Saturday, 2018-11-10

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emilsonis there source code available to the UI in sailfish?08:25
emilsoncould it possibly help advance other wayland compositors in GNU/Linux world?08:26
r0kk3rzthe compositor code is open, the ux layer isnt08:27
tbrcf nemomobile08:30
r0kk3rzyeah that too08:32
emilsoni see08:32
r0kk3rzwe dont even use the latest wayland code yet, so im not sure id expect the sfos compositor code to be state of the art08:33
emilsonlipstick? that's the compositor in sailfish?
r0kk3rzalso used in nemomobile and asteroid os08:38
emilsonI'm researching wayland related projects, just trying to answer my own questions, trying to figure why there's so much fragmentation, X11 at least kept things cohesive among multiple WM, while wayland is all over the place, each compositor is duplicated effort. Wayland protocol quickly versioned past 1.0 without even providing necessary features to make typical DE usable08:41
r0kk3rzsailfish was a very early adopter of wayland08:43
emilsonat least SirCmpwn's sway and wlroots have been received plenty of effort and making advanced in GNU/Linux desktop, but tiling WM doesn't suit most of the workflows08:43
r0kk3rztbh x11 was cohesive because nobody understood it08:47
r0kk3rzfragmentation and competing implementations is the open source way08:48
tbralso x11 and all its extensions are rather byzantine08:48
tbrone major plus of wayland is that it can use low level graphics drivers and doesn't require massive modifications08:49
tango_r0kk3rz: well, when x11 was born there were competing implementations08:57
tango_also, the WM coesiveness came from the ICCCM rather than x11 proper08:58
tango_and at the same time the icccm is one of the reaons why some things in x11 can't be fixed security-wise08:58
_svensomeone familiar with bluetooth and the /var/lib/bluetooth/<device id>/info file? There is a Service key/code. I need some information about what key/code is exactly for which service like SSP, HSP, A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, PBAP, MAP and so one.12:25
_sveni had problems getting my Sony MDR-ZX750BN BT Headset to work on X for phone calls. I heard the ringtone but after hook up the sound was off on headset.12:33
_sventoday i just tried to copy the line with the service key/code from BT info file from my car BT device to the Sony Headset BT file and now the Sony headset work for phonecalls too. Seems some special key is needed to get phonecalls to work on any headset, i want to know which of the codes exactly i need.12:37
LjochtWell, I still have not managed to upgrade to I can't get around the error "Aborted by user"18:47
maldid you try to
master_of_masterHi, I've started yesterday the update to the latest Sailfish version on my Jolla 1 phone. But since then the phone is hanging in the boot screen.18:49
malmaster_of_master: you mean it won't boot anymore?18:50
master_of_masterI haven't tried to reset it18:50
malmaster_of_master: did you update via ui or commandline?18:51
master_of_mastervia the UI18:52
maland now it's stuck in boot logo?18:52
master_of_master"SAILFISH OS"18:52
malcan you ssh into the device?18:53
master_of_masterhaven't tried it. And I don't know if it is connected to the wifi currently18:55
caitlinyour router should know19:12
r0kk3rzjust reset it19:13
Ljochtmal: I can't upgrade to too. Error: Installation aborted by user19:15
malLjocht: could you show journalctl output when you try to run an update19:17
malr0kk3rz: wondering if zypper dup could work differently than version --dup19:18
r0kk3rzbut arent they both just wrapping packagekit?19:18
malr0kk3rz: I should packagekit is wrapper for zypper19:19
malor libzypp19:19
r0kk3rzhowever its structured yeah19:19
malLjocht: are you able to install zypper? using pkcon install zypper19:21
LjochtNope, I can't do it.19:21
Ljochtmal: I don't know how to show you journalctl, because in -f it shows nothing19:24
malyes and use journalctl -n10000 or something to show more19:25
master_of_mastermal: I've checked it. The device is not in the Wifi19:51
malmaster_of_master: can you get update log from recovery?19:54
Ljocht only errors19:56
malI meant the update log, from /var/log/systemupdate.log19:58
Ljochtui update show me 100 percent, and after this nothing.  I press on and it show me press to reboot. Here update log
FlyingAnteroJust a quick question. Should there be fingerprint lock option on Xperia XA2 (SF Trial)? I can't find it from settings...20:13
malit's not supported yet, check list here
malactually that list is missing it, anyway it's not supported yet20:15
FlyingAnteroOk, thanks. I checked that list earlier so that why I was little bit confused.20:16
_svenmal: any idea how i can fix this Error: pattern:jolla-configuration-geminipda-0.2+master.20180831075105.2.g2ffe4a3-1.8.2.jolla.noarch requires pattern:jolla-hw-adaptation-geminipda, but this requirement cannot be provided, i have this error since update to on my gemini20:21
_svenmal: tried to update with version --dup20:25
mal_sven: show output of ssu lr20:32
_svenmal: i just tested zypper ref && zypper up which seems to fix something. now i have normal menus (were empty till yesterday since update)20:38
mal_sven: btw, it's ot
malit seems in that paste you had it correct20:40
_svenmal: is there a cachefile or something i have to delete or which i can change to get it to work?20:54
_svenmal: this is from my /usr/share/ssu/features.d/ files
LjochtWell, I think tomorrow I'm start factory reset21:05
mal_sven: I'm testing updating my gemini to, we'll see how that goes21:22
_svenmal: i have this problem since
r0kk3rzfor those keyboard warriors, terminal with tabs!22:12
r0kk3rzctrl+t to add a new tab22:13
r0kk3rzctrl+[0-9] to switch tabs22:13
mal_sven: I managed to update to, maybe it helped that I triggered a rebuild in devel repo22:14
caitlini wonder when the xa2 images are coming back, i guess next week since 9-522:53
malyes, it's weekend so probably next week22:55
maland since the fix is known it shouldn't take very long but like every change it still requires testing22:56

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