quit IRC22:46
artemmanah, not going to read it. Somebody got disappointed about Jolla direction too much. Well, happens22:48
phaeronwas it because of lack of python support ?22:49
*** euroelessar has quit IRC22:50
*** FlashAsparagus has quit IRC22:50
*** jstaniek has quit IRC22:50
artemmaphaeron: I am not into reading whole story anyway. And I am not sure it matters22:51
artemmawhen somebody's values clash hard with somebody else's values.. well, that happens22:51
phaeronartemma:  ok no problems , was just a general question , not to you specifically :)22:51
artemmaI am not the best person to answer22:52
faenilwell, it escalates when it reaches this kind of tones22:53
artemmabeing at a startup myself I know it's tough to make decisions there and when you go as public as Jolla, many people are likely to be disappointed22:53
artemmaheck, I myself am not happy about many things in Jolla, but it's not me who is paying the bills. And the guys did quite many things well as well22:53
artemmaoh, I guess I should stop discussing it at all then. Gets too personal and I don't know people involved much anyway. Except recalling that al of them seem to be full of good intentions22:55
artemmaBack to actual Sailfish-Jolla topics: does anybody has a hint on Jolla sales numbers?22:57
artemmaor users numbers or something like this22:57
* artemma is trying to guesstimate the apps market size22:58
faenilartemma, difficult to get a hint about that :)22:58
faenilmy opinion is that it's not going *that* well, but it's not going terribly bad22:58
artemmait was quite easy to see before Jolla replaced exact Android downloads counter with 10000+ :)22:59
* artemma is looking for at least a semi-commercial reason to stay in Sailfish world, but can't quite see it :/22:59
artemmaWell, maybe I should reevaluate things and be clear it's just a hobby for fun23:00
*** dabb has quit IRC23:01
faenilartemma, trying to make money with ads atm?23:01
artemmafaenil: not really. Thinking about *any* biz model actually. And ads are least favorite of mine as that23:02
*** dabb has joined #sailfishos23:02
artemmathat's paying for reducing pain23:02
faenilartemma, yeah but if you can't *sell* anything23:02
faenilhow are you supposed to make money23:02
* artemma is in a big favor of subscriptions. Especially micro-subscriptions. IMHO it is the best incentive for devs to continue developing the same app23:03
faenilyeah but how do you do that in sailfish apps?23:04
faenildo you have a custom platform?23:04
artemmafaenil: if Jolla sales would be high enough for some general services companies to be interested in "a client for Sailfish OS too, please", there could be contractual opportunities23:04
*** AlmAck has quit IRC23:04
faenilartemma, ah I see23:04
artemmasay, if GetPocket or Instagram or Twitter or whatever could be interested in covering Jolla as well23:04
artemmaand then paid apps are supposed to be possible in 201423:05
faeniltime to go to bed, see you people o/23:05
faenilartemma, yeah, 2h :)23:05
artemmaso just guessing now if it will be any real even for ice cream money23:05
*** stephg_j has joined #sailfishos23:05
faenilartemma, eheh23:05
stephg_jweird tweetian won't launch23:05
*** remarc has quit IRC23:05
*** tat has quit IRC23:08
stephg_jand yet it launches from the command line23:10
stephg_joops no segfault23:10
*** Kallegro has joined #sailfishos23:10
*** rashm2k has quit IRC23:13
*** danielwf has quit IRC23:14
artemmastephg_j: by command line I guess you mean /usr/bin/harbour-tweetian I don't think it's how Lipstick launches apps - it uses booster that might be failing23:14
stephg_jyeah, on a train and it will launch by gdb via fingerterm23:14
stephg_jbut obvs now wont segfault :)23:14
stephg_jwell one more intersting thing before I go into the acary dark park23:18
stephg_jlaunching it via gdb the fonts do the aame thing as apps do (e.g. foursail) whrn launched via the sdk23:18
stephg_jwith the fonts in the pulley menu23:19
sledgesartemma: help pushing flattr (et al.) idea to jolla then23:22
sledgeswe had discussion about paid store apps in last community meeting yesterday23:22
artemmasledges: something like flattr could work, though not sure if Jolla would like to partner with exactly flattr23:23
artemmahmm, I was reading some meeting logs now, but missed yesterdays meeting maybe :/23:23
sledgesworth a try23:23
artemmaI do think though that not many people support subscriptions point of view23:23
artemmaand, well, just-any-kind-of-payment would already be better than nothing. And simple paid apps are probably simplest possible thing23:24
artemmasubscription and in=app purchases could be added later23:24
sledgesany-kind-of-pay you mean a donate button?23:24
sledgesfor instance23:24
sledgesok, i let you read logs ;)23:25
* sledges offs to sleep 2880023:25
artemmaI was thinking more of just-pay-me-$2-for-app, but if donation is easier, that could be it23:25
sledgesi guess something's in a way with that in .fi..23:26
artemmabad for finnish devs as accepting donations here is a trouble, but for rest of the world it could be ok23:26
sledgesiekku mentioned23:26
* artemma can't see logs in mailing list :/23:26
*** danielwf has joined #sailfishos23:26
artemmasledges: thanks23:29
artemmaah, I was reading summary for it: was just one or two lines :)23:29
*** stephg_j has quit IRC23:33
* artemma just replied to mailing list with a wish for long time try-before-you-buy and [micro-]subscriptions later23:33
*** danielwf has quit IRC23:34
*** stephg_j has joined #sailfishos23:35
*** stephg_j has quit IRC23:35
*** olafh has quit IRC23:35
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*** tat_ has joined #sailfishos23:58

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