Thursday, 2023-11-23

ExTechOp(someone should update the /topic)07:26
pherjung[m]I wonder if this isn't the bot's job07:45
rainemakExTechOp, let's fix it up after the meeting07:58
ExTechOpAnyhow, Good Morning everyone!07:58
rainemakGood morning!07:58
pherjung[m]Good morning!07:58
rainemak#startmeeting Sailfish OS, open source, collaboration -- 23rd Nov 202308:00
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rainemak#info Meeting information and agenda can be found here:08:00
rainemakI am the meeting's chairperson today, and will be doing my best to keep time and order. Please respect the timings and bee-hive.08:00
rainemak#topic Brief introduction (5 min). Please prefix your name/handle with #info08:00
rainemak#info Raine Mäkeläinen, sailor @ Jolla, chairperson today08:00
ExTechOp#info Otto Mäkelä, community08:00
pherjung[m]#info pherjung, community08:01
flypig#info David Llewellyn-Jones, community08:02
poetaster#info poetaster, community08:04
rainemakJIT :-)08:05
rainemak#topic WebView + PullDownMenu (10mins -- asked by pherjung)08:05
rainemak#info <pherjung> To improve harbour-hydrogen these days, we tried to include08:05
rainemak#info <pherjung> a pulley menu 1 to access settings and other pages. Unfortunately,08:05
rainemak#info <pherjung> we found that this feature breaks scrolling. As soon as you scroll08:05
rainemak#info <pherjung> up, you have to scroll down to scroll within the WebView. On the08:05
rainemak#info <pherjung> other hand, you’ll be able to trigger the pulley menu.08:05
rainemak#info <pherjung>08:05
rainemak#info <pherjung> We found out that there is a pulley menu on the Jolla email and this08:05
rainemak#info <pherjung> bug is not there. I’ve tried to understand the differences between08:05
rainemak#info <pherjung> harbour-hydrogen and Jolla email, but haven’t found the solution.08:05
rainemak#info <pherjung> What was done in Jolla Email to make scrolling within a WebView with08:05
rainemak#info <pherjung> a pulley menu work?08:05
rainemak#info <Jolla> Thank you for this question. This is very interesting one.08:06
rainemak#info <Jolla> When we removed pulley menus (plural) from the Jolla email we had08:06
rainemak#info <Jolla> a challenge on combining Flickable and Gecko based WebView. Reason08:06
rainemak#info <Jolla> for the Flickable is that PulleyMenu requires Flickable to work.08:06
rainemak#info <Jolla>08:06
rainemak#info <Jolla> The challenge comes from the fact that there are two viewports08:06
rainemak#info <Jolla> that should be moving within the same coordinate system simultaneously.08:06
rainemak#info <Jolla> Bottom viewport is the WebView one and on top of it we have Flickable.08:06
rainemak#info <Jolla> They should have contentLength that equal to the content length of the08:06
rainemak#info <Jolla> web content. For both, viewport size is roughly the screen resolution08:06
rainemak#info <Jolla> (minus header and footer) whereas content length usually is much more.08:06
rainemak#info <Jolla>08:06
rainemak#info <Jolla> This caused html content drifting whilst opening the PullDownMenu as08:06
rainemak#info <Jolla> events are/were also delivered to the web content i.e. causing parallax effect.08:06
rainemak#info <Jolla> We’re pretty sure that problem has not yet disappeared.08:06
rainemak#info <Jolla>08:06
rainemak#info <Jolla> The patch that you’re referring does not fix contentHeight rather having08:06
rainemak#info <Jolla> contentHeight fixed to screen height – like it used to. Thus, it is not08:06
rainemak#info <Jolla> hiding pulley indicator properly and doesn’t work if you’d have both08:06
rainemak#info <Jolla> PullDownMenu and PushUpMenu declared. It is a coincident that the patch works08:06
rainemak#info <Jolla> at the first place.08:06
rainemakThose were already above.08:08
rainemakI'll give a moment to digest reply08:08
rainemakI might be able to further clarify PulleyMenu & WebView combo if there's something to clarify.08:09
flypigSo, this means there is currently no official/clean way to combine a WebView and a PulleyMenu?08:09
rainemakThat's correct08:10
pherjung[m]We will see if it's reasonable to keep the pulley-menu. As it triggered the text selection too08:10
rainemakflypig, you may remember that parallax effect ?08:10
rainemakpherjung[m], yes noticed that long press event as well08:10
pherjung[m]It's not necessarily a bug-free feature08:10
flypigYes, I do rainemak, and I remember this being a big question during the redesign of the email app.08:11
pherjung[m]but we already have a hint, let's try it08:11
poetasterI remember remvoving pulleys from mormahjong since they caused issues.08:11
flypigIt's a shame, but nice answer, very comprehensive.08:11
pherjung[m]Is it possible to disable the text selection?08:11
pherjung[m]I saw a property, but defined as readonly08:11
pherjung[m]not sure what that exactly mean08:12
rainemakpherjung[m], it might be possible to avoid text selection by binding pulley menu active property to the webview's enabled08:12
pherjung[m]good to now. Could you attach your answer too?08:12
dcaliste#info Damien Caliste, community08:12
dcalisteSorry to be late.08:12
rainemak#info It might be possible to avoid text selection by binding pulley menu active property to the webview's enabled08:15
rainemakLet's move on08:15
flypigSo the idea is that the WebView will be disabled as soon as the pulley menu becomes active.08:15
rainemakjust came to my mind but no idea whether it works properly08:16
flypigThis is why these meetings are so great :)08:16
rainemakusually you'd trigger touch cancel as well so that all the previous events would be flushed away08:17
rainemakbut I bet that touch cancel wouldn't make any difference with WebVewi08:17
rainemak#topic Sailfish OS at FOSDEM’24 (5mins -- asked by flypig)08:18
rainemak#info <flypig> Some details about the topic: FOSDEM’24 will take place on 3-4 February 2024.08:18
rainemak#info <flypig> Sailfish OS will be represented on the “Linux on Mobile” stand. However, as08:18
rainemak#info <flypig> I won’t be able to present on the stand the whole time, if anyone else is08:18
rainemak#info <flypig> planning to attend and would like to help for a bit, please get in touch.08:18
rainemak#info <flypig> Last year it was a blast on the stand!08:18
rainemak#info <flypig> FOSDEM’24: FOSDEM 2024 - Home08:18
rainemak#info <flypig> Stands: FOSDEM 2024 - Accepted stands for FOSDEM 202408:18
rainemak#info As you flypig noted, a very late meeting topic submission. Added to the agenda regardless.08:19
rainemak#info I'll ask around to understand who's going.08:19
flypigSorry for the late entry, and thanks for including it! And if you could ask around, that would be really great.08:19
flypigAnd if anyone from the community is thinking of coming and would like to help, you are welcome too.08:19
poetasterGlad you'll be there representing! I wish I could, but cannot, attend.08:21
flypigI'm sad to hear that poetaster, I'd have enjoyed meeting up again.08:22
poetasterChild rearing, winter school holidays.08:22
poetasterOtherwise, I'd be there.08:23
flypigYou're putting your children ahead of FOSDEM? ;)08:23
rainemakDo we need to reserve an extra minute or two for this?08:23
flypigI just want to get the word out really, so happy to move on personally.08:23
rainemakpoetaster, anything to add?08:24
rainemakI guess not08:24
rainemak#topic Open PR discussion (10 mins -- asked by jolla)08:24
rainemak#info <Jolla> Any open PRs to discuss?08:24
poetasternope, sorry.08:25
rainemakno problem08:25
pherjung[m]Not exactly PR, but could be possible to update Sailfish-Utilities?08:25
pherjung[m]there are merger PR not included in the Jolla-Store08:25
rainemakpherjung[m], ah. let's give a look08:25
flypigpherjung[m], out of interest, what do the the changes do?08:26
rainemakpherjung[m], nb now-a-days sailfish-utilities is part of images as well08:26
pherjung[m]Include keyboard restart again08:26
pherjung[m]rainemak: Oh, I see now08:27
flypigThanks pherjung[m]!08:27
rainemakThanks pherjung[m]08:28
rainemakmoving on to the bug reports08:28
rainemak#topic Bug reports (5 min -- asked by pherjung)08:29
rainemak#info <pherjung> Bug reports08:29
rainemak#info <Jolla> As always, the Community Bug Coordination Team have done a superb job.08:29
rainemak#info <Jolla> As a result of their work, we now have:08:29
rainemak#info <Jolla> 4 high quality bug reports now recorded internally and tagged as "tracked"08:29
rainemak#info <Jolla> 2 bug reports flagged with needinfo08:29
rainemak#info <Jolla> 1 bug report under investigation08:29
rainemak#info <Jolla> 5 bugs were closed.08:30
rainemakpherjung[m] pointed out one related issue this morning that was marked as tracked as well08:30
pherjung[m]BTW, thanks to thilo08:30
rainemakthanks to the whole bug coordination team08:31
flypig+1 to that!08:31
pherjung[m]let's move on?08:35
rainemak#topic General discussion (5 min)08:35
rainemakdone :)08:35
rainemakI'll continue a bit with the WebView and Pulley08:36
rainemakquickly checked that qtmozembed doesn't handle touch cancel by any means08:36
rainemakso you can ignore that08:36
poetasterah. sad.08:36
rainemakin cases like... display on, fingers on the screen then press power button to turn display off => we trigger touch cancel to flush the touch08:37
pherjung[m]rainemak: If you find something interesting, not sure where is the best place to share it. Perhaps the related issue ?08:37
rainemakpherjung[m], I'll comment there is something pops to my mind08:38
rainemakthere if08:38
rainemakI logged some new items to the
flypigThanks for that rainemak! I started up looking at these issues now so will start picking them off.08:40
rainemakassigned one for myself as well but haven't really proceed with that yet08:41
flypigThe Session History bug?08:41
rainemakthat one08:41
rainemakI could try to help with embedlite-components errors? How does that sound like?08:42
flypigYeah, that would be really great, thank you!08:42
ExTechOpI am currently using a Sony Xperia 10III, and there are two issues that really need resolving: missing echo cancellation and camera support. Is there any work being done on these?08:42
rainemakcamera2 support is here
rainemak#info Two issues on Sony xperia 10 III that really need resolving: missing echo cancellation and camera support. Is there any work being done on these?08:44
rainemak#info As far as I understand, echo cancellation issue is on the Sony blobs08:44
rainemakAs a note to myself, I'll check whether I could help somehow Whisperfish developers with rust update issues08:48
flypigIt's a real shame about the echo cancellation. The blobs are not open?08:48
rainemaknope, those are not open08:48
ExTechOpI've resorted to making any important calls using a headset (which does have other benefits), but that of course is a bit clumsy08:49
flypigI agree ExTechOp, a headset is the best solution right now.08:49
rainemakwhat happened08:50
pherjungstrange, I don't see any new message on matrix08:51
ExTechOpWhat does "the blobs are not open" mean in this context, there is some bug there that prevents using them successfully?08:51
rainemakopen as open source08:51
pherjungpoetaster: had you the time yesterdey to test QML Live?08:52
ExTechOpBut I mean, Jolla has very successfully used other binary blobs to talk to the phone hardware, is the API for using the echo cancellation somehow unusable or what?08:52
rainemakthose are device specific08:52
rainemakand there's bug in the blob08:52
flypigMaybe it's also worth clarifying that Sony provide different blobs for their factory install compared to those for the Open Devices Programme.08:52
rainemakflypig, thanks08:53
rainemakI guess we can move on.08:54
rainemakExTechOp, noted those two issues down to the minutes as well08:54
rainemakand those are known issues08:54
pherjungIs the bridge between IRC and matrix broken?08:55
rainemakI guess it died08:55
flypigOh, there are more messages on Matrix?!08:55
poetasterpherjung, sorry, not yet. I'll git it a go later today08:55
pherjungno hurry08:55
rainemak#topic Next meeting time and date (5 min)08:55
rainemakProposing Thursday 7th December at 07:00am UTC.08:55
ExTechOpI there anything that can be told about Jolla's future right now? If not, is there a meta-date when more information will be revealed?08:56
ExTechOpProposed date works4me.08:57
flypig+1 works4me08:57
poetaster+1 works for me.08:57
rainemakExTechOp, communicated here
dcalisteOk for me too.08:58
rainemak#info Next meeting will be held on Thursday 7th December 2023 at 07:00am UTC: 2023-12-07T0700Z08:58
ExTechOprainemak Thanks.08:58
rainemakThank you everyone for the meeting!08:58
flypigThanks rainemak, everyone!08:58
ExTechOpThank you everyone!08:58
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flypigImpressively tight meeting timing!08:59
Ketorainemak: was the 7 am UTC intentional?09:00
*** ChanServ changes topic to "Next meeting will be held on Thursday 7th December 2023 at 07:00am UTC. Topics can be made/read here:"09:02
rainemakKeto, maybe it was again copy-paste from the winter time change09:04
*** ChanServ changes topic to "Next meeting will be held on Thursday 7th December 2023 at 08:00am UTC. Topics can be made/read here:"09:04
Ketothat's what I thought :)09:04
rainemakExTechOp, flypig poetaster flypig ^ 08:00 am UTC09:05
poetasterHm. What's that in GMT?09:05
poetaster(duck. run.)09:05
rainemakforum has correct 08:0009:06
rainemakpoetaster, same time as now09:06
flypigNoted! Thanks rainemak!09:06
rainemakKeto, my notes are now fixed for the next meeting so that I don't repeat 07:00 AM issue :-)09:08

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