Wednesday, 2014-06-11

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tbrdear FSM, I wish there would be a way to downvote the "ZOMG FIX THIS NAO" comment spammers on TJC into oblivion04:22
Stskeepswouldn't you just go for being able to electrocute people over the internet?04:23
* Stskeeps is in a bit of tired mood: 4.30am, 'hey, why aren't you guys awake' from kiddo.. not directly said so but slapping my face with his hand certainly did the trick..04:26
tbrnah, although in the far out people PITFP over IP would be nice (Punch in the face protocol)04:26
tbrit's always the same, update arrives, 20 spam mails with people decrying that $favourite pet peeve feature was not implemented yet (from 3-4 tickets mind you, because everyone needs to weigh in, I could live with _ONE_ comment)04:27
tbroh and then people editing their comments 5 times, each time producing f*!@#$ spam04:28
Stskeepsi sometimes wonder what happened to being grateful about features.. :P04:28
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kempeanyone know of any resorces for integrating with the calendar and notifications, or maybe there is no api availible for that?05:55
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chriadamkempe: they're not open for harbour apps, but the calendar api is mkcal, and the notifications api is nemo-notifications06:02
chriadamsee eg
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kempechriadam: ok thanks. so you are not allowed to use them if you want your app in harbour?06:03
chriadamcurrently, that is correct06:04
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kempeok to bad. but will check out the code anyway06:04
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iekkukempe, as told at community meeting, we are planning to open beta channel to store, after that unstable APIs are also allowed06:46
iekkubut only to beta channel.06:46
locusfargh completely missed the community meeting06:47
Nicd-iekku: YES! \o/06:47
Nicd-one question, how did HalfTrail get on the store? it uses some positioning. or is there an allowed positioning api already?06:47
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* iekku tries to remember what was the case06:48
iekkuNicd-, i will come back to you once i'm at office, need to do some research06:49
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iekkuNicd-, btw, we don't have eta for beta channel, yet06:50
Nicd-I know, but it's still great news06:51
Acceeither it uses a qrc file, or c++ api so the harbour QA script did not detect it? or are you enforcing usage of some stuff on a deeper level06:52
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amccarthyI could be accessing Geoclue directly via DBus.07:00
kempeiekku: ok, I like that idee07:01
FireFlytbr: I agree :\ though it'd help if "minor edit" was checked by default on Together (or at least if there were an option to enable that)07:09
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stephgmorning guys07:11
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tbrFireFly: It's hard, sometimes it might be helpful to know about minor edits, but most of it so far is "spam"07:21
tbrIt might help if it would ignore whitespace changes and zero changes and not send.07:21
tbrI suspect people click edit and then submit instead of cancelling07:22
FireFlyI'm used to being able to make quick edits on sites after posting, so together's system catches me a bit off-guard07:22
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iekkuNicd-, ah, that was the case, using DBus07:26
iekkuas amccarthy said07:26
elenrilso, is there a public repo with the kernel source now?07:28
elenrilor it's still on request only07:28
tbrelenril: I keep requesting every published release and jope gives it to me or pushes it to
pp too, but not updated yet07:30
elenrilnice, thanks07:30
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elenrila bit sad there's still no offical tree on github or somewhere07:30
Stskeepsyeah, i haven't generated the newest one as i'm backlogged on other releases atm..07:33
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elenrilis it still the android tree? or you switched to mainline07:36
Stskeepsstill the android tree but with updates merged07:36
tbrthe kernel will stay the frankenkernel07:36
tbryou can't migrate a product to mainline07:37
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tbror you could, but it would take years and an army of people07:37
tbrit's the "beauty of shipping linux products" :-/07:37
elenrilwell you don't have to port all the android changes07:38
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elenrili suppose the userspace blobs depend on this binder thingy07:39
elenriland a couple drivers would need to be ported07:39
elenrilbut that shouldn't be _that_ hard07:39
elenril(famous last words)07:39
tbrelenril: I haven't tried to diff it against mainline, but I expect it to be like all the other vendor kernels that I've looked at: A gazillion of SoC vendor + ODM + OEM patches...07:40
tbrbut that was the case with the kernels that I looked at before07:40
tbrmost of the time you'll end up with: broken power management07:41
tbrbroken graphics07:41
tbrbroken CMT (cellular)07:41
tbrit's sad07:41
elenrilindeed it is07:43
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elenrili just managed to switch one of my arm boards from a vendor crap to mainline -- turns out all those patches were either merged or not needed all that mucch07:44
elenrilbut i suppose the situation is more complicated here07:44
elenrilStskeeps: are those not in mainline in some form?07:44
elenrilit think i heard about them getting merged07:44
tbrqualcomm is not really an upstreaming hero07:45
elenrilqualcomm is the spawn of devil you mean07:45
Stskeepsi consider it a miracle we were even able to update to an updated 3.4.*07:45
stephgisn't working miracles your job? ;)07:46
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Stskeepswell, yes07:46
elenrildoes the bootloader allow to easily switch between multiple kernels?07:46
Stskeepswell, if you unlock the bootloader through recovery, it's a matter of boot images07:47
elenrilwell yes, but dding images to the bootpartition feels rather risky07:47
elenrili'd prefer to not be doing that all the time07:47
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elenrilcan't it load kernels from e.g. an sdcard?07:47
tbrafter unlocking you should be able to fastboot from usb?07:48
elenrilhmm right, i should try that again07:49
* tbr needs to redo his devices from scratch and in that process also unlock them07:49
elenrilcould get it to work the last time07:49
tbrIIRC you need to specify something manually07:49
Stskeepstbr: yeah; of course all lock code protection goes out the window07:49
tbrStskeeps: obviously07:49
Stskeepsbut you can relock.07:49
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elenrilyes, i think i unlocked and then relocked a couple months ago07:50
tbrI don't expect to need a lock code from next week on07:50
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dr_gogeta86good morning guys08:08
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leszekI have a problem with mousearea. DoubleClick signal seems not to be catched. At least nothing happens when I doubletap on a mousearea. Maybe the doubleclick delay is set too short how can this be changed ?08:35
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coderusleszek: sounds like some magic :D09:08
coderusSK_work: ping09:09
SK_workcoderus: pong09:09
coderusSK_work: is patcchmanager fixed for saapunki? i saw some comments about messing dependencies09:09
SK_workcoderus: yes, it was openrepos problem :D09:10
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SK_workI was using openrepos wrong :D09:10
leszekcoderus: yeah ok changed it differently. Now you need to pressandhold long on a tab in webcat and swipe up to close it then :P09:10
coderusSK_work: okay, i'll try to make folder icons patch today then09:10
coderusand proximity speaker changer too09:11
SK_workcoderus: :)09:12
coderusbtw, is MGConfItem was changed to dconf too in saapunki release?09:13
chem|stcan anyone help me out with mounting a subvolume from sdcard to /data/media with systemd?09:13
coderuschem|st: you mean to android?09:14
chem|stkind off,09:14
coderusisn't it better to mount bind foler to destination?09:15
chem|stI need to mount it before aliendalvik starts to have the fused mount in $home09:15
chem|stcoderus: wont work and bindmounting means I need to mount it somewhere and then bindmount it again...09:15
coderussdcard have mount delay?09:15
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chem|styes it waits for tracker to be there09:16
tortoisedocahoi sailors!09:16
tortoisedocthanks again for this awesome update! :)09:16
coderuschem|st: but what about fstab?09:16
coderusit's not working in jolla?09:16
chem|stSK_work: seems your settings patch does not work with me, if patched I do not have any sideswipes anymore09:17
SK_workchem|st: hum ? it's the ambience control center that don't work09:17
SK_workknown issue09:17
chem|stcoderus: I think fstab is generated isn't it09:17
chem|stSK_work: ah ok09:17
coderuschem|st: i'm just guessing now09:18
chem|stSK_work: is the 5 in a row patch something easy? I'd like to have it without having the whole patchmanager09:18
chem|stcoderus: are you familiar with systemd?09:19
SK_workchem|st: why ?09:19
coderuschem|st: no :)09:19
SK_workpatchmanager provides safety09:19
coderusSK_work: which safety? :)09:20
chem|stwell it wont let me restart the services from inside after a first restart09:20
chem|stisn't all of it qml?09:20
coderuschem|st: qml09:21
SK_workcoderus: well, backups, logs09:21
coderusin saapunki lipstick qml files are in /usr/share/lipstick-jolla-home-qt5/qml/09:21
chem|stSK_work: logs and backups are no safety measure09:21
coderuschem|st: and you can edit it as you wish09:21
chem|stwhat do backups help you if you are unable to recover them?!09:21
SK_workchem|st: well, they could be if I finished porting ausmt features09:21
SK_worklike the full restore system09:21
SK_workchem|st: :D I know09:21
coderusSK_work: if patchmanager wont close after lipstick restart that be a safetu feature :)09:22
SK_workcoderus: haha, this cannot happen easily :D09:22
coderusSK_work: you should patch lipstick and embed patchmanager recovery into SystemWindow :)09:23
SK_workcoderus: :D09:23
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chem|stuh nice maps just crashed while having a fix 300m off, restarting and it is 12m... stupid thing09:23
coderusSK_work: right after restarting lipstick it should pop and ask user iff everything displayed correctly? No button will revert patch and restart lipstick, if it doesnt help next No answer will restore lipstick.09:24
SK_workcoderus: hum ...09:24
SK_workcan think about it09:24
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tortoisedocSK_work : i support coderus suggestion (for patchmanager within lipstick)09:28
tortoisedochow to deactivate a window from c++?09:31
coderusSK_work: i hope jolla removed resoures from qml because of your patchmanager :)09:31
coderustortoisedoc: view.hide() ?09:31
tortoisedocqml : window,dectivate() -> does the trick09:31
tortoisedoccoderus : nope09:32
tortoisedocwont bring window back on raise if you use hide :|'09:32
tortoisedocfrom qml:obj.deactivarte() -> from c++:obj.raise() OK09:32
tortoisedocfrom c++:obj.hide() -> from c++:obj.raise() NO09:33
coderusview.lower() then09:33
tortoisedoclower? XD09:33
coderusits opposite  for raise09:33
* tortoisedoc loves cryptic Qt function names09:34
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chem|sthow do I tell a .service that it must not be stopped if another is still active09:39
chem|stbut not the other way round09:40
tortoisedocthank you coderus for the suggestion, still fighting with it tho ;|09:41
coderustortoisedoc: not working?09:41
tortoisedocnope :|09:42
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leszekok my jolla store on the phone seems to work again. But bummer I don't see new apps09:49
*** artemma has joined #sailfishos09:49
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tortoisedocchem|st : make custom stop method and call that instead of stop?09:52
*** plundstr has joined #sailfishos09:52
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coderustortoisedoc: just tested and view.lower() works09:57
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*** Lipevakala_ has joined #sailfishos10:02
chem|sttortoisedoc: I do not get it to start in the first place^^10:03
mike7b4_on_x230hi, can someone tell me what I should add to qmake pro file to get dbus dependies? QT+=dbus just throws linking errors.10:03
*** tat has quit IRC10:03
* mike7b4_on_x230 whoops spelling error in my profile Qt+ => QT+= fixed it...10:05
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leszekcan someone with a running jolla store just check if you can find my newest app turbo-readr ? Even though it is approved I can't seem to find it and I am not sure if it is my jolla store bug or it wasn't uploaded to the store10:25
Stskeepsiekku: ^10:25
*** leinir has quit IRC10:26
*** leinir_ has joined #sailfishos10:26
jokke_leszek: no luck10:27
leszekah ok hmm... harbour shows me it is approved but not published yet. It was approved 2 days ago. Is this normal ?10:28
jokke_I have no idea10:30
*** leinir_ is now known as leinir10:30
leszekI never had this before with my other apps. Lets wait another day10:31
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*** Pat_o has joined #sailfishos10:37
kkruglovis there any date or plans for next update of sailfish for nexus 4?10:39
Stskeepskkruglov: "soon"10:39
iekkuleszek, is it android app?10:39
Stskeepskkruglov: we're doing testing right now10:39
*** fracting has quit IRC10:39
kkruglovokay, soon sounds fine ;)10:40
leszekiekku: no its native10:40
iekkuleszek, hmmm, there seems to be something wrong with our store10:41
iekkuleszek, thanks for pinging in here, i will contact our server side sailors immediately10:41
leszekok thx ;)10:41
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*** nh1402 has joined #sailfishos10:56
* artemma has heard some rumors about "Sailfish launcher for Android". Is it something that you will be able to run on Android? And launch what with it? Android apps or Sailfish apps will be somehow runnable on Android too?11:01
*** Sailor6916_ has quit IRC11:02
stephgartemma: was announced at mwc11:02
Nicd-I think it's just a GUI demo for Android11:03
stephgthink it's just an android launcher that looks like sailfish11:03
Nicd-to show what Sailfish would look like11:03
stephgnot apps11:03
nh1402that should give you a better idea of what the sailfish launcher for android can do11:04
artemmabut.. what can you demo with just a launcher? There's like nothing sailfish related really. You can't even swipe apps away11:04
*** Sailor6916_ has joined #sailfishos11:05
* artemma is watching video11:05
Nicd-they're actually doing the multitasking swipes in the video11:05
stephgiirc someone said it'd be available Q2 this year11:05
stephgaka 'soon' ;)11:06
nh1402I heard it was late June11:06
* artemma hoped for real sailfishos apps compilable for it11:06
*** b0bben has joined #sailfishos11:06
artemmaah, they have swipe to task manager indeed11:06
nh1402thats not what an android launcher does11:06
artemmait's a pity, I hoped sailfish Silica and middleware could be compiled to run on top of android11:07
artemmat least on armv711:07
*** wazd_ has joined #sailfishos11:08
nh1402its for people to get used to the main Sailfish OS, so they can install Sailfish OS on to their Android Device once the HADK is available11:08
nh1402where the HADK is said to be released "soon", but if the launcher is coming in June, we won't see the HADK for a while, especially since the Jolla team will be taking a well deserved break throughout July.11:10
Stskeepsah, not exactly11:10
Stskeepslauncher isn't related to hadk whatsoever11:10
*** tat has joined #sailfishos11:10
Stskeepstwo different teams11:10
*** Yaniel^ has joined #sailfishos11:11
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*** leinir_ has joined #sailfishos11:14
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nh1402speaking of which, the Nexus 5 port of Sailfish is coming along nicely, according to the libhybris table, it looks like it has almost more things working than the Nexus 4 now11:15
*** kelvan has joined #sailfishos11:15
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Stskeepsyeah, but not released11:17
*** situ has quit IRC11:17
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nh1402does that mean more people are working on the Nexus 5 than the Nexus 4, or just the Nexus 5 seems to cooperate more11:17
*** simbrown has quit IRC11:18
*** jjarven has joined #sailfishos11:19
nh1402fair enough, i know how it feels when an app or something should work, when it doesn't. Everything is there, and its not missing anything, no mistakes, but it still refuses to work11:19
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*** leinir_ has quit IRC11:20
*** kelvan has joined #sailfishos11:20
Stskeepsyeah.. well, the issue is always about focus on bugs and issues etc..11:20
Stskeepswe also do images, etc11:20
*** goroboro has joined #sailfishos11:20
*** roboro has quit IRC11:20
*** jokke_ has quit IRC11:20
nh1402yeah there is a lot more to it11:22
*** Sail0r has joined #sailfishos11:22
*** jokke_ has joined #sailfishos11:23
nh1402are there any conferences in the UK for Sailfish development?11:23
*** kunev has quit IRC11:24
stephgconferences no but there's a meetup on the 22nd of June in London11:24
stephg(think it's the 22nd)11:24
Stskeepshmm maybe xdacon later on this year, too11:25
*** Tofe|Away is now known as Tofe11:25
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nh1402thank you11:27
*** tekojo has joined #sailfishos11:27
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wazd_heya all! :)11:35
*** admiral0 has quit IRC11:36
*** admiral0 has joined #sailfishos11:36
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chem|stupdated how-to, please someone with systemd expertise look at it!
*** __pv_ has quit IRC12:15
*** arnbak has joined #sailfishos12:15
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dr_gogeta86anyone here with proxy issue12:56
*** kelvan has joined #sailfishos12:57
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*** leinir_ has joined #sailfishos12:58
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*** jstaniek__ is now known as jstaniek13:08
coderusSK_work: why "Restart preloaded services" can be unavailable?13:10
*** Shaan7 has joined #sailfishos13:10
*** Shaan7 has quit IRC13:10
*** Shaan7 has joined #sailfishos13:10
coderuschem|st: succeded? nice :)13:12
*** Blizzzek has joined #sailfishos13:14
*** b0bben has joined #sailfishos13:14
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Sceltcoderus: son, you are a hacker13:27
*** netzvieh has quit IRC13:27
*** Shaan7 has quit IRC13:30
SK_workcoderus: merge it :)13:33
coderusSK_work: i didn't tested it with other homescreen patches13:33
*** netzvieh has joined #sailfishos13:35
coderusSK_work: it will break most ot homescreen patches :)13:35
*** meetingcpp has joined #sailfishos13:39
*** merlin1991 has quit IRC13:39
coderusSK_work: and i'm not using other patches and won't test and change it :)13:39
Sceltdoes patchmanager install any patches to sailfish or does it, as I assume, only manage the patches?13:40
*** merlin1991 has joined #sailfishos13:40
*** merlin1991 has quit IRC13:40
*** merlin1991 has joined #sailfishos13:40
coderusScelt: patchmanager is just application for applying patches :)13:41
Sceltcoderus: so if I want your folder icons, I could install patchmanager and apply only that?13:41
SK_workcoderus: I think it won't be applicable13:42
SK_workyou seems to have use git diff13:42
coderusScelt: sure13:42
coderusSK_work: i tested it already13:42
coderusSK_work: i'm always using diff for making patches13:42
SK_workcoderus: ah ?13:43
SK_workmind if I try to merge your patch to advanced patch (at some point)13:44
SK_workright now, I don't have much time13:44
SK_workmaybe during we13:44
*** Shaan7 has joined #sailfishos13:44
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*** gabriel9|work has joined #sailfishos14:34
chem|stcoderus: well succeded is different^^14:36
*** fracting has joined #sailfishos14:36
chem|stI have no idea how to get that done properly, but this is a way that works ootb14:37
*** tat has quit IRC14:40
*** tat has joined #sailfishos14:40
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*** tat has joined #sailfishos14:47
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Naraneknow that the bluetooth HID is supported I'm thinking that changing the keyboard mapping shouldn't be that much of a challenge with developer mode enabled15:29
Naranekbut.. my first few tries didn't work out. any hints? :)15:29
*** RobJanc has quit IRC15:30
leszekNaranek: I think its a driver issue. But I am not sure. So nothing easy to fix15:31
*** xruxa is now known as xruxa_away15:32
Naranekyeah.. it's just that usually changing layouts has been pretty trivial, so I'm just wondering why it would be so hard this time.15:35
*** Sail0r has joined #sailfishos15:37
*** Sleipnir has quit IRC15:39
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*** master_of_master has joined #sailfishos15:50
TMavicaany news of store problem?15:52
TMavicawrong channel15:53
*** jmlich has quit IRC15:54
*** master_of_master has quit IRC15:55
*** master_of_master has joined #sailfishos15:55
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locusfI have a problem with a TextArea which doesn't automatically scroll down its contents when writing, could someone give me a hint how to fix it? The QML source is here:
*** s1gk1ll has quit IRC16:01
locusfsolved it, it was the contentHeight set to the area column instead of childrenrect16:05
*** Sequenced has joined #sailfishos16:05
*** arnbak has joined #sailfishos16:07
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*** s1gk1ll has joined #sailfishos16:08
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*** b0bben has quit IRC16:22
rusty88hello everyone, any news about the hardware adaptation kit?16:22
*** Nc_ has quit IRC16:23
Stskeepsi need to do some finishing touches then if we're lucky, it may come out with next n4 image..16:24
rusty88ok  thank you :) good to hear.. very anxious to try it16:25
Stskeepswhat device?16:25
rusty88galaxy s3 i930016:25
rusty88will i have problems?16:27
Stskeepsprolly not16:28
rusty88awesome :)16:28
*** sclukey has joined #sailfishos16:30
*** Pat_o has quit IRC16:31
*** rusty88 has quit IRC16:37
*** jjanvier has quit IRC16:39
*** scharel_ has joined #sailfishos16:46
* wazd_ 've stretched a leg after 2 hours of bicycle wheelie practice and gets back to app dev16:46
*** scharel has quit IRC16:46
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*** artemma has quit IRC17:00
chem|stso does anyone have a suggestion for the sdcard service?17:10
*** fracting has joined #sailfishos17:10
chem|stthis could actually something been done by jolla, have the have check for an android named partition and mount it if a flag in settings allows it...17:11
chem|stor alike17:12
*** arnbak has quit IRC17:17
Turskichem|st: um... what?17:18
*** Nc_ has joined #sailfishos17:21
tatis there anywhere a little docu concerning the new webdav in sailfishos, i am trying to sync to my calendar, sofar i could only add events from my jolla, when i delete them in owncloud jolla doesn#t sync that ?17:22
*** fracting has quit IRC17:24
*** Eismann has joined #sailfishos17:28
*** wazd_ has quit IRC17:36
*** fracting has joined #sailfishos17:37
*** arnbak has joined #sailfishos17:39
*** tanty is now known as tanty_off17:42
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*** Pat_o has joined #sailfishos17:43
*** gigetoo has quit IRC17:43
*** gigetoo has joined #sailfishos17:44
*** SK_work has quit IRC17:45
chem|stTurski: mounting an android partition/subvolume from sdcard to /data/media17:45
Turskichem|st: why don't you just create a symlink?17:46
chem|stTurski: wont work as /data/media gets fused by myriad17:46
chem|stand having a proper service or mount from systemd is way more userfriendly17:47
Turskichem|st: well, create the symlink under /home/nemo/android_storage/?17:49
Turskiactually i don't know how android apps use /data/media...17:50
chem|stTurski: aliendalvik.service fuses /data/media as vfat to ~/android_storage17:52
*** ejjoman has joined #sailfishos17:54
chem|stwhat I did is I wrote a systemd.service keeping all this in mind, needs to wait till there is actually a fs mounted and aliendalvik is not started and if it gets stopped it stops aliendalvik, it listens for stopping of mount-sd@mmcbkl1 so if you pull the sd it gets stopped... and so on17:54
chem|stvfat does not know what a symlink is does it?17:55
Turskiit doesn't need to17:55
Turskisince there's fuse17:55
Turskii believe...17:55
chem|stmy way I do not need to take care of anything on that side17:56
chem|stI just need to make sure to mount it before it gets fused17:56
*** rashm2k has joined #sailfishos17:57
*** cameris has joined #sailfishos17:58
*** marxistvegan has quit IRC17:58
camerishi, does anyone have an example for reordering items in a listview per drag and drop?17:59
*** kempe has joined #sailfishos18:01
*** fracting has quit IRC18:06
*** tat has quit IRC18:08
*** danielwf has joined #sailfishos18:08
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*** marxistvegan has joined #sailfishos18:17
*** ejjoman has joined #sailfishos18:17
*** rashm2k has quit IRC18:22
coderuscameris: its not a native touch devices feature18:23
coderusits native for desktop, but not for QtQuick18:24
*** ejjoman has quit IRC18:24
*** phdeswer has joined #sailfishos18:26
*** onurati has joined #sailfishos18:30
*** tat has joined #sailfishos18:32
*** sclukey has quit IRC18:33
camerishmm. thx coderus. will have to find a way to make it work.18:37
coderuscameris: better make some controls for that18:38
coderusup/down buttons maybe18:38
*** autoprime1 has quit IRC18:39
*** smokex has quit IRC18:39
coderusi can't find any way to detect if 3.5" jack connected. only listening socket. There are no api for that purpose, really?18:40
*** autoprime1 has joined #sailfishos18:40
jake9xxpropably not exposed, but surely you can listen to udev or alike for it?18:41
*** smokex has joined #sailfishos18:41
coderusi need something lite for voicecall ui patch18:41
*** ejjoman has joined #sailfishos18:42
coderusis Silica.private DBusInterface only for making calls, it can't receive signals?18:43
coderusseems so... :(18:43
*** disharmonic has quit IRC18:44
*** kempe has quit IRC18:45
jake9xxw00t: ^18:46
specialcoderus: nemo-qml-plugin-dbus18:46
specialthe Silica.Private code is deprecated, I thought it was gone18:46
specialthat one can receive signals.18:47
coderusspecial: thanks :)18:48
*** AlmAck has joined #sailfishos18:51
specialmaybe when everyone is gone in july I'll remove it from silica and see what breaks :>18:52
*** cameris has quit IRC18:55
*** furikku has quit IRC18:55
jake9xx'hotfix on top of u7' while release guys are on vacation ;)18:57
*** arcean has joined #sailfishos18:57
*** tat has quit IRC18:58
*** leszek has quit IRC18:59
sledgesthat'd be an awesome stunt to pull of :))19:00
squiddis my battery going to die if I use prefer 4g?19:03
*** plfiorini has joined #sailfishos19:05
*** remarc has joined #sailfishos19:06
*** xmlich02 has joined #sailfishos19:10
*** tat has joined #sailfishos19:10
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kimmolijake9xx: have success in your new course !19:14
*** artemma has joined #sailfishos19:19
*** artemma_ has joined #sailfishos19:20
*** artemma has quit IRC19:21
*** tat has quit IRC19:21
*** Nichope has joined #sailfishos19:31
jake9xxkimmoli: tnx! if you need special help on the sdk I can assist until it evolves beyond my knowledge :)19:31
*** RoKenn has joined #sailfishos19:31
*** Finlod has quit IRC19:32
coderushelp me conenct to bus signal with signature uint32, array19:32
coderuswhich Qt types should i use?19:33
coderusi'm stupid dumbing here :D19:33
specialwith QDBusInterface or Qt?19:33
specialwith nemo's DBusInterface or Qt19:33
specialdbus au -> QList<unsigned> should work19:34
coderustrying to catch this one:
coderusspecial: now trying with Qt19:36
coderusSIGNAL(onAudioActions(uint,QVariantList)) works19:38
coderusnow need to translate it to QML QDBusInterface :D19:38
*** jjarven has quit IRC19:38
*** mulin0 has joined #sailfishos19:39
*** jstaniek has joined #sailfishos19:40
*** Sir_herrbatka has quit IRC19:40
*** mulin0 has quit IRC19:42
specialcoderus: iirc, you just set signalsEnabled: true and make a signal of the DBusInterface item with the same name and number of parameters19:42
coderusspecial: help? :)19:42
coderusspecial: <- this doesnt work19:43
speciallet's see if there are any OSS examples19:43
coderusspecial: <- this work19:43
coderusspecial: there is /usr/share/voicecall-ui-jolla/qml/ota/OtaNotification.qml using DBusInterface with signals19:44
specialcoderus: oh, a function, not a signal, apparently19:44
coderusfunction? really?19:44
*** Sir_herrbatka has joined #sailfishos19:46
coderustried both in different configuration, not working19:48
*** disharmonic has joined #sailfishos19:50
specialsignalsEnabled: true and a function with the same name as the signal?19:50
*** meetingcpp has quit IRC19:52
*** tortoisedoc has joined #sailfishos19:52
coderusspecial: tried different signal, works, but bot this one :)19:56
specialdoes the other one perhaps not have an underscore in the name?19:57
*** jjarven has joined #sailfishos19:57
Nightmare__coderus: if i hide a contact in mitä, how do i get him back? :D19:57
tortoisedocis there a way to unlock the lockscreen programmatically?19:58
coderusspecial: yup19:59
coderusNightmare__: shake phone20:00
coderustortoisedoc: there is should be some dbus20:00
*** wazd has joined #sailfishos20:00
tortoisedoccoderus : could be in nemo lipstick code?20:00
* special whispers: dbus-monitor --system20:01
coderustortoisedoc: sure20:03
coderusspecial: lipstick in session bus, not system20:03
coderusbut with system bus you can unlock phone via mce, i hope20:03
specialmonitoring the session bus wouldn't show you traffic to mce20:04
tortoisedocspecial , coderus: thanks20:04
tortoisedocyes, I connected to the system bus lock signa file20:04
special(but note that screwing with locking and screen blanking is fairly likely to break something)20:04
tortoisedoc*signal fine20:04
*** autoprime1 is now known as djkinetic20:06
tortoisedocits really weird20:06
tortoisedocI have my window20:06
tortoisedocI can display it on lock screen20:06
tortoisedocbut only the first time :<20:06
*** dwangoAC is now known as AC20:06
tortoisedoc(with show)20:06
tortoisedocthen after that, raise does not work anymore20:07
tortoisedocsame code used to work if window is not on lock screen20:07
tortoisedocis there some debugging utility for window states?20:08
tortoisedocsomething similar to xwininfo20:08
coderusmcetool -U && mcetool -k unlocked20:08
coderustortoisedoc: there is wayland...20:09
tortoisedoccoderus : yes I know, that is why I wanted to know if something SIMILAR to xwininfo exists (for wayland) :)20:09
coderuswayland surfaces :)20:10
coderusno id ont know20:10
*** xmlich02 has quit IRC20:10
coderusmy brain is not working anymore today :)20:10
*** lainwir3d has joined #sailfishos20:11
*** lainwir3d has joined #sailfishos20:11
*** Nc_ has quit IRC20:14
tortoisedoccoderus : same :D20:15
*** zoldyck has quit IRC20:16
tortoisedocspecial : do you know of any tools for debugging wayland surface states?20:16
specialset WAYLAND_DEBUG=1 in app environment20:16
*** zoldyck has joined #sailfishos20:17
*** tortoisedoc has quit IRC20:20
*** xerpi has joined #sailfishos20:22
*** Sequenced has quit IRC20:23
*** tortoisedoc has joined #sailfishos20:24
*** wazd has quit IRC20:24
*** Nightmare__ has quit IRC20:29
tortoisedocgrr stupid irc20:30
*** krendil has joined #sailfishos20:32
*** lainwir3d has quit IRC20:35
*** Sir_herrbatka has quit IRC20:35
*** Morpog_PC has quit IRC20:37
giucamtortoisedoc: what are you trying to do?20:38
*** paju has quit IRC20:39
*** Dotti has quit IRC20:39
*** kontio has quit IRC20:39
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tortoisedocgiucam : display a window on lockscreen20:42
*** cxl000 has joined #sailfishos20:42
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tortoisedocgiucam : it works, but only the first time20:42
tortoisedocgiucam : display a window on lockscreen20:42
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giucamtortoisedoc: how do you display a window in the lockscreen in the first place? are you modifying lipstick's qml?20:44
tortoisedocgiucam : no20:44
tortoisedoci just hook the lock signal via dbus20:45
tortoisedocand display / hide accordingly20:45
giucaminteresting. that sounds like a bug20:45
giucami.e. it shouldn't work20:45
giucamwell, maybe not...20:45
tortoisedocit works20:46
tortoisedocbut only the first time20:46
tortoisedocafter I hide the window it doesnt re-show :|20:46
giucamyou could try calling destroy() on the QWindow instead of just hide()20:47
tortoisedocyeah, I could20:47
tortoisedocbut that's kind of hardcore20:47
tortoisedocgiucam: do you know if there is some tool available to debug wayland surface status'es?20:50
tortoisedoc(i assume if it exists it's only on server side)20:50
giucam WAYLAND_DEBUG=1 is all there is, both client and server side20:50
tortoisedocokkam's razor strikes again :)20:51
giucamthe culprit is probably that on the first show wl_surface/wl_shell_surfaces and friends are created, and hiding them does not destroy them20:51
giucamso the next show lipstick doesn't get a new surface, but a new buffer on an old one20:52
giucamso it doesn't raise it20:52
giucambtw, notice that in WAYLAND_DEBUG output the lines with -> go out from that end to the other end, the ones without are incoming20:53
tortoisedocah wl_surface & wl_shell_surface's are destroyed upon hiding them?20:54
giucamnotice the "not" in my message above ;)20:54
tortoisedocand hiding them does not destroy them -> so hiding is supposed to destroy them or not? :P20:55
giucamit doesn't, and it's not supposed to20:56
giucamso that's the difference between the first show and the later ones20:56
giucamthe first show has new wl_surface20:56
giucamthe other ones don't20:56
tortoisedocah ok this was not clear for me :)20:56
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tortoisedocso lipstick does not raise the surface because the buffer points to an old surface20:58
giucamyes. a new wl_shell_surface means a new window, and you expect a new window to be shown on top20:59
giucambut a window can perfectly animate in the background20:59
tortoisedocyes so this makes sense21:00
tortoisedocso the only thing I need21:00
tortoisedocis to destroy the surface of the window after it is hidden21:00
tortoisedoccan I do that via QT? :21:01
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jake9xxStskeeps: regarding kimmoli's issue - there's no gpio udev rule at least in
jake9xxmaybe the previous systemd did not mind about that too much21:03
tortoisedocgiucam : thanks alot for the help21:05
giucamtortoisedoc: QWindow::destroy does that21:06
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