Tuesday, 2018-11-13

ZsirafHi there!06:06
ZsirafI have a Jolla1. I tried to update it to yesterday evening. Downloaded and started the update. Logo and progress bar appeared. The bar doesn't show any progress and stuck from more than 8 hours.06:09
ZsirafCan anybody help?06:09
PeperJohnnyYou could reboot it and try with "devel-su" "ssu re" "version --dup" in the terminal06:10
PeperJohnnyGui update is sketchy for some with 3.006:10
ZsirafHow reboot?06:11
PeperJohnnyTake the battery out06:11
ZsirafOk Thank's06:11
PeperJohnnyyou're welcome06:11
dcalisteHello chriadam, jpetrell. I hope you're fine. Today, I'll have to leave at 8.30UTC for a meeting. Would you mind if we discuss from now on?07:46
jpetrelldcaliste: sure07:46
chriadamdcaliste: hi :-)07:46
chriadamno problem07:46
jpetrelldcaliste: took task to team sprint to get the signing feature integrated in 3.0.107:47
dcalisteWouhou great, thank you.07:47
dcalisteI've see your remarks yesterday in settings.07:47
jpetrellyeah some code comments07:48
jpetrellneed to test the UI bits still07:48
jpetrellon device07:48
chriadamI still need to merge secrets etc07:48
jpetrellcodewise starts to look good07:48
chriadamalso the QMF PR LGTM but I haven't tested on device07:48
chriadamwill wait for jpetrell there i think07:48
dcalisteI've modified code in setting according to your remarks.07:49
jpetrellis there upstream pull request for https://git.merproject.org/mer-core/messagingframework/merge_requests/18/07:50
dcalistejpetrell: no it can't it's the part that is related to QtAccount which is still a patch.07:52
jpetrellI think the PR looks good. pvuorela_?07:52
dcalisteIt's not related to the signature process per se.07:52
dcalisteIt's some additional settings to store prefered key and plugin for signing outgoing mails.07:52
dcalisteAll the signature process (and verification) has been upstreamed already.07:53
dcalisteWhat remain to be tested is the handling of client, to be sure that I'm not creating slightly wrong emails that are accepted by some permisive clients and rejected by others.07:54
dcalisteI've tested with Claw mails and Round cube mainly myself.07:54
jpetrelldcaliste: sorry for asking again, but what do I need to do to setup everything? build and install pull requests in messaging-framework, sailfish-secrets, nemo-qml-plugin-email, jolla-email?07:55
dcalisteExact and setting-account also.07:56
jpetrelllooks like I can generate keys from email settings07:56
dcalisteSo, compile QMF!18, nemo-sml-plugin-email!33 and jolla-email!contrig-pgp-signature.07:56
dcalisteThen, compile the PR in secrets and the settings-email.07:57
dcalisteIn settings, you should be able to generate a pair of keys.07:57
dcalisteIt takes some one or two minutes.07:57
dcalisteWhen composing an email, you can expand the sending options and check that you have a sign checkbox, that should be checked.07:58
dcalisteMake sure that the openpgp plugin is loaded for secret with 'secret-tools --list-plugins'07:59
dcalisteThen, send the email, a system window should appear to ask for the passphrase you entered when creating the pair of keys.07:59
dcalisteWhen checking your mail, the mail should appear as signed, with the icon-m-certificate in the list view and with a header in the mail view.08:00
dcalisteIf you have several devices, you can check the mail with another device, the mail should appear as signed but with a mention of missing key and a way to download it.08:01
jpetrelldcaliste: how is it controlled if checkbox is by default on or off08:02
dcalisteThe download will fail obviously since you didn't upload your public key to any server, but it will show you what append when you receive a signed mail from someone you don't have the public key yet.08:02
dcalisteThe checkbox in composer is on by default _if_ in setting you have set a key with the combo.08:02
dcalisteIf you set the combo to the special 'no signature' entry, then the checkbox is uncheck or not shown.08:03
dcalisteIt is uncheck when you have chosen a key once and then returned to no signature.08:04
jpetrellmight be good to be able to control that easily from composer when you want to turn off the signing08:04
dcalisteIt is not shown when you have never chosen any key for this account.08:04
jpetrellbut that is out-of-scope from the first version08:04
dcalisteI'm open to any modification design-wise in the UI. It's my proposition, but I'm not expert.08:05
dcalisteIt can be done also I guess after some testing of usability from some selected users.08:05
dcalisteOf course, the checkbox can be uncheck per email when the setting is 'sign by default'.08:06
dcalisteAnd reverse, the checkbox can be check by email when the setting is 'don't sign by default but use this key in case'.08:07
dcalistejpetrell: if you have an account with a certificate for S/MIME on a desktop, you can send you an email also and check it on device. It should work. For composing S/MIME emails though, I haven't tried yet.08:13
jpetrelldcaliste: cool08:13
dcalisteIf you don't have, I can send you a S/MIME signed email so you can check. Normally it's the same UI than for OpenPGP, but you'll notice that checking is much slower.08:14
dcalisteAlso, the signed part is refered as attachment in the mail, so the UI is displaying it, which is not very usefull IMHO.08:14
dcalisteBut it can be tweaked later I guess.08:14
chriadamI think that's normal, for most mail clients (they usually show the .sig as an attachment, I think?)08:16
dcalistechriadam: yes, but for OpenPGP, the RFC doesn't require to note it as attchment, so it is not returned as one by QMF and thus not displayed.08:17
chriadamah, fair enough.  well that's fine too.  e.g. shown as attachment for s/mime but not for openpgp, seems ok to me.08:17
chriadambut as you said, can be tweaked later if required08:17
dcalistejpetrell: one last thing, if you have issues and want to test what is going wrong, you can test the secret part of things alone using the command-line:08:19
dcalisteYou can create a key by command line with "gpg2 -gen-key"08:20
dcalisteYou can obtain a signature for a file using the default key with: "gpg2 -a -s [file]"08:21
dcalisteBoth should open a system window asking for passphrase (to define it or to use it).08:21
dcalisteIf this works, then secret plugin is working as expected and GnuPG is at the right (old last GPLv2) version with all patches (correcting issues in signing action).08:22
jpetrellcool thanks08:24
dcalisteYou can use secret tool to list your PGP keys also: "secrets-tool --list-keys org.sailfishos.crypto.plugin.gnupg.openpgp"08:24
chriadamdcaliste: thanks again.  sorry this is taking so long.  I will definitely merge the gpg plugin into secrets tomorrow after one final smoke test.  thursday I'm not in the office, seeing spine surgeon ;-)  should be back on friday.08:24
dcalistechriadam, I don't know how to say this in English, but I hope everything will be allright and wish you the best possible outcome in these circumpstances.08:25
*** Armadill0 is now known as Armadillo08:25
chriadamdcaliste: haha, thanks.  I'm sure it'll be fine08:26
chriadamgetting better every week.08:27
dcalistejpetrell: if you want to publish your newly generated key to a key server, you can use: "gpg2 --send-keys with the key id". Listing keys can be done with secret tool or with "gpg2 -k".08:27
dcalistechriadam, jpetrell, thank you for attending today. I need to leave in some minutes. It's great to see things moving on. Have a nice day.08:30
jpetrelldcaliste: no worries! sorry and thanks for your patience :)08:31
chriadamthank you08:31
chriadamyou too08:31
henkhey, I just upgraded my jolla to sailfish 3.  It told me "swipe down to close this window" or something similar, but when I swipe down I just get the "top menu".  It worked before the upgrade.  Am I missing anything obvious?  How do I close an app in sailfish 3?12:15
_svenswipe down near the corner12:16
henko_O wow12:17
henk_sven: thanks (:12:17
malI think it has some type of highlight in the instruction that shows the sides12:21
henkmal: ah, I was wondering whether I missed something; sounds like I did.  the message didn’t seem like anything was new so I probably didn’t take note of the details …12:23
malhenk: why would they add a specific instruction after upgrade if nothing had changes? :)12:25
fledermausmal: it does12:27
fledermausin fact the first few times you're using things it says "from the corners, dummy!" :)12:27
* fledermaus waits for XA2 suppport.12:28
_svenmal: any hint about the empty submenus in on gemini/landscape mode?12:32
mal_sven: which submenus?12:41
_svenmal: systemsettings12:43
_svenmal: all the submenus in settings are empty after setting landscape mode in /var/lib/qt5/qml/Sailfish/Silica/Page.qml12:46
malworks fine here12:47
_svenmal: did you touch Page.qml file?12:48
_svenon gemini?12:48
malyes, the usual12:49
_svenmal: the usual means change pageOrientation = desiredPageOrientation to pageOrientation = OrientationLandscapeInverted?12:52
mal_sven: sed -e "s/return allowed/return Orientation.All/" -i /usr/lib/qt5/qml/Sailfish/Silica/Page.qml12:58
r0kk3rzthe plot thickens13:41
malr0kk3rz: based on tjc the images are back online already13:53
r0kk3rzoh, who looks at tjc anymore13:53
dcalistejpetrell: thank you for the review in email app. Some of the suggested changes are not as straight forward as changing capitalisation. I'm going to do then during the week.14:10
jpetrelldcaliste: I understand, there are a lot of moving parts, states, etc.14:10
dcalisteI don't quite understand the issue you obtained when receiving the email:14:11
dcaliste- you generated a pair of with gpg2 --gen-key.14:11
dcaliste- you choose this key in setting.14:12
dcaliste- you compose an email with it and sign the out going email.14:12
dcaliste- then on reception, even after downloading the signature, the status stayed on "unchecked signature" ?14:13
dcalistejpetrell: have you succeedly received any valid signed email in your test and just this sequence was failing or you never saw any valid email?14:14
dcalisteIn the later case, have you restarted messageserver5 after installing new QMF (systemctl --user restart messageserver5)?14:15
jpetrelldcaliste: sorry need to go now to day care to pick up my kid14:15
dcalistejpetrell: sure no problem.14:16
henkfledermaus: that’s a joke, right?14:40
fledermaushenk: not literally, but there were a couple of reminders to swipe down fdrom the corners iirc.14:41
henkuhm /-: yeah, I got one just now.  the first one said "swipe from the top to close".  and I find it hard to control my cynicism now.14:44
henkthat’s like saying "click anywhere to open the menu" and then later "oh, btw, with 'anywhere' we meant the little windows icon that covers like 1% of your desktop"14:45
fledermausmine explicitly highlighted the corners15:11
malyes, it did highlight those15:12
KonsieurCan anyone tell me if the application FloleVac (Xiaomi vacuum cleaners :o) works on Sailfish? I can't install it but I think it's just a bug or a lack of space. I can try to fix it but actually I only have 30 min to decide if I buy my new vacuum cleaner, I'll never fix it this quickly. :<15:14
KonsieurPlease help me checking if my Jolla can help me cleaning my place.15:14
malwhat does the app do?15:15
KonsieurIt's used to program the robot, set areas, timers, check wearing of parts, check what has been vacuumed, and so on15:16
KonsieurAnd unfortunately there is no alternative. And I believe Xiaomi can be a bit intrusive with their apps, but in the end probably just like most Android apps15:16
KonsieurI freed a lot of space on my Jolla C but it still tells me I don't have enough, even after a reboot, so I think I might have another issue with Alien Dalvik. I'll fix it later, but if the app works on other Jollas, then I can purchase the vacuum cleaner before the Gearbest deal ends in 30 min. :<15:18
KonsieurI know they have deals all the time, but hey.15:18
mpolinstalls and starts on my jolla 1 with I do not have a setup, so cannot continue15:25
KonsieurThanks a lot mpol, that's all I needed!15:26
KonsieurI can't install it so I wanted to check if the issue was on my side.15:26
r0kk3rzah the 21st century15:28
KonsieurYes. :<15:29
KonsieurI'm not proud of buying something that *requires* Android. :(15:29
mpolI would never buy such a thing :)  I must be weared15:30
r0kk3rzKonsieur: im not sure it'll work, if it requires wifi direct it might not15:35
r0kk3rzor bluetooth15:35
r0kk3rzand its hard to know such a thing before purchase15:35
KonsieurI believe it connects to the home wifi and not directly, but you're right, I need to check that15:36
r0kk3rzbut 'help im not sure if this robotic vaccuum cleaner is compatible with my phone' is such a 21st century problem15:36
KonsieurI agree it's quite depressing.15:39
KonsieurEspecially with big companies like Xiaomi, I don't think their ethics are very good when they get access to your home Wifi and Android/Dalvik device.15:40
KonsieurActually the right application might be Mi Home and not FloleVac mpol, this is confusing.15:42
henkfledermaus: the one with the text "swipe from the top to close"?18:01
albertuxpensa se la fuga era di metano.... (iphone scroreggione) :) :) https://www.zeusnews.it/n.php?c=2681018:10
albertuxohps, sorry I posted in wrong channel.... :(18:16
fledermaushenk: well I can't see it now, so can't confirm. But I remember the corners being very clearly indicated.18:20
henkfledermaus: I agree that they were clearly indicated in the second message saying "swipe the corner to close" or similar.  but did you even get both messages or only the one with the text mentioning the corner?18:22
fledermausI had at least two messages18:24
fledermausbecause I remember thinking "yes yes I got it the first time"18:24
henkhm, ok, thanks18:25
KonsieurDid anyone successfully patch the official Sailfish X with the X Compact patcher (Xhttps://github.com/g7/sailfishx-patcher-f5321)? The github repository only mentions latests SF2 versions.18:48
rick_ahoi fellow sailors!20:47
rick_i just saw that the fixed images are up for the xa220:47
rick_does anybody know if we will get an update if we flashed the version that was pulled before?20:48
rick_i dont have many issues so far aside from battery life20:48
rick_do i need to reflash the new image or will there be an update available within the next couple of days?20:48
martonmiklosHi all20:53
martonmiklosis there any way to debug a C++ QML plugin on an SFOS device via QtCreator20:53
martonmiklosI have tried to add an executable in the run config20:53
martonmiklosbut it looks like it tries to run it on the host machine20:54
malrick_: the issue was just in the flashing scripts so the images should be otherwise the same20:58
rick_mal: ah ok, thanks20:58
rick_martonmiklos: dont know if there is a better way, but i use the "deploy by building executable" option20:59
rick_martonmiklos: in build steps i upload the binary via sftp20:59
martonmiklosthe executable is already on the device20:59
martonmiklosI just cannot get the debugger attached to it21:00
rick_martonmiklos: and in the exe option the is something like "use other"21:00
rick_martonmiklos: where i then put in the absolute path to the exe on the device21:00
rick_in my case /home/nemo/devel/mybinary21:00
martonmiklosthe build/run page here differs if I have a library project21:02
martonmiklosif the project is a library I see no "deploy by building executable" option under the method21:03
rick_martonmiklos: oh yeah, you're right. screen looks different21:03
martonmiklosso I am trying to debug a shared library21:04
rick_martonmiklos: i cant remember the exact option, but there is something like "execute on device path"21:04
rick_martonmiklos: never did a shared lib... sorry -_- guess i'm not of much use in this case21:05
martonmiklosyeah debugging an application is works OoTB21:05
martonmiklosI would be happy if I could debug my lib on the host now too21:06
martonmiklosbut I cannot get it working due to QML load error21:06
martonmiklosQQmlApplicationEngine failed to load component qrc:/main.qml:3 module "hu.mm.vCardSerializer" is not installed21:06
martonmiklosbut now I got a better idea:21:07
martonmiklosI can debug the C++ stuff wo the QML integration :P21:07
rick_martonmiklos: that sounds good :D21:07
martonmiklosit sounds a HACK...21:07
rick_martonmiklos: haha... yeah pretty much21:09

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