Wednesday, 2014-09-03

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camerisI have 2 submodels that I want to display on a single Page. I have created a ListView with that takes a list of the 2 submodels as model and the delegate is a GridView { interactive: false; height: contentItem.height }. It all looks as it should be, the ListView creates and destroys its delegates as needed, but the GridViews delegates get all loaded at once, which is a problem when the submodels have lots of items. Is there som07:45
cameris*...  created a ListView which takes ...07:46
tortoisedoccameris : "Is there som"..?07:50
camerisIs there something I can do so that I can display both  and still have the feeling of a single flickable?07:50
lukedirtwalkerI don't fully get the question but maybe repeater could help?07:51
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camerishere is the qml page: . I just want to find out if it is possible to have the subviews load its delegates when they need to be displayed. I think I'm preventing this by setting the height property to contentItem.height, but If I choose something smaller, the subviews have to be interactive so you can flick them.08:05
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coderuscameris: show full qml please08:15
coderusmy mind is blown by this explanation08:15
coderusyou just reached INCEPTION LEVEL 208:15
camerissry, couldn't explain it better.08:16
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cameriswhat do you mean ba full qml? its the whole page.08:16
cameriswell, imports are missing.08:16
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coderusyes, show whole page08:17
camerisjust this is missing: import QtQuick 2.008:18
camerisimport Sailfish.Silica 1.008:18
camerisimport harbour.the_spoils 1.008:18
camerisimport "../components"08:18
coderusi dont care, i just need a look at your inception :D08:19
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coderuscameris: just show me that code, you can send it to private if dont want to show at public08:23
cameriscoderus: i can send you the whole project if you want.08:32
coderuscameris: ah, sorry, i just missed your link :)08:33
camerisoh, that explains alot.08:33
coderuscameris: look08:34
coderuscameris: if you set model: model1.count + model2.count08:34
coderusand inside delegate use data: if (index < model1.count) { model1.get(index) } else { model2.get(index - model1.count) }08:35
coderusit can work *IN THEORY*08:35
cameriscoderus: but no seperate headers for the subviews08:35
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cameriscoderus: as far as i understand your basically merging the submodels to one model.08:38
coderuscameris: yes08:38
coderusyou want to separate it?08:39
coderusGridView1.footer: GridView2? :D08:39
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SK_workhum ...08:42
cameriswell the problem is, I want the parentview to be the only one interactive. Therefore I need to set the height of the subviews. The parentview creates/destroys the subviews as needed. BUT a subview instantiates all its delegates when created and thats a problem with a big submodel.08:42
SK_workdon't look sane to put views inside view08:42
coderuscameris: you need some magic here :)08:45
camerisit all would be so easy if GridView had an section property like ListView.08:46
coderuscameris: implement it inside model yourself :)08:47
camerisinside the model? how should that work?08:47
coderusit can work only if columns count is fixed08:49
coderuscameris: or maybe you can use ListView insteadof GridView? :)08:51
camerisactually I want to use both and let the user switch between them.08:52
camerisbut thats another story.08:52
coderuscameris: i mean maybe you can use some magic and display some in a row inside list delegate?08:53
camerishmm, This could actually work.08:54
camerisbut seems messy.08:54
coderussure :)08:54
cameriswell, I give it a try.08:55
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cameriscome to think of it, since I use a QSortFilterProxyModel derived model it seems awfully difficult.08:58
camerisseems like a 2 Page solution is the only practical way.08:59
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Diceedoes jolla have netflix?11:14
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SpeedEvilWell - you can run the android app11:19
SpeedEvilwhich works fine.11:19
Diceei have been told that it might  not work?11:19
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Diceewell i try it :)11:30
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Diceeis there possible to automaticaly link the same names in contac list?11:45
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zGrrmoin :)12:10
Nicd-where does "moin" come from?12:11
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Nicd-hmm, maybe I should start greeting in finnish then :P12:13
zGrrNicd-: moi :)12:13
camerishow do you greet in finnish?12:13
Nicd-or moro12:14
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Accewords in cursive12:16
Nicd-"jumalan terve" :D12:16
AcceI think the article lacks in variations of "moro", "morjens" and such12:17
Acce"mitä uskovaiset" is nice too12:18
TemeVNicd-: I think "jumalan terve" is translation from German "Grüss gott"12:21
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TemeVI've never heard anyone use it in Finland though...12:22
TemeVBut it sounds nice, maybe I'll start using it12:22
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zGrrFinnland is too cold. I would prefer Hong Kong.12:25
Bysmyyr_Finland is just cool!12:25
entilit's missing mroo12:26
Bysmyyr_and morps12:26
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Acce :D12:55
tbrAcce: pfff, nobody there ;-(12:58
NaranekTriggerfish porter on the list.  That's pretty close12:58
tbrwould make as a neat general chatter channel though, just like there used to be #meego-bar12:58
AcceJolla could ask Pyynikin pienpanimo to make a batch of "Sailfish <preferred type of beer>"12:59
Acceand sell it in their webshop12:59
tbrcybette: ^^^ take note12:59
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tbrselling it might have too much legal red tape13:00
Accetrue, at least in finland13:00
tbryes, exactly13:00
Acceit would probably be ok to sell it to consumers of other European countries13:00
Naranekthey could ship it to Estonia and we could buy it from there ;)13:00
tbrbut a co branding and selling through the brewery would work13:00
Accedelicious idea13:01
AcceSorry, it was "Pyynikin käsityöläispanimo", not pienpanimo13:02
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cybettedid someone mention beer? :)13:10
jusa_beer? where?13:11
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cybettepersonally I'd go with a Belgian brewery. after my belgium trip even my favorite Plevna beer tasted meh13:13
cybetteDuckZ: hi13:13
DuckZI've installed an android app that eats up lots of space, how can I move it to the sd card?13:14
Accecybette: those are the dangers of middle europe :(13:14
DuckZcybette: totally true, I lived there for one year and now any beer I dring is meh, even menabrea tastes like dirty water13:14
DuckZcybette: but I'm compensating with british ales, more or less13:15
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cybetteDuckZ: maybe this
cybetteAcce: indeed13:17
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cybetteDuckZ: british ales are ok.. in Finland my drink of choice is lonkero :) and some westvleteren brought back from the trip if I suffer from withdrawal ;)13:20
DuckZcybette: but it won't mount btrfs cards until they fix that vfat bug, and I didn't enable dev mode so I can't do that myself13:20
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DuckZcybette: hm I don't know finnish beers... but I'll try those if I can spot them around, some shops here have beers from countries you never even heard of :)13:21
tbrDuckZ: you could try to move the APK manually and symlink it13:24
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zGrrWhat I regard as a good beer does not last for much more than a week.13:24
zGrrgood beers quickly go bad.13:25
cybetteDuckZ: lonkero is a long drink, not beer:
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DuckZtbr: I tried with cargo dock, but it just says "can't create a link"13:32
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tbrCLI FTW13:33
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coderusDuckZ: you need root privileges ofc. obliviously. RTFM.13:39
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* kimmoli wonders is root beer the favorite drink of sysadmins?13:49
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kimmoliSo, when there will be first native VR app for sailfish? Tried china-made "improved google cardboard" and SwivelGun log ride demo13:53
kimmolihave nothing to compare on, but seems to work with jolla, also the magnetic switch works13:54
Stskeepskimmoli: got an url for the china made?13:54
kimmolii have this
Stskeepshm, that goes on my list..13:55
kimmoliit did make here just in 10 days13:56
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DuckZcoderus: the "this might void your warranty" message puts me off, so no dev mode and no third party rpms until I decide otherwise (likely in a year time)14:16
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DuckZcoderus: I think no amount of manual reading will get me around not being root14:16
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StskeepsDuckZ: fwiw general attitude is that if you screw up in it, you get to keep both pieces, but factory reset lets you do a lot..14:25
coderusDuckZ: omg :D14:30
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FloR707Hi, I just got turned down for using /home/nemo in my code. The validator says to use $home instead but it is not so easy. How do I use $home correctly?17:05
coderusFloR707: QDir::homePath()17:08
SK_workcoderus = always faster, always with a better solution17:09
coderusSK_work: for home dir QDir is better than QStandardPaths :)17:09
SK_workcoderus: indeed17:09
SK_worklooks ebtter17:09
SK_workat first: shorter :)17:09
coderusQStandardPaths for multimedia and cache solutions at first17:10
*** jjarven has quit IRC17:10
FloR707I just need to use QDir::homePath() in my c++ files where I want /home/nemo or that I get $home?17:11
*** jjarven has joined #sailfishos17:11
*** filippz has quit IRC17:13
coderusFloR707: yes17:13
coderusFloR707: why you using home path btw?17:13
FloR707I want to acces a standard folder.17:13
FloR707Yes whar =)17:13
SK_workFloR707: which standard folder ?17:14
coderusFloR707: playlists folder?17:14
SK_workcache older ?17:14
SK_workfolder ?17:14
coderusFloR707: what is the path?17:15
*** freedomrun has quit IRC17:15
FloR707Yes the playlist folder17:15
SK_workthen maybe use QStandardPath /playlists ?17:16
SK_workwhat do you think coderus  ?17:16
coderusSK_work: there are no playlists standart path17:16
SK_workthere is a music one17:16
SK_workthen append / playlists17:16
SK_workthe problem, indeed is that there is no playlist standard path17:16
FloR707Media app stores the files in a specific folder.17:17
coderusi can suggest only %1/playlists).arg(QStandardPaths::writableLocation(QStandardPaths::MusicLocation))17:17
SK_workcoderus: my point too17:17
coderusFloR707: what path of that specific folder/17:17
SK_workFloR707: ^17:17
coderusFloR707: thats it17:17
coderus#include <QStandardPaths>17:18
*** jjarven has quit IRC17:18
coderusQString playlistsFolder = QString("%1/playlists").arg(QStandardPaths::writableLocation(QStandardPaths::MusicLocation))17:18
FloR707No I don't need that. QDir::homePath() works fine17:18
SK_workFloR707: fact is that using MusicLocation might be safer17:19
coderusFloR707: nevermind, just use it until it working :)17:19
*** ThePiGuy has joined #sailfishos17:19
*** jjanvier has quit IRC17:20
FloR707I wanted to use QSparql to locate all .pls files but that is not approved, yet.17:20
FloR707I hope they will so that I can use that.17:20
*** rashm2k has joined #sailfishos17:24
*** ThePiGuy has quit IRC17:26
*** SK_work has quit IRC17:26
FloR707I am getting a new error now ".DS_Store] This kind of file must not be included" What is this?17:27
*** jjanvier has joined #sailfishos17:28
coderusFloR707: why you including this file? :D17:28
*** javispedro has quit IRC17:30
*** Stskeeps has quit IRC17:31
*** jjarven has joined #sailfishos17:31
FloR707I did not!17:32
coderusbut you are17:33
coderuscheck it carefully17:33
*** alin has quit IRC17:33
coderusit some sort of system cache on mac?17:33
*** Stskeeps has joined #sailfishos17:34
FloR707Yes it is.17:35
*** uvatbc has quit IRC17:35
coderusso, you need to clean it from your project folder :)17:36
FloR707It will come back.17:36
FloR707OS X stores how you want to display this folder in this file.17:36
FloR707It is in every folder.17:36
coderusso, i dont know then, ask other mac developers how them removing it17:36
coderusor avoiding it while building17:37
FloR707Haven't had that before.17:37
*** FloR707 has quit IRC17:37
*** FloR707 has joined #sailfishos17:37
*** FloR707 has quit IRC17:38
*** FloR707 has joined #sailfishos17:38
FloR707That is not possible. They come right back...17:38
coderussure, it should be just avoided at build time17:39
*** FloR707 has quit IRC17:39
*** FloR707 has joined #sailfishos17:39
*** jjanvier_ has joined #sailfishos17:40
*** jjanvier has quit IRC17:40
*** jjanvier_ has quit IRC17:44
FloR707I just build an older version and here it seems not to be included.17:44
FloR707Somehow I must have done something wrong…17:44
*** dhbiker has quit IRC17:44
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*** dhbiker has joined #sailfishos17:47
rkzanyone in here familiar with QtMultimedia 5, or libid3tag17:48
rkztrying to get media metadata out of a qmediaplaylist17:50
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m4g0glocusf: ping18:55
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locusfm4g0g: pong19:43
*** rashm2k1 has quit IRC19:46
m4g0glocusf: I needed your help with evernote sdk, but I have found QEverCloud lib and do it myself19:52
locusfm4g0g: I hqven't used the sdk at all btw :)19:53
m4g0glocusf: but there is in your repository19:54
locusfoh yeah the c++ library19:55
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locusfm4g0g: does qevercloud work for you?20:04
m4g0glocusf: I am testing it20:06
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC20:06
locusfm4g0g: are you doing your own version of evernote on sfos? sounds like competition :)20:09
locusfbluewhale isn't perfect :/20:09
m4g0glocusf: no. I need evernote integration in one project.20:15
m4g0gI am developing livejournal client for sfos now20:16
locusfok cool20:16
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tortoisedocis there a way to "lock" the content in a flickable to a certain position?20:26
tortoisedocor better, to force it to a certain offset even when the touch is removed+20:26
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tortoisedocanother question20:35
tortoisedochow to measure power consumption of an app?20:35
tortoisedoc(in active mode i mean)20:35
*** ionstorm has quit IRC20:36
tortoisedocNicd- : thanks20:40
tortoisedocbtw, any news on the update yet? ;)20:40
Nicd-update delayed!20:41
tortoisedocMore bugs fixed! Excellent :P20:42
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coderustortoisedoc: there is boundsBehaviour in Flickable21:09
*** tortoisedoc has quit IRC21:12
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camerissqlite foreign keys: do I only need to database.setConnectOptions("foreign_keys = ON"); for them to activate? My ON DELETE CASCADE entries are not working, but on my pc they do.21:27
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camerisexecuting a query with "PRAGMA foreign_key = ON;" did the trick.22:01
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