Friday, 2018-11-09

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h0peyso I installed new sailfish x on xperia XA2, and found out that android and bluetooth won't work07:10
h0peywhich is fine for trial version07:10
h0peyquestion is, is there eta for full version, I know it is coming this year?07:10
Mister_Magisterh0pey: non working bt is pretty obvious at this point :P07:10
h0peyaand, I guess bluetooth will work in full version?07:10
Mister_Magisterno idea07:10
h0peyk, well it wasn't obvious before I installed it, but it is not my main phone or anything07:11
h0peycouldn't be without full android and bt support07:11
h0peyI still like sailfish very much, it is not about that ;)07:11
Mister_Magisterand i start to dislike sfos more and more07:12
Mister_Magistermany reasons07:13
h0peyit is a bit raw experience... but what else there is?07:14
h0peyandroid or ios07:14
h0peydoes it have android support?07:15
Mister_Magisterwho cares about android support if you want android go to android07:15
h0pey...if only nokia had chosen meego road...07:15
h0peyMister_Magister: android has apps, I must have, and which will never come to sailfish/nemo or whatever07:16
h0peyit is not about if I like it or not07:16
h0peywell, wait and see..07:17
Mister_Magisterh0pey: i have all apps i need07:20
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dcalistechriadam_: no problem to look at MRs next week.08:57
chriadam_thanks, sorry about that08:59
chriadam_ran out of time08:59
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* chriadam_ heads home, have a great weekend09:11
rbnhow can i create a light ambience?10:41
rbnah, found together thread, nevermind10:44
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fledermausooh, lemmenjoki.14:18
fledermausbut not on the XA2 yet.14:18
* fledermaus upgrades his J1 14:19
r0kk3rzthey did release an image for the xa214:21
fledermausNOTE: Too many failures in installing Sailfish OS to Xperia XA2 devices have been reported tonight (Nov 8th).14:23
fledermaustbf my XA2 is at home anyway so would have had to wait till tonight/tomorrow in any case14:25
caitlinby the time it's reliable they'll have finished dalvik14:25
fledermausr0kk3rz: so unless there's a different XA2 image Imay as well wait.14:27
r0kk3rzi didnt realise they had revoked it14:27
fledermausI bought the XA2 because I cracked the screen on my J1 (;_;) and I wanted a replacement ready to go in case it deteriorated14:27
r0kk3rzat any rate, if you need the android runtime you may want to wait anyway14:28
caitlinyup i'm the same with the xa2, i keep throwing my J1 in lakes, i'm gobsmacked that it still turns on and makes calls14:29
caitlinprobably the best phone i've ever had14:30
fledermausr0kk3rz: ah. well I probably can't switch over till it's ready unless there's a native TFA app.14:35
fledermausbut was looking forward to testing.14:35
Mister_Magisteris there sfos for redmi 4a?14:36
albertuxJust flashed xperia x image (bought), great job guys!  ;) But I hope you solve known bugs...14:59
fledermausrandom question regarding the browser - if any of you happen to have a twitter account, when you try to type a tweet - can you? as soon as I complete a word and hit space, the word is deleted.15:10
fledermaus(this is not new with lemmenjoki, it's been happening for a while)15:10
fledermausnop you can't type or nope you don't see that behaviour?15:11
r0kk3rzcant type15:12
fledermausok so it's not just me. thanks.15:13
leszekyeah twitter tries to be intelligent again15:16
dlavsolinMister_Magister if i'm not wrong there for redmi 4 note15:18
dlavsolinmy girlfriend has a mi 4a should be great a port of sfos15:19
Almindorhey, I can't deploy to phone with the latest SDK, it's giving me "wrong architecture" even tho it's armv7hl16:17
Almindorit says there's something wrong with the arm kit but while it has the red exclamation mark all the fields are ok with no indication of what the issue is16:17
Almindoroh heh nvm, it just switched the device to emulator. I wish the error would indicate that too16:20
Almindorhmm where did the calls recording setting item go in sfos3? I can still record calls but I don't see the list in settings anymore16:38
nekron_pchi... did someone bookmark the original d/l links from Jolla shop for H4113 DS version? I am waiting all day long to flash my XA2, but no updates yet so maybe the old files are still available. The fix as pushed to github is quite simple...17:25
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