Wednesday, 2015-01-21

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sandsmarkhmm, my jolla has started randomly vibrating01:02
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chriadamsandsmark: do you have email sync enabled?01:14
chriadamor facebook/twitter sync?01:14
sandsmarkemail sync01:15
chriadamthe phone will vibrate when a sync occurs which brings in new content.  not for long, though, just a short buzz.01:15
sandsmarkno notifications, though01:15
chriadam(actually, it's related to the notification which is pushed to the system - each notification category has a ...01:15
sandsmarkand it was like once a minute01:15
chriadamin that case, no idea01:15
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coderussandsmark: discharge?01:35
sandsmarkno, it was connected01:35
sandsmarkbut it stopped when I disconnected it...01:35
sandsmarkso maybe a flaky cable?01:36
coderusbut you will hear sound also01:36
coderuswhen connecting usb01:36
sandsmarkI had it muted01:39
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muppiscoderus, I need look up more. I made that patch during christmas holidays and haven't touch it since and IIRC I looked up those services and required service wasn't there. Missing something, like ability add one to the list?08:19
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lukedirtwalkercan anyone help me getting sailfish-office to build?10:50
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deztructorspiiroin: could you comment?
* spiiroin looks11:32
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spiiroindeztructor: added comment11:50
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deztructorspiiroin: ty11:53
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deztructorspiiroin: statefs provider checks MCE_RADIO_STATE_CELLULAR bit to set OfflineMode. According to your comment it looks like this flag does not reflect cellular state, isn't it?12:12
deztructorbecause System.OfflineMode in maemo ckit was " A boolean indicating whether or not cellular radio is enabled."12:14
deztructorand used mce as the source12:14
spiiroindeztructor: clearing master clears also the cellular bit, but even in nokia phones it was possible to enable some radios witout exiting offline mode12:15
spiiroinso master is the one, but I need to check out if it actually shows up in dbus12:15
spiiroin... or if it is just internally used to mask the bits that do show up12:16
deztructorspiiroin: also as mce allows to set cellular state to offline, so it should do it properly or should not allow to do it12:16
spiiroindeztructor: it does not work like that and never has12:16
deztructorthis is the reason OfflineMode reflects cellular status (e.g. wlan can be enabled in airplane mode12:17
spiiroinit has always been "what we want", not "what we have"12:17
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spiiroinnow we just do not have anybody listening to what mce might "want"12:17
spiiroinif there is some device out there with csd & icd & whatnot -> then it works as it did12:18
deztructorspiiroin: hm, so we should try to understand how to reflect airplane mode properly: on the tablet it reflects wlan state but on the phone it reflects cellular state12:18
deztructorwe should clarify logic to clearly setup and report airplane mode12:19
spiiroinit used to be: you can switch to airplane mode -> all radios off; then enable all radios individually and still remain in "airplane mode"12:19
deztructore.g. if cellular radio is online this is not an airplane mode anymore12:20
deztructorbut for the wlan-only tablet going online with wlan also should switch off "airplane mode"...12:21
spiiroindepends also on how connman OfflineMode works12:21
spiiroinbecause AFAIK that is what our airplane mode is12:22
deztructorspiiroin: so, I'll switch System state props to use connman as the source for consistensy12:22
spiiroinsure, but it is the same as mce master toggle12:23
deztructorspiiroin: the Q is should be keep bckwd compatibility with context props meaning as it was before12:24
deztructorthere are several weird ad-hoc-designed props12:24
spiiroinbackwards compatibility is good ... until it creates more problems than solves12:26
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spiiroinwe have lots of legacy stuff that follows behavior of some long extinct piece of sw12:28
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Accedo the android apps stop receiving sensor events when put to background on Jolla?12:38
Acceit looks like the GPS events go through though?e12:38
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Acceeven if the listeners are set in a Service?12:39
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Armadillothe errorhighlight of textfields on the emulator works different than the one of the device12:42
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Armadilloin the emulator it is update correct if something is done in the text, with the device I need to change focus that the errorhighlight is disabled12:43
Armadilloit seems on the device errorhighlight is switched to true if anything is changed in text and only gets back to false if I change focus and the validation is correct (which is the only thing which works as expected)12:44
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Armadillowith the DoubleInvalidator it works in both cases12:52
ArmadilloRegExpValidator only works in the Emulator12:52
Armadillokinda strange behaviour12:53
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spiirointo me it looks like connman works similarly to legacy mce radio controls13:01
spiiroini.e. having some/all specific radios on/off does not indicate "airplane" mode13:02
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deztructorI'll do it, task is simple13:05
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lukedirtwalkerIf I try to build sailfish-office as described in BuildSailfishSDK.txt it fails in the cmake step, with the following output: can please anyone help?13:08
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dr_gogeta86guys what was the parameter that fix wifi issues on last updates ?13:10
Yaniellukedirtwalker: are you in the sb2 env?13:10
Yanielon the build vm13:10
spiiroindeztructor: just a small note: "master" toggle does reflect reality i.e. connman offline mode; it can be used for "airplane mode" property, but any other radio bits from mce or technology states from connman != "airplane mode"13:11
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lukedirtwalkerYaniel: ah do I have to be there? I would like to get it running in the SDK13:11
Yanielelse it won't find the right compiler I think13:12
spiiroindeztructor: but feel free to go directly to the source - we might actually make the legacy mce api work through statefs later on?13:14
lukedirtwalkerYaniel: in the build vm there is no cmake13:14
Yanielyou can install it via qt creator13:15
deztructorspiiroin: if I switch OfflineMode, WlanEnabled and InternetEnabled to use connman as the source, it should be ok because otherwise if for some reason you decide to make these bits legacy we should not modify provider13:15
Yanielcheck the sailfishos tab13:15
deztructorto complex sentence, I mixed :) spiiroin but, I guess, you understood :)13:15
Yanielit should show you the two toolchains and edit buttons for them13:16
lukedirtwalkerYaniel: I did13:16
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spiiroindeztructor: btw, for writing part you might want to block suspend while waiting for connman to get the enable/disable done13:16
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deztructorspiiroin: so suspend will not postpone switching to airplane mode?13:17
lukedirtwalkerYaniel: but that installs it on the emulator not on the build vm ??13:21
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Yanielit installs to the build vm13:23
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lukedirtwalkerYaniel: just to be sure the build VM is port 2222? Because after installing it in SDK tab there is still no cmake in the build vm13:24
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YanielI don't remember13:25
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coderusmuppis: explain please what are you talking about13:27
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lukedirtwalkerYaniel: It is only installed on the Device emulator not on build vm13:35
lukedirtwalkeranyway thanks13:35
Yanielthen you have to use the sb2 incantation to install it13:36
muppiscoderus, about my patch for calllog. If user doesn't want reboot phone my patch  requires voicecall-ui to be restarted to taken effect. I didn't (yet) find the way to do it via patchmanager.13:36
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SK_workmuppis: hi13:37
muppisSK_work, hi.13:37
lukedirtwalkerYaniel: how would that work? sorry for noob questions13:37
SK_workmuppis: in the json, category, put "phone"13:37
SK_worklukedirtwalker: ssh into the build machine13:38
muppisSK_work, ok.13:38
SK_worksb2 -t MerSDK-armv7hl -R13:38
lukedirtwalkerSK_work: I am13:38
SK_workand then zypper in cmake13:38
SK_worksb2 -t <name appearing in the sdk control panel> -R13:38
muppisIf that works, I'll publish my patch before sunday.13:39
Yanieldon't you need to add the -msdkinstall or so13:39
lukedirtwalkerSK_work: but that installs it on the emulator13:39
SK_workthis is on the SDK13:40
Yanielhow would it install on the emulator when you ssh to the sdk13:40
coderuscan you use SDK Sailfish tools to install cmake from gui?..13:40
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Yanielisn't that the point of having them in the first place13:41
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lukedirtwalkeroh I accidently exited from sb2 -t ... -R so when I stay in there it is better13:43
lukedirtwalkerbut in the end I still have the same erros as posted in the pastebin above :(13:44
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coderuslukedirtwalker: can you try building in SailfishOS-armv7hl, not i486?13:50
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lukedirtwalkercoderus: It now works but it fails because office needs libjollasignonuiservice-qt5, which I can't install13:52
coderusit's installed in system by default13:52
coderusyou mean build need this package?13:52
coderusshow full utput13:53
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lukedirtwalkercoderus: sorry had some other things, here the output:
*** mgrover has joined #sailfishos14:46
mgroverhello, am trying to build a program that needs to connect to the static library, does the library need to be built for ARM?14:47
mgroverthis is obviously with the Sailfish SDK14:47
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coderuslukedirtwalker: try installing jolla-signon-ui libjollasignonuiservice-qt5 libjollasignonuiservice-qt5-plugin14:54
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lukedirtwalkercoderus: did not help :S15:03
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lukedirtwalkeris there a harbour compliant way to: Requires:   qt5-qtmultimedia-plugin-audio-pulseaudio15:45
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coderuslukedirtwalker: isnt it installed by default?15:52
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Armadillohandling doubles regarding to locales is really a pain in the ass ^^16:42
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Nokius__lbt: :D19:18
chem|stdoes anyone have a crazyflie or is interested in one (both valid as if you got one I'd like to be interested if you got the CR hooked up to a Jolla and if not if you'd be interested in doing that)19:18
*** piggz has quit IRC19:18
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NokiusBasilSemuonov__: looks like a quiet comment issue at hetzner :-/19:22
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BasilSemuonov__Nokius, just an ordinary faulty spare replacement ;)19:40
NokiusBasilSemuonov__: had to swap 2 disk in the last few days19:41
BasilSemuonov__dont know, I always setup new, and they work for atleast 1-1,5 years19:42
Nokiusheavy use server :D19:43
Nokiusdid you had time to check the pull request ?19:43
* Nokius gn819:54
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AcceAnyone who built browser from git here?21:14
*** krendil has quit IRC21:15
AcceI'm getting some errors trying to build it, but info seems scarse21:15
Acce"error: 'class DeclarativeWebPage' has no member named 'background'" hmm21:20
*** LiXJed1 has quit IRC21:20
*** LiXJed has joined #sailfishos21:22
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coderusAcce: you need new engine sources and development headers21:23
AcceI possibly downloaded the old packages before enabling the OBS repo..21:25
Acceor do I need to get the source for qtmozembed etc?21:25
r0kk3rzbuilding browsers is always a black art21:26
*** Nc_ has quit IRC21:27
coderusAcce: you want to build browser yourself?21:29
Accecoderus: yes, trying to21:30
Acceaha, reinstalling the qtmozembed and xulrunner seems to have helped at least it now got past that first error21:32
*** hasdf has quit IRC21:33
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coderus Acce whats your status?22:00
*** Lipevakala_ has joined #sailfishos22:00
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AcceI managed to build the package22:04
coderusso, working? :)22:04
Accehowever I cannot install on device, since "nothing provides jolla-ambient >= 0.4.18 needed by sailfish-browser-1.2.1-1.armv7hl"22:04
Acceso not yet22:04
*** Lipevakala_ has quit IRC22:05
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coderusso, need to edit requires and hope it works with older package :D22:07
Acceuntil it crashes :P22:08
coderuswell, jolla-ambient is just a icon theme package22:08
coderusso you'll just miss some icons :D22:08
*** hasdf has joined #sailfishos22:09
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*** onurati_ has joined #sailfishos22:15
Accehmmm.. white screen only D:22:16
Acce"BrowserPage is not a type " uhoh22:16
*** onurati has quit IRC22:18
*** Nc_ has joined #sailfishos22:19
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Accejust some file permission problem.. but now "sailfish-browser: symbol lookup error: sailfish-browser: undefined symbol: _ZNK11QMozContext11initializedEv"22:29
*** hasdf has quit IRC22:31
coderus>>> < coderus> Acce: you need new engine sources and development headers22:31
AcceI didn't install new Gecko22:33
*** RoKenn has quit IRC22:45
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artemmaHas anybody tried installing latest SDK on Mac OS X Yosemite?22:46
artemmait seems to not install virtual machines22:46
artemmapretty hard to compile and emulate without these :)22:47
coderusno idea, but did you checked tjc?22:49
*** ndvl has quit IRC22:49
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* keithzg 's Mac only barely had enough space to upgrade to the latest version of 10.6, heh, no hope for the most hilariously versioned Apple OS on it22:56
keithzg(I'm amused by the fact that since "OSX" is supposed to be pronounced "Oh Ess Ten", the current release ie. OSX 10.10, is "Oh Ess Ten Ten Point Ten" :P )22:57
*** Nc_ has quit IRC22:58
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Accehmmm I don't get it, how to deal with Gecko.. sf-browser readme only points to the embedlite part of it..23:01
*** Pat_o has quit IRC23:03
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coderusrpm spec is here23:06
*** corecomic_ has joined #sailfishos23:09
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Flexmansay, does the standard mail client support alias adresses (=identities)?23:14
*** K4-t has joined #sailfishos23:19
RavenholmDXLatest Jolla blog is promising23:24
chem|stFlexman: nope, you have to setup an account for it23:24
chem|stFlexman: but there is mutt^^23:24
*** Behold has quit IRC23:25
coderusAcce: i'm getting it also /usr/bin/sailfish-browser: symbol lookup error: /usr/bin/sailfish-browser: undefined symbol: _ZNK11QMozContext11initializedEv23:25
coderusrainemak: ?23:26
*** AlmAck has quit IRC23:31

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