Tuesday, 2014-06-24

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amccarthysmoku: Not sure if there is an official API for that yet. You could try Qt Bluetooth, Bluez-qt or accessing Bluez directly over DBus with Qt DBus.00:08
smokuthere is one in QML in Sailfish.Bluetooth module00:17
smokubut I'm running commandline without UI00:17
smokuand Qt 5.1 is lacking accessors to connected devices - it was added in 5.2 :/00:18
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Jonnismoku: if you are just using cli, then using hcitool should provide you most of the info that want03:17
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Master-Passeligood morning sailors04:59
Stskeepsgood morning Master-Passeli04:59
Master-PasseliJolla's xmmp support does not seem to be very high in priority list. Is there code or API available somewhere so that people can try to develop more functionality for messaging or XMMP application for Jolla?05:03
Master-Passelii'm talking about MUC or file attachment support for example05:04
Master-Passeliatleast file attachment code should be existing since MMS functionality is there05:04
tbrMaster-Passeli: it's all telepathy, so go and run wild05:05
Master-Passelihave to take a look05:05
tbrshould be trivial to spin up some file sending code, reach into contacts, get the contact and then send them the file (if telepathy supports it)05:07
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tbrbonus points if you make the code easy to take and integrate into the messaging app, so that jolla can then take it for one of their next updates05:08
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Master-Passelihmm, Jolla uses Gabble version 18.1 which should support all those MUC and file transfers out of the box.05:28
Master-Passeliam i right that only integration to messaging app is needed then?05:29
stephghey guys05:29
Master-Passelithat can not be done if messaging is closed source05:29
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coderushm, i just have a bug with network05:31
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coderuswhen want to dial it shows "network error" and not dialing05:32
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coderuswhen try to call myself from another phone evverything okay, but my phone isn't ringing :D05:32
coderusafter reboot everything okay05:32
coderussorry, was a urgent call, no time for getting logs...05:33
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CvP_Master-Passeli: maybe it helps to open a vote thread in together to get it open source. muc is for me very importend, files send/receive, too05:36
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Master-PasseliCvP_: maybe so. i don't actually care so much is it open or not. i quess that there is a good reason it to be closed but i would like to have MUC and file transfer functionality too'05:38
Master-PasseliMUC and file transfer could be those features which helps to get rid of whatsapp05:39
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Master-Passeliand no insult to you coderus, you do a damn nice job with Mitäkuuluu. i just prefer my own XMPP server05:40
CvP_Master-Passeli: it will be a real killer Feature,  i mean wich os have a integraded xmpp with muc and Transfer Features ? no os on market.05:41
tbrMaster-Passeli: that's why I said to write proof of concept, portable code, so it can be integrated with the messaging app05:42
Master-Passelimaybe yes. atleast it would have a huge potential since XMPP is pretty flexible05:43
tbrCvP_: and all the 5 people that use XMPP will love it. (exaggerating to make a point)05:43
Master-Passelitbr: you mean proof of consept code which uses Gabble trough telepathy?05:44
tbrMaster-Passeli: yes05:44
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tbrMaster-Passeli: of course for that you will have to accept that jolla might take your code (if it's permissively licensed for that) and integrate it in their closed messaging app. You can't have the cake and eat it.05:45
CvP_tbr, this missing feature is why we (Familie, friends) use whatsapp to send files.05:45
Master-Passelitbr: ok, now i got it... maybe i take a try.05:45
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tbrCvP_: you missed my point. This is not a killer feature and not going to make a difference on a global scale. I'm not disputing the benefit for the few people like us who use XMPP.05:47
Master-Passelibut not right now, i'm at work and i have some super annoying concurrency bug to debug.... :/05:47
CvP_tbr: yes,  true05:48
CvP_for 0,5% is it must have.... to less to spend time for it05:49
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tbrthis also helps to understand why this hasn't been implemented so far05:50
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tbrthere are more commercially viable fish/features to fry05:50
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faenilchriadam, you available to discuss contacts sync issues?07:50
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entilyay, got my app approved on the jolla store07:52
faenilcongrats :)07:52
entilso everyone install manasail now ;)07:52
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chriadamfaenil: sure07:55
chriadamwhat's happening?07:55
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faenilchriadam, let me point you to the log, I talked to special already yesterday (or was it the day before07:55
chriadamoh wait, was this the one where sim contacts got pushed to google somehow?07:56
chriadamI looked at that log -- nfi what's going on.  only contacts from "local" or "google" sync target should ever be pushed to google07:57
chriadamthe only possibility I came up with is that somehow the data from the third-party database was upsynced by the sync adapter...07:57
faenilyeah first of all, you pushed my sim stuff to google, and I'm not happy at all07:57
chriadamsince contacts in the third party database don't have sync targets associated with them.07:57
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faenil(starts as messages bug, evolves into the real problem with sync)07:58
faenilplease read it all, it's short07:59
chriadamyeah, I read that one the other day07:59
faenilah ok07:59
faenila few of my contacts were cloned 5-6 times07:59
faenilmost of the times it didn't even keep details07:59
faenilsome times there was only the number, no name, no nothing07:59
chriadamon google, or on the local device?08:00
chriadamdo you have any android apks installed which also do sync?  any of the google play services apks, or google+ or anything similar?08:00
faenilwhat do you mean? they're on both places, atm08:00
faenilyes I have google stuff for gplay08:00
faenil(so, gapps)08:01
chriadamhrm, there's a particular apk - GoogleContactsSyncAdapter.apk which doesn't play nice08:01
chriadamit reads the contacts which are exposed to it from sailfish side by alien, and syncs them with google using a really terrible matching heuristic08:01
chriadamif you have that one, well, that'd be my first thought of what's causing the issue08:02
chriadamif you don't have that one, then the next possibility would be that somehow the sailfish sync adapter is reading the wrong database in some circumstances (ie, reading from 3rd party, instead of privileged, db)08:02
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faenilin any case I don't see how that justifies the cloning08:03
faeniland the existence of contacts without a name08:03
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chriadamright, I don't know why GoogleContactsSyncAdapter.apk would push up contacts like that to the Google servers.08:03
chriadamit's crazy.08:03
faenilso you're saying it's that apk...I don't think it is08:04
faenilbecause, for example, before update7 I had names in WhatsApp08:04
faenil(android whatsapp)08:04
faenilafter I installed up7, a few names became numbers08:04
faenil(probably because *something* created those new dummy contacts)08:04
chriadamwell, in up7 we exposed contact data via the third-party db, instead of via filters on the privileged db, to android08:05
faenil(and they have a better match than the same contact WITH a name in android whatsapp for whatever reason)08:05
faenilok, so, it shouldn't have changed anything in the data..08:05
chriadamwhich data?08:06
faenilwhy does android now knows of contacts with no name08:06
faenilif it didn't before up7?08:06
chriadamthe entire database which Android applications see, would have changed08:06
faenilyou just changed db08:06
ppI get incoming calls from -34234344234@chat.facebook.com or whatnot when a certain person calls :-)08:06
faenilpp, ouch08:06
chriadampp: urgh - that's clearly a problem with our display label selection algorithm08:07
faenilchriadam, yes, the db changed, but the data inside the db is the same as before, isn't it?08:07
faenilpp, at the moment my messages conversation with the *same* guy have, like, 5 recipients08:07
chriadamfaenil: not quite.  the third party db doesn't have sync targets, but only exposes the "third-party visible" aggregate.08:07
faenilwhich in english means? :)08:07
chriadamwhat's more, all of the contact ids will have changed08:07
ppyea, lessee if I resave that contact08:07
chriadamit means that the Android layer probably would have signaled a whole bunch of changes internally.  then if something running in your android env listens to those signals and performs sync to Google (and messes it up, as I know that the particular .apk has in the past, based on internal reports), then you will have erroneous contacts pushed to the server.08:08
ppthere's a first/last/home/work number/email/google plus/facebook for her, so no wonder08:08
faenilchriadam, ok, so, actions08:08
faenilfirst of all, I get rid of that apk08:09
faenil(if I have that)08:09
chriadamyes.  then, gmail's web ui has a "remove duplicates" option08:09
chriadamthen trigger sync, hopefully most of it will clean itself up08:09
chriadampp: any name information (first/last) should override any XMPP nickname (which I assume is what that fb chat id is)08:10
chriadampp: if the name information is NOT being selected over the XMPP information, then, well, we have a bug in our code :-)  clearly, that's a bug.08:10
faenilchriadam, should that apk be in /data/app?08:10
chriadamno idea tbh08:11
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azazelhi all!08:12
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chriadamhi azazel08:12
ppyep, if it happens again (I went to the contact and saved again which might have cleared things up) I'll file on tjc :-)08:13
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azazeli'm a bored owner of a Samsung i9305 (s3-4g) there's any chance for me to try sailfishos on it?08:13
sledgesfaenil: to where you have extracted/rsynced gapps (/opt/alien/.. iirc ?)08:14
faenilsledges, yes just found it thanks anyway ;)08:14
tbrit's been surprisingly silent around the 930508:14
sledgesazazel: give me your email and you'll receive porting guide when it's out08:14
tbrit's all just nx408:14
chriadampp: thanks.  I'll poke matt about it tomorrow anyway08:14
sledges(pm your email azazel , not on this channel that is)08:14
tbrgiven that sledges, a sailor just implicitly said that azazel will need to port it himself, I'll conclude the i-9305 port by Jolla is dead in the water, for unknown reasons.08:15
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suywhich was the way to get additional packages installed on the virtual machine? (e.g. QtContacts, QtPositioning)08:16
azazelthat's sad08:16
Stskeepslong story short we hit some issues with modem part that we didn't have capacity to sort out, but, it'll be possible to build images for i9305 and other bits that are quite functional when HADK finally does come out08:16
azazeli already have CM on it08:16
Stskeepsjust that we're focusing on making one good reference image08:16
faenilsledges, is deleting the apk from alien's system folder enough?08:16
sledgeschriadam: ^08:16
ppchriadam: ok, it now works after workaround08:17
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ppso db being confused08:17
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tbrStskeeps: modem part, *nod* rild, vendor specifics and stuff *nod* *nod*08:18
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Stskeepstbr: worst part is that it too is a qcom modem08:19
chriadamsledges: faenil: no idea tbh.08:19
sledgesazazel thanks for email :)08:19
faenilanyway, I deleted it, it should be enough08:20
SceltStskeeps: I bet the thanks you get from the community feels awesome since the sceptic attitude you have to met on everyday basis. you have to climb over the wall of many doubts08:20
tbrStskeeps: ugh...08:20
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sledgesfaenil: imho it should do it, reboot in order though08:20
faenilchriadam, so, now I delete duplicates on google web ui08:20
faenilchriadam, then also delete all the contacts without a name on google ui08:20
chriadamthere should be a button to do it automatically08:20
faenilthen also delete all SIM contacts08:20
StskeepsScelt: sceptic is fine, negativity i'm not happy with, thanks help a lot, it's just about doing a good job08:21
chriadamwell, those you'll probably have to delete manually yeah :-/08:21
faenilchriadam, I think that those don't have a name either08:21
faenilchriadam, things like the number you use to check the sim credit are now on google :P08:22
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SceltStskeeps: well said, mate08:23
faenilchriadam, in case we end up discovering it's apk's fault, I'd suggest putting a disclaimer in an official place08:24
faeniljust so, you know, they don't blame you for sure inconvenient issues08:24
chriadamyou're right, probably a good idea08:24
chriadamI'll mention it to Soumya08:24
*** arcean_ has joined #sailfishos08:25
faenilchriadam, let's first make sure it's not your fault eheh :D08:26
chriadamhaha, true08:26
*** arcean has quit IRC08:28
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faenilchriadam, ok, how do I trigger a sync?08:32
chriadamsettings / accounts / google account / pulley menu -> sync should work08:32
chriadamthen you will probably have to wait a little while (60 seconds or so, depending on how many contacts you have in Google)08:33
faenilgoogle -> not signed in08:34
faenilmsyncd now taking 100% cpu :D08:35
iekkucommunity meeting starting soon08:35
tbrthis not signed in is a long standing bug IMO. it works fine for everything, but the settings...08:35
chriadamfaenil: well, that's good :-P08:35
chriadamtbr: yeah, it's the bane of my existence08:35
faenilchriadam, it's good if I'm not planning to use the phone for *anything* else you mean :P08:36
chriadamyou've got another core :-P08:36
faenilwhich was taken by contactsd :P08:36
chriadambut I agree, we should definitely have quotas on daemon processes08:36
faenilyes...pretty please08:36
chriadamno doubt, and commhistoryd would have been screaming for some attention too no doubt08:37
sledgesit's not `nice` :D08:37
chriadamif only the timeslice on linux was 20ms by default08:37
faenilchriadam, my gf still has 8 google accounts and 2 telepathy08:38
faenilI'll wait some more..08:38
chriadam2 telepathy contacts ... one fb chat and one google chat I guess, makes sense.  that leaves 7 unaccounted for dups of google contacts...08:39
faenilmsyncd is now back at 100%, let's ee08:39
chriadamif you tell me that msyncd has gotten itself into a sync trigger loop I'm going to cry08:40
faenilchriadam, don't know yet, but I know that my google contacts just went from 257 to 45408:41
*** Almehdin has quit IRC08:41
faenilevery sim contact now appears, with a name this time, 3-4 times08:41
chriadamyou did reboot after removing the apk?08:42
*** Kabouik has quit IRC08:42
*** HtheB has quit IRC08:42
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Stskeepsmake sure to remove all copies..?08:42
chriadamok.  can you email me /home/nemo/.local/share/system/privileged/Contacts/qtcontacts-sqlite/contacts.db perchance?08:42
*** Kabouik has joined #sailfishos08:42
*** CvP_ has quit IRC08:43
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sledgesPSA: sailfish community meeting @ #mer-meeting starting08:44
faenilStskeeps, what about stopping alien service08:45
faenilnothing android can run without it, right?08:45
faenilright? :D08:46
special[11:51:52]  <chriadam> but I agree, we should definitely have quotas on daemon processes08:47
specialI have a side project looking at cgroups that might eventually help with this.08:47
faenilchriadam, I'll try stopping alien service08:47
faenilremoving duplicates from google ui08:47
faeniland sync again08:47
chriadamfaenil: worth a try, definitely... but at this stage, I'd be more inclined to think that it's our sync code doing something wrong.08:48
faeniljust to be sure ;)08:48
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kimmoli sailfish community meeting @ #mer-meeting started08:49
faenilchriadam, I wonder why some contacts were cloned twice, some 4 times, some 8 times08:49
faenil(only one 8 times)08:49
chriadamvery good question... could be related to out-of-band data (we store some sync artifacts in the main contacts database but out of band with the details tables etcs)08:50
kimmolihow can i get subdirs project to build with sdk? just complains tha cannot find makefile ??08:50
chriadamif we somehow got into a bad state, we might have duplicates inside that, somehow... not sure though.08:50
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*** niqt has joined #sailfishos08:51
pomponhell all08:51
*** MartiMasaKoegx has quit IRC08:51
pomponwho tried the latest nexus 4 update ?08:52
sledgesfaenil: chriadam: how about re-adding accounts?08:52
tbrpompon: it works08:52
chriadamdeleting the account and re-adding it should ensure that the sync artifacts etc get cleaned up.  but if there are duplicates server-side, they will just be pulled down when he re-adds the account again :-/08:53
pomponyes, just want to have feedback08:53
pomponI'm waiting the week end to install it08:53
tbrstore works too for me08:53
tbrbut currently there's a community IRC meeting ongoing, so most people look at a different channel08:54
faenilsledges, I'd rather help fixing the bugs08:54
faenilthan finding workarounds form my case08:54
sledgesfaenil: sure go ahead08:55
faenilchriadam, so what do you suggest08:55
faenilright now I have cloned contacts on google web ui08:55
faenil(they all have a name, at least)08:55
chriadammy suggestion would be to email me and matt your contacts.db so we can analyze the state08:55
*** Sequenced_ has joined #sailfishos08:56
faenilwithout retrying?08:56
chriadamfrom that we'll try to figure out how it got into the state where the things which shouldn't get synced, got synced08:56
chriadamretrying the "remove dups" / resync, thing?  naw, probably will just result in the same thing happening tbh.08:56
faenilchriadam, ok so I can try08:56
chriadamsure.  if it magically fixes itself let me know :-P08:57
*** aaltoni has joined #sailfishos08:57
*** JUJames has joined #sailfishos08:59
*** Nc_ has quit IRC08:59
*** Sequenced has quit IRC09:00
*** RobJanc has joined #sailfishos09:01
*** Kabouik has quit IRC09:01
faenilchriadam, my People app is still full of numbers without a name09:01
faenil(haven't retried the sync yet, fyi)09:01
*** Kabouik has joined #sailfishos09:01
chriadamI wonder if that's due to missing data in the db, or a similar bug to the one pp talked about before, regarding display label generation failing?09:02
chriadammost likely the former, if the name-less contacts appear google-side as well.09:02
faenilbut those contacts without a name are no on google server side09:02
faenilso, I wonder where they're coming from09:03
*** MartiMasaKoegx has joined #sailfishos09:03
faenil(could it be facebook? very unlikely though)09:03
chriadamwe don't get phone numbers from facebook, so if they have phones it can't be that09:05
*** Venemo_j has joined #sailfishos09:06
*** Kabouik has quit IRC09:13
*** Kabouik has joined #sailfishos09:13
*** arcean__ has joined #sailfishos09:14
*** arcean__ is now known as arcean09:14
*** b0bben has quit IRC09:16
*** b0bben has joined #sailfishos09:16
*** arcean_ has quit IRC09:17
*** Sailor6916_ has quit IRC09:17
*** aaltoni has quit IRC09:18
*** b0bben has quit IRC09:20
*** Kabouik has quit IRC09:21
lbtfaenil: so if they can't even tag a bug then how on earth will they manage a bugzilla form :D09:21
*** Kabouik has joined #sailfishos09:21
faenilthey won't, less work for community moderators09:21
*** situ has joined #sailfishos09:21
faenilthey'll post on tjc, and their bug will get lost09:21
thp:p so the point is having less input from community?09:21
faenilthp, you're not reading those bugs anyway09:22
lbtfaenil is doing the next topic - lets pause for a while09:22
*** tanghus has quit IRC09:23
*** tanghus has joined #sailfishos09:27
*** Kabouik has quit IRC09:28
*** Kabouik has joined #sailfishos09:28
*** phaeron has quit IRC09:35
*** meetingcpp has quit IRC09:37
faenillbt, thp we can continue the discussion about both points after lunch, if you're available09:41
lbtfaenil: this is not a "we won't" it's a "we don't think it makes economic sense" and a lot of the reasoning for that involves company confidential information (as it would for *any* company). it's explainable in broad terms but not in fine detail.09:41
faenillbt, so you're answer is "yes, it costs more than 3 hired testers"09:42
faenileven if you wouldn't have to look at the invalid reports09:42
lbtthe time it takes to train 1000 users to use the rather heavy test suite09:43
faenilokay, let's see if we can get the opinion of other people as well09:43
lbttest suite is big (and also confidential)09:43
faenillbt, we're not doing that kind of test09:43
faenilwe're doing the users test09:44
*** M4rtinK_jolla_ has joined #sailfishos09:44
faenilyou have such a big suite that every update, I find at least 3 new bugs in the first 24h of using it09:44
faenilhow comes?09:44
faenilmaybe there's not enough "users" testing09:44
faenil(which is understandable)09:44
chriadamnot just that - any sort of public beta program would require infrastructure to: 1) provide the images to them (and only them), 2) get feedback from testers in a meaningful way, 3) triage that feedback, 4) turn it into a test in our internal suite, 4) deal with breakages / regressions, and so on.09:44
chriadamit's not trivial, and the people required to do that work are currently already super busy.09:45
lbtfaenil: so be clear - this is an economic argument at the moment. Not an absolute one.09:45
lbtit's about balance, not optimal09:45
faenilI agree it's about balance09:45
lbtand I think you can agree that we're best placed to judge the balance - and yes, it's a case of "trust us"09:46
faenilchriadam, 1) is easy, periodic accounts09:46
lbtwe are explaining in broad terms why we came to this conclusion09:46
lbtfaenil: internally there's a concept we have "trust other sailors to do their jobs"09:46
chriadam1 is not easy.  it has jolla-store / webservice side, ssu credentials management, OBS repository settings, etc.09:47
faenillbt, as a user, that doesn't apply though09:47
faenilchriadam, you just need new ssu accounts in the rc phase, every month09:47
lbtfaenil: I'm only asking the same of you - I know you think you know better than us. But I have to trust other sailors even when I think I'm right :D09:47
faenilit's automated with a faiul09:47
faenilfairly basic monthly script, afaict09:47
faenillbt, I'm not saying I know better, I'm just saying that I don't like the trust us motto09:48
*** MoritzJT_ has joined #sailfishos09:48
faeniland I don't work with that unless I am forced to09:48
lbtso rephrase that sentence ... :D09:48
faenilsince I'm not forced to, in the position I am... :)09:48
*** MoritzJT_ has quit IRC09:49
faenillbt, whcih sentence?09:49
lbtin an organisation you *have* to trust your peers - unless you have *all* the information they have09:49
*** MoritzJT has joined #sailfishos09:49
lbtyou don't (I don't!)09:49
faenillbt, yea but when it's user vs company, that cannot owrk09:50
*** MoritzJT has quit IRC09:50
lbtwhich is why users don't work as if they're part of the company - they work as a discrete user-testing group09:50
lbtand we don't have time for a public user testing group09:50
chriadamwhat do you mean "vs" ?  it's about working together to produce the best product, surely - and in this case, the people who manage the infrastructure are saying that with the current available resources, it's not possible to do open betas properly.09:50
*** MoritzJT has joined #sailfishos09:51
MoritzJTWhat's it you're not using?09:51
*** caprico has joined #sailfishos09:51
faenilchriadam, I got that09:51
lbtfaenil: nb - I'm also trying to state this in general terms, not jolla-specific09:51
faenilI'm just not confident that this was really looked into enough09:51
*** killSwam has joined #sailfishos09:53
lbtI know :)09:53
faeniland you saying "we can't say why, it's confidential" really doesn't help09:53
*** tme has quit IRC09:53
lbtI'm not saying that09:53
*** tme has joined #sailfishos09:53
lbtright - so I was saying that part of the balancing uses confidential information09:55
faenillbt, yeah well you said "it costs more, we can't say why"09:55
lbtI said we can't fully say why - any discussion is going to be < 100% informed09:56
lbtand since you won't accept any decision without 100% of the info .... that's unsolvable09:56
faenilthere must be somoeone 100% informed about financial stuff?09:56
lbtthere is - just not you09:57
faenilI don't need 100% of the info09:57
faenillbt, of course not me09:57
lbt[24/06/2014 12:03] <faenil> lbt, I'm not saying I know better, I'm just saying that I don't like the trust us motto09:57
faenillbt, yes, hints, logical explanations09:57
faenilwhich convince people without going into details09:57
lbtclearly I'm trying ... :)09:57
lbtbut you insist on details09:57
faenilbut you said you don't know enough yourself :)09:57
lbtI don't09:58
* Stskeeps gets out the water hose09:58
*** tortoisedoc has quit IRC09:58
faenilchriadam's replies were more like what I'm looking for09:58
lbtfaenil: ultimately it does come back to "trust us"09:58
lbtfaenil: yep - that's god09:58
faenilI'd like details on that part09:58
*** Inte_ has joined #sailfishos09:58
* lbt headdesks09:59
Stskeepsand i'd like to remind that this is a official channel, so, consider if you're really the one who has all the answers for an area.09:59
faenilbbl lunch10:00
lbtyep - all I'm really doing is giving generic 'MBA' style explanations10:00
lbtprobably why faenil is frustrated :D ... sorry10:01
* Stskeeps goes check lbt if he has a MBA..10:01
lbthe does10:01
MoritzJTWell you can't always chose the circumstances 😉10:01
lbtit was a good thing to do for a technologist10:01
lbtit's like learning lisp10:02
MoritzJTWhy else would he use them as a fallback10:02
MoritzJTOh god, I'm outta here 💥10:02
StskeepsLISP was mentioned, time to drink10:03
MoritzJTWhat was the topic anyway?10:03
*** Inte_ has quit IRC10:03
chriadamallowing users to opt-in to pre-release update beta testing10:03
chriadamin order to collect feedback / improve testing of new features / etc.  it was a topic of the #mer-meeting community meeting, but ran out of time there.10:04
*** n9mx has quit IRC10:04
MoritzJTWouldn't do that, rather allow for jobs as testers with certain duties along.10:04
MoritzJTAh okay, thanks for the heads up10:05
azazellunch time!10:07
suy"it was a topic of the #mer-meeting community meeting, but ran out of time there" aaaah, that explains why I was missing all the context :P10:07
suyI didn't notice the 15 minutes jump in the backlog10:08
*** pompon has quit IRC10:10
*** azazel has quit IRC10:12
*** Guest84811 is now known as s1gk1ll10:17
* chriadam heads home10:19
*** chriadam is now known as chriadam|away10:19
*** remarc has quit IRC10:23
*** meetingcpp has joined #sailfishos10:24
*** caprico has quit IRC10:26
*** meetingcpp has quit IRC10:28
*** szopin_sailing has quit IRC10:28
*** Kabouik has quit IRC10:29
*** Kabouik has joined #sailfishos10:30
*** krendil has joined #sailfishos10:30
*** Skorpy has quit IRC10:30
*** igordcard has joined #sailfishos10:38
*** Sequenced has joined #sailfishos10:39
*** meetingcpp has joined #sailfishos10:40
*** Kabouik has quit IRC10:40
*** Kabouik has joined #sailfishos10:40
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*** Venemo_j has quit IRC10:46
*** Sequenced_ has joined #sailfishos10:47
*** Nc_ has joined #sailfishos10:47
*** martyone__ has quit IRC10:47
*** Sequenced has quit IRC10:47
*** Skorpy has joined #sailfishos10:54
*** n9mx has joined #sailfishos10:55
locusfI'm getting weird errors while launching an android app in another homescreen: Jun 24 15:11:44 Jolla start_alien.sh[27610]: 06-24 12:11:44.670 27682 27694 E AlienRuntime: No display available: Permission denied10:58
*** Nc_ has quit IRC10:58
SK_worklocusf: hum ... exports missing ?10:59
SK_workdon't know10:59
SK_workmaybe you need to declare your homescreen as a wayland compositor or something like that ?10:59
*** Nc_ has joined #sailfishos10:59
locusfhmm I don't know11:00
*** master_of_master has joined #sailfishos11:01
*** Sequenced has joined #sailfishos11:02
*** Kabouik has quit IRC11:02
*** Kabouik has joined #sailfishos12:18
faenilMoritzJT, hey, the choice is not between "more internal testing" vs community testing12:19
faenilit's community testing vs no community testing :P12:19
*** master_o1_master has quit IRC12:19
faenilexactly because jolla doesn't have the resources to do a lot of QA12:19
*** Sequenced_ has quit IRC12:20
*** RobJanc has quit IRC12:20
*** Kabouik has quit IRC12:26
*** Kabouik has joined #sailfishos12:26
*** Kabouik has quit IRC12:32
*** Kabouik has joined #sailfishos12:33
*** Kabouik has quit IRC12:36
*** Kabouik has joined #sailfishos12:37
*** PMG has quit IRC12:38
MoritzJTfaenil: Well I get where you are going with this faenil12:40
MoritzJTNo testing or too few iterations in testing is more dangerous than community testing.12:41
MoritzJTAlthough it has to be possible for them to stay on the right track with any legal stuff12:41
*** Sail0r has quit IRC12:42
*** Sail0r has joined #sailfishos12:42
faenilMoritzJT, ?12:43
*** Kabouik has quit IRC12:43
*** Kabouik has joined #sailfishos12:45
*** frullewulle has joined #sailfishos12:46
MoritzJTfaenil: Yup?12:47
faenildidn't get the legal stuff..12:48
*** Kabouik has quit IRC12:48
MoritzJTI assumed that was the issue? Maybe I missed too much of the backlog12:49
*** Kabouik has joined #sailfishos12:49
faenilMoritzJT, no the issue, according to lbt, is that community testing needs a lot of money12:51
faenilyeah, resources12:52
faenilimplying that it's not worth it12:53
*** Kabouik has quit IRC12:53
*** krendil has quit IRC12:53
lbtno, you inferred that it's not worth it12:54
kimmolithanks to coderus and parts of mitakuuluu2 sources... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oif21nnnEBw12:54
*** n9mx has quit IRC12:54
faenillbt, probably bad wording on my side...I mean that you think you won't gain enough (otherwise, why wouldn't you spend 100 if you'll gain 120?)12:55
lbtyep - hence that balance thing12:55
coderuskimmoli: just saw your video from twitter :)12:56
MoritzJTI'm lost...12:56
faenillbt, so, you think it's not worth it :D12:56
sledgeskimmoli: \o/12:56
faenilkimmoli, awesome stuff12:56
lbtMoritzJT: faenil is knawing at it12:57
*** Kabouik has joined #sailfishos12:57
faenillbt, is that archaic, slang, or what else :D12:57
faenilMoritzJT, what's not clear12:58
MoritzJTSo you're lacking the resources to enable community testing, the preparations for it?12:58
faenilMoritzJT, it seems so12:58
cos-kimmoli: nice12:58
MoritzJTIf it can only come from inside that's sad12:58
MoritzJTEspecially if not deemed viable.12:58
cos-btw is there a printable 3d model for the toh breakout board case?12:59
MoritzJTWe've seen some issues that could've been avoided with community testing that probably cost more resources afterwards, but I see I can't judge that as well as Jolla12:59
lbtfaenil: dogs knaw at bones .... :)13:00
faenillbt, ok13:00
lbtI've done my best to explain what's happening and why. Sorry if it's not enough but I really have to go do stuff13:01
*** MartiMasaKoegx_ has joined #sailfishos13:01
faenillbt, I'll keep looking for explanations (no offence meant)13:02
faenillbt, have a productive afternoon :p13:02
*** qqK has joined #sailfishos13:02
*** MartiMasaKoegx has quit IRC13:03
*** Kabouik has quit IRC13:03
*** Kabouik has joined #sailfishos13:03
faenilMoritzJT, if you want to know more read part of the meeting backlog please ;)13:03
faenilit would be good to get the opinion of other people as well13:03
faenilMoritzJT, starts at 9:20 in the log13:05
*** zhxt_lp has quit IRC13:08
*** Kabouik has quit IRC13:08
*** Kabouik has joined #sailfishos13:09
*** JUJames has quit IRC13:12
*** niqt has quit IRC13:16
*** niqt has joined #sailfishos13:16
*** niqt has quit IRC13:17
*** Kabouik has quit IRC13:20
*** Kabouik has joined #sailfishos13:20
*** azazel has joined #sailfishos13:22
*** Kabouik has quit IRC13:32
*** marxistvegan has joined #sailfishos13:32
*** Kabouik has joined #sailfishos13:32
*** nodevel has joined #sailfishos13:34
*** kunev has quit IRC13:35
*** proyvind_ has joined #sailfishos13:36
*** xerpi_ has joined #sailfishos13:36
*** SpeedEvil has quit IRC13:36
*** BitEvil has joined #sailfishos13:37
*** BitEvil has quit IRC13:37
*** BitEvil has joined #sailfishos13:37
proyvind_hmm, I seem to have forgotten my lock key on my jolla, then I disabled developer mode, then tried enable it again, and was asked fort his key that I can't remember..13:37
proyvind_I'm still logged in as root through ssh13:37
*** ionstorm has joined #sailfishos13:37
proyvind_any way for me to change it as root?13:37
*** Kabouik has quit IRC13:39
*** jukkaeklund has joined #sailfishos13:40
*** Kabouik has joined #sailfishos13:40
*** xerpi has quit IRC13:40
*** kunev has joined #sailfishos13:40
*** Kabouik has quit IRC13:47
*** Kabouik has joined #sailfishos13:47
Jonniproyvind_: try to remember the code, its 5-10 digits :)13:47
Jonni(even the cli version takes old code as argument before allowing to enter the new one).13:49
*** jukkaeklund has quit IRC13:50
proyvind_there's a cli version?13:51
Jonniand as root you can still enable developermode from cli... I'm just wondering why would anyone want to disable developer mode (other than to uninstall ssh).13:51
Jonnimost commonly people might have used 6 digit code, like birthday or so.13:52
Jonnibut most likely you tested those already?13:53
*** Kabouik has quit IRC13:54
*** Kabouik has joined #sailfishos13:54
proyvind_yupp :|13:55
proyvind_would be easier to try bruteforce from cli..13:55
Jonnicare@jolla can clear the code by reflashing the factory image (care@jolla.com for sending device for reflashing). Unfortunately we dont offer other ways to clear the code for end users.13:55
*** xerpi_ has quit IRC13:56
*** xerpi_ has joined #sailfishos13:56
proyvind_sending it for flashing would kida... suck13:56
Jonnithere is antibruteforce logic in latest checker binary, so bruteforce doesnt help much. There was bruteforce script released for update1 or so versions of device, but we patched our checker against it quite quickly.13:58
Jonniie, running that script nowadays doesnt find the code :)13:58
proyvind_you assholes ;p13:58
*** Morpog_Jolla_ has joined #sailfishos13:58
*** javispedro has joined #sailfishos13:59
proyvind_but consiering that my phone is configured to accept unlimited amounts of attempts, how would you be able to prevent it?14:00
*** jjarven has quit IRC14:00
Jonniusually best bet is to try remembering. what would you do, if someone would ask you to enter secret code of 5-10 digits, and try out what comes to mind 1st.14:00
Jonni00000, 12345, birthday, phonenumber etc....14:02
*** Kabouik has quit IRC14:02
proyvind_I have some slight memory about some sort of device requiring a six numbered pin.. hmm, maybe I reused that one14:02
*** Kabouik has joined #sailfishos14:02
proyvind_Jonni: there's not any chance of anyone being able to flash it for me amongst the jolla people who works from the former trolltech/nokia office at nydalen in Oslo?14:05
proyvind_I hate sending things by mail14:05
proyvind_I usually end up procrastinating it untill eternity14:06
*** RobJanc has joined #sailfishos14:06
proyvind_you need to open some service centers ASAP for lazy douches like myself :p14:07
Jonniproyvind_: if your able to find Jolla employee in Norway who is willing to help, then yes employees have flashing power.14:07
*** BitEvil has quit IRC14:07
*** BitEvil_ has joined #sailfishos14:07
Jonniunfortunately my name memory is so bad that I dont remember who is in norway14:07
lbtw00t ^^14:08
lbtalso special iirc - but he's half-w00t anyhow14:08
lbtnorway is the cold, long thin one with the hills - right?14:09
proyvind_I know some people who works/worked at the nydalen office14:09
giucamsletta too is in norway14:09
lbtw00t lives on a hill near a lake if that narrows it down14:10
*** alin has quit IRC14:11
*** Sailor6916_ has joined #sailfishos14:11
*** Sail0r has quit IRC14:14
*** Nightmare__ has joined #sailfishos14:15
*** azazel has quit IRC14:16
*** alin has joined #sailfishos14:16
*** alin has quit IRC14:16
*** alin has joined #sailfishos14:16
*** Sailor6916_ has quit IRC14:16
*** radekp has quit IRC14:17
*** itbaron has joined #sailfishos14:17
*** jjarven has joined #sailfishos14:19
*** Lipevakala_ has joined #sailfishos14:20
*** fracting1 has quit IRC14:27
*** sletta has quit IRC14:28
*** zhxt_lp has joined #sailfishos14:32
MoritzJTDamn, why doesn't SailfishOS remember the VKB language per textbox?14:35
*** fracting1 has joined #sailfishos14:38
MoritzJTOne day, flashing should be available for everybody. But when this clears the lockcode, it can't be used to disable a device for thieves permanently only to protect private data14:38
*** xruxa_away is now known as xruxa14:39
*** Penthotal has joined #sailfishos14:40
faenilMoritzJT, as long as recovery is ok, you can already flash your device...14:42
faenilI don't see a technical need for a flasher, atm14:42
*** Inte_j has joined #sailfishos14:42
*** meetingcpp has quit IRC14:42
MoritzJTI want a direct jump to latest update and also want to be able to recover a broken backup partition etc.14:42
MoritzJTI want to be able to be a lot more careless14:43
faenilyou can recover the partition, what's wrong with that?14:43
faenila direct jump to latest update? that smells like a bit of "bitching" :D14:43
MoritzJTAlso why can't i write latest ipdate as base for new reset prior to anything, when it was reset before?14:43
*** Sai has joined #sailfishos14:44
MoritzJTBitching when you're mobile and downloading and installing two to three intermediate steps takes too much time if you try tracking down an issue that bricks the device14:44
*** ArchMageia has joined #sailfishos14:44
*** Almehdin has joined #sailfishos14:45
ArchMageiaHow does one become an early adopter?14:45
faenilyou just have to reset, take a snapshot of your system when you update, and you're good?14:45
*** xerpi_ has quit IRC14:46
ArchMageiaI want to get Sailfish OS for the Nexus 7 (grouper)14:47
ArchMageiaDo I have to be an early adopter to get the images?14:47
stephgArchMageia: there are no images yet for the N7, but instructions to help make your own should be coming really soon14:48
stephgArchMageia: if you've also not already seen: https://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/index.php?title=Adaptations/libhybris14:48
ArchMageiastephg: Ok, thanks!14:49
ArchMageiaWait... it says on the page that most of the nexus 7 components are working14:50
ArchMageiaI'm talking about the nexus 7 2012 WiFi14:50
ArchMageiacodename grouper14:50
stephgyes it's the first row in the table14:52
stephgso that's for the hardware adaptation, i.e. the low level stuff14:53
ArchMageiaoh, ok14:54
*** leinir has quit IRC14:54
*** leinir has joined #sailfishos14:54
stephgthe Hardware Adaptation Development Kit is shortly going to be released, that will help folks build images for various devices14:55
stephgright now the only existing/distributed image is for the N414:55
ArchMageiaNo wonder that's the only image I could find14:56
stephgonce the HADK is out it should (in principle) be quite easy to port to the N7, not least because most of the underlying stuff works14:56
ArchMageiaCan't wait to try it!14:57
*** plundstr has left #sailfishos14:59
MoritzJTfaenil: What, I can update to latest update cleanly, nothing set up, make a snapshot prior to enabling devmode?15:00
*** plundstr has joined #sailfishos15:00
MoritzJTin recovery shell?15:00
faenildo you need devmode to update?15:00
faenilyou just need to register the jolla account15:01
MoritzJTNo, but snapshot in terminal?15:01
MoritzJTYes acvount, nvnmd15:01
coderusCreated github repository for telepathy-haze accounts: https://github.com/CODeRUS/haze-accounts-extensions15:01
coderusspecial: ^15:01
faenilMoritzJT, yes, what's wrong with snapshot in terminal?15:02
SK_workcoderus: ICQ ? :)15:02
SK_workcoderus: hum, that's something cool15:02
coderusSK_work: yup15:02
*** jukkaeklund has joined #sailfishos15:02
*** Sailor6916_ has joined #sailfishos15:02
*** Morpog_Jolla_ has quit IRC15:04
coderusi need testers with aim, bonjour, gadugadu, groupewise, msn, sametime, yahoo accounts to test15:06
coderusi can only test icq myself :)15:06
stephgcoderus: I haven't used my icq or my msn accounts for literally 5 years :)15:06
*** MartiMasaKoegx has joined #sailfishos15:09
*** jukkaeklund has quit IRC15:09
*** BitEvil_ is now known as SpeedEvil15:09
faenilcoderus, owww <315:12
*** R-Z has joined #sailfishos15:12
faenilI don't use any of those anymore though, sorry xD15:12
*** MartiMasaKoegx_ has quit IRC15:13
*** MartiMasaKoegx has quit IRC15:13
stephgare you guys aware of any oddities with 'shutdown' on the mako? you probably are but wanted to check15:13
Nightmare__coderus: just install the rpm?15:14
coderusNightmare__: yes15:15
Nightmare__i'll try15:15
coderuswill add more accounts later15:15
*** artemma has quit IRC15:16
coderusonly icq for now15:16
*** frullewulle has quit IRC15:16
*** ericcc has joined #sailfishos15:20
*** rcg has quit IRC15:25
MoritzJTmsn still exists?15:25
Nightmare__wrong pw/log in problems are unhandled :D but with the right pw it's working fine, contacts and their stauts is displayed15:26
*** ericcc_ has joined #sailfishos15:27
*** msava has joined #sailfishos15:27
*** MartiMasaKoegx has joined #sailfishos15:28
*** ericcc has quit IRC15:29
*** nodevel has quit IRC15:31
*** MoritzJT has quit IRC15:31
*** meetingcpp has joined #sailfishos15:34
*** xruxa is now known as xruxa_away15:35
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lainwir3dhi there o/16:13
*** ArchMageia has quit IRC16:14
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coderusNightmare__: its not my side16:19
*** jjanvier has quit IRC16:20
coderusspecial: any ideas?  ^16:20
*** M4rtinK_jolla_ has quit IRC16:21
*** vesurivs has joined #sailfishos16:21
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*** xfrancis has joined #sailfishos17:22
*** vertoe has joined #sailfishos17:24
vertoeis this channel suitable for asking development questions?17:26
vertoeI'm trying to debug a sailfish app I found on github and currently try to figure out how to move files into the jolla VM. any ideas? should i use ssh/scp?17:27
*** freedomrun has joined #sailfishos17:28
SK_workvertoe: hello17:28
SK_workwelcome :)17:28
R-Zyeah, i think that this is the right place17:28
SK_workvertoe: why don't you open the app directly inside QtCreator ?17:28
SK_workopen the harbour-xxx.pro on the root folder ?17:28
SK_workor maybe it's not a QtCreator enabled application ?17:29
vertoewait, i got to explain17:29
vertoei'm already running the app on the VM using qtcreator17:29
vertoei need an input file to test the tool on the VM17:29
*** zhxt_lp has quit IRC17:29
SK_workvertoe: ah :)17:29
SK_workscp is the best17:29
suyvertoe: there are notes on how to ssh to the vm on https://sailfishos.org/develop-faq.html17:29
vertoesuy: yeah seen that, thanks17:30
vertoeSK_work: ok thx17:30
suythere is also a shared directory, IIRC17:30
SK_worksuy: woow, that's new17:30
*** Nc_ has quit IRC17:30
SK_worksuy: not on emu, only on SDK17:30
*** xfrancis has quit IRC17:31
*** ArkkisN has quit IRC17:31
vertoewhile I'm getting started with the DSK I'm having some more questions.17:32
vertoesomehow my ambiente background disappeared on the VM, how to set a new one?17:32
SK_workvertoe: feel free to ask :)17:32
SK_workvertoe: huh17:33
SK_workthat's interesting17:33
SK_workvertoe: you can always reinstall :)17:34
*** Sequenced_ has joined #sailfishos17:39
vertoei got an app which crashes on my jolla device but the same doesnt within the sdk...17:41
vertoei guess that's the hardest thing to debug, isnt it?17:41
SK_workvertoe: this can happen (arch is different for example)17:41
SK_workyou should debug on Jolla I guess17:42
vertoecan i connect my jolla to the qtcreator?17:42
SK_workvertoe: of course17:42
SK_workwill tell you17:42
SK_workit's easy17:42
SK_work1. enabled dev mode on Jolla17:42
SK_work2. go to QtC > settings > device > add new device17:42
SK_workfollow wizard (pick mer device)17:43
SK_workand it's done :)17:43
SK_workbuild and deploy with ARM target and it's all good17:43
vertoeall right, sounds simple :-)17:43
*** kunev has quit IRC17:43
*** Sequenced- has quit IRC17:43
*** martyone__ has joined #sailfishos17:44
*** Kabouik_ has joined #sailfishos17:47
*** kunev has joined #sailfishos17:47
*** frullewulle has joined #sailfishos17:48
*** Kabouik has quit IRC17:49
*** chiromante has joined #sailfishos17:51
*** javispedro has joined #sailfishos17:51
vertoeSK_work: what's the SSH port of the device?17:51
vertoe2223 or 22?17:51
vertoei cant seem to establish a connection17:51
*** Inte_j has quit IRC17:52
*** gexc has quit IRC17:54
vertoeah nvm17:56
vertoehad to enable the developer mode before plugging in the usb cable :-)17:57
*** MartiMasaKoegx has quit IRC17:57
vertoeor, not17:58
vertoegetting connection refused17:58
vertoeany idea?17:59
vertoe $ ssh nemo@
vertoessh: connect to host port 22: Connection refused18:01
*** AlmAck has joined #sailfishos18:02
frullewullein sdk it is 2223 port18:04
*** Mossepo has joined #sailfishos18:05
*** MichielL has joined #sailfishos18:06
*** wickwire has quit IRC18:06
vertoewell i cant connect the sdk to my phone :(18:07
vertoe $ ssh -p222318:08
vertoessh: connect to host port 2223: Connection refused18:08
*** kunev has quit IRC18:10
frullewulledid you have a space between p and 2223?18:10
*** MartiMasaKoegx has joined #sailfishos18:10
vertoeno thats not required18:10
vertoei guess i found the reason why18:10
Stskeepswill be port 22 ?18:10
*** cvp_ has joined #sailfishos18:10
*** MichielL has quit IRC18:12
vertoeall right18:13
vertoegot it18:13
vertoeyou have to reboot after enabling the developer mode18:14
frullewullehave y seen this http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=53611676&postcount=433?18:14
cvp_hi :)18:14
*** Solisti has joined #sailfishos18:16
*** Kabouik_ has quit IRC18:17
*** danielwf has joined #sailfishos18:18
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*** Mossepo has joined #sailfishos18:23
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*** Solisti has joined #sailfishos18:39
*** user-6789876 has joined #sailfishos18:41
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*** piiramar has quit IRC18:41
coderuscvp_: hello18:43
*** Mystery47 has quit IRC18:45
*** Mystery47 has joined #sailfishos18:45
cvp_coderus , coool :)18:45
cvp_any infos how to install ?18:47
*** disharmonic has joined #sailfishos18:48
Nightmare__download rpm and isntall :D works18:48
*** Kris has joined #sailfishos18:51
*** Mystery47 has quit IRC18:51
cvp_coderus: damn it!!! this is nice !18:54
cvp_thaaaaankyou very much :)18:54
*** Kris has quit IRC18:54
*** Pat_o has joined #sailfishos18:55
*** slate has joined #sailfishos18:56
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*** piiramar has joined #sailfishos18:59
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*** s5pik33 has joined #sailfishos19:06
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*** DrIDK has quit IRC19:09
cvp_GiuliettaSW - Quickbar , nice Mod!!! love my Jolla Phone every day more than the day before ;)19:11
*** Sequenced has joined #sailfishos19:12
*** nodevel has joined #sailfishos19:12
*** Morpog_PC has joined #sailfishos19:15
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*** Sequenced_ has joined #sailfishos19:16
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kimmolicvp_: your pants, stay in them :)19:20
*** ajalkane has joined #sailfishos19:20
*** RoKenn has joined #sailfishos19:24
*** Sequenced_ has quit IRC19:24
*** furikku has quit IRC19:29
*** xerpi has joined #sailfishos19:29
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cvp_kimmoli: hrhr :P19:30
*** b0bben has joined #sailfishos19:32
*** gogeta has joined #sailfishos19:33
*** itbaron has quit IRC19:36
*** Nc_ has quit IRC19:40
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*** carepack has joined #sailfishos19:43
*** netchip has quit IRC19:44
carepackis slimport on hw todo list for mako?19:45
carepackhi btw19:45
carepackand bbtw great release ea319:46
*** tortoisedoc has joined #sailfishos19:46
*** Yomi has quit IRC19:46
tortoisedocfor the record, I hate it when italy plays like sh*t19:47
carepackmany big player failed thid time19:47
tortoisedoccarepak : italy was a failure all along19:48
tortoisedocno goals == no party :/19:48
*** sclukey has joined #sailfishos19:48
tortoisedocim surprised they made it to the final rounds at all19:48
tortoisedochmm btw19:49
faenilguys, no italy talk, please19:50
*** Makinit has quit IRC19:50
*** Sailor8568 has joined #sailfishos19:51
tortoisedocfaenil : i feel your pain :|19:51
*** M4rtinK has joined #sailfishos19:54
*** Skorpy has quit IRC19:56
*** Sailor8568 has quit IRC19:56
*** carepack has quit IRC19:57
*** Makinit has joined #sailfishos19:57
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*** alin has joined #sailfishos20:00
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*** alin has joined #sailfishos20:00
*** Finlod has quit IRC20:00
coderustortoisedoc: you an author of debota>20:01
tortoisedoccoderus : yes20:01
coderustortoisedoc: so you know how to draw foreground windows?20:02
tortoisedocI know that sort of, but it is not a secret20:02
tortoisedoclook at the code :)20:02
coderustortoisedoc: sure, show me code please :)20:03
tortoisedocnemo :O20:03
tortoisedoc-> :P :P20:03
*** sclukey has left #sailfishos20:03
tortoisedocproblem with fg drawing20:03
tortoisedocis mouse handling on qtquick220:03
tortoisedocnot very easy :/20:04
*** nodevel has quit IRC20:04
faenilmm what's the problem with foreground drawing?20:04
coderusjust show me code20:04
*** arcean has quit IRC20:05
tortoisedoccoderus: debota is closed source for now sorry :P20:05
tortoisedocbut look @ nemo lipstick20:05
*** w00tc0d3 has joined #sailfishos20:06
*** onurati has joined #sailfishos20:06
tortoisedocI could maybe write a tutorial on howto..20:07
tortoisedocdidnt think of that20:08
tortoisedoccoderus: what you need it for?20:08
coderusjust for info :)20:08
tortoisedocproblem with it is that it uses non-public stuff which is not written in stone20:08
coderusyou can write article for sailfishdev20:08
tortoisedocif jolla would support me, I could? :P20:09
* tortoisedoc hints at jolla guys20:09
tortoisedocalso I would need more support for other things for debota from jolla20:09
tortoisedoclike possibility to know when notification screen is shown for example20:09
tortoisedoccoderus: you using the app?20:10
*** mholo65 has joined #sailfishos20:11
*** Yomi has quit IRC20:11
tortoisedochmm jolla guys20:11
tortoisedocfeedback on qa20:11
coderustortoisedoc: no, i want to make conky-like app for jolla :)20:11
tortoisedocnot accepting files stored in .config via QSettings is kindof hardocre :/20:12
tortoisedocconky? :P20:12
coderus02:12 < tortoisedoc> not accepting files stored in .config via QSettings is kindof hardocre :/ wtf?20:12
tortoisedoccoderus : files in .config are accepted only if name of property starts with harbour-20:13
tortoisedocthat's kinda restrictive imo20:13
tortoisedocbut understandable20:13
tortoisedoc*name of property === name of file / folder in .config (sorry20:13
tortoisedoccoderus : what is your opinion on ads?20:14
*** mholo65 has quit IRC20:15
*** w00tc0d3 has quit IRC20:15
*** w00tc0d3 has joined #sailfishos20:15
*** w00tc0d3 is now known as netchip20:15
coderustortoisedoc: emm, who cares which QSetting you reading?20:16
*** ejjoman has quit IRC20:16
tortoisedoccoderus: jolla harbour does:P20:16
tortoisedoc(writing not only reading btw :P)20:16
coderusis that possible to check20:17
tortoisedocone of the reasons for rejection (was not the only one) is that debota stores files in .config/Giuliettasw/..20:17
coderusso its your bad if you storing your own config in bad location :D20:18
*** Sir_herrbatka has quit IRC20:18
tortoisedocindeed it is20:18
*** azazel` has joined #sailfishos20:19
tortoisedocim just being very negative cause italy lost :|20:19
tortoisedocill stop that now20:19
kimmolican you stop italy loose ?20:20
tortoisedockimmoli : apparently not20:20
tortoisedocbut it doesnt matter anymore anyway :P20:20
kimmolii dont give a f...20:20
gogetaprandelli sucks and resigned20:20
gogetaso fuck off those  girly guys20:20
gogetakimmoli: hi ... i've found some memory lcd under 30$20:21
* tortoisedoc back to sailfishos20:21
gogetatortoisedoc: betterso20:21
kimmolii have one app in store with .config/non-harbour,20:21
tortoisedockimmoli :?20:22
kimmolibut it was approved, but "it will not pass next update if i dont change it"20:22
tortoisedocmakes sense20:22
kimmoliqa noticed it too late :)20:22
kimmoliand i forgot it completetly20:22
tortoisedocqa from jolla is quite personal :P20:22
kimmoligogeta: mean sharp stuff ?20:23
*** Yomi has joined #sailfishos20:23
gogetabut lpm i think is more sexy20:24
specialproyvind_: there's noone around oslo20:24
* tortoisedoc is going to stop being negative now for real20:24
*** nodevel has joined #sailfishos20:25
tortoisedocspecial : QAbstractEventDispatcher is it usable in sailfishos?20:25
kimmoligogeta: 2.7" from Mouser 27€/1pc20:25
specialtortoisedoc: sure? We use the normal linux glib event loop. nothing weird.20:25
*** ajalkane has quit IRC20:25
*** ajalkane has joined #sailfishos20:26
tortoisedocspecial : thanks20:26
kimmolijust reading that pdf20:27
gogetafrom here ?20:27
kimmolifroi here http://www.mouser.com/ds/2/365/LS027B7DH01_Spec-1213.pdf20:27
*** azazel` has quit IRC20:28
kimmoliseems to need 5V, but i have suitable stepup switcher parts already20:28
kimmolicould be easy to interface this in place of the eink20:29
*** xerpi has quit IRC20:31
kimmoliäh, that flex is in really stupid place20:31
*** krendil has joined #sailfishos20:31
*** Blizzz has quit IRC20:32
*** artemma has joined #sailfishos20:32
specialcoderus: haze-accounts-extensions looks great, good work20:33
coderusit looks easy, but thanks20:34
coderusspecial: but the question was about handling incorrect password20:34
coderusspecial: is there any way to check that?20:34
* special walks away whistling20:35
coderusi'll just go to sleep now20:35
specialtheoretically yes, but we haven't written code that would make it possible from settings pages20:35
specialbecause it's a bit complicated and too many things distract me20:35
faeniltbr, come on ;)20:36
specialyou would need to use tp-qt to look up the tp account matching the libaccounts ID, then read properties of it for connection failures and the reason why20:36
specialit's something I will do at some point but.. :|20:37
tbrfaenil: no, seriously. I wanted to understand what you are up to and now I'm the bad guy. sorry. nope, noperific, just no.20:37
faeniltbr, I didn't mean any of that20:37
faenilit was just to say that I'm still not getting why you seem to give it so much importance, and after your last msg it seems we can just start from an earlier point, and explain :)20:38
*** danielbeck has joined #sailfishos20:39
*** BasilSemuonov has quit IRC20:41
*** Penthotal has quit IRC20:44
danielbeckHello! I created a HTML5 game which I would like to upload to the harbour app store.20:45
danielbeckThe game is already running inside qtcreator and in the emulator. I'm however not sure how to pack and upload the game.20:46
danielbeckI started the "complete deployment" in qtcreator, and that created a rpm file named "./build-GreenMahjong-MerSDK_SailfishOS_i486-Release/RPMS/GreenMahjong-1.2.0-1.i486.rpm"20:46
danielbeckis that the file I should upload to the harbour store?20:46
danielbeck(One thing that confuses me is that there is i486 in the name of the file)20:46
coderusdanielbeck: you need to switch target to arm and build it again :)20:51
*** gogeta has quit IRC20:54
*** petantik has quit IRC20:55
danielbeckcoderus: so that one should be the good one: build-GreenMahjong-MerSDK_SailfishOS_armv7hl-Release/RPMS/GreenMahjong-1.2.0-1.armv7hl.rpm ?20:56
*** petantik has joined #sailfishos20:57
tortoisedocspecial: can I force lock screen on via dbus?20:58
*** Tofe is now known as Tofe|Away21:02
tortoisedocspecia : thanks21:02
*** danielbeck has quit IRC21:02
*** _inte_ has joined #sailfishos21:05
*** _inte_ is now known as inte21:05
*** inte has joined #sailfishos21:05
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*** remarc has joined #sailfishos21:08
*** igordcard has quit IRC21:08
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*** tortoisedoc has quit IRC21:10
cvp_oh wrong window21:12
cvp_coderus: icon is missing under created accounts + notification center (if you want change your status) , i reboot, but not help21:12
*** frullewulle has quit IRC21:13
*** hoelzro has joined #sailfishos21:16
*** inte has quit IRC21:17
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faenilchriadam|away, it seems Account -> Google -> Sync is not enough22:03
faenilI see msyncd spiking for a few secs22:03
faenilbut then nothing changes22:03
*** RZ has joined #sailfishos22:04
*** R-Z has quit IRC22:07
faenilAard, do you know how to trigger contacts sync?22:07
faenil(via cli)22:07
*** vesurivs has quit IRC22:08
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