Sunday, 2018-11-11

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sven_mal: still the same error with version --dup, zypper did install some updates but version --dup still fails05:20
kimmolistrange commands/order you use...09:01
h0peyis this phone fully supported?10:39
h0peywill this work?10:49
tadzikh0pey: according to it should work pretty well10:50
tadzikif I'm reading this right10:50
tadzikbut remember that it's not official support10:51
tadzikso no paid features or anything10:51
h0peymeans no android support?10:55
h0peyit would be really cool to get jolla with new nokia devices, oh the irony X)10:56
h0peynew nokia branded phones are actually really good10:57
h0peyeven though nokia is only name anymore...10:57
r0kk3rzyeah i was thinking about buying a nokia 611:01
r0kk3rzlooks good11:01
r0kk3rzhas a headphone jack11:01
mal_sven: you already did zypper up which updated the packages, why do you then try version --dup?11:15
_svenmal: i thought zypper doesn't update the package that version --dup show me as an error, so i thought it's missing11:19
malbut still odd why you get that error, I had no such issue11:22
_svenmal: yes very odd, usually if i update with zypper, version --dup should tell me that all is up to date or nothing to update11:30
mal_sven: run zypper clean -a and zypper ref -f to see if that does anything11:39
_svenmal: oh, now i know whats going wrong. i tried to install pattern:jolla-hw-adaptation-geminipda manually. It gave me the error that sailfish-connman-plugin-suspend-wmtwifi is needed but cannot installed. It's because i had problems with connman-plugin earlier and set it to my zypper locks list.11:52
_svenmal: after installing this connman plugin by hand i was able to install  jolla-hw-adaptation-geminipda and now version --dup works without errors :-)11:53
malah, that would indeed explain the issue12:00
Ljochtdamn, now I have boot loop on How to fix it?13:45
Almindoris there a way to kill a specific android app?19:33
AlmindorI mean "Here" for example stays in the background taking CPU cycles a lot and there's no way to kill aside from restarting the whole android runtime19:40
r0kk3rzunder settings > apps i think theres an option19:41
Almindorah right force quit. Is the settings app closed source?19:49
attahyes, i think so.. why? Want to automate killing apps?19:54
Almindoryeah I'm the developer of Lighthouse and it's one of the missing things19:57
AlmindorI asked this on the mailing lists in 2015 (how to properly kill android apps via nemo user) but nobody replied back then19:57
Almindorapkd-android-settings might be the right package, but seems it's closed20:00
attahI opened up android intents and coderus made a daemon...
attahProbably useful for more things than just killing things20:03
attah(and maybe a bit dated)20:04
attahOr not, 5 months is fairly new20:05
Almindorhmm I suppose it's not usable "officially"?20:07
attahAs a whole, probably no.... and since the chrooting of dalvik, even parts might be tricky20:08
Almindoryeah, Jolla sure now how to create broken stuff, it's hilarious how many times they shot themselves in the foot20:09
attahBut he seems to have replaced my environment hack with something that references real setup scripts20:09
attahWhat is even more amazing is how Android despite all these shortcomings manage to be shittier20:10
Almindorcan't argue with that20:10
LjochtWell, I update Jolla 120:29
malLjocht: finally successfully?20:30
LjochtIs there some problems with deploy backup20:31
malI haven't used backups20:32
Ljochtmal: Today I am three times do factory reset. And have strange issues boot loop, rebooting when download update ( and crash after this).20:33
malvery odd20:33
Ljochtsecond was on default Os version20:38
LjochtWell, backup works only on contacts and messages20:39
depscribeweird: on Xperia X, won't install anything from OpenRepos, due to this error:20:40
depscribeFile:'./arm77hl/droid-hal-version-f5121-0.2.1-1.2.13.jolla.armv7hlrpm' not found on medium '"20:43
depscribeand idea how to fix this?20:44
maltry running pkcon refresh20:44
depscribe"waiting in queue"20:49
depscribemal : seems to have worked. thanks!20:55
Ljocht1well,default OS 3.0.08 weigth 2.23 Gb. Interesting.21:36
netvorhi folks, is there a way to have the CalDAV account update the calendar list?   I added/removed calendar in my FastMail account and now I can't get my Jolla reload the list22:45
netvorall I can do (i guess) is remove and re-add the account, which seems too much work22:46
netvormy google, i mean, duckduckgo, skills failed me ...22:47
fledermausyou can sync manually22:50
fledermausand you can adjust the sync times.22:50
fledermaussometimes changes don't show up immediately until you close the calendar app and reopen.22:50

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