Wednesday, 2014-11-26

M4rtinKtry to ping lbt00:00
M4rtinKhe is the overall Mer infra guy :)00:00
M4rtinKbut most probably already asleep today :)00:00
phaeron is the new thing :)00:00
M4rtinKyeah, IIRC they moved to gitlab or something00:01
sandsmarkyeah, found it00:01
M4rtinKa while ago00:01
sandsmarkthanks, phaeron :-)00:01
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lbtyep .. gerrit is dead \o/00:03
lbtgitweb should work but is lower prio00:04
sandsmarkseems down from here at least, but gitlab works00:04
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tortoisedocmer LDAP05:35
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tortoisedocqtfeedback allowed in harbow!05:38
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kimmolitortoisedoc: no05:44
tortoisedockimmoli :
tortoisedockimmoli : do your laundry man :P05:45
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kimmoli followed by
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tortoisedockimmoli : naming in the file's names or in classes etc?06:44
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kimmolicheck other commits, did see Qt0Feedback somewhere.. dunno06:48
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tortoisedockimmoli : yeah  i noticed too07:20
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Nokiuskimmoli:  Sorry that I miss to respond yesterday after the meeting. No problem that you can't make it to the event.  Is there a possibility that you can lend same community made TOH to show them the crowed. If I get a response from the FOSDEM committee and its okay for you may we can talk more about the details. Hope to receive the answer soon from the committee.08:50
kimmoliNokius: yes, i should have toholed, letoh and tohiri. Maybe tohkbd2 even, but that has to be confirmed by dirkvl08:51
Nokiuskimmoli: sure do this :) mist08:52
Nokiusmist  hit to early enter08:54
Stskeeps - typical fosdem stand, btw..08:54
Stskeeps.. that's even iekku sitting in the background08:54
Stskeepsone table08:55
kimmolihave to make some freestuff08:55
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tbrJolla could sponsor some nemo and mer stickers :>08:56
Nicd-I want a new tampere dev event so I can get more jolla swag! ;)08:57
tbrwe could start by having a combined pikkujoulu08:57
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Nicd-probably won't get much coding done at a pikkujoulu...08:57
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* iekku is way easy to spot :D08:59
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kimmolioo pikkujoulu09:10
Nokiusbtw. if some one is interested to share with me a two bedroom apartment in Brussels during FOSDEM (30.Jan-01-Feb.) ping me [looks to me the cheaper way to stay there]09:16
tbrcos-: mhh, I had a prelim date from NF, let me check09:19
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tbrdamn, don't see it in my calendar, but I think it was the 13th09:19
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tbrhow does that sound to people?09:20
cos-no go, there's petrifest movie festival that day09:21
cos-12.12 would be free09:21
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lukedirtwalkeris there anywhere a statement about Sailfish.* qml imports?10:00
lukedirtwalkerregarding harbour intake?10:02
Armadillothere were new allowed imports mentioned in the meeting yesterday, but I haven#t seen any new qml imports10:03
lukedirtwalkerI saw it but not Sailfish ones10:04
coderusArmadillo: this imports allowed for u10, not current ones, isn't it?10:06
ArmadilloI think he's taking about new ones ;)10:06
Armadillothose on the faq are the current ones10:07
lukedirtwalkercoderus: Armadillo: I mean like Sailfish.Pickers Sailfish.Media10:07
Armadilloas there's also qt5.2 missing currently10:07
coderuslukedirtwalker: ok, nothing of it is allowed and wont be afaik.10:08
coderuslukedirtwalker: only Sailfish.Silica is allowed10:08
lukedirtwalkercoderus: yes but I want to know if there are plans for the future, should we make a TJC entry to vote for this10:09
lukedirtwalkerI think those 2 are really cool10:09
Armadillonext meeting will be on december 16 ;)10:09
coderuslukedirtwalker: none of it was discussed10:10
lukedirtwalkerArmadillo: would you volunteer to bring this up? I always teach Tuesdays at 15.0010:11
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lukedirtwalkercoderus: thanks for info10:11
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Armadilloas I don't know anything about those components, I think I'm not the right man for this ;)10:11
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lukedirtwalkerArmadillo: hm okay10:14
Armadilloyou could add it to the planning and mention that you won't be available and you're searching for someone who can present your topic10:15
cos-what's this thing with facebook requiring re-login every now & then?10:16
cos-can't the phone just save my u & p and use them?10:16
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Juubacos-: FB is ok for me, Google loses login every now and then for me.10:41
Juubaor at least did twice in 4 days... when I open Settings - Accounts, google says "Log in"10:42
cos-that sucks anyway.. why it won't respect "Remember login"10:42
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lukedirtwalkernazanin: ping, have you tested butaca?11:50
nazaninlukedirtwalker: it's been tested but not by me, how come? :)11:50
lukedirtwalkerquestion about the problems raised11:51
nazaninlukedirtwalker: go ahead :)11:52
lukedirtwalkerit says option for adult content didn't work in u8 how does that show?11:52
lukedirtwalkerI don't think I use any u9 specifics11:53
nazaninlukedirtwalker: what the message says is that disabling the 'show adult content' did not really filtered out the adult content on a device having update 811:56
nazaninlukedirtwalker: is it possible to fix it so that disabling this option can actually filter out the adult content?11:56
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lukedirtwalkernazanin: I will look into it I still have u8 in emulator11:57
nazaninlukedirtwalker: great :)11:57
lukedirtwalkerthanks for clarification11:57
nazaninlukedirtwalker: no problem, let me know if anything else comes up :)11:58
suyIs there some way to detect on .pro files when one is compiling for SailfishOS? mkspec? I was using packagesExist(sailfishapp), but is unsuported in Creator.11:59
lukedirtwalkerexists("/usr/include/sailfishapp/sailfishapp.h"): {11:59
lukedirtwalker    message("Sailfish build")11:59
lukedirtwalkersuy: ^11:59
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lukedirtwalkersuy: also check the pro file of fahrplan to support nearly all qt platforms:
suylukedirtwalker: nice hack :-P  Thank you, I'll check now. That's a nice idea12:01
lukedirtwalkernazanin: haha I actually never looked into adult content :D12:02
nazaninlukedirtwalker: well we need to test apps in all ways possible :D12:02
lukedirtwalkernazanin: yes good catch12:03
nazaninlukedirtwalker: our test engineer Nrsisti caught it ;)12:03
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lukedirtwalkerhm is QtQuick.LocalStorage 2.0 not working in u8?12:09
lukedirtwalkernevermind ^12:11
lukedirtwalkernazanin: can I now resubmit with just a new release or do I need to make a new version?12:11
nazaninlukedirtwalker: as the app is rejected, a new release number would suffice :)12:12
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King_DuckZlol did you see the new papocchio app on the store?12:27
King_DuckZfunny name, it's italian12:27
King_DuckZyou can also tell the dude is italian by his "do mistakes" in the app description :D12:27
* Armadillo restarts the store12:27
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King_DuckZhm I can't find papocchio on wordreference, but that's a word you use for children when they mess up, like when they learn to write, make mistakes, scribble over them, another mistake, scribble over the correction and it all becomes messy12:30
King_DuckZthen you say mamma mia, you made a papocchio! XD12:30
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giucamuhm.. i don't know where ilpianista is from, but that's pastrocchio for me12:31
giucamor pastròcio12:32
King_DuckZuhm no checking right now, it's papocchio
giucamyes, i was questioning the meaning of the word :)12:33
King_DuckZah :) pastrocchio's got a similar meaning I think, but it's harder for children to say12:33
giucamyeah, i guess it changes based on the zone12:33
King_DuckZyeah, that as well12:34
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ilpianistagiucam I'm from Lecce, but "Papocchio" is used in Potenza12:40
ilpianistaKing_DuckZ please tell me where I'm wrong :-P12:41
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giucamilpianista: i guess 'make mistakes' would be better ;)12:42
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* ilpianista takes note12:43
kimmoliilpianista: nice to see some "competition" for Paint :)12:43
King_DuckZilpianista: oh lol hi12:43
King_DuckZilpianista: it's also used in rome12:43
ilpianistakimmoli you know what...I never installed Paint because it looks complicated from the screenshots12:43
King_DuckZilpianista: btw yeah, it's "make a mistake" - my trick to remember that is that they rhyme o.O12:44
ilpianistakimmoli now I did, and one thing I don't like it the transparent background12:44
kimmoliyou can change that12:44
ilpianistakimmoli: ouch12:44
kimmoliyou can use your own photo too12:44
ilpianistahowever I will not introduce all those stuff...a papocchio is just a "draft"12:45
ilpianistakimmoli: yep, saw that feature. nice, you implemented a "save" feature too?12:45
kimmoliyes it saves12:45
leiniri'm sure Krita Mini will happen at some point for phone sized devices :)12:45
King_DuckZI didn't try either of those, but maybe you can "beat" the other paint tool by adding a zooming feature, so that you can draw in different areas of a larger sheet? ie: take notes, omg no more space! zoom out, scribble an arrow, zoom in at the arrow's tip, take notes again, drag back etc etc12:47
ilpianistaKing_DuckZ: you got my idea!12:47
ilpianistareally, that's the "final plan"12:48
King_DuckZit's going to be especially cool on the new tablet I think12:48
ilpianistalooking at the Canvas spec you can change the canvas size, but I fear this will reset the whole canvas. So, I'll play a bit and see what comes from that12:48
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coderuslukedirtwalker: seems to be invalid for sailfishos13:15
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M4rtinKIt would be good for drawing apps if the tablet gets a wacom/active pen support:
M4rtinKso vote for the question if you think it is a good idea and needs more attention :)13:30
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Nokius1What is jolla-hacks for a package?14:18
*** __pv has joined #sailfishos14:19
Nokius1so a official one was in the first moment like this °_°14:19
*** Nicd- has quit IRC14:20
Nokius1okay see description: Hacks for jolla demo14:20
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RavenholmDXSK_work, hey14:25
RavenholmDXSK_work, just doesn't seem to be getting called14:26
Armadilloit's only called once14:26
RavenholmDXon creation of the component, correct?14:26
RavenholmDXwell it doesn't seem to be called, even once :P14:27
*** Master-Passeli has joined #sailfishos14:27
RavenholmDXdon't have the code on hand14:27
Armadillodid you try to place a simple console.log inside to double check?14:28
RavenholmDXthat's what I'm doing14:28
RavenholmDXno output in the console14:28
SK_workRavenholmDX: show me some code14:28
RavenholmDXbasically I want to populate the list view dynamically at startup14:28
SK_workRavenholmDX: how do you populate the view ?14:28
Armadilloshould be no problem, works quite well for me in many use cases14:28
SK_workshow me code ! :)14:29
Armadillo15:27:28» <RavenholmDX> don't have the code on hand14:29
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RavenholmDXSK_work, I'm home now19:13
RavenholmDXhere's the code:
*** railroadmaster has joined #sailfishos19:16
railroadmasterIs this the Sailfish Os IRC?19:17
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railroadmasterin my view the UI of sailfish os could use some improvement, the general color and tones are too two dimensional and bland. Sailfish also lacks widgets, a basic feature.  In my view  widgets could be incorporated by having multitasking be a separate home screen,  you have home screen for running apps and other home screens for widgets.19:26
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RavenholmDXas a long time android user, I never bothered with widgets19:31
RavenholmDXnever really saw the point19:31
RavenholmDXnotifications notified me of anything worthwhile19:31
*** fracting has quit IRC19:31
RavenholmDXand if I'm engaged enough with my phone as I would need to be to check widgets, it's not much more of a chore to quickly pop open the app19:32
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MartiMasaKoegx_Likewise, as long-term Maemo-user I also don't miss Widgets very much!19:33
*** railroadmaster has joined #sailfishos19:35
railroadmasterI use widgets all the time.19:36
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leszekwidgets are the work from hell. Eating battery and cpu like there is no more19:37
railroadmastergive users the choice, those who want widgets should be able to use them those that don't can choose not to have them.19:37
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leszekrailroadmaster: no one stops you from writing your own "lipstick" homescreen19:38
*** onurati has joined #sailfishos19:38
leszekI don't think this is something that needs to be adding to it currently. I think the memory leaks like the clipboard issue in lipstick are things that need focussing19:39
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King_DuckZwth are widgets? as a long term symbian user I never heard of them19:41
King_DuckZyou mean like command buttons, combo boxes, lists...?19:41
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King_DuckZand don't forget voice chat over xmpp U_U19:42
King_DuckZor even better, tox integration19:43
King_DuckZtox is making xmpp look like obsolete dinosaur crap :p19:43
*** kodiak1 has left #sailfishos19:43
King_DuckZI used to love it until 2 weeks ago, and now listen to me19:43
railroadmaster here are examples of widgets.19:46
*** fracting has joined #sailfishos19:48
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King_DuckZrailroadmaster: aren't they called plasmoids?19:52
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salyavinVoice over xmpp would be great.  Might have to look at tox.  Jolla seems week with voip.20:08
salyavinNative VOIP, hate to depend on android compat.20:09
tbrsalyavin: in theory the XMPP layer in sailfishos supports voice and video, it's not hooked up properly though20:15
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salyavinKing_DuckZ I see we have and  let's vote.20:20
coderusRavenholmDX: you need to create your listViewComponent first :D20:22
coderusin your code you have an empty Page with ListView component (not object)20:23
King_DuckZI had a look at the sdk and tried to compile toxcore, but I have other projects to bring on, so I'm afraid I have to pass... but I can upvote the feature requests :)20:36
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ryukafalzit's been a while since I've looked at tox, it seems to have come pretty far20:46
ryukafalzstill no offline messaging/multi-device support though20:46
ryukafalz(which admittedly are rather hard problems in a P2P network)20:46
King_DuckZI tried it last weekend for the first time, I had never heard of it20:47
King_DuckZbut offline messages did work for me20:47
King_DuckZI couldn't send any from uTox tbh, but my gf could leave me one from qTox20:47
*** xerpi has quit IRC20:48
ryukafalzwell, by offline messages I mean also delivery when the sender has gone offline20:48
King_DuckZand I saw in the output log in the console "message received while offline", so it's not like qTox faked it and just waited for me to appear20:48
King_DuckZwhat do you mean?20:49
King_DuckZah yeah, that's what I'm saying20:49
ryukafalzI feel like that probably is still what happened though?20:50
ryukafalzunless you took the sending machine offline after sending the message...20:50
King_DuckZno I didn't try that20:50
*** xerpi__ has joined #sailfishos20:50
ryukafalzthe way retroshare does it is by forwarding the encrypted message to mutual friends20:51
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swift110-phoneHello all20:54
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salyavinLooks like nieldk did some work on tox King_DuckZ
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