Monday, 2018-11-12

netvorfledermaus: thanks, but this does not sync calendar list, only calendar contents00:45
fledermausoh, I see.00:45
fledermausnot sure.00:45
fledermausin the past I have removed and added the account, which is, as you say, a pain00:46
netvorie. if i add new calendar, i can sync as many times as i want but it won't appear anywhere, neither in calendae app or the account settings00:46
netvoryeah, I'll have to endure that again :)00:46
fledermausespecially as you can't see the account settings once it's been created.00:46
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chriadam_I guess lpc couldn't make it?  well, I'm going to head home.  ping me on IRC tomorrow if you'd like to discuss that PR further :-)09:10
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maszloI wonder if the XA2 build of sailfish 3 was released at all or just pulled immediately. I antsy to test this :)20:07
fledermausreleased then pulled aiui20:08
fledermauslot of flash failures reported20:08
kimmolisome devices used different active partition than the installer or image assumed or something,it was explained in a TJC post20:12
malI think most likely the images will be made available some time this week considering how small the fix was20:15
maszlocouldnt just have flashed it to A and B?20:17
malmaszlo: if you see the fix that is what it will do
maszlooh i almost forgot, I do need a windows pc to flash?20:30
malmaszlo: no, that link clearly has both windows and linux install scripts20:32
maszloThat is where i got confused from, I thought i read somewhere instructions that were for windows, not general adb / fastboot commands20:34
malmaszlo: the instructions are basically running a script20:43
malmaszlo: anyway the whole instructions are here
maszlogot it thanks.20:46
EtuaHello, how does XMPP work in Sailfish OS?21:41
r0kk3rzas in how do you use it?21:42
EtuaI use Conversations.21:43
EtuaAnd I don't know much about Sailfish OS features as there is not much info available, but on one video I've seen that it is possible to add such account.21:44
r0kk3rzyeah you can add it to the system accounts21:49
EtuaWill be used in native messaging app or somewhere else?21:50
r0kk3rzyeah its integrated with the system21:51
r0kk3rzso contacts in people app, messages in messages app21:51
EtuaNice, are XEPs used in Conversations supported? Is  message delivery status, OMEMO, file sharing etc. available?21:53
r0kk3rzsome yes, some no21:53
r0kk3rzi forget which21:53
EtuaSure, and what about share feature for Android apps? Can use share button eg. in native gallery app and handle the file further with Android program?21:55
r0kk3rzi think so yeah21:56
EtuaCould I use F-Droid to download FOSS Android apps and install them in Sailfish? After all they don't require GAPPS.21:58
EtuaWell, that is good news for me. Was there any improvement in camera support? Does Jolla work on these algorithyms or leave it as is? Probably the biggest drawback for me compared to Android are worse pictures because of no manufacure's improvements.22:03
EtuaAnd thank you for your support.  I am very grateful for it, becuse there is not much screenshots etc. and I'd like to get overall feel before buying phone suitable for Sailfish OS>22:07
r0kk3rzthe camera situation could be better, sure22:12
EtuaIs there a state like a background app with constant coonection to external server for example in order to check for messages that is not visible in opened apps menu? I mean, if I close an app will it's every service be killed or can it work in the background?22:15
r0kk3rzpretty much everything :P22:21
EtuaOk, thank you for your help!22:29
Sailor3875i cant update to 322:37
Sailor3875i download the update but on the installation screen never start the white bar22:38

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