Wednesday, 2014-06-25

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coderusMusic to everyone:!/track/10647156/album/115328602:19
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n9mxcoderus: "Due to licensing constraints we do not provide access to listeners  located outside Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. We are deeply  sorry. " :(03:17
coderuswhat about following link: What about following:
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faenilmorning o/06:29
faenilchriadam, received it?06:30
chriadamfaenil: gmorning - I did, I haven't had a chance to look at it yet, unfortunately06:31
faeniloh :/ ok06:31
faenilchriadam, how do I trigger sync, since settings sync button doesn't work?06:34
chriadamdevel-su -p ls /home/nemo/.cache/msyncd/sync/06:34
chriadamyou should see something like "google.Contacts-5.xml" where 5 is the account id.06:34
chriadamthen you can trigger via: dbus-send --session --type=method_call --print-reply --dest=com.meego.msyncd /synchronizer com.meego.msyncd.startSync string:'google.Contacts-5'06:34
faeniland that should *really* do something, right?06:35
chriadamif the sync profile is enabled, and if your account settings are ok, yes.06:35
chriadamif you want to find out more, you can `systemctl --user stop msyncd` then wait a couple seconds, then `SOCIALD_LOGGING_LEVEL=3 devel-su -p msyncd` before doing that.06:36
Nicd-coderus: I've started to have a lot of busyloops in mitakuuluu-server (200% CPU)06:38
Nicd-I now have logging on and will wait until it happens next time06:38
Nicd-but it has happened many times per day06:38
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faenilchriadam, dbus call as -p as well?06:38
chriadamo/ iekku06:39
iekkuchriadam, \o06:39
faeniliekku, morning sis :)06:39
cobujake9xx: ping06:39
iekkufaenil, morning cub06:39
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faenilchriadam, is this safe?06:58
faenilGLIB WARNING ** accounts-glib - _ag_value_from_string: error parsing type "b" ``0'': 0-1:can not parse as value of type `b'06:58
faenilFailed to SUID root. Secure storage will not be available.06:58
chriadamthat should be fixed.  one of the email settings templates (possibly either google-gmail.service, or the generic email one) has template settings of type "b" but value 0 instead of false.  It is fixed in next update.06:59
chriadamthe suid root thing is unrelated / expected.06:59
chriadamignore that06:59
faenilok, so the dbus call doesn't trigger the sync06:59
faenilmsyncd and contactsd take cpu for a while06:59
faenilbut nothing changes in my contacts06:59
chriadamdoes the dbus-send return true or false?07:00
chriadamthat suggests that the profile at least is found by msyncd.  did msyncd console (with SOCIALD_LOGGING_LEVEL=3) have any output?07:00
chriadamshould have a ton07:00
faenilyes, about to try that now07:00
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chriadamsuccessful sync, no remote changes and no local changes.  expected?07:05
chriadamit's a delta sync, so that's only the changes since the most recent successful sync before that one.07:06
faenilwell, with the difference that contacts on google web ui are okay, contacts on my phone are *a mess*07:06
chriadamright.  let me check the db one sec07:07
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chriadamfaenil: ok, found one problem.07:14
chriadamone moment, let me try to figure out something07:14
faenilI just hope this will result into bugs being fixed :)07:14
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chriadamhopefully, if I can figure out _why_.07:15
chriadamwhat's happened is that you have a bunch of ocntacts in that database which have the OLD (ie, one-way google sync adaptor from < u7) format07:16
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chriadamthey have entries in the tpmetadata table, with the account id (7), and their guid in the guids table DON'T start with 7: as they should07:16
chriadamtheir sync target is still google07:16
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chriadambut they're "orphaned" from the current sync adapter's knowledge of them07:17
faenilI see07:17
chriadamI can write code to fix this (read all google synctarget contacts, delete any which don't have the correct Guid format) -- but this is quite risky if it might result in a deletion being pushed server side.  I need to think about this one more.07:17
chriadamnow I'm trying to figure out how this could have failed... maybe a db lock when we tried to do the original migration...?  hrm.07:18
faenilit would be interesting to know how many people have this issue but haven't realized it yet07:20
faenilit's not so visible afterall, if you only use the same contacts you won't notice it07:21
faenilchriadam, remember the first time I resynced yesterday, it reupsynced a lot of clones07:23
faenil(and it doesn't, now)07:23
coderusNicd-: who cares07:23
faeniljust, fyi07:23
Nicd-coderus: ?07:24
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Nicd-coderus: currently mitakuuluu-server is using 100% CPU and all my battery. the logs have no info about it07:33
stephgNicd-: does strace say anything interesting?07:36
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Nicd-pretty much just 4 clock_gettimes every second07:38
Nicd-and a poll07:38
Nicd-but not much traffic otherwise07:39
chriadamfaenil: ok, I've created a bug internally, with all of the information I think I need to resolve this one.  thanks very much for supplying the database.07:40
faenilchriadam, ok, cool!07:40
faenilI hope my db won't end up on weird sharing services :P07:41
chriadamthe fix won't make it into the next update, though -- as I said, we need to think carefully (and test carefully) to ensure that my fix doesn't cause deletions to be erroneously up, clobbering user data07:41
faenilso, should I remove the account?07:41
chriadamerm.  sadly... that probably won't help.07:42
faenilchriadam, because it deletes those with the same guid? :D07:43
chriadambecause the sync adapter doesn't know that the orphaned contacts belong to it (and therefore, should be deleted when the account is removed)07:43
faenilwhat do you suggest07:44
faenilI don't know if I have any contact which is local only07:44
chriadamwell, I can tell you how to remove the spurious contacts -- but I don't know if the aggregates will be regenerated properly07:45
chriadammaybe using contacts-tool it will... hrm.07:45
chriadambasically, the solution is:07:45
chriadamselect * from contacts where syncTarget = 'google';07:46
faenilyes, I got that...but how :D07:46
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chriadamselect * from guids where contactId in ^that^ and guid NOT like '7:%';07:46
chriadamactually you just need the contactid07:46
chriadamthen you can delete all of those.  so.07:46
chriadamselect contactId from guids where contactId in (select * from contacts where synctarget = 'google') and guid not like '7:%';07:47
chriadamthen use contacts-tool to delete all of those results.07:47
chriadam(my sql syntax may have been incorrect there, obviously)07:47
faenilyes but who executes the query...where do I put it07:47
faenilis there a tool for that or should I handle it myself07:48
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chriadamyourself, sadly.  devel-su -p sqlite3 /home/nemo/.local/share/system/privileged/Contacts/qtcontacts-sqlite/contacts.db "select contactId from guids where contactId in (select * from contacts where synctarget = 'google') and guid not like '7:%';"07:48
faenilah well that's not myself :) there's sqlite3 :D07:49
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faenilthat's what I meant :)07:49
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chriadamoh :-)07:49
chriadamwell, there's probably a way to do it with contacts-tool too, but I don't know07:50
faenilError: only a single result allowed for a SELECT that is part of an expression07:50
faenilokay, got to rewrite it :)07:50
chriadamdevel-su -p sqlite3 /home/nemo/.local/share/system/privileged/Contacts/qtcontacts-sqlite/contacts.db "select contactId from guids where contactId in (select contactId from contacts where synctarget = 'google') and guid not like '7:%';"07:50
chriadamthat should work07:50
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faenilyeah there are a few :D07:52
faenillike, 10007:52
faenilor so07:52
Nicd-wow, my phone is really hot now (and losing charge even though it's connected to a laptop)... guess I'll have to live without whatsapp for a while07:52
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faenilNicd-, yes, USB is 500mA, the phone at full load can take up to 1.1A iirc07:53
Nicd-or try deleting the mitakuuluu db and starting anew07:53
faenilno way USB is going to be enough if it's under load :D07:53
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faenilchriadam, contacts-tool doesn't seem to know anyone with those IDs :/08:02
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chriadamhrm.  maybe contacts-tool only deals with aggregates08:02
faenilyay :)08:03
chriadamoh well.  sqlite3 "delete from contacts where id in (those ids);"08:03
chriadambut... hrm... I wonder if we apply key constraints to relationships table?08:03
chriadamif not, that would leave relationships to nonexistent contacts from the aggregates :-/08:04
chriadamand then... urgh08:04
faenilchriadam, let's change strategy08:04
faenilhow do I check if there's something not coming from google or fb08:04
faenilthat's trivial08:04
faenilI meant something "local"08:04
faenilwhich doesn't necessarily mean the same08:05
chriadamone sec08:05
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* tortoisedoc forgot how to invoke dbus methos08:22
tortoisedocbugger :(08:22
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faenilchriadam, you still there :P08:53
* Nicd- plays Sephiroth theme08:53
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Nicd-just finished FFVII a while ago08:59
Nicd-for the first time :P08:59
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chriadamfaenil: yep09:00
faenilchriadam, got a solution for me? :)09:00
faenilyou said "one sec" but then disappeared :)09:01
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tortoisedocNicd- -> FFVII first time? that's like overoldskool :P09:01
chriadamfaenil: oops sorry got sidetracked.09:02
chriadamok so what you need is a way to get the contacts which are local, but not associated with a facebook, sim, telepathy or (non-spurious) google contact?09:02
Nicd-tortoisedoc: yep. never finished it back then even though I played it all the way up to the last battles09:02
Nicd-tortoisedoc: now I finally played it through on an emulator09:03
Nicd-next up: FFVIII ;)09:03
faenilchriadam, yes, basically I want to fix my issue09:03
faeniland the only way seems to be deleting the contacts.db file, right?09:03
tortoisedocNicd- : go to FFIX, FFVIII was  abit of a disappointment for me09:03
faenilsince we don't have a safe way to delete spurious google contacts09:03
lainwir3dNicd-: I started it again like... hmmm 4 months ago. Still not finished, but I'm just in front of the final dungeon09:03
chriadamfaenil: yes, that's probably the simplest.  but I guess before you do that, you want to get out of it the data which is local only?09:04
Nicd-tortoisedoc: I didn't like FFIX when I tried it, I already have FFVIII on Steam (I played that almost all the way too when I was a kid)09:04
lainwir3dtortoisedoc: I liked FFVIII :) I like nearly all of them though. I'm on FFX HD remaster currently09:04
tortoisedoclainwir3d : I loved all FF's up to VII09:05
tortoisedocthen my love faded09:05
chriadamfaenil: try using vcardexporter.  it should only export "local" contact data09:05
Nicd-lainwir3d: I got everything this time, Gold Chocobo, all summons, all master materias, W-Summon, Omnislash etc etc :P so that took a while09:05
ruskieffxiv here for me atm09:05
tortoisedocIMHO FF6 is what remains the only, true FF game :P09:05
lainwir3dNicd-: haha, I never got one FF at 100%. I get tired before having everything.09:05
tortoisedoc(note : FF6 is FF3 in the west world)09:05
Nicd-I never really bothered with other FFs, just FF7 and FF8. I'm playing Chrono Trigger now, though09:06
faenilchriadam, only vcardconverter here09:06
lainwir3druskie: I'm on it too, which server ?09:06
faenilah ok --export09:06
tortoisedocNicd- : give FF6(FF3) a chance09:06
tortoisedocit is worth it, especially if you like the collecting part09:06
faenilchriadam, a lot of [W] QtVersit::QVCard30Writer::encodeVersitProperty:107 - Variant value is a QStringList but the property's value type is neither CompoundType or ListType09:06
faenilonce for each contact09:06
lainwir3dtortoisedoc: I loved FF6, I hop they'll make itin 3D  for the Nintendo DS like FFIV09:06
Nicd-tortoisedoc: I remember trying it really briefly once. I don't really like collecting, but FF7 I just had to, because of nostalgia. I still skipped Ruby Weapon though, screw that :P09:07
chriadamfaenil: oh, sorry that's what I mean.  `vcardconverter -e backup.vcf`09:07
chriadamfaenil: hrm... curious09:07
chriadamI wonder which property...09:07
tortoisedocNicd- : cant call you a real collector withour ruby weapon sorry :P09:07
Nicd-yeah, I didn't have the interest for that09:08
Nicd-so is FF3 on steam FF6 or the real FF3?09:08
chriadamfaenil: wait...09:09
lainwir3dprobably FF609:09
faenilchriadam, oh, it exported an avatar as well? XD09:09
chriadamfaenil: that one might be accessing the third-party database09:09
chriadamdid you run it with devel-su -p, or without?09:09
chriadamif you ran it without, it'll access the non-privileged database, so it will include basically everything (except facebook).  which probably isn't what you want, I guess.09:10
chriadamyou want to run it with devel-su -p, that way it should pick up only the "actual" local contact data09:10
faenilit only got 91 contacts though...I have 257 on google09:10
chriadambut doubel check09:10
chriadamoh, that's fine09:10
faenilWrote 91 contacts09:10
chriadamactually no, I don't understand that.  unless it's somehow reading from the privileged db always... no idea.09:11
faenillet's see with -p09:11
faenilchriadam, yes, same result with -p09:11
chriadam... weird09:11
chriadamI don't understand that09:11
faenilmaybe I'm already logged as -p09:12
faenillet's try again09:12
faenilchriadam, yea, it exports 0 contacts as Nemo09:12
chriadamshould be correct then09:12
faenilso, what are those 91?09:13
*** Nirkus has quit IRC09:13
faenilbecause there's another guy, Andy80, who says he has issues with clones and google contacts not being visible on android side09:13
*** remarc has joined #sailfishos09:14
*** remarc has joined #sailfishos09:14
chriadamthose 91 are (should be) just the "local" constituents09:15
faenilwhich means? :D09:15
chriadamthat is, data you've entered locally on the device (either manually via People app, or automatically via importing a .vcf file -- vcf imports get saved as local contacts)09:15
chriadamso it'll be somewhat limited09:15
*** Nirkus has joined #sailfishos09:16
*** Nirkus has quit IRC09:16
*** Nirkus has joined #sailfishos09:16
chriadameg, if yo uhave a google contact synced from google, and you edit that contat in the people app and add, i dunno, another phone number09:16
*** b0bben has quit IRC09:16
chriadama new "local" constituent will be created, linked to the same aggregate as the google sync target contact, the phone numbe rwill be added to the local constituent.09:16
faenilok, clear09:16
chriadamat that point, the local constituent / facet will contain ONLY a name + phone number -- it will NOT contain the "other" information from Google (email addresses, other phone numbers)09:17
*** b0bben has joined #sailfishos09:17
faenilwhat about the non-p db09:17
faenilyou said it should export everything except fb09:17
chriadamthe third party db contains all "exportable" data (at the moment, all data sources except fb are exportable)09:17
faenilthird party is the one accessible as nemo, I guess09:18
faenilwithout -p09:18
chriadamit only contains "partial aggregates".  I thought it would contain only locals, but I guess I was wrong, maybe we disabled the synctarget field altogether or something in that db09:18
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC09:18
chriadamanyway the vcardexporter will only export contacts with synctarget="local", so if the 3rd party db contacts don't have that value set in their synctarget field, they won't get exported by it09:19
faenilah ok09:19
faenilso, what about the "local"s I have in the priviledged db09:19
faenilhow do I know if I have to save those, or they're on google already09:19
*** radish has joined #sailfishos09:20
chriadamno way to tell, really.  in any case, there's no downside to importing them again once you've deleted your db, as the sync algo should be smart enough to not duplicate those details in teh aggregate after googl esync.09:20
*** b0bben has quit IRC09:21
chriadambasically, you should assume that the "local" contacts in the privileged db, are data you own / need to export / backup and then import / restore.09:21
faenilso now I delete the contacts.db (or also the other files in the same folder?)09:21
chriadamall of the files09:21
chriadamand then reboot, just in case contactsd / commhistoryd / voicecall-ui / messages / msyncd or something else had some open file handles09:22
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*** alin has joined #sailfishos09:22
faenilchriadam, well, that doesn't help a lot, I sync online because I don't want the burdain of backin up, and you tell me I can't be sure if they're online :D09:22
chriadamyour case is exceptional, though.09:22
faenilyeah but won't there always be "local" constituents?09:23
faenileven if they've been upsynced09:23
*** jardous1 has joined #sailfishos09:23
*** tat has joined #sailfishos09:23
chriadamyes.  but in general we can be sure that the upsync succeeded and that everything is fine and on the cloud.  in your case, we're not sure ;-)09:23
*** gabriel9|work has joined #sailfishos09:24
faenilso, in any case, if I don't trust your algo, and I want to check, there's no way to check if they've been upsynced already09:24
faenil(generally speaking)09:24
chriadamother than manually checking each contact on the server?  not that I'm aware of09:24
*** gabriel9 has quit IRC09:24
faenilchriadam, both /home/nemo/.local/share/system/Contacts/qtcontacts-sqlite/09:26
faeniland /home/nemo/.local/share/system/priviledged/Contacts/qtcontacts-sqlite/09:26
*** jardous1 has left #sailfishos09:26
*** jardous has quit IRC09:26
faenilchriadam, what's -shm and -wal btw?09:27
faenil(I know, too many questions, sorry :D )09:27
chriadamwal is the write-ahead-log09:27
chriadamshm... I'm guessing inter-process locks via shared memory regions09:27
*** gabriel9 has joined #sailfishos09:28
*** Tofe|Away is now known as Tofe09:28
*** gabriel9|work has quit IRC09:29
*** slate has quit IRC09:30
*** piiramar has quit IRC09:30
faenillol there's a "Chat Single" entry in my db, probably one of those preinstalled SIM services xD09:33
StskeepsSingle Chat?09:33
faenilChat Single, is the name09:33
faeniland it's a 5digits number, so I guess it's some of that operator bs :)09:34
Nicd-hot singles in your area?09:34
faenilyeah, I guess it's something like that xD09:34
faenilthat shouldn't be on a SIM, imho :p09:34
*** dhbiker has joined #sailfishos09:35
faenilonly 3 gtalk contacts...let's hope msyncd is still working09:35
*** dawnbringer has joined #sailfishos09:36
*** Andy80 has joined #sailfishos09:36
faenilchriadam, it seems the Sync didn't trigger telepathy contacts syncing09:38
chriadamit won't09:38
faenilhow comes09:38
chriadamtelepathy contacts / contactsd is only triggered by network changes or roster changes reported on XMPP09:38
faenilthat su....rprises me :D09:39
faenilhow can I manually trigger it?09:39
chriadamnot sure if you can09:39
faenilok, how do I get my chat contacts back XD09:39
chriadamflight mode on/off might work09:39
*** vesurivs has joined #sailfishos09:40
faenilmmmm xD09:40
w00twell, or restart contactsd, right?09:40
* artemma wonders why the word "telepathy" is shown to end user at all. Is it supposed to communicate that Jolla knows it all anyway? :)09:40
faenilis this intended? sync not syncing telepathy contacts as well09:40
chriadamw00t: probably09:40
chriadamfaenil: telepathy contacts are ephemeral, they're not part of sync but IM09:40
chriadamthey come and go as you enter or leave connectivity09:41
chriadamI don't know what the XMPP ping spacing is, maybe 2 minutes.  if you wait 2 minutes, no doubt they'll come back.09:41
faenilchriadam, are you really telling me you can't do anything to ask for your tp contacts on sync action? :D09:41
faenilokay :)09:41
faenilis that a xmpp protocol decision, or?09:42
chriadamas I said, they're not synchronized09:42
faenilbut, there must be a place which holds a list of your gtalk contacts09:42
chriadamthere is probably a way to pull the current roster using XMPP, which telepathy would support09:42
faeniland fb contacts09:42
chriadamyes, they're the ephemeral telepathy contacts in the contacts db, which represent your roster buddies09:43
w00twhat is the actual problem here?09:43
chriadamafter a reboot, our telepathy connectors haven't picked up the rosters properly / yet09:44
w00tthere's a cache09:44
chriadamso the gchat contacts aren't visible in the contacts app etc09:44
w00tif you haven't removed contactsd's cache, it won't know they're missing09:44
chriadamexplains it09:44
chriadambut reboot?09:44
w00tdoesn't matter09:44
faenilw00t, I have just deleted contacts.db and restarted, after discovering my contacts after up7 were messed as s*** :p09:44
w00tit's a disk cache09:44
*** slate has joined #sailfishos09:45
faenilw00t, thanks for the explanation, btw09:45
faenilso, the way it works is that every 2mins (or similar) the phone pings somewhere to get the contacts list? or does it just see who's online and saves those? or?09:46
faenilas you said it's not synched, how does it take the list of contacts09:46
w00tit's an instant messaging program. it's permanently connected. it gets a list on connect, and gets changes as long as it's connected.09:46
faenilw00t, ok, so there *is* a way to get contacts, couldn't you just disconnect/reconnect telepathy when you sync?09:47
*** SailKenn_ has joined #sailfishos09:47
w00tagain, the problem is not the way it works, the problem is the cache file09:47
faenil(in this case, I had to trigger flight mode)09:47
faenilwell, triggering flight mode did it...09:48
* w00t gives up09:48
faenilis the cache invalidated when I trigger flight mode?09:48
faenilotherwise, I don't see why the outcome should be different before and after flight mode triggering09:48
w00tit works for all normal use cases. if you're blowing up your database, you're in uncharted territory :P09:48
faenilw00t, YOU are blowing up my db, not me09:49
w00t11:46 < faenil> w00t, I have just deleted contacts.db09:49
w00tI don't think I did that ;)09:49
faenilw00t, I was forced to do that09:49
faenilbecause sailfish screwed up my contacts for good09:49
w00tstill, the point is that this is *not* how the software is designed to work09:49
faenilso screwed that I had to resort to that :P09:49
*** pompon has joined #sailfishos09:50
chriadamto be fair, there is definitely a bug in my google contacts sync code.  but to be equally fair, the duplication / horrendousness was probably caused by the fact that you had that apk installed at the time tha tthe upgrade occurred.09:50
w00tif you want to make it work in those conditions, you're going to have to resort to strange things09:50
faenilw00t, so there's this cache, right? it think I have X contacts....why would triggering flight mode (i.e. connection) change the cache09:51
faenilit thinks*09:51
w00tthe code's open source - go have a look09:52
w00tyou want to look at contactsd09:52
*** pompon has quit IRC09:52
faenilw00t, you said you give up so  I thought it was so easy you could explain it here, okay I'll have a look when I get some spare time09:52
w00tI give up trying to explain why things are happening because the explanations are probably not straightforward/strange because deleting a database is not your typical usecase, not because it's easy09:53
chriadamanyway, found one definite real bug out of this, and the information I need to fix it, which is good.09:54
* chriadam goes back to carddav09:55
faenilchriadam, awesome, glad to hear that09:55
rcgw00t, yeah, it's always difficult to explain reasons why something works the way it does. you quickly end up with discussing long and well thought out design decisions.09:56
faenilw00t, so, without going into that, and without bothering you, what should I study so I can understand how chat contacts are handled and why it seems to be impossible to get them back when you hit SYNC, as every normal user would expect?09:56
w00tfaenil: do you have to press a button to sync the contact list of your google talk client?09:56
w00t(answer: no, that's not how anyone expects it to work)09:56
faeniluntill it doesn't work09:56
faenilso I look for a button :D09:57
faenilok, I got your point about the usecase09:57
faenilbut, still, I want to learn how it works09:57
*** killSwam has joined #sailfishos09:57
*** SailKenn_ has quit IRC09:57
w00tthe way it works is (roughly, because I haven't looked at this code since ~2011) like this: on connect, grab a contact list, diff it against the cache file, save any differences - then save any changes that come in live09:58
w00t(cache file and 'save any changes' because (unlike typical IM) you expect to have the contact list even while disconnected)09:58
*** SailKenn_ has joined #sailfishos10:01
faenilw00t, that's how I expected it to work...still don't see what's wrong with disconnecting/reconnecting to make sure the contacts list is synced...if I press Sync, I press it for a reason...and that reason may be "I want chat contacts *now*" for whatever reason...otherwise yes, contacts sync is also done automatically once a day, but that's not what I'm looking for when I press Sync10:02
faenilanyway, that's my opinion, on what I'd expect from a page with the word "messaging" in it, which offers a "Sync now" feature10:02
*** jjanvier_ has quit IRC10:05
*** nh1402 has joined #sailfishos10:10
*** Lipevakala_ has joined #sailfishos10:11
*** jjanvier_ has joined #sailfishos10:13
*** carepack_ has joined #sailfishos10:14
*** carepack has quit IRC10:16
*** carepack_ has quit IRC10:18
*** igordcard has quit IRC10:18
*** rm_work is now known as rm_work|away10:23
*** jukkaeklund has joined #sailfishos10:24
*** Lipevakala has joined #sailfishos10:25
*** Nc_ has quit IRC10:26
*** carepack_ has joined #sailfishos10:27
*** Lipevakala_ has quit IRC10:28
*** jjanvier_ has quit IRC10:31
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*** carepack_ has joined #sailfishos10:38
*** Jpel has quit IRC10:38
*** Nc_ has joined #sailfishos10:41
*** Venemo has quit IRC10:42
*** carepack_ has quit IRC10:42
*** vesurivs has quit IRC10:44
faenilchriadam, after importing the vcs which I exported before, I have 7 clones of a contact10:44
faenil(there aren't 7 clones in the vcs)10:44
chriadamthat's highly irregular10:44
faenilah no it's 810:45
chriadameven more irregular10:45
faenilI'll try deleting them and import again10:46
*** CvP_ has joined #sailfishos10:47
*** javispedro has joined #sailfishos10:47
*** n9mx has joined #sailfishos10:47
*** Kabouik has joined #sailfishos10:47
faenilmmm deletion of the last 2 clones fails xD10:49
*** dhbiker has quit IRC10:50
faenilworked now, 5th try10:50
*** ottulonen has quit IRC10:52
*** peppelakappa has joined #sailfishos10:52
*** SailKenn_ has quit IRC10:54
faenilchriadam, reimported, only one contact now...10:54
faenilyay for eisenbugs10:54
faeniloff to lunch, bbl10:54
chriadamhappy munching10:54
*** carepack_ has joined #sailfishos10:56
*** carepack has joined #sailfishos10:58
*** carepack_ has quit IRC10:58
*** SailKenn_ has joined #sailfishos10:58
*** carepack has quit IRC11:01
*** carepack_ has joined #sailfishos11:01
*** carepack_ has quit IRC11:04
*** carepack has joined #sailfishos11:04
*** SailKenn_ has quit IRC11:07
*** rafalo1333 has joined #sailfishos11:07
*** SailKenn_ has joined #sailfishos11:07
rafalo1333Hello Sailors! ;)11:08
chriadamhi rafalo133311:08
rafalo1333Is anybody testing Jolla Launcher right now? I am waiting for e-mail with link ;)11:10
rafalo1333Seems like channel is rather empty right now :)11:14
peppelakappai requested the launcher too, nothing in my inbox yet11:15
*** spiiroin has quit IRC11:19
nodevelhey. anyone that understands how timedclient (timedclient-qt5) works? I'm trying to send a dbus call, but can't figure out what to put in as 'object'.11:23
*** gigetoo has quit IRC11:26
rafalo1333Hope e-mails will arrive soon :)11:27
rafalo1333BTW, are any devs here that can help with Sailfish app development problem?11:28
rafalo1333I am learning Silica and QML11:28
*** gigetoo has joined #sailfishos11:28
rafalo1333And I dont know how can I communicate between pages with ID's11:28
*** Sir_herrbatka has quit IRC11:28
chriadamrafalo1333: ids are component-scoped11:29
chriadamdepending on what you mean by "communicate between pages" you'll either want to connect signals to slots, or you'll want to set properties11:30
rafalo1333So, how can I communicate between page1 and page2 from page2?11:30
rafalo1333I want to for example set property url for webView on other Page from "settings" page ;)11:31
*** Sail0r has quit IRC11:31
*** peppelak_ has joined #sailfishos11:32
*** Sail0r has joined #sailfishos11:32
*** SailKenn_ has quit IRC11:33
*** peppelakappa has quit IRC11:36
*** n9mx has quit IRC11:36
*** peppelak_ has quit IRC11:45
*** Nc_ has quit IRC11:47
*** Matulski has joined #sailfishos11:48
*** Lipevakala_ has joined #sailfishos11:48
*** klakla has joined #sailfishos11:49
nodevelrafalo1333: not sure if this is a proper way, but I usually declare few global variables (like your url) on the main page11:50
nodevelwhen you have your 'harbour-myapp.qml' and declare 'property string url' in ApplicationWindow, then all your pages can access this property11:51
*** jjanvier_ has joined #sailfishos11:51
*** Lipevakala has quit IRC11:51
*** Lipevakala has joined #sailfishos11:52
nodevelif there's a better way, then I try to avoid this, but it works well11:52
*** Lipevakala_ has quit IRC11:53
*** carepack has quit IRC11:53
*** Lipevakala has quit IRC11:53
rafalo1333I have the page "page1", with SilicaWebView "webView1", so url of the webView is page is page1.webVew1.url, right? But how can I write to this property from page "page2"? I tried root.page1.webView1.url and other stupid combinations, but nothing works... I am new to QML/QT and Silica :)11:53
*** Lipevakala has joined #sailfishos11:53
rafalo1333What is the root od all the ID's?11:53
faenilchriadam, sorry if I bother again, more contacts issues :/ are you still awake?11:54
*** javispedro has quit IRC11:55
*** Lipevakala_ has joined #sailfishos11:55
chriadamyeah, still awake11:55
nodevelrafalo1333: I'd do it this way: you one file with ApplicationWindow {}, right?11:55
nodevel*you have11:55
*** Lipevakala has quit IRC11:56
rafalo1333I tried one file with ApplicationWindows{}, and combination with pages in "pages" directory ;)11:56
*** jardous has joined #sailfishos11:56
*** Lipevakala has joined #sailfishos11:57
faenilchriadam, so, 1) I have 2 contacts which the same number which haven't been merged (why?)11:58
faenil2) the android contacts is a *mess*, it's full of "(No Name)" and numbers without names11:58
faenil(and then the real contacts)11:58
chriadamdo those 2 contacts have the same name?11:58
faenilnope, same number11:59
nodevelrafalo1333: then just set a property call i.e. 'myUrl' (property string myUrl) under ApplicationWindow. In your WebView on page1, set url to myUrl (url: myUrl). then in your page2 you can access myUrl any way you want (like myUrl = " ) :)11:59
chriadamsame number isn't enough to make them merged.  eg, family members often share the same home phone number.11:59
*** Lipevakala_ has quit IRC11:59
*** Lipevakala_ has joined #sailfishos11:59
chriadamfor android contacts, well I have no idea why that would be the case.  can you do a quick: sqlite3 /home/nemo/.local/share/system/Contacts/qtcontacts-sqlite/contacts.db "select * from contacts;" -- check that they all have name data there?12:00
rafalo1333Great! I will try it ;)12:00
faenilchriadam, mmm I wonder how other OSes do that then :/ quite sure they were merged in other phones...anyway, your point is valid12:00
rafalo1333Thanks ;)12:00
fluxoften? perhaps it's regional, but nowadays people just have their own numbers?12:00
nodevelrafalo1333: no problem :)12:00
faenilchriadam, basically situation in android is how it was before I cleaned the db, + nonames12:00
chriadamflux: depends on the type of phone number, too.  mobile phones are generally per-person obviously, but landline phones?  they are often shared (eg, husband and wife, same home phone number, etc)12:01
*** Lipevakala has quit IRC12:01
nodevelrafalo1333: and remember that properties can have their value set on declaration (like 'property string myUrl:'' ), so you don't have to set it later manually12:01
fluxchriadam, right, correct. forgot about those, because nobody here anymore uses landline phones..12:02
artemmaSamsung Contacts Hub (not sure abt general Google Phonebook) merges clear copies automagically, for the "probable copies" you see suggestions when trying to link accounts. Pretty much same as Sailfish, though I think sailfish sameness detection rules could be improved12:02
faenilthat's the end of the result12:02
rafalo1333nodevel: awesome, time to run the SDK ;)12:02
faeniland those are the clones (they're 8 actually)12:02
faenilthat I talked about before leaving for lunch12:02
*** martyone__ has quit IRC12:03
*** klakla_ has joined #sailfishos12:04
chriadamartemma: no doubt they could. -- patches welcome ;-)12:04
chriadamfaenil: wait, that's the only contact which is in the db?12:05
faenilchriadam, nono12:05
faeniljust noticed that it still has the clones12:05
chriadamah ok12:05
faenilI don't know how to check the nonames12:05
faenilthere's a lot of ||||||| though12:05
faenilwhich are probably related12:06
*** klakla has quit IRC12:06
chriadamout of interest, does that contact only appear once in the privileged db?12:06
*** rafalo1333 has quit IRC12:06
faenilchriadam, no it appears 12 times, 6 as google, 6 as aggregate12:07
faeniloh, now they're back, I have 6 Manuele in my phone app12:07
faenil(I deleted them manually before leaving for lunch...)12:07
* chriadam cries12:08
* faenil pat-pats12:08
*** Lipevakala_ has quit IRC12:08
faenilchriadam, this is from priviledged
chriadamcan you do "select * from guids where contactId in (1697, 1699, 1701, 1703, 1705, 1707);"12:11
chriadamhopefully they are prefixed by the account id, this time...12:12
faenilchriadam, id is correct12:12
faeniloh, cool, my google is full of cloned contacts12:13
faenil(google web ui)12:13
chriadamok, well the id part at least is good.  the cloned contacts... not so much.12:13
faenil276 -> 47312:13
*** Sir_herrbatka has joined #sailfishos12:13
chriadamI'd love to know for certain if that's being caused by the sailfish sync adapter.12:14
*** SK_work has joined #sailfishos12:15
*** rafalo1333 has joined #sailfishos12:16
*** master_o1_master has joined #sailfishos12:16
*** inte` has joined #sailfishos12:16
faenilchriadam, contactssyncadapter.apk is back, fwiw12:16
*** inte` has quit IRC12:16
*** inte` has joined #sailfishos12:16
faenilgplay must have done some magic12:16
chriadamhow and why12:16
faenil(I guess)12:16
faenilchriadam, ah no neverming, that's the gapps fodler12:17
faenilchriadam, it's not back12:17
faenilsorry for the heart attack :D12:17
rafalo1333I am back, SDK is open ;)12:19
faenilone contact is cloned 8 times on google web as well12:19
faenilgah, I don't get what's going on here :)12:19
*** inte has quit IRC12:19
faenilcontacts get cloned random number of times12:19
*** master_of_master has quit IRC12:19
rafalo1333I have the second question :) How can I use the class declared in mysailfishapp.cpp file?12:19
faenilsome 2, some 4, some 5, some 6, some 8 times12:20
*** b0bben has joined #sailfishos12:20
chriadamfaenil: your device is haunted12:21
chriadamI blame ghosts ;-)12:21
SK_workrafalo1333: mind giving context ?12:21
SK_workI would guess qmlRegisterType, or context->setContextProperty() ?12:21
faenilchriadam, I wish I could agree :D12:21
chriadamHi SK_work how's things?12:21
rafalo1333I have my class with 3 methods in it returning string value. I wanna use it in QML but I dont know how12:22
chriadamfaenil: I'll talk to matt about it again tomorrow, maybe he'll have some ideas :-/12:25
chriadamfor now, I need sleep.  gnight everyone.12:25
*** chriadam is now known as chriadam|away12:25
faenilchriadam|away, sure, have some rest12:25
faeniland thanks for trying12:25
*** SK_work has quit IRC12:26
*** jmlich has joined #sailfishos12:26
*** dhbiker has joined #sailfishos12:27
faenilspecial, "Our measurements indicate that a typical mid-sized Qt Quick application startup is 30-40% faster with compiled Qt Quick. This is an excellent improvement and we believe we can improve this even more in the future. The highest startup time improvements we’ve gotten are as high as 90% in the case where the application is very JavaScript intense and contains no other items, like graphics, to load at startup."12:28
faeniljust read it on 5.3.1 release notes :)12:28
*** R-Z has joined #sailfishos12:29
*** Jpel has joined #sailfishos12:29
specialfaenil: not very useful while it's enterprise-only, though.12:30
faenilspecial, of course12:30
faenilspecial, though this sentence is a bit ambiguous -> "The new Qt Quick Compiler we introduced with Qt Enterprise 5.3 is now available as a fully supported 1.0.0 version"12:30
faenilbut yeah, I guess it's still ent only12:31
*** Jpel has quit IRC12:31
*** SK_work has joined #sailfishos12:32
*** Lipevakala_ has joined #sailfishos12:33
*** marxistvegan has joined #sailfishos12:36
cos-vote for this.. it's a really annoying "feature"
SK_workcos-: there is a patch for that12:39
cos-this is a duplicate
cos-SK_work: yep, but i hope it will change with next update12:39
*** DarkSim has joined #sailfishos12:39
*** Lipevakala_ has quit IRC12:40
ponkyhng, anyone working on mosh for sailfish?12:40
ponkyoh, it's there already? o_o12:40
*** jjanvier_ has quit IRC12:40
cos-i just arranged my icons into folders, and had to return from edit mode several times to check the names of apps and folders.12:41
ppat least
*** jardous has left #sailfishos12:42
*** jjanvier_ has joined #sailfishos12:47
*** artemma has quit IRC12:53
*** dawnbringer has quit IRC12:53
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*** rafalo1333 has quit IRC13:00
*** klakla_ has quit IRC13:03
kimmolicos-: playing the memory-game :p13:04
*** zhxt_lp has quit IRC13:05
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kontiojake9xx: your FC Barcelona towel is still in the basement :)13:19
*** jardous1 has joined #sailfishos13:21
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coderusboth Ark and mc are segfaulted when i tried to open sailfish- :D18:15
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jake9xxkontio: ouch. you need biohazard stuff to get rid of it18:53
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toroisedocjake9xx : what's the bug which requires biohazard stuff to get rid of? :P19:05
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energycsdxwill jolla launcher work on 4.2.2 &19:08
toroisedocjolla guys!19:08
toroisedocis the jolla launcher qt + qml or android stuff?19:08
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M4rtinKtoroisedoc: while I'm not myself interested in the concept of the launcher itself19:10
M4rtinKtoroisedoc: it would be interesting to know how it is made19:10
M4rtinKas quite a lot of stuff used by lipstick & co is missing with just plain Qt 5 on Android19:11
toroisedocmakes sense19:12
M4rtinKon the other hand just writing the thing from the ground up (even if it doesn't really do the same thing as on Sailfish OS) would seem as quite q waste of resources19:12
*** sletta has quit IRC19:14
toroisedocM4rtinK : marketing19:14
M4rtinKwell, sure19:15
M4rtinKbut I don't get it how the marketing is supposed to work :)19:15
M4rtinKother than "everybody is doing it, we need to do it too!"19:15
toroisedocthis sounds like a marketing question, sooo.....19:16
* toroisedoc disappears in a cloud of smoke19:16
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jake9xxtoroisedoc: afaik it' qt+qml19:19
toroisedocjake9xx : ok so qt lighthouse?19:20
*** piiramar has quit IRC19:20
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* jake9xx tries to remember something from 2011...19:20
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toroisedoc2011 ??? :O19:22
toroisedoc(is this related to the same discussion..)19:23
*** xruxa_away is now known as xruxa19:23
M4rtinKwell Qt 5 officially supports Android19:25
M4rtinKofficially = Digia supports it19:25
M4rtinKnot Google of course, that would be too logical :P19:26
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toroisedocok yeah19:31
toroisedocthen its definitely lighthouse19:31
toroisedocergo, the launcher does not rely on wayland for example19:31
toroisedocbut on some android mumbojumbo19:31
*** ndvl has quit IRC19:32
toroisedocwhich makes sense :P19:32
M4rtinKIIRC it was Lighthouse -> Necessitas -> official support in Qt 519:32
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gogetahi guys19:38
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smokuphew... looking-up a contact by phone number wouldn't be so difficult if only docs for QtContacts weren't so outdated... :/22:30
smokuit took me 0.5h+ of poking QContactManager to finally spew my contact ;-)22:31
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